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A British man has been sentenced to 12 months and one day in prison over his attempt to grab a gun in a bid to kill Donald Trump.一名企图抢杀掉唐纳德·特朗普的英国男子于日前被判处监禁一年零一天。Michael Sandford, 20, pleaded guilty in September to being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function.今年20岁的迈克尔·桑福德月认罪,罪名包括携带非法入境以及抢夺警。He was accused of grabbing a policemans gun at a rally in Las Vegas in order to shoot at the candidate. His mother says ;he is remorseful over what he did;.他被指控在的竞选集会上抢夺警并意图杀总统候选人特朗普。桑福德的母亲表示:“他对自己的所作所为非常后悔”。The defence team said their client is autistic and suffers seizures and obsession-compulsion anxiety.辩护律师团表示,他们的委托人是自闭症患者,还患有癫痫症和强迫症。Michael Sandford appeared in court in orange prison garb, looking pale and slight, his ankles shackled.审判当天,迈克尔·桑福德出现在法庭上时穿着橘色的囚,面色苍白,身形瘦削,脚踝上戴着脚镣。He smiled as members of his family waved to him and mouthed: ;I love you.;当他的家人向他挥手并说出“我爱你”的时候,他笑了。Sandford then broke down in tears as he apologised for what he had done and for taking up time and costing the taxpayer money. ;I just feel terrible about it,; he said.随后,在为自己的行为道歉并为占用了大家的时间以及浪费了纳税人的钱而道歉的时候,桑福德崩溃大哭。他说:“我就是觉得非常非常不好。”The judge James Mahan appeared sympathetic, telling Sandford: ;I dont think you harboured malice in your heart.;法官詹姆斯·马汉对他表示同情,他告诉桑福德:“我觉得你的内心里不是满怀恶意的。”Sandfords mother said that she had lost contact with her son after he left home to travel around the US in 2015. He had previously shown no interest in politics, and she was unable to explain why he would want to shoot Mr Trump.桑福德的母亲表示,自从儿015年离开家去环游美国之后就和他失去了联系。他之前从未对政治表现出兴趣,她也不能解释为什么儿子会想要杀特朗普。来 /201612/485015France says Russia could face war crimes charges over its bombing campaign of Syrias eastern city of Aleppo.法国说,俄罗斯对于叙利亚城市阿勒颇的轰炸可能使俄罗斯面临战争罪指控。French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Monday that the bombings are war crimes.法国外长让-马克#8729;埃罗星期一表示,轰炸行动构成了战争罪。Ayrault said France would consult with prosecutors from the International Criminal Court (ICC) to see how to launch investigations.他说,法国将与国际刑事法庭检察官协商,探讨如何就此展开调查;We do not agree with what Russia is doing, bombarding Aleppo. France is committed as never before to saving the population of Aleppo,; Ayrault said.让-马克#8729;埃罗说:“我们反对俄罗斯轰炸阿勒颇的行为。法国坚定地致力于挽救阿勒颇民众的生呀?”Moscow has repeatedly denied attacking civilians in Syria, and says it targets terrorist groups.莫斯科一再否认对叙利亚平民发动袭击,声称轰炸目标是恐怖组织。It is not clear how the ICC could investigate the bombings in Aleppo because neither Russia nor Syria is a member of the International Criminal Court. The matter could be referred to the court by the U.N. Security Council, but the council has been deadlocked over Syria.目前还不清楚国际刑事法庭将如何对阿勒颇的轰炸行动展开调查,因为俄罗斯和叙利亚都不是该法庭的成员国。这个问题可以由联合国安理会提交给法庭,但目前安理会在叙利亚问题上处于僵局。来 /201610/470551

Scientists have found dinosaur-era feathers and evidence of them in fossil impressions before.科学家早已发现了恐龙时代的羽毛,并拥有其印在化石上据。But this is the first time theyve discovered a full-feathered tail section preserved in amber.但这一次是他们首次在琥珀中发现一根由完整的羽毛覆盖的恐龙尾化石。Paleontologist Lida Xing of the China University of Geosciences led the research, as detailed in a report that came out in the journal Current Biology.中国地质大学的古生物学家邢立达领导了这项研究,具体报告发表在《当代生物学》杂志上。The sample itself, known as DIP-V-15103 and unofficially as ;Eva; after the wife of the reports co-author, came from a mine in Kachin, a state in northern Myanmar.样品本身被称为DIP-V-15103,并以该报告的共同作者的妻子“伊娃”的名字作为其非官方命名。Based on the structure of the tail, it likely came from a Cretaceous-era young coelurasaur, a subgroup of therapods that includes everything from tyrannosauruses to birds, points out National Geographic.据《国家地理》介绍,该样品出自缅甸北部克钦邦的一个矿山。基于对其尾巴结构的分析,它可能来自白垩纪时代的一只年轻虚骨龙类恐龙。Xing and his team didnt dig the sample up, however -- they collected it from an amber market in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin.该样品并不是由邢立达和他的团队挖掘得来的,而是他们从克钦的首府密那的琥珀市场收集到的。来 /201612/484221

As Theresa May stepped through the black door of 10 Downing Street on Wednesday evening as Britain’s prime minister, she did exactly what she had promised when launching her leadership bid two weeks earlier: “I just get on with the job in front of me.”特里萨#8226;Theresa May)上周三晚上作为英国首相迈入唐宁街10号黑门之后,做了两周前她在竞选保守党党魁时承诺的事情:“我只是投入我面前的工作。”The quiet woman of British politics has played the long game and triumphed. The UK has its second female prime minister, and the first with the task of taking the country out of a major supranational organisation.这位英国政界的低调女性从长计议,最终脱颖而出。她是英国历史上第二位女首相,也是首位肩负着带领英国脱离一个主要超国家组织的使命的女首相。On entering office Mrs May, who is 59, immediately set about a radical overhaul of Whitehall’s structure, ruthlessly disposing of several former colleagues and startling observers around the world by making her erstwhile leadership rival Boris Johnson foreign secretary.现年59岁的梅上台伊始就大刀阔斧地调整白厅架构,她毫不留情地遣散了数位以前的同僚,并让昔日的竞争对手鲍里#8226;约翰Boris Johnson)出任外交大臣,这让世界各地的观察家们感到震惊。She faces immense challenges: she must extricate the UK from the EU while reuniting a bitterly divided party. If her predecessor David Cameron’s primary legacy was the referendum outcome, hers will be the implementation of the British public’s shock decision.梅面临艰巨挑战:她必须让英国脱离欧盟,同时让陷入严重分裂的保守党重新团结起来。如果说她的前任戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)的主要政治遗产是让英国公投退出欧盟,那么她的主要政治遗产将是实施英国公众令人震惊的决定。Mrs May’s record in government hints at her aptitude for the task. The longest-serving home secretary for 50 years, her low-key approach to the job saw her outlast flashier and higher-profile rivals.梅的政府任职经历暗示她擅长履行此项使呀?她0年来任职最久的内政大臣,她低调的做事方法让她比那些更张扬和高调的同僚干得更久。Colleagues describe her as calm and tenacious; during the leadership contest Ken Clarke, a former chancellor, called her a “bloody difficult woman Mrs May made a virtue of it, saying: “The next person to find that out will be Jean-Claude Juncker.”同僚们形容她冷静而坚韧;在竞争保守党党魁期间,前财政大臣#8226;克拉Ken Clarke)将她称为“非常不好对付的女人”。梅巧妙地把这种评价变成自己的一项优势,她表示:“下一个发现我这一点的将是克劳#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)。”On entering Downing Street, Mrs May struck a One Nation tone reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher, who recited Francis of Assisi’s “where there is discordprayer. Mrs May pledged to govern for the many and not “the privileged few and to address Britain’s deep divisions.梅在入主唐宁街的演讲中主张“一个国家”,这让人想起了玛格丽特#8226;撒切Margaret Thatcher),后者在当选英国首相的演讲中诵读了圣方济各(Francis of Assisi)的“凡是有不和的地方”的祷文。梅誓言为多数人、而不是为“少数特权阶层”执政,并解决英国的深层次隔阂。Within hours, she had sacked George Osborne, the chancellor, who had championed austerity and greatly reduced funding for local councils, forcing deep cuts to social care and other basic services. Mrs May needs to win over the disaffected millions who chose to leave the EU as a protest and who in recent years have seen no improvement even a worsening of their prospects. Her ambition is more than political. She has a sense of social justice and altruism forged in an upbringing as the only child of an Anglican vicar in Oxfordshire. She has said of her childhood that “you didn’t think about yourself在成为英国首相的数小时内,梅辞退了财政大臣乔#8226;奥斯George Osborne)。奥斯本曾大力倡导紧缩政策,大幅削减地方议会拨款,还大力削减社会福利和其他基本务项目。梅需要争取数百万心怀不满的选民——这些人选择退欧来进行抗议,他们这几年的生活前景没有任何起色,甚至还有所恶化。她的抱负不仅仅在政治领域。作为牛津郡一位圣公会牧师的独生女儿,梅在孩童时期就树立了社会公正和为公众务的观念。她在谈及自己的孩童时期时表示,“你不考虑你自己”。Theresa Brasier was educated at state schools before studying geography at St Hugh’s College, Oxford. She met Philip May in 1976 at a university Conservative association disco: they were introduced by Benazir Bhutto, later Pakistan’s prime minister.特里#8226;布拉西Theresa Brasier)小时候在公立学校上学,后来到了牛津大学圣休学St Hughs College)攻读地理专业976年,她在学校的保守党协会迪斯科舞会上遇到了菲利普#8226;Philip May):他们是由后来担任巴基斯坦总理的贝娜齐#8226;布托(Benazir Bhutto)介绍认识的。The couple married in 1980 and both went to work in the City of London: Mrs May at the Bank of England and then the Association for Payment Clearing Services before becoming MP for Maidenhead in 1997. Mr May works at Capital Group, a US fund manager.两人980年结婚,并都前往伦敦金融城工作:梅进入英格兰(BoE),接着在付清算协会工作,随后997年成为梅登黑Maidenhead)的议员。菲利普现在任职于美国基金管理公司Capital Group。The prime minister spoke recently about the couple’s sadness at not having children. This became an issue during the leadership race when her rival Andrea Leadsom suggested that being a mother made her a better candidate, then apologised before dropping out.梅最近谈到他们的遗憾是没有孩子。在竞选保守党领导人期间,梅的竞争对手安德里亚#8226;利德索姆(Andrea Leadsom)曾表示,身为人母让她成为一个更合适的候选人,后来利德索姆就此道歉,并退出了竞选。The implosion of Mrs Leadsom’s campaign reflects one of Mrs May’s tactics: to stand back and let rivals trip themselves up. In meetings she lets “silence fill the room tempting others to “start babbling according to one official.利德索姆的竞选出现内爆,反映了梅的战术之一:后退一步,让竞争对手自己出错。一位官员表示,她在开会时“让沉默弥漫整个房间”,让受不了静默的人先开口表态。Another aspect of her operating style is the cultivation of a wide support base. She has spent many evenings nurturing local Conservative associations. Her greatest achievement in Tory politics to date is Women2Win, a group she co-founded, which campaigns to elect more Conservative women into parliament. This has given her a powerful network of contacts under male colleaguesradar. The number of female Conservative MPs has risen from 13 when Mrs May entered parliament in 1997, to 68 in last year’s general election.她的另一个行事风格是培育广泛的持基础。她花了许多个晚上培育地方上的保守党协会。她在保守党政治中迄今取得的最大成就是与他人联合创办Women2Win,该机构主张选举更多的保守党女性进入议会。这让梅在没有引起男性同僚注意的情况下获得了强大的人脉。在1997年梅当选议员的时候,保守党有13名女性议员,到去年大选的时候该数字增长8人。Mrs May’s usually low-key approach accentuates the relish with which she tackles occasional radical moves. Her sweeping cabinet reshuffle was one such, and that ruthlessness was evident during her time at the Home Office when she took on powerful vested interests such as Britain’s police forces.梅通常行事低调,这让她偶尔的彻底做法更为引人注目。她迅速对内阁洗牌就是这样的一个例子,这种无情也体现在她执掌内政部期间,当时她与英国警察部门等强大的既得利益者展开较量。On both immigration and civil liberties, however, she has been a hawk, criticised by campaigners for policies such as ordering vans to drive around with boards warning illegal immigrants to “Go home or face arrest and introducing ambitious surveillance legislation.然而,梅在移民和公民权利领域都是鹰派人物,活动人士抨击她出台的某些政策,比如出动贴有警告非法移民“要么回家要么面临逮捕”招牌的厢式送货车在街上穿行,以及出炉雄心勃勃的监听法案。Mrs May’s self-contained personality posed a challenge when she came to build a public profile. Although the media has been accused of sexism for reporting on her clothes, she has called her fashion choices “an icebreaker an easy way of grabbing column inches without courting controversy.梅的矜持个性对打造公共形象构成挑战。尽管媒体因报道她的穿衣风格而被控性别歧视,但她将自己的时尚选择称为“破冰船”,可以轻易抢占专栏空间,而不会引起争议。The first signs of Mrs May’s calculated fashion flair were the leopard-print heels she wore at the 2002 Conservative party conference, the time she warned the Tories that they were seen as “the nasty party It made her a moderniser years before Mr Cameron popularised such thinking.首个体现梅精心策划时尚天赋的迹象是在2002年保守党大会上穿豹纹高跟鞋,当时她警告党内同僚称,他们被视为“肮脏的政党”。这让她成为保守党内的现代派,多年后卡梅伦才推动这种思路成为党内主流观念。The government has a working majority of 16, and leading lights of Mr Cameron’s government are free to make trouble on the backbenches. Many of Mrs May’s fellow Remain supporters, meanwhile, worry about the power she has handed to Brexiters. She will need to deploy her steely leadership skills to steer her government and the country through extraordinary times.本届保守党政府在议会拥有16席的多数席位,而且没有人阻止卡梅伦政府中的领先人物在后座制造麻烦。与此同时,梅的许多“留欧派”持者担心她把太多权力交给“退欧派”。她将需要利用自己坚强的领导力技巧来带领政府和国家度过非常时期。来 /201607/455307

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