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So Yip Man was a great influence on Bruce,因此叶问对布鲁斯影响很深and leaned him in the direction of philosophy.并引导他走上了功夫哲学之路Yip Man would not be a legend without Bruce Lee.没有李小龙 叶问也不会成为传奇Wing chun was a very, very minor martial art style,咏春刚开始并不出名 非常小众and now its global, and thats all because of Bruce Lee.现在却名满天下 这都归功于李小龙Ultimately, martial art means honestly expressing yourself.从本质上说 武术的精髓在于展现真我Now, it is very difficult to do.这是极难做到的A lot of that warrior spirit, to me its really honorable.武术精神对我来说是精深且高尚的Its really pure.它十分的纯粹It breaks through to every culture, every language, every colour.武术没有文化 语言 肤色之分Its all about getting respect back, you know.这是一条自我实现的道路If youre gonna hurt me,想让我尊重你youre gonna have to earn it, motherfucker.你就得比我更强 混蛋I was the youngest of three boys.我在家里排行老三I got obsessed with Bruce Lee and martial arts.而李小龙和他的功夫让我神魂颠倒I wanted to kick my brothers asses and prove my worthiness.我特想揍我哥哥们一顿来明我的价值When a good fight breaks out, you cant help but be excited.一场精的打斗会让人不自禁地热血沸腾You cant help but show emotion.你会变得情绪激动It took a while, but you know,这事得慢慢来as many times as each of my brothers beat me up,从一开始我的哥哥们一次次痛扁我each one of them got one ass-kicking from me and that was it.变成我打得他们头破血流后 我终于做到了I didnt do so well talking shit back,我一直不擅长打嘴仗so I dont see the point in talking about it.所以别光说不练Lets just go there.还是干一架吧But then you feel bad但事后你总会觉得有些窘迫and kind of embarrassed afterwards, ;That was childish.;你会觉得 真糟糕 ;太幼稚了;;I could have handled that better.; But you also feel good.;本可以化干戈为玉帛; 但总的来说还不错201311/263507

路透社健康编辑伊万.欧兰斯基警告说,一些荒谬的先决条件已经成为了一种让我们感到十分痛苦的流行病,比如说- 糖尿病前期,癌症前期,还有更多其他的。在这个TEDMED谈话中,他展示amp;#8203;了医疗保险系统如何能找到解决方案...从棒球中学到的重要一课。201401/272448

罗·科里尔(Paul Collier)是《最底层的十亿人》的作者,也是著名的发展经济学家,一生致力于反贫困的问题。他的这篇演讲给现在中国所面临的问题也带来了很大的启发。201309/257981

A willingness to mate is a relatively straightforward message.交配意愿 算是相当直接了当的讯息But primates are capable of much more complex communication.但是灵长类 还能进行更复杂的沟通It starts between a mother and her baby.故事要从一对母女开始说起The rainforests of Sumatra.这里是苏门答腊的雨林This female orang-utan is forty-two years old.这只母红毛猩猩四十二岁了Her third child, a six year old daughter,它的第三胎,六岁的女儿is still with her.还跟在它身边Orangs look after their children for longer than any other primate...红毛猩猩照顾下一代的时间except ourselves.在灵长类中仅次于人类It will take her nine years to teach her youngster它要花九年时间传授下一代everything she needs to know about this complex tree-top world.一切有关 这个复杂树梢世界的知识She must learn how to collect ants and termites.小红毛猩猩要学习 如何捉蚂蚁和白蚁How to identify at least 200 kinds of edible plants...如何辨识至少两百种 可以吃的植物and how to avoid the poisonous ones.及避免误食有毒植物And how to judge when fruit, like this durian, has ripened to perfection.如何辨别如这颗榴莲等的果实 熟得恰到好处可以吃了201311/265815

Dwyane Wade Talks About His Wedding Day and the Upcoming NBA SeasonThe NBA star talks about the newly crafted Wade family, and his excitement to be back on the court.Guess what? I got the chance to spend some time with three-time NBA champ Dwyane Wade, sharing about his exciting new project and his fresh of his honeymoon for his first ever interview as a married man. Here he is.How are you feeling? You let us in a little bit on Instagram, right? Like we all got to see the beautiful pictures. But tell me something we didn’t see, some magic moments.Uh, what we did, we tried to, you know, let our fans and supporters in a little bit, you know, on our special day. But I mean it was just a perfect day. You know, even things that went wrong went right. It was a beautiful wedding, and we had a great time as well partying. So it was amazing.I know you all put so much effort into it and so much into the design which was so important.Yes.And even that saved the date, so cute. You had your sons in there and they are all part of it. Family is a huge thing for you.You know, family is. And you know, she was marrying not only me, she is marrying a family, the boys. So she had to marry us. We are a package, you know. And it was great to be able to have them, you know, incorporate into the wedding, even on the day, they stole the show.Maybe more family in the future? We won’t ask, because I’m a newlywed too. I know that feels. But what’s…let’s talk about the design. You designed your bowties, but you also are now part of a watch – Hublot. And so you got it on. Tell me about the design and how you got in there? It’s called the fusion?Yes. It’s a classic fusion. This is my second watch, you know, for Hublot. I’ve been with them since 2011. I have one of the, you know, honors to be, you know, a brand ambassador for this brand and the first time I went around with a, you know, sports-inspired watch. This time I wear something that looks a little bit more classic, elegant…Yeah.…you know, sophisticated. And I’m…it’s very nice.Can you set it to 30 seconds as we go here? Because I know youre about to get back on the court of basket. One more question over the basketball. You want to play basketball with me?Yeah.All right, y?All right.Oh the thing is not up.So you are going to try to win?Yeah, I aly am. Got you, one. So tell me, are you y for the new season?You know what? Im getting y, I’m getting y for the season. Im excited about this year. Oh, wait, Im on fire right now.Oh, no. No.Okay.Well, I mean, youre all right.Okay, I got, like, 13.Youre warming up.Yeah, I’m very excited. Its coming -- just ended, but coming up back up again.All right, 30 seconds is up. Dwyane wade, thank you for being here.Hold on, hold on.Perfection. Perfection -- hold on, were doing that.Wait a minute.That’s all we got. We got to get back.I cant get a shot.Thank you for being here. Yes! Thank you. Yeah, I didn’t win. He is still pretty good. We can’t wait for it, and Dwyane, congratulations to you. /201409/332773

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