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Although China's economy has been developing at a rapid pace, the income levels of China's ordinary residents, are still lagging behind. Our reporter Guan Xin takes a look at the life of Beijing's ordinary residents to find out if their income levels are on a par with the rising living costs.虽然中国经济处在快速发展当中,普通居民的收入水平却仍落后于发达国家。中央9台的记者专程探访北京普通居民的生活,看看他们的收入水平是否跟得上不断上涨的消费水平。China, a country with fast-growing fortunes and wealth.But prosperity in the cities isn't the whole story on the real life of ordinary people.中国的财富在日益快速增长。但城市的繁华并不能完全反映普通居民的生活状况。Li Shanshan is a typical wage earner. Li graduated from a good university in Beijing, and is now working for IBM. Her income is around the city's average, but she can only afford a simple life. She's forced to calculate every expenditure, including small daily necessities.李珊珊是典型的工薪一族。她从北京的一所名校毕业,目前在IBM里任职。她的收入处在北京的平均水平,但她只能过上简朴的生活。她不得不对每笔开销精打细算,甚至包括小件的生活必需品。 "I have a tight budget, and I make every single record of my expenditure in the notebook. Even that, sometimes there are still some expenditures that I expensed that I could not afford. Therefore I applied for a credit card, and pay it back next month."“我生活拮据,我把每笔开销都记在笔记本里。即使是那样,有时有些开销还是在我的经济能力之外。因此我申请了张信用卡,下个月要进行还款了。” /201006/107637Who turns down a long vacation? Known for their work ethic, Swiss citizens appear to be leading the way on European austerity, rejecting a minimum six weeks paid holiday a year.谁会拒绝长假的诱惑呢?一向以职业道德著称的瑞士人如今似乎正在引领欧洲国家财政紧缩的潮流,该国民众刚刚否决了每人每年至少有六周带薪假期的提议。Switzerland counted ballots Sunday for five national referendums, including one pushed by a union to raise the minimum holiday up from four weeks, which is the standard used in Germany, Italy, Russia and other European nations. Some of the nation#39;s 26 cantons (states) also held voting on local measures to deal with everything from demonstrators to prostitutes.瑞士周日就五项政策举行全民公决,其中包括由瑞士工会提出的,将每年的带薪假期由至少四周增加到至少六周的提案,目前,德国、意大利、俄罗斯和其他欧洲国家实行的都是这一标准。瑞士的26个州也就一些本地政策举行表决,涉及范围非常广泛,牵涉人群有示威者也有性工作者。The Swiss heeded warnings from government and business that more vacation would raise labor costs and put the economy at risk. Swiss public broadcaster SSR said two-thirds of voters and all of the cantons had rejected the measure, which required majority approval of all federal and cantonal voters.公投前,瑞士政府和商界都发出了警告,称延长假期将提高劳动力成本,威胁瑞士经济。据瑞士公共广播公司SSR报道,三分之二的选民和所有州都否决了这项提议,而提议要获得通过,就要得到联邦和各州全部选民的多数持。;In rejecting the initiative, citizens have kept a sense of reality,; said Hans-Ulrich Bigler, director of the Swiss Union of Arts and Crafts, which represents around 300,000 businesses. The referendum, he said in a statement, could have added 6 billion francs (.52 billion) a year in labor costs to the Swiss economy, but the vote ;clearly shows that the population continues to focus on individual freedom and responsibility of citizens.;瑞士工艺美术业工会主任汉斯-乌里齐bull;比格勒尔说:;公众否决了这项提议,非常现实。;该工会代表着大约30万家企业。他在声明中说,如果这项提议通过公决,那么每年将增加60亿瑞士法郎 (约合65.2亿美元)的人力成本,但投票结果;清楚地表明,人们不仅关注个人自由,同时也愿意承担公民义务;。Though popular with young people, the referendum on vacation time tested how comfortable the Swiss feel about their traditional safe-haven economy. The nation has fared better than most others in debt-saddled Europe, where the financial sector and governments are being forced to cut spending and pay for expensive bailouts.尽管受到年轻人的欢迎,这次有关假期的公投检验出人们对传统上有;经济安全港;之称的瑞士经济的满意程度。和一些陷入债务危机、财政部门和政府不得不削减开来偿还紧急援助巨款的欧洲国家相比,瑞士的经济情况要好得多。But there may have been too much of a good thing for Switzerland: As international traders leery of other nations#39; financial stability poured money into the safety of Swiss money accounts, the franc jumped in value, putting a dent in Swiss exports and tourism.但对瑞士来说也有坏消息:由于国际贸易者怀疑其他国家的金融稳定性,把太多钱存在瑞士的账户,导致瑞士法郎升值,对瑞士的出口和旅游业造成打击。The Swiss central bank moved in September to put a lid on the currency#39;s rise by setting a target exchange rate of 1.20 Swiss francs per euro, but the Swiss economy is still expected to slow this year, because of turmoil in the global economy and the eurozone#39;s debt crisis.瑞士央行去年9月暂停货币升值,将瑞士法郎与欧元最低比价定为1.20瑞郎对1欧元。但由于受到全球经济低迷和欧债危机的影响,预计今年瑞士的经济还将下滑。 /201203/174905Tout, a service that lets user make 15-second s that can be posted to sites like Facebook and Twitter, was less than a year old when it hired Brooke Fedro, who began her career at Creative Artist Agency. Among her strategies is finding actors with television shows that are on hiatus and musicians who haven#39;t had an album release in a while and encouraging them to ;tout; themselves. ;It#39;s important to take advantage of their downtime and let them promote their own brand,; says Ms. Fedro, director of entertainment relations and marketing for Tout. Tout在聘用布鲁克#8226;费德罗(Brooke Fedro)时成立还不到一年。用户可以通过该网站制作15秒的视频并上传至Facebook和Twitter等网站。费德罗的职业生涯始于好莱坞经纪人公司Creative Artist Agency,目前担任Tout关系及营销总监。她的策略中有一项是,寻找暂停播出的电视节目中的演员,以及暂时未发布专辑的歌手,鼓励他们宣传自己。费德罗说,要充分利用他们的空档期,让他们宣传自身品牌,这很重要。 New social networks are creating business plans to appeal to celebrities who want to make money off their online presence. OpenSky is a year-old site where personalities like Molly Sims, Veronica Webb and others can help market health, beauty, decor and kitchen merchandise. They present to their followers recommended items, and sales revenue is split between OpenSky and its celebrity curator. 新型社交网站正在创建商业计划,以吸引希望通过自身的网络影响力赚钱的名人。OpenSky是一个成立刚一年的网站,明星可以在该网站帮助宣传健康、美容、家居装饰和厨具商品。目前已与该网站合作过的明星有莫莉#8226;希姆斯(Molly Sims)、维罗妮卡#8226;韦伯(Veronica Webb)等,她们向粉丝展示推荐的商品,销售收入由OpenSky和卖出商品的明星分成。 Actress Jessica Alba founded Honest Company, an online venture that sells household supplies and diapers which are eco-friendly. Currently, Ms. Alba has 3.2 million followers on Twitter, 4.5 million subscribers to her Facebook page and nearly a half-million followers on Instagram. 演员杰西卡#8226;阿尔芭(Jessica Alba)创建了在线网站Honest Company,主要销售环保家居用品和婴儿尿布。目前,阿尔芭在Twitter上已经有320万粉丝,Facebook主页有450万人订阅,Instagram上有近100万粉丝。 ;You have to have a social-media presence if you want to have a successful business, scalable business,; Ms. Alba says. 阿尔芭说,如果你想把生意做大、做成功,就得在社交媒体上有影响力。 Ryan Seacrest, radio host, television personality and producer, leverages social media#39;s cross-promotion potential. Mr. Seacrest and his team are in talks with Dick Costolo, chief executive of Twitter, in which Mr. Seacrest would help celebrities create s and photos to share on Twitter, giving the social network more branding opportunities. 电台主持、电视名人及制片人莱恩#8226;西克雷斯特(Ryan Seacrest)就在发掘社交媒体的交叉宣传潜力。希克斯特及其团队正与Twitter首席执行长迪克#8226;科斯特罗(Dick Costolo)洽谈:希克斯特帮助明星制作视频和照片在Twitter上分享,从而让Twitter有更多塑造品牌的机会。 A grapher from Ryan Seacrest Productions will follow Mr. Seacrest as he covers the Olympics this summer for N Sports. The grapher#39;s footage and photos will be posted to RyanSeacrest.com, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, according to Tony Novia, executive vice president for new media at Ryan Seacrest Productions. ;We sit on very valuable content and we try to use it to promote all of Ryan#39;s projects,; Mr. Novia says. 莱恩#8226;西克雷斯特制作公司(Ryan Seacrest Productions)将会有一位摄像师随莱恩#8226;西克雷斯特一起为N Sports报道今年夏天的奥运会。公司新媒体执行副总裁托尼#8226;诺维亚(Tony Novia)表示,这位摄像师拍摄的视频和照片将会发布在RyanSeacrest.com、Facebook、Twitter和Pinterest上。诺维亚说,我们有非常宝贵的内容,因此我们尝试用这些内容来宣传莱恩的所有项目。 Among those on the management side bridging Hollywood with social media is Eric Kuhn, an agent at ed Talent Agency.;We try to help our clients understand that social media is about much more than promotion,; says Mr. Kuhn, who turns 25 next week. 很多艺人经纪公司都在努力为好莱坞和社交媒体牵线搭桥,ed Talent Agency(简称UTA)艺人经纪公司经纪人艾瑞克#8226;库恩(Eric Kuhn)就是其中之一。25岁的库恩说,我们力图帮助客户了解,社交媒体并不仅仅是宣传。 Mr. Kuhn recently signed Foursquare, the location-based social-media network with 20 million users who ;check in; to venues. Together, Foursquare and UTA will work to develop relationships with concert promoters like LiveNation, says Jonathan Crowley, director of media partnerships for the New York-based Foursquare. Mr. Crowley says market research shows that many people go to concert events without tickets, merely to tailgate with friends. If non-ticket holders ;check in; outside of concert venues, promoters can sell tailgaters any remaining tickets. 库恩最近与位置社交网络媒体Foursquare签了约。Foursquare总部位于纽约,拥有2,000万用户,他们可以在各种不同的地点“签到”。Foursquare媒体合作总监乔纳森#8226;克劳雷(Jonathan Crowley)说,公司将与UTA共同合作,与LiveNation等演唱会宣传公司建立合作关系。克劳雷说,市场研究表明,很多去看演唱会的人都没有门票,他们只是尾随朋友而来。如果没有票的观众在演唱会会场外“签到”,那么演唱会公司就能把余票卖给他们。 /201207/189650

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