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How To Have A Long Distance RelationshipVideoJug is here to help if geography is getting in the way of you and your loved one. Follow our guide on how to have a long distance relationship, and keep your relationship alive despite where you are in the world.Step 1: Talk it through(倾心长谈)You need to discuss your expectations of the relationship once you are apart, and set clear parameters. Are you going to be completely monogamous? Are you allowed to fool around? There is a painful break-up on the horizon if one of you is waiting loyally at home while the other thinks out of sight is out of mind.Step 2: Communicate(多多沟通)The key to any relationship, but particularly crucial to long distance ones, is communication. As well as phonecalls there are so many ways to let your partner know you're thinking about them: send emails, texts, e-cards, love letters, flowers, scented clothes, or even saucy photos.TOP TIP 1: Don't send saucy photos of yourself in digital form- if your relationship crashes and burns, then they might end up in the public domain.... TOP TIP 2: Instant messaging is free and convenient. But remember, if you're chatting online and you can't see your partner's facial expression, even your in-jokes can fall flat. "Big nose" can sound cutesy and sweet when you are cuddled up to together, but has a different feel when written down.Step 3: Keep busy(让自己忙起来)Problems may arise if one of you is busier than the other, particularly if you parted because of a new college course or job. If you feel isolated and jealous of your partner's new life, you should do all you can to fill up the time you would have spent with your partner. Meet up with old friends, throw yourself into a new hobby, and keep up your mutual interests. The alternative is this again....Step 4: The bright side(好的一面)If you're finding things difficult, take heart. You'll never have the dilemma of having to choose between seeing your partner and watching TV/ going to the football/ or washing your hair. You have freedom without the social stigma of being single, and the associated pressure of friends trying to set you up with someone. And if you're feeling frustrated in the bedroom, remember you've always got your phone.Step 5: The big reunion(大团圆)The best thing about a long distance relationship is the dirty weekends you can have when you meet up again. Don't just wait for them to come home - go and visit them at their new place, or find romantic places to meet in the middle. If you've made the effort when you're apart, your time back together should go with a bang.Also known as:(How Do I Have A Long Distance Relationship)Thanks for watching How To Have A Long Distance Relationship For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Dating Humor.201105/135262A with tips about how to look rich, namely by wearing the right clothes, being well groomed, eating and drinking in the right places and acting confident!这段视频给出了怎样看上去比较富有的建议,包括着装得体,行为有修养,在合适的地方进餐喝酒,以及行为要自信。Today, were going to have a think about how we can look rich. First of all, make sure you are wearing quality clothes; its very easy to spot things that are cheap and badly made so splash out on a couple of key pieces. Make sure your clothes actually fit.今天,我们来讨论一下怎样让自己看上去比较富有。首先,一定要穿质量比较好的衣。廉价的地摊货一眼就能看出来,所以一定要准备几套质量比较好的高档装,确保一定要合身。If they are too small or too big, this will immediately take away the look of quality they have and thats for men and women.Make sure you get properly sized and measured when you go out shopping. Be groomed at all times, make sure your hair is neat and tidy as well as your clothes.如果衣太大或太小,高档的品质马上就大打折扣,男女都是如此。外出购物前一定要量好自己的尺寸。任何时候都要优雅,头发和衣都要干净整洁。Try and introduce a skin care routine so that you look glowing and healthy. When you go out, go to some up market places,bars, restaurants, where you know that other rich looking people will be. Look confident, youll never see somebody thats rich whos shy and retiring.尝试皮肤护理,这样就会看上去容光焕发,神采奕奕。外出的时候,到一些比较高档的市场,酒吧,餐馆,其他有钱人经常到的地方。看上去自信一点,你永远不会看到害羞腼腆的有钱人。If you believe that youre rich, this will come across with people that meet. So make sure that you feel confident within yourself.如果你相信自己是有钱的,你遇到的人也会这么认为。所以,一定要相信自己。So to make sure you look rich, first of all make sure that you wear quality clothing and that it fits you properly, make sure youre well groomed and you have a skin care routine. Eat and drink in all the good places where the rich people are and make sure you look as confident as possible. And lastly, make sure you look confident.所以,为了让你自己看上去比较富有,首先要穿质量比较好,比较合身的装,一定要优雅,要进行皮肤护理。在富人经常光顾的地方进餐饮酒,同时尽可能让自己看上去比较自信。最后,一定要自信。Thanks for watching How To Look Rich.感谢收看“怎样让自己看上去比较富有”视频节目。201211/206898August 1862, over a year into the war. 1862年8月,开战已逾一年。General Robert E Lees Confederate Army, is ying to launch a wide ranging assault ,against Union forces in Virginia. 罗伯特·E·李将军所领导的南方联盟军队,准备好发动一起大规模的进攻,对手是弗吉尼亚的联邦军队。Highly motivated these men are fighting on their home turf, and are y to die for Southern independence and traditions, and its rural way of life. 士气高昂的士兵们将在他们的故土上大战一场,并时刻准备好为捍卫南方独立,为维护传统的乡村生活方式而牺牲。It s prosperity is built around a simple crop -- cotton. 南方的繁荣完全依托于一种农作物,棉花。Known as white gold, the South accounts for two thirds of the worlds supply of cotton. 棉花被喻为;白色黄金;,南方的棉产量占世界总产量的三分之二。And it brings extraordinary wealth to the Southern states. 棉花给南方各州带来了惊人的财富,But its wealth built on the backs of slaves. 但这笔财富却是建立在奴隶的血汗之上的。Now Lincolns victory at the ballot box threatens this traditional way of life, the slavery it is built on. 而如今,林肯的票选胜利对这种传统生活方式构成了威胁,使它所赖以生存的奴隶制岌岌可危。Rather than submit to Northern rule, the South decides to fight. 不愿屈于北方统治,南方决定一战,They want a separate nation. 他们想要分而治之。General Robert E Lee takes command at the head of the newly formed army of Northern Virginia. 罗伯特·E·李将军担任新成立的北弗吉尼亚军队总指挥,Lee, a brilliant graduate of the elite West Point Academy is aly a veteran of the Mexican War. 李是毕业于西点军校的高材生,又在墨西哥战争中久经历练。 /201210/206327

Video tells how to lose weight fast right before a wedding or special trip to the beach.这段视频教给我们怎样在婚礼或沙滩旅行之前快速瘦身。Step 1: Meet Adrian Bryant1.会见Adrian BryantHi, my name is Adrian Bryant and Im going to be your weight loss coach for today. And today I’m going to tell you five things you must do to lose weight fast. And the five things that I’m going to tell you should help you to lose twenty pounds in three to four weeks. OK lets get right into it.大家好,我的名字是Adrian Bryant,我是你今天的减肥教练。今天我会告诉你要快速减肥必须做的五件事。我告诉你的这五件事可以帮助你在三到四周的时间里减掉20磅。现在让我们来看一下:Step 2: Eating regime:2.饮食制度The first thing you need to do is eat 3 to 4 meals a day, 3 hours apart. And the second thing you are going to do is, before you eat each of your four meals you’re going to eat two raw vegetables and you’re going to drink one serving of any kind of whey protein mixed with water. And the third thing you’re going to do is, after you have eaten your raw vegetables and drank your whey protein, depending on how hungry you are, based on a hunger scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not hungry and 10 being real hungry, you are going to eat a meal of up to 300 more calories of anything you want except for high sugary stuff like candy, chocolate, ice cream and fast food.首先要做的是,每天进餐三到四次,每次间隔三小时。第二点要做的是,每餐之前食用两份生蔬菜,并饮用一份水混合的任何种类的乳液蛋白。第三点是,食用了生蔬菜,饮用了乳液蛋白后,取决于饥饿程度,无论食用什么,热量最多不要超过300卡路里。但是不要食用糖果,巧克力,冰激凌和快餐等含糖量很高的食品。饥饿程度从1到10,1代表不饿,10代表非常饿。Step 3: Calorie watch:3.关注能量:So for example, if your hunger level is only between 1 and 3, eat only up to 150 calories. If your hunger level is between 4 and 7 eat up to 200 calories. And if your hunger level is up to between 8 and 10 eat all the way up to 300 calories.例如,如果你的饥饿水平介于1和3之间,摄入150卡的热量就可以了。如果你的饥饿水平介于4和7之间,摄入200卡的热量。如果在8和10之间,摄入300卡的热量。Step 4: The rules:4.规则:OK, lets go over the first three things to lose weight fast real quick. 1. You are going to eat four meals a day, 3 or 4 hours apart. 2. Before you eat each of those four meals you are going to eat two raw vegetables plus drink a serving of whey protein before you eat the meal. And then, number 3, depending on how hungry you are after eating the raw vegetables and drinking the protein you’re going to eat a meal of up to 300 calories.好,让我们来回顾一下快速瘦身要做的最初的三件事:1.每天进餐四次,每次间隔三小时。2.每餐之前使用两份生蔬菜,并饮用一份任何种类的水混合的乳液蛋白。3.食用了生蔬菜,饮用了乳液蛋白后,取决于饥饿程度,摄入不超过300卡路里的热量。OK, the other two things you’re going to do to lose 20 pounds real fast is you’re going to drink at least seventy ounces of ice cold water every day, plus you need to take a fat burner that has green tea in it, every day, once in the morning and again in the evening.快速减掉20磅需要做的另外两件事是,每天至少饮用70盎司冰水,还要每天饮用一种含有绿茶的脂肪燃烧饮料,早晚各一次。And the last thing you need to do to lose twenty pounds real fast is you need to workout first thing in the morning for twenty to forty minutes at a moderate to high intensity level to burn more fat during the day.快速减掉20磅需要做的另外一件事是早上起来进行20分钟至40分钟的锻炼,从温和逐渐增加强度,以燃烧更多脂肪。Step 5: Drop 20lbs in 3 weeks5.三周内减掉20磅OK, those are the five simple things you need to do every day for three or four weeks to lose twenty pounds fast.以上就是为了在三至四周内轻松减掉20磅,你每天需要做的事情。Thanks for watching Lose Weight Fast - How To Lose 20 Pounds In 3 Weeks感谢收看“三周内怎样减掉20磅”视频节目。201209/201234

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