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on air pollution, and the worst Chinese city, Xingtai, only ranks ninth in the。


女人依旧很难获得高薪工作 :: 女人依旧很难获得高薪工作May 1st is International Workers’ Day, a public holiday in China and many countries around the world. Some people that aren’t resting, however, are the business women in Beijing. The number of Chinese businesswomen is growing rapidly, but, as CCTV reporter Martina Fuchs finds out there is still a glass ceiling women trying to access the boardrooms and gain highlevel executive positions. Meet Jennifer MaoJones. Jennifer’s fulltime job is to work one of the oldest U.S. law firms in its Beijing office. In her spare time, however, Jennifer heads 85 Broads, a worldwide network highcaliber women."We have more women coming out of universities with better academics and better credentials than men, consistently. This is happening across the board in China. At 85 Broads the mission statement and the idea is that if we get a lot of great, highachieving and intellectual women in the same room then great things can happen. Our goal is to change the course of history future women throughout the world and in our commies," she said.It’s not an easy job to be a business woman in Beijing, with the number of women in leadership and Clevel positions still extremely low compared to their male counterparts. At a recent conference in Beijing to empower women, female executives say Beijing’s corporate world needs a shakeup."Well, it’s a pyramid. Any time you get to a certain level on a pyramid there are less and less people that are peer to you. So a lot of women executives it becomes very lonely. You may be the only woman executive or maybe two women executives so you only have yourself or another to compare maybe to all the other male executives that have many many many peers that can support you. So it’s very hard once you get to the pyramid at the top to stay top, engage, and get on to the next level," said Su Cheng HarrisSimpson, Exec. Dir. Greater China, Weconnect International.Anita Tang is Managing Director of Royal Roots Global, a business strategy advisor focusing on the U.S.China business space."That’s kind of in our DNA. Men are just like this, women are like that. I can’t explain. Women tend to multitask. And men they only do one thing at a time. We have to look an environment in which we can multitask but in which we can always focus in what we do. So this is something a woman leader will have to pay a lot of attention to. We cannot always multitask. If we do, then we have to make sure that the most important task we do is successful and focused," said Anita Tang, managing director of Royal Roots.That’s why it’s hard to believe that, according to Deloitte, the proportion of female members on the boards of companies in China is only 8.0%. That compares to .1% in the ed States, and .0% in Germany.Empowering Women is still an 'Unfinished Business'. Not just here in Beijing but around the world. So what should companies do to get more women to the very top of the corporate ladder?The Hong Kong Stock Exchange, example, has introduced a rule that requires listed companies to report on their board diversity.Making boardrooms more varied would also be good business. A number of studies by Ernst Young, McKinsey and others have shown that companies with more women in leadership roles perm better financially.。

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The issue of inflated data originates from the obsession some local officials have impressive figures, which could bring political benefits under previous official evaluation measures.。

经验交流:记英语专业八级单词的窍门 7 00:9: 岁的李栗(清华大学三年级学生)已经高分过了英语六级,正准备“英语专业八级”的考试她联系到记者时,腼腆地表示“我主要想给大家介绍一下自己背专八单词经验当然,每个人都有自己的方法,我这个仅供参考而已”1.背单词要背得好,要背得快,最基本的原则是脑子不断地想单词,让单词不断地从脑子里过,看书看遍,还不如脑子过一遍要做到单词在脑子里过的次数比在书本上过的次数多得多,要做到完全抛开书本,不依赖书本,不拿书的时候也在想单词、背单词要尽量在单词被忘记之前在脑子里过一遍,这样,它留给你的印象要深得多,就算以后忘记,也很容易记起来.背单词时还要注意在单词之间建立联系当然,刚开始时可能能建立的联系很少,但要注意培养这种意识,争取一串串地背单词,看见一个,就能想起一串比如,同义的单词一块儿记,反义的、形似的、分类的、词根的,背单词一段时间之后,就应该看到该单词,想一想以前学过什么同义的,如果只有印象而想不起来,最好在一个笔记本上记一笔,下次碰到该单词时,特别注意比如,背单词一段时间后,应该问自己:我一共学了多少关于衣的词?如果你只记得中文意思,想不起英文,下次就要特别注意了或者你看到holograph的时候是否能想起homograph?芽虽然有些书给你整理了一些联系,可我觉得自己总结的才会印象最深这样,单词之间建立联系后,不拿书本的时候你也能利用这些联系不断地想单词,当某一个单词记不起来时,就要注意了不妨看后面的单词时,就不断地想前面学过的单词中有哪些类似的,或意思相反的,把有联系的单词的页数写在单词旁,每当看到这个单词时,总想起和它有关的单词,想不起时再根据页数翻看如果有印象而想不起来,就在笔记本上记一笔,下次补上3.背单词时不要在一个单词上花的时间太多,根本不用超过一分钟,像扫描般一掠而过只是重复的次数要多,特别在脑子里重复的次数要比在书本上重复的次数多得多其他方法还有听录音带,背单词软件等等不时翻一翻别的单词书也挺有用,因为有新鲜感。

However, another advocate of less government secrecy, Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, questioned whether the implications will be so dire, given the extraordinary nature of the Manning case.。

The sightings and warning follow months of renewed tension between Japan and China over a group of strategically important and resourcerich islands in the East China Sea, known as the Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in Chinese.。

China is our reliable friend. To expand cooperation with China is undoubtedly Russia's diplomatic priority, Putin told Chinese reporters bee attending the Conference on Interaction and ConfidenceBuilding Measures in Asia (CICA) slated Tuesday and Wednesday in Shanghai.。