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2017年12月19日 00:47:04 | 作者:和讯诊疗 | 来源:新华社
Uber formally launched its ride-summoning smartphone app in Beijing this week. But the Chinese capital has presented the U.S. car service company with a vexing problem: how to handle the city#39;s bumper-to-bumper traffic.美国汽车务公司Uber本周在北京正式推出叫车应用软件,但却面临着如何应对北京堵车的难题。Saying #39;Beijing has a traffic problem#39; is something of an understatement. A 2011 study by UBS showed it to be the worst among a number of Chinese cities it tracked, with average traveling speed time a glacial 12 kilometers per hour. By contrast, traffic in New York goes roughly twice as fast, a fact that would probably shock commuters idling on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. To demonstrate the problem, one media outfit once pit a Porsche against a bicycle in a race across the city#39;s center. (Residents of the city can guess which won.)说“北京有交通拥堵问题”有点太轻描淡写了。根据2011年瑞士(UBS)的一项调查,在该行跟踪的众多中国城市中,北京的交通拥堵情况最为严重,车辆平均行驶速度只有12公里/小时。相比之下,纽约的车速要比北京快一倍,这可能会让缓慢行驶在布鲁克林-皇后区快速路上的通勤者大感意外。为了彰显交通问题的严重,某媒体机构还曾搞了一次保时捷与自行车穿越市中心的比赛。(北京市民可以猜一猜谁赢了。)Beijing is the last of what are generally considered China#39;s four tier-one cities that Uber Technologies Inc. has entered. The app -- which in China connects users with drivers via agreements with rental-car fleet operators and driving services -- formally launched in Shanghai in February and has since been launched in the twin southern boomtowns of Guangzhou and Shenzhen.在中国的四个一线城市中,北京是Uber Technologies Inc.最后进入的。这款应用通过与出租车运营商和驾驶务公司之间的协议把中国用户与司机联系起来,该应用今年2月正式在上海推出,之后又在南方新兴城市广州和深圳推出。Such cities also have their traffic problems -- and also fared poorly in UBS#39;s traffic study -- but Uber acknowledges Beijing poses a particular problem. In addition to traffic, there#39;s the city#39;s sheer geographic size.这些城市也面临交通问题,在瑞银的交通调查中也属于拥堵城市。但Uber承认,北京的问题很特别。除了交通拥堵之外,这个城市的超大地理面积也是个问题。#39;Beijing is a big, complicated city,#39; said Allen Penn, Uber#39;s head of Asia. He added, #39;in short, we can#39;t change the traffic.#39;Uber亚洲主管Allen Penn称,北京是一个巨大的、复杂的城市。他补充说,总而言之,Uber改变不了那里的交通状况。Its solution is to start...well, slow. The company, which is in 41 countries, soft-launched its Beijing service about three months ago with a focus just on the tony Sanlitun shopping district. With its official launch, it has added the city#39;s Central Business District. Other rollouts will be gradual, Mr. Penn said. By contrast, when it launched in Shanghai, the app#39;s reach covered broader swaths of that city.Uber的解决办法是慢慢来。大约三个月前,这家目前已经进军41个国家的公司低调推出了在北京的务,但只重点关注时髦的三里屯购物区。在北京正式发布后,该公司又将北京的中心商业区囊括在内。Penn称,将循序渐进添加其他区域。相比之下,该应用软件在上海推出时覆盖了更广阔的范围。Mr. Penn says Uber is making progress handling the traffic and is using customer data to figure out where to best position cars and drivers. Cars now take an average of about nine minutes to reach Beijing customers, he said, compared with 14 minutes, the average when the company first soft-launched in the city. That figure puts Beijing just behind Shanghai, where customers usually wait about eight minutes for a ride.Penn称,Uber在处理交通状况方面正在取得进步,它目前使用客户数据来计算出配置汽车和司机的最好位置。他称,目前北京客户平均需要花费大约九分钟才能打到车,而该公司在北京第一次低调推出务时,客户平均需要花费14分钟。这样一来,北京客户的打车速度仅稍稍落后于上海,上海客户通常需要等待大约八分钟才能打上车。Still, the nine-minute wait puts Beijing well behind New York, where rides are filled in three or four minutes, and Singapore, where it takes seven minutes. Ultimately, Mr. Penn said, Uber wants to whittle Beijing#39;s time down to five minutes.但九分钟的等待时间仍远远高于纽约,那里的客户打车只需要三四分钟,在新加坡使用该应用软件打车则需要七分钟。Penn称,Uber希望最终将北京客户的等待时间降至五分钟。#39;It#39;s launch day. It#39;s day one,#39; he said, adding, #39;we have a long way to go, clearly.#39;他说:“务才刚刚推出,今天才是第一天,我们很清楚还有很长的路要走。” /201407/312758IT TOOK just 20 minutes to build, but Chris Soghoian#39;s hastily constructed website capable of generating fake airline boarding passes led to a rebuke from a congressman, a raid by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), an investigation by the Transport Security Administration (TSA), worldwide media coverage-and ultimate vindication. With a series of similar exploits that have exposed security flaws and privacy violations, he has demonstrated his ability to hack the media with just as much facility as he manipulates computers. At the age of 30 he has established himself as the most prominent member of a new generation of activist technology researchers who delight in causing a media stink in order to shame companies and governments into fixing problems with their systems.Christ Soghoian只花了20分钟,就匆匆建成了一个网站,它可以输出虚假登机牌,但却招来了国会议员的谴责,联邦调查局的突袭,美国运输安全的调查,全球媒体报道,以及最终的无罪明。通过采取一系列类似行动来披露安全漏洞和隐私侵权,Christ明了以他的能力;黑;媒体就如同他操作电脑般轻巧。年方30的Christ已经成为了新一代行动主义技术研究者中的翘楚,这一团体乐于引发媒体丑闻以迫使公司和政府解决自身体制问题。The boarding-pass example occurred in 2006, when Dr Soghoian, then a graduate student at Indiana University, became irritated by an obvious flaw in airport procedures used by TSA screeners. Although screeners checked the name on each passenger#39;s boarding pass against a government-issued identity document, they had no way of verifying that the boarding pass itself was valid. Fake boarding passes could easily be created for any flight using a computer and image-manipulation software, as had aly been pointed out by Bruce Schneier, another security guru, in 2003. Charles Schumer, a senator, even issued a press release in February 2005 explaining how easily security could be bypassed in this way.登机牌事件发生在1996年,那时Soghoian士还在印第安纳大学读研究生。美国运输安全审查员一个显而易见的安全漏洞惹恼了他:虽然审查员可以将每位乘客登机牌上的名字与政府发行的身份件核对,但他们无从确认登机牌本身是否真实有效。用电脑加上图像处理软件就可以轻松制成任何航班的虚假登机牌,这点另一位安全大师Bruce Schneier在2003年就已经指出。参议院Charles Schumer甚至在2005年2月召开了一场新闻发布会来讲解安全防御是如何被这种方法轻易绕过的。Yet it took Dr Soghoian to light the right kind of firecracker under this known problem. In October 2006 he threw together a web page that could generate fake boarding passes for Northwest Airlines that appeared valid to TSA screeners. The page received enormous press attention, even though he never printed out or used a false pass himself. Ed Markey, a congressman, called for Dr Soghoian#39;s arrest. The FBI had his website shut down and seized his computers. The TSA opened an inquiry. But when the simplicity of the ;hack; became apparent, along with Dr Soghoian#39;s academic status, Mr Markey apologised and suggested that rather than investigating Dr Soghoian, the TSA should hire him instead. Dr Soghoian#39;s computers were returned a few weeks later and the TSA investigation was closed. This year the TSA finally began testing equipment to validate boarding passes at airports.然而,是Soghoian士找准了突破点突出了这个已知的问题。2006年10月他随手做了个可以伪造西北航空登机牌的网页,这样做出的虚假登机牌在美国运输安全的审查员那里可以以假乱真。尽管Soghoian士本人从未打印或使用过虚假登机牌,这个网页还是受到了广泛的媒体关注。国会议员Ed Markey呼吁逮捕他;联邦调查局关闭了他的网站并没收了他的电脑;美国运输安全展开了调查。然而当这一黑客行为的简易性变得昭然若揭,又考虑到Soghoian士的学术地位,Markey道了歉,并建议美国运输安全与其调查Soghoian不如聘用他;几个星期后,Soghoian士的电脑都被归还了;美国运输安全的调查也终止了。今年,美国运输安全终于开始测试在机场鉴别登机牌的设备了。Dr Soghoian has since perfected this modus operandi and used it to expose problems with internet encryption, online privacy and electronic surveillance. In each case he identifies a problem, creates a technology demonstration to highlight it and sometimes files Freedom of Information Act requests or complaints to government agencies. He then presents the results neatly packaged for the news media. The organisations targeted by Dr Soghoian usually start off by accusing him of being mistaken or naive, before admitting that he is right and modifying their policies, or issuing a statement saying that a fix was aly in the works.自此以后,Soghoian士开始改进这个套路并利用它来披露网络加密,在线隐私,电子监视的各种问题。每次他都先定位一个问题,用技术明来凸显这个问题,有时也会向政府机构提交《信息自由法案》相关的要求或投诉。此后他便将结果巧妙地整合起来交予新闻媒体。被Soghoian士瞄准的机构开始往往总要指责他,说他搞错了或是太天真,而后就得承认他是对的并且修改自身的政策,或是发布一个声明说改进本身就已经在进行中了。Dr Soghoian has, among other things, revealed the extent to which Sprint, an American telecoms operator, was disclosing its customers#39; satellite-positioning data to law-enforcement agencies; shamed Google, an internet giant, into upgrading its encryption; exposed a woefully misguided attempt to attack Google by a public-relations firm hired by Facebook, a rival internet giant; embarrassed Dropbox, a provider of online file-storage, over its marketing claims and technical practices; and pushed for the adoption of a ;Do Not Track; scheme to allow internet users to opt out of targeted advertising. ;Every privacy scandal essentially has to take the form of a firestorm,; says Dr Soghoian. ;I try to focus on things that are really important that haven#39;t gotten enough attention.; He is now campaigning against the widesp trawling of internet traffic by law-enforcement agencies, calling instead for a more targeted focus on specific cases or leads.Soghoian士建树颇多,其中包括披露美国电信运营商Sprint向执法机构透露其用户的卫星定位数据的程度;让互联网巨头谷歌颜面扫地,不得不升级它的加密系统;揭发了另一互联网巨头Facebook雇佣公关公司试图对谷歌进行极具误导性的攻击;令在线文件存储提供商Dropbox因其市场声明与技巧性操作陷入难堪;促使;不攻击;计划得到采纳,这个计划使得互联网用户得以选择拒收定位广告。;基本上每个隐私丑闻都得;爆;出来,; Soghoian士说道,;我努力把注意力主要集中在确实重要而关注度又不够的事情上。;他目前正活动反对执法机构网罗搜查网络通信,他呼吁用针对具体案件或线索的,目标性更为明显的集中力量来取而代之。The FBI made me do it联邦调查局让我干的Having grown up surrounded by computers (his father used to be a software engineer), Dr Soghoian says he slid into computer science without even considering other disciplines. He became interested in computer security in particular during his undergraduate studies, and was then drawn to the specialised field of privacy. But it was only when the FBI raided his home in 2006 and his PhD adviser suggested that he take a law class that Dr Soghoian decided to concentrate on the intersection between computing and the law. He wrote his thesis on governmental use of third parties to monitor electronic communications and was awarded his doctorate in July 2012.在电脑堆中长大的(他的爸爸曾是为软件工程师)Soghoian士说他甚至都没有考虑其他学科就不知不觉进入了计算机科学。他对计算机安全产生特殊的兴趣是在他本科学习的时候,之后就被隐私这一专攻领域吸引了。直到2006年联邦调查局突袭了他的家,他的士导师又建议他学习下法律,Soghoian士才决定把注意力集中在计算机与法律的交叉部分。他撰写论文讨论为监控电信政府对第三方的利用,并于2012年7月被授予士学位。But it would be wrong to characterise Dr Soghoian simply as an academic or an activist, because he has an unusual gift for working outside conventional institutional strictures. While completing his PhD, he was also attached to America#39;s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as a technical adviser. This came about as a result of Dr Soghoian#39;s support for the ;Do Not Track; standard, and his efforts to make it easier for people to prevent their use of the internet being tracked by advertisers. Turning such tracking off can be quite tricky, and must be done for multiple groups, or networks, of advertisers.但若简单地将Soghoian士划为学者或行动主义者是不对的,因为他有异乎常人的在常规束缚之外行动的禀赋。他在修读士的时候,也曾是美国联邦贸易委员会的技术顾问。这是由于Soghoian士持;不攻击;计划标准,使得人们在网上能免于广告商的跟踪。要关闭这种跟踪很棘手,而且一关就涉及到多个广告商团体或组织。This prompted Dr Soghoian to develop two add-ons for the Firefox web browser that demonstrated simple ways to turn off tracking automatically. The first manipulated ;cookies;, the tiny snippets of information stored by web browsers, to disable tracking. The second, developed with the help of Sid Stamm, a programmer, sends a special message with every page request asking that the user not be tracked. Dr Soghoian got the idea for this approach from Dan Kaminsky, a security researcher. But it will work only if websites are required to detect and act on such messages. At first this suggestion was ridiculed. In 2009, however, Dr Soghoian was contracted by the FTC to provide lawyer-to-geek translation for its staff. In this role he was able to garner support for his ;Do Not Track; scheme within the FTC, and technology firms including Microsoft and Twitter have subsequently backed it. The advertising industry dislikes it, but seems resigned to accepting it in some form.这促使Soghoian士为火狐浏览器开发了两个插件,这两个插件能显示自动关闭跟踪的简单方法。第一个插件操纵;cookies;(浏览器存储的信息小片段)来使得跟踪失效。第二个插件向每个请求页面都发送特殊消息要求用户不被跟踪,这一插件是在程序员Sid Stamm的帮助下开发的。这个方法的创意是Soghoian士从安全研究员Dan Kaminsky那获得的。但这个方法只有在要求网站侦查且回应这类信息才有效。起初这个建议被当成了笑话,然而,在2009年,Soghoian士被美国联邦贸易委员会聘用,帮助其职员进行法律和技术间的沟通。扮演这一角色的他得以在联邦贸易委员会内部争取对其;不攻击;计划的持,而后包括微软和推特在内的技术公司都持了这个计划。广告行业反感这个计划,但似乎也在某种形式上妥协接受了它。A few months after joining the FTC Dr Soghoian recorded a Sprint executive speaking at a surveillance trade show attended by telecoms firms, law-enforcement agencies and equipment-makers. The executive explained that Sprint had built an automatic system that had provided 8m lookups of customers#39; locations in the preceding year in response to requests backed by court orders. (Sprint said later that a single court order could generate several thousand lookups.) Dr Soghoian briefed the press and posted the audio online. He insisted that he was doing so in his role as a graduate student, rather than an FTC contractor. The scale of tracking caused a furore that persists three years later about the ease and scale of mobile-phone surveillance. When Dr Soghoian#39;s first year at the FTC was up, the agency did not renew his contract. He blames the fuss caused by the Sprint recording. (The FTC will not comment.)在加盟美国联邦贸易委员会几个月后,Soghoian士录下了一位Sprint的主管在一场电信公司,执法机关,设备制造商都有出席的监管贸易展上的讲话。这位主管讲解说Sprint已建立了自动系统,该系统对有法庭指令持的请求做出反应,在前一年提供了8百万次用户所在地查找(后来Sprint说一份法庭指令可能产生几千次查找)。Soghoian士向媒体做了概述,并且把音频发到了线上。他坚持说他是以一个研究生的身份这么做,而不是以一个联邦贸易委员会雇员的身份。跟踪面之大引发了轰动与愤怒,三年后,对监听移动电话监管的易行性与涉及面的愤怒仍未褪去。美国联邦贸易委员会在Soghoian士工作一年期满后,并没有与之续签。Soghoian士将此归咎于这场Sprint录音事件(美国联邦贸易委员会对此未作)。Dr Soghoian is one of a group of researchers, some of whom are affiliated with academic institutions and many of whom work together, who have risen to prominence by showing how tedious technical flaws can affect ordinary people. Ashkan Soltani, who like Dr Soghoian has worked as an adviser to the FTC, has shown how some companies have devised ;evercookies;-cookies that are very difficult to eradicate. Along with Jonathan Mayer of Stanford Law School, he showed how Google was bypassing tracking preferences in Apple#39;s web browser, Safari, which resulted in Google having to pay a .5m fine. Mr Kaminsky spotted a huge flaw in the internet#39;s addressing system in 2008, and then worked closely with large technology firms to fix it. And Dr Stamm is now a privacy advocate at the Mozilla Foundation, which oversees the development of the Firefox web browser.Soghoian士代表了一类研究者,这群研究者中有的与学术机构关系紧密,不少还相互合作。他们展示了繁冗的技术缺陷可以如何影响普通人的生活,并因此显山露水。与Soghoian士一样在美国联邦贸易委员会当过顾问的Ashkan Soltani曾揭露一些公司是如何创造了;永久cookie;,即极难被清除的cookie。他还同斯坦福大学法学院的Jonathan Mayer合作,展示了谷歌是如何绕过苹果浏览器Safari的跟踪优先选择项的,这致使谷歌不得不上缴2250万美金的罚款Kaminsky先生在2008年发现了互联网地址系统的一大漏洞,并在之后与大型技术公司紧密合作解决这一问题。Stamm士目前则是美国莫兹拉基金会的隐私拥护者,该基金会监管火狐浏览器的开发。First among equals佼佼者These researchers insist they are acting solely in the interest of protecting individual privacy. They are certainly not in it for the money. Dr Soghoian has spent three years living the life of an ascetic in Washington, DC, where he rides a bicycle and resides in the basement of a house he shares with four other people. ;There are so many events with free food and drink that you never need to buy anything to eat,; he says. After his funding from Indiana University ran out in 2008, Dr Soghoian received several grants and fellowships. He gleefully points out the varied political leanings of his patrons. He has received some funding from the libertarian-leaning Institute for Humane Studies (IHS), backed by the arch-conservative Charles Koch. But as he moved to investigate business misdeeds rather than those of government, the IHS money was replaced by a fellowship from the Open Society Foundations, a group run by Mr Koch#39;s nemesis on the left, George Soros. That funding ended in July.这些研究者都坚持自己的行动都只是为了保护个人隐私。他们自然并不是为钱才做这些事的。Soghoian士三年都住在华盛顿特区过着苦行僧般的生活,他在那骑自行车出行,与其他四个人共住一间房子的地下室。;有好多活动都体统免费食物和饮料,从来不用你自己卖什么吃的。;他这样说。2008年当他在印第安纳大学的经费用完了后,Soghoian士获得了一些拨款和奖学金。他愉快地指出他的赞助人政治倾向是多种多样的。他从有自由倾向的人文研究所获得了一些经费,该研究所是由主要保守派的Charles Koch持的。但当他从调查政府错误转向调查企业过失时,来自Koch的左翼死敌George Soros管理的开放社会基金会的奖学金就代替了人文研究所的经费,这笔款项在七月到期。Can Dr Soghoian#39;s reputation as a knight in digital armour be squared with his obvious flair for self-promotion? Yes, says Jules Polonetsky, director of the Future of Privacy Forum, a think-tank based in Washington, DC, who by his own admission does not always see eye-to-eye with him. ;People would be surprised by the number of times that this otherwise very public media bomb-thrower has quietly worked to get a company to simply solve a problem when it could have been a front-page story,; says Mr Polonetsky. Dr Soghoian#39;s agenda is ;not about money, not about fame or anything like that,; says Lee Tien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a lobby group with which Dr Soghoian sometimes collaborates. He just uses the glare of the media to get results.考虑到他显露无疑的自我推销天赋,Soghoian士;数码盔甲里的骑士;的美誉是否还能站的住脚? Jules Polonetsky认为能。Jules是华盛顿未来隐私论坛智囊团的主管,他也承认他并不总是赞成Soghoian士的做法。;他本能成为大红大紫的媒体掷弹手的,有些公司的问题完全可以登上头版头条的,但他都采取了低调处理,单纯为了让这个公司把问题解决掉,要是人们知道他这么做了多少次他们会大为惊讶的。; Polonetsky先生这样说道。Soghoian士的信条是;不为钱,不为名,不为任何虚浮之事;电子前沿基金会的Lee Tien这样说道,该基金会是个有时会与Soghoian士合作的游说团体。他只是利用媒体监督来达到目的。;The economics of modern surveillance are not beneficial to the consumer.;现代监管的经济方式对消费者并不有利。Though known for his strong views on privacy and surveillance, Dr Soghoian is no absolutist. In April he published a paper in the Berkeley Technology Law Journal on how best to grant law-enforcement agencies access to individuals#39; location data, with proper checks and balances. It was co-written with Stephanie Pell, who was on the Department of Justice team that prosecuted people accused of being linked to al-Qaeda. Writing the paper, says Dr Soghoian, involved finding a balance between Ms Pell#39;s knowledge of the utility of location-tracking in law enforcement and his own concerns about unwarranted privacy intrusions. ;The marginal cost of spying on one more person is essentially zero now,; he says. ;The economics of modern surveillance are not beneficial to the consumer.;尽管Soghoian士因他对隐私与监管的强烈态度而出名,他并不是一个绝对论者。四月份他在《伯克利技术法律周刊》上发表了一篇论文论述如何在政府部门间的相互制衡下让执法部门最优地获取个人位置信息。这篇论文是与Stephanie Pell合著的,她就职于司法部,负责起诉被指与基地组织有联系的人。Soghoian士说撰写这篇论文意味着在Pell女士对执法机关对定位跟踪使用的了解与他对未经授权的隐私侵权的担忧之间寻求一个平衡点。;如今多暗线监视一个人的边际成本基本为零,; Soghoian士这样说道,;现代监管的经济方式对消费者并不有利。;As a respite from his campaign to defend personal privacy, Dr Soghoian likes to go to India. But he may have to find somewhere else to holiday. ;India is rapidly becoming a surveillance state,; he says. Such trips may be less frequent in any case, because Dr Soghoian now has a new job at the American Civil Liberties Union, mediating between geeks and lawyers, as he did at the FTC. His new employers must be well aware that they have captured lightning in a bottle-and should not be surprised when it escapes.Soghoian士喜欢以去印度,算是维护个人隐私活动的调剂。但他可能得换个新目的地度假了。;印度正快速成为监管国家,;他这样说道。不过这类旅行本身可能就不会太多了,因为Soghoian士现在在美国公民自由联盟有了一份新工作,与在联邦贸易委员会时一样,他斡旋于律师与技术宅之间。他的新雇主相信想必很清楚他们这样做如同将一道闪电藏入瓶中,要是这道闪电跑掉了也不会大惊小怪。 /201209/198535

In three years, a total of 100 Chinese cinemas will be equipped with ;DMAX; large screens created with Chinese independent technology, according to China Film Group Corporation, Xinhua reported.据新华社报道,中影公司计划在3年内打造100个拥有自主知识产权的;中国巨幕;厅。The plan, which was announced on Wednesday when the China Film Stellar Theater Chain signed an agreement to purchase 18 of the screens, underlines the country#39;s ambition to break the IMAX dominance of the booming domestic film market.周三,中影星美院线正式签约,购置18套;中国巨幕;系统。目前,IMAX在国内蓬勃发展的电影市场中占据着主导地位,政府希望藉此打破这样的格局。A series of Chinese-language films will be screened this summer using the DMAX format, including the period fantasy epic ;Painted Skin: The Resurrection; and director Chen Kaige#39;s latest feature ;Caught in the Web.;今年暑期将计划推出魔幻巨制《画皮2》、陈凯歌导演的最新作品《搜索》等多部国产影片;中国巨幕;版。 /201206/188680

General Electric of the US and Siemens of Germany #173;yesterday launched charm offensives to win France’s socialist government over to their competing bids for engineering group and “industrial jewel” Alstom, each arguing that its offer best served the national interest.正在竞购阿尔斯通(Alstom)的美国的通用电气(GE)以及德国的西门子(Siemens)昨日展开魅力攻势,各自试图赢得法国社会党政府的持。通用电气和西门子都指出,自己的收购提议最符合法国的国家利益。工程集团阿尔斯通被誉为法国的“工业明珠”。Jeff Immelt, chief executive of GE, and Joe Kaeser, his Siemens counterpart, met president Fran#231;ois Hollande at the Elysée Palace after Paris threatened to block any deal it considered unsuitable.通用电气首席执行官杰夫#8226;伊梅尔特(Jeff Immelt)和西门子首席执行官乔#8226;克泽尔(Joe Kaeser)在爱丽舍宫(Elysée Palace)与法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)举行了会面。此前法国政府威胁称,将阻挠任何在其看来“不合适”的交易。The GE approach sparked national debate last week over France’s declining industrial power and spurred politicians to seek alternatives, though the state no longer has a stake in Alstom.通用电气的收购提议上周在法国全国上下引发了有关法国工业实力下降的争论,并促使法国政界寻求其他方案,尽管法国政府目前已不再持有阿尔斯通的股权。Industry minister Arnaud Montebourg appeared to favour Siemens yesterday evening. He said its proposal to swap rail for power assets would create “two European and global champions”. This deal would be easier to sell politically than the proposed US offer and Berlin weighed in to it. But the GE deal is widely seen to make more industrial sense and could result in fewer job losses.法国工业部长阿诺#8226;蒙特布尔格(Arnaud Montebourg)昨日晚间表现得更倾向于西门子。他表示,西门子的提议——即以自身铁路业务置换阿尔斯通电力资产——将缔造出“两家欧洲以及全球范围内的冠军企业”。这项交易在政治上比美国通用电气的收购更容易得到持,且德国政府也表示了持。但通用电气的收购要约被普遍认为更具产业合理性,并能减少工作岗位损失。The Alstom board favours GE, said people close to the talks, but is considering its options. There was speculation that Paris could still bring in a French bidder. Siemens’ board is set to meet and a bid could come as early as today.据了解谈判情况的人士称,阿尔斯通董事会偏向于通用电气,但也在考虑其他选择。有传言称,法国政府可能还会引入一个法国竞购方。西门子董事会将举行会议,收购要约最早将于今天发出。 /201405/295248

Nothing evokes a sense of place like the heady waft of a familiar smell.没有什么能像醉人的熟悉气味那样唤起人们身临其境的感觉。And passengers travelling from Heathrow#39;s Terminal 2 can now be transported to across the world in a single sniff.现在,从希斯罗机场2号航站楼启程的旅客们能够“一嗅周游世界”。To celebrate the completion of its newly reinvigorated terminal, the airport has installed a #39;scent globe#39; which shoots out the smell of its most fragrant destinations, intending to #39;take passengers on a sensory journey before even setting foot on their flights#39;.为了庆祝新建航站楼的完工,机场安装了一个“气味地球仪”,可以喷出那些“最好闻目的地”的气味,旨在“带领旅客在登机前先来一场感官之旅”。Perched in the departure lounge, the orb offers curious globetrotters whiffs of Thailand, South Africa, Japan, China and Brazil. The selection were chosen for their popularity with Heathrow air passengers.坐落在候机厅,地球仪为好奇的环球旅行者提供泰国、南非、日本、中国和巴西的气味。之所以选择这几个地方,是因为它们是深受希斯罗旅客欢迎的目的地。To conjure up the essence of the five nations, Heathrow worked with Design in Scent, to produce tailor-made scents from ingredients associated with the designated country.为了呈现出这五个国家的本质,希斯罗与气味设计公司合作,运用与指定国家相关的要素为其定制专属的气味。South Africa#39;s smell captures the adventure of safari with notes of tribal incense, wild grass and musky animalics through the scent of Hyraceum (a rock like substance made from the excrement of the Cape hyrax).南非的气味捕捉了如冒险般的游猎的气息,混杂着部落的焚香、野草的气味和蹄兔香中透着的动物的麝香。(蹄兔香是一种岩石状物质,由蹄兔的排泄物形成。)While Brazil#39;s scent oozes rich rainforest fauna with a palette of coffee, tobacco and jasmine.而巴西的气味则散发着丰富的热带雨林动物群的味道,同时还带有咖啡、烟草和茉莉的气味。Japan is brought to life through cool, oceanic tones with a mix of seaweed and shell extracts, green tea and Ambergris, capturing the essence of coastal villages synonymous with the great Pacific Island.日本被活灵活现地重现了,用的是凉爽的海洋气息,夹杂着海藻和贝壳提取物的气味、绿茶的香气和龙涎香,捕捉到了这座太平洋岛屿的沿海村落的感觉。According to the Heathrow Airport website: #39;China#39;s mystical temple incense and subtle Osmanthus Fragrans flower create an orient explosion#39;, and #39;Thailand tantalises the taste buds with an appetising mix of lemongrass, ginger and coconut#39;.根据希斯罗机场的官网,“中国神秘的寺庙焚香和淡淡的桂花香营造了一种东方的感觉”,而“泰国以开胃的柠檬草、姜和椰子的混合香气满足了人们的味蕾”。Normand Boivin, Chief Operating Officer at the airport said: #39;Heathrow connects the UK to 180 destinations in 28 countries and carries over 72 million passengers a year.机场首席运营官诺曼德·伊文说:“希斯罗把英国同28个国家的180个目的地联系在一起,每年运送超过七千两百万的旅客。”#39;Heathrow is the UK#39;s hub airport; mixing direct passengers, transfers and freight to make long haul flights viable. We strive to offer a unique experience that delights our passengers.#39;“希斯罗是英国的枢纽机场,有直达旅客、转机旅客和航空货运,长途飞行得以成行。我们独立为旅客提供使他们高兴的独特体验。”#39;These specially created scents will give passengers travelling through Terminal 2 an exclusive preview of destinations that only Heathrow connects to.#39;“这些特别制作的气味能给予那些从2号航站楼启程或路过的旅客们独特的预览,而只有希斯罗连接着这些目的地。”Last week saw Heathrow#39;s brand new Terminal 2 operate at full capacity with all 26 airlines now in their new home. Three and a half million passengers#39; fly out from Terminal 2 on over 21,000 flights in the last five months.上周,希斯罗全新的2号航站楼全力运转,有26个航空公司进驻了它们的新家。过去五个月,有三百五十万乘客乘坐两万一千多架飞机从2号航站楼出发。 /201411/342081

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