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At least two people are dead after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck part of New Zealand early Monday morning.周一早些时候,新西兰部分地区遭7.8级地震袭击,至少造成两人遇难。The earthquake hit near the city of Kaikoura, which is home to almost 4,000 people.地震袭击了凯库拉市附近,那里居住了近4,000人口。Kaikouras main road into the neighboring city is now impassable due to a large amount of rubble from a landslide. But power and water supplies to the city are slowly being restored. 凯库拉通往邻近城市的主要道路因山体滑坡滚下大量碎石而无法通行。但该市的电力和水供应正在慢慢恢复。Hundreds of aftershocks followed the earthquake, some were even felt in the capital city of Wellington, which is almost six hours away from Kaikoura. 大地震后发生数百次余震,有些余震在距离凯库拉近六小时的首都惠灵顿都能感觉到。A tsunami alert was issued shortly after the initial earthquake, when almost 7-foot-tall waves started hitting the coastline. 地震发生后不久响起海啸警报,那时近7英尺高的海浪袭击海岸线。That alert has since been canceled, but officials are warning people to stay away from the water.警报已经被取消,但官员警告人们远离水域。The New Zealand Defense Force has sent in personnel to deliver aid to affected areas and help evacuate people stranded in Kaikoura. As many as 1,000 tourists were among those stuck in the city.新西兰国防队已派出人员到受灾地区提供援助,帮助被困人们撤离凯库拉。多达1,000名游客被困在城市里。译文属。201611/478283栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477475

27,000 North Korean defectors living in South Korea两万七千名脱北者现居于韩国What is it called?这叫什么?Through 70 years of separation, languages of the two Koreas have grown apart. Would you mark any unfamiliar words?七十年的分裂期间,这两个国家的语言产生了差异。你能标出任何陌生的字吗?North Korean defector students could understand less than 50 percent of the terms in the textbooks.脱北学生们只能理解教科书内不到一半的字汇。This led to them being neglected from regular education, and that led to disparity in employment and income.这使得他们被普通教育忽略,而那导致了就业和收入的不平等。Even Google Translator could not solve the discrepancies in the language.就连Google翻译都无法解决韩语内的歧异。So then, we came to create our own translator—South Korean-North Korean Translator.于是,我们打造出自己的翻译程序--南北韩文翻译系统。We designed it so that a simple scan of an unfamiliar South Korean word with a smartphone would translate it into North Korean.我们设计出这个程序,这样一来用智能型手机简单扫一下陌生的韩国字,那个字就能被翻译成北朝鲜的语言。Translating several words all at once is also possible.一次同时翻译许多字也可以。It was hoped that with this app, the North Korean defectors would be able to get proper education.我们的宗旨是希望有了这个应用程序,脱北者们就能受到良好的教育。We, of course, plan to continue to help them adjust well to life in South Korea.当然,我们也计划持续协助他们适应韩国生活。Koreans were shocked, saddened, but motivated after seeing the translator for what had been the same language.在看到这为曾经相同的语言打造的翻译程序后,韩国人感到诧异、心酸,但同时也深受鼓舞。The young North Koreans should receive good education so that they can play the key role in future reunification.年轻的北朝鲜民众应该受到良好教育,这样他们在未来重新统一时才能扮演关键角色。Nobody knows when the two Koreas will be reunified,没人知道这两个国家何时会重新统一,but if the two Koreas are able to communicate without barriers through this translator, perhaps, that day would come just a little sooner.但如果它们能透过这个翻译程序无障碍地沟通,或许,那一天能早一点到来。201704/506597

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  Okay, get these bats on here.好了 拿起这里的蝙蝠I reckon with these, Ill just gut it by pulling its head off, really.掂量了下 我要扯掉 它的脑袋取出内脏 真得这样And scared on this.On this bit of bamboo.Thiss one.把它串起来 插在这根竹竿上 搞定一个Bats are carriers of rabies so they need to be well-cooked to kill the virus.蝙蝠是狂犬病的携带者 所以得烤到全熟以杀灭病毒Okay.Let that cook.This might not look like very much.好了 让它烤着吧 看上去可能不太够They definitely dont look very tantalizing.它们看上去可不是很好吃But good jungle survival is just about having the mentality that youll eat anything但优秀的丛林生存者要有心理准备 吃下去任何and everything thats gonna help you survive.和所有能帮你活下去的东西Tastes like something thats been living in a dark, dank cave for a long time.吃上去很像长期活在 黑暗潮湿洞里的东西But its warming.Go...go check this guy out.不过是热乎乎的 看看这家伙Look at the size of that for a centipede.That is just a monster one.看这家伙 对于蜈蚣来说 简直成精了I was just about to get into my hammock, as well,我刚想爬到我的吊床上but that is why you want to be off the jungle floor.但这就是你为什么得离开丛林的地表Do not want to be sharing your bed with that.不想和这些同床共枕Thats the danger of having an open-door policy in the jungle.Put him in the fire.在丛林里露天而眠就有这样的危险 把它丢到火里This giant centipede packs a seriously venomous bite,and eating him is not a good idea.这个巨型蜈蚣咬人时会吐出剧毒毒液 吃它可不是什么好事Best left well alone.Put some straw in on the heat.Ah, mad day, mad day.最好丢得远远的 给营火添一点竹杆 折腾的一天 折腾的一天Theres an old chinese proverb that says,中国有句古语说tomorrow will always be a better day,so heres hoping to that.明天会更好 真希望能如此201607/456574

  【视频讲解】From the start of the year to the first week in March, Uber’s market share in America has fallen from around 80% to 74%, according to 7Park Data, which tracks the industry. Lyft, a smaller ride-hailing firm, seems to have been the chief beneficiary. The dip in market share for Uber could reverse, though the firm is unlikely to grow as effortlessly as in the past. There is, at least, still plenty of room to expand at home. Only around 6% of American mobile-phone users hail a ride through Uber and Lyft once a month or more.据追踪该行业市况的市场调查公司7Park Data的数据,从今年初到3月第一周,优步在美国的市场份额已从约80%下降至74%。较小型的网约车公司Lyft似乎是主要受益者。虽然优步已不大可能像以前那样毫不费力就实现增长,但它还是有可能扭转微跌的市场份额。至少在美国国内还有很大的扩张空间。在美国手机用户中,仅6%会每月通过优步和Lyft打车一次或以上。track v.追踪- tracking numberchief adj.主要的beneficiary n.受益人- benefit n.好处- beneficial adj.有益的dip n. 下跌 (drop)- a dip in popularityreverse v.扭转Yet Uber’s enormous valuation also depends on the firm pulling off a harder task: dominating most markets for ride-hailing around the world. Fortunately, there is little evidence that Mr Kalanick’s antics have dented its prospects outside America. But the goal of worldwide dominion remains distant, even though no other private technology firm has ever spent so much money to gain a global foothold. It is competing against a strong competitor, Grab, in South-East Asia and was spending billions to compete against its Chinese rival, Didi, until it struck a deal last year to withdraw from the country in exchange for a 20% stake in that firm.但要撑起它的巨额估值,优步还要完成一项更艰巨的任务:成为全球多数市场的网约车霸主。幸运的是,几乎没有迹象表明卡兰尼克的乖张言行有损公司在美国以外市场的前景。但要实现称霸全球的目标依旧遥遥无期,尽管还没有哪家私人科技公司像优步一样花费巨资来建立全球布局。优步正与强劲的对手Grab争夺东南亚市场。而之前优步已花费数十亿美元与中国的竞争对手滴滴出行一较高下,直至去年与之达成协议而退出中国市场,换取了滴滴20%的股份。enormous adj.巨大的pull off 克困难顺利完成 (to carry out despite difficulties)There is little evidence that...没有据表明...antics n.愚蠢举动dent v.削减prospect n.前景dominion n.统治distant adj.遥远的foothold n.立足之处strike a deal 达成协议stake n.股份Investors particularly want to see the ride-hailing giant reach profitability in developed markets. Its sales, of around .5bn in 2016, are growing rapidly, but it has to spend a lot in American cities where there are rival local firms such as Lyft and (smaller) ones such as Juno and Via. For every dollar that Lyft spends in subsidising fares, it costs Uber four times the amount to hold onto customers and drivers, because of its far larger size. Foreign expansion adds still more expense, and it is unclear whether the competition at home and abroad, which hurts Uber’s chance of becoming profitable, will ever ease up.投资者尤其希望这家网约车巨头能在发达市场实现盈利。其销售额在2016年约为55亿美元,正快速增长,但优步需要在有本土对手公司Lyft以及Juno和Via等更小型公司出没的美国城市花费大量资金扩展。Lyft每花一美元补贴车费,优步就需要花四倍的成本来挽留顾客和司机,因为它的规模大得多。海外扩展进一步增加了出,国内外的竞争削弱了优步实现盈利的机会,而这些竞争是否会减弱还是个未知数。profitability n.利润,盈利subsidise v.补贴fare n.费用hold onto 紧紧抓住ease up 减轻There are other threats to watch out for. Uber’s performance depends on its software working smoothly and not being hit by outages, and this could suffer if more executives on the technical side leave. It may also struggle to hire talented engineers during this rough patch.还有其他威胁需要留心。优步的表现要靠其软件无间断地顺畅运行,假如更多技术高管离职,这方面可能受到影响。在这段艰难时期,优步要觅得才华出众的工程师也非易事。outage n.短缺 (lost in storage)patch n.时期 (a period of time)- Im going through a tough patch.201705/510407。

  The irony about the restoration of Charles II was he came to the throne讽刺的是 查理二世的复辟 他得以登上王座not because England needed a successor to Charles I.并不是因为英国需要查理一世的继承者He came to the throne because England needed a successor to Oliver Cromwell.而是因为英国需要一个人接替 奥利弗·克伦威尔There was universal rejoicing, bonfires and feasting.全国上下一片喜悦欢庆之声The chaos brought by Cromwells death was ending.克伦威尔去世所造成的混乱结束了This new Charles seemed just what everyone had hoped for a model of sweet reason.新的查理看起来正是人们所希望的 一个美好的典范That, at any rate, is what Samuel Pepys thought.无论如何 至少赛缪尔·佩皮斯这么认为Pepys was a pure product of Cromwells England.佩皮斯长于克伦威尔治下的英国He was present when the new king boarded his flagship home.他随新国王乘坐皇室旗舰回国En route, the tall, dark-haired man strode up and down the quarterdeck在途中 这个高个子黑头发的男子 在后甲板上走来走去telling the story of his escape after the Battle of Worcester.讲述他如何从伍斯特战役生还Here was a king full of charisma.He had magic.他是具有非凡魅力的国王 他有那种魔力But would his reason survive the emotions stirred by his return?但是他能够从复辟的激动中保持冷静吗The diarist John Evelyn recorded, with unrepentant royalism burning in his breast:日记作家约翰·伊夫林用他那 狂热的保皇主义写道This day came in His Majesty to London after a sad and long exile,国王重返伦敦的一天到来了 在一场悲哀而又漫长的放逐后with a triumph of above 20,000 horse and foot brandishing their swords国王率领着在两万名随从凯旋 他们挥舞着手中的刀剑and shouting with inexpressible joy,the way strewn with flowers, the bells ringing.洋溢着难以言语的欢愉 鲜花遍地 钟声长鸣I stood in the Strand and beheld it and blessed God.我站在海滨注视着他 感谢上帝And all this without one drop of blood and by that very army which had rebelled against him.他利用那些曾经反叛过他的军队 没有流一滴血就得以胜利回归 /201704/504018

  The worlds oldest panda living in captivity has died. 世界上最长寿的圈养大熊猫去世了。Jia Jia was born in the wild but rescued as a young cub and taken to a giant panda breeding center in China.佳佳在野外出生,幼崽时被救助,带到中国大熊猫繁育中心。She was given to the Ocean Park zoo in Hong Kong as a gift 17 years ago. She became an animal ambassador and was visited by more than 29 million people. 17年前,她作为礼物送给香港海洋公园。她成为一名动物大使,观看人次超过2,900万人。Veterinarians at Ocean Park noticed Jia Jias failing health about two weeks ago. 两周前,海洋公园的兽医注意到佳佳的健康每况愈下。The team says her condition got worse Sunday morning, and they decided to euthanize her to prevent further suffering. 研究小组称,周日早上她的病情恶化,他们决定对她进行安乐死以防进一步痛苦。Pandas typically live to be about 20 years old, but Jia Jia was 38 years old.大熊猫通常能活到20岁左右,但佳佳活了38岁。译文属。201610/472155TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480346As the nation heads deeper into the twentieth century, millions of Americans, for the first time ever, are able to take part in the American dream, employed in well-paid and safe jobs.随着二十世纪的深入 数以百万计的美国人有史以来实现了美国梦 有着高薪而又安全的工作Manufacturing products they themselves can now afford.制造的产品自己也买得起The country is united with a robust economy that benefits not just the rich, but everyone.国家统一 经济稳健发展 不仅仅是富人 人人都可以从中受益Its the beginning of one of the longest periods of prosperity America will ever see.这是美国经历的最长繁荣期之一的开端It wasnt by accident that the twentieth century became, you know, the American century. America made the greatest strides in terms of harnessing these new technologies.二十世纪成为美国的世纪并非偶然 美国在利用这些新技术方面 进步最大We simply could out produce any other nation in this world by the time the twentieth century rolled around.二十世纪到来的时候 没有其他国家具有美国这样的优势And that clearly put us in a position to drive the global agenda.我们也就自然而然地承担了推动全球议程的重任It was on the back of the Industrial Revolution.靠的就是工业革命But as World War I breaks out in Europe, the world looks for help. It looks to America.但是 随着第一次世界大战在欧洲爆发 世界在寻求帮助 目光投向了美国201608/457597

  【视频讲解】Foreign firms were lukewarm on America long before Donald Trump.特朗普上台前,外国公司对美国早已丧失热情。Lukewarm不热情的; 不感兴趣的-Economists have never been more than lukewarm toward him.经济学家们从未对他有过多少兴趣。Which is it? The home of free speech, the rule of law and the rich world’s most dynamic economy?以下两者哪个才是美国?言论自由、法治之地、富裕世界中最具活力的经济体?Free speech 言论自由-When we were silent, you said you wanted us to have free speech.当我们沉默的时候,你们说你们想让我们言论自由。Dynamic有活力的(If you describe something as dynamic, you approve of it because it is very active and energetic)-South Asia continues to be the most dynamic economic region in the world.南亚仍然是世界上最具活力的经济区。Or a land of social decay, septic politics and the rich world’s worst roads and schools?还是社会堕落、政治腐败、富裕世界里道路和学校最糟糕的国家?Decay1. 腐坏-The bodies buried in the fine ash slowly decayed. 埋在细灰里的尸体慢慢腐烂了。2. 衰败-There are problems of urban decay and gang violence. 存在都市衰败和黑帮暴力问题。Septic受感染的-A flake of plaster from the ceiling fell into his eye, which became septic.天花板上的一片灰掉进他眼睛里,引起了感染。America divides foreign observers. It divides foreign firms, too.外国观察家对美国看法不一。外国公司同样如此。Some bosses fall head over heels for its insatiable consumers and dazzling technology.有些公司老板为美国庞大的消费群体和炫目的科技倾倒。Fall head over heel爱到死心塌地-I fall head over heels in love. 我为爱情神魂颠倒。Insatiable无法满足的; 贪得无厌的-A section of the ing public has an insatiable appetite for dirty stories about the famous.阅读大众中有一部分人对名人的风流韵事的欲望总是无法满足。Other executives are put off by its insufferable lawyers and hypocritical protectionism.也有高管因美国那些令人讨厌的律师和虚伪的保护主义而却步。put off1. 使反感; 使对…失去兴趣-The high divorce figures dont seem to be putting people off marriage.高离婚率好像并没有使人们对婚姻望而却步。2. 使…等待; 把…搪塞过去-The old priest tried to put them off, saying that the hour was late.那位老牧师试图把他们搪塞过去,说时间太晚了。hypocritical 虚伪的-It would be hypocritical to say I travel at 70 mph simply because that is the law.如果仅仅因为法律规定的时速是70英里我就说自己的行驶时速是70英里,那就太虚伪了Donald Trump promises to give foreign firms a rude awakening when he reaches the White House: last month he beat up Toyota for making cars in Mexico and selling them north of the border.特朗普承诺入主白宫后给外国公司猛敲一记警钟:上月,他便因丰田公司在墨西哥制造汽车并销往美国而向其开炮。Rude无礼的; 粗鲁的 brutal-Hes rude to her friends and obsessively jealous.他对她的朋友粗鲁无礼而且过分嫉妒。beat up毒打-Then they actually beat her up as well.然后他们事实上也毒打了她一顿。But in truth many foreign firms fell out of love with America years ago.但实际上,许多外国公司在多年前便已不再钟情美国。The conventional view is that foreign companies are irresistibly attracted to the place.一般看法认为,外国公司难以抗拒美国的魅力。Irresistibly难以抗拒-The Pragmatic justification does not touch Humes position because Hume himself after all says we irresistibly, inevitably, assume the future will resemble the past.实用主义论并没有触及休谟的地位,因为他归根结底还是认为我们无法抗拒,且不可避免地假设未来将是对过去的效仿。If one affair ends in tears, there is always a new paramour in the wings.假如一段情缘悲剧收场,总会有新的情人伺机而动。In the 1970s British buccaneers, led by Sir James Goldsmith, picked up neglected firms.上世纪70年代,以詹姆斯#8226;戈德史密斯爵士(Sir James Goldsmith)为首的英国“海盗”把受冷落的美国公司收入囊中。End in tears 以悲剧收场-This does not have to end in tears.这一考验不一定以悲剧收场。Paramour 情人In the wings 等待时机-If you know your partner has someone waiting in the wings, it’s hard to be motivated to work on your relationship, or to be enthusiastic about it.如果你知道你的另一半有别的人在翘首以待,确实是很难让你经营这段感情或是对它抱有热情。Buccaneer 海盗In the 1980s Japanese firms lost their financial virginity by paying too much for Hollywood studios and Californian skyscrapers.80年代,日本公司首度大举投资,高价收购好莱坞的电影公司和加州的天大楼。Financial Virginity That state of innocence in which you live until you have to pay your first income tax, insurance premium or legal fee.第一次缴纳过社会保险等费用的社会成人》成年了!》首次投资-Im going to lose my financial virginity this month.A decade later continental European firms rushed across the pond, culminating in Daimler’s doomed tryst with Chrysler, a rival carmaker.十年后,欧洲大陆的公司竞相跨越大西洋涌入美国,随着戴姆勒与对手克莱斯勒发生一场注定难有善终的幽会,这一风潮达到顶峰。Rush急着 (做)-Russian banks rushed to buy as many dollars as they could.俄罗斯各急着尽可能多地买入美元。Culminate 以…告终; 结果成为-They had an argument, which culminated in Tom getting drunk.他们发生了争论,结果导致汤姆喝醉了酒。Doomed 注定的-Their plans seemed doomed to failure.看起来,他们的计划注定要失败。Tryst engagement 约会gt;幽会By this account, Chinese firms are the latest to get the love bug, with China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, in the role of the besotted tycoon, having paid a blockbuster bn to assemble a chain of mature American cinemas since 2012.这样看来,中国公司是美国市场的最新情人。中国首富王健林就扮演了一位为美国疯狂的大亨,自2012年来,他已投入惊人的40亿美元来整合一系列成熟的美国院线。Besotted 痴迷的-He became so besotted with her that even his children were forgotten.他那么痴迷于她以至于把他的孩子都忘了。Tycoon 大亨-a self-made Irish-American property tycoon一个靠自己奋斗成功的爱尔兰裔美国房地产大亨Blockbuster 炸弹,轰动性的 》 大片; 畅销书-the latest Hollywood blockbuster.最新的好莱坞大片。But this narrative is hopelessly out of date.不过这样的故事已经完全过时了。The most accurate metaphor for foreign firms in America today is of disappointed hopes.对于如今在美的外国公司,最准确的形容是“美梦破灭”。,Out of date 过时-Much of the information in that book is now out of date.那本书的材料中有许多现在已经过时。Metaphor1. 隐喻-the avoidance of violent expressions and metaphors like ;kill two birds with one stone.; 避免使用有暴力意味的表达和隐喻,如“一石二鸟。”2. 象征-The divided family remains a powerful metaphor for a society that continued to tear itself apart. 破裂的家庭仍然是一个持续分裂的社会的有力象征。Their share of private output has been flat at about 6% since 2000.自2000年以来,它们在私营部门产出中所占份额一直停留在6%左右。The share of sales that European firms make in America has declined from 20% in 2003 to 17% now, according to Morgan Stanley, a bank.据根士丹利的数据,欧洲公司在美国的销售份额已从2003年的20%下降至如今的17%Flat1. 仅仅-Youre sitting behind an engine thatll move you from 0 to 60mph in six seconds flat.你现在坐的这辆车的引擎只需6秒钟就能从0加速到每小时60英里。2. 固定的,-Fees are charged at a flat rate, rather than on a percentage basis.费用按固定的费率收取,不是按百分比。3. 不景气的During the first eight months of this year, sales of big pickups were up 14% while car sales stayed flat. 今年的头8个月,大货车的销售量增长了14%,而轿车的销售仍不景气Foreign firms’ profits in America fell from 4bn in 2006 to 3bn in 2014, the latest year for which figures are available.外国公司在美利润从2006年的1340亿美元降至2014年的1230亿美元(可获得数据的最近一年)。Their return on equity fell to 6%, compared with 11% in 2006.其股本回报率下降到6%,而2006年为11%。available1. 可获得的-Since 1978, the amount of money available to buy books has fallen by 20%.自1978年以来,可供买书的钱已减少了20%。2. 有空的-Mr. Leach is on holiday and was not available for comment. 利奇先生在休假,没空作。return on equity 净资产收益率;股本回报;股权收益201705/510290Tell me a typical day in--in george clooneys life? Yes, yes.告诉我乔治克鲁尼(美国著名导演)生命中一个特殊的日子 对对对No, lets start with your life. Okay. So you have--how many-five children?不 让我们来谈谈你的生活吧 好的 所以 你有多少 5个孩子?How many do you have? Sometimes it feels like five. You have three.你有多少孩子来着? 有时候好像是有5个孩子 你有3个You have twins... Only three. I have three, yes. Twins and then a child on its own.你有的一对双胞胎? 只有三个啦 我有三个娃 是的 一对双胞胎 还有一个落单的?How old are all of them? There seems to be some confusion.他们都几岁啦 三个孩子有时候挺容易搞混的Well, actually, henry, our youngest, who is six,事实上 henry最小只有六岁He says that he and his brother and sister, hazel and finn,他自己觉的 他和他的hazel 还有他的哥哥finnThat theyre three twins. Mm-hmm, so hes not smart.是三胞胎 嗯哼 所以他不太聪明咯Its not about intellect. Its about heart. Hes charming.这和智商没有关系啦 这是关于爱心啦 他很有魅力啦No, he feels that they are so close不不不 他是觉得年龄太亲近了That they are actually-when people talk about that we have twins in our family,他们事实上... 当人们说起的时候 说我们家里只有一对双胞胎He thinks that the three of them are the twins. Yeah. Hes an idiot.他会觉得他们仨都是一起的 恩 他太傻了Yeah, yeah, yeah, no. See? Oh, i say it, and everyone turns against me.嗯嗯嗯 不是啦 看?哦 我这么说 每个人都不认同我Hes my child. Hes your child. You should defend him. But i can...他是我的孩子 他是你的孩子 你应该否定他的 但我会...No, i think thats-- cause it must be--不 我在想 这肯定是...It must be hard for him to hear everybody, like,他总是听到别人这么说 对他来说不容易吧Talk about twins and give them a lot of attention. But nobody really says ;Twins.; Mm-hmm. Um...比如 一直在说他们是几胞胎 各种关注他们 但没有人会说 双胞胎啊 嗯哼..呃...Sorry, i just fell asleep for a second-- Where did you go?抱歉 刚刚那一秒 我睡过去了 你去哪里了Do you ever scare them? Do you scare your children? All right, well, heres the thing.你会吓唬他们吗 你会吓唬你的孩子们吗 好吧 有这么一件事As much as i do not like to be scared, how many moms here have ever scared your child,就像我不喜欢别人吓我一样 在座的有多少妈妈 吓唬过自己的孩子And they are so easily scared, and then you get the fever for it?而且 他们又很容易被吓到 然后 你会对这个事情上瘾的Someone here is saying yes, she has scared her child. Yeah, right?有人说是的 他们吓唬过自己的孩子 恩 是吧And, i mean, just a couple of weeks ago--and i had to stop myself, cause i realized this is--我是说 就在几周前 我不得不阻止自己 因为我意识到Theres something disturbing or, like, potentially abusive and long-lasting.这个事儿很让我困扰 长时间这样做的话 还可能是一种潜在的虐待But the other week, there was just such a golden opportunity.但是 之后的某一周 那真的是一个绝好的机会I was coming down the stairs, and my oldest son was coming down the hall...我从楼梯上走下来 我最大的儿子 正好从大厅走出来Its so wrong. This proves absolutely i dont go out enough at all,这不太对...事实上 我一点都没有想要出去的打算Because when he came around, i just jumped down and said, ;Boo,; and he sprung out当他过来的时候 我正好跳下来 我说‘boom‘ 然后 他像是弹出去了一下His legs and his arms and went up and obviously scared the bejesus out of him.他的手他的脚 都伸了开去 显然 把他吓得要喊上帝了Wait, so his-- I cant stop laughing. Well, of course, the way you describe it--等等 那他 我忍不住想笑...恩 当然 你讲的故事Like a cartoon, like, his legs and-- Whoo-whoo. Yeah.想在放一部动画片一样 他的腿和 哇哦 对对对Then youre gonna want to do that again. Why not?以后你还想再做一次么 为什么不呢You have to stop yourself, though. Yeah, no. You have to stop yourself.但你 不得不克制一下自己 恩 不用 你得克制一下Because youre the parent. Yeah, yeah.因为 你是家长啊 是是是是But you guys know what im talking about. Oh, its funny.但你们一定懂我在说什么 哦 这太搞笑了Wow, i am just waterworks here. Yeah. How much drinking do you do alone?哇 我太容易笑出眼泪了 对 恩 你一个人的时候 到底喝了多少水201706/513099

  First take a turn around the tree here.先在树上绕个圈And then I can just pay that out behind me.之后拴在我背后就行了Then an improvised harness to keep me attached to the cable even if I lose my balance.然后准备一根临时保险带 保我即使不小心失去平衡 也能挂在缆绳上So you got one long loop like this,and then all you do round yourself.你要做一个这样大的绳圈 然后把自己圈起来Just like that.Hold it there.就像这样 拉紧了Reach between your legs,then pull it up.从双腿间穿过去 把一边绳子拉上来And that then locks at three points.然后把这三点固定在一起Use one of the paraglider carabiners through there.用一个滑翔伞的环锁扣扣住Ive got a really good improvised harness there.简易的临时保险绳就完成了And next, gonna put the rucksack on my front to protect my chest from the wire.再把背包背在前胸 防止绳索擦 起保护作用Hang on. Im also gonna put my jacket around that which I value most.等等 我要把夹克衫脱下来 包在我的命根子上Thats gonna give me some protection there.这样应该能起保护作用Know how you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach of just nerves?知道那种内心紧张不安 七上八下的感觉吗Im never quite sure whether I love that feeling or whether i hate it.我也不知道对这种感觉 到底是爱还是恨201608/461650

  What do you picture in your mind, when you think of...robots?当你想到机器人时,脑海里会出现什么?Do you think of a walking, talking piece of metal, like this?你是不是想到了一个能走能说话的金属物体,就像这个?A lot of people do! Because some robots really do look sort of like people…很多人都这样想,因为有些机器人看起来确实有点儿像人类,But, despite what you see in the movies, most real-life robots dont look like us.但除了你在电影里看到的那些机器人和人一样,现实生活中大部分机器人看起来并不像我们。They can look like animals, like Squeaks here, or like things youve never even seen before.他们看起来可能像动物 就像吱吱一样,也可能是我们从没有见过的物体。Robots come in all different shapes and sizes, because they all have different jobs to do.因为工作不同,机器人的形状和大小也不尽相同。And if youre wondering what robots really are, and what they can do...You are not alone!如果你想知道机器人到底是什么,他们能干什么,那么,你不是唯一一个好奇的。Seven-year-old Rowan recently email to ask ;What is a robot, and how do robots work?;七岁的罗恩最近给我们发了一封邮件,问“什么是机器人,它们如何工作”Squeaks says ;Great, question, Rowan!;吱吱说“问得好,罗恩 ”。A robot is a machine thats designed by people to do a specific job.机器人是人类设计出来做特殊工作的机器。And the scientists who design and build robots are called roboticists.设计并制作机器人的科学家被称为机器人专家。Most robots do jobs that people cant do, or dont want to do.大多数机器人做的都是人类无法做或不想做的工作。If a job is kind of boring—like if it involves doing the same thing over and over,比如有些无聊的工作,它需要反反复复做同一件事,or if a job is very dangerous—and it means going places where people could get hurt,又如非常危险的工作,它需要去一些人类容易受伤的地方。then chances are, a robot has been built to do it instead!那么机器很可能代替我们做这些工作。The very first robot was built over 50 years ago to help build cars in a factory.最早的机器人大约是在50年前创造的,用于帮助工厂生产汽车。Today, car factories still depend on robots a lot like that one to do all kinds of jobs:现在,汽车制造厂仍旧依赖机器人做各种各样的工作:from putting the pieces of car together to spraying them paint when theyre finished.从组装零件到喷漆上色。And robots work in lots of other kinds of factory jobs, too.机器人也做各种其他的工作,Like building computers,and even putting candies in their wrappers!像制造电脑甚至是包装糖果。Robots are good at jobs like these, because unlike humans,机器人很擅长这类工作,和人类不同theyre less likely to make mistakes when theyre working,他们工作时犯的错误更少,and they dont go on vacation, or even lunch breaks.并且他们不需要放假 甚至不需要午休。Plus, they never get bored. They can keep going, and going, and going.除此之外,他们从不会觉得厌倦,能够一直工作。This makes nighttime jobs the perfect fit for rabots.这就使得机器人非常适合夜间工作。They can do things like control city trains after dark while we get our sleep!它们能在我们睡觉时替我们操控城市火车。Robots can also work in places that humans would have a tough time adjusting to—or where we could never go.机器人也能在人类很难适应的地方或者我们根本无法到达的地方工作。There are robots that work in really hot places, like volcanoes…有些机器人能在火山之类的炎热地带工作,...and really cold places like deep underwater in the ocean还有些能在深海等非常冷的地方工作。...and even in really smelly places like sewage plants.甚至有些在污水处理厂等非常臭的地方工作。There are even robots doing jobs for us on other planets.甚至有些机器人在别的星球上为我们工作。Yup, that means there are robots in space!是的,那意味着有些机器人在太空。There are two robots-on-wheels, named Opportunity and Curiosity,这是两个有轮子的机器人,一个叫机遇号,另一个叫勇气号that are cruising around on Mars right now!正在火星上漫步Scientists call them rovers, and they might look like cars or go-carts, but theyre considered robots, too,科学家叫它们巡游者, 它们看起来可能像小车或是手推车,但它们也是机器人because they get instructions from scientists here on Earth to do all kinds of important work因为它们能接收来自地球科学家的指令,去做各种重要的工作,like studying the planets air, digging up soil, and even drilling into rocks to see what theyre made of!像检测火星的空气,挖掘土壤,甚至钻取岩石来研究其组成成分。Scientists hope that the discoveries that are made by Opportunity and Curiosity科学家希望通过机遇号和勇气号的发现will help us figure out how we can one day send humans to Mars!能帮助我们研究出把人类送上火星的方法。Another robot called R2 was sent to the International Space Station,另一个叫R2的机器人被送上了国际空间站,making it the first human-like robot in space.因此它成为了第一个在太空的人形机器人。Even though theyre not very common,尽管他们并不寻常,there are other robots, like R2, that look and act sort of like people.还是有像R2这样的机器人,它们的外表和行为都有些像人类。One of them, called ASIMO, has been built to do some amazing, lifelike things.其中有一种叫阿西莫的机器人,能够做一些令人惊叹、十分像人类的事。Although he hasnt been to space—yet!尽管它至今没去过太空ASIMO can walk, run, climb stairs, and even dance!阿西莫能走路、跑步、爬楼梯甚至跳舞。Robots like ASIMO show us just how far roboticists have come since they built the very first robot over 50 years ago.从50年前创造了第一个机器人至今,类似阿西莫这样的机器人向我们展示了机器人专家们取得了多大的进步。Itll probably be a long time before a robot can do your homework with you,可能距机器人能每天陪你写作业,or fly you to school every morning.或早上载着你飞向学校还有很长时间,But theyre aly showing up in lot of homes, doing ordinary chores,但它们已经出现在了很多家庭,做一些寻常的家务,like mowing the lawn or vacuuming the house.如修理草坪或打扫房子。All we have to do is plug them in or press the START button.而我们所需要做的仅仅是插上插头或按下启动按钮。So, who knows what super-cool robots there will be in the next 50 years!所以,谁能想象得到在未来50年里,超级机器人会长什么样?I cant wait to find out!我已经迫不及待地想知道了。Thanks to Rowan for asking such a fun question, and thanks to you for learning about robots with Squeaks and me.谢谢罗恩提出了这么有趣的问题,也感谢你和我与吱吱一起了解机器人。And remember, if you have a question about anything youd like to learn more about,记住,如果你有任何疑问,或者想了解更多信息,just let us know by getting help from a parent,请爸爸妈妈帮助告诉我们and leaving a comment below or emailing us at kids@thescishow.com.在下方写下或者发送邮件到kids@thescishow.comSee you next time!我们下期节目再见201707/516872。

  Whats the number one thing you want everyone in this room to walk away with?你想让观众离开时带走的最重要的东西是什么?That I think theres literally three hundred million different ways to win in the US.毫不夸张的说,美国有3亿种不同的成功方法。Thats how many people we have. Right?和我们国家的人口数一样多,对吗?Like...that...There is no blueprint, there is no exact way.成功没有规划,也没有具体的方法。It only comes down to being able to factor in the 40 or 50 indexes, input points, context points around your life.它取决于你生活中的四五十项指标,你的投入、你身边的环境。And then navigating through that.通过那些指标最终找到成功。And so...What I really want is for people to understand所以我想让人们真正理解的是,dont do it like me, dont do you, dont do it like Zucks, dont do it like Travis, dont do like Cuban.不要模仿我,不要模仿你,不要模仿扎克,不要模仿特拉维斯,不要模仿库班。Like...Spend as much time as you can.花尽量多的时间做自己。Steph, Ill be honest with you, maybe you know the answer, Im actually weirdly asking you斯蒂芬,说实话,或许你知道,我问你一个很奇怪的问题,if I knew how to help people, like create more self-awareness, its what I would sell.如果我知道怎样去帮助别人,比如建立更多的自我意识,我就会宣扬这种观点。I dont know if that becomes through therapy or some system, I dont know, I really dont.我不知道是否要通过疗法或某些系统才能做到,我不知道,我真的不知道。My fear is actually the reverse—in terms of with all the information, with all the self-help,我的担忧是相反的。因为我们接触到的所有消息、自助方法、with all the people on and Instagram saying these three easy steps.Instagram上人们介绍的简单成功三步法。The fear is we are telling people as soon as you have a job... if you have a job like, click我的担心是我们正在告诉人们:你有工作了,就在成功列划勾,and when you meet a man that you like, click,你遇到喜欢的男人了,就在成功列划勾,and then you can afford a house and you have a baby,你能买得起房了,你有孩子了,就在成功列划勾all of these things are the recipe for success.所有这些都是成功的秘诀。Well, if youre using some kind of Cosmo checklist for the recipe for success,如果你正在使用科兹莫检查表之类的东西作为成功秘诀,you are going to end up very unhappy because success is internal.那么你不会成功,因为成功是内在的。So Ill go different way. Fine.所以我会用不同的方法。好。But I actually think were in a much better place than weve been in the past 60 years on this issue. Why?但在这个问题上,我认为我们的境况要比过去60年好的多。为什么?Because prior to this, world where we have so many more opinions and platforms,因为以前,我们生活的世界尽管有很多的主张和平台,we had three channels that told everybody that thing.却只有三个频道告知我们发生的事情。There was three old white guys that owned A and N and CBS. Thats a great point.因为三个白人老先生控制着美国广播公司(A)、全国广播公司(N)和哥伦比亚广播公司(CBS)。这个观点很好。That completely pushed down to them what it was supposed to be.我们接收到的信息已经完全变了样儿。。So now at least we have a lot more voices and theres more things to navigate.所以,现在我们至少有更多的信息,成功的方法也多了。201706/515603

  Ball meets head, thats just part of the game in soccer, the sport known worldwide as football.用头去接球。这只是足球比赛中的一部分。足球运动可谓是世界闻名。Inside your head, you brain is the consistency of a firm pudding, says John Hardy, professor of neuroscience at University College, London.在人脑内部,大脑就像一个粘稠的硬布丁那样,伦敦大学学院神经科学教授约翰·哈迪如是说。;But your blood vessels are just a little bit tougher.“但相比之下,血管却要相对强劲一些。And so, if you do a rapid rotation, they act like little cheese wires and do bits of damage around them.;所以如果你快速旋转,它们就会像奶酪丝一样拉扯,进而对周围造成一些伤害。”In American football, hard hits are common, and concern is growing about what that does to players brains.在美式橄榄球当中,受到严重撞击是很常见的事情。而人们也越来越担心这样会对球员的大脑产生什么影响。But its not clear whether frequent head contact that happens in soccer is also a problem.另外在足球运动中,经常性的头部接触究竟是否也是一个问题,对此人们依然不清楚。So Hardy and colleagues study the brains of six longtime soccer players who died with dementia.于是哈迪和同事们对六名已故老球员的大脑进行了研究,这六人均死于老年痴呆。They found a type of brain damage called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in four of them.研究发现,其中四人都受到过一种叫做慢性创伤性脑病变的脑损伤。CTE is different from Alzheimers disease, but Hardy says the results are similar.CTE与阿兹海默症不同。但哈迪表示,研究结果是相似的。;Im certainly they are additive pathology, so,“我非常确定这些病理都是累加的,因此,if you got a little bit brain damage to do with Alzheimer change and a little bit brain damage to do with CTE,如果你的大脑受到过一些与阿兹海默症变化或CTE有关的损伤,you are more likely to be demented.;日后患痴呆症的可能性就要比未受过损伤的人大一些。”Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with clear health and social benefits.足球是世界上最受欢迎的运动,对个人健康和社会都十分有益。And Hardy says this early stage research is not enough to pull the kids off the soccer field.哈迪称,这项研究尚处于早期阶段,完全不足以让孩子们远离足球运动。;The people weve studied, these are people who are professional footballers.“这六名研究对象都是职业足球运动员。Who played football probably every day of their lives for 25 to 30 years, probably many hours a day.在他们的一生当中,可能有25到30年的时间每天都会踢足球,而且一天就有可能踢数个小时。This is very different from a casual, weekend player or a school player, its just a different order of magnitude of contact.;这种情况跟那些只有周末才会放松一下的业余球员,还有校队的球员又大相径庭。所以主要就是碰撞程度的差别。”British soccer associations have pledged to support more research on the subject.英国足球协会已经做出承诺,将更多的持这一问题的研究。Steve Baragona, VOA news.VOA新闻,史蒂夫·巴拉格纳为您播报。201706/515068


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