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南京美容院有割双眼皮南京市中医院去痣价格 In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, two pictures sent a powerful message about how international politics are changing. One was of Barack Obama hunched in discussion in a hotel lobby with Vladimir Putin. The frosty body language of their previous meeting at the UN had given way to something more businesslike. The US and Russian presidents almost looked like colleagues. Picture number two, artfully released by the defence ministry in Moscow, was of a Russian bomb being loaded on a plane in Syria with the words “That’s for Parisscrawled on the side.巴黎恐怖袭击发生后,两张照片透露出了国际政治变化动向的强有力信号。第一张是在一家酒店的大堂,巴拉克攠巴Barack Obama)弯腰和弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)在交谈。俩人之前在联合UN)会晤时冷淡的肢体语言已经不见,取而代之的是更加公事公办的姿态。美俄两国总统看上去几乎像是同事。第二张照片则是俄罗斯国防部刻意发布的,照片上一枚俄罗斯炸弹正在被装上一架在叙利亚的飞机,炸弹侧面写着“为了巴Thats for Paris)”的字样。Together the two images highlighted an interesting possibility. Might Russia and the west begin to bury their differences by making common cause in the war against Isis? The idea horrifies many Russia analysts in the west and presents enormous complications. Nonetheless, it is worth a try for a number of reasons.把这两张照片放在一起,突显出了一种耐人寻味的可能性。俄罗斯和西方是否有可能抛开分歧,把对抗ISIS之战作为共同事业?这个想法吓坏了西方许多关注俄罗斯的分析人士,而且呈现一种极其错综复杂的局面。不过,出于多个原因,这种想法是值得一试的。First, foreign policy is about setting priorities and after Paris, with the threat of further attacks to come, the defeat of Isis is rightly the top western priority. Second, there have been some modest but important signs that Russia is backing off in Ukraine. The ceasefire in the east of the country held throughout the autumn. There has been a flare-up of fighting in recent days but not all of it has been driven by the Russians. Finally, neither the west nor Russia has a monopoly of wisdom on the Syrian conflict. Finding a middle ground between the entrenched positions of Moscow and Washington could help end the conflict.首先,外交政策的要点是确定优先事项。在巴黎恐袭之后,由于还可能发生更多袭击,击败ISIS势必成为西方的首要任务。其次,一些不太惹眼但意义重大的信号表明,俄罗斯正在逐渐撤出乌克兰。整个秋天,乌克兰东部都处于停火状态。最近几天曾突发战事,不过并不是全都由俄罗斯人发动的。最后,不管西方还是俄罗斯对叙利亚冲突都没有独具一格的明智见解。在俄罗斯政府和美国政府根深蒂固的立场之间找到一个中间地带,将有助于结束冲突。The Putin government’s fiercest western critics argue that Russia’s annexation of Crimea and military engagement in eastern Ukraine were such fundamental breaches of international law that Russia ultimately presents a bigger menace to the world order than Isis. But that is a hard argument to make to European and American publics NO APOSTROPHE - TANSA NOTWITHSTANDINGat the moment, who can see that Islamist terrorists pose a direct and immediate security threat to the major cities of the west in a way that Russia does not.最严厉抨击普京政府的西方批评人士声称,俄罗斯吞并克里米亚的行径及其在乌克兰东部的军事行动,从根本上违背了国际法,因此俄罗斯最终将给全球秩序带来比ISIS更大的威胁。然而,就眼下来说,这个理由很难说欧美公众,他们可以看到,伊斯兰主义恐怖分子正在给西方大城市带来直接而迫切的安全威胁,而俄罗斯不会造成这种威胁。The Russia hawks point out that the war unleashed in Ukraine has cost thousands of lives. Russia’s military build-up continues. The Russian government has embraced a highly nationalistic and anti-western worldview.主张对俄罗斯强硬的鹰派人士指出,在乌克兰爆发的战争导致成千上万的人丧生。俄罗斯的军事集结仍在继续。俄罗斯政府抱持一种高度民族主义和反西方的世界观。Also, Mr Putin has a record of turning aggression on and off as political circumstances dictate. Taking the pressure off now, they argue, might encourage future Crimeas.而且,普京在过去也有过随着政治形势变化而先侵后撤的做法。批评人士称,假如现在解除对俄罗斯的压力,未来可能出现更多个克里米亚。These arguments cannot be waved away. So any move towards a rapprochement with Russia has to be gradual and conditional. The EU has correctly decided not to ease sanctions on Russia, for now. But if the ceasefire in Ukraine is restored and holds, and Russia is constructive on Syria, then some alleviation of sanctions becomes much more likely in the first half of 2016. The Russians will in any case know that sanctions can be reimposed and intensified if circumstances change.对这些说法不能忽视。因此,任何与俄罗斯修复关系的举措,必须以循序渐进的方式进行,并且要附带条件。欧盟已明智地决定,暂时不会放宽对俄罗斯的制裁。不过如果乌克兰恢复并一直保持停火,并且俄罗斯在叙利亚问题上发挥建设性作用,那么016年上半年减轻部分制裁的可能性就大多了。不管怎样,俄罗斯人知道,一旦情况有变,制裁还可能再次实施并加大力度。Those who oppose an attempt at rapprochement with Russia also argue that Mr Putin’s real motive in Syria has less to do with the defeat of Isis than with re-establishing Russian power in the Middle East and handing the US a symbolic defeat. They point out that most early Russian air strikes were aimed at the “moderateSyrian opposition, rather than Isis. They add that Russia’s aim of keeping President Bashar al-Assad in power will ultimately empower the jihadis because hatred of Mr Assad is their biggest recruiting sergeant.那些反对与俄罗斯和解的人士还说,普京在叙利亚的真实动机与其说是为了打败ISIS,不如说是要重建俄罗斯在中东的影响力,并让美国遭遇一次具有象征意义的失败。他们指出,俄罗斯早期的空袭中,多数目标对准“温和的”叙利亚反对派而不是ISIS。他们补充说,俄罗斯确保叙利亚总统巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)继续掌权的目标,最终会令圣战者壮大势力——因为对阿萨德的憎恨就是他们最有力的招兵工具。These points also have some force. But they still do not invalidate the case for trying to work with Moscow on Syria. The Russian government has now accepted that Isis was behind the attack on a civilian airliner in Sinai that killed hundreds of Russian citizens. Perhaps as a result, in recent days many more of its air strikes have been directed at Isis.这些论点也有一定说力。不过它们仍不能抵消尝试与俄罗斯在叙利亚问题上合作的理由。俄罗斯政府已承认一架民航客机在西奈半岛遭袭的幕后黑手是ISIS,该事件导致数百名俄罗斯公民丧生。也许是出于这个原因,最近几天俄罗斯以ISIS为目标的空袭多了许多。The fate of Mr Assad remains a significant dividing line between the western powers and Russia. The big regional powers are even more bitterly divided over this issue, with Iran backing Mr Assad to the hilt and the Saudis and Turks demanding that he leave office.阿萨德的命运依然是西方强国与俄罗斯的重大分歧所在。中东地区主要国家在这个问题上更是水火不相容。其中,伊朗完全持阿萨德,而沙特和土耳其则要求他下台。The western powers and their allies are right that Mr Assad’s brutality has served as a rallying cry for Sunni Arabs and helped the jihadi cause. But the Russian response also has merit. Their argument is that any vacuum after the fall of Mr Assad is likely to be filled by some mixture of violent chaos and Islamism circumstances that could be designed for Isis to thrive in. Conditions on the ground in Syria and the experiences of Iraq and Libya make this Russian analysis hard to refuteTHIS SHOULD BE REFUTE - TANSA NOTWITHSTANDING. Without really acknowledging it, the US has in any case moved gradually towards the Russian position, dropping its insistence on the immediate departure of Mr Assad. The very real threat that both Russia and the western powers face from Isis may now concentrate minds enough to force them to bridge their remaining differences over the fate of Mr Assad.西方强国及他们的盟友认为,阿萨德的残暴为逊尼派阿拉伯人提供了战斗口号,并帮助圣战发展,这一点确实没错。不过俄罗斯的应对也有值得称道之处。他们的理由是,一旦阿萨德倒台形成权力真空,就可能被暴力动荡和伊斯兰主义的某种混合体填补——这种局面简直就是刻意要使ISIS发展壮大。叙利亚的地面形势以及伊拉克和利比亚的经历,令人很难驳斥俄罗斯方面的这种观点。美国虽没有真正承认这种观点,终归还是逐渐转向了俄罗斯的立场,不再一味坚持阿萨德必须立即下台。俄罗斯和西方强国都面临着来自ISIS的真实威胁,这种威胁如今或许已足够凝聚共识,迫使他们弥合在阿萨德命运问题上依然存在的分歧。来 /201511/412474常州市第一人民医院减肥手术多少钱

南京阴道紧缩阴道缩紧阴蒂阴唇多少钱When Peter Humphrey was convicted last week of illegally obtaining the personal information of Chinese citizens, it ended a case that had been closely watched by banks, hedge funds and private equity firms for clues about doing due diligence in China.韩飞Peter Humphrey)上周被判犯有非法获取中国公民个人信息罪,这起案件受到、对冲基金和私募股权公司的密切关注,目的是寻找在中国开展尽职调查的线索。Humphrey, a Briton who co-owned a risk advisory firm in China with his wife, was arrested in 2013 in Shanghai. His detention shocked multinationals and financial groups and their lawyers and private investigators who had to ask themselves if China was tightening its vague rules on private investigations.韩飞龙是英国人,他与妻子在中国共同经营一家风险咨询公司,2013年在上海被捕。他的被捕震惊了跨国公司和金融集团——以及它们的律师和私人调查员——他们不得不自问:中国是否在收紧针对私人调查的模糊规则?As foreign companies have intensified their focus on China, they have relied on corporate risk firms such as Kroll and Control Risks, and smaller boutique firms such as Humphrey’s ChinaWhys, to conduct due diligence before advising on Chinese initial public offerings or investing in China. Humphrey’s arrest sparked concern because the Shanghai police for months provided no explanation.随着外国企业纷纷加紧对中国的关注,它们依赖于企业风险公司——比如德安华(Kroll)和控制风Control Risks),以及更小的精品公司,如韩飞龙的中慧(ChinaWhys)——来从事尽职调查,然后就中国的首次公开发行(IPO)或在华投资提供建议。韩飞龙的被捕之所以引发关注,是因为上海警方有好几个月没有提供任何解释。Velisarios Kattoulas, chief executive of Poseidon Research, a corporate risk firm, said risk consultancies with a big presence in China were pulling their punches in client reports because they felt “very vulnerablein the country. Many due diligence firms changed their practices after the Humphrey case to avoid being caught buying government records that might be considered illegal to obtain. “This happened quickly. A lot of people spent time with shredders,said Mr Kattoulas.企业风险公司波塞冬研Poseidon Research)的首席执行官韦利萨里奥斯#8226;卡图拉斯(Velisarios Kattoulas)表示,在中国有较大业务的风险咨询公司现在在客户报告中有所保留,因为它们感到自己在这个国家“非常脆弱”。韩飞龙出事后,很多尽职调查公司改变了做法,以免被发现它们有购买政府记录的行为,因为这种行为可能被视为非法获取。“这一切发生得太快。很多人都忙着碎纸,”卡图拉斯表示。A general counsel at one private equity group said his firm had regularly obtained police files from risk firms before the Humphrey case. It has since stopped accepting such information, which sometimes includes a hukou a household registration document that helps identify people.某私募股权集团的总法律顾问表示,在韩飞龙案发之前,他的公司经常从风险企业获得警方档案。他的公司已停止接受这样的信息,此类信息有时包括户口——它是中国的家庭登记文件,有助于识别身份。Several people said the Humphrey case had not had a huge impact on the way large firms operate. One person#8201;with#8201;extensive#8201;China experience said US companies had long been more cautious because of concerns about breaching the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which outlaws bribing government officials. But the person said some boutique firms that carried out China investigations for US firms were still taking risky steps because they wanted to “please their clients有几个人说,韩飞龙的案件并没有对大公司的经营方式产生巨大影响。具有丰富中国经验的一名人士称,美国企业早就格外谨慎,因为它们担心违反美国的《反海外腐败法FCPA),该法禁止贿赂政府官员。但此人表示,为美国企业进行在华调查的某些精品公司仍付诸高风险操作,因为它们想要“让客户满意”。When Humphrey was detained, companies were worried about the implications for risk analysis. But several people said investigators and lawyers became less concerned when it appeared his case was related to an investigation into GlaxoSmithKline, which had hired him to investigate a whistleblower who had sparked a widesp government probe into the UK pharmaceutical company.韩飞龙被拘留后,企业纷纷担心风险分析所受的影响。但有几个人表示,调查员和律师的担忧后来减轻了,因为他的案件似乎与针对葛兰素史克(GSK)的调查有关,该公司聘用他调查一个举报者,该举报者引发政府对这家英国制药企业展开广泛调查。One investigator with significant China experience said part of the problem was that the offence Humphrey was convicted of occupies a grey zone in China, where a number of privacy and security laws contain a clause that essentially says “what we think is sensitive is sensitive一名具有大量中国经验的调查员表示,问题的一部分在于韩飞龙被判犯有的罪行在中国是一个灰色地带;中国的一些隐私和安全法律包含了这样的条文,其实质内容就是“我们认为什么敏感就什么敏感”。While Humphrey’s case cast a spotlight on the due diligence industry in China, experts say it had aly become more difficult to conduct certain kinds of investigations. Steve Vickers, a corporate risk expert, said China started to tighten rules on obtaining information after a series of reports by Muddy Waters, a research firm attached to a short seller, which raised questions about several Chinese companies, including Sino Forest.尽管韩飞龙的案件令人关注中国的尽职调查行业,但专家们表示,进行某些类型调查的难度本来就已加大。企业风险专家韦启贤(Steve Vickers)表示,与一个卖空者有联系的研究公司浑Muddy Waters)发表一系列报告、令人对嘉汉林业(Sino Forest)等多家中国企业产生疑问之后,中国开始收紧获取信息的规则。While China tightened its privacy laws in , three years later investigators and researchers were still able to obtain copies of people’s ID cards by paying lawyers who could access records at State Administration of Industry and Commerce. But after Bloomberg and the New York Times ran stories about the wealth of the families of Chinese leaders that relied on SAIC filings in 2012, China clamped down further.尽管中国009年收紧了隐私法律,但三年后,调查员和研究人员仍可付费请能够查看国家工商行政管理总局记录的律师,来获取有关人士身份的复印件。但在彭社(Bloomberg)和《纽约时报New York Times)012年以工商部门存档的申报资料为依据,报道中国领导人亲属的财富之后,中国进一步收紧了管控。While several factors along with the Humphrey case have made due diligence a tougher business, the investigator with extensive China experience said there were other problems in the industry. For example, some banks allow bankers to communicate with outside risk advisers without input from internal compliance and legal teams.在几个因素加上韩飞龙案使得尽职调查更难进行的同时,上述具有丰富中国经验的调查员表示,业内还存在其他问题。比如,一些允许家在没有内部合规和法务团队参与的情况下与外部风险顾问沟通。He said another problem was that some due diligence firms used so-called “expert networksand there was a danger the buyer of information from these would have no idea where it originated. “The level of due diligence [in China] is a really mixed bag. I would still say ‘investor beware,’he said.他说,另一个问题是一些尽职调查公司使用所谓的“专家网络”,这里面存在的一个危险是,这些信息的买家根本不知道信息的来源。“(在华)尽职调查的水平参差不齐。我还是要说‘投资者要当心,’”他表示。来 /201408/320695 The long painting is titled ;The Everlasting Sino-India Dharma Connection; in Chinese. It is made on specially handcrafted paper and on its lower part, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping are shown smiling and shaking hands.这幅卷轴画是用特别手工纸制作其下方的图案是莫迪总理和主席习近平显示微笑和握它被命名;中印法缘天长地久;。Above, Buddhist and Hindu deities are showering the two leaders with blessings; a white elephant and a dragon on their sides depict Sino-India cultural symmetry.画的上方是佛教和印度教的他们给两国领导人送上祝福;白色的大象和两侧的龙显示了中印度文化的对称性。This work of delicate Chinese art and carefully crafted diplomacy could have found itself on a spartan wall in Modis 7 RCR home after his China visit.So could have a smaller portrait of Modi himself done on silk, showing himself with a piece of paper. But Modis tight schedule in Beijing now means that it will not be possible for Jinke Xuanlei Sino-Esoteric Buddhist Association head who carries the title Vajra Master to present the two paintings to the Indian PM.这件含有外交意蕴的精美的艺术作品在莫迪访问中国后可能出现在莫迪的简朴的家里。此外莫迪可能还会收到一副更小尺寸的他本人的画像——用丝绸构成,画上他拿着一张纸但是由于莫迪在北京的日程非常紧凑,所以金珂玄雷——唐密法王的他有金刚上师的称号——很可能无法把这两幅画作送给印度总理了;We were very keen to formally present the two paintings (to the PM). The Indian embassy was in touch with us. But about two weeks earlier, we learnt it will not be possible,; Yinyu from the Beijing Jinke Mandala Painting and Calligraphy Institute told HT at the institutes quiet premises in the eastern fringes of the city. The Institute is run by the association.;我们非常真诚地希望将两幅画作正式送出(给总理)。印度驻华使馆也一直与我们接触。但大约在两个星期前,我们知道这不可能实;来自北京密藏金珂曼荼罗书画院Yinyu,在坐落于寂静城市边缘的书画院中对《印度时报》如此说道。Yinyu was translating from Chinese to English for the two painters Jinke Yindang and Jinke Yinduan who under the guidance of Jinke Xuanlei the paintings.Yinyu是为金珂yindang和金珂yinduan二位画家做翻译——他们二人在金珂玄雷的指导下完成了这两幅画作。The Modi-Xi painting took three months to be completed and the one with Modi took 45 days, Yinyu said.银宇说这幅画总共花了三个月的时间完成,其中莫迪的画像部分花5天。来 /201505/377902江苏省人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱南京玄武区去除黑眼圈多少钱



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