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Sutong Changjiang Highway Bridge苏通长江公路大桥The Sutong Changjiang Highway Bridge ( Sutong Bridge) is a cablestayed bridge that spans the Yangtze River in the People#39;s Republic of China between Nantong and Changshu, a satellite city of Suzhou, in Jiangsu Province. the highway is 32.4 kilometers long. Overall the bridge length is 8,206 metres (26,923 ft) and construction has been estimated to cost about 6. 45 billion yuan RMB. Sutong Bridge can claim four worlds records. The largest main span (1088m) : as far as main span is concerned, Sutong Bridge is 200m longer than that of Tatara Bridge m Japan; the highest pylon ( over 300m) ; the deepest foundation (steel casing depth: 120m) and the longest stayed cable (580m). Construction began in June, 2003 and the bridge was linked up on June 18, 2007, one year ahead of schedule. The bridge was opened to traffic on May 25, 2008 and was officially opened on June 30, 2008. The completion of the bridge makes the commute between Shanghai and Nantong, originally completed through ferry route, shorten to about an hour. It brings Nantong one step closer to becoming an important part of the Yangtze River Delta economic zone, and has further attracted foreign investors into the city. The bridge is also pivotal in the development of poorer northern Jiangsu regions.苏通长江公路大桥(简称苏通大桥)位于中国江苏省,该桥跨越长江,连接苏州(常熟)和南通两座城市。公路总里程32.4千米(含南北端引道),实际跨江的桥梁部分约8200米,总投资约64.5亿元。苏通大桥将由跨江大桥工程和南、北岸接线工程三部分组成,建成后将创造四项世界纪录:世界跨度最大的斜拉桥,斜拉桥主孔跨度1088米,比日本多多罗大桥还长200米;世界最高桥塔,塔高300.4米,相当于100层楼房的高度;最深基础,苏通大桥主墩基础由131根长约120米、直径2.5米至2.8米的群桩组成,在40米水深以下厚达300米的软土地基上建起来的,是世界上规模最大、人土最深的群桩基础;最长拉索,苏通大桥最长拉索长达580米,为世界上最长的斜拉索。2003年6月开工,于2007年6月18日提前合龙,2008年5月25日苏通大桥投入试运行,6月30日正式通车,南通进入上海的一小时都市圈之内,成为长江三角洲区域经济的重要组成部分。苏州大桥的建设,对于完善国家公路网,打通我国东部沿海大通道,促进长江三角洲区域经济社会的协调发展具有战略意义。 /201603/430096。

Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, has warned that the global automobile industry is on the brink of a technology-led upheaval, in his most direct public comments yet addressing reports that the iPhone maker is planning to start making its own cars.苹果(Apple)首席执行官蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)警告称,全球汽车行业即将迎来技术主导的剧变,这是他迄今最为直接地公开回应有关这家iPhone制造商计划制造汽车的报道。“It would seem that there will be massive change, massive, in that industry,” Mr Cook said during an interview at the Wall Street Journal’s annual tech conference in Southern California. “I do think that industry is at an inflection point for massive change, not just evolutionary change.”库克在《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)的南加州年度技术大会上接受采访时表示:“这个行业似乎将会出现巨大的变化,非常大。我的确认为该行业正处于剧变的临界点上,不只是渐进式的变化。”Apple has been assembling a team of automotive experts and studying what it would take to become a carmaker, according to people familiar with its thinking.知情人士称,苹果一直在组建一个汽车专家团队,并研究怎样才能成为一家汽车制造商。Mr Cook did not respond to questions about whether Apple would make its own cars, but made it clear that a series of technology shifts were coming together to create a rare opportunity for outsiders to break into the business.库克没有回应苹果是否要制造自己的汽车的问题,但他明确表示,一系列技术变化相继到位,为局外人进入这一行业提供了罕见的机遇。“What I see is, software becomes an increasingly important component of the car in future,” he said. “Autonomous driving becomes very much more important in a huge way in future.”他说:“我认为,未来软件将成为汽车上越来越重要的组件。自动驾驶也将变得更加重要。”In spite of the expansive predictions, Apple’s chief said that, for now, his company’s focus would be on winning over car owners with its CarPlay system, which provides a way to plug an iPhone into a car’s systems to act as an entertainment, information and communications gateway.尽管外界流传着宏大的预言,但库克表示,就目前而言,苹果将致力于让车主安装CarPlay系统,该系统可以让iPhone接入汽车系统,作为一个、信息和通信网关。“What we really want, hopefully in the short term, is, we want people when they enter their car to have an iPhone experience,” he said. The poor performance of carmakers’ own technology has left a huge opening for companies such as Apple, Mr Cook suggested, with the current systems usually not ranked among the 10 things car owners like best about their vehicles.他表示:“我们真正想要的、而且希望在短期就实现的是,让人们上车后有一种iPhone体验。”库克表示,汽车制造商自己的技术表现糟糕,给苹果等公司留下了巨大的机会,当前的车载系统通常不会排在车主最喜欢的十大设备之列。 /201510/405237。

Less than one day after proclaiming a billion annual revenue milestone for cloud services, IBM’s newly formed Cloud division disclosed two fresh contracts.就在IBM宣布云务年收入达到70亿美元的里程碑式业绩之后不到一天,其新组建的云部门又公布了两份新签的合同。One, a 0 million services agreement with healthcare benefits company Anthem, adds to the string of existing services customers switching to IBM cloud data centers or software as a service applications. It’s a theme the company has sounded often over the past year.其中一份是与医保福利公司Anthem签订的5亿美元务协议,这也是现有云务用户转向IBM云数据中心或“软件即务”应用的最新一例。在过去一年中,这样的情况一直在IBM持续上演。The other establishes IBM IBM 0.31% as the cloud host for a new service from Clarient Global, backed by a consortium of financial services companies including Barclays, BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and State Street. (Clarient is related to The Depository Trust amp; Clearing Corp.) This agreement is potentially more intriguing, because it represents a net new account for IBM’s cloud business rather than the renegotiation of an existing outsourcing relationship.另一份合同则是,IBM将为Clarient Global的一种新业务提供云主机,包括巴克莱、纽约梅隆、瑞士信贷、高盛、根大通、道富等一大批金融巨头都在采用Clarient Global的务。这项协议可能更为引人关注,因为它意味着IBM云业务拉到了一位新客户,而非只是与现有客户重新协商合作关系。Under the pact, IBM will host a centralized, secure hub for client reference data and documents on its SoftLayer technology. Here’s the rationale fromClarient CEO Matthew Stauffer: “IBM’s cloud platform, coupled with its deep security expertise, plays a vital role in enabling this new service to help increase efficiency and control over client data while reducing risk and costs.”依据协议,IBM将通过其SoftLayer技术,为客户机数据文档提供安全中枢。Clarient首席执行官马修o斯托弗称,之所以选择IBM的理由是:“IBM云平台加上其专业的深度安全防护技术,对这项新务来说至关重要,从而能在降低风险和成本同时,帮助提高效率,更好地管理客户数据。”Last year, IBM pulled in billion in revenue last year related to cloud services—a level it was hoping to hit by the end of 2015.去年,IBM在云务领域获得了70亿美元收入,这一业绩原本是公司计划在2015年底达成的目标。In recent weeks, the company restructured to accelerate that momentum, naming veteran IBM Software manager Robert LeBlanc as the senior vice president. “We took all the pieces that were sitting in various places throughout IBM, some of them in services, some of them in software, and pulled them together,” LeBlanc said in a brief interview Wednesday. “It gives us the opportunity to innovate at speed.”为了加快这一发展势头,公司在近几周进行了改组,任命经验丰富的IBM软件部门经理罗伯特o勒布朗作为高级副总裁。勒布朗在与《财富》的一次简短采访中表示:“我们在IBM的各个部门寻找所有的云业务碎片,有些在务部门,有些在软件部门,然后把它们整合起来。这给了我们迅速创新的机会。”He isn’t committing—publicly at least—to a new goal. His team also has a lot of hiring to do before it can rev up: there are at least 1,000 open positions in a unit that as a whole employs “thousands” of people.他并未公开自己的新业绩目标。同时,云计算团队还需要大量招聘人手才能加速运转起来:这个团队目前已有数千名员工,但至少还有1,000个职位空缺急需填补。(财富中文网) /201502/358735。

This company partners with many manufacturers to sell a wide variety of products online. It#39;s willing to sacrifice some profit to ensure its prices are bargain-bin low. It#39;s also one of the hottest tech companies in the world.有一家公司与许多制造商联合,在网上售卖各种各样的产品。它愿意让利以保产品是价格最低,是世界上最火的科技公司之一。Sound like Amazon? It#39;s actually an apt description for Xiaomi.听起来很像亚马逊对吗?事实上,这是对小米的描绘。It#39;s not a household name in the US, but Xiaomi is one of the hottest brands in Asia. The Chinese company is valued at billion, making it the world#39;s second-most valuable startup behind Uber. It built its reputation selling inexpensive but high-quality smartphones, which get snapped up by consumers in Asia within hours.小米在美国虽然不是一个家喻户晓的品牌,但在亚洲却是最火爆的的品牌。这家中国的公司市值估价高达460亿美金,使之成为世界上价值仅次于Uber的第二大创业公司。它以销售价廉质高的智能手机闻名,其产品在亚洲一经开售几小时内就会被抢购一空。The company#39;s founder took the time to remind people at a Wall Street Journal conference on Wednesday that it offers a wide range of products, from televisions to air purifiers -- all of which are offered at ultra-competitive prices.在周三的《华尔街日报》会议上,小米的创始者特意提醒与会者,小米公司还销售其他很多的产品,从电视机到空气净化器,而且都以很有竞争力的价格出售。;We are more in the area of smart consumer electronics,; said Bin Lin, co-founder and president of the company. ;We#39;d rather be called an Internet company.;小米的联合创始人和现任总裁林斌说到:“小米其实在智能消费性电子领域涉及更广,我们更愿意被叫做网络公司。”Xiaomi#39;s push to broaden itself puts it more inline with massive online retailers such as Amazon or China#39;s Alibaba, which have benefited from consumers#39; increasing comfort with making purchases over the Internet. It#39;s a retail strategy that could help it expand faster into different parts of the world, as evidenced by its decision to launch a US and Europrean online store in May that features electronic accessories but not phones.小米的努力扩张使它与大规模在线零售商结合更紧密,诸如受益于消费者网上购物的亚马逊或是中国的阿里巴巴。这是帮助小米更快地扩张到世界各地的零售策略。而小米五月份决定在美国和欧洲开网店销售电子配件而不是手机这一消息更是明了这一点。Still, in markets where it does sell smartphones, Xiaomi envisions the handheld device as the remote control for everything. Unlike Amazon or Alibaba, which sell everything from DVDs to Halloween costumes, the Chinese startup is focused on gadgets.小米出售手机的商店里,小米希望有一个手持设备能够远程控制一切。中国的创业品牌不像亚马逊和阿里巴巴什么都卖,而是致力于小配件的销售。;It#39;s been clear for a long time that it has much broader ambitions and that seeing Xiaomi as just a smartphone company was missing the bigger picture,; said Jan Dawson, an analyst for Jackdaw Research.Jackdaw调查公司的分析师简道森指出:“很明显,一直以来小米都有更广泛的野心,只把它看作是智能手机公司显然是一叶障目了。”Lin, for instance, touted the capabilities of his new air purifier, which addresses the pollution issue in China. The device can clear the air around you in six minutes and connects to a smartphone. He called the MiTV 3 television the company launched yesterday ;almost like a phone, except for the bigger display.; The television, which packs a 60-inch super-high resolution 4K display, sells for less than 0.例如,林很吹捧他们新生产的空气净化器的功能,它与中国的空气污染问题紧密相连。这个设备能够在六分钟以内净化你身边的空气,并连接到智能手机。他还提到,公司昨天推出的MiTV3电视机“就像一个手机一样,只是显示器更大了。”该款电视机配备了60英的超高清4K分辨率的显示器,售价还不到800美金。Like Amazon, which looks beyond simply selling hardware to its consumers, Xiaomi believes there is an opportunity to provide media, gaming and other services through the TV, Lin said. It also, of course, connects to a smartphone.林还说到,像亚马孙一样,小米不只是简单地向顾客出售硬件设施,我们还相信,通过电视会有机会向顾客提供媒体、游戏和其他务。当然这都是和智能手机相连的。Each month, 130 million people use its smartphones, televisions, routers and other products, Lin said. Xiaomi is ;generating decent revenue; from the services related to those products, he added, although he didn#39;t specify how much.林说到,每个月,有13亿人使用他们的智能手机、电视、路由器及其他产品。他还提到,小米还从跟这些产品有关的务中“收益颇丰”,但没有明确地说具体的收益有多少。Xiaomi is looking beyond smartphones as its mainstay business continues to mature. ;The last couple of years in China the smartphone business is changing from rapid growth to a replacement market,; he said. ;So the absolute growth of the smartphone market is flat.;小米在自身核心产业逐渐走向成熟了之后,开始放眼于智能手机之外的领域。林说到:“中国近几年的智能手机市场正在从飞速增长到产品替代,所以这个市场将不再会有绝对的增长。”Lin addressed the rising concern that smartphones are getting boring, with consumers finding it difficult to get excited about the same metal and glass slab. He hinted at potential innovation in touchscreen inputs and how people interact with devices. ;In the next few months, I#39;m sure we can come up with something that is super cool,; he said.消费者认为手机变得越来越无聊,他们很难对一样的金属材质和玻璃屏再次感到兴奋。林对此担忧日增,因此他暗示可能在触屏输入和人机互动上有所创新。他还说:“我敢肯定,在接下来的几个月里,我们一定能搞出特别酷炫的东西。”Xiaomi#39;s Mi Store in the US offers products like battery chargers and headphones. Lin said he was thinking about selling his popular smartphones in the US, but stayed mum on when exactly that would happen.在小米的美国店里,它出售像电池充电器、耳机一类的东西。林表示,他在考虑将流行的小米智能手机卖到美国,但没有说具体什么时候实行。 /201510/405458。

Hundreds of Russians plug away at keyboards, sping pro-Kremlin propaganda on social media sites and masterminding online hoaxes every day. They work in what have come to be known as “troll farms”, named after the derogatory nickname used for people who sp hate on the internet.数以百计的俄罗斯人每天不停地敲击键盘,在社交媒体上传播亲克里姆林宫的宣传言论,策划一个又一个网络骗局。他们在所谓的“巨魔农场”(troll farm)工作,这个带有贬义的名称源于那些在网络上散播仇恨的人的绰号。Adrian Chen, who visited a troll farm called the Internet Research Agency while reporting for The New York Times, believes that the Russians might be the most organised trolls.在为《纽约时报》(New York Times)报道期间,Adrian Chen探访过一个美其名曰“互联网研究机构”(Internet Research Agency)的巨魔农场,他相信那里的俄罗斯人可能是最有组织的“巨魔”。However, they are not unique — social media is being used to distort political debate around the world.然而,他们并不是唯一这样做的人——在世界各地,社交媒体都被用于扭曲政治辩论。In Russia, Mr Chen says, internet users may not be convinced by the comments left by trolls on internet sites. But trolling works by sowing seeds of distrust in online conversations. It pours cold water on social media’s promise to bring people together for frank discussion.Chen表示,在俄罗斯,互联网用户可能不会听信“巨魔”在网站上留下的。但这种行为靠的是在网络对话中播下不信任的种子。人们原本希望社交媒体能让人们在一起坦诚讨论,但“巨魔”行为给这一希望泼了一盆冷水。“This more insidious effect is to make the internet an unreliable source of information and to undermine the democratic nature of the internet. That is to the government’s advantage,” he says.“更阴险的影响是让互联网沦为不可靠的信息源,削弱互联网的民主本质。这对政府是有利的,”他说。Troll farms in Mexico and India work in a similar way, Mr Chen adds, and the same principle applied in “GamerGate”, an organised online harassment campaign against women in the game industry, which erupted in 2014. “You can easily flood the internet with this garbage to try to drown out your opponents,” he says.Chen补充道,墨西哥和印度的巨魔农场也是以类似方式运作的,同样的道理也适用于“GamerGate”事件。这起在线骚扰视频游戏业女性从业者的有组织事件发生在2014年。“你可以轻易用这种垃圾淹没互联网,试图盖过你的对手,”他说。China also runs its own propaganda armies and monitors what people post online to see how public opinion is changing. Meanwhile Isis supporters have become expert in creating anonymous accounts that are used to sp propaganda and recruit potential terrorists. As soon as companies such as Facebook and Twitter shut these down, new ones appear.中国也有自己的宣传大军,并对人们在网络上发表的言论进行监视,以查看民意变化。同时,“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(ISIS)的持者成为了创建匿名账户的专家,这些账户被用来传播ISIS宣传内容和招募潜在恐怖分子。一旦Facebook和Twitter等公司关闭这些账户,就会有新的账户出现。When social media sites first emerged, they appeared to give everybody the ability to broadcast their views, suggesting that a wider range of voices would be heard than in the mainstream media.当社交媒体网站首次出现时,它们似乎赋予了每个人畅所欲言的能力,暗示人们会听到比主流媒体更广泛的声音。However, a system that allows people to comment anonymously, and which makes it easy to retweet and share messages, is vulnerable to manipulation, particularly by organised groups with money and personnel — especially as the mainstream media seem willing to amplify their message.然而,一个允许人们匿名、并且可以方便地转发和分享消息的系统很容易遭到操纵,尤其是受到拥有财力人力的有组织集团的操纵——特别是在主流媒体似乎愿意放大他们的声音的情况下。Politicians have built large followings on social networks, thrilled to be able to reach voters directly. US President Barack Obama has more than 68m followers on Twitter, while the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has more than 17m.政治人士在社交媒体上有大批关注者,他们为能够直接接触选民而感到兴奋。美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)在Twitter上有逾6800万关注者,而印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)拥有逾1700万关注者。But political debates that engage citizens are still rare, argues Professor Christian Fuchs, the director of the University of Westminster’s communication and media research institute. He points to Mr Obama’s use of his political account to promote a competition for a cruise to Alaska last month.但威斯敏斯特大学(University of Westminster)传播和媒体研究院院长克里斯蒂安富克斯(Christian Fuchs)认为,真正吸引公民参与的政治辩论依然很少见。他举例子指出,上月奥巴马利用他的Twitter政治账户宣传一场竞赛,奖品是乘邮轮旅游阿拉斯加。“Such populism 2.0 reduces the political public sphere to submit-and-win contests, political spectacles and personality politics dominated by leadership figures,” he says. “What is today largely missing are politically innovative users of social media that engage citizens in political conversations with each other, in which they have the chance to discuss and explore the complexity of the key political challenges the world faces today.”“这种2.0版本的民粹主义将政治公共空间降级为‘提交并赢奖’的竞赛、政治表演以及由领导人物主导的人格政治,”他说,“当今基本上不存在有政治创意的社交媒体用户,他们能够发动公民在彼此间开展政治对话,在此过程中有机会讨论和探索当今世界面临的关键政治挑战的复杂性。”Nick Anstead, assistant professor at the media department of the London School of Economics, says it is also a myth that social media is a way to reach large audiences for free.伦敦政治经济学院(London School of Economics)传媒系助理教授尼克褠斯特德(Nick Anstead)表示,社交媒体是一种免费接触大批受众的方式的说法也是错误的。“When people were first considering the internet and new media, there was certainly a sense that it was going to change the power dynamics, it would lead to a redistribution of power,” he says. But it is now clear that to thrive on social media, politicians have to have access not only to a large group of supporters and but also to money, he says.“当人们最初考虑互联网和新媒体时,确实有种看法认为这些新事物将改变力量格局,导致力量的重新分配,”他说。但他表示,如今已经十分明显的是,如果要在社交媒体上走红,政治人士不仅必须拥有大批持者,还需要资金。In the 2008 US presidential election race, Obama’s campaign was seen as mastering the use of grass roots supporters to sp messages online — but it also spent 10 per cent of its paid media budget on buying digital advertising.在2008年美国总统选战中,奥巴马的竞选被视为很好地利用了基层持者来在线传播消息——但奥巴马选举团队也将10%的付费媒体预算用于购买数字广告。Andrew Heyward, of the MIT Media Lab, says politicians’ social media strategies now resemble those of brands, with Republican Donald Trump by far the most successful presidential candidate.麻省理工学院媒体实验室(MIT Media Lab)的安德鲁眠荭德(Andrew Heyward)表示,如今政治人士的社交媒体战略和品牌很像,这就是为什么共和党人唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)成为遥遥领先的最成功的总统候选人。Mr Trump has made so many waves on social media they have flooded into traditional media and given him so much coverage that he is only just buying his first traditional, mainstream media advertisements.特朗普多次在社交媒体上掀起风浪,这些风浪涌入传统媒体,让他获得了铺天盖地的免费报道,以至于特朗普刚刚开始购买传统主流媒体广告。Mr Heyward is using a new analytics tool to track the “horse race of ideas” in the US presidential election campaign.海沃德使用了一种新的分析工具来追踪美国总统选战中的“思想赛马”。Discussion of many topics on social media — from national security to immigration — reflects what is being said in the mainstream media, and vice versa, the study has shown.这项研究表明,社交媒体上对许多话题的讨论——从国家安全到移民——反映出主流媒体正在进行的讨论,反之亦然。Because of this, Mr Heyward is more optimistic that social networks can actually become the “virtual town hall meeting” that Twitter, at least, has aspired to be.有鉴于此,海沃德对社交媒体能够变成“虚拟市政厅会议”抱着一种更加乐观的看法,至少Twitter有这样的志向。“It is a brave new world,” he says. “But actually, ironically, even though it takes advantage of a modern and sophisticated technology, it is a throwback to what the Founding Fathers had in mind — a lively conversation.”“这是一个美好新世界,”他说,“但具有讽刺意义的是,即使它利用精湛的现代技术,它其实是对开国先贤们愿景的回归——一场活跃的对话。” /201602/424100。