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From mutated insects and broken-down rescue robots, to cobweb-infested schools that haven#39;t been touched in years, the Fukushima evacuation zone—the site of one of the worst disasters of the 21st century—is showing no signs of regaining even a semblance of habitability... for humans, at least.基因突变的昆虫、损毁的救援机器人、学校里层层密布的蜘蛛网……多年都无人问津,没有任何迹象表明经历了21世纪最严重灾难的福岛无人区还可以居住,至少,对人类来说不可以。Wild boars are reportedly thriving in the evacuated areas around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, which experienced multiple meltdowns following an earthquake-triggered tsunami back in 2011. And now they#39;re tearing through nearby farmlands, causing more than US0,000 (¥98 million) in crop damage for local farmers.2011年,一场地震引发的海啸导致福岛第一核电站发生多次核反应堆堆芯熔毁事故,而现在那片核灾区野猪泛滥。它们毁坏附近的农田,给当地农民造成了90多万美元(约合9800万日元)的损失。How did things get so bad? Well, under normal circumstances, this boar population would be kept under control by local hunters, with The Japan Times calling pork—including wild boar meat—;the nation#39;s most popular meat;.事情怎么会变成这样呢?其实,在正常情况下,当地猎人可以控制野猪数量。《日本时报》称,猪肉,包括野猪肉,是“日本最受欢迎的肉类”。But the problem is these wild boars have been contaminated with caesium-137—a radioactive substance with a half-life of 30 years—from eating plants and small animals around the exclusion zone, and now the hunters won#39;t go near them.但问题是,由于这些野猪吃的是无人区的植物和小动物,它们已经被一种半衰期有30年的放射性物质铯137污染了。;Wild boar, along with raccoon, have been taking advantage of the evacuation zone, entering vacant houses in areas damaged by the [disaster], and using them as breeding places or burrows,; assistant ecology professor Okuda Keitokunin at the Fukushima University Environmental Radioactivity Institute told the local press.福岛大学环境放射研究院生态学助理教授Okuda Keitokunin对当地媒体说:“野猪、浣熊趁着疏散区没有人,搬进了空房子里,在那里繁殖居住。”Now reproducing with abandon in the exclusion zones, the wild boar population has increased 300 percent since the disaster, from around 3,000 to 13,000, and they#39;re spilling out into the nearby farms to tear up and trample the crops.如今,野猪在无人区里自由繁殖,数量已经增长了300%,从3000头变成了13000头,它们还冲进附近的农场,糟蹋庄稼。And local authorities are running out of ideas for how to contain the rampaging force of radioactive boars, as Travis Andrews at The Washington Post reports:而且当地政府对怎样制止这群狂暴的放射性野猪也束手无策。《华盛顿邮报》记者特拉维斯#8226;安德鲁斯报道称:;These animals are unfit for human consumption, which presents another problem: hunters can attempt to reduce the population, but they have to do something with the carcasses. According to Texas Aamp;M wildlife and fisheries professor Billy Higginbotham, the average size of a male hog is around 200 pounds (90 kg).“这些动物不宜为人类消费,这又有另外一个问题:猎人可以减少野猪数量,但他们还得处理野猪尸体。德克萨斯农工大学野生生物和渔业科学教授比利#8226;希金特姆教授说,雄性野猪的平均重量约有200磅(约90公斤)。Considering this average, if 13,000 are killed, hunters have around 2,600,000 pounds (1,179,340 kg) of potentially dangerous flesh requiring disposal.;按这个平均数字计算,如果猎人捕杀了一万三千头野猪,他们就要处理260万磅(约117.9万公斤)有潜在危险的猪肉。”The hunters have been dumping the radioactive boar carcasses in three designated mass graves in the nearby city of Nihonmatsu, but they#39;re only big enough to hold about 600 of these sizeable creatures, and they#39;re filling up fast.在附近的二本松市,猎人们已经在三个指定的填尸场填埋有放射性的野猪尸体了,但这些地方大概只能容纳600具这么大的动物,而且很快就会填满。;Sooner or later, we#39;re going to have to ask local people to give us their land to use,; Tsuneo Saito, a local boar hunter, told The Sunday Times. ;The city doesn#39;t own land which isn#39;t occupied by houses.;当地一名野猪猎户Tsuneo Saito对《星期日泰晤士报》说:“我们迟早都会请求本地居民把土地给我们用,城市的土地都盖满了房子。”The most logical solution once these mass graves are filled to the brim is incinerating the rest of the radioactive carcasses, but you can#39;t just burn contaminated flesh—you need a special facility that#39;s capable of filtering out the radioactive materials so they#39;re not redistributed across the land via smoke particles.最合理的解决办法就是,一旦这些填尸场堆满,就焚烧剩下的放射性尸体,但不能仅仅烧掉这些被污染了的肉,还需要可以过滤掉放射性物质的特殊设备,防止它们随烟飘到其它地方去。Andrews reports that a facility like this exists in the nearby city of Soma, but ;it can only handle three boars a day (or 21 a week, which is only 1,092 each year; not quite 13,000),; he says.据安德鲁斯报道,像这样的设施只有附近的相马市才有,但“它一天只能处理三头野猪(一周21头,一年才只有1092头,与13000头还差得很远)”。So far, this is as close to a solution as the local farmers, hunters, and authorities have been able to get.目前,这已经是当地农民、猎人、政府当局所能想到的最好办法了。While nuclear meltdowns are tragic events for us humans, leading to a loss of life, homes, and livelihoods for so many people, many species of wildlife have shown incredible resilience in places humans fear to t.尽管核事故是人类的不幸,很多人因此失去生计、生命、背井离乡,但很多种野生动物的数量却在这片人类害怕涉足的土地上猛烈反弹。As we reported back in October, populations of elks, deer, wolves, bears, lynx, and boars are thriving in the Chernobyl exclusion zone decades after the devastating meltdown, simply due to a lack of human interference. Sarah Kaplan reported for The Washington Post that some of these populations have more than doubled in recent years.10月份我们报道了一篇文章,几十年前切尔诺贝利核电站发生了毁灭性的事故,而现在,由于没有人类干扰,鹿、狼、熊、山猫和野猪都在那里迅速繁殖。《华盛顿邮报》的记者莎拉#8226;卡普兰说,有些品种的数量近几年翻了一番不止。;That wildlife started increasing when humans abandoned the area in 1986 is not earth-shattering news,; radio-ecology expert Tom Hinton from Fukushima University told her. ;What#39;s surprising here was the life was able to increase even in an area that is among the most radioactively contaminated in the world.;“1986年人们撤离切尔诺贝利后野生动物的数量就一直在增长,这并不是什么骇人听闻的消息,”福岛大学放射生态学专家汤姆#8226;辛顿对她说,“令人震惊的是即使在世界上放射性污染最严重的地区,生命还能如此快速繁殖。”Meanwhile, radioactive boars aren#39;t the only thing local authorities in Fukushima are having to deal with. There#39;s a whole lot of contaminated water still leaking out of the power plant, and no one#39;s quite sure how to get rid of the radioactive tritium they#39;re extracting from it.同时,放射性的野猪并不是福岛政府当局唯一要处理的事。还有大量被污染的水从核电站泄露出去,没有人确切知道该怎样处理从里面提取出来的放射性物质氚。One thing#39;s for sure—humanity has never seen a disaster quite like this, and we#39;ve still got many years to go before this nightmare is over for the people trying to live in the area. All we can do is hope that science can come through with some answers.但有一点是肯定的——人类从来没有经历过这样的灾难,我们还要花很多年来解决在这片土地上居住的问题,结束这场噩梦。我们能做的只有祈祷科学可以快快找到。 /201604/4375557.You have drunk too much alcohol7.饮酒过量Most people like a glass of wine or a bottle of beer from time to time. Alcohol and its consumption is a normal part of our society and accepted as such.大多数人习惯时不时地喝一杯红酒或一瓶啤酒。虽然饮酒是我们社会中很正常的一部分,可以被接受。It is important, however, to know your limits particularly if you are prone to snoring.但是,你必须了解自己的酒量是多少,尤其是当你还很容易打鼾的话。Alcohol may help lubricate the social wheels of your nights out but it has a sedative effect on our bodies. Drink too much and you will sleep very deeply indeed.酒精或许能在夜晚放松我们的身心,但它同时也对我们的身体起到镇静作用。大量饮酒会使人陷入深度睡眠。Not only will you sleep deeply but your body tissues will be almost anesthetized by the effects of the alcohol and your internal facial tissues such as your uvula and soft palate will collapse more ily.在酒精的作用下,人会睡得很沉,而且大部分身体组织也会陷入麻痹状态。面部的内部组织如小舌和软腭都很容易失去作用。This in turn will impede airflow and cause the vibration which we know as snoring.这会导致气流受到阻碍,从而产生震动——也就是我们熟知的打鼾。If you drink regularly you may become more prone to alcohol induced sleep apnea and alcohol can also cause irritation of the nasal passages which may lead to congestion that causes snoring.如果你常常饮酒,你极有可能患上酒精导致的睡眠呼吸中止症),而且酒精会对鼻腔通道产生刺激,造成气流阻塞,从而产生鼾声。Consuming alcohol can actually double the likelihood that you will snore.摄取酒精将会使你打鼾的几率增加一倍。If you notice that alcohol consumption brings on a snoring attack then the best thing you can do is either limit your consumption or make sure that you take your last drink 3-4 hours before you go to bed.如果你意识到饮酒带来打鼾的问题,最好的办法就是限制自己的饮酒量,或者确保睡前3-4小时内不要饮酒。This will help clear your system to prevent the anesthetic effect of the alcohol on your body.这样有助于清理你的身体系统,防止出现酒精的麻醉效果。6.You are getting older6.年龄增长It is an unfortunate fact of life that as we get older our bodies get less efficient at doing what they are meant to do. This means that as our age increases, so do weight issues whilst our muscle tone decreases.很遗憾,我们一天天地变老,我们的身体再也不像以前那样敏捷。这说明随着年龄的增长,我们的体重问题也在增加,同时肌肉弹性降低。If someone has a predisposition to a poorly toned soft palate but the effects have been kept at bay by youth and exercise, the person will almost certainly find that they snore more as they age.如果一个人软腭肌肉容易松弛,但由于年轻和运动,其影响并未显现出来,那么几乎可以肯定,随着年龄的增长,他的鼾症也会日益严重。Older people are also more likely to be taking medication to cause snoring.老年人更有可能因为用药物从而导致打鼾。Hormonal changes that come with the menopause can also trigger snoring problems in women who have not previously snored.更年期伴随的荷尔蒙失调也会使从不打鼾的女性打鼾。If you find that snoring issues creep up on you with age you might benefit from investigating some of the snoring remedies that are out there, whether they be mouth guards or nasal strips.如果你发现,随着年龄的增长自己开始打鼾,你可以研究一些治疗方法,例如使用牙齿护套或止鼾贴片,可能会有效果。It is worth experimenting because a good night#39;s sleep is essential to good health.这些方法都值得尝试,因为良好的睡眠对身体健康很重要。As you age your body takes longer to regenerate than it did when you were younger and good sleep is an important and necessary part of the regeneration process.随着年龄的增长,你的身体需要花费比年轻时更多的时间来复原,而良好的睡眠对于恢复过程而言是非常重要、必须的。5.You are carrying too much weight5.体重超标Being overweight is bad for you. It is bad for your health because it puts excess strain on your heart, makes your muscles work harder and it can tend to make you more sedentary, exercising less and therefore having a corresponding reduction in the tone of all the muscles.超重对你来说百害而无一利。它会有碍你的身体健康,因为它会造成心脏超负荷运行,而你的肌肉运作也会更加费劲,久而久之你会变得不爱动,运动量也越来越少,因而肌肉弹性会相对降低。You will probably know if you are overweight as you will almost certainly have noticed the pounds you have gained in the mirror.你会发觉,如果你太胖,体重就会在镜子中完全暴露出来。For some people, however, it can be difficult to know whether you are carrying more weight than you should.然而对于某些人来说,他们很难发现自己是否真的超重。This is not helped by the fact that weight is a complex calculation – 150 pounds may be a healthy weight for one person but a very unhealthy weight for a shorter one. The BMI calculator will tell you if you are overweight for your height.这是因为体重本来就是个复杂的计算,对于一个人来说,150磅是个健康的体重;但对于一个相对较矮的人来说,150磅就是个不健康的体重。身体质量指数(BMI)计算器会告诉你,在你的身高范围内,你的体重是否超标。People who carry more weight tend to have thicker, fattier necks than their thinner counterparts. This will lead to a narrowing of the airway and make it more difficult for the person to breathe while they are asleep.相比瘦人,胖人的脖子更粗大。因而,胖人的呼吸道很狭窄,这也使得他们睡觉时呼吸更加困难。If you are carrying more weight than you should or if you have noticed a correlation between your weight gain and snoring you might want to consider losing weight.如果你的体重超标,或如果你发现打鼾与体重的增加有关,你应当尝试减肥。You may find that this will help stop your snoring problem from escalating out of control. It will, of course, have many other positive side effects as well.你会发觉减肥可以阻止打鼾问题恶化。当然,它也会产生很多其他的积极作用。4.You have taken medicine which causes snoring4.用引起打鼾的药物Earlier we talked about the link between alcohol intake and snoring.前文中我们曾谈及酒精摄入和打鼾的关系,Unfortunately some medications have the same effect on the body#39;s tissues; that is, they act as soporifics which make you drowsy and, at the same time, relaxants which cause a temporary relaxation of the soft palate and other tissues around the nose, mouth and neck.不幸的是,一些药物对人体组织也有同样的影响;也就是说,它们会像安眠药一样使你昏昏欲睡,而同时,也会像弛缓药一样,使鼻子、嘴和脖子周围的软腭及其他组织得到短暂的放松。This relaxation causes a narrowing of the airway and you start to snore.这样的放松会导致呼吸道变窄,然后你就开始打鼾了。If you noticed an increase in your snoring after you started taking prescription medication you should speak to your doctor about potential ways to resolve the issue.如果你注意到,在你开始用处方药之后打鼾更加频繁,你应该告诉医生,寻求一些可能的方法来解决这一问题。However, it is vital that you do not stop taking the medication without getting the go ahead from your doctor first – it was prescribed to you for a reason.然而,至关重要的是,你不能在没有得到医生同意的时候停止药——因为这是出于某种理由给你开的处方。Your doctor may be able to prescribe an alternative drug or point you in the direction of a stop snoring aid that will help you get both a good night#39;s sleep and the benefit of your medicine.你的医生也许可以开另一种药或者在止鼾方面给你一些帮助,帮你在睡一个好觉的同时也能得到药物的治疗。 /201608/462877

Meet Alo#351;, the 2-year-old Van cat from Turkey whose slightly crossed blue and green eyes have made him the newest Internet sensation.  来认识一下Alo#351;吧!这只来自土耳其两岁大的猫咪,一蓝一绿色的斗鸡眼在网络上引起了新的轰动。  “His eyes are the most beautiful in the world to me,” his owner Burcu Kaynak told Bored Panda. The different coloration of the kitty’s eyes is a result of heterochromia, a condition caused by the relative excess or lack of melanin. “It does not affect his vision at all,” Kaynak added. “People are very interested in him, whether it’s on social media or when walking outdoors.” Alo#351; aly has 10k followers on Instagram and counting!  “对于我来说,他的眼睛是世界上最美的。”他的主人Burcu Kaynak告诉我们。“猫咪眼睛之所以呈现不同的颜色是因为异色症的原因,是黑色素过剩或者缺乏导致的一种情况。这一点也没影响他的视力。不管是在社交媒体还是外出散步的时候,人们都对他很感兴趣。”在Instagram和Counting上他已经有一万多粉丝了。 /201605/440210

FAT FACE  肥胖脸  The winter weather means many of us indulge in stodgy comfort food, wine and puddings. For many, the pounds start to show on the face.  冬季的天气状况会让很多人沉溺于饱食适口食品、美酒和布丁。很多人长了份量,脸上也开始显出福态。  The signs:  特征  #8226; Rounded, puffy face  面部圆润浮肿  #8226; Double chin  双下巴  #8226; Sagging jowls  面颊下垂  #8226; Less pronounced features  棱角不分明  How to beat it: It#39;s very important to drink a lot of water and add a piece of lemon or cucumber as it will make your water taste better and helps the body to detox and will help with puffy eyes.  如何解决:很重要的一点是大量饮水,在水里放片柠檬或黄瓜,既能提高口感,也能帮助身体排毒,减轻眼袋。  Food for thought: Ginger has over 40 types of anti-oxidants, many responsible for increasing blood circulation and helps to cut down on toxins, which can cause skin aging.  推荐食物:生姜中有超过40种抗氧化剂,其中许多可以增强血液循环并且有助于排出使皮肤老化的毒素。 /201604/435726

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