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轻松口语:饭局上和老外轻松交流 -- :5:30 来源: 谈论很多事情时都需要一个轻松愉快的环境,那么如何在饭局上和老外轻松交流呢?1. Please pass the salt.请把盐递给我. If you don't like fish, just set it aside.你要是不喜欢吃鱼,就把它放到一边3.Please excuse me a moment.对不起,我离开一下. Excuse me. Could I see the , please?打扰一下,我能看一下菜单吗?5. I'd like to have another helping, thanks.我想再要一份,谢谢6. What a delicious meal! Thank you very mush.晚餐真棒,非常感谢7. Thank you, but I really can't eat another bite.谢谢,但我一口都吃不下8. Cheers! To your health.为您的健康干杯 轻松 交流 口语 谢谢。

小词不简单 unless口语用法指南 --6 :53: 来源: STRUCTURE   结构   As mentioned above, unless is a conjunction which we use in conditional phrases. In written English, the clause that follows unless is the subordinate clause (SC) meaning that it needs a main clause (MC) to make a complete sentence. It is similar to how we use if in conditional phrases.   之前提过,unless是在条件句中使用的连词在书面语种,使用unless的从句叫做从属句(SC),需要主句(MC)让句子完整这就像if在条件句里的用法一样   When unless comes bee a main clause we use a comma:   unless放在主句之前加逗号:   Unless it rains, we’ll go a picnic tomorrow.   [en](SC) (MC)   [en]   除非下雨,否则我们明天去野餐   When the main clause comes first, no comma is required:   主句在前,不需要逗号:   They won’t come unless you invite them.   [en](MC) (SC)   [en]   除非你邀请他们,否则他们不会来   Unless is like If in that we don’t not use willwould after it. We only use the present simple tense.   像if一样,我们不会在unless后面使用willwould只使用一般现在时   Unless I hear from you, I’ll see you at 5pm.   除非你通知我,否则我和你下午5点碰面   HOW DO WE USE “UNLESS”?   如何使用“unless”?   Unless and if not   unless和if not   Ok, so unless is similar to “if …..not” and together they mean “except if”. Note: We refer to real conditional situations and NOT impossible situations.   unless和if…not很相似,它们都表示“除非”注意:我们指的是真实的条件情况,而不是不可能的情况   If you don’t study, you will fail your exam. Unless you study, you will fail.   如果你不学习,你考试就过不了除非你学习,否则你就过不了考试   We could eat at Frankie and Benny’s if they’re not closed on a Monday We could eat at Frankie and Benny’s unless they are closed on a Monday.   如果弗兰基班尼餐馆周一不关门,我们可以在那吃饭除非弗兰基班尼餐馆周一关门,否则我们就在那吃饭   I’ll make dinner if nobody wants to I’ll make dinner unless someone else wants to.   如果没人想做饭的话,我做吧除非没别人想做饭,那么我就来做吧   If you don’t stop smoking, you will feel bad Unless you stop smoking, you will feel bad   如果你不戒烟,你会不舒的除非你戒烟,不然你会感觉不舒   Note that the sentence after unless is always a positive sentence. You cannot have a negative sentence after unless because that would make the sentence a double negative and senseless.   注意:unless之后的句子总是肯定的在unless之后不能接否定句,因为这就造成了双重否定,句子没有意义   Example: Unless you don’t study, you will fail. ()   例句:除非你不学习,否则你就会失败(小编注:即使是此句的中文译文也是一个有语义问题的病句,双重否定后使句子无逻辑意义了,符合逻辑的句子应该是“除非你学习,否则你就会失败”)   ***Warning: Typical Error   警告:典型错误   We don’t use “unless” when we mean if.   表示“如果”的时候不用unless   Example: If you feel ill, I can drive Unless you feel ill, I can drive   例句:如果你觉得不舒,我来开车吧除非你觉得不舒,否则我来开车吧   Spoken English   口语   When speaking, we use unless to introduce an extra thought or piece of inmation:   说话的时候,我们用unless表达一些额外的思考或者是信息:   He didn’t even know about the crash – unless he’d heard about it on the radio.   他都不知道那场空难—除非他在广播上听说了   A: Oh look. Neil next door’s got a new car.   A:看!尼尔的邻居有了辆新车!   B: Unless they’ve got a visitor.   B:除非他们来客人了   HOW ABOUT “NOT UNLESS”?   not unless的用法呢?   Not unless is similar to only if   not unless和only if相似   Example:   例句:   Shall I tell Liz what happened? Not unless she asks you ( only if she asks you)   我需要告诉利兹发生的事吗?除非她问起来   Will you come shopping with me? Not unless you offer me lunch ( only if you offer me lunch)   你和我一起去逛街吗?除非你给我提供午餐 小词 口语 指南。

品牌口语00句(5):完善细节 --5 :9: 来源: 每天背 句,你能坚持多久?1. Her parents often have rows.她父母经常吵架. The rule applies irrespective of one’s ethnic origins.这项规定适用于一切种族#9658;irrespective of 不顾的,不考虑的,无论……的;不计……的e.g. Everyone is treated equally, irrespective of race. 不分种族,每个人都受到公平对待3. He a stutterer.他是个结巴. We dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.我们完善了细节#9658;dot the i and cross the t (尤指在完成某项工作时)一丝不苟,注重细节字面意思是在i上点点,在t上画横线,还真是不放过任何的细节部分啊5. Can I use Liquid Paper?我能用修正液吗?#9658;Liquid Paper 修正液,液体纸(白色快干液,涂盖错字,可以重写)修正液,大家应该都不会陌生吧顺便来记一下它的英文名字吧6. You will waltz through the test.你会轻松通过考试#9658;waltz through 顺利地通过,轻而易举地通过(考试等)7. Our frames of reference are so different.我们的价值观太不一样了#9658;frame of reference 参考系统;思想体系,观点;判断标准8. I always go by the book.我总是照章办事#9658;go by the book 照章办事,规矩行事9. I have a stubborn streak.我有时很顽固. The company wont have any tax rebates anymore.公司无权享受返税了#9658;tax rebate 税收回扣,退税 品牌英语。

真正的热情是, 早上起床后就要精力充沛地去开始一天的工作你要满腔热情地去工作和对待同事这会使你得到提高, 并成为更高层次的人Enthusiasm Leads To SuccessNothing great was ever achieved with out enthusiasm. ――Ralph Waldo Emerson We’ve all had to work and do things that we did not especially enjoy. Usually, some chirpy1) person would tell us to be more enthusiastic). “You’ll have more fun, ”they would say. Well, they were partly right. Being enthusiastic about something means being ex-cited about a given project. Enthusiasm entails having a strong interest in the task at hand. If you decided to learn a new language, which is not easy by any , you would have to dedicate3) yourself wholehearted to the cause. Anything less would result in failure. What is real enthusiasm? In your quest success, enthusiasm means that you believe deeply in what the company is doing. You also believe that your job is important and contributes to the cause. It means that you’re willing to work your butt off to achieve the company’s goals. Real enthusiasm is when you leap out of bed in the morning and attack your day with gusto. You have zeal the work you do and the people you work with. This pushes you to improve and become a better person. Enthusiasm means that you are stimulated by your work, and are able to find new challenges and keep growing professionally. Furthermore, most jobs have some elements that are less fun and more difficult to carry out. This is where passion) really comes into play. When you love what you do, it isn’t too difficult to get psyched5) up and get the job done. The hard part is perming equally well in those less interesting tasks. Passion helps you get ahead Enthusiasm about a job or project usually translates into positive energy. That is, if you are excited about a project, you will be anxious to get started and get results. The mere fact of looking ward to your work will help make you more productive and effective. You will plan more effectively and pay careful attention to detail. You will carry out your plan more carefully and aim t he best results possible. Another important point is that passionate people are usually those that are thrust into positions of leadership. A leader must have zest if people are to follow him and achieve the corporate mission. A leader must inspire his troops. To inspire them, he needs to exude enthusiasm. In leaders, this translates into charisma6). Being fervent about your work shows a willingness to do more and learn. This will definitely help you stand out from the crowd and get top management‘s attention. Increasing your enthusiasm Most men aren’t born great----they become great. Similarly, not everyone is the enthusiastic type that falls in love with their work. However, do not despair, there are ways to become more passionate. One good way to boost your gusto is by ing about successful people, it will help you realize that you too can make it happen. Reading about real success stories often illustrates that people much like yourself have become business leaders. In most cases, they all share one trait7):enthusiasm. If you want to succeed, you should be excited about your work, your life and your co-workers.□by Michael Bucci。

双语盘点:女人发飙爱用的危险语句 -- :5:39 来源:   1. You are not wearing THAT, are you?(你烦不烦?)  Even if it looks like a question, this phrase is actually a suggestion or a despotic order, depending by the woman’s mood. It’s quite a dangerous phrase, because if you, men, don’t know how to react appropriately, it is every time followed by a looong discussion. The meaning of“You are not wearing THAT, are you” could be either a) she does not like it or b) it is not appropriate the occasion. Regardless the case, the translation of this rhetoric question is “YOU’RE NOT WEARING THAT!”, so run and change  She: Oh, hell … please tell me you are not wearing that outfit tonight, are you It’s hideous!  He, ironic: No, see, I was in the closet and you wasn’t around to help me, so this outfit must have been hanging right next what you wanted me to wear. Well, I am going to change now  即使其看起来像一个问题,这一句实际上是一项建议或专制的命令,其取决于女人的心情如果男人不知道如何适当地回应,这将是一个很危险的句子,它的出现通常之后会有个很长很长的争论“你烦不烦” 的意思有二:1)她不喜欢;)当时不是时候不管情形如何,这个修饰句翻译过来就是“你不烦啊!”要改变方式  她:哦,请你告诉我你烦不烦今晚的装?好丑啊!  他(讽刺道):不,你看,我在壁橱里,你不想帮我这件衣应该挂在你想让我穿的衣的右边嗯,我想有些变化  . Listen to me! Are you listening?(听我说!你在听吗?)  If your girlfriend or wife has something to say, pay attention. When women use the phrase “Listen to me!”, you are still on safe ground, she gives to you a second chance to engage in the conversation. But when she is using “Are you listening”, you are dead. She will explode, she will freak out, your evening is ruined  She: Now listen to me, ’cause I’m only gonna say this once: if I catch you another time playing computer games, you will be in big trouble mister! Now go and fix that broken washing machine!  He: Can’t I relax half an hour?  She: We can relax together. Why do you have to lose so much time with your stupid PC games Am I not important enough Why do you prefer to play games than spend time with me Are you listening?  He: Yes, my dear!  She: No, you are not listening! You are still think at  World of Warcraft. Your insanely obsession with those absurd PC games drives me crazy. Are  computer games really the answer to relaxation you !  如果你的女友或妻子想说什么,一定要注意听, 当女人使用“听我说”这一句时,你还是安全的,她还会给你参与对话的第二次机会但当她使用“你在听吗”这一句时,你就死定了她将勃然大怒,极度抓狂,你的晚上也将泡汤  她:现在听我说,因为我此次只是想说:如果我下次抓到你打游戏,你的麻烦就大了!现在去修理那台坏了的洗衣机!  他:我不能休息半小时吗?  她:我们可以一起休息你为什么要在无聊的打游戏上浪费这么多时间?我不够重要吗?为什么你宁愿打游戏也不愿为我花时间?你在听吗?  他:亲爱的,我听着呢  她:不,你不在听你在《魔兽世界里你沉溺于这些荒唐的电脑游戏让我抓狂,电脑游戏能让你放松吗?……  3.Do you know what day is today?(你知道今天是什么日子吗?)  Birthday, one week, one month, one year anniversary…engagement anniversary, wedding anniversary, international women’s day … some women celebrate anything and everything they can tie a significant meaning to. If   you get the anniversary, you are screwed. She will give you, but she won’t get it  She: Do you remember what day is today?  He: How could I get it It’s Friday  She: It’s our anniversary…  He: Oops, I’m just a guy! You know how bad my memory is…  生日、认识一周、一个月、一周年……订婚一周年、结婚一周年、国际妇女节……一些女人庆祝所有其可以附加重要意义的日子如果你忘记了周年纪念,那么你就麻烦了只要她不忘记,她是不会原谅你的  她:你记得今天是什么日子吗?  他:我怎么会忘记呢?今天是星期五  她:今天是我们的周年纪念……  他:喔,我可真是个糊涂蛋,你知道我的记性很不好……  语句 危险 女人 盘点。

Everybody has blue days.These are miserable days when you feel lousy, grumpy, lonely, and utterly exhausted.Days when you feel small and insignificant, when everything seems just out of reach.You can’t rise to the occasion.Just getting started seems impossible.On blue days you can become paranoid that everyone is out to get you.This is not always such a bad thing.You feel frustrated and anxious, which can induce a nail-biting frenzy that can escalate into a triple-chocolate-mud-cake-eating frenzy in a blink of an eye!On blue days you feel like you’re floating in an ocean of sadness.You’re about to burst into tears at any moment and you don’t even know why.Ultimately, you feel like you’re wandering through life without purpose.You’re not sure how much longer you can hang on, and you feel like shouting,“Will someone please shoot me!”It doesn’t take much to bring on a blue day.You might just wake up not feeling or looking your best,find some new wrinkles, put on a little weight, or get a huge pimple on your nose.You could get your date’s name or have an embarrassing photograph published.You might get dumped,divorced, or fired, make a fool of yourself in public, be afflicted with a demeaning nickname,or just have a plain old bad-hair day.Maybe work is a pain in the butt.You’re under major pressure to fill someone else’s shoes,your boss is picking on you, and everyone in the office is driving you crazy.You might have a splitting headache,or a slipped dish, bad breath, a toothache,chronic gas, dry lips, or a nasty ingrown toenail.Whatever the reason, you’re convinced that someone up there doesn’t like you.Oh what to do, what to do? 651。

我们挑了只毛茸球似的爱玩的小灰猫家里像是添了只跑得飞快的走鹃她到处追逐想像中的老鼠和松鼠, 一眨眼的工夫就从桌子上跳到椅子上所以我们管她叫“闪电”FriendsTwenty-one years ago, my husband gave me Sam, an eight-week-old schnauzer1), to help ease the loss of our daughter. Sam and I developed a very special bond over the next fourteen years. It seemed nothing that happened could ever change that. At one point, my husband and I decided to relocate) from our New York apartment to a new home in New Jersey. After we were there awhile, our neighbor, whose cat had recently had kittens, asked us if we would like one. We were a little apprehensive3) about Sam’s jealousy and how he would handle his turf) being invaded, but we decided to risk it and agreed to take a kitten. We picked a little, gray, playful ball of fur. It was like having a roadrunner in the house. She raced around chasing imaginary mice and squirrels and vaulted from table to chair in the blink of an eye, so we named her Lightning. At first, Sam and Lightning were very cautious with each other and kept their distance. But slowly, as the days went on, Lightning started following Sam--up the stairs, down the stairs, into the kitchen to watch him eat, into the living room to watch him sleep. As time passed, they became inseparable5). When they slept, it was always together;when they ate, it was always next to each other. When I played with one, the other joined in. If Sam barked at something, Lightning ran to see what it was. When I took either one out of the house, the other was always waiting by the door when we returned. That was the way it was years. Then, without any warning, Sam began suffering from convulsions6) and was diagnosed7) as having a weak heart. I had no other choice but to have him put down. The pain of making that decision, however, was nothing compared with what I experienced when I had to leave Sam at the vet and walk into our house alone. This time, there was no Sam Lightning to greet and no way to explain why she would never see her friend again. In the days that followed, Lightning seemed heart-broken. She could not tell me in words that she was suffering, but I could see the pain and disappointment in her eyes whenever anyone opened the front door, or the hope whenever she heard a dog bark. The weeks wore on and the cat’s sorrow seemed to be lifting. One day as I walked into our living room, I happened to glance down on the floor next to our sofa where we had a sculptured replica of Sam that we had bought a few years bee. Lying next to the statue, one arm wrapped around the statue’s neck, was Lightning, contentedly sleeping with her best friend.□by Karen Del Tufo 1931。

你被“逼婚”了吗 -01-7 00:: 来源: 和二十年,甚至十年前相比,我们的社会都改变了很多生活节奏越来越快,享受生活却越来越难;赚的钱多了,物价涨得却比工资还快;世界越来越小,找位合意的伴侣却越来越难;拍拖好像越来越容易,结婚却越来越难于是就有众多大龄男女青年们被家长赶着去相亲、结婚;也有相恋多年的情人之间上演“逼婚”这场戏不管是被情人逼婚还是被家长逼婚,总是有点不大情愿,需要武力来迫使某人就范,这样的婚姻就是 ced marriage,也就是被逼成婚啦那要表示“强迫某人和谁结婚”怎么说呢?可以用ce someone to marry someone,例如:My cousin was ced to marry a girl he doesn't love.我表哥被迫与一个他不爱的女孩结了婚  My girlfriend ce me to marry her within one month.我女朋友逼我一个月内跟她结婚曾经看过一条消息,说一个阿拉伯人被父母逼着结了四次婚,原文是这样写的:A Saudi man is in hospital after his divorced parents ced him to marry four times within six months. (就算可怜天下父母心,这样做是不是也太过分了?)这里的marry 是用做不及物动词,表示“结婚”,比如 They married in their twenties.如果不出现结婚对象,只是表示“被逼结婚”的话,还可以说 ce into a marriage,在英国 Citizens Advice Bureau 的网站上关于 ced marriage 有这样的陈述:It is a criminal offence to ce a person to marry under duress. If you are afraid that you may be ced into a marriage in this country, the police should be contacted. This is also the case where there is concern that another person may be ced into a marriage. If you are afraid that you may be ced into marriage overseas, you should, bee travelling, contact the address below advice.“逼婚”除了用ce 表示“强迫”外,还可以用make如果你说“make”一个人做什么事情,就有“迫使”人家的意思,例如:Why People want to make you marry?那如果是因为怀了而被迫结婚要怎么说呢?就是 shotgun marriage,也叫做 shotgun weddingShotgun 的意思是霰弹,shotgun wedding 原指女方拿逼男方结婚,如今则指因为怀而被迫结婚的婚礼,也叫 military wedding(英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 结婚 ced marry 越来越。

365天交际口语详解(8):惊讶Part--对话详解及文化洗礼 -- :9:5 来源: 详解实用对话Being SurprisedGlyn:Morning, Ellie.Ellie:Hi, Glyn. Do you know who’s just got married Old MacDonald.Glyn:You’re joking. I can hardly believe my ears. He’s over eighty! Who’s the lovely bride?Ellie:He’s nearly ninety. He met a woman at a church dance and I guess it was love at first sight? both of them. I guess they are both quite active at their church, so it was easy to meet and spend time together.Glyn:Wow! Close to? ninety? Are you sure? What about her?Ellie:I’m positive. I just saw them and asked how they were doing. She is eighty-four and on her sixth marriage.Glyn:Is she really?Ellie:Yes, she is. And guess what? She has grandchildren and almost 50 great-grandchildren.Glyn:Really? Quite? a woman, isn’t she?惊 讶格林:早啊,埃莉埃莉:你好,格林你知道谁刚结婚了吗?老麦克唐纳格林:你在开玩笑呢吧我简直不能相信自己的耳朵了他都80多岁了!可爱的新娘是谁呢?埃莉:他都快90岁了他在教堂的舞会上认识了一个女人,我想他们两个也算是一见钟情吧他们俩都挺积极参加教堂活动的,所以就很容易见面并呆在一起格林:喔!都快90岁了?你肯定吗?那她呢?埃莉:我肯定我刚遇见他们了,并且问了一些他们的事情她8岁了,这已经是她第六次结婚了格林:她真是这样的吗?埃莉:是啊,她就是这样的你知道吗?她已经有个孙子孙女和将近50个曾孙了格林:真的?真是个不一般的女人,不是吗?详细解说?“get married”这个词组的意思是“结婚”,强调动作,而“be married”强调已婚状态,例如:Are you married?(你结婚了吗?)另外,“marry” 是及物动词,“和某人结婚”直接说成“marry sb.”即可?“love at first sight”是指“一见钟情”关于“love”的短语还有“fall in love with sb.”,表示“爱上某人”;“Platonic love”指“柏拉图式的恋爱,精神上的恋爱,男女间纯洁的友谊”?“close to”可用作形容词或副词,意思是“接近的(地)”,例如:We live close to the park. (我们住得离公园很近)?“quite”表示“相当地,颇”注意:在修饰可数名前时,一定不要落掉不定冠词“a”,例如:Our maths teacher is quite a character. (我们的数学教师是个相当有个性的人) 单 词? bride n. 新娘 church n. 教堂 active a. 积极的,活跃的 positive a. 肯定的 marriage n. 婚姻FUN 轻松:贴士go(get)onto theInternetexplore(surf)the Internetdownload sth摘自《万用英语口语词典 详解 文化 对话 口语。