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Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO, famously said that a course in calligraphy he dropped in on at Reed College instilled in him an aesthetic that inspired the typefaces and fonts of the original Macintosh computer and eventually those of the entire PC industry.苹果公司(Apple)的已故首席执行官史蒂夫o乔布斯曾说过一段广为人知的话:他在母校里德学院(Reed College)时旁听过一门书法课,从中学到的一些美学知识启发了他在第一代Macintosh电脑中采用多种字型和字体,并最终为整个个人电脑行业采纳。“If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts,” Jobs said during a commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. “And since Windows just copied the Mac, it’s likely that no personal computer would have them.” Jobs went on to say that it didn’t become apparent until much later how that single course impacted the “wonderful typography” of personal computers. “Of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college,” he said. “But it was very, very clear looking backwards ten years later.”“假如我从未旁听过这门课,Mac电脑绝不会拥有多种字型或按比例间隔的字体。”乔布斯在2005年斯坦福大学(Stanford University)毕业典礼演讲中表示,“而且,自微软Windows模仿Mac之后,可能每一台个人电脑都有了这种字体界面。”乔布斯说,直到很久之后,他才意识到那一门书法课对于个人电脑“丰富多的版面式样”有着多么大的影响。“当然,我上大学时是不可能把未来的这些点串起来的。”他说,“但在十年后回顾这一切时,所有这一切都一目了然。”As Google CEO Larry Page looks backward, he’s realizing how much his musical education inspired critical elements of Google—especially his impatience and obsession with speed.当谷歌的首席执行官拉里o佩奇回顾过去时,他意识到他受到的音乐教育,特别是他对于速度的迫切和执迷,在造就谷歌的核心元素方面发挥了重要作用。“In some sense I feel like music training lead to the high-speed legacy of Google for me,” Page said during a recent interview with Fortune. “In music you’re very cognizant of time. Time is like the primary thing.”“从某种程度上,我感觉音乐训练造就了谷歌的高速传统。”最近佩奇在接受《财富》(Fortune)杂志采访时表示,“在音乐中,你需要对时间有非常清晰的认知。时间基本上是最重要的东西。”Page, who grew up in Michigan, played saxophone and studied music composition while growing up. During college at the University of Michigan, he developed a business plan for a company that would use software to build a music synthesizer. That project, which required the software to work in real time, opened his eyes to a what he saw as a flaw in the software that powers most computers.佩奇在密西根州长大,演奏萨克斯,并学习了作曲。在密歇根大学(University of Michigan)上学时,他为一家利用软件来制造音乐合成器的公司制定了一份商业计划书。在这个要求软件实时工作的项目中,他惊奇地发现了一个他认为大多数电脑软件都存在的缺陷。“It’s amazing to the extent I think that modern operating systems are terrible at being real-time,” Page said. “If you think about it from a music point of view, if you’re a percussionist, you hit something, it’s got to happen in milliseconds, fractions of a second.”“这太让人惊讶了,我发现现代操作系统在实时表现方面相当糟糕。”佩奇说,“如果你从音乐角度考虑,假如你是一位打击乐演奏者,你敲击一下后,声音要在几毫秒后才会发出。”Page’s speed obsession was baked into Google GOOG -0.28% from day one. Page believed, and later measured, that the faster Google’s search engine returned answers, the more it would be used. He fretted over milliseconds and pushed his engineers—from those who developed algorithms to those who built data centers—to think about lag times. He kept Google’s home page famously spare in its design because it would help the document load faster. To this day, atop the search results page, Google tells users how long it took to find answers to a query. Search for “Larry Page and speed” and above the first link you may see “About 21,100,000 results (0.47 seconds).”从谷歌成立的第一天起,佩奇对于速度的执迷便渗透到了公司之中。佩奇坚信,如果谷歌搜索引擎返回搜索结果的速度越快,其使用频率就越高。他随后对此进行了测量。由于不满意毫秒级的反馈速度,佩奇对工程师们(包括开发算法和构建数据中心的工程师)施压,要求他们考虑延迟时间。他维持了谷歌首页非常著名的空白设计,因为这可以帮助文件更快地加载。直至今日,在搜索结果页面顶端,谷歌仍然会告诉用户,它用多少时间找到了搜索结果。搜索“Larry Page and speed”(拉里o佩奇和速度),在第一个搜索结果的链接上方,你会看到“约21,100,000条结果(用时0.47秒)。”During product demos, Page is known to count in his head and complain if he thinks a product is slow. When Google developed the Chrome web browser, it was optimized for speed. And Page’s focus on speed had an impact well beyond Google itself. In 2010, Google began taking into account the loading speed of a website when it ranked in search results. That pushed web masters around the world to work on optimizing their pages for speed.在产品演示时,大家都知道佩奇会默默计时,如果他认为一款产品速度太慢,就会抱怨。谷歌在开发Chrome网络浏览器时对其进行了速度优化。佩奇对于速度的关注所带来的影响已远远超出了谷歌自身。2010年,谷歌在对搜索结果排序时开始考虑网站的加载速度。这迫使全世界的网站管理员对网页加载速度进行优化。The whole Internet may be faster because of him, but that doesn’t mean Page is satisfied.因为他的缘故,整个互联网可能都变快了,但这并不意味着佩奇就会满足。“It’s amazing to the extent to what software developers kind of get lazy, and they’re okay with things taking a while,” Page said. “But it’s really not okay.” After a short chuckle, Page added: ”People can process information really quickly. And if your phone is sluggish or whatever, it’s a huge problem.”“看到软件开发人员懒散的程度让人感到惊讶不已,他们觉得,软件运转需要一些时间没什么大不了的。”佩奇说,“但这的确是不能容忍的。”他笑了笑说,“人们能非常快地处理信息。如果你的电话性能不佳或有其他问题,就是一个大问题。”Page may have not relaxed his exacting demands for products to work in real time. But since he took over as CEO in 2011, he began insisting that Google focus on another critical element that was also inspired by his music education: beauty.如今,佩奇可能还没有放松要求产品实时工作的苛求。但自从2011年他接任公司首席执行官后,他开始坚持让谷歌注重另一项核心要素:美学。这也是音乐教育给予他的启迪。Page determined that beautiful design and speed no longer needed to be at odds, and he pushed his engineers and product managers to focus a new, unified, and more elegant design, for all of Google’s web products. The initial effort, internally called Project Kennedy, first focused on Google’s search page, and later touched virtually every other Google service. Since then, visual design has become an integral part of the development process, especially on mobile.佩奇相信美学设计与速度并不矛盾,他敦促工程师和产品经理为谷歌所有的网络产品推出全新统一的、更为优雅的设计。谷歌内部将这一项目称为肯尼迪项目(Project Kennedy),一开始以谷歌的搜索页面为主,后来几乎涉及到了谷歌其他所有务。自此以后,视觉设计已成为开发流程一个不可或缺的部分,特别是移动应用。“I do think there is an important artistic component in what we do,” he said. “As a technology company I’ve tried to really stress that.” Page says he learned to appreciate that “artistic component,” in part through music.“我认为,艺术是我们所做工作的一项重要组件。”他说,“作为一家科技公司,我一直在努力强调这一点。”佩奇说,他学会欣赏“艺术组件”一定程度上是因为音乐的缘故。Now, Page’s interest in music has taken a new turn. How it will impact Google, if at all, remains to be seen. “The last couple of years I’ve been trying to learn percussion a bit, which has been challenging,” he said.如今,佩奇对音乐的兴趣转向了新的领域。至于会为谷歌带来什么样的影响,仍有待观察(如有影响)。“近几年我在努力学习一点打击乐,这很具挑战性”,他说道。 /201411/344395IT COST AN ESTIMATED 0 million to launch Sandra Bullock into space in #39;Gravity#39; and million to turn back the clock in #39;American Hustle.#39; But not all the films up for Hollywood#39;s top honors had such exorbitant budgets. A few of the short-documentary Academy Award nominees were made with cameras that look like something you might bring to the beach--with price tags that won#39;t send you into a sweat.在电影《地心引力》(Gravity)里把桑德拉#12539;布洛克(Sandra Bullock)送进太空估计花了一亿美元(约合人民币6.13亿元),而在《美国骗局》(American Hustle)中让时光倒流花费的资金估计达4000万美元(约合人民币2.45亿元),然而并非所有角逐好莱坞(Hollywood)最高荣誉的电影都有如此高昂的预算。获得奥斯卡奖(Academy Award)最佳纪录短片提名的几部片子所用的拍摄器材,看上去跟你带去海滩的那种设备差不多――其标价签也不会让你出身冷汗。#39;My camera kit literally fits into a duffel bag,#39; said Edgar Barens, the director of #39;Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall #39; . More compact, affordable equipment doesn#39;t just keep budgets down; it can also enable a different type of movie making. #39;To not have this huge technological thing on your shoulder,#39; explained Mr. Barens, #39;also breaks down that wall,#39; making it easier for him to bond with his subjects.《牢狱的终结:二等兵杰克#12539;霍尔的最后日子》(Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall)的导演埃德加#12539;贝伦斯(Edgar Barens)说:“我的整套摄影装备用一个行李袋就能装下。”用更紧凑、更实惠的设备拍电影不仅仅能降低预算,还能让人进行一种别开生面的电影拍摄。贝伦斯解释说,不肩扛巨大的技术设备,也照样可以打破藩篱,还能让他更容易与拍摄的对象建立关系。No less impressive than the Oscar-nominated films being made for relatively small sums is what amateurs are able to capture with the smartphones in their pockets. As the price of cinema-quality gear drops and the consumer-level cameras advance, the barrier to making a high-quality film has never been lower. No matter what your skill set or budget, great tools are within reach.业余爱好者用他们兜里的智能手机拍摄的东西,可以给人深刻印象,并不逊于较小成本制作的奥斯卡提名影片。随着电影级画质设备价格的下跌以及消费级摄像器材品质的提升,阻碍拍出高质量电影的门槛已经降到了历史最低点。不管你的综合技能或预算如何,好工具都是唾手可得的。We asked the pros to recommend gear appropriate for smartphone shooters and soon-to-be Oscar-contenders alike.我们请专业人士推荐了以下设备,它们既适合手机党,也能满足即将角逐奥斯卡奖的人。Shoot steady. Nothing screams #39;amateur home movie#39; like shaky, nausea-inducing shots. Conrad Mess, a Spain-based filmmaker, has won several awards at the iPhone Film Festival. His favorite solution is the Lollipod (, lollipod.co.uk ), an ultra lightweight tripod that can also serve as a monopod or boom stand. #39;You can pan or tilt very smoothly with it,#39; he said. #39;And it almost fits in your pocket.#39;稳定拍摄。没有什么能比摇摇晃晃、令人反胃的镜头画面更能表明一部影片的“业余家庭电影”身份了。家住西班牙的电影制作人康拉德#12539;梅斯(Conrad Mess)在iPhone电影节(iPhone Film Festival)上好几次获奖。他最青睐的解决方案是用自拍乐(Lollipod)三脚架(lollipod.co.uk上售价50美元(约合人民币306元)),这种超轻的三脚架也可以当独脚架或万向架使用。“有了它,你可以很平稳地进行摇摄或倾斜镜头,”他说,“而它几乎可以装进你的口袋里。”Keep the camera moving. #39;If you move the camera smoothly, you will get a much better, more #39;pro#39; look,#39; said Mr. Mess. To get this effect, he recommended the Glidetrack Mobislyder (, mobislyder.com ). It includes five different mounts for attaching a smartphone or a small DSLR camera to a 12-inch track. Even though it#39;s relatively short, it can be used to pull off interesting tracking shots. Another solution is the Steadicam Smoothee (0, tiffen.com ), a version of the stabilizing equipment used by the pros that is been scaled down for smartphones and small cameras. Just be sure not to overdo it with the motion. #39;Movements with a cellphone should be mostly slow and smooth,#39; Mr. Mess said.让摄像机动起来。梅斯说:“如果你平稳地移动摄像机,你会有一个更好、更‘专业’的派头。”要取得这种效果,他推荐使用Mobislyder滑轨(mobislyder.com上售价95美元(约合人民币582元))。该滑轨有五种不同的底座,用来把智能手机或小型的数码单反相机(DSLR camera)安装到12英寸(约合30.48厘米)的轨道上。虽然滑轨相对较短,但它可以用来实现有趣的跟踪拍摄。另一种解决方案是使用Smoothee摄影机稳定器(tiffen.com上的售价为150美元(约合人民币919元)),专业人员使用的这种稳定设备已经针对智能手机和小型照相机按比例进行了缩小。拍摄时只需确保动作不要过猛,“用手机拍摄时动作通常都应该做到缓慢、平稳,”梅斯说道。Vary your lenses. The standard lens on your smartphone will only get you so far. For example, when shooting indoor scenes where you want to capture as much of the surroundings as possible, iPhone Film Festival co-founder Ruben Kazantsev said a wide-angle lens is ideal (he used one to film inside a police car for his latest film, #39;Departure.#39;) For iPhone shooters, he recommended the Smart Phocus 3 Lens Bundle (0, smartphocus.com ). It includes a case that gives an iPhone a more camera-like grip and includes three detachable lenses: wide angle, macro and Telephoto.更换你的镜头。你的智能手机上的标准镜头只能让你施展这么一点能力了。iPhone电影节的共同创办人鲁边#12539;卡赞采夫(Ruben Kazantsev)说,比如,当拍摄室内场景时,你想尽量多地把环境都拍下来,使用广角镜头十分理想(他在拍摄最近一部影片《离开》(Departure)时就用了一广角镜头来拍摄警车内部的场景)。对于用iPhone手机拍电影的人,他推荐的是Smart Phocus 3镜头包(Smart Phocus 3 Lens Bundle)(在smartphocus.com上的售价为110美元(约合人民币673元))。这套镜头包可以让iPhone更具相机那样的手感,其中包括三个可拆卸的镜头:广角镜头、微距镜头和远摄镜头。Upgrade your software. For greater control over the iPhone camera than the stock Camera app allows, Messrs. Kazantsev and Mess both use the Filmic Pro (, available for iOS). It allows you to focus on different objects in the frame; increase resolution for a higher quality picture; and achieve special effects, like slow motion and time-lapse .升级你的软件。为了实现对iPhone摄像功能的控制突破现有拍摄应用所允许的范围,卡赞采夫和梅斯都使用了Filmic Pro应用程序(适用于iOS操作系统,售价5美元(约合人民币31元))。该应用让你能够对取景框内的不同目标实现对焦、提高分辨率以获取高质量的画面,还能实现诸如慢动作和延时动态视频这样的特殊效果。Upgrade your camera. For Mike Staniforth, a filmmaker who has shot award-winning films on an iPhone and traditional cameras, a DSLR camera is a must-have for anyone who#39;s serious about movie making, because it delivers a better quality picture, especially in low light. The relatively affordable Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S paired with the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II lens (0 and 6, shop.usa.canon.com ) make a good starter kit, he said. But be sure to upgrade the lens when you#39;re y to commit to the art form. #39;Realize that camera bodies come and go each year,#39; he said. #39;The real investment is the glass on the front.#39;升级你的摄像器材。在迈克#12539;斯塔尼福斯(Mike Staniforth)(用iPhone和传统相机拍摄过获奖影片的电影制作人)看来,单反数码相机对于任何严肃对待电影拍摄的人来说都是必备之选,因为它可以拍出更高质量的画面,尤其是在低光照的条件下。价格相对便宜的佳能(Canon)EOS Rebel T5 EF-S单反相机搭配了佳能EF 50 mm f/1.8 II 镜头(在shop.usa.canon.com上的售价分别为550美元(约合人民币3365元和771元)),是很好的入门套装器材,他说。不过当你准备要投身这门艺术的时候,一定要升级你的镜头。“要知道机身每年都在更新换代,”他说,“真正该投资的是前面的那块玻璃。”Record better audio. According to several filmmakers, beginners are better off using prerecorded music for their films than trying to record live dialogue--mainly because the quality of built-in microphones on smartphones and camcorders aren#39;t up to the task. But if you want an affordable way to capture intelligible dialogue, Mr. Staniforth recommended the Zoom H1 (0, zoom.co.jp ). This stand-alone digital recorder also functions as a stereo external mic for a camera, and can be attached using an optional hot-shoe mount.录制更好的声音。据好几位电影制作人说,初学者最好为他们的电影配用预先录制好的音乐,而不是现场录制对话――主要是因为智能手机和便携式摄像机上内置的麦克风质量无法达到任务要求。但如果你想找一种经济实惠的方式录制清晰可辨的对话,斯塔尼福斯推荐使用Zoom H1录音笔(在zoom.co.jp上的售价为100美元(约合人民币612元))。这款独立操作的数字录音设备还可以用作摄像机的外接立体声麦克风,用一个选配的热插拔底座就可以与摄像机实现连接。Stretch time. Time-lapse is another technique that can take amateur to the next level. Filmmaker Jeffrey Karoff used it for his Oscar-nominated documentary short, #39;CaveDigger,#39; by leaving an old DSLR camera and a Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller (0, shop.usa.canon.com ) with one of his subjects. Although this model is only compatible with Canon cameras, #39;timer remote controls#39; are available for other brands of camera.延长时间。延时拍摄是另一种让业余级别视频得以提升水平的技术。电影制作人杰弗里#12539;卡洛夫(Jeffrey Karoff)在他获奥斯卡最佳纪录短片提名的《挖穴人》(CaveDigger)中使用了这种技术,他用一台旧的数码单反相机和一台佳能TC-80N3遥控计时器(在shop.usa.canon.com上的售价是210美元(约合人民币1,285元))对他的一个拍摄对象进行了长时间拍摄。虽然这种型号的遥控计时器只兼容佳能相机,但其它相机品牌的“遥控计时器”也是有售的。Frame your shot...with an app. To get a sense of what a shot will look like using different lens configurations and settings, Kieran Crilly, director of photography for the Oscar-nominated short documentary #39;The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life,#39; uses the Artemis Director#39;s Viewfinder app (, available for Android and iOS). #39;You tell it what camera and what lens you are on, and it shows you what the frame will look like,#39; he said. #39;It#39;s handy when you#39;re scouting.#39;用应用软件查看画面构图。为了弄清在不同的镜头配置及参数设置条件下拍摄的画面会是什么样子,奥斯卡最佳纪录短片获奖提名影片《6号屋的女人:音乐拯救我的生命》(The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life)的摄影指导基兰#12539;克里利(Kieran Crilly)使用了Artemis Director#39;s Viewfinder应用程序(售价30美元(约合人民币184元),安卓(Android)和iOS系统的均有售)。“你告知程序你使用是哪种相机和什么镜头,它会给你显示画面构图会是什么样子,这真是非常方便”他说。Track the sun. According to Mr. Crilly, another popular app among DPs is Sun Seeker ( for Android, for iOS), which will map out the sun#39;s trajectory using your smartphone#39;s camera, GPS and compass. #39;If you#39;re going to set up a shoot and you#39;re not sure if the sun is going to come in, it#39;s a really useful tool,#39; he said.追踪太阳。据克里利说,在数据处理中大受欢迎的另一款应用程序是Sun Seeker(安卓版的售价6美元(约合人民币37元),iOS版的售价7美元(约合人民币43元)),它会利用你智能手机上的摄像头、全球定位系统(GPS)和罗盘绘制出太阳的轨迹。他说:“如果你打算布置场景进行拍摄而你又不确定阳光是否会照射进来,这款应用真的是一个十分有用的工具。”Get a pro-grade camera that won#39;t blow your budget. At least two of the films nominated for best short documentary at this Sunday#39;s Academy Awards--#39;The Lady In Number 6#39; and #39;CaveDigger#39;--were shot on a camera that cost less than ,500: the Canon 5D, the latest model of which is the Mark III (,400, shop.usa.canon.com ). Its price point is almost unheard of. #39;To have that quality on a consumer level was really something brand new,#39; said Mr. Karoff. That said, the lens is what#39;s key. #39;It doesn#39;t matter how good a camera sensor is, you need good glass to get the best from it,#39; said Mr. Staniforth. To shoot #39;The Lady In Number 6,#39; Mr. Crilly used a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens (,299, shop.usa.canon.com ). #39;That really is kind of the hero lens that most people tend to take out on docs,#39; he said. But to soften the Canon 5D#39;s ultra-crisp image, Mr. Crilly also employed filters, in this case, the Tiffen 4x5.65 Soft/FX 1 Filter (1, tiffen.com ) and Schneider 4x5.65 Classic Soft 1 Filter (5, schneideroptics.com ).买一台不会打破你的预算的专业级相机。获得上周日奥斯卡奖最佳纪录短片提名的影片中至少有两部――《6号屋的女人》和《挖穴人》――是用价格不到3,500美元(约合人民币21,450元)的相机拍摄的:佳能5D,其最新的型号是Mark III(在shop.usa.canon.com上的售价是3,400美元(约合人民币20,838元))。这样的零售价格几乎闻所未闻。卡洛夫说:“在消费级的相机上拍出那样的画质的确是一件新鲜的事情。”尽管如此,关键还是在于镜头。“不管相机传感器有多好,你需要好的镜头才能将它发挥到极致,”斯塔尼福斯说。在拍摄《6号屋的女人》时,克里利使用了佳能的EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II 超声波马达(USM)镜头(在shop.usa.canon.com上的售价为2,299美元(约合人民币14,090元))。他说:“这真是大多数拍摄纪录片的人会想要使用的那种超级镜头。”但是为了柔化佳能5D超锐的图像,克里利还使用了滤镜,在拍摄这部影片时用的是天芬(Tiffen) 4x5.65 柔光/FX 1滤镜(在tiffen.com上的售价为431美元(约合人民币2,641元))和施耐德(Schneider) 4x5.65经典柔光(Classic Soft)1滤镜(在schneideroptics.com上的售价为365美元(约合人民币2,237元))。Invest in a quality mic. At this level, you#39;re going to want to record usable audio and ambient sound, and a mic like the Sennheiser ME66 (0 with power module, sennheiser.com ) will help you pull that off. It#39;s what Mr. Barens, the director of #39;Prison Terminal,#39; used when shooting his Oscar-nominated film at the Iowa State Penitentiary. #39;It#39;s directional enough to be crisp,#39; he said, #39;but not too shot-gunny that it#39;s hyper crisp on one person only.#39;投资购买高品质的麦克风。在这一阶段,你会希望录制可用的音频及周围的声音,像森海塞尔(Sennheiser) ME66(在sennheiser.com上带电源模块、售价500美元(约合人民币3,064元))的这种麦克风会祝你一臂之力。该麦克风正是《牢狱的终结》的导演贝伦斯在爱荷华州监狱(the Iowa State Penitentiary)拍摄他这部奥斯卡提名影片时使用的那款。“它的定向性能足以保声音的清晰,”他说,“但又不像猎的声音那样只有一个人的声音是超级清晰的。”Tailor your lighting. The pros customize their light sources to the shoot. For the lowlight alleyway shots in the Oscar-nominated short documentary #39;Facing Fear,#39; director of photography Svetlana Cvetko, used the battery-powered Bescor LED-95DK2 Dual LED Light Kit (0, bescor.com ). But she lighted her interviews with the more expensive Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400 Universal Fluorescent Light Fixture (,233, including lamps, kinoflo.com ).量身定做你的照明设备。专业人士都是定制他们拍片用的光源设备。为拍摄光照度低的小巷场景,奥斯卡最佳纪录短片提名影片《直面恐惧》(;Facing Fear)的摄影指导斯维特兰娜#12539;茨韦特科(Svetlana Cvetko)使用了用电池供电的Bescor LED-95DK2双LED灯组套件(在bescor.com上的售价为200美元(约合人民币1,226元))。但她在接受采访时使用了更昂贵的Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400通用荧光灯照明设备(Universal Fluorescent Light Fixture)(在kinoflo.com上含灯管的售价为1,233美元(约合人民币7,557元))。Make your rig portable. The downside of being able to fit your gear into a bag is having to carry it all yourself. Mr. Karoff recommended the LowePro Pro Runner x450 AW (0, lowepro.com ) because it has wheels and, critically, backpack straps: #39;That was important because we did a lot of hiking into the hills.#39;让你的装备携带轻便。用一个包装下所有设备的缺点,就是所有的东西你得自己扛。卡洛夫推荐乐摄宝(LowePro)Pro Runner x450 AW摄影包(在lowepro.com上的售价为370美元(约合人民币2,268元)),因为它装有滚轮,关键的是,它有背包肩带:“这很重要,因为我们到山中徒步的次数很多。” /201403/279620

Although his 1-year-old smartphone still works perfectly, Li Jijia aly feels the need to replace it.尽管用了一年的智能手机完好无损,李继嘉(音译)已经动了想换新手机的念头。“It has been a year. There are many better ones available now,” said the 21-year-old education major at Central China Normal University. “It’s time to upgrade my phone.”“已经用了一年了,市面上出了很多更强大的手机。”就读于华中师范大学教育学专业、21岁的李继嘉说:“是时候换新手机了”。Li’s impatience is shared by many. Shortly after the season when new gadgets are released, many consumers feel the urge to upgrade their electronic devices, even though the ones they have still work just fine.很多人都像李继嘉一样急切。新品发布季刚过,很多顾客便迫不及待地要更新他们的电子设备,即便旧的仍能正常使用。As consumers obsess over Apple’s newly released products and debate whether the Google tablet is better than the new Amazon Kindle, it might be time to take a step back and ask: “Do we really need the latest upgrades?”当顾客们正痴迷于苹果的新产品,热议着谷歌平板电脑和亚马逊Kindle阅读器哪个更好时,或许我们是时候该退一步好好想想了:“我们真的需要这些最新的电子产品吗?”New psychology新一轮的心理战According to Donald Norman, American author of the book The Design of Everyday Things, “planned obsolescence” is the trick behind the upgrading culture of today’s consumer electronics industry.《设计每天的生活》一书的作者、美国作家唐纳德#8226;诺曼认为,隐藏在当今电子行业不断更新换代文化背后的是“计划性报废”的把戏。The New York Times cited Norman last month, saying that electronics manufactures strategically release new upgrades periodically, both for hardware and software, so that customers on every level feel the need to buy the newest version.上个月《纽约时报》引用诺曼的话说,电子厂商们有计划地定期发布最新的软硬件升级产品,这样一来每个层次的顾客都觉得有必要去购买最新版本。“This is an old-time trick– they’re not inventing anything new,” he said.诺曼表示:“这还是过去的旧把戏——没什么新点子。”Thomas Wensma, a Dutch designer, despises the “planned obsolescence” of companies, as recently reported by UK-based The Guardian.最近英国《卫报》有报道称,来自荷兰的设计师托马斯#8226;文斯玛十分鄙视许多公司采取的“计划性淘汰”策略。Wensma said this is a wasteful system through which companies – many of them producing personal electronics – release shoddy products simply because “they know that, in six months or a year, they’ll put out a new one”.文斯玛说这是一种相当浪费资源的机制。在这样的机制中,包括许多个人电子产品生产商在内的企业们之所以推出劣质货,是因为“他们清楚,一年半载之后,会有新品推出。”But the new psychology of consumers is part of this system, as Wensma conceded to the newspaper: “We now want something new, something pretty, the next shiny thing.”而如今消费者心理的改变也成为该机制的一部分,文斯玛向英国《卫报》透露说:“现在我们都喜欢新奇炫的东西。”Huge profits暴利“It’s to the detriment of the consumer and the environment,” as the New York Times ed Norman. “But perhaps to the betterment of the stockholder.”“这对消费者和环境来说是种伤害”《纽约时报》援引诺曼的话说:“但对股东们而言却是好事一件。”In its most recent fiscal year, Apple’s profit margin was more than 21 percent, reported the Los Angeles Times. At Hewlett-Packard, the world’s biggest PC manufacturer, it was only 7 percent.据《洛杉矶时报》报道称,苹果公司最新年度财务报告显示,其利润率超过21%。而作为全球最大的个人电脑制造商,惠普公司的利润率仅为7%。“Steven Jobs pushed the principle of ‘planned obsolescence’ to new heights,” the newspaper commented on the company’s profits and marketing strategy. “Apple’s annual upgrades of its products generate sales of millions of units as owners of one year’s MacBook or iPhone line up to buy the newest version, even when the changes are incremental.”“史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯将‘计划性淘汰’推向了一个新高度。”《洛杉矶时报》在苹果公司的利润与营销战略时如是说道:“用户们放弃了刚购入一年的苹果笔记本电脑Macbook或iPhone,再次排起长龙去购买最新产品,这样一来苹果公司每年的产品升级都带来了数百万的销量,尽管这些产品升级有时只是量变而非质变。”Peer pressure朋友圈的压力As to Li Jijia, the need for upgrading his smartphone comes mainly from friends and classmates. When the majority of friends are switching to the latest devices, he worries about feeling left out.对于李继嘉来说,换手机的需求主要来源于朋友和同学的压力。因为大部分朋友都换了新的,他担心自己落伍。“Some apps and games require better hardware to run,” said Li. “If you don’t join in, you lose part of the connection to your friends.”“有些应用和游戏需要更好的硬件才能运行,”李继嘉说:“如果你脱离组织,就会跟朋友们格格不入。” /201211/210270

  About one in 10 mobile phone subscribers in the ed States are now using an Apple iPhone, said a new survey released on Friday.周五的一个调查显示,美国手机用户中有10%现在使用苹果iPhone。Latest survey results from research firm comScore showed that for the three-month period ending in October, Apple remained the No. 4 handset maker in the U.S. with its share of mobile subscribers rising to 10.8 percent from 9.5 percent in the previous three months.根据市场研究机构comScore最新发布的数据显示,在过去的三个月中,苹果仍是美国第四大手机制造商,它的手机用户的份额从前三个月的9.5%增长到10.8%。Among the top five mobile phone brands in the U.S. market, Apple is the only one that saw its market share increase in the quarter, according to the survey.根据调查,在美国市场的五大手机品牌中,苹果是唯一一个在本季度市场份额有增长的品牌。Except Apple, market shares of the other four brands remained unchanged or dropped from the previous quarter.除了苹果,其它四个品牌的市场份额较上一季度要不就是零增长,要不是负增长。Apple’s gain in the quarter might be driven by the introduction of new model iPhone 4S, some analysts said.一些分析家表示,本季度苹果产品的利润有可能受新苹果4S机的介绍而增加。 /201211/210979

  The jury in that case ruled that 26 Samsung#39;s products violated six Apple patents and awarded Apple .05 billion in damages. 在那个案子中,陪审团判定三星的26款产品侵犯了苹果六项专利,判决三星赔偿苹果损失10.5亿美元。 But the judge in the case, Lucy Koh, later denied Apple#39;s request to ban the sale of the 26 products. Judge Koh ruled that Apple didn#39;t satisfactorily link any harm it may have suffered in the market to Samsung#39;s infringement. Apple is appealing that ruling. 但该案中的法官科赫(Lucy Koh)后来驳回了苹果提出的禁止销售三星26款产品的请求。科赫裁定,苹果在市场上可能遭受的损害与三星侵权行为之间的关系据不足。周五美国联邦巡回上诉法院审理的正是苹果对那次裁决提出的上诉。 Since then, Samsung has stopped selling many of those 26 products. But the case still has big ramifications, legal experts say, because the Federal Circuit could drastically redefine whether─or when─companies should be able to knock competitors#39; products off the shelves after findings of infringement. 此后,三星停止销售涉嫌侵权的26款产品中的很多产品。但法律专家们说,该案仍将产生巨大影响,因为美国联邦巡回上诉法院可能从很大程度上重新界定在败诉公司被判侵权后,胜诉公司是否或何时应该能够看到竞争对手的产品下架。 #39;The appeal is really about how hard will it be for Apple to get injunctions in future cases,#39; said Brian Love , a patent expert and law professor at Santa Clara University. 专利专家、圣克拉拉大学(Santa Clara University)法学教授勒夫(Brian Love)说,这次上诉实际上关乎苹果在未来案件中争取法院发出禁售令的难度。 #39;If the law tilts in its favor, their bargaining power goes up in future cases,#39; he said. Mr. Love said Apple would gain leverage in a second suit brought in San Jose federal court, involving a set of newer Samsung phones. 他说,如果这次法律向有利于他们的一边倾斜,他们在未来的案件中讨价还价的能力将会增强。勒夫说,如果这次苹果胜诉,它将在向圣何塞联邦法院提起的另外一桩诉讼案中获得优势,那个案子涉及到一系列更新款的三星手机。 Apple filed claims against Samsung at the ITC in 2011, claiming that the company#39;s products infringed several patents. An ITC judge agreed with Apple with regard to four patents, one of which relates to the basic design of the iPhone as a handheld rectangle with rounded corners. 2011年,苹果在国际贸易委员会对三星提出起诉,称三星的产品侵犯了苹果的多项专利。一位国际贸易委员会的法官最终认定三星侵犯了苹果的四项专利,其中一项与iPhone长方形带圆角的基本设计有关。 On Friday, the full commission is slated to unveil its review of the case. 周五,国际贸易委员会将对该案做出裁决。 A broad finding of infringement could halt U.S. imports of some Samsung devices and, as Samsung#39;s lawyers wrote in a June filing, #39;create an immediate and long-lasting shortfall in the availability of mobile devices in the U.S. market.#39; 如果裁决三星侵犯苹果多项专利,则可能令部分三星设备不能被进口到美国,正如三星律师在6月份提交给法院的备案文件中写道的,这将使美国移动设备市场立即出现持久的产品短缺问题。 /201308/251829。

  A new vulnerability in the basic software used to secure the web has been discovered by cyber security researchers at Google, who have dubbed the flaw “Poodle”.谷歌(Goole)网络安全研究人员在为互联网加密的基础软件中发现了一个新的漏洞,并将它命名为“Poodle”。Poodle is the latest in a string of flaws being discovered in the architecture of the web. They include Heartbleed, which was also a vulnerability in the way websites form secure connections to send information, and more recently Shellshock, which had existed for over two decades.Poodle是在互联网架构中发现的一系列漏洞中的最新一例。此前发现的漏洞包括“心脏出血”(Heartbleed)漏洞,它也是网站在建立安全链接以便传递信息的过程中出现的漏洞。其他还包括Shellshock漏洞,这个漏洞已存在了逾20年。Cyber criminals could use the hole in SSL version 3.0 to obtain information that is meant to be encrypted in plain text but – so far – there is no evidence it has been used by hackers.这个漏洞存在于SSL 3.0协议中,网络犯罪分子能够利用它明文获取本该加密的信息。不过,到目前为止,尚无据表明曾有黑客利用过这一漏洞。Unlike the Heartbleed bug, which affected two-thirds of the internet when it was first discovered in April – also by someone on Google’s security team – “Poodle” only affects websites using this old version of the software, and others who are communicating with those sites.Poodle漏洞只会影响使用旧版本SSL软件的网站,以及与这些网站有通信往来的站点。这一点与“心脏出血”漏洞不同,在今年4月首次发现时,心脏出血漏洞影响到了互联网上三分之二的网站。It is hard to track exactly how many sites could contain the flaw as SSL 3.0 dates back 15 years. But Cloudflare, a web performance and security company which stands in front of 5 per cent of the web’s traffic, said it could see less than 1 per cent of the sites using this version.由于SSL 3.0协议已有15年历史,目前很难确切跟踪到底有多少网站带有这一漏洞。不过,网络性能和安全公司Cloudflare表示,该公司认为仍在使用这一版本协议的网站不到1%。目前,Cloudflare监测着5%的网络流量。 /201410/336016

  For Apple, greater China has been one of its fastest growing markets for iPhone sales, so the company wants to more than double its presence there.对于苹果公司(Apple)来说,大中华区一直是iPhone销售增长最快的市场之一,因此,它想要把这里的业务扩大一倍以上。Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said in an interview with Sina, the Chinese media outlet, on Thursday that Apple planned to open 25 new retail stores in greater China over the next two years, adding to the 15 stores it currently operates in the region.周四,苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)在接受中国媒体新浪采访时说,未来两年,苹果计划在目前15家直营零售店的基础上,在大中华区再开设25家新店。Mr. Cook essentially reiterated what he said earlier this week about Apple’s worldwide expansion in a call with analysts after the company released quarterly earnings results. But his comments to Chinese news outlets add emphasis to the company’s determination to expand in that market.库克实际上在重申本周早些时候在面向分析师的电话会议上提到的苹果全球扩张计划。不过,他对中国媒体所做的突显了苹果在这一市场上扩张的决心。Many of the new stores he spoke of in the analysts’ call will be in greater China, which includes mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which shows that Apple is hoping most of its future growth will come from there.他在与分析师的电话会议上提到的计划开设的新店中,许多将出现在由中国大陆、香港和台湾组成的大中华区。这显示出,苹果将未来的大部分增长寄希望于这一地区。Mr. Cook also told Sina that it was only a matter of time until most of Apple’s sales come from greater China. Over the last quarter, about 14 percent of Apple’s sales came from that region.库克还告诉新浪,苹果今后的大部分销售将来自大中华区,这只是个时间问题。上个季度,这里贡献了苹果约14%的销售额。For Apple, becoming big in China is no easy feat. The Asian handset makers Xiaomi, Samsung, Lenovo, Yulong and Huawei dominate the Chinese market. Apple is No. 6. Apple also faces a particularly tough competitor in Xiaomi, which quickly rose to the top of the Chinese smartphone market with its unique business model of selling phones nearly at cost and making money from software and Internet services.对于苹果来说,在中国不断成长并非易事。在中国市场占主导地位的是亚洲手机生产商:小米、三星(Samsung)、联想、宇龙和华为。苹果的占有率仅排在第六位。苹果还面临着来自小米的尤其强劲的竞争。凭借着独特的商业模式——几乎以成本价销售手机,再利用软件和互联网务盈利——小米已迅速成为中国智能手机市场的领军者。However, there is lots of potential for Apple to become much bigger in China. In its third fiscal quarter, Apple’s revenue in China grew 28 percent compared to the same quarter a year ago. And this year Apple began selling iPhones on China Mobile, the largest phone carrier in the world, with about 800 million subscribers.不过,苹果扩大在华业务的潜力巨大。公司第三财季的在华营收同比增长了28%。今年,苹果还开始通过中国移动销售iPhone。中国移动是世界上最大的手机运营商,拥有约8亿用户。When reached, an Apple spokeswoman had not yet received an English transcript of Mr. Cook’s interview with Sina.在记者与苹果联系时,公司的一位女发言人表示,尚未得到库克与新浪对话的英文版采访实录。 /201410/338026Boeing and the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation are the winners in the competition to carry Americans astronauts to the International Space Station, NASA announced Tuesday.美国航空航天局(NASA)本周二宣布,在运送美国宇航员到国际空间站(International Space Station)项目的竞争中,波音(Boeing)和太空探索技术公司(Space Exploration Technologies Corporation)成为了赢家。The awards reflect a fundamental shift in NASA’s human spaceflight program, relying on private companies rather than the traditional hands-on approach, in which the space agency designed and operated the spacecraft.此举反映了NASA载人航天计划中的一个根本性转变,即把设计和运行航天器的任务外包给私人企业,而不是像以往那样亲力亲为。The first flights could take off as soon as 2017.该项目的首飞最早可于2017年开始。“We have credible plans for both companies to get there by that period of time,” Kathryn Lueders, the manager for NASA’s commercial crew program, said during a news conference on Tuesday. “We will not sacrifice crew safety for that goal.”“我们有可靠的计划,让这两家公司能如期提供务,”在本周二的新闻发布会上,NASA的商业乘务计划经理凯瑟琳·吕德斯(Kathryn Lueders)表示。“我们不会为了实现那个目标而罔顾机组人员的安全。”Boeing received a .2 billion contract. Space Exploration Technologies — better known as SpaceX, of Hawthorne, Calif. — received a .6 billion contract.波音公司获得了一份42亿美元(约合人民币258亿元)的合同。位于加州霍桑的太空探索技术公司获得了一份26亿美元的合同,该公司更广为人知的名字是SpaceX。“Today we’re one step closer to launching our astronauts from U.S. soil on American spacecraft and ending the nation’s sole reliance on Russia,” said Charles F. Bolden Jr., the NASA administrator.“我们希望在美国本土上用美国航天器运送宇航员,不再处于只能依靠俄罗斯的境地,今天我们向这个目标迈近了一步,”NASA负责人小查尔斯·尔登(Charles F. Bolden Jr.)说。Since the retirement of the space shuttles in 2011, NASA has had no way to send its astronauts to orbit, relying on the venerable Russian Soyuz spacecraft for transportation to and from the International Space Station at a cost of million per seat.自航天飞机在2011年退役后,NASA就无法自己将宇航员送入轨道,一直在依靠高龄的俄罗斯联盟号(Soyuz)航天器往返国际空间站,每个座位的价格为7000万美元。That became a politically uncomfortable arrangement after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and support of pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.在俄罗斯吞并克里米亚,并持乌克兰的亲俄分裂分子之后,再这么做在政治上就不太妥当了。John Mulholland, the commercial crew manager at Boeing, said NASA called just before the news conference to tell him his company had won the competition. “It was a real mixture of inspiration and humbleness,” he said.波音公司乘务经理约翰·穆赫兰(John Mulholland)表示,就在新闻发布会开始之前,NASA致电告诉他,波音公司赢得了合同。“我感到既振奋又荣幸,”他说。Under the contracts, Boeing and SpaceX will finish development of their spacecraft. Boeing’s CST-100 capsule, configured to carry up to five people, will launch on an Atlas 5 rocket. SpaceX’s Dragon 2 capsule, a sleeker, updated version of the capsule aly carrying cargo to the space station, will ride on top of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket.根据该合同,波音和SpaceX公司将完成各自的航天器研制。波音公司的CST-100太空舱最多可载五人,将通过阿特拉斯5型火箭(Atlas 5)发射。SpaceX公司的龙2型(Dragon 2)太空舱将使用该公司的猎鹰9号(Falcon 9)火箭发射,相比于已经用来运载货物到空间站的太空舱,这个更新型号的外形更加美观。The bids from the two companies covered the same tasks. Boeing’s proposal was more expensive, in part because the Atlas 5 is more expensive than the Falcon 9. “We basically awarded based on the proposal that we were given,” Ms. Lueders said.两家公司为同样的任务进行了竞标。波音公司的方案价格比较高,部分原因是阿特拉斯5型比猎鹰9号更昂贵。“我们基本上是依据方案来选取公司的,”吕德斯说。A third company, Sierra Nevada Space Systems, of Louisville, Colo., had proposed a design that resembled a mini-space shuttle that would land on aircraft runways. A statement from the company said it would review its options.内华达山脉太空系统(Sierra Nevada Space Systems)是参与竞标的第三家公司,位于科罗拉多州路易斯维尔,它的设计方案是使用一架小型航天飞机,它能够在飞机跑道上降落。该公司发表声明,称将检视其手中的各个选项。Much of the money allotted to SpaceX and Boeing in the next three years will go to meeting NASA’s certification requirements for performance and safety. As part of that process, each company will conduct a test flight to the space station with a crew that is to include at least one NASA astronaut.未来三年内,在NASA拨付给SpaceX和波音公司资金中,将有很大一部分被用来满足NASA对性能和安全认的要求。作为该过程的一部分,两家公司将进行一次前往空间站的试飞,机组人员中将包含至少一名NASA宇航员。Once the companies are certified, NASA has promised each at least two missions. The full contract amounts will be paid if NASA orders six missions from each company.NASA已经承诺,只要两家公司通过认,每家公司至少能获得两次飞行任务。如果NASA给两家公司各分配了六次飞行任务,它将按合同金额的全款付费用。Mr. Mulholland said NASA had yet to discuss its plans in detail, but space agency officials in the past have said they expected two flights a year to the space station. If flights begin in 2017 and each company flies one a year, the contracts could run through 2023.穆赫兰说,NASA还没有就计划进行详细讨论,但其官员之前曾表示,他们预计每年会飞往空间站两次。如果从2017年开始,每家公司每年各承担一次飞行任务,该合同将一直持续到2023年。With each flight taking four astronauts, the space station crew will be able to grow to seven, from six. NASA officials said that additional crew member would allow it to double the amount of science conducted.由于每次飞行可以运送四名宇航员,空间站中的人员就能从六名增加到七名。NASA官员说,新增一名成员之后,空间站的科学研究量可以翻倍。The Boeing and SpaceX capsules will also serve as lifeboats for the space station crew in case of an emergency. The commercial crew program came out of the cancellation of an earlier program started under the Bush administration to send astronauts back to the moon.如果出现紧急情况,波音和SpaceX公司的太空舱也可以作为救生艇,供空间站人员使用。这个商业乘务计划,是在之前一个派遣宇航员重返月球的计划被取消后形成的,那个计划始于布什执政期间。That effort relied on two rockets designed and operated by NASA. The Obama administration concluded that approach was too expensive and canceled the rockets.该计划需要NASA设计和运行两枚火箭,奥巴马政府认为它的成本过于高昂,于是取消了火箭项目。Instead, the Obama administration built upon another Bush-era NASA initiative. NASA had hired two companies, SpaceX and the Orbital Sciences Corporation of Vienna, Va., to fly cargo to the space station. Beginning in 2010, NASA began a similar competition to choose companies to carry astronauts, not just cargo.不过,奥巴马政府推进了布什时代NASA的另一个项目。NASA雇用了两家公司,SpaceX公司和弗吉尼亚州维也纳的轨道科学公司(Orbital Sciences Corporation),把货物运送到空间站。从2010年开始,NASA采用类似做法,让公司竞标运送宇航员,而不仅仅是货物,到空间站。The hope is that the commercial approach will spur a space travel industry far larger than just NASA.人们希望,这种商业模式不仅能促进NASA的发展,还将大大刺激空间旅游业的规模扩张。Boeing, for example, hopes that the fifth seat in its CST-100 capsule could carry a paying tourist to the space station. “We’ll be working with NASA to try and bring that to reality,” Mr. Mulholland said.例如,波音公司希望利用CST-100太空舱的第五个座位,把付费游客运送到空间站。“我们将与NASA合作,努力让这个构想变为现实,”穆赫兰说。Both Boeing and SpaceX are working with Bigelow Aerospace, a Las Vegas company that plans to launch private space stations into orbit, to be leased to nations or companies.波音和SpaceX公司正与的毕格罗宇航公司(Bigelow Aerospace)开展合作。该公司计划把私人空间站送入轨道,供国家或公司租用。“We’re going to be aggressive to cultivate the business beyond NASA,” said John Elbon, vice president and general manager for space exploration at Boeing.“我们将积极进取地发展NASA之外的业务,”波音公司的太空探索副总裁兼总经理约翰·艾尔本(John Elbon)说。 /201409/329418

  Many smartphones and tablets today offer chips, screens and cameras that are more or less similar, and that leaves gadget makers struggling to differentiate their products in other areas.如今许多智能手机和平板电脑都大同小异,不外乎是在芯片、显示屏和摄像头上做文章,电子设备生产商很难让自己的产品显得卓尔不群。Lenovo Group is trying to do this by offering a suite of its homegrown apps on its new tablet. The Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, which the Chinese personal-computer maker just unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, comes with apps that Lenovo says help users share, protect and manage their data. One app, for example, lets users instantly share photos, s, music and document files with other devices, without requiring an Internet connection.而中国的联想集团有限公司(Lenovo Group Ltd., 简称:联想集团)想出了一个办法:让自己新推出的平板电脑Yoga Tablet 10 HD+内置自主研发的套装软件。Yoga Tablet 10 HD+是联想集团在巴塞罗那举行的世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)上发布的一款平板电脑,据联想集团说,这款产品内置的应用程序能够帮助用户分享、保护和管理自己的数据。其中一个软件可以在不联网的情况下与其他设备即时分享照片、视频和文件夹。Other Lenovo offerings include camera apps; a security app with antimalware and antitheft features; as well as a data backup app that saves contact lists, text messages and call logs.联想的应用套件中还包括相机应用程序、反恶意软件和防盗窃的加密程序,以及保存通讯录、短信和通话记录的备份程序。The apps preloaded on the new Yoga tablet indicate the growing importance of software in Lenovo#39;s strategy. Around 2010, Lenovo created a team of developers to work on its own mobile apps. Last year, the company launched Qiezi, an app for both Android and Apple#39;s iOS that enables two phones to share data without an Internet connection.将这些软件预装在新款Yoga说明软件在联想战略中的地位越来越重要。2010年前后,联想集团成立了自己的移动应用程序开发队伍。去年,联想在苹果iOS和安卓商店推出“茄子快传”应用,可以让两部手机在不联网的情况下交换数据。Still, Lenovo is surely not the only Android device maker focusing on software. Samsung Electronics has been beefing up software development capabilities and creating its own apps such as the ChatON instant messenger.重视软件业务的安卓设备生产商当然不只联想一家。三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)一直在加强软件研发能力并创造自己的应用程序,例如即时通讯程序ChatON。Lenovo, which overtook Hewlett-Packard as the world#39;s largest PC maker last year, is trying to sell more smartphones and tablets, hoping that mobile devices will become its new engine for growth over the next several years. Lenovo#39;s global tablet market share rose sharply over the past year, but it is still far behind Apple and Samsung. In the fourth quarter, Lenovo was the world#39;s fifth-largest tablet maker with a 4.4% share by shipment volume, up from 1.3% a year earlier, according to research firm IDC. Apple held a 34% share, followed by Samsung#39;s 19% and Amazon.com#39;s 7.6%.联想集团去年超过惠普(Hewlett-Packard)成为全球最大的PC生产商,该集团正在努力提高智能手机和平板电脑销量,希望移动设备成为未来几年的新增长引擎。联想在全球平板电脑市场的占有率去年大幅提升,但与苹果和三星相比还有很大差距。国际数据公司(IDC)的数据显示,去年第四季度,联想集团的平板电脑发货量占到全球市场的4.4%,高于去年的1.3%,在业界排名第五。苹果市场占有率为34%,三星为19%,亚马逊(Amazon.com)为7.6%。 /201402/277261


  Time is money. And if you are spending your time staring at a mobile phone, then that is where the money is. Advertisers know that – eMarketer expects ad spending on mobiles to grow 92 per cent this year. But the mobile gaming world is struggling to win its fair share of those ad dollars.时间就是金钱。如果你花时间盯着手机看,那就是潜在的盈利机会。广告商知道这个道理——市场研究公司eMarketer预测今年手机广告出将增长92%。但移动游戏行业似乎难以争取到其中的合理份额。Android users spend a third of their device time playing games, says Flurry, an analytics company owned by Yahoo. By comparison, Facebook gets 17 per cent of phone time. But advertising in mobile games – about bn a year – is less than Facebook’s mobile ad revenue. The business model is different – for now: mobile games make their money from in-app purchases, to the tune of bn this year, with sales growing 20 per cent annually.雅虎(Yahoo)旗下的分析公司Flurry表示,Android用户使用手机的三分之一时间花在玩游戏上。相比之下,Facebook占手机使用时间的17%。然而手机游戏广告(一年约60亿美元)却少于Facebook的手机广告收入。两者商业模式不同,至少目前如此:手机游戏广告商通过应用内消费来赚钱,今年销售额为180亿美元左右,年度销售增幅达20%。But the growth in mobile ad spending is a lost opportunity for the gaming industry. One reason is that no one has quite figured out how to do mobile game ads well. Banner ads are tacky. And ads that are successful demand a lot of development work – such as the virtual Lexus in Real Racing 3 (by Electronic Arts). Some companies, such as Tencent, eschew ads altogether. But as it is, mobile games are less lucrative than their console counterparts. Average revenue per user in mobile games is only one-tenth of the Arpu for console games, according to Interpret.然而手机广告出的增长对游戏行业是一个错失的机会。原因之一是,还没有人完全明白该怎么做好手机游戏广告。横幅广告很俗气。而成功的广告需要很多开发工作——例如在电子艺界(Electronic Arts)开发的游戏“真实赛车3”中,那款虚拟雷克萨斯(Lexus)汽车。有些公司,例如腾讯(Tencent),完全放弃了广告。但就现状而言,手机游戏没有游戏机那么有利可图。根据市场研究公司Interpret的数据,每个手机游戏用户产生的平均收入,仅为游戏机用户的十分之一。True, some gaming groups do mobile better than others. At Electronic Arts, mobile accounts for a fifth of revenues after 30 per cent growth last year. At Activision Blizzard, by contrast, mobile provides just 6 per cent of sales (excluding distribution), and mobile revenues have fallen by half from the same period last year.没错,有些游戏公司做得比较出色。在电子艺界,手机游戏收入去年增长30%之后,如今占总收入的五分之一。相比之下,动视暴雪(Activision Blizzard)的手机只占销售的6%(不含分销),而且手机收入同比下降了一半。But there is a long way to go for the industry as a whole. The prize will be valuable for whoever cracks the code first: Android users spend 37 minutes a day playing mobile games on average, says Flurry. That figure rises to more than 45 minutes daily in the US and Germany. There’s more money here than in just buying extra lives.但对整个行业来说,还有很长的路可走。谁先解决这个难题,谁就能赢得大奖。Flurry称,Android用户每天平均花37分钟玩手机游戏。在美国和德国,该数字超过每天45分钟。拉广告创收的机会大于鼓励用户购买更多“生命”。 /201409/332239。

  We love our smartphones (in part) because they're flexible, in the sense that they are mighty multitasking machines. Researchers from Queen's University in Ontario Canada, however, want flexible phones in a literal sense -- less five-tool player, and more master contortionist. Using a ductile e-ink display and elastic electronic underpinnings, they created a device called the PaperPhone that literally bends to its user's will. Curling the corners of the device isn't just for show, either, as folding the phone is how users navigate s and make calls. We aren't completely sold on the idea of a bend-based UI, but we're definitely digging the lithe and lightweight phone form factor. Video of the new flexi-phone is after the break.目前看到的还是简陋的实验产品,这个东东由加拿大 Queen 大学的研究人员开发,结合了弹性触摸屏幕技术,和智能手机系统。据说灵感来自Flexible 弹性触摸屏和柔性电子墨水技术的发展。这玩意只有纸片薄大小,可以触摸,屏幕为很白色的电子墨水技术显示。除此之外搭载了一个他们自制的手机系统,可查看联系人,打电话,手写短信东东。在测试中,一哥们竟然将它绑在了手上[Orz]看视频。 /201105/134906


  Less than two months ago Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler’s chief executive, announced that the Alfa Romeo 4C was finally y for prime time in the U.S., following several delays.早在两个月前,菲亚特克莱斯勒公司(Fiat Chrysler)首席执行官塞尔吉奥o马尔基翁就曾经宣布,经过多次推迟之后,阿尔法o罗密欧(Alfa Romeo)4C终于做好了最后的准备,迎接自己在美国即将到来的黄金时代。On Thursday, several copies of the sexy Italian two-seater were available for test laps at FCA’s proving grounds in Chelsea, Mich. Aside from routine nitpicking, automotive journalists registered respect, if not awe, at the 4C’s performance and especially its low-slung, curvy exterior.上周四,菲亚特克莱斯勒公司提供了这款迷人的意大利产双座汽车的几辆样车,供外界在密歇根州切尔西的汽车试验场进行试驾。除了例行公事的吹毛求疵之外,汽车业记者们纷纷被4C的性能,尤其是它流线型的低车身外观所折。Within a few months, 500 of Alfa’s “Launch Edition” of the 4C — featuring a few extra frills, such as carbon fiber accents in the interior — will go on sale for just under ,000 in North America. The company doesn’t expect to sell more than a thousand or so of the hand-built 4Cs. The regular edition will cost slightly less, starting at ,000; both are aimed at well-heeled customers who probably aly own a few vehicles.几个月后,500辆“首发版”将在北美地区销售,售价低于70,000美元。首发版中将包括许多额外的装饰,例如碳纤维内饰等。这家公司预计销售不超过1000辆手工打造的4C。普通版的价格较低,起售价为55,000美元;两版车型的目标客户都是已经拥有多辆汽车的富裕阶层。Fiat Chrysler has much bigger ambitions than this particular model. The 4C, to be sold at 85 Alfa Romeo dealerships, is the precursor of eight more Alfa models through 2018, all built in Italy and all containing a dose of Ferrari engineering and design expertise. Fiat Chrysler executives in Chelsea said the franchise could represent a billion investment. Fiat Chrysler and Marchionne still must raise much of the capital that is needed.除了4C外,菲亚特克莱斯勒还有更大的野心。它计划至2018年推出另外八款阿尔法车型,全部在意大利生产,全部具有法拉利的工程与设计特点。即将由85家阿尔法o罗密欧经销商销售的4C只是阿尔法扩充计划的第一步。在切尔西,菲亚特克莱斯勒的高管表示,特许经销权可能意味着50亿美元的投资。菲亚特克莱斯勒与马尔基翁仍然需要通过融资来获得所需要的大部分资金。Dave Sullivan, manager of product analysis for AutoPacific, said “the 4C will turn more heads than anything from Lotus,” the British maker of exotic sports cars.太平洋汽车公司(AutoPacific)产品分析经理戴维o苏利文说:“4C将比莲花集团(Lotus)的任何车型都要更为引人注目。”莲花集团是生产异国情调跑车的英国制造商。“I am six foot, three inches, though, and I can’t drive it. My line of vision is above the sun visor. I also had a very difficult time trying to climb/roll out of it. This is not a car you’d want your wife trying to get out of in a skirt,” he said.他说:“虽然我的身高是六英尺三英寸,但我没法开这款车。我的视线在防晒板上方。此外,上下车也非常困难。大家肯定不希望自己的妻子穿着裙子从这辆车上下来。”Its limitations notwithstanding, Sullivan said he’s “excited to see it on the road.”但尽管有这些局限性,苏利文还是表示,自己对于“能看到它上路感到异常兴奋。”At 2,465 pounds and powered by a 1.7-liter engine rated at 237 horsepower and 258 foot-pounds of torque, the car has an extremely high power-to-weight ratio. It’s not blindingly fast, but it’s certainly quick enough to raise your pulse. Its light weight is achieved by a carbon fiber cockpit, extensive use of aluminum in the structure and plastic composite for the exterior.4C车身重2,465英镑,采用1.7升发动机,额定功率为237马力,扭矩为259英尺-磅,拥有超高的动力-重量比。虽然这款汽车还达不到令人目眩的速度,但也却足以让人心跳加快。阿尔法o罗密欧4C采用碳纤维座舱和铝制车身框架,而外部则使用了塑料复合材料,使车身达到极度轻量化。Marchionne’s management and strategy since taking over Chrysler following its 2009 bankruptcy, and uniting the company with Fiat, have been magical. Much work remains, though, to ensure Fiat Chrysler can remain a going venture; one of the most formidable tasks is the creation of a luxury franchise, which is Alfa’s mission.2009年克莱斯勒(Chrysler)破产之后,由马尔基翁接管。他的管理和策略,以及与菲亚特(Fiat)的合并,产生了神奇的效果。但要想保菲亚特克莱斯勒成为风投目标,还有许多工作要做;其中最艰巨的任务之一就是打造一个豪华品牌,而这正是阿尔法的使命。Keeping an eye on Alfa — on what kind of buzz it generates and on how eager investors are to risk capital on the rest of product line — are key to understanding Fiat Chrysler’s future.要想了解菲亚特克莱斯勒的未来,关键是关注阿尔法——看看它会产生什么样的话题,以及投资者在其他产品投入资金的热情。 /201407/309506

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