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“Leave the front door wide open, all the time,” God told Mel in a dream. Furthermore, God added, put three dishes filled with raw hamburger in every room in the house. Add more hamburger when the dishes became empty.A very strange dream, Mel had thought, but who was he to question a command from God? He opened the front door wide and put the dishes in every room. The first day, hundreds of flies flew in. Each day, hundreds more followed. His wife Hazel was as religious as Mel, but her complaints increased each week. So one day, Mel drove to a nearby Wal-Mart. He bought three dozen fly swatters and returned home. He pounded small nails into each wall of each room, and hung a fly swatter on each nail. “There, that ought to do it,” he told his wife, handing her a swatter.“What good is this? The front door is still wide open!” she yelled at him. He said that was okay; it was God’s will. They knew that He worked in mysterious ways. Maybe He was going to reward them when this was all over.More and more flies moved into their south Florida house. When the kids opened their mouths to put food inside, flies flew into their mouths. After a while, the kids got used to eating the crunchy flies with their food. Article/201106/139152PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER SEVENMr. Rochester"Yes, sir," I replied."Let's see... you aren't a servant at Thornfield. I can tell because of your black dress. You must be..." He stopped speaking, but seemed to want to know who I was, so I told him."I am the governess.""Ah, the governess! Of course! I had forgotten!" He tried to stand up but his leg was still hurting him badly. "Well, I don't want you to find help, but you could help me yourself, if you like.""Of course, sir," I said. And so he leaned his weight on my shoulder and I helped him walk to his horse. In a moment he had jupmed on to the horse's back."Thank you. You should go home now, it's getting dark!" he said, as he [-----1-----] away.I walked back to the house, happy with the interesting meeting. In my mind I saw the man's dark, stong face. Even when I arrived back at Thornfield, I did not go into the house immediately. I knew I would only spend the evening quietly with old Mrs. Fairfax. Instead I stayed outside, [-----2-----] up at the moon and the stars, thinking about a different, more [-----3-----] life.When I went inside, the servants told me that Mr. Rochester had arrived, but that he had hurt his leg when his horse slipped on the ice!Vocabulary Focusleaned his weight on my shoulder:把重量压在我的肩上。lean本身表示倾斜地倚靠,此处罗切斯特先生因摔伤无法行走,只能倚靠在简的身上,因此身体的重量也就压在简身上了。填空 :1.rode2.staring3.excitingArticle/200904/66822She was a big, homely, overweight young woman, in her late 20s, maybe. No ring on her finger, so she was probably single. In fact, judging from her unfriendly demeanor, she probably had no boyfriend. And unless she started dieting and exercising regularly, she would probably remain unattached.Vivian asked her to make sure to remove the plastic tag from each article of clothing that Vivian was buying at Marshall's. The woman looked at Vivian but said nothing. Not "yes, ma'am," not "of course," not "no problem." She yanked each shirt off its hanger, removed each tag, and folded each shirt quickly but carelessly. Even though the building was air-conditioned, her forehead had beads of sweat. Occasionally she wiped the sweat off with the back of her hand.When she finished removing all the plastic tags and folding shirts into three piles, she rang up the total--0.78. Vivian presented her VISA card. The clerk completed the transaction and gave Vivian the receipt to sign. Then she started to put all 19 shirts into one big bag. Vivian said no, please put them into three bags because that would be easier to carry back out to the car. The young woman made a sour face, as if she had been asked to lick the floor clean.She almost threw each pile of shirts into three separate plastic bags. Vivian said thank you and picked up the bags. The young woman said nothing. Wordlessly she wiped the sweat off her forehead, pulled a shirt off the hanger for the next customer, and folded it. Article/201104/132599

A Refusal To Mourn The Death, By Fire, Of A Child In LondonNever until the mankind makingBird beast and flowerFathering and all humbling darknessTells with silence the last light breakingAnd the still hourIs come of the sea tumbling in harnessAnd I must enter again the roundZion of the water beadAnd the synagogue of the ear of cornShall I let pray the shadow of a soundOr sow my salt seedIn the least valley of sackcloth to mournThe majesty and burning of the child's death.I shall not murderThe mankind of her going with a grave truthNor blaspheme down the stations of the breathWith any furtherElegy of innocence and youth.Deep with the first dead lies London's daughter,Robed in the long friends,The grains beyond age, the dark veins of her mother,Secret by the unmourning waterOf the riding Thames.After the first death, there is no other. Article/200909/83253

呼啸山庄 Chapter15 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱 Article/200809/47508

有声名著之简爱Jene Eyer Chapter1 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47238

吉英这样的性子,本来不会轻易意志消沉,从此便渐渐产生了希望认为彬格莱先生准定会回到尼日斐花园一,使她万事如意,尽管有时候她还是怀疑多于希望。;If we thought alike of Miss Bingley, ; replied Jane, ;your representation of all this might make me quite easy. But I know the foundation is unjust. Caroline is incapable of wilfully deceiving anyone; and all that I can hope in this case is that she is deceiving herself. ;;That is right. You could not have started a more happy idea, since you will not take comfort in mine. Believe her to be deceived, by all means. You have now done your duty by her, and must fret no longer. ;;But, my dear sister, can I be happy, even supposing the best, in accepting a man whose sisters and friends are all wishing him to marry elsewhere?;;You must decide for yourself, ; said Elizabeth; ;and if, upon mature deliberation, you find that the misery of disobliging his two sisters is more than equivalent to the happiness of being his wife, I advise you by all means to refuse him. ;;How can you talk so?; said Jane, faintly smiling. ;You must know that though I should be exceedingly grieved at their disapprobation, I could not hesitate. ;;I did not think you would; and that being the case, I cannot consider your situation with much compassion. ;;But if he returns no more this winter, my choice will never be required. A thousand things may arise in six months!;The idea of his returning no more Elizabeth treated with the utmost contempt. It appeared to her merely the suggestion of Caroline#39;s interested wishes, and she could not for a moment suppose that those wishes, however openly or artfully spoken, could influence a young man so totally independent of everyone.She represented to her sister as forcibly as possible what she felt on the subject, and had soon the pleasure of seeing its happy effect. Jane#39;s temper was not desponding, and she was gradually led to hope, though the diffidence of affection sometimes overcame the hope, that Bingley would return to Netherfield and answer every wish of her heart.They agreed that Mrs. Bennet should only hear of the departure of the family, without being alarmed on the score of the gentleman#39;s conduct; but even this partial communication gave her a great deal of concern, and she bewailed it as exceedingly unlucky that the ladies should happen to go away just as they were all getting so intimate together. After lamenting it, however, at some length, she had the consolation that Mr. Bingley would be soon down again and soon dining at Longbourn, and the conclusion of all was the comfortable declaration, that though he had been invited only to a family dinner, she would take care to have two full courses. Article/201109/152704

We were gathered together, all ten of us, for our widowed mother's 80th birthday. The conversation was of early struggles, walking to work and saving up in clothing clubs, when my elder sister said, "Of course, we were bound to be poor because we were such a big family. Mom, why did you have so many children?" Mother looked around at us all and said, "Well, where did you want to me to stop?"我们总共十个人,聚在一起祝贺已成为寡妇的妈妈的八十岁生日。谈的话题是我们家早年的艰辛,走着去上班,在“新衣会”里存钱准备买衣裳。这时我说:“当然,我们的生活没法子不艰难,因为我们家孩子太多了。妈妈,您为什么要生这么多的孩子呢?” 妈妈看了我们一圈说:“那么,你想让我在哪儿停住呢?” Article/200805/40120

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