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What's the interest rate for the savings account?储蓄存款的利率是多少?Interest is calculated at the rate of 0.8% per annum at present.目前每年的利率是按0.8%计算的。You can earn a little interest on your money.你能从存款中获得一点利息。The account carries a low interest.该户头利息很低。 /06/75726。

Your point makes me sit up and take notice.你的观点令我刮目相看。make sb. sit up and take notice 直译过来就是:“使某人端坐着并集中注意力”,这个短语的正确意思是:“令某人刮目相看”。因此,当美国人说;Your point makes me sit up and take notice.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Your point makes me enlightened.;、;Your point impresses me.;。情景对白:Shirley: I think its better to rent computers rather than buying them to the benefit of capital turnover.雪莉:我认为租电脑比购买划算,这样更有利于资金周转。Boss: Thats a good idea. Your point makes me sit up and take notice.老板:好主意,你的观点令我刮目相看。搭配句积累:①I suggest that we brainstorm a solution to this issue.我建议大家集思广益,讨论出一个解决办法。②The cost could be enormous to purchase instead of renting since computers should be changed every four or five years.购买相比租用所花成本巨大,因为电脑每四五年就得更新一次。③I think office tables should be purchased while equipment like computers and copiers should be rented.我认为办公桌可以购买,而电脑和复印机之类的设备可以租赁。④Wed better make a general cost analysis to decide whether to buy or to rent.我们最好做一份全面的成本分析来决定是买还是租。单词:to the benefit of 有利于In doing this, WIPO would convey the message that it was committed to ensuring that IP works to the benefit of all countries.这样,WIPO将传递其致力于确保知识产权使所有国家受益这一信息。It should be to the benefit of humanity if all individuals - and this includes myself - did a renovation or remodeling job on our own character.如果所有的个体包括我自己在内能自新或重塑造自己的品格,将有益于整个人类社会。If all the information is in the charge of a small group, the combination of this absolutely administration and commercial profit may be very dangerous to the benefit of common users.如果信息都被一个小的集团所掌握,这种绝对的控制和对商业利润的追求,有可能会危害到普通用户的利益。 /201305/239890。

1.Answering machine 电话应答机 A:I found that the ansering machine is not popular in China.B:Right. Most of us do not have it in the office. A:我发现在中国,电话应答机不是很流行。B:是的,我们大部分人都没在办公室里安装。 2. Battery 电池A: My phone is not showing caller IDs.B: The batteries are probably dead.A:我的电话没有来电显示了。B:可能是电池没电了。3.Binder 活页夹A: May I have a couple of blinders?B: Sure. I will get you a few.A:给我几个活页夹好吗?B:当然可以,我给你找几个。4.Computer disk 计算机磁盘A: Can I have a computer disk?B: We don't have any floppy disks any more. I have only CDs.A:我能要些计算机磁盘吗?B:我们这不再用软盘了,我只有CD。5.Drawer 抽屉 A: Where did you put your U-disk? B: In the first drawer on the left.A:你把U盘放在哪了?B:左侧第一个抽屉。 /200808/45289。

愈忙愈要学社交英文随书光盘Mp3(下) 04 /200710/18729。

Saturns icy moon Enceladus could theoretically be home to methane-producing alien life, NASA said Thursday.美国宇航局(NASA3日表示,冰冷的土星卫星土卫二理论上可能存在释放甲烷的外星生物。Researchers made the announcement based on data from 2015, when the spacecraft Cassini detected the presence of hydrogen during a flyby through a plume of gas and ice erupting from Enceladus south pole. The hydrogen, which is escaping into space from a hydrothermal vent on the moons seafloor, could be a sign of methanogenesis, a form of anaerobic respiration in which microbes produce methane.2015年,土星探测器卡西尼号在飞过土卫二南极区域喷射的一股气流和冰物质时,发现了氢气的存在。研究人员基于当时的数据宣布了该消息。氢气是从土卫二海床的热液喷口飘入太空的。这可能是产甲烷反应的标志。产甲烷反应是微生物进行无氧呼吸时产生甲烷的过程;This is a very significant finding because the hydrogen could be a potential source of chemical energy for any microbes that might be in Enceladus ocean,; Linda Spilker, a scientist at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said Thursday at a press conference.NASA喷气推进实验室的科学家琳斯皮尔克13日在新闻发布会上表示:“这是一个非常重要的发现,因为氢气或许是土卫二海洋中可能存在的微生物的潜在化学能量来源。;We now know that Enceladus has almost all of the ingredients you would need to support life as we know it on Earth,; she said.她说:“我们现在知道,土卫二上几乎具备所有已知的地球生命必需物质。”The findings were published Thursday in the journal Science.这些发现13日被发表在《科学》杂志上;This is the closest weve come, so far, to identifying a place with some of the ingredients needed for a habitable environment,; Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASAs Science Mission Directorate, said in a statement. ;These results demonstrate the interconnected nature of NASAs science missions that are getting us closer to answering whether we are indeed alone or not.;NASA科学使命理事会副主任托马泽尔布肯在一份声明中表示:“在我们寻找拥有宜居环境所需物质的星球期间,迄今为止,这是离这一目标最近的一次。这些观测结果触及NASA科学任务互通的本质:弄清我们是否为宇宙中唯一的生呀?”NASA also announced that the Hubble Space Telescope observed what may have been a water vapor plume emerging from the surface of Jupiters moon Europa in 2014, and again around the same area in 2016.NASA还宣布,2014年哈勃太空望远镜观测到木星卫星木卫二表面出现了疑似水汽羽状物,并016年在同一区域附近再次出现。Confirming the existence of Europas plumes would allow researchers to study that moons chemical makeup without having to dig through miles of icy crust.确认木卫二存在羽状物后,研究人员不必穿越数英里厚的冰层,就可以对该星球上的化学成分进行分析。The Cassini and Hubble discoveries related to these ;ocean worlds; will help scientists plan NASAs Europa Clipper mission, set to launch in the 2020s. The plan is for the unmanned spacecraft to orbit Jupiter and perform a detailed investigation of Europa, including measuring the depth and salinity of its ocean.卡西尼号和哈勃望远镜关于“海洋星球”的发现有助于科学家筹备NASA的“木卫二快艇号”任务,该计划将于本世纪20年代启动。该计划是让木卫二快艇号无人航天器绕木星飞行,并对木卫二进行海洋深度、海水盐分浓度测量等详细调查;These discoveries are coming just at the perfect time,; Jim Green, director of NASAs Planetary Science Division, said Thursday. ;It enables us to make the right set of observations that can tell us much more about these ocean worlds, Europa in particular.;NASA行星科学部主任吉格林13日表示:“这些发现来的正是时候。它使我们能够作出正确的观察,可以让我们更了解海洋星球,特别是木卫二。”来 /201704/504546。

Employee Pay Raise 员工加薪 Boss: You have done an excellent job this year and we are pleased with the results. 你今年的工作表现不错,我们对你的工作成果非常满意. Employee: I am glad that you have been happy with my performance. 我很高兴你们对我的业绩满意. Boss: As a result of your performance, we are happy to offer you the position of manager. 由于你的工作业绩,我们提升你为经理. Employee: Does this title come with an increase in salary? 有没有加薪呢? Boss: Yes, it does. 有 Employee: Can you give me the specifics? 你能告诉我具体数字吗? Boss: Your monthly gross salary will increase by 0. 你的月总收入会提高500美元. Employee: That sounds fair. 不错. Performance业绩 Title职位 Specifics具体(数字) /200702/10619。