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Ev;~rBigB(@mOd(_!qO9sMf0^*TG1Tm1W,8qJMlBd1|rYoud think the fact that this camel appears to be eating a female vet would be weird enough this picture. But apparently, according to the agency who supplied this image, it shows the animal lsquo;getting y a pedicure in the ed Arab Emirates.#MjAZODEeXRYK0怪就怪在这只骆驼似乎是像吞了这名女兽医f~eFqxb*5Siko~0YRIz但,根据提供图片的机构表示,很明显这只阿联酋的骆驼正在接受治疗^0ye@.#konBHBJ]]@5]s%CGeMj*9y*8lThis weird picture actually comes from a photo competition to mark the World Veterinary Year, used to highlight the important role vets play in the lives of people and animals across the world. It actually an optical illusionndash; the vet head is merely hidden behind the camel cranium. The vet being eaten by a camel came top of the ,500 global entries, and we can see why.jc.e~iVYLAI事实上,这张图片是年度兽医竞赛的参赛照片,旨在突出兽医在对人类和动物的重要性*g3h_[7%eq)这其实是视觉误差,兽医的头只是被骆驼的头挡住了AFNZsT-9IW5!#G而;吞掉兽医的骆驼;也成为全球500搜索词条中的人们词条s.vhjEU9fQj*OBEzGgVF1nY5NqYf76kBVCZB_zn_TLAdYRMEWM5 36Hot Suicide Wings, Chicago, Ill.   自杀级辣鸡翅 芝加哥,伊里诺斯州   You need to sign a disclaimer bee digging into the “XXX HOT” suicide wings served at Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap in Chicago.   在芝加哥的Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap点这份“XXX级辣”菜品之前,你需要先签署一份免责声明其辛辣程度可见一斑 871

The magical Kingdom of Nepal has occupied a prosperous and often dangerous location between the mighty powers of India and China. The 1)backbone of the country is the Himalayas, and the highest point in the world, Mount Everest.坐落于印度和中国两个大国之间,魔幻国度尼泊尔占据着一个繁华而又危险的位置这个国家的脊梁是喜马拉雅山脉,以及世界最高点的珠穆朗玛峰Kathmandu and Timbuktu, both cities most people have heard of but know nothing about. You can all the guide books, you can ask travellers who’ve been to Kathmandu, but you still won’t get a good idea of what the city’s like. They’ll tell you it’s noisy and polluted—both true—or they’ll tell you it’s a charming step back in time. I think I’ll agree with the latter.很多人都听说过加德满都和廷巴克图,但却对这两个城市一无所知即使你读遍所有的旅游指南,或请教去过加德满都旅游的人,你仍然无法很好地了解到这个城市的真实样貌他们会告诉你,那儿又吵又脏——这都是真的,或者他们会告诉你去到那里就像享受了一次美妙的时光倒流之旅我倒是比较赞同后者的说法Nepal’s intriguing combination of unexplored territory and )exotic culture 3)spawned the birth of the adventure-travel industry back in the 1950s. The capital city, Kathmandu, has been a )mecca backpackers, mountaineers and truth seekers from around the globe ever since.尼泊尔那些未经探索的地区和异地文化散发着独特的魅力,在1950年代催生了冒险旅游业首都加德满都一直是世界各地背包客、登山族和探索者的圣地The historic centre of town is the Durbar Square, where the compulsory cluster of temples oversees the bustle of modern-day Kathmandu. This is a good place to rent a 5)rickshaw and tour the old section of the city. We wound our way through the maze of alleys that are the heart of Kathmandu, passing 6)ornate buildings, small neighbourhood 7)shrines, fruit stands and spice markets. Our trip ended in the crowded streets of Thamel, a 8)sprawling area crammed with budget hotels, shops, restaurants and travel agencies catering to the thousands of adventurers that pass through Kathmandu each year.城里的历史中心是杜巴广场那些被强制集中起来的寺庙,俯瞰着现代喧嚣的加德满都这里是租辆黄包车,然后游览城中那些古老地段的绝佳地点我们在加德满都中心如迷宫般的街巷中穿梭,经过华美的建筑,小型的社区神坛,水果摊和香料市场我们的旅程最后在拥挤的泰美尔街道结束,廉价的旅馆,商店,餐厅和旅行社在这杂乱的地区到处可见,他们都是为每年数以千计经过加德满都的冒险者而设的Everyone enjoys bringing home interesting mementos from their travels, and Thamel is certainly the place to find bargains on all kinds of great stuff.人人都喜欢从旅行中带回有趣的纪念品,而在泰美尔就能买到各种各样便宜的好东西The dining selection here is varied and includes hamburgers and spaghetti. Our guide, Tommy, suggested the Thamel House traditional Nepali atmosphere and food, and an introduction to the local 9)schnapps made from rice and very strong.这里的饮食很多元化,包括汉堡包和意大利粉导游汤米建议我们去泰美尔屋,在那儿能享受传统的尼泊尔气氛和食物并喝喝本地的烈酒,这种酒是用米酿制的,非常浓烈Of the many elements drawing travellers to Nepal, perhaps the most intriguing are the colourful religious practices. Amazing temples are found throughout the cities and the devotion of the people can be witnessed around every corner.吸引游客到尼泊尔的众多原因里,最有意思的大概是多姿多的宗教习俗整个城市到处都是神奇的庙宇,每个角落都能看到虔诚的信徒Nepal is officially a Hindu country, but through the centuries Buddhism and Hinduism have become )entwined to m a rather confusing mix of gods and rituals. You can easily occupy yourself more than a week checking out the temples in the Kathmandu area.尼泊尔的国教是印度教,但历经多个世纪,佛教和印度教已经渐渐融合,形成了更复杂的神祗和仪式光是参观加德满都的庙宇就可以花上你一整个星期的时间At Pashu Patinath devout Hindus bathe in the sacred waters and deliver offerings to the shrines. )Sadhus, or Holy men, position themselves in front of the temples to meditate and collect )alms.在帕斯帕提纳寺,虔诚的印度教徒们在圣水中沐浴,并向神坛献祭苦行僧,或被称为圣人,会在庙宇前打坐冥想或接受布施On the )outskirts of Kathmandu is one of the world’s largest Buddhist stupas, Boudhanath. The structure marks the location of one of the ancient trading routes between Lhasa and Kathmandu. Boudhanath is surrounded by giant prayer wheels used to )disperse believers’ )invocations to the heavens. In the evening Kathmandu’s sizable Tibetan population comes out to stroll around the temple and send off their prayers. I could easily have spent the entire afternoon here watching people and photographing the interesting faces.宝达佛塔位于加德满都郊外,是世界上最大的佛塔之一佛塔标志了拉萨和加德满都最古老的贸易路线之一的所在宝达佛塔四周围绕着巨型的祈祷轮,信徒们会通过它们把自己的祈愿送到天上傍晚时分,大量在加德满都的藏民都会来绕着寺庙边走边祈祷我随随便便可以在这儿观察人们,并拍摄那些有趣的面孔,度过一下午Night life in Kathmandu is pretty limited. One of the best ways to spend an evening is to take in one of the many cultural shows offered by local hotels and restaurants. At Bhojan Griha, an old home has been )meticulously restored to create an )authentic venue Nepali folk music, dance and traditional cuisine.加德满都没什么夜生活,晚上最好的节目就是观赏当地酒店和餐厅提供的文化表演波真格里夏是一座经过精心修复的老房子,现在已经成为表演尼泊尔歌舞的场所,在这里还可以吃到一些传统的地道菜Kathmandu is the kind of place I could hang out a while. The entire area is a living museum. The ancient buildings stand 18)intact right alongside a lifestyle that remains unchanged and, hopefully, will survive another few centuries.加德满都是那种值得我逗留一阵子的地方,整个地区就如同一个活物馆古老的建筑仍完好无缺,人们的生活方式也没改变,真希望这些还能再保留几个世纪 30

-+f5JW3WeQ+3yxosrimBavBwE)|_usab3ch+eIPSXDKeLG3Tourists can now come face-to-face with massive saltwater crocodiles as they swim underwater in the glass-lined Cage of Death, an attraction now offered at Northern Australia Crocosaurus Cove.可以与巨大的咸水鳄面对面了!北澳大利亚鳄鱼湾现提供此项务,使游客们有机会在玻璃围成的“死亡之笼”中与鳄鱼共泳^o^D5shTJb the attraction, brave visitors enter a transparent, acrylic box that is 9 feet tall but only 1.5 inches thick. The cage is lowered into four separate crocodile enclosures, allowing thrill-seekers to t water with various crocodiles – including one who starred as the beast that nearly ate Linda Koslowski character in ;Crocodile Dundee.;为了观赏,大胆的游客须进入一个透明的丙烯酸盒子,盒高9英尺,厚度只有1.5英寸N;K3ud|Xw!e笼子被慢慢地放入个独立的鳄鱼生活场,给寻求刺激的游客与各种鳄鱼一同踩水的机会——包括一只曾出演过电影的鳄鱼,它在《鳄鱼邓迪中差点吃掉琳达·科斯罗斯基所扮演的角色(.*0T)85TX,;D#3+M|Jlt-TB6((SV7t89.I)Nm8o#||^g^euVa!p5]qk8GF^lKdlzI!G 3537

钓鱼台银杏大道北京钓鱼台 最具地标性的银杏大道银杏最佳观赏月中下旬Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue Beijing's Diaoyutai is Ginkgo Avenue a Landmark Best viewing time: Late October. 7

A homeless dog, known as Xiao Sa, has been following a team of cyclists days along 1,833 kilometers of highway from Kangding, Sichuan province, to Lhasa in Tibet, CNTV reported.一只名为“小萨”的流浪跟着一自行车队跑了天,从四川康定跑了1833公里到了西藏拉萨On May th, the cyclists came across the stray dog and nicknamed it Xiao Sa. She showed a very strong willpower and followed them all the way.据中国网络电视台报道,5月日,骑友遇到这只流浪的小母,并给它取名“小萨”Throughout the journey, the dog climbed over mountains higher than ,000 meters.意志力很顽强的“小萨”跟着他们翻越了座000米以上的山,一路追随到拉萨Netizens call her the ;dog with determination; and the micro blog ;Go Go Xiao Sa; recording her life has attracted more than 37,000 followers in two weeks.它被网友称作“励志”,直播其生活的微“小萨快跑”两周内就吸引了37000多位关注者 1878

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