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福州妇幼保健医院治疗不孕不育好吗福州做人流医院最好福州那个医院做引产手术好 If you're one of those unfortunate runners whose legs frequently cramp up during your runs, you may be willing to try anything to solve the problem. Anything? Are you sure? How about some pickle juice? Yes, pickle juice has long been touted as a fix for cramping muscles by some runners and coaches, and now a recent study lends even more credibility to this home remedy. 如果你不幸是经常抽筋的运动者之一你可能想尝试什么来解决这个问题。什么东西吗?你确定吗?一些泡菜汁怎么样?是的,泡菜汁一直被视为修复肌肉抽筋的一些选手和教练,一项最新的研究借更多信誉这个家庭治疗。Researchers had 10 male college students exercise to the point of mild dehydration and then electrically induced toe cramps. Their average cramp lasted 153 seconds. They then repeated the experiment and gave the subjects either water or pickle juice. For those who drank pickle juice, the cramp was gone in 85 seconds. For subjects who drank water, their cramps lasted 134 seconds. 研究人员对10个运动的轻微脱水的男大学生进行实验,通过电击导致其抽筋,他们的平均持续时间是153秒。然后对他们进行反复的实验,那些喝黄瓜汁的到85 秒抽筋就消失了,而那些喝水的抽筋一直持续到134秒。Fans of pickle juice have said it's the electrolytes in the juice that help get rid of the muscle cramps but, in this study, blood and urine tests found no change in the subjects' sodium, potassium, magnesium or other levels. Something else in the juice (researchers suspect vinegar) must have triggered a neurological response in the mouth, which then signaled the brain to stop the cramping. 那些黄瓜的拥护者认为汁中的电解质可以帮助摆脱肌肉抽筋,但在这项研究发现,血液和尿液测试没有改变学生的钠、钾、镁或其他的水平。果汁中的一些东西(专家怀疑醋汁)必然引起神经反应,然后大脑中便做出停止抽筋的表现。Muscle cramps have never been much of an issue for me, but -- even if they were -- I don't think I'll be packing pickle juice in my Fuel Belt. I think I'd rather just deal with the cramps. What about you? Have you ever tried pickle juice for cramps? What was your experience? Do you swear by any other home remedies for muscle cramps or other running maladies? 抽筋对我来说从不是什么问题,但是——即使他们——我认为我不会把黄瓜汁放进我的燃料当中。我认为我宁愿只应付抽筋。你呢?有没有试过用黄瓜汁治疗抽筋?你的经验是什么?你起誓就没有别的家庭药剂治疗肌肉抽筋或其它运行的疾病吗? /201010/116005Consider this:看一下这些数据:The original iPad didn#39;t go on sale on mainland China until September 2010, five months after its U.S. launch.第一代iPad直到2010年9月才开始在中国大陆销售,比美国上市时间晚了5个月。The iPad 2 arrived in May 2011, two months after its U.S. launch, and even then just in Wi-Fi-only versions.第二代iPad于2011年5月登陆中国大陆,比美国上市时间晚了2个月,而且还只提供Wi-Fi版本。The 3G iPad 2 finally launched in China in September, six months after it was available in the U.S.第二代iPad 3G版今年9月终于在中国上市,比美国晚了6个月。Apple#39;s (AAPL) App Store began accepting payments in Chinese Yuan on Nov. 19, less than five weeks ago.11月19日起苹果(Apple)应用软件商店才开始接受人民币付款,迄今还不到5个星期。Given all that, it#39;s quite remarkable that in November, nearly as many iPad apps (44% to be precise) were downloaded in China as in the U.S., as shown in the flag-colored pie chart at right.有鉴于此,11月份中国大陆的iPad应用程序下载量已经达到了几乎与美国相当的水平(准确地说是44%: 56%,如上面用国旗色标示的饼状图所示),这不由令人刮目相看。The chart was taken from a Distimo report issued Thursday. Among its other findings:该饼状图数据来自上周四发布的Distimo报告。报告还指出:Chinese downloads of iPad and iPhone apps, relative to the U.S., grew from 18% in January 2011 to 30% in November.与美国相比,中国的iPad、iPhone应用程序下载量占比从2011年1月份的18%增加到了11月份的30%。Despite the geometric growth of its competitors#39; app stores ; apps for Microsoft#39;s (MSFT) Windows Phone 7, for example, grew 400% this year ; Apple still still dominates. It#39;s iPhone app store is No. 1 and its iPad app store No. 3 after Google#39;s (GOOG) Android Market.尽管竞争对手的应用软件商店呈几何级数增长;;举例来说,微软(Microsoft)的Windows Phone 7今年猛增了400%;;但苹果仍然牢牢地占据着统治地位。苹果iPhone应用软件商店排名第一,iPad应用软件商店排名第三。排名第二的是谷歌(Google)的Android Market。Although Google#39;s OS has the lion#39;s share of the smartphone market, revenues generated by Android apps lag far behind Apple#39;s. As the chart below shows, the iPad generates more than double and the iPhone nearly four times the revenue of Google#39;s Android Market.虽然谷歌的操作系统占据了智能手机市场的最大份额,但安卓(Android)应用软件带来的收入远低于苹果。正如下图所示,iPad和iPhone应用软件产生的收入分别是谷歌Android Market的两倍以上和近四倍。 /201201/166953福州治疗宫外孕大概多少钱

福州省妇幼保健院在那儿福州市生孩子那个地方好 At a dinner party a shy young man had been trying to think of something nice to say to his hostess.在一次晚餐聚会上,一位腼腆的年轻人一直在冥思苦想对女主人说一些好听的话。At last he saw his chance when she turned to him and remarked, ;What a small appetite you have tonight, Mr. Jones.;机会终于来了,女主人转向他说:“琼斯先生,您今晚的饭量太小了。”;To sit next to you,; he replied gallantly, ;would cause any man to lose his appetite.;“坐在您身边,”他殷勤的说道,“任何男人都会失去胃口的。” /201206/185621福州子宫肌瘤做微创多少钱

南平白带异常哪家医院最好的If you really want to get slim, you may need to shed some of your heavier friends, scientists say.科学家表示,如果你真想减肥,可能得避免跟胖朋友厮混了。Researchers from Loyola University in Chicago found that students were more likely to gain weight if they had friends who were heavier than they were. However, they were more likely to either slim down, or at least gain weight at a slower pace, if their friends were leaner than they were.芝加哥洛约拉大学的研究人员发现,如果朋友比自己胖,学生本人也很可能变胖。反之,如果朋友比自己瘦,那么本人则会变瘦,或者至少不那么容易变胖。Dr David Shoham, who led the study, said their findings, published in the journal PLoS ONE, could help them develop better interventions to treat obesity in teenagers.大卫-索哈姆士组织了此次研究,研究成果发表在《PLoS ONE》杂志上。他认为这有助于他们更好地治疗青少年肥胖问题。;We should not be treating adolescents in isolation,; he was ed as saying by the Daily Mail. The study was designed to find out the reason why obesity and related behaviours appear to cluster in social networks.;青少年肥胖问题不可孤立对待。;他对《每日邮报》说道。该研究旨在探究社会中肥胖及相关行为为何扎堆的问题。The researchers wanted to know whether it is because friends influence one another#39;s behaviour or is it that teenagers befriend people who look similar to themselves.研究人员想要查明,肥胖到底是受朋友影响,还是青少年喜欢跟气息相投的人扎堆的原因。They examined data from two large high schools - one refered to as Jefferson High located in a rural area and has mostly white students and another mentioned as Sunshine High was an ethnically diverse urban school.他们研究了两所大型高中的数据:一所是位于郊区的杰斐逊高中,以白人学生为主;另一所则是位于城市的阳光高中,各种族学生都有。Students were surveyed during the 1994-95 school year and surveyed again the following school year. Researchers examined data from 624 students at Jefferson High and 1,151 students at Sunshine High. Their body mass index was calculated from their height and weight. A BMI over 25 is considered overweight and a BMI over 30 is considered obese.1994年到1995学年间,学生接受了一次调查,次年又被调查了一次。研究人员研究了杰斐逊高中624名学生以及阳光高中1151名学生的数据。学生的体重指数按照身高和体重计算。体重指数大于25为超重,大于30则为肥胖。The researchers found that even after controlling for this friend-selecting process, there still was a significant link between obesity and a student#39;s circle of friends.研究人员发现,即便对择友过程进行了控制,肥胖问题和学生所交的朋友仍然大有关系。If a borderline overweight student at Jefferson School had lean friends there was a 40 percent chance the student#39;s BMI would drop in the future. However, if they had obese friends there was a 15 percent chance they would slim down.在杰斐逊高中,肥胖学生如果有苗条的朋友,他的体重指数以后就有40%下降的几率。但是,如果他交了胖朋友,日后变瘦的几率就仅有15%。The findings show that social influence ;tends to operate more in detrimental directions, especially for BMI;, said the authors.研究人员说,结果明社会影响的;不利作用似乎很大,尤其在体重指数上。;;Effective interventions will be necessary to overcome these barriers, requiring that social networks be considered rather than ignored,; Dr Shoham said.;有效的干预将有助于克上述问题,不过社会影响必须得到重视。; 索哈姆士说道。He noted that the study relied on self-reported data and was collected over a decade ago. Nevertheless, the results raised important questions about peer influence, he said。;Our results support the operation of both homophily and influence,; he added.他还表示,此项研究的数据是十年前自动报告的数据,但研究结果还是引起了人们对同龄影响的疑惑。他说:;研究结果明遗传和社会影响都能导致肥胖。; /201207/192425 松溪县中医院人流要多少钱福州哪有打胎医院



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