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Step 1: Recording your phone conversations 第一步:记录你的电话交谈 This can be done using a digital recorder and a lead to your phone. The type of lead will depend on the type of phone you are using. Use a mobile record lead for a mobile phone, a multi-line record lead for an office phone or a domestic phone line recorder if you want to record home phone calls. 各种技术发烧友有福啦,本期节目将告诉你如何记录声音。这可以利用数字记录仪和你手机的功能做到。手机的方法取决于你正在使用的手机种类。如果你想要记录家里的电话,使用手机记录功能,办公室的电话记录或者国内电话录音机都可以办到。 Step 2: Recording other people#39;s phone conversations 第二步:记录别人的电话交谈It#39;s illegal to record both sides of a mobile phone call, although you can use a UHF phone transmitter to record landline conversations, providing you#39;re not in the EU. 记录双方的电话都属于非法行为,所以请切勿尝试。假定你不是欧盟,虽然你可以使用超高频发射机记录固定电话对话,但请切勿尝试。 Step 3: Recording your face-to-face conversations 第三步: 记录你面对面的谈话 Miniature cameras can be hidden on your person - in a button hole, or in the lid of a pen for example. 微型摄像机这时就会派上用场,它可以隐藏在你的身体里,比如一个扣眼,或者是笔帽都可以办到。 Step 4: Recording other people#39;s face-to-face conversations 第四步:记录别人面对面的谈话 If you know the location of the conversation, a GSM transmitter can be hidden in an item of furniture in the room, for example a table lamp. Or you can plant an ultra slim transmitter on the person you would like to record if you don#39;t know where the conversation is going to take place. 如果你知道谈话的位置,GSM发射器可以安置在的房间一件家具中,比如一盏台灯中。如果你不知道谈话的内容发生在哪里,你干脆可以将一种极端纤细的发射机植入你想记录的人身上,那可以方便你监听。最后善意的提醒各位,本文权作之用。 Article/201202/170548

【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Take a scientific approach to soothing your frazzled nerves with these proven methods.You Will NeedAthletic sneakers Meditation tape or book Comfortable bed Good instructional book Soft music Professional masseuse (optional) Step 1: Start exercising(锻炼身体)Start exercising. Pick an activity you like, such as swimming, dancing, or riding a bike.Step 2: Meditate(学会沉思)Learn to meditate. Consult a book or CD for techniques on meditation and relaxation, or check your local yellow pages for a class near you.In one study, more than half the people who meditated two and a half hours a week for eight weeks reported a whopping 54% reduction in stress.Step 3: Get sleep(保睡眠质量)Get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. The National Sleep Foundation says that anything less could negatively affect both decision-making and interactions with others, leading to anxiety.Step 4: Go to bed early(早睡早起)Go to bed 30 minutes to an hour before your normal bedtime and do something relaxing like a book or listen to soft musicGet a professional massage a few times a month. It’s pricey, but people who get regular massages have lower levels of anxiety and fewer headaches.Step 5: Reduce caffeine(少喝咖啡)Reduce your caffeine intake, which can make you jittery all day. Instead of coffee, try herbal tea.Reduce your caffeine intake gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms like headaches.Step 6: Book vacation(偶尔度假)Book a vacation. Research shows that frequent vacationers are eight times less likely to die of a heart attack than those who rarely go on holiday.Step 7: Consider root of stress(找到压力之源)Consider whether your stress has a root problem that should be dealt with. Maybe you need to cut back on your activities for a while, or stick up for yourself more, or try therapy to see if there’s something in particular that’s stressing you out.The American Institute of Stress estimates that stress costs U.S. businesses 0 billion a year in absenteeism, burnout, and mental health problems. Article/201001/95753

演讲简介:罗伯邓巴尔不断收集一万二千年前的气候数据,在远古海床、珊瑚石和冰层内寻找线索。他的工作对于我们为调整现在的气候而设定基准线——也对追踪日益严重的海洋酸化十分重要。 Article/201209/201466

台湾芭比咖啡馆吸引白领女性 Article/201302/224106

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