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Human beings venture into the highest parts of our planet at their peril.人类总是愿意冒着生命危险占领地球上最高的地方Some might think that by climbing a great mountain they have somehow conquered it,人们或许认为只要登上顶峰便能征一座高山but we can only be visitors here.不过,我们仅仅只是这里的拜访者This is a frozen, alien world.这是一个冰封的异域世界This is the other extreme. One of the lowest, hottest places on Earth.这里是另一种极端环境。地球上一处最低最热的地方Its over a hundred metres below the level of the sea.它的地势低于海平面100多米But here, a mountain is in gestation.但这里却在酝酿一座高山Pools of sulphuric acid are indications that deep underground there are titanic stirrings.这些硫酸池暗示地底深处正进行着大规模活动This is the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, lying within a colossal rent in the Earths surface这里是埃塞俄比亚境内的达纳吉尔凹地,位于地球表面的大裂谷内where giant land masses are pulling away from one another.巨大的陆地板块在此互相分离Lava rises to the surface through this crack in the crust, creating a chain of young volcanoes.熔岩经过这条地壳裂缝涌上地表,诞生了一连串年轻的火山201702/494716。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/447651。

Another battle is being waged here but on a much longer time scale.这里又开辟了一个新的战场,可是不会持续多久These loose boulders are the mountains crumbling bones.这些散落的石块是从山脊上崩裂下来的The Rockies are no longer rising but slowly disintegrating.落基山脉已不再上升,却是在慢慢地崩塌All mountains everywhere are being worn down by frost, snow and ice.世界各地的高山都在不断经受森林、积雪和冰川的消蚀The Alps were raised some 15 million years ago阿尔卑斯山崛起于1500万年前as Africa, drifting northwards, collided with the southern edge of Europe.原因是非洲板块向北漂移,与欧洲南麓相撞These spires are the eroded remains of an ancient seabed that once stretched between the two continents.曾经连接两块大陆的古老海床侵蚀后留下了一座座尖耸的山峰But these are just the Alpine foothills.可是这些只是阿尔卑斯山麓地带的小山The range at its centre rises to three miles high and is crowned with permanent snows.山脉中心地带的山峰伫立高达3英里,并且终年覆盖积雪。201703/499973。

Shes got over 70 million views, from New Orleans, Louisiana. Give your love for Jaliyah!她有7000万在线观众,她是来自路易斯安那新奥尔良的嘉利雅,让我们为她鼓掌!You know how hard that is to cope in and out to? You got any more tricks?你知道这种来回运球有多难吗?你还有其他技能吗?Can you go get that rack of tennis balls for me? Okay.你能把架子上的网球拿过来吗?Go get the rack of tennis balls.好的,架子上的网球。When you get this, go and throw it me. Okay.把球一个个扔给我。好的。Come on, Steve Harvey. I think its your turn. Go.来吧,史蒂夫·哈维,该你了。开始。Ill show you something about me. Ill be right back. Yeah, I got skills. Okay.我向你展示我的绝技,我马上回来。嗯,我也有绝招。How you doing? Feeling good.最近怎么样?不错。Ladies and gentlemen, from the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters, give a love for Scooter Christensen!女士们先生们,让我们欢迎来自世界著名的哈林篮球队的老将“滑行艇”克里斯滕森!Come on over here! Harlem Globetrotter!过来!哈林篮球队!How you doing? Good!你怎么样?很好!I saw you before! Yeah, I saw you before, too.我见过你!是的,我也见过你。Yeah, but did you see me, though?当然,那你之前见过我吗?Thats for you. Were gonna give you that.这是你的了,我们把这个篮球给你。Without a doubt, sweetheart. Without a doubt, without a doubt.太棒了,甜心。太棒了,你太棒了。You got some skills! Shes good, isnt she? Oh, she got the passion, man. She got the passion.你真有两下子。她也很棒,不是吗?她很有。她确实很有。I can do what you just now did. Oh, thats how it starts.我能做你刚才做的。这就是悲剧的开始。I broke a lot of lamps in my moms house. Sorry.我母亲家的台灯许多都是我打掉的,对不起。Ladies and gentlemen, give your love for Scooter Christensen. And people, make some noise for Jaliyah.女士们先生们,为“滑行艇”克里斯滕森,还有我们的嘉利雅鼓掌!201706/512640。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/454652。

Ive reached the end of the pipe,but Im still not down to ground level已经到水管的头了 但是还没到地面okay, were just one storey up from the ground here.这儿离地面就一层楼高了for about 25 foot, just this last little bit.大约7米多 只剩下最后一点点了Lets try and get across here. Look.穿过这里就可以了I want to get across this dangerous elevated maze,我想通过这个高架迷宫dozens of crumbling old concrete walls with bone-breaking drops on all sides.四周老旧的混凝土墙摇摇欲坠 稍有不慎 筋骨俱断The light is fading fast, so I want to get down quickly.And I found something to help.天色渐暗 我得快点下去 我找到了一些有用的东西Use these fan belts to make, like, chain link.用这些风扇传动带 做成链环It becomes, then, an improvised caving ladder.然后就制成了一个临时的绳梯Just lay one over the other,reach under.只要把一根带子压在另一根上 再从下面穿过去And as you pull it through,you get that chain effect,like that.当你把它拉出来的时候 就形成了这种链环 就像这样Industrial fan belts are made of reinforced rubber,which are designed not to stretch even under severe loads.工业风扇传动带是用强化橡胶制成的 使其无法拉伸 即使在很重的负荷下Just gonna larks-foot this round this concrete beam.打一个活结绕在混凝土大梁上面A larks-foot is a simple technique for tying off climbing ropes and will hold my ladder in place.打活结是一项简单的攀爬绳索的打结技术 并且能使我的梯子处在正确的位置Lets give this a test.My ladders going to be strong,让我们来试一试 我的梯子很结实but Im concerned about the strength of this old floor that its attached to.但是我担心这个老楼地板的强度Like wood,steel-reinforced concrete weathers and rots over time,making it brittle and weak.像木头一样 钢筋混凝土随着时间推移也逐渐腐蚀生锈 使它变得脆弱而易碎201610/471145。