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Are we really saying that its not worth the risk to print an extra 200 billion for aid?那么,为了救援而额外印多2千亿钞票这样的风险真的不值得去承担吗?Would the risks really be that different?这些风险真的会有很大区别吗?To me, its not that clear.对我来说,这是比较模糊的概念。What is clear is the impact on aid.而对救援产生的影响则是清晰的。Even though this is the printing of just three central banks,the global aid thats given over this period is up by almost 40 percent.哪怕印钞仅仅只是三家中央的事,但是这个阶段给出的国籍援助,也已经上升了接近40个百分点。Aid as a proportion of national income all of a sudden is at a 40-year high.援助作为国民收入的一部分突然就上升到了40年来的最高点。Now, we dont get to 0.7 percent.那么,假设我们没有达到0.7%那个点。Governments are still incentivized to give.政府也会被要求付诸行动。But you know what, thats the point of a matching scheme.但你们知道吗,那个点就是和计划匹配的点。So I think what weve learned is that the risks from this money creation scheme are quite modest,but the benefits are potentially huge.所以我觉得,我们了解到的是这个印钞计划中潜在的风险是相当温和的,但是收益呢则是非常庞大。Imagine what we could do with 40 percent more funding.想像一下这多出来的40%的资金, 我们能做多少事情。We might be able to feed the front row.我们估计可以养得起 前排的观众了。The thing that I fear, the only thing that I fear,apart from the fact that Ive run out of time,is that the window of opportunity for this idea is a short one. 我担心的事情, 且唯一担心的事情,除了我已经没什么时间这个事实外,就是实施这个想法的时间机会非常短暂。Today, money creation by central banks is an accepted policy tool.今天,中央的货币创造是一个公认的政策工具。That may not always be the case.但这并不是一直都这样。Today there are universally agreed aims for international aid.如今在国际援助上我们有世界普遍认可的目标。That may not always be the case.但这也并不是一直都这样。Today might be the only time that these two things coincide,such that we can afford the aid that weve always aspired to give.现在可能是这两种事物同时被认可实行的唯一时机,这样我们就能负担起这些援助,这些我们一直都很想给予的援助。So, can we print money for international aid?所以,我们能为国籍援助而印刷钞票吗?I seriously believe the question should be,why not?我坚决相信这是可行的,为什么不呢?Thank you very much.非常感谢。201505/374055。

  • I started choosing only job that im passionate about and from which I knew I could bring meaningful experiences.于是我开始只挑那些我热爱的事情来做,只选那些我知道能汲取到有意义经验的工作。This thoroughly confused everyone around me: agents, producers and audiences alike.这让我身边的人感到很困惑:经纪人,制片人,还有观众也是如此。I made Cotayas Ghost, a foreign independent film and studied history, visiting the Prada every day for four months as I about goya and the Spanish Inquisition.我拍了外国独立电影《戈雅之灵》,为此我学习历史,连续4个月我每天研读戈雅和西班牙裁判所。I made V for Vendetta, studio action movie for which I learned everything I could about freedom fighters whom otherwise maybe call terrorists.我拍了动作片《V字仇杀队》,为此学习了所有自由战士相关的东西,他们也被称为恐怖分子。From Menachen Begin to Weather Underground.从Menachen Begin到Weather Underground组织。I made Your Highness a pothead comedy with Danny McBride and laughed for three months straight.我拍了《王子殿下》,Danny McBride导演的大麻喜剧,这让我足足笑了三个月。I was able to own my meaning and not have it be determined by box office receipts or prestige.我可以决定自己的价值,而不是让票房或名声来决定。By the time I got making BlackSwan, the experience was entirely my own.当我拍《黑天鹅》时,整个经历都是属于我自己的。I felt immune to the worst things anyone could say or write about me, and to whether the audience felt like to see my movie or not.我感觉自己已经刀不入,不管别人怎么说我,也不在意观众是否会看我的电影。It was instructive for me to see for ballet dancers, once your technique gets to a certain level, the only thing that separates you from others is your quirks or even flaws.对我很有启示的是,对芭蕾舞者而言,当你的技巧达到一定高度后,唯一能让你与他人不同的就是你的怪癖甚至瑕疵。One ballerina was famous for how she turned slightly off balanced.有位芭蕾舞者因转圈轻微不平衡而出名。You can never be the best technically, someone will always have a higher jump or a more beautiful line.从技术上来说,你永远做不到最好,总会有人比你跳得更高,或者有更美的姿态。The only thing you can be the best at is developing your own self.你唯一能做到最好的就是发展你的自我。Authoring your own experience was very much what Black Swan itself was about.为你自己的体验做主就是《黑天鹅》中讲述的事情。I worked Darren Aronofsky, the films director who changed my last line in the movie to It was perfect.我说电影的导演Darren Aronofsky把最后一句台词改成了:;这真完美。”Because my character Nina is only artistically successful when she finds perfection and pleasure for herself, not when shes trying to be perfect in the eyes of others.因为我饰演的角色Nina在艺术上的成功只在于让自己达到完美和愉悦,而不是为了试图在别人眼中变得完美。So when Black Swan successful financially and I began receiving accolades.所以当《黑天鹅》获得商业上的成功,而我也开始得到赞扬之时。I felt honored and grateful to have connected with people.我觉得荣耀和感恩的事我接触到了人心。But the true core of my meaning I had aly established.我已经建立了自己价值的真正核心。And I need it to be independent of peoples reactions to me.我需要它不受别人反应的影响。People told me the Black Swan was an artistic risk, a scary challenge to try to portray a professional ballet dancer.大家告诉我《黑天鹅》是艺术上的冒险,演绎职业芭蕾舞者是恐怖的挑战。But it didnt feel like courage or daring that drove me to it.但我觉得促使我去演的并非是勇气或胆量。I was so oblivious to my own limit that I did things I was woefully unprepared to do.而是我对自身局限的毫无所知,我对所做之事压根没有准备。201506/381971。
  • We are the only ones who have an erotic life,人类是唯一过性生活的物种,which means that its sexuality transformed by the human imagination.所谓性生活完全是人类想象出来的东西We are the only ones who can make love for hours,人类也是唯一能持续几个小时做爱have a blissful time, multiple orgasms,有幸福时光,有多次高潮and touch nobody, just because we can imagine it.而没有身体抚摸的动物,因为人类能想象出这些东西。We can hint at it. We dont even have to do it.我们可以用意念来交欢,根本就不用直接的身体接触。We can experience that powerful thing called anticipation,我们能体验强大的性期待which is a mortar to desire,那可是性欲的动机,the ability to imagine it, as if its happening,能想得到的,它就可以是发生的to experience it as if its happening, while nothing is happening能体验到好像正在发生的,而实际上却没发生任何事and everything is happening at the same time.所有这些都可以同时发生So when I began to think about eroticism,所以,当我想到性兴奋时,I began to think about the poetics of sex,我就会想到性爱的美妙。and if I look at it as an intelligence,而如果我把它看作一种“智商”then its something that you cultivate.那么,它就应该是你应该培养的东西。What are the ingredients? Imagination, playfulness,性商包括什么呢?想象力、情趣、novelty, curiosity, mystery.新鲜感、好奇心和神秘感。But the central agent is really that piece called the imagination.但其核心是想象力。But more importantly, for me to begin to understand但更重要的是,如果说我要弄清楚who are the couples who have an erotic spark,哪些夫妇有性火花,what sustains desire, I had to go back什么东西方维系着性爱,我必须得回顾一下to the original definition of eroticism,性爱的最原始的定义,the mystical definition, and I went through it这一最神秘的定义,我经历过的through a bifurcation by looking actually at trauma,以一种分岐,通过创伤来看which is the other side, and I looked at it这就是另一面,让我来看看looking at the community that I had grown up in,看看我成长的社区which was a community in Belgium, all Holocaust survivors,那是一个在比利时的社区,所有人都是大屠杀的幸存者and in my community there were two groups:在这个社区里,有两类人:those who didnt die, and those who came back to life.一类是没有死过的,另一类是死后重生的And those who didnt die lived often very tethered to the ground,那些没死过的人一般都很现实could not experience pleasure, could not trust,无法体会快感,不信任人because when youre vigilant, worried, anxious,因为他们过于谨慎、杞人忧天、焦虑and insecure, you cant lift your head没有安全感,不能自信地to go and take off in space and be playful and safe and imaginative.在性爱中解放自我,没有情趣,没安全感也缺乏想象力。Those who came back to life were those那些劫后余生的人who understood the erotic as an antidote to death.他们把性事当作忘却死亡的解药。They knew how to keep themselves alive.他们知道怎样让自己活下去。And when I began to listen to the sexlessness of the couples that I work with,当我听到我的那些无性生活的同事的故事时I sometimes would hear people say, ;I want more sex,;有时我听到别人说:我想要更多的性生活。but generally people want better sex,但很多时候,人们更在意性生活的质量,and better is to reconnect with that quality of aliveness,最好的是能过传统意义上性生活能提供给他们的活力、of vibrancy, of renewal, of vitality, of eros, of energy新鲜感、动感、和充满动力的性爱that sex used to afford them, or that theyve hoped或者他们希望it would afford them.能得到这性爱。And so I began to ask a different question.所以,我会问另一个问题:;I shut myself off when ...; began to be the question.我何时不会有性欲。;I turn off my desires when ...; which is not the same question as,我何时会压制自已的性欲。;What turns me of is ...; and ;You turn me off when ...;是什么令我毫无性欲。你何时令我性欲全无。And people began to say, ;I turn myself off when人们会回答说:当我心死时、当我不再喜欢我自己的身体时I feel dead inside, when I dont like my body,我对性也就没有任何兴趣了。when I feel old, when I havent had time for myself,当我感觉自己老了,当我没有自己的时间了,when I havent had a chance to even check in with you,当我没机会和你去开房时,when I dont perform well at work,当我工作毫无业绩可言时,when I feel low self esteem, when I dont have a sense of self-worth,当我没有了自尊、当我觉得没有了个人价值时,when I dont feel like I have a right to want, to take,当我觉得我已经没有权力去想,去获得to receive pleasure.;和去接受这种快感受时And then I began to ask the reverse question.然后,我会反过来问:;I turn myself on when ...; Because most of the time,我何时会性趣大发。因为很多时候people like to ask the question, ;You turn me on,人们喜欢问这类问题:你令我兴奋what turns me on,; and Im out of the question. You know?什么使我兴奋?我不可能兴奋的,对吧?Now, if you are dead inside, the other person can do a lot of things for Valentines.但如果你已经心死了,你的另一半可以为你们的情人节做很多事啊!It wont make a dent. There is nobody at the reception desk.没有人知道的,前台没有人呢。So I turn myself on when,所以,我让自己兴奋I turn my desires, I wake up when ...我唤醒自己的性欲,我起来时。。。Now, in this paradox between love and desire,在爱与欲这对矛盾体里what seems to be so puzzling is that the very ingredients令人不解的是那些滋润着爱的养分------that nurture love -- mutuality, reciprocity,相依相伴、互惠、protection, worry, responsibility for the other --爱护有加、担心、和为对方肩负起来的责任are sometimes the very ingredients that stifle desire.这些东西有时也会抑制性欲。Because desire comes with a host of feelings因为,性欲来自于一系列的that are not always such favorites of love:并非全是爱的情感:jealousy, possessiveness, aggression, power, dominance,比如说妒忌、占有欲、冒犯、权力、配naughtiness, mischief.俏皮、捣蛋等等。Basically most of us will get turned on at night一般来说,大多数人晚上都会有性兴奋by the very same things that we will demonstrate against during the day.其实白天也一样可能会有性兴奋You know, the erotic mind is not very politically correct.性想法在政治上不算很合适If everybody was fantasizing on a bed of roses,如果每个人都能躺在床上想着满床的玖瑰we wouldnt be having such interesting talks about this.那我们今天就没有必要来听这个演讲了。But no, in our mind up there但其实并不然,在我们心底的某个角落,are a host of things going on that we dont always know有着一些我们不知道的东西how to bring to the person that we love,不知道怎么样将这些东西告诉我们的爱人,because we think love comes with selflessness这是因为,我们认为爱是自私的,and in fact desire comes with a certain amount of selfishness而性欲在很大程度上出于我们的自私in the best sense of the word:如果说非得这么说的话the ability to stay connected to ones self自私就是和别人在一起的时候in the presence of another.只顾自我的感受。So I want to draw that little image for you,所以,让我稍为概括一下because this need to reconcile these two sets of needs,因为这需要调和一下我们与生俱来的东西we are born with that.这两种需要。Our need for connection, our need for separateness,也就是联系的需要,分离的需要or our need for security and adventure,或者安全和冒险的需要or our need for togetherness and for autonomy,团聚的需要、自我管理的需要201505/374490。
  • Let me tell you about Beatrice Biira.下面这个故事有关碧翠斯,比拉.Beatrice was living in Uganda碧翠斯住在乌干达,near the Congo border,刚果边界附近,and like Dai Manju, she didnt go to school.和戴曼君一样,她失学了。Actually, she had never been to school,其实她从未去过学校,not to a lick, one day.一点都没有。Her parents, again, said,她的父母也说,;Why should we spend the money on her?“我们为什么要在她身上花钱?Shes going to spend most of her life lugging water back and forth.;她这辈子都只需要来来回回运水。”Well, it just so happens, at that time,那时候她确实只是来来回回运水。there was a group in Connecticut在康涅狄格州有一个团体,called the Niantic Community Church Group in Connecticut.名为“康涅狄格州奈安蒂克教会”。They made a donation to an organization他们给一个based in Arkansas位于阿肯色州德名为“小母牛”的called Heifer International.国际慈善组织捐款。Heifer sent two goats to Africa.“小母牛”送了两头山羊去非洲。One of them ended up with Beatrices parents,其中一头最后给了碧翠斯的父母。and that goat had twins.那头山羊后来生了双胞胎。The twins started producing milk.双胞胎小山羊开始产奶。They sold the milk for cash.他们卖山羊奶赚钱。The cash started accumulating,钱越来越多,and pretty soon the parents said,有一天她父母说,;You know, weve got enough money. Lets send Beatrice to school.;“既然我们有了足够的钱,就送碧翠斯去上学吧。”So at nine years of age,所以在她九岁时,Beatrice started in first grade --碧翠斯开始读小学一年级--after all, shed never been to a lick of school --完全从头开始--with a six year-old.和一群六岁的孩子一起。No matter, she was just delighted to be in school.尽管如此她非常高兴。She rocketed to the top of her class.她很快赶上进度并成为了最好的学生。She stayed at the top of her class她始终保持着第一名,through elementary school, middle school,小学,中学,and then in high school,一直到高中,she scored brilliantly on the national examinations她在全国统考中考了非常棒的分数,so that she became the first person in her village,于是她成为他们村子里,ever, to come to the ed States第一个拿奖学金,on scholarship.来到美国的人。Two years ago,两年前,she graduated from Connecticut College.她从康奈迪格学院毕业了。On the day of her graduation,毕业那天,she said, ;I am the luckiest girl alive她说,“我如此幸运地活着,because of a goat.;多亏一头山羊。”And that goat was 0.那头山羊价值120美金。201510/403317。
  • Together, we will reclaim Americas schools, before ignorance and apathy claim more young lives.我们要共同努力,改革美国的教育体制,不能让无知和冷漠吞噬更多年轻的生命。We will reform Social Security and Medicare, sparing our children from struggles we have the power to prevent. And we will reduce taxes, to recover the momentum of our economy and reward the effort and enterprise of working Americans.我们要改革社会保险和医疗制度,竭尽全力不让我们的孩子陷入困境。我们要减少税收,恢复经济发展动力,报答辛勤工作的美国人民的努力和进取心。We will build our defenses beyond challenge, lest weakness invite challenge.我们要防患于未然,懈怠会带来麻烦。We will confront weapons of mass destruction, so that a new century is spared new horrors.我们将抵制大规模杀伤性武器,一个崭新的世界不应有新的恐怖威胁。The enemies of liberty and our country should make no mistake: America remains engaged in the world by history and by choice, shaping a balance of power that favors freedom. We will defend our allies and our interests. We will show purpose without arrogance. We will meet aggression and bad faith with resolve and strength. And to all nations, we will speak for the values that gave our nation birth.反对自由和反对我们国家的人应该明白:美国仍将遵从历史的选择,积极参与国际事务,力求世界势力均衡,让自由遍布全球。我们会保护我们的盟国,捍卫我们的利益。我们将谦逊地向世界人民表明我们的目标。我们将坚决反击各种侵略和不守信用的行径。我们要向全世界宣传育了我们伟大民族的价值观。America, at its best, is compassionate. In the quiet of American conscience, we know that deep, persistent poverty is unworthy of our nations promise.美国在鼎盛时期也不缺乏同情心。静心思考,我们就会明白,根深蒂固的贫穷根本不值得我国做出承诺。 /201307/246239。
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