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寒假 The Winter Holiday -- :7:19 来源: TheNew Year is coming and this term has finished. Now, I can enjoy a happy winterholiday. In winter holiday, I don’t have to get up early every morning. It’sthe best thing me. I often get up at nine o’clock in the morning. My parentsgo to work so I stay at home alone. I will go out breakfast. Noodle, milkand egg are my favorites. Then I go back home to watch TV or meet my friends. Wealways have many things to do. My parents would go home at noon so I have lunchat home. In the afternoon, I will sleep and then do some homework. In short, I spendmost time in playing. I love winter holiday.马上就到新年了,这个学期也已经结束了现在,我可以好好享受寒假了放寒假时,我不用每天早早起床,这对我来说是再好不过的事了我一般早上九点起床,爸爸妈妈都去上班,所以我自己在家,早餐都是出去吃的,米粉、牛奶和鸡蛋是我的最爱早餐过后我就回家看电视,或者去和朋友一起玩我和朋友们总有很多事情可以玩中午我的爸爸妈妈都会回家,所以午饭是在家吃的吃过午饭后,我会小睡一会,起床后做些作业总的来说,寒假里大部分的时间都是玩耍,我喜欢寒假The Great Wall 长城 --5 :33:01 来源: The Great Wall 长城  The Great Wall is one of the greatest wonders in the world. It is more than 6,000 kilometres long. It is made up of huge stones and bricks.  It was used to prevent invaders. It winds its way on the top of the mountain. If you look down in a plane which is high above the Great Wall, it just looks like a huge dragon. The Great Wall shows the wisdom and bravery of the Chinese people.  长城是世界奇观之一,它有约6,000千米长它是由大的石头和砖建成的  它是用来阻挡入侵者的长城在山顶上蜿蜒前进如果你在长城上空乘飞机往下看,长城就像是一条巨龙长城展示了中国人民的智慧和勇敢

在操场上(On the Playground) -- :00: 来源: 在操场上(On the Playground)  在操场上(on the playground)  class is over. most of the students go to the playground to take part in all kinds of sports.  look! there are many students playing basketball. one is jumping up and casting the ball into the net. in the distance there're some girls doing rope skipping. how swift their actions are! they're like sparrows. not far away from them. a few boys are playing ping-pong. what an interesting school life!  they know clearly that having a strong and healthy body is very important both to their study and their future success.    下课了,大部分学生都到操场参加各种运动  瞧!那儿有许多学生在打篮球一个学生正跳起来往蓝中投球在远处,一些女孩在跳绳他们的动作真敏捷,就像麻雀一样离他们不远处,几个男孩在打乒乓球多有趣的学校生活呀!  他们都清楚地知道,拥有一个强壮健康的身体对他们的学校和未来的成功至关重要

三年级英语作文:I like fruit --1 01:57:1 来源:   In summer, the weather is hot. We should drink more water, because we sweat a lot in hot days. But I prefer to eat fruits. Watermelon, ale and grape are my most favorites. They are all rich in water. There is a saying that an ale a day kee the doctor away. Fruits are good to our body. There are many kinds of vitami in fruits. Besides, some people do not like drinking water, so they can eat fruits itead. I am one of them.

  互联网的一些话题-- :5: A:Hello,Modern English,Drew speaking.  你好,洋话连篇我是Drew  B:Hello,buddy.it's Marco here again.  嘿哥们儿我是Marco  A:So Marco.what's the topic today?  今天想谈点什么?  B:something about the internet.  关于互联网的一些话题怎么样?  A:Good topic.well,what do you wanna know about that?  好题目,那么你想知道什么?  B:Do you have your personal web page?  你有个人主页吗?  A:I do.but you know what,I am really bad at computers.so I asked one of my friends to make one me.  有,可是你要知道我电脑极差我的一个朋友帮我弄的  B:How often do you go to the internet?  你通常什么时侯上网一次?  A:well,it depends.Basically,I go to the net every day.You know,check my e-mails and see what new movies are coming out .that stuff,you know.  那得看情况而定基本上我每天都上,你知道的,查邮件,看看有什么新片子那种东西你也知道的  B:what's your favorite web site?  你最喜欢什么网?  A:Westland dot com.  :Westland . com  B:what's it about?  那是关于什么的?  A:lots of stuff.Music,clothing,politics etc.  好多啊,音乐,装,政治之类的东西  B:Do you chat on the net?  你上网聊天吗?  A:No.It's a waste of time. I know some eigners do,they talk to people from abroad,but it's boring.Nothing is real in there.  不,太费时间了,我知道有些老外爱和其它国家的人聊,可那挺没劲的,里面没真的  B:I guess so.well,tell me your e-mail so that we can write to each other.  我想也是,好吧,告诉我你的邮件地址,我写信给你我的邮件是  A:Ok.here it is.LoveDrew1983@yahoo.com.Write to me.  好的,我的邮件是LoveDrew1983@yahoo.com.别忘了写信  B:You bet.bye bye.  当然,再见  A:bye.  再见  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]How often do you go to the internet?上网我们一般说成to go to the internet,但它还有另一种说法,叫Surf the net{网上冲浪}  []Does this computer have the internet?这台电脑能上网吗?这句话虽然未在对话中出现,但似乎很多人都组织不好语言表达这个意思看这句话你会发现老外们总是喜欢用最简单的语言来表辞答意  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***" mean ? "***"是什么意思?]  web site outlook key in

  Work and Rest 要劳逸结合 -- :35:51 来源: Work and Rest 要劳逸结合  Now students in our country study hard every day. But it's very bad our health. Health is very important and it's the foundation of one's success. So how to keep fit?  Firstly, we should spend time taking exercise every day to strengthen our muscles. Secondly, we had better go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Thirdly, we should eat healthy food.  In a word, we should on one hand study hard, and on the other hand, pay attention to our health.    现在我国学生每天学习很辛苦,但这对我们的健康是不好的健康是非常重要的,它是一个人成功的基础,那么如何保持健康呢?  第一,我们应该每天花些时间锻炼,增强我们的肌肉第二,我们最好早睡早起第三,我们应吃健康食品  总之,一方面我们要努力学习,另一方面要注意我们的身体。

  My Hometown-Taiyuan 我的家乡太原 -- 18:5:55 来源: My Hometown-Taiyuan 我的家乡太原  My hometown-Taiyuan is a beautiful city. It is the capital of Shanxi.  There are six parts in Taiyuan. Yingze District, Xinghualing District and Xiaodian District are the most prosperous. There are two major streets in the city. One is yingze Street and the other is Changfeng Street. Yingze Street is an old one and Changfeng Street is a new one. There are many tall and beautiful buildings on their sides. Fenhe River runs through the city from the south to the north. The water is clean. There are many trees, flowers and grass around it. In the evening, there are all kinds of colorful lights around Fenhe and it looks rather beautiful. It has been the windows of the city these years.  Taiyuan is getting more and more beautiful day by day. Welcome to Taiyuan.  I love my hometown-Taiyuan.  我的家乡太原是一个美丽的城市,她是山西的省会  太原包括六个部分,其中迎泽区、杏花岭区和小店区是最繁荣的在这座城市有两条主要的街道,一条是迎泽大街,另一条是长风大街迎泽大街是一条旧的街道,而长风街是新建的有许多高大美丽的建筑物在它们的两边汾河从南到北流经这座城市汾河的水是清澈的,这里到处是花、草和树在晚上,汾河被各种各样的色的灯笼罩,甚是漂亮这些年来它已经变成太原的窗口  太原正一天天变的更加美丽欢迎到太原来  我爱我的家乡太原

  Me  -- :: 来源: My English name is piggy. I'm from China. I'm a Chinese. I always wearing white shirt and black trousers. I have big eyes、small mouth and wearing a glasses.     My favourite sport are badminton, table tennis and swimming. My favourite lesson is the computer lesson. I like eat noodles, rice noddles and hamburgers. I like drink coke, water, milk, juice and coffee.中国十大水镇英文介绍:西塘古镇 -- :19:1 来源: 中国十大水镇英文介绍:西塘古镇 Xitang [PhotoCFP] Located in Jiashan county, Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, Xitang is about 0 km from Shanghai. The small cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou and can be reached either by train on the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway or by bus along the 3 national highway. Known as an ancient town with a history spanning over 1,000 years, Xitang was a place shared by the Wu and Yue states as early as the Warring States period. Setting it apart from other water towns, it has roofed streets alongside rivers with a total length of 1,000 meters, much like the Summer Palace corridor. 英文介绍 西塘古镇7句经典美剧台词 --7 :53:9 来源: 7句经典美剧台词-美剧已经结束了,是不是还没有过瘾呢?一起来秀秀这些经典的台词吧!Everyone wants some magical solution their problem and everyone refuses to belive in magic. 每个人都希望能有魔法来帮他们解决难题,可是却没有人愿意相信真的有魔法——《童话镇Only a fool thinks he can solve the world's problems.只有傻瓜才会觉得自己能解决世界上的所有问题——《冰血暴Leonard, I am overwhelmed.Everthing is changing and it's simply too much. Leonard,我不知所措一切都在改变,多到让人无法接受——《生活大爆炸Little warning bee you jump into this marriage bussiness: you are not just marrying him, you are marrying his family.在你跳进婚姻这个大坑前,先嘱咐你两句:你嫁的不光是他这个人,还有他的家庭——《生活大爆炸A lot can happen between now and never在现在与永远之间,有无数可能——《权力的游戏I'm Chuck Bass, the love of her life. Anyone else is just a waste of time. 我是Chuck Bass,她一生的挚爱别人对于她都只是消磨时间——《绯闻女孩Smiling doesn't always mean you're happy. Sometimes, it simply means that you are a strong person. 笑不意味着你就开心有时候你笑只是想表现出你是个坚强的人——《吸血鬼日记 经典美剧台词

  我(I) -- 1::31 来源: 我(I)  My name is Ye Tianwei . I’m 9 years old. I study in Zhenhai eign Language Experimental School . I am a clever 、healthy 、and lovely boy. I live in Zhenhai Electric Area .  There are three people in my family. My father is a worker of power plant. My mother works as the office assistant in the .  We get up very early every morning. My parents send me to school after having breakfast. In the evening , I usually do my homework, my father s newspapers and my mother does housework.  On holidays , we often go outside to play together. I like playing ball and playing chess.  I am busy but very happy.英语学习糟糕的一天(A terrible day) --7 :33:18 来源: 糟糕的一天(A terrible day)It'scloudy today.There was much black cloud on the sky this afternoon.The sky looked very dark.I walked home from school.While I nearly arrived home,I felt few rain on my head.I looked up but couldn't see anything unusual.Then heavyrain rained on my body .It's raining. so I have to run home in the rain! What a terrible day!今天是阴天下午的时候空中不满了乌云,天空看起来很暗我从学校走路回家当我快到家的时候,我感觉头上有雨,我抬头看了看,没看到什么异样紧接着,大雨打在了我身上,下雨了!于是我不得不冒着雨跑回家!多么糟糕的一天啊!

  巴黎卢浮宫英文导游词 -- :5:00 来源: 巴黎卢浮宫英文导游词卢浮宫位于法国巴黎塞纳河右岸,是国际性艺术物馆,是世界上最大的宫殿之一 Louvre, national art museum of France and the palace in which it is housed, is located in Paris, on the Right Bank of the Seine River. The structure, until 8 a residence of the kings of France, is one of the largest palaces in the world. It occupies the site of a th-century tress. The building of the Louvre was begun in 6 in the reign of Francis I, according to the plans of the French architect Pierre Lescot. Additions were made to the structure during the reigns of almost every subsequent French monarch.  Under Henry IV, in the early th century, the Grand Galerrie, now the main picture gallery, which borders the Seine, was completed. Under Napoleon III a wing on the north side was finished. By the mid-19th century the vast complex was completed; covering more than 8 acres, it is a masterpiece of architectural design and sculptural adornment.  The nucleus of the Louvre collections is the group of Italian Renaissance paintings among them several by Leonardo da Vinci owned by Francis I, a collector and patron of note. The holdings were significantly enriched by acquisitions made the monarchy by Cardinal Richelieu and by Cardinal Mazarin, who was instrumental in purchasing works that had belonged to Charles I of England.  Napoleon deposited in the Louvre the paintings and works of art seized during his European conquests; after his downfall, however, many of these works were restored to their original owners. Since that time increasing numbers of gifts, purchases, and finds brought back from archaeological expeditions have permanently enriched the museum. Among its greatest treasures are two of the most famous sculptures of the ancient world, the Victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo, and Leonardo's famous portrait, Mona Lisa. The Louvre also holds works by the other Italian masters Raphael and Titian and paintings by the northern artists Peter Paul Rubens and Rembrandt. Protection of all the Louvre's priceless masterpieces during the two world wars was effected by their removal to secret depositories outside Paris.  The collections of the museum are administered by seven curatorial departments. The Department of Egyptian Antiquities was med in 186 to study and display the objects brought back to France during Napoleon's campaign in Egypt. The Department of Oriental Antiquities is famed its collections of Mesopotamian and Islamic art. Other departments include Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities; Objets d'art (including the crown jewels of France); and Drawings and Prints.  The Department of Paintings, considered by many scholars the most important in the world, includes several thousand works of the various European schools. Its enormous collection of French paintings ranges from the Middle Ages to the early 19th century. Since 1986, however, works of the French impressionists and postimpressionists, many dating from 188 to 19 and merly housed in the Music du Jeu Paume (Tennis Court Museum) adjacent to the Louvre, have been included in the collection of the Music d'Orsay on the left bank of the Seine River.  The museum publishes catalogs and brochures. In addition, it publishes the Revue de Louvre, which contains s on new acquisitions and provides inmation on museum projects and on other French museums.  In 1993 the Richelieu Wing was opened by President Mitterrand of France. The north wing of the Louvre Palace, merly occupied by the Ministry of Finance, was vacated and transmed into exhibition areas. This ended the second phase of a project in progress since 1981 that included the addition of the glass pyramid entrance designed by American architect I.M. Pei, an auditorium, galleries temporary exhibitions, displays on the history of the Louvre, moats of the medieval Louvre, restaurants, shops, and parking facilities. 巴黎卢浮宫英文导游词

  Our School Library 我们学校的图书馆 -- :: 来源: Our School Library 我们学校的图书馆  There isa library in our school, and it is in the center of the school. There is a beautiful garden in front of it.  The library is very big, and there you can see many shelves full of books. There are also lots of newspapers and magazines. We can borrow books and do some ing in the library. Every student can borrow up to three books each time and keep them a week. It is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and closed on weekends.  We all like our library very much.  我们学校有一座图书馆,它在学校的中央图书馆前面有一座美丽的花园  图书馆很大,你可以看到许多放满书的书架那里还有多种报纸和杂志在图书馆,我们可以借书,可以阅读每位学生每次最多可以借三本书,期限为一周图书馆从周一至周五上午九点至下午六点开门,周末闭馆  我们都非常喜爱我们的图书馆。

  My Family Members --19 :: 来源: I am student of Southwest Weiyu Middle School. I am in Class Two Grade Six. I’m a girl. I’m twelve years old. I’m tall and thin. I like to sing and dance. I can sing POP music very well. I like to eat meat, because I think it’s very delicious. I’ good at English, because I like it very much. I like to write a composition and I like to many nice books. I think it’s good me. I like drawing, but I can’t draw very well. I like cats very much, but I can’t have them, because my mother doesn’t like them, she think they’re very dirty. I want to travel around the world, but I haven’t enough money. But I’m happy, because I have many friends and a happy family.    My mother is a shop assistant. She’s thirty-six years old. She’s tall and thin too. She’s pretty. Her hair is short and straight. She likes to sing and she likes Zhang Xueyou’s songs and English songs. She likes to eat crabs. She always goes shopping with me. She’s good at Maths. When I have problems with Maths she will help me. She doesn’t like pets; because she thinks they are dirty. I like my mother very much.    My father is a manager. He’s ty-six years old. But he looks like very young and handsome. He always goes to park with me. He likes to smoke. But I think smoke is bad himself. He likes English songs. He’s good at Chinese. He sometimes helps me to write a composition. My father likes pets very much. I like my father very much.    My grandmother and my sister live together. My grandma is sixty-three years old. She’s retiring. My sister is a student of fourteen years old. She has two big eyes and long straight hair. She’s a small famous singer in her city. She likes to sing and dance. She can sing very well. She joins in many competitions and she always be champion.


  我的老师 -- :01:59 来源: 我的老师我的语文老师姓连,她中等个子,身材十分苗条,皮肤不是很白,瘦瘦的脸,长头发,鼻子又高又直,她一笑就露出洁白的牙齿  连老师有一双大大的眼睛,可厉害了,有一次我和后面的李翔说小话,突然听到老师叫我的名字,我回过头来,看见老师用严厉的目光看着我,我急忙装作认真的样子,我心想我以后再也不敢讲小话了  连老师对工作非常认真负责,每天她都早早地来学校耐心地教我们读书认字,辅导我们的功课她的身体不是很好,但是她还是坚持为我们上课  连老师对我们的学习要求非常严格,每当我们没完成作业时,不管是谁她都毫不留情地批评他记得有一次语文家庭作业是听写词,我少听了3个词语,原以为没什么大不了的,可第二天早晨,她发现我的作业没有做完,把我叫到讲台上来,一边轻轻地用拍子打我的手掌心,一边严肃地对我说:“以后可一定要时完成家庭作业呀!”  连老师像妈妈一样关心我们,我们都非常尊敬和爱戴她My teacher is a language teacher, I even named her medium height, slender build very, very white skin, thin face, long hair. At high straight nose, her smile on his white teeth. Teachers have a pair of big eyes, worse, and I have a small back Xiang Li said, Suddenly I heard the name of teacher, I look back and see the teacher uses the eyes looked at me sternly. I anxiously pretend seriously today, I think I will never have dared to make a small case. Teachers work very hard every day she patiently taught us very early to go to school to learn to . counseling our homework. Her health is not very good, but she still adhere to our school. Teachers of our study was very strict, whenever we did not complete homework, No matter who she has relentlessly criticized him. As I recall, in a language at home is dictated word, I listened to three little words, thinking no big deal. be next morning, she discovered that I did not finish the work, I go to the podium. She hit me with the paddle while CFS, a serious side to me : "We must be completed on time after homework!" Teachers like my mother showed us We have much respect and love her.

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