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吉安那个医院有极光点痣吉安激光除皱My interpreter told me their stories.翻译告诉我他们的故事We have no freedom, they said.我们没有自由,他们说道We hope still, though, that we could leave this house someday and go someplace else where we actually get paid for our dyeing.可我们还是希望,哪天可以逃离这个屋子去其他的地方,在那里工作能拿到报酬Its estimated that more than 4,000 children are enslaved on Lake Volta,据估计,有超过4000名儿童在沃尔特湖水库被奴役,the largest man-made lake in the world.那里是世界上最大的人工湖。When we first arrived, I went to have a quick look.我们一到那里,我就去看了个大概。I saw what seemed to be a family fishing on a boat,我看到似乎是一家人在船上,two older brothers, some younger kids, makes sense right?两个哥哥,几个小点的孩子,挺像的吧?Wrong. They were all enslaved.错!他们都是奴隶。Children are taken from their families and trafficked and vanished,孩子们从家里被带出来被贩卖,and theyre forced to work endless hours on these boats on the lake, even though they do not know how to swim.被迫在船上无休止的工作,他们在湖上工作,甚至还不会游泳。This young child is eight years old.这个小男孩8岁大。He was trembling when our boat approached,当我们的船靠近的时候他在发抖,frightened it would run over his tiny canoe.他怕我们的船会撞上上他的独木舟。He was petrified he would be knocked in the water.他很害怕会掉到水里。The skeletal tree limbs submerged in Lake Volta often catch the fishing nets, and weary,湖面下浸着些树的枝干经常会挂住渔网,frightened children are thrown into the water to untether the lines.这些疲惫、害怕的孩子们就被扔到水中去解开渔网。Many of them drown.很多人都淹死了。For as long as he can recall, hes been forced to work on the lake.从他记事开始,就被迫在湖上工作。Terrified of his master, he will not run away,他非常害怕主人,不敢逃跑,and since hes been treated with cruelty all his life,由于他从小就被残酷对待,he passes that down to the younger slaves that he manages.他也用同样的方法对待比他小的奴隶。201510/403199吉安腹部吸脂哪家医院好 Not to be afraid of a failure, the opportunity to begin again不会因为失败而感到畏惧 有机会从头再来This whole thing comes down in the end to what do we think the future would be better if we face it with open hands or closed fists.这一切说到底 都取决于 我们认为要以张开的双手还是握紧的双拳 来面对未来 才能让未来变得更好One of the things that heartened me when President Obama asks Hillary to be secretary of State and she said yes奥巴马总统请希拉里做国务卿的时候 她同意了 这件事让我感到鼓舞And they developed this, not just a working relationship,于是他们就发展了一段 不仅仅是工作关系but this amazing friendship which I just watched with great interests is that they had fought this... Oh come on guys, get a life here还是一种很棒的朋友关系 我一直饶有兴趣的观察着这对关系 他们一起奋战在 哦 拜托 伙计们 抓重点啊When youre as old as I am, youll be able to laugh about this stuff is that they fought this huge campaign tooth and nail, trench campaign down to the end,当你们到我这个年龄时 你们才能嘲笑这种事情 他们一起奋战在这场竞选大战中 直到最后 这场不可开交 你争我夺的竞选He was big enough to ask her to be secretary of State他有足够的胸怀让她来担任国务卿She was big enough to take it她也有足够的胸怀来接下这个重任They trusted each other他们信任彼此And they both acknowledged that the differences in their positions were not that profound, and there was a world out there that had to be healed并且他们都认识到 他们在立场上的分歧并没有那么深 更何况整个世界还等着人们去治愈a world that America had to make a place in and a world we have to try to make worth for the things we believe in美国还要在这个世界上占有一席之地 我们还要让我们所信仰的东西在世界上彰显价值And it was amazing and这实在太令人惊奇了I would travel around the world as my foundation works in 70, 80 countries depended on what projects we are doing in a given year.我的基金会在全球七八十个国家都有项目 我会根据我们一年当中所要做的工作周游世界All these politicians I used to know are all just marveled at this.我过去所有熟知的政客们都对此非常惊奇And I said this is the way the world supposed to work.我跟他们说 这才是世界应当运转的方式We have our differences, we have arguments, we have elections, and it is over and people join hands and work together我们有我们的差异 我们的争论 还有我们的选举 但这都已经结束了 那么大家就齐心协力 同舟共济 201507/385096In higher education, there is a university in Canada, Atherbasca University, that delivers 100 percent of its courses by what is called distant learning. No students on campus, no campus. All instruction is delivered online. And they have captured nearly 30 percent of all MBA students in Canada. Governments are using networks to transform every thing, from the way they buy goods and services, to the delivery of services to citizens. Singapore is putting 10 thousand suppliers online, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and by the way is compared with the advantage in Asia. When the government of Verlancia in southern France, starts wiring entire villages, allowing citizens to conduct online transactions with local businesses, schedule a doctors appointment, get information from their kids school -- you know something interesting is starting to happen. And believe me in America, when in certain stage you can register your car on the Internet and not have to go a way in line. I can assure you something important is happening. Trust me on this one.在高等教育领域,加拿大有一所......大学完全通过所谓的远程教育传授它的课程。校园中没有学生,也没有校园。所有的指导都是在线传送的。几乎加拿大全部 MBA 学生中的 30%都出自这所大学。政府正在利用网络改变着所有的一切,从购买货物和务的方式到向市民提供务的方式都在改变。新加坡正在将 1 万个供应商放到网上,降低了成本并且提高了效率,另外还因此在亚洲地区赢得了有势。当法国南部的......政府将整个村子连接起来,使得市民可以在线的同本地商业企业进行交易、预约医生、从他们的孩子就读的学校获取信息 -- 你们可以看得出,一些有趣的事情正在发生。请相信我,发展到一定程度后,在美国你们将能够在 Internet 上注册汽车而不必排队等候。我向你们保,一些重要的事情正在发生。在这一点上请相信我。201312/269613江西吉安提眉手术多少钱

万安县人民中医院去胎记多少钱And, no doubt, weve all settled at various times.而且,毫无疑问,我们将会很多次的妥协。But, dont let necessity in a given moment become the excuse for a lifetime of inertia.但是,不要让一时的必要选择成为一生惰性的借口。Keep trying to get yourself to the right place.要不断试图让自己走到正确的地方。If Id stayed a lawyer, I could have made it work for a while, but I would have fizzled out and eventually because I didnt love it.如果我继续做一名律师,我可能会干得还不错,但是我不会辉煌,因为我并不爱这个工作。Third, be a well-rounded, complete person.第三,做一个全面、完整的人。Many of you will go for further education or career training.你们中的很多人会继续接受教育或者是职业培训。Of course, its important to learn the things that you need to make a living.学习维持生计必须的东西当然是很重要的。But, dont forget to , and to learn history, literature and about current events.但是不要忘了阅读,学习历史,文化以及时事。Youll be more interesting to others, more interesting to yourself and youll be more successful in your job.你会变得更吸引人,对你自己也更加有兴趣,会在你的工作上更加成功。Most of the books Ive didnt apply directly to my job or industry, but Ive applied their lessons in unexpected ways.我读过的绝大部分书对我的工作甚至这个行业都没有直接的用处,但是书中的经验教训总会以意想不到的方式发挥作用。Fourth, be involved in the community.第四点,参与社区活动。Find ways to contribute to make yourself proud and set an example to your kids.找到可以让你感到自豪的贡献方式,为你的孩子们树立榜样。Making a living is not life. It is a means to an end, not the end.谋生并不是生活,只是达到目的的一个手段,而不是目的本身。You have to feel proud of yourself.你需要为自己感到自豪。There are always going to be people who struggle and for whom community work is not a realistic option, but try.总会有人需要为生计努力,对他们来说社区工作并不是一个现实的选择,但是请努力尝试。Ive done plenty to advance myself over the years.在过去的岁月里我做了很多事情来让自己进步。But, the older I get, the more satisfaction I get from serving and advancing others.但是年纪越大,我越来越能够从务和帮助他人进步中得到满足。In fact thats how I first got involved with President Mellow and LaGuardia -- through the 10,000 Small Businesses program we initiated at your school.事实上,我最初结识麦罗校长和拉瓜迪亚社区大学就是因为我们共同发起的这个一万家小企业项目。Finally, appreciate that life is unpredictable, so dont close your mind to possibilities.最后,要明白人生是不可预测的,所以不要对可能性自我设限。Try to surround yourself with people who are equally ambitious.试试和那些一样具有野心的人为伍。Put yourself in situations where you can grow - where youll not only push yourself but where others will push you.让你置身于可以成长的环境中--在那种你不仅仅可以让自己进步,其他人也会推动你前进的环境。What were the chances that a kid from the poverty would run one of the great financial institutions in the world?一个从贫困小区长大的孩子掌管世界上其中最大金融机构的机会有多大?You just never know.你永远不会知道。That unpredictability is the great thing about life.不可预测性是生活最伟大的一点。You change. The world changes.你改变,这个世界也在改变。You live in a country where we are still blessed with enormous opportunity.你们生活在一个仍然拥有得天独厚机会的国家。Leave yourself open to the world of possibility.让你自己对无限可能的世界敞开胸怀。You have the ambition, you have the smarts and for sure you have the toughness.你们有野心,你们有智慧而且你肯定有坚韧不拔毅力。So, turn the page on your biography — you have just started a new chapter in your lives.所以,请翻开自己的传记——你们已经打开了人生的新一个篇章。Good luck and congratulations to you and your families. Thank you.祝你们和你们的家人好运,也祝贺你们和你们的家人。谢谢201508/393686吉安哪家医院治疗腋臭好 THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Milwaukee! (Applause.) Thank you! Oh, it’s good to be back in Milwaukee. Give Chris a big round of applause for that great introduction. (Applause.)Happy Labor Day, everybody. Happy Labor Day. (Applause.) Today is a day that belongs to you –- the working men and women who make America the greatest country on Earth. So thank you to the working folks who are here today, and the unions who’ve always had your back. (Applause.) Thank you to the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, to the Wisconsin AFL-CIO. (Applause.)It’s good to be back at Laborfest. I hope you don’t mind, I brought a friend with me, somebody who is fighting for American workers every day -- America’s Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez, is in the house. (Applause.) And I just found out Tom’s wife is from Milwaukee, so his father-in-law is here. So I just told his father-in-law he’s doing a really good job, because you always want to make a guy look good in front of his father-in-law. (Laughter.) We’ve got some other friends I want to acknowledge. First of all, your Congresswoman, Gwen Moore, is here. (Applause.) Your mayor, Tom Barrett, is in the house. (Applause.) We’ve got one of my favorites, Mary Kay Henry from the SEIU. (Applause.) Newly elected Lily Garcia from NEA. (Applause.) My pal -- not a Packers fan, he’s a Steelers fan, but he’s a good guy anyway -- Leo Gerard from USW, Steelworkers. (Applause.) Billy Hite from UA; Joe Hansen from UFCW. (Applause.) To all the other labor leaders who are here, we are so glad to have you. And we’re here because of the things all too often we take for granted. Anybody who’s got a seat, feel free to sit down. I don’t want anybody fainting; it’s all hot out here. I might get you back up on your feet at some point.But we’re here to celebrate something that sometimes the American people take for granted -- the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay, a minimum wage, weekends like this one. All that didn’t happen by accident. It happened because America’s workers organized for it, fought for it. History shows that working families can get a fair shot in this country, but only if we’re willing to fight for it.Now, the first time I came to Laborfest was -- I was still a candidate back in 2008. (Applause.) And during that campaign, I promised if you sent me to the White House, I’d stand with you in that fight. (Applause.) Now, two weeks later, our financial system collapsed. A recession almost became a depression. And in the years since, our country has faced a choice. There are some folks who wanted to place an even bigger bet on top-down economics, the kind of economics that helped cause the crisis in the first place -– more tax cuts for those at the top, fewer rules for big banks and corporations, this blind faith that maybe prosperity would finally trickle down on the rest of us if folks up at the top just kept on doing better and better.But, you know what, Milwaukee, I didn’t run for President to double down on top-down economics. I ran for President because I believed in bottom-up economics. I believed in middle-out economics. I placed a bet on you. I placed a bet on America’s workers. (Applause.) I put my money on American workers and the belief that our economy grows best when everybody has got a shot -- when folks who are willing to work hard can get into the middle class and stay in the middle class. And I’ve come back to Laborfest to say that because of your hard work, because of what we’ve been through together, that bet is starting to pay off.America is stronger because of the decisions we made to rescue our economy and rebuild it on a new foundation asking the simple question, is this good for ordinary Americans, is this good for working people -- not just a few, but for everybody. And over the past 53 months, our business have created nearly 10 million new jobs. (Applause.) We’re on a streak where, the last six months, we’ve created more than 200,000 jobs each month -– that’s the first time that’s happened since 1997. (Applause.)Construction is rebounding. Energy and technology are booming. American manufacturing is steadily creating jobs for the first time since the 1990s. Our businesses export more goods made right here in America to the rest of the world than ever before. (Applause.) America is stronger because we saved the American auto industry and more than one million jobs that depend on the auto industry. (Applause.) Today, our workers are building more cars than any time since 2002 -- and, by the way, they’re really good cars. The auto industry is adding jobs at the strongest rate since the 1990s.America is stronger because we invested in homegrown energy. The world’s number-one oil and gas producer -- it’s not Russia, it’s not Saudi Arabia -- it’s the U.S. of A. We are the largest producer. (Applause.) And for the first time in nearly 20 years, America now produces more oil than we buy from other countries. But we’re also producing more clean energy, putting folks back to work. We’ve tripled the amount of wind power that creates energy. We’ve increased by 10 times the amount of solar power we create. And all of that is creating tens of thousands of good jobs all across the country. (Applause.)America is stronger because we set our schools on a race to the top. We helped more middle-class families afford college. Today, thanks to outstanding teachers, our high school graduation rate is at a record high. (Applause.) More young people are earning their college degrees than ever before. (Applause.) America is stronger because we helped millions of responsible homeowners stay in their homes, and we got some of biggest banks who sold deceptive mortgages to help make things right -- they’re ponying up billions of dollars to do right by folks who got cheated. We changed a tax code that was skewed too much to the wealthy at the expense of working families. We made sure, you know what, you guys have got to pay a little more. And as a consequence, we cut our deficits by more than half. (Applause.)And yes, Milwaukee, America is stronger because millions more Americans have the peace of mind of quality, affordable health insurance that they can count on. Yes, we did that. (Applause.)201504/370082吉安哪家医院双眼皮做的好

吉安市中医医院祛疤痕多少钱Is it simply the byproduct of a crude mechanical action?它仅仅是一个粗糙机械制作的副产品?Or is it an imitation of one half the set of sounds we make to express disappointment?或者对我们抒发不满的一种声音的一半所进行的模仿?The often dental consonant of no Indo-European language.我们不满的时候经常用它在印欧语系中可找不到词源。Or is it the amplified sound of a synapse firing in the brain of a cockroach?还是,那其实是大脑中触突闪现火花那一刹那所产生的声响的放大?In the 1950s they tried their best to muffle this sound with mercury switches and silent knob controls.在二十世纪五十年代,科学家们曾尽力用汞制的开关和静音的按钮来消除这声响。But today these improvements seem somehow inauthentic.但在今天开来,这些改进倒显得不地道。The click is the modern triumphal clarion proceeding us through life,announcing our entry into every lightless room.这“咯嗒”声 其实是现代社会胜利的号角。让我们的生活向前迈进,宣告我们向每一个无光的暗房进军。The sound made flicking a wall switch off is of a completely different nature.而我们把墙上开关关上的那一声响内涵就完全不同了。It has a deep melancholy ring.它蕴含着深深地抑郁声调。Children dont like it.孩子们不喜欢它。Its why they leave lights on around the house.所以总爱让房间亮着。Adults find it comforting.大人们却能聊以慰藉。But wouldnt it be an easy matter to wire a wall switch?但把墙上的开关接通电源不是很容易的事儿吗?so that it triggers the muted horn of a steam ship?这样就能够启动蒸汽船静默的汽笛?Or the recorded crowing of a rooster?或唤醒公鸡清晨的报晓?Or the distant peel of thunder?还是爆破远方的一声惊雷?Thomas Edison went through thousands of unlikely substances before he came upon the right one for the filament of his electric light bulb.爱迪生也是在尝试过,成千上万不同的物质之后才找到了真正适合做灯丝的物质,从而完成了他的电灯发明。Why have we settled so quickly for the sound of its switch?为什么我们要如此迅速地屈就于那开关不完美的“咯嗒”声响呢?201512/417634 Not a small topic this is, finding happiness. But in some ways I think its the simplest of all. Gwendolyn Brooks wrote a poem for her children. Its called ;Speech to the Young: Speech to the Progress-Toward;. And she says at the end, ;Live not for battles won./ Live not for the-end-of-the-song./ Live in the along.; Shes saying, like Eckhart Tolle, that you have to live for the present. You have to be in the moment. Whatever has happened to you in your past has no power over this present moment, because life is now.追求幸福并不是一个小话题,但在某种程度上来说又是最简单的话题。格温多琳·布鲁克林曾给她的孩子们写了一首诗,诗名是《寄语青少年:关于向前迈进的寄语》。她在诗的最后写道:不要为了战胜而生活,不要为了结局而生活,要活在当下。她的意思和埃尔托克·托拉一样,你应当为了现在而活,你要活在当下。无论过去发生了什么都不应该影响到现在,因为生活就是过好现在。But I think shes also saying, be a part of something. Dont live for yourself alone. This is what I know for sure: In order to be truly happy, you must live along with and you have to stand for something larger than yourself. Because life is a reciprocal exchange. To move forward you have to give back. And to me, that is the greatest lesson of life. To be happy, you have to give something back.我想她还在说,去参与一些事。不要仅仅为了自己而生活。我非常确定的是:为了追求真正的幸福,你必须为了一些更有意义的事而生活,而不是只为了自己而活。因为生活就是相互给予。有所付出才能不断前行。这对我来说是人生中最重要的经验。想要得到幸福,你就必须学会给予。I know you know that, because thats a lesson thats woven into the very fabric of this university. Its a lesson that Jane and Leland Stanford got and one theyve bequeathed to you. Because all of you know the story of how this great school came to be, how the Stanfords lost their only child to typhoid at the age of 15. They had every right and they had every reason to turn their backs against the world at that time, but instead, they channeled their grief and their pain into an act of grace. Within a year of their sons death, they had made the founding grant for this great school, pledging to do for other peoples children what they were not able to do for their own boy.我知道你们明白这个教训,因为它已经深深地融入了斯坦福。这个经验是简和利兰德·斯坦福给你们的馈赠。因为你们所有的人都知道这所伟大的大学是如何建成的。斯坦福夫妇的独子在15岁时得了伤寒离开了他们。在那个时候他们有充分的权利和理由去憎恨这个世界,但是他们却用优雅的行动疏导了心中的悲伤,在他们儿子死后不到一年时,他们已经为这所伟大的大学筹集了建设经费,并发誓要为别人的孩子做一些没能给自己的孩子做到的事情。 /201311/266419万安县鼻翼整形多少钱井冈山激光脱毛多少钱




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