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With 300,000 Chinese tourists expected to visit Spain this year and a million by the end of the decade, hotels are rushing to adapt in order to receive a ;Chinese-friendly; stamp of approval。今年预计有30万中国游客到西班牙旅游,而到2020年中国游客人数将达到100万。鉴于此,西班牙的宾馆酒店正在争相调整务策略,只为获得“中国友好”认。;It#39;s paradoxical that Spain, the biggest tourist destination after France and the ed States, is practically unknown in China,; said Kurt Gr#246;tsch, chief executive of Chinese Friendly International, whose endorsement is recognised in all 28 EU member states. The World Tourism Organisation estimates that 100 million Chinese will leave their country on holiday this year。“西班牙是继法国、美国之后的第三大旅游胜地,但是在中国却鲜为人知,这实在有些矛盾,”中国友好国际项目主席Kurt Gr#246;tsch说。该项目认已获得28个欧盟国家的认可。世界旅游组织预计今年将有1亿中国人出国度假。Among the adjustments hoteliers need to make is to never give a Chinese visitor a room with the number four in it, nor one on the fourth floor. In Mandarin the number four sounds so similar to the word for death that Chinese go to great lengths to avoid saying it。策略调整之一就是,酒店经营者不能将带有数字4的房间安排给中国游客,也不能将他们安排在位于4楼的房间。在汉语中,数字4与汉字“死”的读音相似,因此中国人都尽量避免提及。There should be no physical contact when greeting guests, and the hotel#39;s visiting card should be presented with both hands. The restaurant and other hotel information should be offered in Mandarin, fruit should always be served in portions, never whole. Hot water should be served with meals, especially if the guests have ordered meat, and all rooms should have a kettle, even though guests often use them to cook noodles。迎接中国客人时,应尽量避免肢体接触,酒店名片应该双手奉上。餐厅菜单、酒店信息将提供中文版本,水果应以小分量提供,而不是整只摆放。正餐时应提供热水,尤其是在客人点了肉食的时候。所有客房应备有水壶,尽管客人只是用其烧水煮泡面。Furthermore, waiters should remember to serve the eldest or the most highly educated person first. They should never point with the finger, only with the hand。此外,务员应记住以长者或是学识最高的人为先。指向某人时绝对不能用手指,而要用手。;Word of mouth counts for a lot in China,; said Gr#246;tsch. ;If a Chinese enjoys themselves somewhere, more will come. Often you can become Chinese-friendly without any great investment.;“在中国,口碑极其重要,”Gr#246;tsch说道。“如果一个中国人在某个地方玩得很开心,就会有更多的中国游客到来。无需多投资,你就能获得中国友好的认可。”He recommends that waiters learn a few basic phrases in Mandarin, such as asking diners whether they#39;ve enjoyed their meal。他建议务员学习一些简单的中文,例如,询问客人用餐是否愉快。Currently, 14 hotels in Spain have been rated Chinese-friendly. ;Being rated Chinese-friendly by a recognised association is a big help in dealing with Chinese companies and positioning ourselves in an emerging market,; said Alex Rodríguez, marketing director of the Vincci hotel chain. The company#39;s five-star hotel in Málaga has acquired the rating and the chain may soon seek approval for its three Barcelona hotels。目前,西班牙有14家酒店获得了“中国友好”的认。维西酒店连锁市场总监阿历克斯·罗德里格兹说:“获得中国友好认,这在与中国公司处理业务,以及在新兴市场占领先机都将大有益处。”位于马拉加的维西五星级酒店已获得认,下一步,位于巴塞罗那的3家酒店也将申请认。Gr#246;tsch admitted that the Chinese were not always the most popular guests, especially those travelling abroad for the first time. ;They can be rude, people see them as arrogant, they talk loud and smoke like chimneys in non-smoking areas.;Gr#246;tsch承认中国人并非总那么受人欢迎,尤其是那些第一次出国的游客。“他们粗鲁,甚至自大,总是大声地喧哗,喜欢在禁烟区吞云吐雾。”One Barcelona hotel that has been approved as Chinese-friendly since 2013 no longer wants to be associated with this type of tourism as it drives away other visitors. Germans, in particular, are inclined to cancel their reservation if they know there will be Chinese in the hotel, a hotel spokesman claimed。一家在2013年就获得中国友好认的酒店不想继续跟这个项目合作了,因为这个认让酒店丧失了其他的客源。一位酒店发言人表示,德国人尤其明显,如果他们知道酒店里会有中国人入住,他们就会取消预订。However, the Chinese government is anxious to create a good impression and has drawn up a blacklist of citizens who behave badly abroad. People found guilty of antisocial behaviour, vandalism, gambling or going to strip clubs will be placed on the list for two years and will face additional, unspecified punishments。不过,中国政府也在积极为提升中国人的国际印象做努力,他们出台了不文明行为黑名单。违反社会秩序、破坏公物、参与、观看脱衣舞表演的游客将被记录在黑名单2年,并且还会受到别的处罚。 /201506/379840New research reveals that the modern man is more image-obsessed than ever, spending over four years of his life perfecting his appearance. Women, on the other hand, spend three years.最新一项调查显示,现代男性比以往任何时候都更注重自身形象,他们一生中有超过4年的时间花在美容美体上。而女性的这个时间仅为3年。The survey also found that men spend a year and three months of their life in the gym perfecting their bodies - that#39;s six times as long as women, who spend two months.该调查还发现男性一生中有1年零三个月的时间在体育馆健身,这个时间是女性的6倍,女性用来健身的时间只有两个月。The nationwide poll of over 2,000 Brits gives an intriguing insight into the regime of a modern man, with the average male spending two years and three months showering and bathing, with women claiming they spend a comparable one year and eight months.这项包括2000多名英国人的全国调查,得出了有关现代男性的一些很有趣的结果。调查显示现代男性一生中花在洗澡沐浴上的时间为2年零3个月,而女性花在这上面的时间只有1年零8个月。Image conscious men spend the most time creating expertly groomed facial hair, dedicating almost half a year of their lives (5.5 months) to shaving.男性们注意自身形象还体现在刮胡子上,调查显示男性一生中有5.5个月的时间在刮胡子。Silky smooth skin is also high on the male grooming agenda with general bodily hair removal taking up a month of their lives.除了刮胡子,男性们也会对身体脱毛,这在他们一生中占据1个月的时间。Elsewhere, men spend five months at the hairdressers quaffing their #39;do and almost a month cutting and taking care of their nails.在理发和美发上男性一生中要花5个月的时间,而花在修护指甲上的只有1个月。Over a year of a man’s lifetime is also spent at the gym sculpting their bodies and honing their muscles.男性一生中有超过1年的时间花在健身房里塑造形体和紧致肌肉。On the other hand, women spend 3.1 years of their lifetime on perfecting their looks, comparably less than men, who are spending significantly more time working out to achieve a beautiful body.相比之下,女性一生中用来美容美体的时间为3.1年,这个时间比爱“臭美”的男性要少。Showing that grooming is an important life lesson, almost a third of men (27 per cent) polled said that learning to shave was the top skill passed on by their fathers.另外,调查显示刮胡子对很多男性来说是重要的一课,几乎有三分之一(27%)的受调查男性表示刮胡子是从自己父亲身上学到的最重要的技能。A spokesperson for Dove Men Care, who commissioned the research, said: #39;Grooming has become increasingly important to the modern man. With the rise of male-focused products becoming available, guys are now taking a bit of ;me time; to enjoy their shave, style hair and work out.#39;发起此项调查的多芬日用品公司的一名发言人称:“对现代男性来说,刮胡子变得越来越重要。随着专门针对男性的美容美体产品越来越丰富,男人们现在也可以自在地享受刮胡子、理发或健身等‘属于自己的臭美时间’了。” AND MEN ARE WARDROBE HOARDERS, TOO!男性也是能把衣柜塞满的“购物狂”。Storage space, in particular the wardrobe, can be a constant source of frustration amongst cohabiting couples and new research reveals that contrary to popular belief, men are the wardrobe hoarders, not women.储物空间尤其是衣柜的空间不够用,是困扰很多夫妻的烦恼之一。最新一项调查显示与大众的流行观点相反,衣多得塞满衣柜的不是女性,而是男性。New research found that a quarter of men surveyed claimed they could fill up to six average-sized bin bags with clothes and shoes they never wear, compared to just 18 per cent of women who suggested they could do the same.新调查发现受调查的男性中有四分之一称他们从未穿过的衣和鞋子能装满6个普通大小的垃圾袋,而这个比例在女性中为18%。When it comes to actually disposing of their belongings, men appeared to be the more sentimental sex, with 73 per cent admitting they felt remorse having had thrown away cherished possessions, compared to 31 per cent of women who said they had no regrets about doing so, reveals the survey by Boxman.而在丢弃物品方面,男性则表现得更加感性。据一项调查显示,有73%的男性承认会后悔曾把很珍贵的东西丢掉,而女性中有31%的人则表示她们从不会后悔。 /201411/341975The Western Roman Empire may have fallen more than 1,500 years ago, but its rich legacy of innovation and invention can still be seen today. The Romans were prodigious builders and expert civil engineers, and their thriving civilization produced advances in technology, culture and architecture that remained unequaled for centuries. From aqueducts to newspapers, find out more about 10 innovations that built ancient Rome.西罗马帝国的没落已过去近1500年,但其在创造发明方面所留下的富饶文化遗产依然鲜活如新。罗马人是令世人惊讶的建设者,更是土木工程界的资深专家,其蓬勃发展的社会文明使古罗马帝国数个世纪以来在科技、文化、建筑等方面都保持着无可比拟的优越性。从修建大型输水道到创立报刊,接下来,让我们深入了解一下古罗马的十大创新之举。10.Battlefield Surgery10.战地外科The Romans invented many surgical tools and pioneered the use of the cesarean section, but their most valuable contributions to medicine came on the battlefield. Under the leadership of Augustus, they established a military medical corps that was one of the first dedicated field surgery units. These specially trained medics saved countless lives through the use of Roman medical innovations like hemostatic tourniquets and arterial surgical clamps to curb blood loss. Roman field doctors also performed physicals on new recruits and helped stem the sp of disease by overseeing sanitation in military camps. They were even known to disinfect instruments in hot water before use, pioneering a form of antiseptic surgery that was not fully embraced until the 19th century. Roman military medicine proved so advanced at treating wounds and promoting wellness that soldiers tended to live longer than the average citizen despite constantly facing the hazards of combat.罗马人发明了许多外科手术工具,并率先进行了剖腹产手术,但值得一提的是,他们在医学上最有价值的贡献都是在战场上。在奥古斯塔斯的统领下,他们组建了一个军队医疗队,这是最早致力于专业领域的一医疗队伍。这些经过特殊训练的医务人员使用止血带止血,使用动脉手术钳抑制术中出血等,通过这些医疗创新手段在战乱中拯救了无数条濒临死亡的生命。罗马的战地医生还为新入伍的军人进行体检,并监管军营的卫生条件以遏制疾病的传播。他们甚至知道在使用医疗用具之前需要在热水中对其进行消毒,开创了抗菌手术的先例,尽管这种手术形式直到19世纪都没有完全被世人接受。罗马军事医学鲜明的实了其在愈伤及保健方面技术的先进性,以至于士兵尽管饱受战争之苦,却依然比平民百姓的寿命要长。9.The Twelve Tables and the Corpus Juris Civilis9.十二铜表法及罗马民法大全Subpoena, habeas corpus, pro bono, affidavit—all these terms derive from the Roman legal system, which dominated Western law and government for centuries. The basis for early Roman law came from the Twelve Tables, a code that formed an essential part of the constitution during the Republican era. First adopted around 450 B.C., the Twelve Tables detailed laws regarding property, religion and divorce and listed punishments for everything from theft to black magic. Even more influential than the Twelve Tables was the Corpus Juris Civilis, an ambitious attempt to synthesize Rome’s history of law into one document. Established by the Byzantine emperor Justinian between 529 and 535 A.D., the Corpus Juris included modern legal concepts such as the notion that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. After the fall of the Roman empire, it became the basis for many of the world’s legal systems. Along with English common law and sharia law, Roman law remains hugely influential and is still reflected in the civil laws of several European nations as well as the U.S. state of Louisiana.传票,人身保护权益,义务法律,词,所有这些条款都出自罗马的法律制度,几个世纪以来,该制度在西方法律和政府管理中都占有重要的统治地位。最初的古罗马法律起源于《十二铜表法》,该法则为共和党时期制定的宪法中的一个重要部分。《十二铜表法》于公元前450年首次通过,详述了财产、宗教和离婚方面的相关条例,并列出了从盗窃到巫术等所有罪行的刑罚措施。然而,同《十二铜表法》相比,《罗马民法大全》更具影响力,这是一部雄心勃勃试图融合整个罗马史法律的百科全书。民法大全由拜占庭国王查士丁尼(公元529-535)起草,涵盖了很多近代法律原理,比如“除非被告被明有罪,否则就无罪释放”这样的概念。罗马帝国灭亡之后,其成为世界众多法律体系的基石。之后,英国普通法和伊斯兰教教法相继颁布,但古罗马法典仍发挥着其不容小觑的影响力,在一些欧洲国家以及美国路易斯安那州等地的民事法案上依然奏效。8.The Julian Calendar8.罗马儒略历(公历)The modern Gregorian calendar is modeled very closely on a Roman version that dates back more than 2,000 years. Early Roman calendars were likely cribbed from Greek models that operated around the lunar cycle. But because the Romans considered even numbers unlucky, they eventually altered their calendar to ensure that each month had an odd number of days. This practice continued until 46 B.C., when Julius Caesar and the astronomer Sosigenes instituted the Julian system to align the calendar with the solar year. Caesar lengthened the number of days in a year from 355 to the now-familiar 365 and eventually included the 12 months as we know them today. The Julian calendar was almost perfect, but it miscalculated the solar year by 11 minutes. These few minutes ultimately threw the calendar off by several days. This led to the adoption of the nearly identical Gregorian calendar in 1582, which fixed the discrepancy by altering the schedule of leap years.现代的公历与2000多年前的罗马儒略历极为相似。而罗马早期的日历又极有可能是抄袭自古希腊月亮运行周期的模型。由于罗马人认为偶数是极不吉利的,于是他们改写日历,使每个月都变为奇数天。这一做法在儒略历出现前一直被延用,直到公元前46年,罗马统帅尤利乌斯#8226;凯撒(Julius Caesar)与天文学家索西琴尼(Sosigenes)一起,创立了同阳历相符的儒略历。凯撒将当时的一年355天改为现在我们所熟知的一年365天,并最终将一年划分为12个月。儒略历几乎可以说是完美的日历了,但美中不足的是,我们实际一年的时长同365天相比存在11分钟的误差。于是人们最终采用了1582年设立的公历日历,该年历考虑到了由于闰年改变所存在的误差,使得日历更为精确。审校:省略珺 橘子 /201507/387458

Back in 1986, Hiroaki Ota, a Japanese psychiatrist, identified Paris Syndrome: a state of psychological trauma experienced by first-time Japanese visitors to the City of Light when they discovered that the French capital was far grittier than the glamorous vision they were expecting.1986年,日本精神病专家太田广明(Hiroaki Ota)提出了“巴黎综合症”:当首次来到“光之城”(巴黎别称——译者注)的日本游客发现巴黎远非他们所期待的那么光鲜的时候,他们会经历一种心理创伤状态。Three decades on, an even larger number of Chinese visitors to France — attracted by the same visions of fashion, romance, culture and history as Japanese tourists in the 1980s — are grappling with similar culture shock. But while some have been afflicted, the allure of France — and Paris in particular — remains extremely potent.30年后,在同样的时尚、浪漫、文化和历史愿景吸引下,人数更多的中国游客蜂拥而至巴黎。就像上世纪80年代的日本游客那样,他们遭遇了类似的文化冲击。但是,尽管一些人感到郁闷,但法国(尤其是巴黎)依然具有强烈的吸引力。The results of the latest large-scale annual survey of Chinese outbound tourists by China Confidential, a research service from the Financial Times, show that France remained the most popular long-haul destination among Chinese travellers and the sixth-most-popular destination overall, up from tenth in the 2014 survey. This was borne out by official tourism statistics showing that France received 2.2m Chinese visitors last year, a jump from 1.7m in 2013.英国《金融时报》旗下研究机构《中国投资参考》(China Confidential)对中国出境游客进行的最新年度调查显示,法国依然是中国游客最向往的长途旅游目的地,而且在所有旅游目的地中排名第六,高于2014年调查中的第十位。这得到了官方旅游统计数据的佐,后者显示,去年法国迎来220万名中国游客,高于2013年的170万人。In fact, rising incomes, cheaper flights and easing visa restrictions are increasingly turning French holidays from a luxury commodity into a mainstream Chinese consumer experience. Almost a quarter (24.5 per cent) of 1,288 surveyed travellers (all of whom had made at least one overseas trip in their lifetimes) said they had visited France in the past. Even among lower-income travellers, about 15 per cent had visited France.实际上,由于收入不断增长、机票价格下降以及签条件放宽,去法国度假正从一种奢侈商品变成中国消费者的主流体验。在1288名受访游客当中(这些人至少有过一次出国旅游的经历),近四分之一(24.5%)表示,他们曾去过法国。即便在较低收入的受访游客当中,也有约15%去过法国。This French love affair looks set to continue: 17.7 per cent of respondents said they planned to visit France this year, ranking it the most popular destination among travellers who have made previous overseas trips, ahead even of increasingly popular short-haul destinations such as Japan (17.5 per cent) and South Korea (14.7 per cent).这种对法国的痴迷看起来还会持续下去:17.7%的受访者表示,他们今年计划去法国旅游,这让法国成为最让出境游客向往的旅游目的地,甚至领先于日本(17.5%)和韩国(14.7%)这些日益流行的短途旅游目的地。France overwhelmingly remains the dream global destination for Chinese tourists, chosen by 31.6 per cent of respondents, well ahead of second-placed Italy (20.9 per cent) and little changed from the 32.5 per cent that cited France as their dream destination in China Confidential’s 2014 survey.法国遥遥领先地依然是中国游客梦想的全球旅游目的地,31.6%的受访者选择法国,远高于排名第二的意大利(20.9%),与《中国投资参考》去年的调查结果没有什么变化——去年有32.5%的受访者将法国列为自己梦想的旅游目的地。With the number of Chinese visitors to France likely to grow further in coming years, this should continue to provide a significant boost to the French economy. Even though average spending by visitors to France was slightly lower than in China Confidential’s previous surveys — in line with broader trends — it nevertheless remained far higher than spending by Chinese visitors to all other destinations, averaging Rmb44,488 (,175). Spending on shopping also remained far higher, averaging Rmb19,620, driven by continued strong purchases of French luxury goods, although shopping spend was down from Rmb23,779 in last year’s survey, again in line with trends seen both at home and abroad.随着今后几年去法国旅游的中国游客数量进一步增加,法国经济应该会继续获得巨大推动。尽管中国游客去法国的平均出为4.4488万元人民币(合7175美元),略低于《中国投资参考》前几年的调查数据(这符合中国出境游客的整体趋势),但它仍远高于中国游客在其他任何国家的旅游出。由于中国游客大量购买法国奢侈品,他们的购物出也比在其他国家高得多,平均为1.9620万元人民币,尽管低于去年调查的2.3779万元人民币,这同样符合国内外的趋势。All of which points to the challenges faced by rival tourism authorities in displacing France in the imaginations of Chinese travellers. Despite making it significantly easier for Chinese visitors to get visas, the US, for example, ranked tenth in terms of most visited destinations last year and failed to make the top 10 in terms of destinations that respondents planned to visit or in terms of their dream destinations.所有这些都表明,其他国家很难取代法国,成为中国游客梦想的旅游目的地。例如,尽管已经大幅简化了针对中国游客的签手续,但在去年游客人数最多的旅游目的地排名中,美国依然仅列第十位,而在受访者计划旅游的目的地或者梦想旅游目的地排名中,美国未能进入前十名。France, it seems, continues to have that special something. If only there was a way to describe it.法国似乎依然有些特别的魅力,要是有办法描述这种吸引力就好了。 /201505/374638

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