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Another master of dead ball, Del Piero.又一位点球专家,德尔·皮耶罗。重点词汇: master 专家例句:She was a master of the English language.她是英文高手。 视频介绍:另一位点球专家德尔·皮耶罗被安排在第三个出场。皮耶罗是点球高手,特别是其主罚点球时助跑的节奏控制得很好。。

500 million humans live in the worlds desert lands,more than the combined population of Europe.五亿人口住在沙漠地带比欧洲人口还要多。They know the value of water.他们懂得水的价值。They know how to use it sparingly.他们也爱惜涓滴。Here, they depend on wells replenished by fossil water.在这里 他们依赖水井中的原生地层水。Which accumulated underground in the days when it rained on these deserts.它是由二万五千年前降于沙漠的雨水。25,000 years ago.聚集而成。Fossil water also enables crops to be grown in the desert to provide food for local populations.原生地层水令谷物得以在沙漠生长为当地人口提供食粮。The fields circular shape derives from the pipes that irrigate them around a central pivot.圆形的农田由围绕中心的管道进行灌溉。But there is a heavy price to pay.但代价沉重的。Fossil water is a nonrenewable resource.原生地层水不可再生。In Saudi Arabia, the dream of industrial farming in the desert has faded.在沙地阿拉伯在沙漠作现代耕种的梦已褪。As if on a parchment map,the light spots on this patchwork show abandoned plots.这像一张羊皮纸地图,光点显示了被放弃的计划。The irrigation equipment is still there.灌溉设备仍在。The energy to pump water also.抽水的能量仍在。But the fossil water reserves are severely depleted.但原生地层水已严重枯竭。Israel turned the desert into arable land.以色列把沙漠变成耕地。201410/336910。

Fighting On Suits Hamas And Israels Leaders Hamas needs the war to reinvigorate its fortunes in Gaza, while Israels PM has staked his political future on the conflict.新闻背景:以色列总理内塔尼亚胡表示,以色列必须做好对加沙地带长期作战的准备,他并在当天以色列国防部举行的新闻发布会上称,“我们必须为对加沙持续作战做好准备,只有勇于杀害以色列平民的秘密地道被全部摧毁,这场战事才会停止。巴勒斯坦解放组织表示,巴勒斯坦所有派别已达成一致,同意在加沙地带实行为期24小时的人道主义停火,不过这一提议遭到了哈马斯的否认。哈马斯发言人组合里在一份声明中表示,只有在国际有关方面担保以色列遵守执行停火的前提下,哈马斯才会愿意执行这一人道主义停火。在联合国以及西方国家的协调下,哈马斯同以色列政府曾在7月26日进行了为期12小时的短暂停火,但此后双方并未达成协议,轮流上演几次单边停火后,冲击继续在蔓延。For three weeks it has been raining bombs, now this, leaflets, asking Gazans to spy on Hamas for Israel, they are not impressed, but its clear that amid international calls for a ceasefire, neither side has plans that yet include an end to violence, since the start of the operation, Benjamin Nitanyaha has staked all on putting an end to the threat posed by Hamas, his political survival depends on success.Benjamin Nitanyahu knows that he will be facing almost certain defeat at the polls in the next election if he isnt perceived to have finished the job.Hamas meanwhile continues to issue dire threats, Mohammed Deif, the military leader released this statement from hiding. In this round the occupying entity will not enjoy security unless our people living in freedom and dignity, there will be no ceasefire before the Israeli aggression is stopped, and the blockade is lifted, we will not accept interim solutions which are not benefiting our people.Hamas released a of its latest attack on Israeli troops inside Israel, one in which five soldiers were killed, but its Gaza civilians who are paying the heaviest price for this intransigence, the scale of the tunnel threat means that Israel appears set on widening the offensive in Gaza.The government has set the target for the situation very clearly, and they are obviously to stop that rocket firing into Israel, the thousands of rockets which are terrorizing Israeli civilians, 5 million Israeli running into shelters every time Hamas fires rockets at them, of course the terror tunnels are absolutely crucial.Egypt has offered to mediate a ceasefire, but there is no sign of anyone booking flights to Cairo for talks, the only option is to pray for peace, and that for now looks like a forlorn hope. /201408/318098。

The deer had a moments head start, and escape.斑鹿起步稍早,所以顺利逃命The langurs vigilance saved the chital.叶猴的警觉心救了这只斑鹿And the tiger goes hungry.老虎则得饿肚子For some mammals, attack is the best form of defence.对有些哺乳动物来说 攻击是最好的防卫This squirrel is arming herself.这只松鼠正在武装自己Its a California ground squirrel, and shes found a snake skin.这是加州地松鼠 它发现一片蛇皮Shes chewing it into a paste which she then rubs into her fur,它咬碎蛇皮,抹在自己的皮毛上especially her tail.尤其是尾巴She now stinks of snake.现在它的味道跟蛇一样She lives in a colony that extends across a wide expanse of prairie.它所属的地松鼠群 散居范围横亘整片大草原There is one downside to this neighbourhood -但这个社区有个缺点its in the middle of rattlesnake country.它位于响尾蛇栖息地之中Not good when you have young to raise.这不是扶养孩子的好地点Her neighbour has sensed something.它的邻居感觉到动静A rattlesnake, hidden right next to their burrow.有条响尾蛇躲在它们的地穴旁边They both investigate but what can they do?它们都展开调查 但它们能怎么办201309/258305。

Being the new kid in school is no easy task. With some determination and the right attitude, you can quickly turn some of those strangers into friends.就读一家新学校并不容易。通过坚定的决心和正确的态度,你可以迅速把陌生人变成朋友。You Will Need你需要Confidence信心Courage勇气Motivation动力A bright smile灿烂的笑容A computer with internet access能够上网的电脑Steps步骤STEP 1 Whether you like it or not, kids form initial opinions based on clothes, hair, and fashion sense. Make an extra effort to look your best those first few days. Looking good will boost your confidence, too!1.无论你是否喜欢,孩子们都会根据装,头发和时尚感来形成初步印象。在最初的几天里,多做一些努力,让你自己看上去达到最佳状态。外表看上去不错还可以增强你的信心。Youre not going to be rolling in friends on Day 1. Devote the first couple of weeks to laying solid groundwork.你不可能在上学的第一天就收获大量朋友。最初几周用来做基础工作。STEP 2 Come out of your shell. If youre naturally shy, you dont have to fake a new personality. But try to avoid looking at the ground, and flash a smile once in a while. The easier you are to approach and start a conversation with, the more other kids will want to talk to you.2.走出保护壳,与人交往。如果你天生比较害羞,不要假装一种全新的性格。但是尽量避免看上去冷淡,偶尔微笑一下。你看上去越容易亲近和开始对话,其他孩子越希望和你说话。STEP 3 Find excuses to talk to people. Once you get a conversation going, be a good listener and offer up a compliment or two, no matter how small.3.寻找机会和人说话。一旦你开始对话,做一个好的倾听者,偶尔赞扬一下,无论是多么微不足道的赞扬。Build up a little courage and sit in the middle of the classroom to surround yourself with as many potential new friends as possible.鼓足勇气,坐在教室中间,置身于尽可能多的将来可能成为新朋友的同学中间。STEP 4 Get involved in the extra-curricular activities you enjoyed at your old school. Join a sports team, help with the yearbook, try out for a play – anything that interests you. Joining a club or team is a great way to start because you have at least one thing in common with everyone in the room.4.多参加在以前的学校就比较喜爱的课外活动。参加体育小组,帮助办年刊,参加话剧演出——你感兴趣的任何事情。参加俱乐部或兴趣小组是开始结交新朋友的好方法,因为你至少和他们有共同的兴趣爱好。Cast a wide net – dont just focus on the popular people. Making friends in different circles will open you up to more options.广撒网——不要只集中在一个特定的人群。和不同领域的人结交朋友可以拓宽你的选择范围。STEP 5 Use the web. Sign up for a social-networking site and join your schools group page. Post some s and pictures and write a few blog entries to showcase who you are. Kids at school will discover your personality through the web and all that small-talk torture will start to disappear.5.使用互联网。注册社交网站,加入学校的群组。发布一些视频和图片,写一些客,让别人了解你。学校的同学可以通过互联网了解你的性格,那些微不足道的折磨将会很快消失。STEP 6 Get a part-time job where you know fellow classmates work. Meeting kids outside of school and bonding over menial work is often a recipe for friendship.6.找一份你知道同班同学做的兼职。在校外遇到同学,通过共同劳动可以促进友情。Between kindergarten and 12th grade, children in active-duty military families often change schools more than 12 times.从幼儿园到12年级,在外勤军人家庭的孩子经常更换学校超过12次。视频听力译文由。201408/324380。

这则广告名为《人人为我》,启用了电影《Rocky》的主题曲。传达了企业对尽职尽责的员工们满满的感谢。 以下是中英对照:Staff1 This is impossible it’s never gonna work.员工1:这是不可能的,永远不可能实现的!Staff2:Ba ba ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba!Da da da-da-daBA BA BA! BA BA BA!BAAABA BA BAAAAA!BA BA BAAAAA!BA BA BAAAAA!BA BA BAAAAA!BA BA BA BA BA BA!BA BA BA BA BA BA!BAAAAAAAAAAALet it shine让它闪耀吧Let it shine now现在就让它闪耀BA BA BA(各种员工各种合唱)Staff1: (在同事们共同鼓励下似乎重新拾回信心)Let me give it another try.我再试试别的方法。Staff2:(似乎收获了自己想得到的效果,转身离去)There’s always a way.总会有办法的。Good morning Mary.早安,玛丽。That’s just our way.这就是我们的方法。BA BA BA201405/294585。

It’s hot. You’re hungry. You’ve got nothing better to do. Why not fry an egg on the sidewalk!天气非常热。而你肚子饿了。也没有更好的选择了。那么为何不尝试一下在人行道上煎鸡蛋呢?You Will Need你需要Eggs鸡蛋Aluminum foil铝箔A mirror or magnifying glass镜子或放大镜A very, very hot sidewalk非常炎热的人行道Butter or oil黄油或油Salt and pepper盐和胡椒粉Steps步骤STEP 1 Lay out some tinfoil1.放置一些锡纸The easiest—and most sanitary—way to fry an egg on the sidewalk is to use a piece of aluminum foil. Take a pan-size piece of foil and bend the edges up, so the raw egg doesn’t slide onto the pavement.在人行道上煎鸡蛋最简单也是最卫生的方法就是用一张铝箔。拿一张平底锅大小的铝箔,把边缘向上卷,这样生鸡蛋液就不会滑到人行道上。STEP 2 Crack the egg2.敲开鸡蛋Crack an egg or two onto the foil. The sun will reflect off the surface and cook your eggs.向锡纸上敲一两个鸡蛋。太阳会在平面上反射,帮你煮熟鸡蛋。If you intend to eat these eggs, you might want to use some butter or oil on the tinfoil so it doesn’t stick—and season your eggs with some salt and pepper.如果你准备食用这些鸡蛋,或许要在锡纸上抹一层黄油或食用油,这样鸡蛋就不会粘在锡纸上——加一些食盐和胡椒粉调味。STEP 3 Be y to fib3.耍点小花招The temperature of the sidewalk needs to reach at least 158° Fahrenheit to turn a raw egg solid. Sorry, a light colored sidewalk on it’s own won’t do the trick. You’ll need to cheat just a little.人行道上的温度需要达到至少华氏158度,才能把生鸡蛋煮熟。抱歉,浅色的人行道做不到这一点。你需要耍点小花招。STEP 4 Use a magnifying glass or mirror4.使用放大镜或镜子To speed up the process, use a magnifying glass or mirror to focus the suns rays onto the foil. Now you’re cooking!为了加速整个过程,使用放大镜或镜子把光线集中到锡纸上。现在就可以烹煮了。STEP 5 Brag a little5.夸大其词After your egg is cooked, tell everyone that it was so hot outside that you were able to fry an egg on the sidewalk. They’ll either think you are most egg-zelent or just egg-zagerating.鸡蛋熟了之后,告诉每个人,现在外面太热了,你可以在人行道上煎鸡蛋了。他们或许认为你非常了不起,可能也会认为你只是夸大其词。视频听力译文由。201410/336515。

联合国在2000年的时候制定了8个改善世界的目标,包括降低贫穷和减少疾病,并且设定2015年完成。 随着2015年接近,来自ONE.org 机构的Jamie Drummond,给千年发展计划做了个评估,讲述了一些让人惊艳的成就;他也建议我们应该邀请全球公民共同决定下一个15年的发展目标。201312/270236。

三星2012超级碗广告又是三星讽刺苹果的一则广告,又是一堆果粉连夜排队,又是三星手机从天而降,又是那句“我真不敢相信”。这次三星的画画功能可羡慕坏了正在排队的果粉。 以下是中英对照:I cant believe Im missing the game for this.我真不敢相信我竟然为了这个即将错过比赛。This feels like detention.这种感觉像被拘留了一样。Wanna see a picture of my cat?想看一眼我家猫的相片不?No!不Whoa whoa whoa – what is that?哇 哇 哇——那是什么?Here. Its the new Samsung Galaxy Note.这个。这是三星新出的盖世手机。Its got a pin – this is awesome!还带一根笔——太神奇了!Ya – Samsung?什么——三星?Ya是Again!再说一遍!I dont know what I believe in anymore.我不知道我该信什么了。I know what I believe in.我知道我信什么。I believe in the thing called love.我相信某种叫爱的东西。201405/295212。