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南京长征医院面部酒窝颊部脸部多少钱南京纹身的价格Cool beans, rents! Mothers and fathers are finally being given a chance to understand "Teenglish".“酷豆”、“房租”!现在,爸爸妈妈们终于有机会了解“新新人类”语言是什么含义了。They can study a new glossary of baffling vocabulary to prevent them looking like a "fudge" in front of their offspring.看完这本收录了年轻人稀奇古怪的常用语的书后,大人们就再也不会被年轻一代当作“牛奶巧克力软糖”了。The guide, Pimp Your Vocab, aims to demystify the jargon used by teenagers and young people.这本名为《时髦你的词汇》致力于解开年轻人常用语的神秘面纱。It translates words they regularly use including "cool beans" which means something is great. "Rents" means parents, combing the last half of the word with the fact they often provide rent-free accommodation. A "fudge" is an idiot.原来,年轻人常用的一些词汇的意思是这样的:“酷豆”的意思是“棒极了”。“房租”是对“爸爸妈妈”的称呼,它截取了"parents"的后四个字母,因为父母通常都给孩子们提供免费住宿。而“牛奶巧克力软糖”则暗指“笨蛋”。Author Lucy Tobin said she got the idea during her English degree course when a tutor was confused by a student declaring: "I was IM-ing ..."此书的作者露西·托宾表示,她在就读英语学位时萌发了写这本书的念头,因为有一回一名老师不明白学生所谓的"I was IM-ing"是什么意思。She added: "After we students explained IM-ing--when you talk to friends online via instant messaging--I wrote a guide to the language kids use."她补充说,学生们向老师解释,他们经常和朋友在网上使用即时通信务聊天,也就是所说的"instant messaging"。因此她这本书里都是如今孩子们的日常用语。Miss Tobin believes that the guide could help improve staff-student communication.托宾同时相信,这本语言指南还能增进师生间的交流和沟通。"Meaning is not an exact science, but depends on mutual agreement between er and writer, speaker and listener, teenager and adult."托宾认为,语言的含义并非一门严密的科学,它依赖于读者与作者、说者与听者,青少年与成年人相互间的理解与赞同。Teachers and academics have aly complained that Teenglish and "text message speak" are creeping into exam answers.教师和学术界专家已经发出感叹,“新新人类”语言和“短信用语”正不知不觉出现在学生们的考卷中。But last year, John Wells, president of the Spelling Society, claimed that the informal language of texts, chat rooms and emails were the "way forward".拼写协会主席约翰·威尔斯曾在去年表示,短消息、聊天室和电子邮件中使用的非正式语言其实是语言的“一大进步”。He said that people should stop worrying about "text message speak" creeping into general usage and called for the apostrophe to be abolished.他说,人们无需担心“短信用语”渗透进日常用语之中,他甚至呼吁废除英语中的所有格符号。附:《时髦你的词汇》中收录的“新新人类”词汇摘选Allow (that): Absolutely no wayBig up:To praise or congratulateBung: alowed Completely drunkDevo: DevastatedDrunk: dial Phoning/texting while under the influenceDry: Something tedious or dullFo'shizzle: DefinitelyGank: The act of stealingNeek: Hybrid of nerd and geekOwned: To be embarrassedSafe: CoolSkankaroo: DisgustingSoz: Sorrywipeout: When your cash cards stop workingTeek: Very oldTwoc: Take without owner's consentVamoosh: To goWagwan: What's going on?Woop woop: Noise made to denote happiness.Zoned out: Day dreaming /200909/84739滁州丰胸多少钱 A council has become the first in London to rule that smokers will no longer be able to foster children.Redbridge Council's cabinet agreed Tuesday night to a ban on placing children with foster carers who smoke unless there are exceptional circumstances.The local authority in northeast London said the decision, which will come into force in 2010, was made to protect children from the "damaging effects of passive and second-hand smoke."Other councils around the country have introduced similar measures, particularly relating to very young children, but Redbridge's ban is thought to be the most far-reaching."We know this is a difficult issue because some people will feel it is an intrusion on personal freedoms," said Councilor Michael Stark."But we also know that smoking increases the risk of serious illness in childhood. On balance, we have decided children in our care shouldn't grow up breathing second-hand smoke."The council cited scientific evidence that showed passive smoking caused lung cancer and childhood respiratory disease.Existing smokers will be told of the new policy and given help to quit.The Fostering Network, a charity which represents groups involved in fostering, said it believed no child under five should be placed with carers who smoked.However the charity, which estimates there is a shortfall of some 10,000 carers, said it did not want potentially good foster parents to be put off because they had an occasional cigarette.Tobacco lobby groups said the move was part of an "ongoing campaign to stigmatize smokers.""It's going to exclude people who could be outstanding foster parents," said a spokesman for pro-smoking group Forest."It sends out an insidious message that smokers in general are unfit parents and I don't think any politician has the right to do that." 英国伦敦某区政府日前通过一项禁令,规定吸烟者不可收养小孩。这一禁令在伦敦还是首例。位于伦敦东北部的雷德布里奇区内阁于上周二晚通过该禁令。禁令规定,除非有特殊情况,否则吸烟者不可收养小孩。雷德布里奇区政府称,决定颁布这一禁令是为了让儿童免受被动吸烟或 “二手烟”的危害。该禁令将于2010年开始实施。英国其他一些地方政府也采取了类似的禁烟措施,尤其针对一些年龄很小的孩子。但雷德布里奇的这项禁令被认为是其中影响最大的。议员迈克尔-斯塔克说:“我们知道这是一个艰难的决定,因为一些人会觉得这侵犯了他们的个人自由。”他说:“但同时,我们也很清楚吸烟会增加儿童患疾病的风险。经过权衡后,我们决定,不应该让生活在我们这一辖区的孩子受到二手烟危害。”雷德布里奇地区政府称,有科学据表明,被动吸烟会导致肺癌和儿童呼吸道疾病。该区政府将告知吸烟者这一新政策,并会帮助他们戒烟。儿童领养慈善机构“领养社区”称,五岁以下的儿童的确不能由吸烟者领养。但该组织称,他们也担心一些条件很好但偶尔吸烟的人也会因此被拒之门外。目前该机构还需要约1万名领养者,烟草业游说团体称,此举是“对吸烟者的一种污辱’”。吸烟持组织Forest的发言人说:“这项禁令会把一些很出色的领养者拒之门外。”“这等于是在说,吸烟的人都不适合做父母。可谁都没有剥夺别人做父母的权利。” /200811/55689Three men were sitting on a park bench. The one in the middle was ing a newspaper; the others were pretending to fish. They baited imaginary hooks, cast lines and reeled in their catch.   A passing policeman stopped to watch the spectacle and asked the man in the middle if he knew the other two.   "Oh yes, " he said. "They are my friends. "  "In that case, " warned the officer, "you'd better get them out of here!"   "Yes, sir, " the man replied, and he began rowing furiously. 三名男子在公园的长椅上坐着。中间的一个在读报纸,另外两个在假装钓鱼。他们给想象的鱼钩上鱼饵,放线,并卷线把鱼抓上来。   一位过路警察驻足观察了这个景象,他问中间的那个男子是否认识其他两位。   “喔,认识,”他说,“他们是我的朋友。”   “那样的话,”警察告诫说,“你最好把他们从这里弄走。”   “好的,警官。”那男子回答说,接着就开始疯狂般地做起划桨的动作来。 /201109/152721南京面部永久脱毛

南京镭射点痣It's hard enough to make local relationships work, but having mile, States, and sometimes even an ocean between you makes it even more difficult. However, successful long distance relationships can and do exist. Here's how to give yours every chance to survive and thrive.经营一段本地恋情已然相当困难,更何况当两人相隔数英里,或者一个州,甚或是一片海洋。然而,成功的异地恋确实存在。以下方法教你把握住每一个机会,让你的异地恋生存并繁荣。Step:步骤1. Ask the important questions at the onset, to make sure you are both clear on the parameters of the relationship. 首先要弄明白一些重要的问题,从而更清晰地认识你们两人的关系。Setting parameters such as naming your relationship (dating, seeing each other, boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged)as well defining exclusive(limited to one person,) non exclusive. These can be difficult and awkward questions to ask, but will save you great heartache and misunderstanding down the line.用些参数来定义一下你们的关系吧,仅仅是想约会、见面、做男女朋友,还是想要订婚?对于单身的人来说,也要定义一下你是不是独身主义者。回答这些问题确实既困难又尴尬,不过这么做可以免去你永无止境的头疼和误解。Example: "Are you open to the possibility of relocating if the relationship should become more serious?" or "What are you looking to get out of the relationship?". Stating your end goal or ideas will allow each person to maintain what they need.举例来讲:“如果两人的关系更进一步,会考虑搬家吗?”或是:“彼此想从两人的关系中获取什么呢?”定义你的终极目标和理念会让两个人为此共同经营下去。 /200908/80242江苏大学附属医院官方网站整形中心 Small boxes are a godsend. Large boxes become too heavy and unwieldy fast. It’s a lot easier to deal with lots of small boxes rather than fewer big ones that are too heavy to lift. As a rule, try to keep all boxes under 50 pounds to make sure they’re manageable.最好使用小纸箱子。大箱子笨重,不好挪动。相比较而言,多搬几个小箱子比搬大箱子更方便。 /201003/99474南医大二附院祛疤痕多少钱

江苏祛斑哪家比较好1. 对于结婚70后:When they mean to marry, they want to marry with a virgin.80后:As long as we have true love, we do not mind whether she is a virgin or not.90后:Does marriage need feeling? Do we need marriage? 2. 对于男友70后:They consort with a man of figure.80后:We consort with kindred spirit.90后:我们结交满身文身的帅哥! 3. 对于女务员70后:They treat waitress badly or molest waitress in word.80后:We talk with waitress only when we order dishes and square accounts.90后:Never talk with waitress,只会背后讨论她的衣很土…… 4. 对于陌生人70后:When they stay with strangers, they are used to making conversation with others.80后:Generally, We don't rap to strangers, don't you feel tired when making conversation?90后:你谁阿,穿这么土,死开~帅哥,交个朋友好嘛?~ 5. 对于聊天70后:Their topics are limited to work and share.80后:We have more topics,有英超、魔兽……90后:QQ等级,QQ秀……6. 对于工作70后:Ergasiomania(工作狂)基本上都是70后的。80后:Refuse to work overtime!90后:Refuse to work! /200908/82027 南京处女膜修复术多少钱韩辰医疗美容



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