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南京东南大学附属中大医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱江苏省彩光祛斑的价格WHO to Rebuild Health Facilities in Burma世卫将协助重建缅甸医疗设施   The World Health Organization says it will help the government of Burma rebuild and re-equip health facilities, which had been destroyed and damaged by Cyclone Nargis, the worst storm to hit the country in 40 years. WHO says it has a clear plan as to what needs to be done following a joint comprehensive assessment of the stricken area conducted by the ed Nations, World Bank, and the Association of South East Asian Nations or ASEAN. 世界卫生组织说,它将帮助缅甸政府重建并重新配备被纳尔吉斯强热带风暴摧毁和损坏的医疗设施。纳尔吉斯强热带风暴是缅甸40年来遭受的最严重的风暴。世界卫生组织说,在联合国、世界和东盟对受灾地区进行联合整体评估之后,在需要进行什么工作方面制定了一个明确的计划。The report assesses damage caused by Cyclone Nargis at billion and estimates Burma, also known as Myanmar, will need billion over the next three years to help it recover. 根据报告的估计,纳尔吉斯强热带风暴造成的损失为40亿美元,估计缅甸在今后3年内需要10亿美元帮助恢复重建。The cyclone, which struck in early May killed more than 84,000 people, destroyed or damaged about 800,000 homes, and flooded vast areas of agricultural land. About 75 percent of hospitals and clinics in the hard-hit Irawaddy Delta were destroyed or badly damaged. 这场今年5月初袭击缅甸的强热带风暴造成8万4千多人死亡,摧毁和损坏大约80万个住家,洪水冲毁大部分的耕地。在受灾最严重的伊洛瓦底江三角洲,大约75%的医院和卫生所被摧毁或严重损坏。Richard Garfield heads the World Health Organization's Department of Health and Nutrition Tracking Service. He spent six weeks in Burma and participated in the assessment mission.  加菲尔德是世界卫生组织卫生和营养跟踪部负责人。他在缅甸待了6个星期,并参与了评估工作。He says he was surprised to see that 80 percent of people in the affected areas had had access to a health service before the Cyclone struck. He says that does not mean that conditions were good. But, he adds, they got much worse after Cyclone Nargis.  他说,他们很吃惊地看到受灾地区80%的人民在强热带风暴来袭之前享有医疗保健务。他说,这并不意味着医疗卫生条件很好。但是,他说,那里的医疗条件在纳尔吉斯强热带风暴过后变得更加糟糕。"What we discovered through this village-based assessment in interviewing 10 to 12 households in every village and the village leader was that there had been a good deal more response in the country from national assets and resources than we had known about before," said Dr. Garfield. "Not that that was an adequate response because the needs were overwhelming. But, there was a good deal more response than we had realized."  加菲尔德说:“我们以村子为基础进行评估,在每个村子都要跟10至12户人家和村长交谈。我们从中发现,为了应对灾难,缅甸政府动用的国家财产和资源比我们以前知道的要多很多。这倒并不是说他们的反应充足,因为需求量非常大,而是说缅甸政府做出的反应比我们意识到的要多很多。”Dr. Garfield says he also was surprised to find the government had moved many physicians and nurses into the region in response to the Cyclone. He says WHO plans to rebuild the health facilities which have been damaged and destroyed and equip them.  加菲尔德士说,他还很吃惊地发现,为了应对这场强热带风暴,缅甸政府向灾区派出了很多医生和护士。他说,世界卫生组织计划重建并重新配备被摧毁和损坏的医疗设施。He says the agency also will train national health workers and help them improve their communications and supply systems.  他说,世界卫生组织还将培训缅甸的医护人员并帮助他们改善他们的通讯和供给系统。"So, that within a year, we expect them to be considerably improved to where they had been in that region prior to Nargis," said Dr. Garfield. "This is the principle of "build back better." And, now we have a basis to figure out when we have reached that level."  他说:“所以说,在一年内,我们预计医疗设施能得到大的改观,达到纳尔吉斯强热带风暴来袭以前的水准。这是‘建造得比以前更好’的原则。现在我们就有依据估算出什么时候能达到那个水准。”In the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, Burma's military rulers were criticized for refusing most international help and for being slow in granting visas to ed Nations and other aid workers. The generals also were criticized for not allowing foreign aid workers to move around freely in the Irawaddy Delta. 在纳尔吉斯强热带风暴过后,缅甸军政府因拒绝大部分国际救援,并在向联合国和其他救援人员发放签上动作迟缓受到批评。这些军政府的将军们还因不允许外国救援人员在伊洛瓦底江三角洲地区自由活动而受到批评。Dr. Garfield says this no longer is a problem. He says U.N. aid workers can go anywhere without government interference. 加菲尔德士说,现在这已经不是什么问题了。他说,联合国救援人员可以在不受政府干涉的情况下到任何地方去。200807/44624江宁区妇幼保健人民中心医院玻尿酸价格 Republicans To Resume Planned National Convention Activities美共和党大会周二恢复正常议程Republican officials say their party's national convention is back on track with a full schedule Tuesday, after Monday's planned activities were curtailed due to Hurricane Gustav and fears of its impact on the US Gulf Coast. 美国共和党官员说,共和党全国代表大会星期二回归正常,日程安排得很满。由于飓风古斯塔夫,以及对其可能对美国墨西哥湾地区可能造成影响的担心,大会星期一的活动被大大缩减。The storm was not as severe as feared, and with Gulf Coast evacuees aly eager to return to their homes, Republican officials have announced a resumption of normal convention activities. The day's highlights include a remote satellite address by President Bush. Also scheduled to speak are independent Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, whom presumptive presidential nominee John McCain had reportedly considered as a potential running mate, and former Republican presidential hopeful and actor Fred Thompson. 由于风暴并不像担心的那样严重,墨西哥湾地区被撤离的民众已迫不急待地要返回家乡,共和党官员宣布恢复会议的正常活动。星期二最引人注目的日程安排包括布什总统通过远程卫星发表直播讲话。独立派民主党参议员利伯曼也将在大会上发表讲话。据报导,共和党总统候选人约翰.麦凯恩曾考虑利伯曼为他可能的竞选夥伴。另外,曾经角逐共和党总统提名的著名演员汤普森也将发表讲话。In a conference call with reporters, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said convention speakers will address the senator's biography and character, focusing on his history of service and sacrifice to the nation, and his reputation as a political maverick. Davis said one segment will feature a testimonial of McCain's years spent as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. 麦凯恩竞选团队经理人瑞克.戴维斯在电话会议上对记者说,在大会上发言的各位演讲者都将对参议员麦凯恩的生平和性格进行阐述,突出强调他为国家付出的务和牺牲以及他在政治上特立独行的声誉。戴维斯说,其中一个部分将是对麦凯恩在越战中被囚禁多年的一段生活的褒奖。"Orson Swindell, one of John McCain's trail mates, if you want to call it that, in a POW camp during the Vietnam War," he said. "He will recognize certain people in the audience who also sustained great valor under difficult circumstances [other prisoners of war]." 戴维斯说:“斯温德尔和麦凯恩一同被囚禁在越战战俘营里,他还将把大会中的某些听众介绍给大家,因为这些人在艰难的环境下同样展示出巨大的勇气。”The evening will also pay tribute to precautions taken ahead of Hurricane Gustav, and urge continued efforts to help the Gulf Coast recover from the storm. Delegates are being encouraged to help put together 80,000 care packages for those affected by the hurricane. 星期二傍晚的会议还将对在古斯塔夫飓夫来临之前的各项防御措施提出赞扬,并敦促继续向墨西哥湾地区提供援助,帮助他们从风暴中恢复。大会鼓励与会代表向飓风灾民提供8万包救援物资。Monday, the convention was stripped of all major partisan speeches. First Lady Laura Bush and Senator McCain's wife, Cindy, gave brief remarks, focused on relief efforts for the U.S. Gulf Coast. 大会星期一的日程中几乎取消了所有具有派性色的重要讲话。第一夫人劳拉.布什和参议员麦凯恩的夫人辛迪.麦凯恩都发表了简短讲话,重点是美国墨西哥湾地区的救援努力。The convention concludes Thursday, when McCain is expected to give his speech accepting the Republican Party's presidential nomination. On Wednesday, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, McCain's choice for the vice presidential slot, is tentatively scheduled to speak. She was relatively unknown before McCain announced just last week that he had chosen her as his running mate.  大会定于星期四结束。预计,届时,麦凯恩将发表接受共和党总统提名的讲话。星期三,阿拉斯加州州长莎拉.佩林,麦凯恩的副总统竞选夥伴,预计也将发表讲话。佩林在麦凯恩上星期宣布选择她为竞选搭档之前,几乎不被为人知。On Monday, Palin announced that her 17-year-old daughter, who is unmarried, is pregnant. Palin, a social conservative and opponent of abortion, issued a statement saying she is proud of her daughter, who will marry the father of the baby. 佩林星期一宣布,她未婚的17岁女儿怀。佩林属于社会保守派,她反对堕胎。佩林发表声明说,她为女儿感到自豪。佩林的女儿将和孩子的父亲结婚。Delegates to the convention seemed unfazed by the change in program on Monday, and embraced the Republican Party's call to focus their attention on helping to secure aid for those affected by the hurricane. The McCain campaign reports a spike in fundraising in recent days, suggesting enthusiasm for the convention and the choice of Palin as his running mate. 到场参加会议的代表看起来并没有因为星期一日程的改变而受到影响。他们积极响应共和党的呼吁,集中精力帮助确保飓风灾民得到援助。麦凯恩的竞选团队宣布近日来竞选资金的筹集大幅增加,暗示民众对共和党大会的举行以及佩林被提名为副总统候选人充满热情。200809/47294江苏南京自体脂肪丰胸术费用

江苏南京厚唇改薄手术多少钱南京双眼皮修复 Iraqi Government, Al-Sadr Movement Agree to Cease-Fire in Sadr City伊拉克政府与萨德尔民兵同意停火   Spokesmen for the Iraqi government and the movement of radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr say the two sides agreed to a truce Saturday to end weeks of fighting in Baghdad's Sadr City. Hundreds of people have been killed in clashes between militants and government forces there since fighting intensified in late March.  伊拉克政府发言人和什叶派激进教士萨德尔领导的民兵组织的发言人都表示,双方星期六同意停战,结束几个星期以来在巴格达萨德尔城的战斗。自从3月底激进分子和政府军在萨德尔城的冲突升级以来,已经有几百人丧生。An aide to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, says the cease-fire in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City will go into effect on Sunday.  什叶派教士萨德尔的助手奥贝迪说,在巴格达东部的萨德尔城停火的协议将于星期天生效。According to the deal struck between the government's ed Iraqi Alliance and the Sadrist movement, militants belonging to the Mahdi Army will not engage in further fighting with Iraqi and coalition troops in Sadr City.  根据伊拉克政府的“伊拉克团结联盟”和萨德尔民兵组织之间达成的协议,马赫迪军的激进分子将不再与萨德尔城内的伊拉克军队以及联军部队作战。In an interview on Iraqi news, Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said this cease-fire applies only to Sadr City. He says militants there must put away their weapons for their own safety and that of the area's citizens.  伊拉克政府的发言人达巴格在接受伊拉克新闻媒体采访时说,这次停火只适用于萨德尔城。他说,萨德尔城的激进分子必须放下武器,以确保自己和当地人民的安全。He says the first thing will be to stop any shooting and to remove bombs on the roads. He says if any person holds a weapon, he will be targeted by the security forces. 他说,首先要停止一切射击,拆除路上的炸弹。他说,任何持有武器的人都会成为安全部队打击的目标。Dabbagh said that private courts operating in Sadr City outside of the Ministry of Justice must immediately stop their operations. He emphasized that only the government has the authority to provide protection or to enforce laws. 达巴格说,在萨德尔城内的、不属于司法部的私设的法庭必须立即停止运作。他强调说,只有伊拉克政府有权提供保护或者执行法律。Dabbagh added that the military will go through official channels to detain people he deemed to be "outlaws." 他还补充说,伊拉克政府军将通过官方渠道拘捕那些被认为是“罪犯”的人。He said the government will control checkpoints around Sadr City, but the area will not be cordoned off entirely.  他说,伊拉克政府将控制萨德尔城周围的检查站,但是该地区不会完全被封锁。Sadr's movement had called on the government to stop random raids against al-Sadr's followers and to open roads that lead to the city. 萨德尔领导的民兵组织一直呼吁伊拉克政府停止任意搜捕萨德尔的追随者,并呼吁伊拉克政府开放通往萨德尔城的道路。Dabbagh is also calling on all groups to cooperate to improve security for the sake of Iraqi citizens.  达巴格还呼吁所有组织进行合作,为伊拉克人民的利益改善安全状况。He says providing people with security and a suitable calm is the Iraqi government's main aim, and he says he is certain that members of al-Sadr's group feel the responsibility for this belongs to them, as well. 他说,伊拉克政府的主要目标是为伊拉克人民提供安全和适宜的宁静。他说,他肯定萨德尔民兵组织的成员也同样感到他们有这样的责任。He added that militants loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr now acknowledge that they cannot be permitted to act outside of the government.  他还说,效忠于萨德尔教士的激进分子现在承认,他们不能在伊拉克政府以外擅自行动。Dabbagh says everyone agrees that the security responsibility belongs to the government and the government only, not to militia or armed groups. 达巴格说,所有人都同意,维持安全的责任是伊拉克政府的责任,而不属于激进分子或武装组织。Dabbagh says if the truce is successful in Sadr City, the government will attempt to extend it to other regions where fighting rages. 他说,如果萨德尔城的停火成功,伊拉克政府会争取把停战扩大到其它正在发生冲突的地区。Elsewhere, in the northern city of Mosul, Iraqi military forces, backed by Coalition troops, are beginning a new phase of their campaign against al-Qaida in Iraq there. 另外,在北部城市苏尔,伊拉克军队在联军援下打击伊拉克基地组织的战役进入新阶段。The military has closed off main roads leading to Mosul to prevent militants from smuggling weapons and car bombs into the city. 伊拉克军队已经切断通往苏尔的主要道路,防止激进分子把武器和汽车炸弹运进苏尔。200805/38517江苏南京卧蚕整形

江苏省人民医院修眉多少钱Up to 150 Hindu Pilgrims Die in Temple Stampede印度发生踩踏事件140人丧生 Up to 150 Hindu pilgrims attending an annual festival have been killed in a stampede in Northern India.  在印度北部,140多名印度教朝圣者被踩踏丧生。Officials say the tragedy occurred when a metal railing along a narrow mountain path leading to Naina Devi temple in Himahcal Pradesh state collapsed under the weight of tens of thousands of devotees who had come to attend a religious festival on Sunday. 有关官员说,这次悲剧发生在通往喜马偕尔邦奈纳德维女神殿的狭窄山路上。路旁的金属栏杆,在承受成千上万教徒的压力下断裂。这些印度教徒是前往参加星期天举行的一个宗教节日。The temple is situated on a hilltop in the state's Bilaspur district.  奈纳德维女神殿座落在喜马偕尔邦比拉斯布尔区的一个山顶上。Officials say the collapse of the railing triggered panic among pilgrims, and a stampede ensued as people tried to flee to safety. There are many women and children among the victims, who fell down and were trampled.  有关官员说,金属栏杆断裂引起人们惊慌失措,在人们试图逃离到安全地带时发生了踩踏事件。很多死难者是妇女和儿童,她们在混乱中被挤倒踩死。A senior police official in Bilaspur, Bimal Gupta, says bad weather worsened the situation. 比拉斯布尔区的高级警官古普塔说,恶劣的天气使情况更加糟糕。"At the same time there was heavy rain. People wanted to save themselves," Gupta said. "In the midst you know the stampede occurred. But the administration, the local police and Home Guards, they immediately started the rescue work within 15 minutes." 他说:“踩踏事件发生时正下着大雨。人们都想逃生。因此这时候发生了踩踏事件。但是政府、当地警察和地方志愿人员在15分钟之内就立即展开了救援工作。”Police used a cable car to ferry down the dead and wounded from the hilltop. Helicopters aided the rescue efforts. Scores of injured people have been rushed to hospitals. As news of the stampede sp, relatives flocked in to identify the victims. 警方使用缆车将死伤者运下山。直升机协助救援努力。数十名受伤者被迅速送到医院。踩踏事件的消息传出后,亲属们纷纷前来找认死难者。The temple was packed at the time of the tragedy . It was the second day of the nine-day long festival called Shavran Navratras, where tens of thousands gather every year to pray to a Hindu goddess. Many of the worshippers were from the neighboring state of Punjab. 这场悲剧发生时,奈纳德维女神殿内面挤满了人,当时正是为期9天的那婆罗怛罗节的第二天。每年都有成千上万的人来神殿朝拜印度女神。很多朝圣者来自临近的旁遮普邦。Stampedes at religious festivals have occurred previously in India, where massive crowds gather on such occasions - sometimes in remote towns where the local administration is not equipped to handle large crowds. In 2005, more than 250 pilgrims were killed in a stampede near a temple in Western India.  印度过去在宗教节日期间也发生过踩踏事件,这种宗教节日吸引成千上万的人,但是有时是在边远的城镇,地方当局不具备应对大量人群的能力。2005年,在印度西部一个神殿发生的踩踏事件中,有250多名朝圣者丧生。200808/45403 Top US General Says Afghan Violence Worsening驻阿北约部队总指挥呼吁增兵增钱  The top American military commander in Afghanistan says he needs more troops and economic aid as soon as possible for the battle against insurgents that is getting more violent.美国在阿富汗的最高指挥官说,他需要尽快得到更多的部队以及经济持,因为与叛乱分子间的战斗的暴力不断升级。General David McKiernan, the commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, told reporters at the Pentagon the security situation in the south and east of the country continues to deteriorate.在阿富汗的北约国际安全援助部队的总指挥麦基尔南将军在美国国防部告诉记者,阿富汗南部和东部的安全形势继续恶化。McKiernan says NATO forces are in a very tough fight against an insurgency that could get worse before it gets better. 麦基尔南说,北约部队在和叛乱分子进行艰难的战斗,局势在好转前可能会更加恶化。"We see an increased number of foreign fighters, increased levels of violence. People generally do not feel secure, do not have freedom of movement and so the additional military capabilities that have been asked for are needed as quickly as possible," he said.他说:“我们看到外国武装分子的数量日增,暴力活动不断升级。人们通常都没有安全感,没有行动的自由,所以要求的补充兵力必需尽快到位。”More than 220 coalition soldiers have been killed in 2008, making it the deadliest year for them in Afghanistan since the U.S.-led invasion in 2001 to oust the Taliban.2008年已有两百二十多名联军士兵遭到杀害,使得今年成为从2001年美国主导的联军在阿富汗推翻塔利班统治以来伤亡最严重的一年。McKiernan says he needs at least 10,000 more troops to fight the insurgents, in addition to another U.S. combat brigade that is scheduled to arrive in January.麦基尔南说,除了预定一月份抵达的一个美国战斗旅之外,他还需要至少一万人的增援部队,来对付叛乱分子。The general told reporters an increase in support in other areas is also needed.这位将军对记者说,其它方面也需要增加援。"It is not just a question about more soldiers. It is a question about more governance, about more economic aid, about more political assistance for the government of Afghanistan as well as military capabilities," said McKiernan. 他说:“这不仅是增兵问题。这个问题也涉及加强管理、增加经济援助、加强对阿富汗政府和军事力量的政治持。”U.S. officials say al-Qaida and Taliban fighters use Pakistan's tribal region to launch attacks inside Afghanistan.美国官员说,基地组织和塔利班武装人员利用巴基斯坦部落地区向阿富汗境内发动进攻。General McKiernan says he is encouraged by a recent Pakistani military operation that Islamabad says has killed at least 1,000 militants in the Bajaur tribal region along the Afghan border.巴基斯坦当局说,巴基斯坦在阿富汗边境线附近的巴焦尔部落地区开展的一次行动杀死了至少一千名激进分子。麦基尔南将军说,这次军事行动令他感到鼓舞。"I am encouraged by the military operations that the Pakistani Army and Frontier Corps have undertaken in places like Bajaur. We are watching those very closely to see if there is a cause and effect with the strength of the insurgency on the Afghan side of the border," added McKiernan. "We think that is a positive step that they are taking on those militant sanctuaries."他说:“巴基斯坦军队和边境武装团体在巴焦尔之类地点发动的军事行动使我大受鼓舞。我们正在密切注视这些行动和阿富汗那边的叛乱力量是否存在因果关系。我们认为,巴基斯坦方面对那些激进分子庇护地点采取的行动是积极的步骤。”Recently Afghanistan's Defense Minister, Abdul Rahim Wardak, proposed the creation of a joint military force to fight militants on both sides of the border with Pakistan.最近阿富汗国防部长瓦尔达克提议和巴基斯坦建立一联合军事力量,来向巴基斯坦与阿富汗边境两侧的激进分子作斗争。General McKiernan says he supports the proposal.麦基尔南将军说,他持这一提议。"It is a very open, porous border, but the idea of a combined security effort there with Pakistani military, Frontier Corpsmen, Afghan border police with ISAF coordinated along the border I think is a very powerful idea and certainly I would like to pursue that in the future," he said.他说:“这是一条敞开无阻又漏洞百出的边境,但是我认为巴基斯坦军队、边境武装团体、阿富汗边防警察在这边境地区与国际安全援部队协调一致行动是个强有力的主张,我肯定以后要继续这样做。”McKiernan says among the additional troops he is asking for, he is hoping to get units that will be able to fight the insurgents and serve as trainers for the Afghan Army and police.麦基尔南说,他希望他所要求的增援部队既能和叛乱力量作战、也能训练阿富汗军队和警察。200810/51424南京市高淳区妇幼人民中医院去疤价格南京省肿瘤医院减肥手术价格



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