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福州/做个人流那个医院好福州/市第一人民医院打胎流产好吗A very warm welcome to Number 10 Downing Street. As-salamu alaykum. It’s really great to have you here for this Eid al Adha commemoration. Tonight I want to say something about the importance of Eid; I want to say something about the enormous contribution that British Muslims make to our country; and I want to say something about the work that we’re all doing as a country to help Muslims around the world. But before I say that I want to say something about what a difficult Eid I know it has been because of the terrible events in Iraq and Syria and the appalling brutality of ISIL. But in the midst of this brutality and the awful beheading of British hardworking good, compassionate men like Alan Henning and David Haines, in the midst of all that, something has emerged in our country which makes me incredibly proud. And that has been the response of British Muslims who have stood up and stood together and said: “These appalling events are not being done in my name.” And I felt so proud of British Muslims in everything that you have said and everything that you have done. And let us say again tonight that these people in Iraq and Syria doing these appalling things, they have nothing to do with the great religion of Islam, a religion of peace, a religion that inspires daily acts of kindness and generosity. And that leads me to what I wanted to say about Eid. Because I’m not a scholar of any religion but what I love about Eid is it demonstrates how close together our religions are. Because of course we’re thinking of sacrifice, and we’re thinking of compassion. We’re thinking of the moment that Abraham showed his iness to sacrifice to God because he was prepared to give up his son. But God said, “No, you must take a lamb instead.” This is the same in my Bible as it is in your Quran. But what I love with what you have done with the festival of Eid is that you’ve taken it one stage further and said that that lamb should be sacrificed in 3 ways: for family, for friends and neighbours, and then a third for those that are neediest in our society and in our country. And I think that lesson of sacrifice and compassion that I understand at the heart of Eid is so important and something that should bring all our religions and our communities together. The second thing I wanted to say is just about the contribution that British Muslims make in our country. I’ve spoken about the extraordinary outpouring there’s been about these appalling events in Syria and Iraq, but we shouldn’t be surprised about that because British Muslim communities are immensely proud of being British and they give an enormous amount to our country. British Muslims are actually the most generous, charitable givers that there are of any community in Britain, and that’s something to be immensely proud of as well as all the contributions to the arts, to literature, to music, to sport. Before my conference speech I met an absolutely sensational British Muslim woman who not only ran 2 superb restaurants but was also a teacher, was also a Conservative councillor and was also the mother of 5 brilliant children, all of whom I met. And that made me think about the hardworking people in British Muslim communities who are absolutely standing up for the values that make this country great: values of enterprise, values of family, values of community, values of hard work. And that is what we’re celebrating tonight. Third and final thing is just to say a word about what we’re doing as a country to help Muslims who are suffering around the world. And I think perhaps we don’t say enough about this, and I think perhaps we need to say more in all our communities to demonstrate to people who care passionately about the suffering people go through about what a generous and compassionate nation this is. We see these appalling problems in Syria with so many refugees and so many people suffering. Britain is the second largest bilateral donor of any country in the world. We’re always the first to step up and step forward, and we should be proud of that. I’ve just been chairing a meeting today about how we respond to the appalling crisis of Ebola in West Africa, where Muslims and Christians are suffering alongside each other with this appalling affliction. Of course America has taken some great steps but Britain again is the second country in the world, spending £125 million to help people in West Africa. We’re sending ships. We’re sending helicopters. We’re sending doctors. We’re building 700 beds to help those people. If you look at who funds the Palestinian authority, again, Britain is one of the most generous donors, not just to help with aid but also to help with governance and with expertise so that Palestine can have the statehood that it so richly deserves. So in all these areas we should celebrate what we do, what British Muslims do but what our whole country does for those who suffer around the world. We made a promise to the people of the world, the poorest of the world, that we would spend 0.7% of our GDP on aid and development, and we’re one of the few countries in the world that has kept that promise. And that is helping Muslims all over the world, whether in Syria, whether in Africa, whether in East Asia, all over the world. And I think we should be proud of that. So, thank you for coming tonight. Thank you for your contribution to our country. I hope that with all the difficulties of Eid we should celebrate the enormous number of people who’ve made the pilgrimage to the Holy City. And so it only remains for me to say Eid Mubarak. Thank you.201505/377149罗源县检查妇科病多少钱 Or the people who see a trend toward inequality and a decline in opportunity还是那些认为不平等会加重 机会会减少and dont think innovation will change that?不认为创新能够改变这些趋势的人The pessimists are wrong, in my view.在我看来 悲观主义者是错误的But they are not crazy.但他们的想法并不疯狂If innovation is purely market driven,如果创新纯粹是市场驱使的and we dont focus on the big inequities,没人关心不平等的加剧then we could have amazing advances in inventions那么世界就算有再多美妙发明也是白搭that leave the world even more divided.只能让世界分化越发严重We wont improve public schools.我们将无法改善公立学校条件We wont end malaria.我们将无法根除疟疾We wont end poverty.我们将无法根除贫困We wont develop the innovations poor farmers need我们将无法开发出贫苦农民所需的创新to grow food in a changing climate.让他们能在变化的气候条件下种出作物If our optimism doesnt address the problems如果我们的乐观不能解决这些问题that affect so many of our fellow human beings,不能帮助很多需要帮助的同胞then our optimism needs more empathy.那么这种乐观就需要更多同情心If empathy channels our optimism,如果同情心能够引导我们的乐观we will see the poverty and the disease and the poor schools.我们就肯定能看到贫困 疾病和糟糕教育条件We will answer with our innovations我们就肯定能通过创新给出and we will surprise the pessimists.我们就肯定能让悲观主义者大吃一惊201412/346822The final one I want to talk about -- and its a great one to end on --我最后想讲的是——用来结尾很好的例子是is this concept of communal discovery,社群探索的概念,a dynamic in which everyone has to work together to achieve something.人们需要一起工作来达到某个目标的动机。And communal discovery is powerful because it leverages社群探索有影响力的原因是因为the network that is society to solve problems.它能够利用人际网络解决各种问题。This is used in some sort of famous consumer web stories,它多用于著名的网上店铺,like Digg, which Im sure youve all heard of.例如Digg,我相信你们都听说过。Digg is a communal dynamic to try to find and source the best news, the most interesting stories.Digg就是一个社群动力寻找最好的新闻,最有趣的故事。And they made this into a game, initially.起初,这就是一种游戏。They had a leader board, where, if you recommended the best stories, you would get points.当你推荐的某个故事上了网站首页,你会得到加分。And that really motivated people to find the best stories.这激励人们去寻找最好的故事。But it became so powerful that there was actually a cabal,这很有影响力,很像某种帮派,a group of people, the top seven on the leader board,也就是一群人,领袖榜的前七个,who would work together to make sure they maintained that position.他们会通力合作保他们的位置。And they would recommend other peoples stories, and the game became more powerful than the goal.他们会推荐彼此的故事。游戏的过程变得比目标达成的影响力更大。And they actually had to end up shutting down the leader board because while it was effective,最后,霸占主页成为主要的目标,当这种情形发生时,it was so powerful that it stopped sourcing the best stories社群动力就会使参与者不再推荐好故事,and started having people work to maintain their leadership.并且,有些人开始专门为了维持领导地位忙活。So we have to use this one carefully.所以我们必须谨慎使用这一动机。Its also used in things like McDonalds Monopoly,再举一个例子,像麦当劳大富翁游戏where the game is not the Monopoly game youre playing,这不像我们平常玩的大富翁游戏,but the sort of cottage industries that form to try and find Boardwalk, right.消费者会像寻找农舍一样寻找滨海长堤And now theyre just looking for a little sticker that says ;Boardwalk.;他们都希望找到一种有“滨海长堤”的小贴纸。But it can also be used to find real things.这能够用于寻找真实存在的东西。This is the DARPA balloon challenge,DARPA推出了气球挑战赛,where they hid a couple balloons all across the ed States and said,他们随机在美国境内放了10个气球,他们宣布;Use networks. Try and find these balloons fastest, and the winner will get ,000.;“请使用网络,最快找到这些气球的人会得到4万美元奖金。”And the winner was actually a group out of MIT,拿走奖金的是麻省理工的一个团队,where they created sort of a pyramid scheme, a network,他们制作了一个类似于老鼠会的网站,where the first person to recommend the location of a balloon got ,000第一个到网站报告气球位置的人就能拿到2000美元,and anyone else to push that recommendation up also got a cut of it.并且把这个消息传给其他人就能够分到一些。And in 12 hours, they were able to find all these balloons, all across the country, right.12个小时后,他们发现了境内的所有10个气球。Really powerful dynamic.真的是非常有效的驱动力。And so, Ive got about 20 seconds left,我还有20秒钟的时间,so if Im going to leave you with anything,让我做个总结,last decade was the decade of social.过去的十年是网络社交的黄金十年。This next decade is the decade of games.接下来的十年是游戏社交的十年。We use game dynamics to build on it. We build with mindshare.我们正在用这些游戏驱动力来建立。我们用的是心灵占有率。We can influence behavior.我们影响行为。It is very powerful. It is very exciting.这很有影响力,这很激动人心。Lets all build it together, lets do it well and have fun playing.让我们共同打造这个游戏社交圈,让我们一起玩游戏。201601/423818福州/市第一人民医院收费好不好

福州/怎样治疗宫颈炎You see the larger wing area here.你们可以看到这儿有面积更大的翅膀。Also, clearly, it was such a powerful thing,we wanted to try and bring other people but we couldnt figure out how to do it.而且,这还是件很有影响力的事情,我们希望能带动其他人一起参与进来。So we opened the worlds first flight school.所以我们开设了世界上第一家飞行学校。The rational for the worlds first flight school goes something like: when the coastguards come up to me and say这世界上第一家飞行学校的合理性搞成这个样子:当海岸警卫队找到我,跟我谈话,they used to leave us alone when we were diving these goofy little spherical things,在我们过去用这些愚蠢的圆形玩意潜水的时候,他们对我们不闻不问。but when we started flying around但当我们开始在在水下驾驶喷气式飞行器in underwater jet fighters they got a little nervous they would come up and say,Do you have a license for that?飞行的时候他们倒有点紧张了。他们会冒出来说,你有许可吗?And then Id put my sunglasses on, the beard that would all sprout out, and I would say,I dont need no stinking license.听了这话,我把太阳镜拿下来,我会说我不需要什么屁许可。I write these stinking license, which I do.我写了这些讨厌的许可,真的写了。So Bob Gelfonds around here but somebody in the audience here has license number 20.所以Bob Gelfons在这儿呢,但听众中有些人拥有20号许可。Theyre one of the first subsea aviators.他们是第一批的海底飞行员。So weve run two flight schools.我们举办了两期飞行学校。Where the hell that goes, I dont know, but its a lot of fun.这事今后怎么发展我不知道,但确实充满乐趣。What comes next in 30 seconds? I cant tell you.接下来30秒有什么?我不能告诉你们。But the patent for underwater flight Karen and I, we were looking at it,some business partners wanted us to patent it we werent sure about that.但说到水下飞行的专利,凯伦和我正看看这事儿的发展,有些商业伙伴希望我们申请专利。我们不确定。Weve decided were just going to let that go.我们已经决定不去管它。It just seems wrong to try and patent the freedom for underwater flight.申请专利对水下飞行的自由而言,似乎不是一件正确的事情。So anybody who wants to copy us and come and join us, go for it.因此无论谁想仿效我们,尽管行动,并加入我们,去吧。The other thing is that weve got much lower costs.另一件事情是,我们的成本已经降低很多。We developed some other technology called spider optics, and Craig Ventner asked me to make an announcement here this morning:我们发展了其他一些,称为蜘蛛光学的技术,克雷格文特也要我今天早上在这里做一个声明。were going to be building a beautiful, little,small version of this unmanned, super deep for his boat to go and get back some deep sea DNA stuff.我们将建造一个漂亮的,小型的,这种潜水器,无人驾驶,能潜得超级深,为他的考察船采集深海的DNA样品。Thank you.谢谢。201501/354225福州/人流哪里看的好 I have all my life wondered what mind-boggling meant.我整整一生都在想,mind-boggling(令人难以置信的)到底是指什么。After two days here, I declare myself boggled, and enormously impressed,and feel that you are one of the great hopes not just for American achievement in science and technology,but for the whole world. 在这里呆了两天,我承认,我已经被深深感染,我感到,你们代表着伟大的希望不仅仅是美国在科学技术上取得进步的希望,也是整个世界的希望。Ive come, however, on a special mission on behalf of my constituency,which are the 10-to-the-18th-power thats a million trillion insects and other small creatures, and to make a plea for them.我今天来到这里,是代表我的选民,它们的数量多达10的18次方,它们是昆虫以及其他的小动物,我是来为它们申张正义的。If we were to wipe out insects alone, just that group alone, on this planet which we are trying hard to do,the rest of life and humanity with it would mostly disappear from the land.假如我们要把昆虫从地球上消灭掉,就单单是昆虫,实际上我们也在努力这样做,那么剩下的生物包括人类也很可能从地球消失。And within a few months.这只需几个月的时间。Now, how did I come to this particular position of advocacy?那我是怎么成为这样一个为昆虫辩护的斗士呢?As a little boy, and through my teenage years,I became increasingly fascinated by the diversity of life. 当我还是小孩子的时候,我就对生物之多样性感到越来越浓厚的兴趣。I had a butterfly period, a snake period, a bird period, a fish period, a cave period and finally and definitively, an ant period.我曾经对蝴蝶、蛇、小鸟、鱼以及洞穴感兴趣,最后,我对蚂蚁产生浓厚而长久的兴趣。By my college years, I was a devoted myrmecologist,a specialist on the biology of ants,but my attention and research continued to make journeys across the great variety of life on Earth in general,including all that it means to us as a species, how little we understand it and how pressing a danger that our activities have created for it. 读大学的时候,我对于蚂蚁研究很有热情,我是一位研究蚂蚁的专家,我的关注点以及研究都围绕地球上巨大的生物多样性而展开,包括这对我们人类意味着什么,以及为何我们对此所知甚少,还有人类活动正在对生物多样性构成的严重威胁。Out of that broader study has emerged a concern and an ambition,crystallized in the wish that Im about to make to you. 长期的研究使我产生一种对生物的关切以及一个宏愿,待会我会在叙述愿望的时候具体说明。My choice is the culmination of a lifetime commitment that began with growing up on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, on the Florida peninsula.我的这一选择是整个研究生涯之落脚点,我小时候在佛罗里达半岛的阿拉巴马湾度过。As far back as I can remember, I was enchanted by the natural beauty of that region and the almost tropical exuberance of the plants and animals that grow there.从记事起,我就被那一带的自然美景深深陶醉,包括该地繁盛成长的接近热带的动植物。One day when I was only seven years old and fishing,I pulled a pinfish, theyre called, with sharp dorsal spines, up too hard and fast,and I blinded myself in one eye. 七岁那年,有一天我去钓鱼,我捉到一条免齿鲷—有尖利的背棘—猛然用力拉上来,并因此而弄瞎了其中一只眼睛。I later discovered I was also hard of hearing,possibly congenitally, in the upper registers.另外,我后来还发现自己在听力方面也不是很好,也许是生来就有的缺陷。So in planning to be a professional naturalist.于是,为了成为一名职业的自然学家。I never considered anything else in my entire life.我就决定只做一件事。I found that I was lousy at bird watching and couldnt track frog calls either.要我观鸟,我不在行;要我追踪青蛙,我也不擅长于此。So I turned to the teeming small creatures that can be held between the thumb and forefinger:于是我决定做那些小动物的研究,它们大多可以放在我的拇指跟食指之间,the little things that compose the foundation of our ecosystems,the little things, as I like to say, who run the world.而正是它们构建了我们整个生态圈的基础,它们才是世界的主人。201503/344759福州/无痛人流多钱

南平市治疗宫颈炎哪家医院最好的What then of manned space exploration?那载人的空间探索呢?The government recently announced plans to return to the moon by 2024.美国政府最近宣布了2024重返月球的计划。The successful conclusion of that mission will result in infrequent visitation of the moon by a small number of government scientists and pilots.这项任务的成功将使少数的政府雇佣的科学家和飞行员的探访月球活动。It will leave us no further along in the general expansion of humanity into space than we were 50 years ago.和五十年前相比,从人类探索宇宙的整体来看,并没有什么起步。Something fundamental has to change if we are to see common access to space in our lifetime.如果我们想要在有生之年让太空飞行变得习以为然必须有根本的改变。What Im going to show you next are a couple of controversial ideas.我下面要展示的是一些有争论的观点。And I hope youll bear with me and have some faith that theres credibility behind what were going to say here.我希望大家耐心听我讲并且相信,我们这里所说的是确实可信的。There are three underpinnings of working in space privately.私人探索太空工作有三大柱。One of them is the requirement for economical earth-to-space transport.其一是经济的地球到太空的交通运输。The Bert Rutans and Richard Bransons of this world have got this in their sights and I salute them.创业家们象伯特?鲁坦斯和理查德?布兰特(维珍航空公司的创始人)已经开始在这方面努力,我向他们致敬。Go, go, go.加油,加油,加油。The next thing we need are places to stay on orbit.我们需要的另一件事是轨道上的停留处。Orbital hotels to start with, but workshops for the rest of us later on.先以做太空酒店(旅游业)开始,之后可以我们的工作站。The final missing piece, the real paradigm-buster, is this:最后一点,真正能扭转乾坤的是:a gas station on orbit.太空轨道加油站。Its not going to look like that.它不会是图上这样的。If it existed, it would change all future spacecraft design and space mission planning.如果它存在,它会改变所有未来宇宙飞船和宇宙空间探索计划的设计。Now, to give you a chance to understand why there is power in that statement,Ive got to give you the basics of Space 101.现在,为了让大家明白此断言的分量,我要教大家一点儿太空基础知识。And the first thing is everything you do in space you pay by the kilogram.首先,你要为在太空里所做的每一件事情按千克付费。Anybody drink one of these here this week?有人这周喝过一杯这个吗?Youd pay 10,000 dollars for that in orbit.在轨道上你要为其付一万美元。Thats more than you pay for TED,那比你要参加TED付的费用还要多,if Google dropped their sponsorship.如果谷歌撤销他们的赞助的话。The second is more than 90 percent of the weight of a vehicle is in propellant.其次,推进剂占百分之九十多的飞船重量。Thus, every time youd want to do anything in space,因此,每次你想要在宇宙空间里做任何事,you are literally blowing away enormous sums of money every time you hit the accelerator.每次你踩加速器时,你就是在大笔地烧钱。Not even the guys at Tesla can fight that physics.即使是做Tesla(极品电动跑车)的家伙们也没法战胜那个物理现象。So, what if you could get your gas at a 10th the price?所以,如果你能都以十分之一的价钱得到燃料会怎样?There is a place where you can.有个地方可以让你这样做。In fact, you can get it better-you can get it at 14 times lower if you can find propellant on the moon.事实上,可以更便宜--你能以十四分之一的价格得到,如果你能够在月球上发现推进剂的话。There is a little-known mission that was launched by the Pentagon, 13 years ago now, called Clementine.美国国防部13年展开了一个鲜为人知的,称为克莱门汀的计划。And the most amazing thing that came out of that mission was a strong hydrogen signature at Shackleton crater on the south pole of the moon.这项计划最令人称奇的发现是在月球的南极沙克尔顿环形山探测到很强的氢气信号。That signal was so strong,那信号非常强,it could only have been produced by 10 trillion tons of water buried in the sediment, collected over millions and billions of years by the impact of asteroids and comet material.只有沉淀地下的10万亿吨水才能生成它,那水是成百上千万年,小行星和彗星撞击遗留物汇聚而成。If were going to get that, and make that gas station possible,如果我们要用这水使加油站的建造成为可能的话,we have to figure out ways to move large volumes of payload through space.我们必须找到在在太空中移动大量物资的方法。We cant do that right now.我们现在还做不到。The way you normally build a system right now is you have a tube stack that has to be launched from the ground,人们现在的做法是从地球使用多级火箭,and resist all kinds of aerodynamic forces.这种方法需要克各种空气动力效应。201512/415014 Thank you, Catherine, for that kind introduction. I was delighted when I was asked to help open todays conference. I want to start by saying a big thank you to all of the headteachers here today. I know how much is asked of you. The fact that you are all committing your valuable time to support Place2Be, and prioritise the mental health of your students is something that all parents should be grateful for. I often get asked why I decided to spend time highlighting the mental health of children. I imagine my answer might be similar to many of yours. I know that I was lucky. My parents and teachers provided me with a wonderful and secure childhood where I always knew I was loved, valued and listened to. But of course many children arent so lucky. Since beginning my work in areas like addiction, for example, I have seen time and time again that the roots of poor mental health in adulthood are almost always present in unresolved childhood challenges. I am sure you will agree that all children deserve time, attention and love from the adults in their lives. These basic qualities are so much more valuable than the always changing material and social concerns that can seem so important to young people. As todays theme reminds us, many children – even those from stable, happy homes – are finding that their heads are just too full. It is our duty, as parents and as teachers, to give all children the space to build their emotional strength and provide a strong foundation for their future. Of course, not all children have the anchor of a strong family. Many will arrive through your school gates feeling a real lack of love and devotion in their lives. This often leaves them feeling insecure and without confidence and trust in the world around them. That is why your work is so important. Parents, teachers and other school staff need the tools to help these young people early in their lives. And the earlier, the better. It is proven that early action prevents problems later in life. Imagine if everyone was able to help just one child who needs to be listened to, needs to be respected, and needs to be loved – we can make such a huge difference for an entire generation. As headteachers, you have the chance to reach tens of thousands of children during your careers, and make an impact on such a great scale. Thank you for making the work of Place2Be part of your mission. I hope you know how much your work is valued. Thank you, and I look forward to the rest of the afternoon.201512/412946福州/妇幼保健医院可以做引产吗福州/怀孕用药流多少钱



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