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福州/经济技术开发区医院预约四维彩超福州/子宫肌瘤手术大概要多少钱福州/治宫颈糜烂的医院 The live-in lover of French President Francois Hollande today infuriated the mother of his four children by backing her electoral rival for a place in Parliament.法国总统弗朗索瓦-奥朗德的同居女友瓦莱丽近日公开表态持他的前女友罗雅尔的国民议会竞选对手,这使罗雅尔十分愤怒。奥朗德和罗雅尔育有四名子女。Valerie Trierweiler, 47, has never made any secret of her dislike for Segolene Royal, the 58-year-old who shared Mr Hollande#39;s life for more than 30 years.47岁的瓦莱丽-特里埃维勒从未掩饰过对塞格莱娜#8226;罗雅尔的厌恶。58岁的罗雅尔曾与奥朗德共同生活过三十多年。Ms Royal was, in turn, devastated when Mr Hollande left her for Ms Trierweiler, a Paris Match magazine journalist, in 2007.2007年,奥朗德离开罗雅尔,与瓦莱丽开始交往时,罗雅尔也一度身心崩溃。瓦莱丽是《巴黎竞赛画报》的记者。Now Ms Royal, herself a former Socialist government minister who stood for the presidency in 2007, is standing for a place in the National Assembly.如今,曾经在2007年成为社会党总统候选人的罗雅尔正竞选国民大会的一席。罗雅尔还曾在社会党政府中担任过部长。Ms Royal gained 32 percent of the vote in the first round of parliamentary elections on Sunday in the western constituency of La Rochelle, and hopes to win outright in the second round on Sunday.上周日,在法国西部拉罗谢尔选区的首轮国会投票中,罗雅尔获得了32%的选票。她希望在本周日的第二轮投票中直接胜出。But Olivier Falorni, a popular local Socialist politician in La Rochelle, is standing against her and achieved 29 percent of the vote last Sunday.但该选区很受欢迎的社会党政治人士奥利维尔-法洛尔尼成为她的竞争对手,并在上周日的选举中获得29%的选票。Everybody expected Mr Hollande to back Ms Royal, but today Ms Trierweiler sparked outrage by using her Twitter account to post a message of support for Mr Falorni.所有人都认为奥朗德会持罗雅尔,但今天瓦莱丽却发表推文持法洛尔尼,表达了自己的愤怒。It s: ;Good luck to Olivier Falorni who was not unworthy, who fights alongside the people of La Rochelle for so many years with selfless commitment.;上面写道:“法洛尔尼加油,他没做错任何事。他和拉罗谢尔的民众共同奋斗多年,一直无私奉献。”Such a message, from the serving first lady of France, could easily swing the election against Ms Royal and effectively end her political career.法国“第一女友”发出这样的消息,很可能使罗雅尔败选,并在实际上终结她的政治生涯。;It#39;s a devastating blow for Segolene, and she#39;s infuriated by what has happened,; said a Socialist Party insider.社会党一位内部人士说:“这对罗雅尔来说是致命一击,她被瓦莱丽的所作所为激怒了。”;The party has been plagued by in-fighting for many years, but Segelone never expected the President#39;s new lover to make such a provocative gesture.;“社会党已经被内斗困扰多年,但罗雅尔从不认为奥朗德的新欢会做出这样气人的举动。”Asked by reporters, if she was indeed supporting Mr Falorni, Ms Trierweiler simply sent them a text ing: ;Yes;.在被记者问及是否真心持法洛尔尼时,瓦莱丽简单地回复短信道:“是的。”A senior Elysee Palace presidential aide meanwhile told Le Monde newspaper: ;I am completely blown away. I expected a government crisis, not a domestic one. It#39;s amazing.;爱丽舍宫的一位总统高级助理还告诉法国《世界报》:“这太让我震惊了,我想到过政府危机,但从没想到过会后宫起火。真让人吃惊。”Ms Royal had no initial comment, but critics said it was another example of Ms Trierweiler abusing her new position at the heart of the French Republic to make mischief.罗雅尔对此没有表态,但批评家认为,这是瓦莱丽滥用处于法国核心的新地位来挑拨离间的最近例子。One of many angry messages which Ms Trierweiler received back on Twitter was from Royal supporter Serge Pastor and s: ;I did not think that female jealousy went that far.;瓦莱丽在推特上也收到了很多愤怒的回复,其中一条来自罗雅尔的持者塞基-帕斯特,写道:“我从没想过女人的嫉妒会如此过分。” /201206/186965福州/治疗宫颈糜烂手术哪家医院最好

福州/市第七医院做产检价格Awareness. Most often we do these social comparisons without realizing we’re doing it. It’s a natural act, I suppose, and as a result it’s something that is done without consciousness. So the solution is to become conscious — bring these thoughts to the forefront of your consciousness by being on the lookout for them. If you focus on these thoughts for a few days, it gets much easier with practice, and soon it’ll be hard not to notice. 注意它。我们经常没有意识到这种比较的发生,我认为这是自然行为,这是由于有些行为是无意识的。所以解决办法是注意它,有意识的留意这种思想出现时的意识变化。如果坚持一段时间注意这种意识的变化,那么想不注意都不行了,也就容易实践了。 /201007/108742福建省福州/妇产中心医院哪家好 If you are ing this on Friday you cannot be in Samoa.如果你是周五读到这篇文章,那么你一定不是在萨亚。Friday, December 30, has been cut this year for the tiny South Pacific island nation as it ditched a time-zone alliance with the ed States and moved its time zone 24 hours ahead to catch up with Asia, New Zealand and Australia.这个南太平洋袖珍岛国丢掉了12月30日(周五)这一天,因为它抛弃了和美国的时区联盟,将自己的时间移前了24小时,以和亚洲、新西兰和澳大利亚保持一致。On New Year#39;s Eve, Samoa will have jumped to the west of the international dateline, which runs zig-zags through the Pacific Ocean and broadly follows the 180 degree line of longitude, in a move Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi said would make it easier for Samoa to trade with key partners.在新年前夕那天,萨亚将移至国际日期变更线西侧。国际日期变更线是大致沿180度经线穿过太平洋的一条折线。萨亚总理图伊拉埃帕bull;萨伊莱莱bull;马利埃莱额奥伊称此举将方便萨亚和主要贸易伙伴进行交易。;No longer shall we have people ringing us up on Monday from New Zealand and Australia thinking it is Monday when we are closing our eyes and praying at churches. And vice versa on our Fridays when we ring up and aly our contacts are holidaying on their Saturdays,; he told Radio New Zealand on Friday.周五,他告诉新西兰广播电台说:;我们再也不会有人周日在教堂闭上眼祈祷时接到来自新西兰和澳大利亚周一打的电话。同样我们周五打电话时对方也不会已经外出度假过周末了。;;It will remove the enormous amount of confusion in our travel times for the Samoans and especially for the tourists who come to Samoa, who keep thinking of the New Zealand and Australian time zones.;;这会为萨亚人、特别是为来萨亚的游客免去很多旅行时间上的困惑,游客们老以为是在新西兰和澳大利亚的时区里。;Church bells will ring and carol services will herald the changeover time.在时间变更时,萨亚的教堂钟声将会响起,人们将高唱颂歌,来宣布这一时刻的来临。To help win public support, the government declared employers must still pay workers for the missing Friday, although banks will not be allowed to charge interest for the lost day.为了赢得民众的持,政府宣布雇主仍须付工人在;失去的;星期五的工资,但不允许收取失去的那天的贷款利息。Countries are free to choose whether the dateline passes to the east or west, and Samoa#39;s decision will mean all new maps will need to change.国家可自由选择是位于国际日期变更线的东侧还是西侧,萨亚的这一决定意味着所有的新地图将需要做出变动。The vast nation of China uses one national time zone while Australia is a mesh, particularly with summer daylight savings time that sees southern Adelaide city move from half an hour behind the eastern states to an hour in front of far northeastern Queensland.领土广阔的中国是全国使用同一个时区的时间,澳大利亚则是不同地区采用不同时区的时间,特别是采用了夏令时,使得南部的阿德莱德市从原来的比东部各州晚半个小时,变成比东北部的昆士兰州早一个小时。But some tourism operators are worried Samoa will lose business by losing its position as the last place on earth to see the sunset each day, although it will now be one of the first places to see in each new day.不过一些旅游境外业务操作员担心萨亚会因为不再是地球上最后一个看见每天的日落的国度而失去商机,尽管如今萨亚将是最早迎接每个新的一天的国度之一。Samoa, a country of about 180,000 people, used to be same time zone as New Zealand Australia but went back a day in 1892, celebrating July 4 twice and aligning itself with the ed States.萨亚是一个拥有18万人口的国家,它曾经和新西兰、澳大利亚位于同一时区,但在1892年后退了一天,庆祝了两次美国独立日(7月4日),并和美国结成同盟。The date change is not the first major change in Samoa in recent years. In 2009, the country switched to driving on the left hand side of the road from the right hand side, in line with New Zealand and Australia.日期变更并不是近些年萨亚做出的首个重大变动。2009年该国将汽车靠左手边行驶改成靠右手边行驶,以和新西兰、澳大利亚保持一致。词汇点津:zig-zag: 折线line of longitude: 经线 /201112/166589福州/怀孕检查要花多少钱

福州/省力医院无痛人流好吗The popular pastime of flinging furious birds to destroy egg-stealing pigs has at last been launched into the final frontier–space.人气游戏《愤怒的小鸟》终于推出了终极太空版本,小鸟们继续向偷蛋猪们发起毁灭攻击。After weeks of promotion including a demonstration from aboard the International Space Station, Rovio Entertainment Ltd (Rovio) released Angry Birds Space on March 22, the latest spinoff of its globally successful series of Angry Birds games.罗维奥有限公司此前展开了几周的宣传攻势,包括发布了一部来自国际空间站的演示视频,随后于3月22日推出在全球范围内大获成功的《愤怒的小鸟》系列游戏的续集——《愤怒的小鸟:太空版》。;From floating through space in zero gravity, to using the gravity of nearby planets to set up spectacular trick shots, Angry Birds Space takes the gameplay that fans aly know and love to a totally new level,; Rovio described in a statement announcing the game#39;s release.“从太空失重漂浮,到利用周围行星的引力来确定弹射轨迹,太空版《愤怒的小鸟》将“小鸟迷”们已熟知并喜爱的游戏方式提升到了一个全新等级,”罗维奥在发布会上如此形容说。;With brand new birds, brand new superpowers and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit.;“全新的小鸟,全新的技能,探索整个宇宙星系,天空再也不是极限。 ”In Angry Birds Space, a giant claw descends from the sky and kidnaps the birds#39; eggs. The Angry Birds then chase the claw into a wormhole, gaining new superpowers in the process, and they eventually find themselves floating in a strange galaxy and surrounded by space pigs.在《愤怒的小鸟:太空版》中,天空中伸出一只巨爪,抢走了鸟蛋。随后,愤怒的小鸟们追赶巨爪来到一个太空隧道“虫洞”中,并在该过程中获得了全新超能力,最终它们发现自己漂浮在一个陌生的星系中,周围全是太空猪。While the setup may be the stuff of fantasy, the physics that controls the birds#39; movements through zero-gravity is based on real-world calculations.虽然游戏情节设置可能都是些科幻的东西,但是在失重情况下来控制小鸟弹射轨迹的物理过程却是基于真实计算的基础之上。To win each level, players need to take advantage of the microgravity space environment to trigger chain-reaction collisions by plotting trajectories for the birds using the pull of gravity from planets and other celestial bodies.如果想要通关,玩家就需要凭借太空微重力环境,利用各个星球或天体的引力来测绘出小鸟们的冲撞轨道,进而触发连环相撞。As the levels advance, so do the planetary interactions needed to defeat the pigs.随着游戏一步步通关,打败猪头也需要行星间的相互作用。;Science and education are very important to us,; Andrew Stalbow, Rovio#39;s general manager for North America, told the USA Today.“科学和教育对于我们来说是非常重要的,”罗维奥北美区总经理安德鲁 斯塔在接受《今日美国》采访时谈到。;Games are fun and entertaining, but we want to make sure that they can also be inspirational and informative. And that#39;s what makes the Angry Birds series a rare game with mass appeal.;“尽管游戏兼具趣味性和性,但是我们要去实一点:它们也能够具有启发性和教育性。这也是《愤怒的小鸟》系列游戏能够脱颖而出,获得大众青睐的原因所在。” /201204/176263 福州/宫颈糜烂的治疗去哪家医院好福州/治疗不孕不育中医



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