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Russia says it has stepped up airstrikes against ISIL militants after the Kremlin accepted that it was a bomb that brought down a Russian airliner over Egypt last month killing all 224 people on board.俄罗斯表示,克林姆林宫确定上个月造成224人遇难的客机坠毁事件系炸弹引起,已加强对ISIL武装分子的打击。President Vladimir Putin visited the Russian Defence Ministry’s command centre on Tuesday evening and told his military to cooperate with France.星期二晚上,总统普京弗访问俄罗斯国防指挥中心,并告诉军方与法国合作。Very soon a French navy fleet, headed by an aircraft carrier, will arrive in your area of operation. You need to establish a direct contact with the French and work with them as allies.不久由航母领航的法国海军舰队将到达行动区域。你们需要与法国建立直接联系,并与他们成为盟友。Putin has vowed to hunt down those responsible for the bombing of its airliner over Sinai.Until Tuesday Russia had played down the assertion from other Western countries that the plane was destroyed by an explosion.普金誓言追捕西奈客机爆炸事件负责人。直至周二俄罗斯对西方国家认为飞机是被炸毁的主张轻描淡写。But at a news conference in Sharm-al-Sheik, the Egyptian government was still hesitating to say there was anything wrong with its security procedures.但在Sharm-al-Sheik新闻发布会上,埃及政府还在不愿承认安全程序有什么不对。When we discover that there was a security lapse we’ll take the necessary measures. However up until now there is no evidence there was any lapse in travel procedures or security inspections.当我们发现安全失效,我们将采取必要措施。然而,到现在为止还没有据表明旅行程序或安全检查有任何错误。But Egypt did say it would work with Russia to combat terrorism and increase international cooperation on the issue. As far as its own investigation is concerned it said it still had not reached a conclusion.但埃及表示将与俄罗斯合作打击恐怖主义,并在这一问题上加大国际合作。就其本身调查而言还没有得出结论。译文属。 /201511/410631

I#39;m in British Columbia in deep winter,Where I#39;ve survived the chilling water of a frozen lake.我现在深冬的不列颠哥伦比亚省 我曾在这里冰冻湖的冰水中生存下来Got to get out of here.Back on solid ground,The team and I head for the hills.离开这儿 回到陆地上 团队和我像大山进军The snowcats make easy work of these conditions.雪地车在这些条件下可以轻松工作And without them,it would be a completely different scenario.没有它们 就会是个完全不同的情况了In wintertime with thick snow cover,moving anywhere on foot is just hard, hard work.在厚雪覆盖的冬季 用脚走路 不管去哪里都是非常艰难的You get deep snow well up to your waist,And your pace can reduce to literally a crawl.雪深到你的腰部 你的步速慢得像在爬But on steep ground,pace is the least of your worries.但是在陡峭的地方 步速就是你最不担心的事情了Slip here, and you#39;ll be heading downhill fast.在这里滑行 你会快很多Hitting rocks at speed could be fatal.高速撞上岩石会致命You need to know how to stop your slide.你得知道如何停止滑动As the convoy climbs, the terrain gets steeper.随着车队的爬升 地势越来越陡峭We#39;re heading for the mountain peaks,我们正向山顶出发Where I#39;ll face my next challenge,a high-speed glissade.Okay, let#39;s go, guys.在那里我将面临我的下一个挑战 一次高速下滑 走吧伙计们To show you how to survive a fall in terrain as demanding and steep as this,向你展示如何在陡峭的地方摔落时生存下来 就是如此的陡峭I#39;m gonna deliberately throw myself down the mountain,Then try to arrest my descent.我会故意让自己从山上摔下来 然后努力控制落速But this deep winter snow is too soft to stand any chance of sliding.但是这个深冬雪太软了 使得我不能滑行Our snowcat, though, will soon fix that.我们的雪地车会很快解决这个问题 Article/201703/497130

Over 1,100 die in heat wave across India酷暑“烤”验印度 已致超过1100人死亡A heat wave is continuing to scorch India. It has now killed over 1,100 people, with most of the victims in the southern states.今年印度部分地区持续高温天气造成死亡人数已超过1100人。其中大多数受害者生活在南方各地。People are doing all they can to cope with the sweltering heat as temperatures soar to nearly 50 degrees Celsius in some places.一些地方气温迅速攀升至近50摄氏度,人们想尽一切办法进行解暑。In the most severely affected states-Andhra Pradesh and Telangana-more than 330 and 200 people respectively have died.在受影响最为严重的安得拉邦和特仑甘纳两个地区各造成330多人及200多人死亡。The government has announced that compensation of 1,500 US dollars will be given to the families of the deceased.印度政府已宣布为死者家属提供1500美元的补偿金。The Indian weather department has issued a red alert for these two states and has forecast that the heat wave will be lingering.印度气象部门已经在这两个地区发出红色警报并且预测高温热潮将会持续一段时间。 Article/201505/377550

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