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南京整形医院拉皮手术南京臀部吸脂价格Although China's economy has been developing at a rapid pace, the income levels of China's ordinary residents, are still lagging behind. Our reporter Guan Xin takes a look at the life of Beijing's ordinary residents to find out if their income levels are on a par with the rising living costs.China, a country with fast-growing fortunes and wealth.But prosperity in the cities isn't the whole story on the real life of ordinary people.Li Shanshan is a typical wage earner. Li graduated from a good university in Beijing, and is now working for IBM. Her income is around the city's average, but she can only afford a simple life. She's forced to calculate every expenditure, including small daily necessities. "I have a tight budget, and I make every single record of my expenditure in the notebook. Even that, sometimes there are still some expenditures that I expensed that I could not afford. Therefore I applied for a credit card, and pay it back next month."She lives in this old apartment, but the rental fees are still a big expenditure for her. To save on costs, she splits the rent with a room mate. Her salary, at several thousand yuan, means living alone in a rented apartment is unrealistic, and buying a home is far beyond reach.This is the way most Chinese fresh graduates are living, usually they share apartment with friends, and manage every single expenditure carefully. Obviously their consumption ability is restricted.Economists say the low income levels of ordinary Chinese workers, is a big hurdle to stimulate consumption.Increasing ordinary people's income is not only meant to balance the country's economic growth structure. More importantly, experts say it allows ordinary Chinese people to enjoy a larger share of the fruit of the country's amazing economic growth.Vocabulary:be on a par with: 与...相等同;与...相媲美lag behind: 落后,落后于例如:If your payments of rent lag behind, you will be asked to leave.你要是不能按时付房租,就要请你搬家。daily necessities: 生活必须品例如:I'm going shopping because I need to buy some daily necessities.我要去购物,因为我需要买些日用品。201007/107924南京注射隆鼻大概要多少钱

南京市高淳区纹眼线手术多少钱常州第二人民医院面部酒窝颊部脸部多少钱How to Stick to Your Diet on HowcastStep 1: Change mindsetChange your mindset. Acknowledge that “eating whatever and whenever you want” often leaves you feel unpleasantly full and uncomfortable, which, in reality, is exactly what you don’t want.第一步:改变心态改变心态。知道“想吃什么就吃什么,什么时候想吃就吃”常会使你感到吃饱不舒和心里上的难受,这实际上恰恰是你不想要的。Tip:Acknowledge that you are in control of what you eat.建议:知道你正在控制自己的饮食。Step 2: Make a listMake a list of the reasons you want to lose weight and keep the list with you. Read your list throughout the day, every day, to stay motivated.第二步:立表将你想要减肥的理由立表,并随身携带。每天都要读那张表,天天都要读,来激励自己。Step 3: Plan mealsPlan your meals and snacks ahead of time. If you’ll be eating out or drinking alcohol, allow yourself to enjoy a small, predetermined portion of one of your favorite high-calorie treats so that you don’t feel deprived.第三步:计划饮食提前计划你的饭量和零食。如果你外出就餐或是喝酒,可以提前预定,吃一点你最喜欢的高热量食物,这样你就不会感到压抑。Step 4: Keep track of food intakeWrite down everything you eat in a journal to keep yourself aware of and honest about your food intake.第四步:了解食物摄入量将你在旅程中吃的食物都写下来,以便使自己清楚食物摄入量。Step 5: Set goalsSet small, short-terms goals. When you meet them, feel good about yourself and reward yourself with a non-food related treat.第五步:设定目标设定小的,短期的目标。当你达到目标时,你会感觉很棒,可以用非食物类的待遇来回赠自己。Tip:Focus on a realistic weekly weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds.建议:关注每周能减1-2磅。Step 6: Weigh yourselfWeigh yourself once a week at minimum, but realize that weighing yourself is only one way to track your progress. Before you know it, eating healthfully — and feeling good about it — will become second nature.第六步:称重至少每周要量一下体重,但是要明白称重只是一种检测减肥进展的方法。在你知道结果之前,要健康饮食,并保持好的心态,这样会习惯成自然。Tip:The most craved food by women in the ed States is chocolate.建议:美国女孩最想吃的食物是巧克力。 201010/116033How To Give a Speech on HowcastMost of us d making a speech to a group, but if you think of it as simple communication or helping others, you won’t be nervous.我们大部分人都害怕当众讲话,但如果你把它看做是一种简单的交流,或是对他人的帮助而已,那么你就不会紧张了。You Will Need.KnowledgeCriticPaper and penRole modelsStories and metaphorsMirrorNote cardsStrong voiceAudience你需要的的东西有:知识,员,纸和笔,角色扮演者,一些故事,打比方,镜子,提示卡,清晰有力的声音,听众Step 1: Know the subjectKnow your subject and align your message with audience expectations.第1步:了解话题了解你的话题,组织材料时要使之符合听众的口味。Step 2: PreparePrepare by role-playing the speech with a cohort to challenge your points. Focus on one topic and set out your speech to cover issues.第2步:准备让一个朋友扮演听众,来演练你的演讲。要围绕一个话题展开,并用小论点来持这个中心。Step 3: Write it downCapture key elements on paper in draft, and refine and edit a day or two later. Be concise and simple, using words that are easy to pronounce.第3步:将讲稿写下来在纸上打个草稿,要突出主要因素,并在一两天后对草稿进行修订和完善。要准确而简练,用词要易于脱口。Tips: Limit complex formulations, big words, and too many statistics in your speech to avoid losing your audience.小贴士:演讲中尽量少用复杂的公式、不常用的大词,不要用太多的数据,以免把听众吓跑。Step 4: SummarizeWhile you’re preparing, summarize your speech in one sentence to be sure you’re on point. Jot notes to trigger stories and metaphors you will use to emphasize important information.第4步:总结做演讲准备时,先用一个句子来概括演讲的主题,以确保你不会离题。然后在稿纸上勾画出你将要用到的相关故事和修辞,用来强调重要的信息。Step 5: Emulate othersStudy other speakers and absorb effective tendencies to enrich your presentation.第5步:模仿他人向其他的演讲者学习,借鉴他们演讲时的有效方式,以使自己的演讲更加生动。Tips: Allusions to people, history, or events must be brief and widely familiar.小贴士:与人物、历史或事件相关的典故必须简明而广为人知。Step 6: Practice and smilePractice in front of a mirror, remembering to smile and gesture naturally. Outline your speech on note cards, but try to get “off book” as soon as you can so your delivery will flow.第6步:练习与微笑在镜子前进行演讲练习,记得要微笑,要举止自然。可以在提示卡上列一下提纲,但练习中要尽量脱稿,只要你能做到了不依赖于稿子,演说词会自然源源流出。Step 7: Project your voiceProject and modulate your voice, using emotion to telegraph key points.第7步:调整你的声音调整和控制你的声音,借助情感来传达信息要点。Tips: As long as it’s not overdone, humor is always a good idea.小贴士:幽默总是个不错的主意,只要别过头就行。Step 8: Interact with the audienceInteract with the audience as you speak, permitting questions and moving around, keeping the presentation dynamic.第8步:与听众互动讲话时要与听众互动,请他们提出一些问题予以解答,要在会场四处走动开来,使你的演讲充满活力。Tips: Did you know? Making a presentation in public is the no.1 fear reported by people in the U.S.小贴士:你知道吗?对公共演讲的恐惧被美国人视为在所有恐惧中是排在第一位的。201009/112953常州市第一人民医院激光祛斑多少钱How do I know if a job offer is fair?我怎样才能知道雇主提供的待遇是否公平?Youll know if a job offer is fair if it meets your definition of what is reasonable. If you are offered a salary that you consider to be fair and reflect what you are honestly worth, thats a very good indicator. If the benefits that are being offered to you are fair, again, thats your subjective assessment, everybodys opinion of what is fair is going to be different, and certainly it depends a lot on what your expectations are. So, if you go into an interview expecting a 1% stock option and 1% health care insurance and those are not offered to you, you may think its not fair; however to someone else it certainly may be fair. What you can do is check various websites and find out what the going salaries and benefits at different companies in different regions around the country are, and that will give you a good idea of what the fair, going rate is and what the market is bearing in your particular industry.如果按照你的定义来说是合理的,那么你就知道这份工作提供的待遇是公平的。如果你觉得雇主提供的薪水比较公平,能够反映你的真实价值,这是很好的征兆。雇主提供的福利待遇是否公平,要说明的是,这是你的主观评估,每个人对公平的看法是不同的,这显然取决于每个人的预期。如果你面试的时候期望能有1%的认股选择权和1%的医疗保险,而雇主没有满足你的要求,你可能会认为这是不公平的。然而对于其他人来说,他们可能觉得是公平的。你要做的就是查看不同的网站,了解全国各地不同公司的薪水和福利水平,这会让你清楚了解怎样算是比较公平,目前的市场状况以及你所在的特定行业能够承受的水平。Thanks for watching How To Know If A Job Offer Is Fair.感谢收看“怎样了解工作待遇是否公平”视频节目。201211/211164南京市人民医院打溶脂针价格

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