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  • You don’t have to pay lightningTeacher:Who can tell me the difference between lightning and electricity?Student:You don’ t have to pay lightning.
  • To Fanny Brawne, th February 18 Dearest Fanny, I shall send this the moment you return. They say I must remain confined to this room some time. The consciousness that you love me will make a pleasant prison of the house next to yours. You must come and see me frequently this evening, without fail—when you must not mind about my speaking in a low tone I am ordered to do so though I can speak out. You must see me tonight and let me hear you promise to come tomorrow.
  • 这对夫妻选择了一种更简单的生活方式,注意只买生活的必需品,从事一些花钱不多的消遣,诸如阅读、烹调、逛公园雪莉辞掉了原来的工作,开始做半天工作,比如说为私人购物、付款、组织聚会、做国际互联网研究方面的事情——做客户所要求做的一切她在她的商业名片上印上“听候您的吩咐——给你自己留点时And free up time to do what you love most Two years ago Shirley Michels of St. Louis found herself getting up earlier and earlier, and going to bed later and later, just to meet everyday demands. The wife, mother and ophthalmic technician met her responsibilities, but lacked time the things that mattered most. She and her husband, Vic, an attorney, began searching ways to simplify their lives. “We had to decide what was really important,” says Shirley. They knew they wanted more time to play with their three-year-old son, Ryan, to exercise and eat right, and to nurture friendships.So the couple chose to live more modestly, shopping with care necessities and enjoying inexpensive pleasures such as ing, cooking and going to the park. Shirley quit her job and began working part time from home. She printed up business cards that “At your service—buy yourself a little time,” and hired herself out personal tasks such as shopping, paying bills, organizing parties, doing Internet research—whatever clients needed.“I still work hard, but being able to control my hours makes all the difference,” she says. “I can carve out time to take my son to the zoo or play basketball with him. My stress headaches are gone. Having a chance to get to know neighbors not only has been fun, but it’s also helped us further simplify.According to trend watchers, the Michelses are far from alone in wanting to slow down and live a more satisfying life. A Gallup Poll found that half of all Americans claim they lack enough time to do what they want. Fifty-four percent of parents say they spend too little time with their children, and 7 percent of married couples complain that they lack time together.Where does the time go? most people, work and commuting dominate the day. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one out of five of us put in 9 or more hours a week on the job; one out of logged 60 hours or more.Then there’s the rich smorgasbord of modern life—so much inmation to sift through, so many products beckoning. “We’re wearing ourselves out trying to have it all,” says Elaine St. James, author of Living the Simple Life.Simplifying means becoming aware of the ways, big and small, that we expend money, time and energy, and then raking steps to curb the waste. Here, from the experts, are some suggestions gaining control over life’s hassles in order to have time the pleasures. 1
  • An October SunriseI was up the next morning be e the October sunrise, and away through the wild and the woodland. The rising of the sun was noble in the cold and warmth of it peeping down the sp of light, he raised his shoulder heavily over the edge of grey mountain and wavering length of upland. Beneath his gaze the dew-fogs dipped, and crept to crept to the hollow places; then stole away in line and column, holding skirts, and clinging subtly at the sheltering corners where rock hung over grassland, while the brave lines of the hills came th, one beyond other gliding.The woods arose in folds, like drapery of awakened mountains, stately with a depth of awe, and memory of the tempests. Autumn’s mellow hand was upon them, as they owned aly, touched with gold and red and olive, and their joy towards the sun was less to a bridegroom than a father.Yet bee the floating impress of the woods could clear it self, suddenly the gladsome light leaped over hill and valley, casting amber, blue, and purple, and a tint of rich red rose; according to the scene they lit on, and the curtain flung around; yet all alike dispelling fear and the cloven hoof of darkness, all on the wings of hope advancing, and proclaiming, “God is here!” then life and joy sprang reassured from every crouching hollow; every flower, and bud and bird had a fluttering sense of them; and all the flashing of God’s gaze merged into soft beneficence.So, perhaps, shall break upon us that eternal morning, when crag and chasm shall be no more, neither hill and valley, nor great unvintaged ocean; but all things shall arise, and shine in the light of the Father’s countenance, because itself is risen.十月的日出第二天凌晨,在十月的太阳升起之前,我已经起身并穿过了旷野和丛林十月的清晨乍寒还暖,日出的景象非常壮观透过一片晨曦,朝日从朦胧的山冈和起伏连绵的高地过际,沉重地抬起肩头在它的逼视下,蒙蒙的雾气向下沉降,落到洼地里去,接着一丝丝一缕缕地悄悄飘散,而在草地之上悬岩之下的那些隐秘角落里,雾气却还不愿散去,同时群山的雄姿接二连三地显现出来森林也层层叠叠地显现,宛若刚刚苏醒的山峦的斗篷,端庄威严,并带着狂风暴雨的回忆秋天成熟的手已经在抚摸这些山林,因为它们的颜色已经改变,染上了金黄,丹红和橄榄绿它们对朝日所怀的一片喜悦,像是要奉献给一个新郎,更像是要奉献给一位父亲然而,在树林那流动的景色逝去之前,欢悦的晨光突然跃出了峰峦和山谷,光线所及,把照到的地方和周围的森林分别染成青色,紫色,琥珀色和富丽的红玫瑰色光线照到哪里,那里就如同一幅幕布被掀开而所有的一切都同样在驱散恐惧和黑暗的魔影;所有的一切都展开希望的翅膀,向前习翔,并大声宣告:“上帝在这里!”于是生命和欢乐从每一个蜷伏的洞穴里信心十足地欣然跃出;一切花朵,蓓蕾和鸟雀都感到了生命和欢乐而抖动起来;上帝的凝视汇合成温柔的恩泽也许,那永恒的晨光就会这样降临人间,那时不再有险崖沟壑,不再有峰峦山谷,也不再有浩瀚无际的海洋;万物都将踊跃升腾,在造物主慈爱的光芒中生辉,因为太阳已经升起 383
  • Scientists’Path to Bliss 科学家的幸福之路Each of us seeks our own path to bliss. In accepting the Nobel Prize from the Swedish King in 1980, I said that I had been doubly blessed. in addition to3 receiving the recognition and distinction represented by the Nobel Prize, the research itself had given me indescribable pleasure, the ultimate high, that comes from discovery, the breaking of new ground, the entering into areas where man has not been bee. This kind of bliss is not uniquely available to scientists only. Literature, music, art, even business, offers comparable rewards. It is there all who venture5 beyond the realm of accepted knowledge and experience. Such adventures are challenging and demanding but well worth the eft.我们每个人都在寻求自己的幸福之路1980年,我从瑞典国王那里接受诺贝尔奖时曾说过:我是获得了双重幸福的人除了诺贝尔奖给我的认可和名望外,研究工作本身也给了我难以描述的欢乐--新的发现、开创新的天地和进入无人涉足过的新领域,都使我感到无比地激动和愉悦这种幸福不仅只有科学家能够得到,从事文学、音乐、艺术甚至商业的创造性工作,也都可能获得类似的回报每一个愿意在已有的知识和经验之外的新领域里冒险的人,都有可能获得这种幸福这种冒险极富挑战性,而且需要殚精竭虑,但非常值得为之一搏 me, the adventure began as a young boy in secondary school. There, I and a group of very bright classmates were denied the easy route to learning. The wide range of questions we directed at our teachers were rarely met with6 direct answers. Instead, our teachers encouraged us to find the answers ourselves by steering7 us to books that held the answers, and most often to more than we had expected. Frequently, our teachers suggested ways to find the answers by searching the reference books that were available in libraries or by actual experimentation. As we progressed to high school, the teachers encouraged us to ask questions that went beyond our and their knowledge and experience, and to speculate on8 matters we could not find answers to. Later, as a member of an after-school science club, I was challenged to solve problems about the natural world by experimentation, initially by repeating aly known experiments but later by being required to design new ways to solve the puzzles I had raised. All the while, originality of thought was prized above all. Perhaps it was those early experiences that sharpened my appetite exploring the unknown and seeking solutions.对于我来说,这种冒险开始于青少年时代上中学的时候在学校里,我和一批非常聪明的同学学习并不轻松我们向老师提出各种各样的问题,但老师很少给予我们直接的回答,而是鼓励我们到有关的书籍中去自己寻找,往往收获要比我们预料的还要多老师还经常教我们通过到图书馆查阅参考书或做实验的方法寻求升入高中后,老师鼓励我们提出超越我们和他们知识和经验以外的问题,思考那些我们找不到的问题后来,我成为课外科学俱乐部的成员,这里要求我通过实验解决某些有关自然界的问题开始是重复已经做过的实验,随后就要求我设计新的实验方法来解决我自己提出的难题这是极富挑战性的在任何时候,创新思维都是最宝贵的也许正是这些早年的经历,激发了我探索未知世界并寻求的欲望Looking back on that period, I realize now that encouraging young people to discover themselves the answers they seek is not the easiest way to learn but it is the most rewarding. Developing curiosity and the instinct seeking creative solutions are perhaps the most important contributions education can make. With time, many facts we are asked to learn will be gotten, but we are less likely to lose our ability to question and discover. Schools everywhere would do well to heed9 that lesson. And students everywhere must accept the responsibility that such an educational system places on them. 回想那段时间,我认识到:鼓励青年人自己去寻找他们追求的,不是最轻松的学习方法,但却是回报最丰厚的学习方法开发学生寻求创造性解决方法的本能和好奇心,或许是教育能做出的最重要的贡献随着时间的推移,学过的许多东西将会忘记,但是我们提出问题和找出的能力却不会丧失任何地方的学校都应当认真汲取这个经验,而学生应接受这种教育制度赋予他们的职责 838
  • A new Version1) of Washington and Cherry TreeMr.Washington looked at the cherry tree and scratched his chin.“Now George,”he said to his son,“Are you sure you had nothing to do with chopping) this tree down?”“I don’t clearly recall chopping this tree down,”answered George.“Isn’t this your axe3)?”asked the father,pointing to the tool on the ground by the stump of the cherry tree,“That appears to be very similar to my axe,”said George.“Well,you’re a healthy young man,and I know you enjoy outside work like chopping firewood and such,don’ t you?”“There may have been one or two times when I might have chopped firewood.”“With this axe?”“Possibly with an axe that in a general way resembles that one.”“I seem to recall that you chopped wood Miss Jenny several times,I believe.”“Only once.It was not a continuing relationship.”“But she said you chopped lots of firewood at her place,and I noticed that all of it has a peculiar mark left by an axe blade with a small chip in it.Doesn’t your axe have such a distinguishing characteristic?” “I don’ t recall ever noticing anything unusual about my axe.Besides,that was all in the past.It has nothing to do with how I behave now,or whether I would have chopped down your cherry tree.”George’s mother commented:“I don’ t believe George would do such a thing.”“But his axe is right here,and the tree is freshly cut,and he’ s the only person around.”“Oh,just drop it,it’ s only a tree,”said his mother.“But it’ s not just the tree;we really need to find out if he’s being honest with us.I won’t put up with) lying,and he shouldn’t get you to cover up him.”“Well,if he really had cut the tree,he would deserve to be punished,but I just don’t think he could have done it,”she said.George spoke up,clearly angry,and s hook his finger at them.“I’ m going to say this one more time:I did not chop down that tree ――the cherry tree――and I did not ask anyone to lie.Not one time.Never.”George’s father was not accustomed to his son being so direct,but had to admit the teenager seemed genuinely hurt that his integrity5) was in question.Mrs.Washington was clearly uncomtable with the situation and wanted the problem to go away.George’ s father didn’t like the discussion either,but he had to get to the bottom of this.He continued:“George,there’ s no fresh-cut firewood around,but your hair an d clothing are full of wood chips,and the chips look like cherry wood to me.How do you explain t hat?”George bit his lip and answered:“Clearly my behavior has been inappropriate6),and I deeply regret the embarrassment I may have caused Miss Jenny,and the damage which seems to have been done to the tree.But I really need to g et back to my chores7) now.”“We‘re not quite finished yet,”said his father.“Now I’m going to ask you directly.Did you chop down that cherry tree?”“Define‘chop’,”said George.“You know very well what‘chop’means.Anyone knows what‘chop’means.”said his exasperated8) father,shaking.“Are you lying to me?”“Well,it’ s possible that I might have swung the axe in an inappropriate manner which might have resulted in some harm to the tree,but at the moment you asked me,I was thinking of what‘chop’means and my actions didn’t meet my definition of‘chopping’so I really didn’t lie.”George’ s mother was not entirely satisfied with this answer,but the affair was be-ginning to spoil her day and she really wanted to get it behind her.Her son was basic ally a likeable young man who did his chores most of the time ――although his father swore the family-hired hands deserved most of the credit.She decided to put her foot down:“This is not really worth all the fuss,”she said,“Even if he did it,it’ s only a tree and every young man enjoys chopping a tree now and then.You’ve certainly chopped a few in your day.Now let’ s get it and enjoy this lovely afternoon.”She smiled and stroked George’s hair.Seeing that he had lost,George’ s father took a deep breath,turned and walked slowly toward the house.He shook his head in wonder;he had always given his wife credit better judgment.“Why am I always the one who ends up in the doghouse?”he thought.George smiled and picked up his axe.As he ran his thumb along the keen edge,his gaze turned toward the stately oak tree on the front lawn. 975
  • 超级实用的英语口语要素句() -- :9: 来源: 1. That’s really something.(真了不起)1. Are you sure?(你确信吗?)1. Are you crazy?(你疯了吗?7. I’m always punctual.(我总是很准时)8. You may leave it to me.(交给我来办)9. I wish I could.(不行)[委婉表达法]0. What’s the rush?(什么事那么匆忙?)1. What’s so funny(有什么好笑的?). I couldn’t agree more.(我完全同意)3. Stay out of this matter, please.(请别管这事)1. Don’t just shake you head.(别光摇头,想想办法!)5. Don’t jump to conclusions.(别仓促过早下结论)6. That was a lousy movie.(那电影糟透了!)7. Have you thought about staying home?(是否考虑在家呆着?)8. I’ll come. I give you my word.(我会来的我向你保)9. I swear I’ll never tell anyone.(我发誓不告诉任何人)0. I’ll make it up to you.(我会赔偿的)1. I’m very really terribly awfully extremely sorry.(十分抱歉!). give me breaking my promise.(原谅我食言)3. Let’s give and get.(让我们摈弃前嫌). I’ve heard so much about you!(久仰大名!)5. Don’t underestimate me.(别小看我)6. She gives me a headache.(她让我头疼)7. It’s very annoying.(真烦人)8. He often fails to keep his word.(他常常不遵守诺言)9. You made me feel ashamed of myself.(你让我感到羞愧)0. I hope it turns out all right.(我希望结果很好)1. I can’t handle this alone.(我无法单独处理这事). How long will it take to have this radio fixed?(修理这收音机要多久?)3. Come to me if you’re in any difficulty.(有困难来找我). Who do you think you are?(你以为你是谁?)5. You’re wasting you breath.(你在白费口舌) 超级实用的英语口语要素句(1) 超级实用的英语口语要素句() 超级实用的英语口语要素句(3) 超级实用的英语口语要素句() 超级实用的英语口语要素句(5) 超级实用的英语口语要素句(6) 要素 英语口语 实用 超级
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