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1. Do I need a reservation to go by ship?我坐船去需要预订吗?还能这样说:Do I have to make a reservation if I take ship?Do you think I should make a reservation to go by ship?谚语:A little leak will sink a great ship.千里之堤,溃于蚊穴。2. What time does the ship leave?船什么时间起航?还能这样说:When does the ship leave?Could you please tell me the departure time of the ship?应用:by/with your leave 恕我冒昧,对不起;ask for leave 请假;take ones leave of 辞别,离开;leave for 前往3. The ship was due to sail the following morning.这艘船定于第二天起航。还能这样说:The ship got to start the second morning.The ship set sail the following day.应用:set sail for 开船,动身;sail about 逛来逛去;sail for 乘船往……4. How much does a round trip ticket to Wuhan cost?一张去武汉的往返票要多少钱?还能这样说:How much is the fare for a round trip ticket to Wuhan?What does it cost to buy a round trip ticket to Wuhan?应用:a round of applause 掌声雷动;a round of visits 一系列的访问;巡回出诊;all round 周围;四面八方;每一个人;argue round and round 只在问题表面兜圈子 /201406/303332。

  • For:正方辩词:Blog represents a new Iife style.客代表了一种新的生活方式。I think blog represents a new life style. It changes our life a lot. In the past, we expressed our thoughts and ideas in our dairy. Now, we can visit the blogs of our friends and communicate with them there, which is convenient and efficient. The development of blog provides us with a new communication method. We can share our thoughts and ideas with our friends or even strangers in the blog. As a result, we could get comments or suggestions from them timely, which can broaden our views to a large extent.客代表了一种新的生活方式,它给我们的生活带来了很多改变。过去,我们借助日记抒发感情,表达观点。现在,我们可以通过访问朋友的客在线与他们交流,这种方式非常便利高效。客的发展为我们提供了一种新的交流方式。通过客我们可以同朋友甚至是陌生人一起分享观点和想法,而我们也能及时收到他们的和建议。这在一定程度上开阔我们的视野。Against:反方辩词:Blog has been abused.客已经被人们滥用。Although the blog provides us with an effective way to express ourselves and communicate with others, it has been commercialized by our society. And, nowadays, the blog has been abused to a large degree. More and more people view the blog as an effective way to gain attention rather than express their own thoughts or ideas. Some people even sp obscene words or pictures in their blogs. The blog should be supervised by the authorities so as not to be abused.尽管客给我们提供了一种高效的信息分享和沟通交流的渠道,但是客已经被逐步的商业化了。如今,客在很大程度上已经脱离其初衷了。越来越多的人把客看作是一种引起关注的有效途径,而并非通过它来表达观点和看法。有些人甚至在客内传播淫秽的文字或者图片。所以,客应该得到相关部门的有效管制以避免它被滥用。 /201412/349770。
  • 请求Please.麻烦你。A:More tea,please.麻烦你,再来点茶。B:Yes.sir.好的,先生。May I have a word with you?可以和你谈谈吗?A: May I have a word with you?可以和你谈谈吗?B: Im very busy. Please make the long story short.我很忙,请长话短说。have a word with“与…谈谈”Could you spare me a few minutes? Could I have a moment? Do you have a minute?可否借我几分钟?spare v. 抽出,让给Would you turn down the stereo?请把音量关小一点,好吗?stereo n. 立体声音响turn down“降低,减弱”Im begging you.求求你。A:I cant help you now.我现在没法帮你忙。B:Im begging you.求求你。beg v. 请求,乞求Please.I really need your help.拜托,我真的需要你的帮助。A:Please,I really need your help.拜托,我真的需要你的帮助。B: I cant. Dont give me a hard time.我没办法,不要为难我。求助时,要有礼貌,please这个词无论在什么场合都不会显得多余。You could give him a hand.你总可以帮他一把。A: You could give him a hand.你总可以帮他一把。B:But I cant see why.我觉得没必要。give sb.a hand“帮助某人”Could you tell me your telephone number?你能告诉我你的电话号码吗?A: Could you tell me your telephone number?你能告诉我你的电话号码吗?B:Yes, of course.当然可以。May I ask you a favor. Can you do me a favor? Will you do me a favor?可否请你帮个忙?A:May I ask you a favor?可否请你帮个忙?B:Sure. Whats it?好啊,什么事?favor n. 协助,持,厚爱,恩惠Ill regard it as a favor if you could come.如果你能来,我将不胜感激。A: Ill regard it as a favor if you could come.如果你能来,我将不胜感激。B: Id be delighted to if Im free.如有时间我很乐意去。regard as“把…看作”Id like you to call me tomorrow Would you call me tomorrow?希望你明天可以打电话给我。Wait for a moment, please. Wait one minute, please Wait one moment, please Wait a minute, please. Wait a second, please.请稍等一会儿。Id appreciate it if you could attend your party.如果你能参加我们的晚会,我将不胜感激。A: Id appreciate it if you could attend our party.如果你能参加我们的晚会,我将不胜感激。B: Thanks for your invitation. Ill be there on time.谢谢你的邀请。我会准时到的。appreciate v. 赏识,感激Do you mind if I ask you a favor? May I ask you a favor? Would you please do me a favor?你能帮我一个忙吗?Would you please help me type it?你能帮我把它打印出来吗?A:Would you please help me type it?你能帮我把它打印出来吗?B:My pleasure.很乐意。Could I trouble you to shut the door? Would you mind shutting the door?能麻烦您关一下门吗?Will you pass ne the notebook, please? Can you hand me the notebook, please? May I have the notebook, please?能把笔记本递给我吗?pass sb. sth.“递给某人某物”Could I be excused?我可以走开了吗?A:Could I be excused?我可以走开了吗?B: Wait for a moment.I have something to talk with you.等一下。我有事跟你说。I wonder iff you could post something for me.我想知道你是否能帮我邮寄点东西。A: I wonder if you could post something for me.我想知道你是否能帮我邮寄点东西。B: Im sorry. Im afraid I cant today.对不起,恐怕今天不行。I wonder后面一般接;if;或者;whether;来表示“我想知道是否…”。Can I bring something?我可以带点东西去吗?Do I need to bring anything?我要带什么东西去吗?Do you have time? Do you have a minute?能耽误你几分钟吗?Would you object if I turn off the radio?我把收音机关掉你不反对吧?A:Would you object if I turn off the radio?我把收音机关掉你不反对吧?B:No. Its noisy.不反对。太吵了。object v. 反对turn off“关掉”I beg your pardon? Pardon?请再说一遍好吗?Pardon,please.请再说一遍。这句话要以升调来读,如果用降调的话,所表达的意思是“我请求你原谅我”。I wonder if you could move the desk for me. Would you be so kind as to move the desk for me?我想知道您是否能帮我搬一下桌子。I awonder if youd mind my playing the piano.不知您是否介意我弹钢琴?A: I wonder if youd mind my playing the piano.不知您是否介意我弹钢琴?B: Oh, no. Go ahead, please.哦,不。你弹吧。go ahead。坐吧,干吧,说吧,进行吧”“演奏乐器”的表达法应为“play+ the+乐器名”,“the”不可以省略。Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?您能从心里原谅我吗?I beg your forgiveness.我恳求您宽恕我。forgive v. 原谅,宽恕May I ask you something? Could I ask you a question, please?我可以请教您下吗?Lets have a little talk.我们谈一会儿吧。A: Lets have a little talk.我们谈一会儿吧。B:Whats it about?谈什么?May I use your phone?能借用一下电话吗?A: May I use your phone?能借用一下电话吗?B:Sure. Go ahead.可以,请用吧。 /201412/347977。
  • 经典句型:Can you check my oil and tires? 能帮我检查一下机油和轮胎吗?A:Your car has been filled up.甲:您的车加满油了。B:Can you check my oil and tires?乙:能帮我检查一下机油和轮胎吗?A:Certainly.甲:当然可以。B:Is there any problem?乙:有什么问题吗?A:The tires are a little flat.甲:轮胎有点瘪。B:Please add some air.乙:请帮我充气。经典句型:Could you check the battery? 请检查一下电池好吗?A:Could you check the battery?甲:请检查一下电池好吗?B:All right.乙:好的。A:Is there anything wrong?甲:有什么问题吗?句型讲解:在加油站加油后,如果需要请工作人员对你的汽车进行检查,可以说Would you please check the tiresbattery tank?请给我检查一下轮胎电池箱好吗? /201405/296996。
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