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福建省立医院看产科需要多少钱福州/治疗不孕不育医院那里好Chinese conglomerate Fosun has entered the bidding war for Espírito Santo Saúde, offering 0m for the Portuguese hospital operator.中国综合企业复星(Fosun)以5.8亿美元的出价,加入到了对葡萄牙医院运营商ESS(Espírito Santo Saúde)的竞购战中。Fidelidade, the Portuguese insurer and a Fosun subsidiary, is offering 4.72 a share for the healthcare business, according to a statement to the Hong Kong stock exchange on Tuesday. The bid represents a premium of 31 per cent above the average share price over the previous six months, Fosun said. Shares in ESS closed at 4.70 in Lisbon on Monday.根据周二递交给香港交所的一份声明,葡萄牙保险公司、复星子公司Fidelidade提出以每股4.72欧元的价格收购ESS。复星表示,这一出价较过去6个月ESS的平均股价溢价31%。ESS股价周一在里斯本收于4.70欧元。ESS is 51 per cent-owned by Espírito Santo group, the troubled family company that controls Portuguese lender Banco Espírito Santo.陷入困境的家族企业Espírito Santo集团持有ESS 51%股权,这个家族企业还控股了葡萄牙Banco Espírito Santo。The offer from China’s largest privately held conglomerate trumps the previous top bid of 4.50 a share by Mexico’s Grupo Angeles. José de Mello Saúde – a local rival to ESS – has also submitted an offer for the business.复星是中国最大私人持股综合企业。它对ESS的出价超过了此前墨西哥公司Grupo Angeles每股4.50欧元的最高出价。ESS的本国竞争对手José de Mello Saúde也提出了收购报价。Fosun took control of Fidelidade, Portugal’s largest insurer, this year in a 1bn deal that signalled its intention to build a long-term international presence.复星今年斥资10亿欧元控股葡萄牙最大保险公司Fidelidade,表明它构建长期国际影响力的意图。“Fosun deals increasingly need to be thought about in terms of portfolio optimisation as opposed to thinking it is making a quick punt,” said one analyst, who linked its interest in ESS to its participation in April in a TPG-led consortium that won the bidding for US-listed Chinese hospital chain Chindex.一位分析人士表示:“复星的交易越来越追求投资组合的最优化,而不是快进快出的投机。”他认为,复星对ESS的兴趣与此前一笔交易有关——今年4月,复星曾加入由德州太平洋集团(TPG)牵头的财团,成功收购在美国上市的中国医院连锁美中互利(Chindex)。 /201409/331585福州/正规无痛人流费用 A growing number of wealthy Chinese arechoosing to live and work abroad.越来越多富有的中国人选择在外国生活和工作Almost two- thirds of Chinese with morethan 10 million yuan (.6 million) in the bank have emigrated, or are planningto, according to Hurun, a research firm that studies trends in China.大约三分之二拥有1000万元财产的中国人选择移民或者计划移民,中国的胡润研究机构调查显示The idea is less popular among the superrich. Only a third of those worth more than 100 million yuan ( million) saythey want to emigrate.在特别富有的中国人当中这一比例比较低,只有三分之一财产超过1亿人民币的中国人称想要移民And moving abroad doesn#39;t mean wealthyChinese are leaving for good -- only 15% are planning to give up theirnationality.搬到国外居住不代表有钱的中国人要永久的离开中国—只有15%的中国人计划放弃自己的国籍So where are they heading? Europe has become more popular recently, while moretraditional destinations are still proving attractive. Here are the hot spots.所以他们都要去哪儿?欧洲是最近最受欢迎的国家,而传统的一些国家也还是很受欢迎,下面是一些热点地区 /201403/280651福州/盆腔炎的治疗需要多少钱

福州/打胎费用福州/月经不调去哪家医院 A top official from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region confirmed for the first time on Tuesday that Xinjiang residents have joined the radical group Islamic State。3月10日,来自新疆维吾尔族自治区的一位高级官员首次实,新疆确有人参加极端组织“伊斯兰国”(IS)。;Some Xinjiang residents have crossed the border illegally to join IS. The group currently has a growing international influence, and Xinjiang is affected by it, too,; said Zhang Chunxian, the region#39;s top leader。新疆自治区党委书记张春贤表示:“目前确实出现了新疆人非法越境参加IS的情况。这个组织国际影响力很大,新疆也不会置身事外,也受到了影响。”;We recently broke up a terrorist cell run by those who returned from fighting with the group,; Zhang said at a news conference on the sidelines of the annual National People#39;s Congress session。张春贤在十二届全国人大[微]三次会议新疆代表团开放日上说:“最近新疆破获的一些暴恐案件中,有些人是直接参加(IS)回来的。”He said IS, which has seized large areas of eastern Syria and northern and western Iraq, is a threat to countries worldwide and joint international efforts are needed to fight it。他表示,IS已经夺取了叙利亚东部和伊拉克西部的大部分地区,对世界各国来说都是一种威胁,对抗IS需要国际社会共同合作。Xinjiang has been hit by religious extremism, leading to an increasing number of terrorist attacks in the region and elsewhere in China in recent years。近年来,新疆受到宗教极端主义侵蚀,导致当地和中国其它地区的恐怖袭击事件呈现上升态势。Last year, Chinese authorities arrested some of those attempting to cross borders illegally to join terrorist or extremist groups。去年,中国政府逮捕了一些试图非法越境参加恐怖组织或极端组织的人员。In southern Xinjiang#39;s Hotan prefecture, some people have been influenced by IS, but measures taken to eliminate religious extremism can handle the new situation, according to Eziz Musar, the prefecture#39;s commissioner。在新疆南部的和田地区,一些人已经受到IS的影响。但和田县委的Eziz Musar表示,当地已经采取措施应对新形势,以消除宗教极端主义的侵蚀毒害。Zhang said Xinjiang has been working hard to end religious extremism while dealing with inroads made by new groups, but this takes time。张春贤表示,新疆一直致力于消除宗教极端主义,抵御新组织的入侵,但这需要时间。;Xinjiang also has to pay the price when extremists fight back. The region has done a lot to ensure social stability in China,; he said。“在与极端势力的斗争中,新疆也付出了代价。为保障中国的社会稳定,新疆付出了很多。”他说。Adudulrekep Tumniaz, president of the Xinjiang Islamic Institute, said the region has more than 12 million Muslims, making up 52 percent of China#39;s Muslim population. Guiding them in the right direction and keeping them away from religious extremism is a matter of national security。新疆伊斯兰学院主席Adudulrekep Tumniaz表示,新疆地区有1200多万穆斯林,占全国穆斯林人数的52%。引领他们走向正确的方向,让他们远离宗教极端主义的威胁,是一个国家安全问题。Shohrat Zakir, the newly elected chairman of Xinjiang, said there have been terrorist activities in the region due to the international situation。新当选的新疆自治区主席雪克来提·扎克尔(Shohrat Zakir)表示,新疆地区之所以出现恐怖活动,是因为受到国际形势的影响。But there will be fewer violent terrorist attacks because authorities have been striking hard against terrorist and extremist activities in accordance with the law, he said。但他认为,政府一直在依法严厉打击恐怖活动和极端主义活动,暴恐案件只会越来越少。;The overall situation in Xinjiang is stable and controllable,; he said。“新疆社会大局处在稳定和可控的状态。”他说。He also spoke of the importance of Mandarin education in rural areas of southern Xinjiang, which have seen the most terrorist attacks in the region。他还提到了加强南疆农村地区普通话教育的重要性。而新疆的恐怖袭击事件,大都发生在南疆地区。;Many villagers in southern Xinjiang still cannot speak the national common language, which has affected their employment chances. They are also more easily manipulated if they live in closed communities,; he said。“在南疆地区,很多村民仍不会讲普通话,这影响了他们的就业机会。此外,住在闭塞社区里的他们更容易受到外部势力的操纵。”他说。 /201503/363741福州/哪家医院治疗妇科病比较好

福州/市无痛人流哪里医院好 Europeans are more pessimistic about how equal their societies actually are, while in the US people are wedded to the American dream and believe society is fairer than it really is.欧洲人对本国社会的实际平等程度更加悲观,而美国人则紧抱美国梦、他们眼中的美国社会比实际上更加平等。German research sheds new light on the political challenges involved in tax, income distribution and social fairness and raises questions in the equality debate revived by French economist Thomas Piketty.德国的一项研究为涉及税收、收入分配和社会公平的各项政治挑战带来了新的启发,在由法国经济学家托马斯#8226;皮凯蒂(Thomas Piketty)重新点燃的不公平辩论中提出了问题。The study, to be presented at Germany’s Lindau conference this week, “suggests that in the political debate on income distribution, it is often not the facts that count but [perceptions]”, said Professor Michael Hüther, director of the Cologne-based IW economic institute.德国科隆经济研究所(IW)负责人迈克尔#8226;许特(Michael Hüther)教授表示,本周将在德国林道(Lindau)会议上发表的这份研究报告“似乎表明在这场有关收入分配的政治辩论中,重要的往往不是事实,而是(印象)”。Author Judith Niehues compared actual and perceived income levels in the US and 23 EU countries, using economic data and polling of about 1,000 people in each country.研究报告的作者朱迪丝#8226;尼许斯(Judith Niehues)利用经济数据,并在每个国家对大约1000人进行调查,比较了美国和23个欧盟(EU)国家的实际收入水平和本国人认为的收入水平。She found that Europeans underestimate the proportion of middle-income earners and overestimate the proportion of the poor, commonly defined as people on incomes of 60 per cent or less of the median.她发现,欧洲人低估了中等收入者的比例,高估了穷人的比例,后者通常定义为收入达到或低于中值收入60%的人士。Only the US has a more unequal income distribution than its citizens imagined, with many more poor people.只有美国的实际收入分配情况比其国民想象的更为不平等,穷人的数量也大大超过他们认为的。In Europe, people on middle incomes are far more numerous than those at the bottom or the top of the pay ladder. So a European income-distribution chart resembles a barrel, with a bulge in the middle. But many see it as a tower standing on a broad plinth, with a small elite, a modest middle-class and a big base of low earners.在欧洲,中等收入者的数量远远超过位于收入阶梯最底端或最顶端者。因此,欧洲的收入分配呈桶形,中间部分比两头更鼓。但在许多人眼中,欧洲的收入分配为塔形,基座宽,塔尖小,中产阶层不多不少,底部有庞大的低收入人群。This is particularly true in Germany and France, where people see income distribution as far more unequal than it is. In the UK and Spain, where distribution is less equal, perceptions are more accurate.德国和法国尤其如此,这两国人眼中的本国收入分配不平等程度远远超过实际情况。在收入分配更不平等的英国和西班牙,人们的印象更为准确。More than 30 per cent of Americans have incomes of 60 per cent or less of the median. But most people think that only 24 per cent of their fellow citizens are at this level. “The middle class is truly smaller in the USA and the lower income group considerably more numerous than its citizens suppose,” says a summary of the study, which suggests this might be partly linked to social mobility in the US. People may be less focused on inequality if they think they are climbing the income ladder, explaining why pressure for redistributive taxation is lower in the US.逾30%美国人的收入刚刚达到或低于中值收入60%。但大多数美国人认为这个比例仅为24%。研究摘要称,“在美国,实际的中产阶层人数比其国民想象的更少,较低收入人群则庞大得多”。报告提出,部分原因可能是美国的社会流动性较大。如果人们认为自己在收入阶梯上的位置正在攀升,那么他们或许不会那么关注不平等,这解释了为何在美国通过征税对财富进行再分配的民意压力较低。In Europe, the gap between perception and reality is particularly wide in former communist states, with citizens convinced their countries are far less equal than they really are.在欧洲,国民的印象和实际情况差异格外大的是那些前共产党统治国家,这些国家的国民认为的不平等程度远远超过实际情况。The report adds that levels of concern about inequality tend to be greater in countries with higher levels of perceived inequality. More than half of Germans and 79 per cent of French think income differentials are too great, against about 30 per cent of Britons and Spaniards.报告补充称,在国民认为的不平等程度超过实际情况的国家,有关不平等的担忧往往更强烈。逾一半德国人、以及79%的法国人认为,本国的收入差距太大,而在英国和西班牙,持这种看法者的比例约为30%。 /201408/321905福州/那家医院做人流手术好福州/妇科阴唇整形多少钱



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