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台江区治疗痛经哪家医院最好的台江区剖腹产哪家好Though I#39;m a woman with children, I should confess that I#39;m not the target mom-er for the latest avalanche of family cookbooks, which bear titles like ;Dinner: A Love Story; or ;The Family Cooks.; This is my shortcoming: Where I ought to have a lively intellectual curiosity about food preparation, I generally have a despairing blank.虽然我是个母亲,但我必须承认自己并非《晚餐:一个爱的故事》(Dinner: A Love Story)或《家庭厨师》(The Family Cooks)最近这一大堆家庭烹饪书的目标读者。这是我的缺点:我本该对烹制食物产生强烈的求知欲,但通常我只感到绝望的木然。;Have you figured out dinner yet?; my daughter Susannah, who#39;s 5, asks me. Figure out. Not ;fix; dinner; not ;make; it. She gets that phrase from me. A vague neural itch sets in around 5 p.m. when I recognize that something must happen, and soon, involving plates and macronutrients. I do not move. Dinner preparation is all mental around these parts: I figure out who#39;s had enough protein or carbs for the day, who can bear eating the other#39;s favorite food, or whether I must figure out two meals; figure out which is more endocrinologically devastating, highly processed soy milk or not-entirely-organic lactose-free cow#39;s milk.“你想好晚饭做什么了吗?”5岁的女儿苏珊娜(Susannah)问我。“想好”。不是去“弄”也不是去“做”晚饭。她是从我这儿学会这个说法的。下午5点左右,我隐隐感到不安,觉得需要赶紧做点什么,这事跟盘子和大量营养素有关,但我没有行动。这个阶段的准备工作都是在头脑中进行:我要想清楚今天谁摄入的蛋白质或碳水化合物已经足够了,谁能忍受吃另一个人最喜欢的食物,还是说我需要搞出两道菜;我还要想清楚,从内分泌角度讲,深加工的豆浆和不完全有机的无乳糖牛奶哪个危害更大。Then comes the real intellectual heavy lifting, revisited like a private, pointless Fermat#39;s Theorem: Why is food such a big part of rearing children? Why me? And why can#39;t I just crack open a half-dozen Clif bars and keep playing with my children?然后才是真正的精神折磨,它像毫无意义的私人费马大定理一样不断纠缠我:为什么养孩子过程中要花这么多时间做吃的?为什么非得我做饭?为什么我就不能撕开几个克利夫能量棒(Clif bar)充饥,然后继续跟孩子们玩呢?Cooking! Aren#39;t we past that? In 1982, Jessica Lange as Julie, the glamorous single working mother in ;Tootsie,” became my ego-ideal when she sexily told Dustin Hoffman#39;s character that she was a ;born defroster.; Lord, how I loved that expression. Women of the #39;80s did not sweat meal prep for their little Amys and Scotts. They defrosted. They took children to diners and bars. They ordered pizza.做饭!我们不是已经不用做饭了吗?1982年,杰西卡·兰格(Jessica Lange)在《窈窕淑男》(Tootsie)中饰演的迷人单身职业母亲朱莉(Julie)成了我的偶像,她性感地对达斯汀·霍夫曼(Dustin Hoffman)饰演的角色说,自己“天生就只用解冻食物就行了”。天哪,我爱死这句话了!80年代的女性不用大汗淋漓地给小孩子做饭。她们只要解冻就行了。她们可以带孩子去小餐馆和酒吧吃饭。她们也可以点披萨外卖。That was ages ago. And I imagined that matters would only improve from there. By the time my son arrived, I vainly believed that I should be able to not just defrost food but conjure it — by means of the web or a 3-D printer or at least a game male, close at hand, whose ego had been serendipitously formed by Emeril or ;Top Chef.” But instead, to my horror, home cooking had made a hideous comeback. Noble food philosophers preached the retro virtues of slow, real food instead of the quickie, frozen stuff that had once spelled liberation to me.那都是很多年前的事了。我以为从那以后情况只会变得更好。到我儿子出生时,我还以为自己应该不仅能解冻食物,还能召唤食物——通过互联网、3D打印机,或至少通过一个尽在咫尺、心甘情愿下厨房的丈夫——艾梅里尔(Emeril)或真人秀节目“顶级大厨”(Top Chef)意外地让他以当奶爸为荣。但可怕的是,家庭烹饪卷土重来。高尚的美食哲学家们鼓吹慢慢做成的真正的食物的好处,把能快速做好的、原本让我看到解放希望的冷冻食物打入了冷宫。And worst of all, as the mother-cookbooks make painfully clear, the daily work of feeding children doesn#39;t fall to the sages. Neither does it, notably, fall to the dads, whom the cookbooks commend for having signature dishes or being grill-masters, but not for punching the clock at breakfast, lunch and dinner. No, cooking belongs, inevitably, to the moms. I#39;ve tried to find outrage among my sister mothers about this reactionary development. But here#39;s the unkindest cut: It turns out that other women — traitorously — now like to cook. They find cooking expressive and fascinating. No one but me wants to be a born defroster anymore. ;I hear you, but I like to cook,; said one feminist the last time I tried my bold association of foodism with rank misogyny.最糟糕的是,就像母亲烹饪书所明示的那样,喂养孩子的日常工作不是圣人们的责任。显然也不是爸爸们的责任,那些烹饪书鼓励爸爸们有几样拿手菜或者擅长烧烤,但是没让他们定点做早餐、午餐和晚餐。做饭必然是妈妈们的事。我想从其他妈妈那里也听到对这种后退的愤怒。但是我被非常不友好地打断了:现在其他女人居然喜欢做饭!她们觉得做饭有意义,也很有趣。只有我还想做“天生的解冻者”。上一次和一位女权主义者交谈时,我大胆尝试把食物嗜好症与可恶的厌女症联系在一起,结果她说,“我明白你的意思了,但我喜欢做饭。”;I like to cook;? What about ;I like not working and having no opinions and being everyone#39;s handmaiden;? Hasn#39;t women#39;s false consciousness about their ;preferences; always been a part of the sexist equation? Or is theirs the true 2014 consciousness — the liking to cook — and I just would have fared better in the heyday of Salisbury steak? (Dr. J. H. Salisbury, wouldn#39;t you know: Civil War-era food faddist and earliest known carb-hater.) Among my newly foodie friends, I couldn#39;t get a witness to my bewilderment. At the same time no MakerBot is going to roll in and cook for my family. I#39;m going to have to find an apron and make real food happen daily for my children, lest they be poisoned by phthalates, dextrose and heavy metals while I#39;m pretending to be Jessica Lange.“我喜欢做饭”?你怎么不说“我喜欢不工作,没有思想,当所有人的女仆”?女人对自己“偏好”的虚假意识不一直是性别歧视者理念的一部分吗?还是说喜欢做饭是她们在2014年的真实感受,而我更适合生活在索尔斯伯利牛肉饼盛行的时代(你不知道J·H·索尔斯伯利士[Dr. J. H. Salisbury]吗?他是内战时期的食疗信徒,是已知的最早憎恨碳水化合物的人)?在我新结识的美食家朋友中,没一个人理解我的困惑。与此同时,也没有3D打印机来为我的家人做饭。我必须去找个围裙,每天给孩子们烹制真正的食物,以免在我把自己假想成杰西卡·兰格时,孩子们被邻苯二甲酸盐、葡萄糖和重金属毒害。Thus we get the mother cookbooks, stuffed like Cornish hens with their whimsical anecdotes and their photos of stylish children helping to cook like cheerfully indentured galley slaves. These books do much more than prep you to opine grandly on nutritional fallacies. They bark out actual marching orders for making meals. The lively food seminar, which only demanded that I and talk, is over; the d hard labor of cooking has begun. Not only are these women (or their trusty co-authors) ace home cooks, they have also figured out dinner once and for all and are extraordinarily self-assured about their axioms. They heard the clarion call of real food a decade ago and resolved (for Empire?) to work tirelessly over hot stoves to save our sons and daughters from the packaged and the processed and the highly destructive myth of low-fat.所以我们就有了这些母亲烹饪书,里面除了康沃尔菜鸡,还有很多奇闻轶事和时髦孩子的照片,那些孩子像苦力一样快乐地帮厨。这些书不仅让你能对营养谬论侃侃而谈,它们还大声发出做饭号令。只要求我阅读和发言的活跃的美食研讨会结束了;可怕的烹饪苦役开始了。这些女人(或者她们值得信任的联合作者们)不仅是一流的家庭厨师,而且已经一劳永逸地想好了晚餐做什么,并且对自己的理念很有信心。她们在十年前听到关于真正食物的感人号召,下定决心(为了帝国?)在热炉灶旁不懈努力,使孩子们免受打包或加工食物以及非常有害的低脂神话的毒害。I find discouragement, typically, on Page 1. In the introduction to “100 Days of Real Food,” Lisa Leake calls my hasty, anxious, food-delivery way of figuring out dinner ;fall[ing] prey to; the lure of convenience. That is indeed what I feel like at dinnertime: prey. Instead of hunting down healthful, real, inconvenient food, dinner-shirkers like myself are menaced, in Leake#39;s dark vision, by such predators as restaurants, takeout, ;cans of cream of mushroom soup; and what she calls ;even the occasional frozen dinner.; That includes virtuous-enough-seeming Amy#39;s Kitchen burritos and Health Is Wealth chicken nuggets. (Die, born defrosters. Your glory days are over.)我往往是看完第一页就读不下去了。在《100天真正的食物》(100 Days of Real Food)的引言中,丽莎·利克(Lisa Leake)说我以匆忙、焦虑以及配送食物式的想法思考晚餐是在图省事。那的确是我在晚餐时间的感受:像个猎物。利克阴暗地认为,像我这样图省事的人不是在追逐健康的、不省事的、真正的食物,而是被餐馆、外卖、“罐装奶油蘑菇汤”以及她所说的“偶尔的冷冻食物晚餐”这样的猎食者吓倒了。还包括貌似健康的艾米厨房(Amy#39;s Kitchen)的墨西哥玉米卷饼以及“健康就是财富”(Health Is Wealth)的鸡块(天生解冻者,你完蛋了,你辉煌的日子结束了)。Leake outlines her own Puritan conversion narrative in which she progressed from a bleak existence, blinded and hobbled by the Standard American Diet (SAD, so sad); through faith healing at the hands of the real-food evangelist Michael Pollan; to a wholehearted embrace of organic living and her own blog-and-cookbook ministry. A version of this conversion informs several of the family cookbooks, and the story never fails to move me. I want to eat these women#39;s dinners, sure. But more than that, I covet their confidence.利克概述了自己改变美食信仰的经历:最初她被标准美国饮食(Standard American Diet,真是悲哀)蒙蔽,活得凄凄惨惨;后来在真正食物传播者迈克尔·波伦(Michael Pollan)的引导下改变了信仰;最后全心全意投入到有机生活和自己的“客加烹饪书”的事业中。有好几本家庭烹饪书都讲述了这样的转变,但这样的故事从未打动过我。我当然想吃这些女人做的晚餐,但我更多的是羡慕她们的信心。;I don#39;t think there is ONE THING MORE IMPORTANT you can do FOR YOUR KIDS THAN HAVE FAMILY DINNER,; is how Ruth Reichl, of Gourmet, is ed (italics and caps not mine) in ;The Family Dinner,; by Laurie David, with recipes by Kirstin Uhrenholdt. Pomposity of this kind abounds in Laurie David books, and ultimately the books#39; apotheosizing of home cooking is more memorable in its aggression than the somewhat meeker recipes (Easy Cheesy Dinner Frittata, Turkey Meat Loaf, Your Favorite Grilled Cheese). No one thing more important for children than family dinner? I might have put ;send them to school; or “hug them occasionally; at the top of that list.“我觉得你能给孩子们做的事情中,最重要的莫过于做一顿家庭晚餐,”劳丽·大卫(Laurie David)在《家庭晚餐》(The Family Dinner,书中的菜谱是希尔斯廷·乌伦豪尔特[Kirstin Uhrenholdt]写的)一书中这样引用《美食家》(Gourmet)的露丝·雷切尔(Ruth Reichl)的话。这样的炫耀在劳丽·大卫的书中随处可见,结果这本书对家庭烹饪的神化比其中略显平庸的菜谱(简易晚餐菜肉馅煎蛋饼、土耳其肉糕和你最喜欢的烤奶酪)更令人难忘。对孩子来说没什么比家庭晚餐更重要吗?我倒是可能会把“送孩子上学”或“偶尔拥抱他们”排在前面。Such bunk continues in ;The Family Cooks,; another production by David and Uhrenholdt, who turns out to be David#39;s private chef. (Aha, the secret to ;The Family Cooks; is . . . the family cook.) This time the book has Katie Couric laying down the law: ;The single most powerful thing anyone can do to protect their health, to live a healthy life and to have a healthy future is to go into their own kitchen and cook food themselves.; As if to blow all these superlatives away, David eventually brings in the master stylist and vegetarian-food thinker Jonathan Safran Foer for the coda to ;The Family Dinner.; Foer#39;s own ;food is everything; aria does not disappoint: ;Every meal,; he writes, ;is a chance to get it right or get it wrong, to approach or withdraw from our ideals. Does anything in our lives matter more than how we set our tables?; I tried hard to connect this question to the Easy Cheesy Dinner Frittata but couldn#39;t. I#39;m telling you: I#39;m not cut out for this.乌伦豪尔特后来成了大卫的私人厨师,她们后来又合著了《家庭厨师》(The Family Cooks,啊哈,《家庭厨师》的秘密是……家庭厨师)。这一次,大卫引用凯蒂·柯丽克(Katie Couric)的话来动员读者:“要想保持健康,过上健康的生活,拥有健康的未来,任何人能做的最有用的事就是走进厨房,自己做饭。”好像是为了避免这些极端的说法,大卫在《家庭晚餐》的结尾部分请来了文体大师、素食思想家乔纳森·萨弗兰·福尔(Jonathan Safran Foer)。福尔“食物即一切”的咏叹调没有令人失望:他写道,“每一餐都可能做好,也可能做砸;有可能更接近或更远离我们的理想。生活中还有比布置餐桌更重要的事吗?”我努力把这个问题与简易菜肉馅煎蛋饼联系在一起,但是没有成功。我告诉你吧:我不是这块料。As the high priestess of family cooking, Jenny Rosenstrach, author of ;Dinner: A Love Story; and “Dinner: The Playbook,; aims to bring about conversions in her ers and not just chronicle her own. In the opening to ;Dinner: A Love Story,; Rosenstrach recounts how a friend broke down in tears admitting that she never once cooked for her children. This is evidently not the first such overwrought disclosure with which Rosenstrach has been entrusted.《晚餐:一个爱的故事》和《晚餐:游戏手册》(Dinner: The Playbook)的作者、家庭烹饪的女祭司珍妮·罗森施特拉赫(Jenny Rosenstrach)不仅记录自己的转变,还想让她的读者们也发生转变。在《晚餐:一个爱的故事》的开头,罗森施特拉赫提到一个朋友承认自己从未给孩子们做过饭时流下了眼泪。这显然不是罗森施特拉赫听到的第一个过于伤感的倾诉故事。;No one has it all together,; Rosenstrach observes, with gentle condescension. The typical mom, she believes, too often sees dinner as ;a referendum on her own self-worth.; Alas, for me, Rosenstrach#39;s path out of guilt is not to drop the guilt but to drop the no-cooking. You must start, as her sobbing friend did, with Rosenstrach#39;s introductory absolution. Don#39;t ;put so much pressure; on yourself, she writes, elsewhere assuring the er, only slightly facetiously, that mothers who don#39;t dine nightly with their children won#39;t necessarily make them ;meth addicts.; So that possibility is out there, too.“谁都不是一下子学会的,”罗森施特拉赫带着几分优越感写道。她认为,有太多母亲视晚餐为“自我价值的全民公决”。天哪,对我来说,罗森施特拉赫的方法非但没能让我不再愧疚,反倒让我再不想做饭了。像那位哭泣的朋友一样,你得先获得罗森施特拉赫的宽恕。她写道,不要给自己“太大压力”,她还在其他地方半开玩笑地安慰读者,就算你不是每天跟孩子们共进晚餐,他们也不一定会变成“瘾君子”。也就是说,他们还是有可能变成瘾君子的。After that thin buck-up speech, you#39;re encouraged to embrace Rosenstrach#39;s strategies for cutting up onions and enlightening picky eaters, along with her recipes for Sweet Barbecue Salmon and Beluga Lentil Soup With Anchovies. That is the way out of wretchedness and into grace. Dinner: Go and Sin No More.在难以令人信的动员讲话之后,罗森施特拉赫鼓励你用她的方法切洋葱,满足挑剔的食客,尝试她的菜谱——甜味烤三文鱼和白鲟凤尾鱼扁豆汤。那就是从悲惨走向恩惠的方式。晚餐:做吧,不要再愧疚了。Figuring I wasn#39;t going to experience a spiritual revelation about the sanctity of family dinners at this late stage, I dropped the conversion-narrative books in favor of some that sound like brass-tacks science. ;Super Nutrition for Babies: The Right Way to Feed Your Baby for Optimal Health,; by Katherine Erlich, M.D., and Kelly Genzlinger, C.N.C., C.M.T.A., with a foreword by David Brownstein, M.D., author of ;Overcoming Thyroid Disorders,; seemed with all those enigmatic letters to fit the bill. As did ;Super Baby Food: Your Complete Guide to What, When and How to Feed Your Baby and Toddler,” by Ruth Yaron. (Dr. Alan Greene calls the original ;Super Baby Food; a ;monumental breakthrough.”)我知道自己不会在这么大年纪对家庭晚餐的神圣产生顿悟,所以我放弃了这些描述思想转变的书,转向一些听起来像基本科学事实的书。《婴儿超级营养:为实现婴儿最佳健康的正确喂养方法》(Super Nutrition for Babies: The Right Way to Feed Your Baby for Optimal Health)似乎具有符合条件的所有神秘字眼。这本书是医学士凯瑟琳·埃尔利赫(Katherine Erlich)和注册营养顾问、注册代谢类型顾问凯利·金兹利杰(Kelly Genzlinger)编著的,《战胜甲状腺功能紊乱》(Overcoming Thyroid Disorders)一书的作者、医学士大卫·布朗斯坦(David Brownstein)为该书撰写了前言。另外还有露丝·亚龙(Ruth Yaron)的《超级婴儿食物:喂养婴幼儿的完全指南》(Super Baby Food: Your Complete Guide to What, When and How to Feed Your Baby and Toddler,艾伦·格林[Alan Greene]士称具有原创性的《超级婴儿食物》是“不朽的突破”)。These books remind me of the extruded foodstuffs in packages festooned with the names of medical doctors that real-food ideologues now counsel against. You can really taste the research. But the books, unlike Clif bars, didn#39;t help me skip any steps. In fact, they introduced many, many new steps, including making yogurt.这些书让我想起了那些遭到排挤的盒装食品,它们上面提到的医学士如今遭到真正食物理论家的批判。但是那些研究结果你真的可以细细l你攻略。但是这些书,不像克利夫能量棒,不能帮我省去任何步骤。实际上,它们还介绍了很多很多新步骤,包括做酸奶。D.I.Y. is Ruth Yaron#39;s way. ;After years of trying to find the easiest, most effective and #39;least dishes to wash#39; method of making yogurt,; Yaron came up with a regime that involves organic soy milk enriched with calcium and vitamin D, dry milk powder, a yogurt thermometer, a ;homemade yogurt towel bag,; yogurt starter, a small sterilized glass baby-food jar, sterilized utensils and about six hours from start to finish. Another hot tip for the new mom making yogurt in her down time: Make sure you don#39;t bake b on the same day, lest the yogurt is invaded by airborne yeast particles. That#39;s interesting. When I discovered my own easy, effective and ;least dishes to wash; method of procuring yogurt — buy it — it took me only 15 minutes, with no worry about yeast invasion. Maybe I#39;m doing something right after all.露丝·亚龙的方法是自己动手做。“多年来,我一直努力寻找最简单、最有效、占用厨具最少的做酸奶的方法”,后来她想出了一个方法,需要用到有机豆奶、钙、维生素D、干奶粉、酸奶温度计、“自制酸奶毛巾袋”、酸奶发酵剂、无菌玻璃婴儿小食品罐和无菌餐具,从头到尾约需六个小时。新妈妈在休息时间做酸奶的另一个可靠小贴士是:一定不要在同一天烤面包,否则酸奶会被空气中的酵母微粒入侵。有意思。我在寻找简便、有效、占用厨具最少的获取酸奶的方法时想到的是购买,只用花15分钟时间,而且完全不用担心酵母入侵。也许我终于有一点做对了。In ;Super Nutrition for Babies,; D.I.Y. is not celebrated for its own sake. Rather it is a paranoid strategy for those who live in terror of the Toxins. The book argues that there is a war on children#39;s health going on, and that the enemy army includes pesticides, pollution, heavy metals, medications, industrial waste, chemicals, bad tap water, dyes, artificial ingredients, preservatives, sugar, refined grains, antibiotics and wrong ratios of macronutrients. As budding foot soldiers for health, mothers are taught to fear food that is Chemical, Removes body#39;s nutrients, is Addictive and Processed. CRAP, in the book#39;s scheme. Everywhere.在《婴儿超级营养》中,自己动手制作是因为考虑到其他因素。那些生活在毒素恐惧中的疑神疑鬼者用它来作为对策。那本书认为儿童健康保卫战正在进行,敌军包括杀虫剂、污染、重金属、药物、工业废料、化学制品、劣质自来水、色素、人工制剂、防腐剂、糖、细粮、抗生素以及大量营养素的错误比例。作为初出茅庐的健康卫士,母亲们被教育要小心含有化学制剂或添加剂、破坏身体营养以及经过深加工的食物。它们无处不在。;Super Nutrition; instructs ers on avoiding diabetes, optimizing immunity and reducing inflammation. There are not too many recipes here, although there are incoherent juxtapositions: Blueberry Breakfast Crepes With Raspberry Syrup, with coconut and ghee, runs up against Yorkshire Marrow Custard, which uses marrow bones and heavy cream. This is for babies, remember. Bone marrow and heavy cream for infants. It doesn#39;t ring right. But I#39;m learning to distrust my intuition. And yours, too.《婴儿超级营养》指导读者们预防糖尿病、增强免疫力、减少炎症。关于这一点书中给出的食谱不是很多,不过有些食谱与此相矛盾,比如,法式蓝莓早餐薄饼,含树莓糖浆、椰汁和酥油;约克郡骨髓蛋奶冻,里面含有骨髓和浓奶油。别忘了这是给婴儿们吃的。让婴儿吃骨髓和浓奶油。这听起来可不怎么对。但是我正学着怀疑自己的直觉以及你们的直觉。Trust no one, least of all yourself — that#39;s the takeaway from these new family cookbooks. These books don#39;t expand on Benjamin Spock#39;s great 1946 injunction to mothers to trust themselves; instead, they#39;re a brisk, homemade, garden-fresh antidote to it. Don#39;t trust hot dogs, don#39;t trust children#39;s preferences. Don#39;t trust the carb-poisoned food pyramid. Don#39;t trust vegetable-fruit mixes, because they#39;re mostly apples, and don#39;t trust apples because they#39;re the dirtiest of the ;Dirty Dozen; fruits. Everything, especially the apples, is trying to sabotage you.不要相信任何人,尤其是你自己——这就是这些新家庭烹饪书的理念。这些书没有详述本杰明·斯波克(Benjamin Spock)1946年给母亲们的伟大忠告:相信自己。相反,这些书简直像是这一忠告的解药——一剂家庭自制的、新鲜采摘的清新解药。不要相信热,不要相信小孩子喜欢吃的东西。不要相信碳水化合物含量太高的食物金字塔。不要相信蔬菜水果混合物,因为里面大多是苹果;不要相信苹果,因为它是“十二种肮脏的”水果中最肮脏的。所有这一切,特别是苹果,正在谋害你的性命。Nothing in these latest family cookbooks, with their conversion narratives, their personal-chef lifestyles, their nervous science and their strained insistence on the supremacy of family dinner has done anything to quiet my brain on the subject of why it#39;s my problem — and that of the world#39;s mothers — to make nightly sense of this ideological convulsion over food. If anything, they fuel the panic; they are the panic.这些最新家庭烹饪书——对思想转变的描述,私人大厨的生活方式,神经兮兮的科学,对家庭晚餐崇高地位的捍卫——一点也没让我的大脑平静下来,它们没有回答我的问题:为什么每天晚上为食物感到精神紧张是我的责任,是全世界母亲们的责任。它们只是让我更恐慌;它们是我的恐慌之源。The silver lining is that when they (and I) stop perseverating on food anxiety, the cookbooks — especially the ones by Rosenstrach, and also ;Bébé Gourmet,; by Jenny Carenco — feature dozens of extraordinary-sounding recipes. Carenco#39;s Baby Beef Bourguignon, with its dry ham and caramelized chestnuts, looks like a dream. And Rosenstrach, especially, never seems to go wrong: Her Buttermilk Oven-Fried Chicken lets you use highly processed, shelf-stable Kellogg#39;s Corn Flake Crumbs along with cayenne and four cups of buttermilk. Also glorious-sounding is her Pork Shoulder Ragu With Pappardelle.庆幸的是,当她们(和我)不再纠结于食物焦虑时,这些烹饪书——尤其是罗森施特拉赫的书以及珍妮·卡伦科(Jenny Carenco)的《贝贝美食家》(Bébé Gourmet)——还是提供了几十个听起来很棒的菜谱。卡伦科的婴儿勃艮第红酒炖牛肉——里面还有干火腿和焦糖栗子——看起来诱人极了。罗森施特拉赫似乎从来都不会出错:她的脱脂牛奶烤鸡肉允许你使用深加工、耐储存的氏(Kellogg#39;s)玉米片以及辣椒和四杯脱脂牛奶。她的猪肘酱宽面听起来也很好。For a time, I stopped trying to figure out dinner and just stared at the recipes, with their line breaks like poetry and the unpretentious photographs, most of which do not seem styled. Just braised pork, being pulled off the bone with a fork on a wooden cutting board. Wow, it looks so delicious. I sure wish some mother would make it for me.有一段时间,我不再努力思考做什么晚餐好,就只是盯着那些食谱,它们的换行符看起来像诗歌,里面的照片也很朴素,大多看起来不是很艺术化。我炖猪肉,在木案板上用叉子把肉从骨头上弄下来。哇唔,它看起来很美味。我当然希望有个妈妈给我做这个吃。 /201411/341288福州/哪家医院治疗霉菌阴道炎最好 晋安区治疗附件炎多少钱

福州/市妇保医院治疗妇科炎症好吗A former fitness instructor has been left confined to his sofa and unable to leave his home after developing an allergy to electricity.一位前健身教练开始对电过敏之后,被困在自家沙发上,连家门都出不了。Peter Lloyd, 42, has a severe reaction if exposed to any kind of electrical gadget – including televisions, phones, computers, wifi and CD players.42岁的彼得·劳埃德在接近任何电子器件(包括电视,电话,电脑,无线网和CD播放器)时都会有严重的反应。The condition, known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, means sufferers are sensitive to magnetic and electrical fields.这种情况被成为电磁波过敏症,意味着患者对磁场和电场敏感。It means he cannot leave his home in St Fagans, Cardiff, and any visitors must leave all electrical equipment outside.这意味着他不能离开位于卡迪夫圣费根的家,任何来访者必须把所有电子设备留在外面。Even the photographer who took these photographs was only allowed to use a disposable camera.甚至连拍这些照片的摄影师也只被允许用一台即时显影相机。Mr Lloyd,who is now unable to walk, first started showing symptoms in his twenties while living in Spain.劳埃德先生现在没法走路,他二十多岁在西班牙生活的时候开始出现病症。‘I would get a foggy feeling in the head after looking at a computer screen and had an inability to think straight.’“我看了电脑屏幕后会感觉脑袋闷闷的,没法连续思考。”‘I had difficulty talking – what I called “thought block”.’“我讲话有困难——我叫这个‘思虑堵塞’。”The former fitness instructor passes his time by ing more than 100 books a year. He also has to wash by heating water over an electric cooker.这位前健身教练在每年读100多本书中度过。他也必须用电饭锅烧的热水清洗。He said: ‘I had an early brick-type mobile phone linked to a network called GSM that affected me.’他说:“我有个很早的板砖手机连了一个叫GSM的网络,影响了我。”‘As time went on I realised it was becoming sensitised to more and different frequencies and devices.’“时间长了,我意识到自己开始对更多不同的频率和装置敏感。“‘My natural reaction was to believe I could cope, but the situation just got worse. I would get intense headaches in the front of my head.’“我的第一反应是相信自己可以对付,可情况只变得更糟。我会感到脑袋前部剧烈疼痛。”Mr Lloyd now faces eviction after his landlord discovered he was not using the electric heating.他的房东发现劳埃德先生没用电暖之后, 他现在面临被驱逐。He now faces being hospitalised if he loses his home – a nightmare scenario.如果没了家,他现在会被送进医院——噩梦一场。As a solution, Mr Lloyd hopes the council will build him a house in the woods away from electricity.一个解决方案是,劳埃德先生希望理事会能给他在森林里建座房子,远离电。Cardiff Council said it would not discuss individual cases.卡迪夫理事会说不会考虑个人情况。 /201411/341978福州/最好的流产 Guests at your typical ,250-a-plate Manhattan fund-raiser usually face no quandary more urgent than “red or white?”通常,在那种门票1250美元的曼哈顿筹款宴会上,来宾需要即刻拿的主意,往往不过是喝“红酒还是白酒”这样的问题。But when representatives of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo step onstage Tuesday to receive an award for “freedom of expression courage” at PEN American Center’s literary gala, the roughly 800 guests will face a more complicated choice: standing ovation, walkout or something in between?但周二参加美国笔会中心(PEN American Center)“文学之夜”的约八百名与会者,面对法国讽刺刊物《查理周报》(Charlie Hebdo)的代表被授予“言论自由勇气奖”(freedom of expression courage)时,需要拿的主意则更为复杂:是起身鼓掌、抽身离席、还是模棱两可?During the past week, the news that six prominent writers, including Peter Carey, Michael Ondaatje and Francine Prose, had pulled out as gala table hosts to protest what they saw as the magazine’s cultural intolerance and Islamophobia has set off an unusually intense war of words in the heart of the American literary establishment.过去一周里,包括彼得·凯里(Peter Carey)、迈克尔·翁达杰(Michael Ondaatje)、弗朗辛·普罗斯(Francine Prose)在内的六位知名作家表示,不会作为主持人出席颁奖活动,以表达自己对《查理周报》的文化狭隘和反伊斯兰倾向的不满。消息传出之后,立刻在美国文学圈的核心人物中挑起了一场激烈异常的口水战。The controversy has ricocheted across social media and op-ed pages worldwide, as partisans have traded impassioned arguments and sometimes ad hominem insults. By the weekend, more than 200 of PEN’s roughly 4,000 members — including Junot Díaz, Joyce Carol Oates, Lorrie Moore and Michael Cunningham — had signed a letter saying that the award crossed a line between “staunchly supporting expression that violates the acceptable, and enthusiastically rewarding such expression.”意见各方激烈论战,有时甚至对对手进行人身攻击。这场论战也很快蔓延至各个社交网络和世界各地报刊的版。截至上周末,在约四千名笔会成员中,已有包括胡诺特·迪亚斯(Junot Díaz)、乔伊斯·卡罗尔·欧茨(Joyce Carol Oates)、洛丽·尔(Lorrie Moore)以及迈克尔·坎宁安(Michael Cunningham)在内的逾两百人签署了联名信,表示颁发此奖是越界之举,“坚定持过分言论和积极鼓励过分言论”之间是有区别的。The debate is emotional and complex. But the battle lines are generally drawn between those who believe that PEN’s core mission includes celebrating Charlie Hebdo’s courageous perseverance after the Jan. 7 attack on its office by Muslim extremists that left 12 people dead and those who believe that the magazine’s cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad promote bigotry and reinforce the second-class status of a Muslim underclass in France.虽然争论混乱且缺乏理性,但观点大致可分为两派。一方认为《查理周报》在1月7日总部受到穆斯林极端分子袭击,12人遇袭身亡之后,对其表现出的勇敢执着给予嘉奖是美国笔会的核心使命;另一方认为该刊物有关先知默罕默德(Prophet Muhammad)的漫画让偏见升级,导致本就处于社会下层的法国穆斯林更难摆脱二等公民的现状。There has also been debate about the debate, with some seeing an example of fractious freedom of expression in action while others see a spectacle that has generated more heat than light.人们对这场论战本身也是争论不断。有人视之为引发分歧的“言论自由”被付诸实践;另一些人看到的更多是“争”而不是“论”。“With this boycott the Charlie Hebdo debate has come to embody all the limitations, and now the futility, of the freedom of expression argument vis-à-vis Muslims in particular and minorities in general,” Nesrine Malik, a Sudanese-born, London-based commentator, wrote in The Guardian.“这场对《查理周报》获奖的抵制行动引发的论战充分体现了言论自由理论对社会少数群体、尤其是穆斯林的局限性,甚至现在看来言论自由理论对这些群体是没有价值的。”出生于苏丹、现居伦敦的员内斯林·马利克(Nesrine Malik)在《卫报》(The Guardian)上写道。“We are trapped between people who see a knowing establishment prejudice against Muslims (and other ethnic or racial minorities) everywhere, and those who refuse to believe it exists,” she wrote.“一些人知道,对于穆斯林(或其他少数种族)无处不在、心照不宣的歧视由来已久;另外的一些人则拒绝相信这种歧视的存在。他们把我们夹在了中间,”她写道。The controversy revives a debate that flared up in January over whether some of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons were racist. It is drawing in new partisans, and may take on greater urgency after the shootings on Sunday in Texas, where two gunmen, one of whom the F.B.I. had previously investigated for links to Islamic terrorism, attacked a conference organized by an anti-Islam group that included a Muhammad cartoon contest.此次论战重燃了今年一月对于《查理周报》漫画是否种族歧视的讨论。周日的德克萨斯州击案后,这一讨论也许更显重要,吸引更多人关注。周日,两名持者袭击了一个反伊斯兰组织的集会,集会活动包括了一个默罕默德漫画比赛。其中一名袭击者因涉嫌与伊斯兰恐怖组织相关,曾受到联邦调查局(FBI)调查。To some, the bigoted nature of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons is clear. “It’s a racist publication,” Ms. Prose, a former president of PEN, told The Nation last week. “Let’s not beat about the bush.”对于部分人来说,《查理周报》的狭隘和偏执显而易见。“它就是份种族歧视刊物,”笔会的前主席普罗斯女士上周对美国《国家》杂志(The Nation)说,“这点我们不用拐弯抹角。”The writer Luc Sante, who also signed the letter of protest, said that while the work of Georges Wolinski, one of the cartoonists killed in the attack, “was humane and large-spirited,” some of Charlie Hedbo’s contributors trafficked in “sophomoric troll humor.”作家卢克·桑特(Luc Sante)也签署了联名抗议信。虽然他评价遇袭身亡的漫画家之一乔治·沃林斯基(Georges Wolinski)的作品“充满人性、非常大度”,但认为部分《查理周报》供稿人传播的却是“不成熟的挑衅式幽默”。“The fact alone that black and Arab people are offended by the way they were depicted — leaving religion to the side — should have made PEN think before celebrating Charlie Hebdo,” Mr. Sante said in an email.“即便撇开宗教不谈,许多黑人和阿拉伯人对那些描绘自己的漫画感到愤怒,仅仅因为这一点,笔会就应该在赞颂《查理周报》前仔细斟酌。”桑特先生在电子邮件中写道。Defenders of the award counter that such arguments overlook the full scope and context of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons. They point to websites like Understanding Charlie Hebdo Cartoons, which offers detailed analysis of some of the magazine’s ruder images, or to a study published in Le Monde in February stating that, contrary to the notion that the publication focused obsessively on Islam, fewer than 2 percent of the magazine’s covers between 2005 and 2015 primarily mocked Islam.该奖的辩护者反驳称,那样的观点未能全面地看待《查理周报》漫画的语境。他们指出像“了解查理周报漫画”这样的网站提供了对于该杂志部分较为粗糙的图片的详细分析, 或是一项二月份发表在法国《世界报》(Le Monde)上的研究。该研究显示,和《查理周报》过分专注于穆斯林的观念正好相反的是,在2005年至2015年之间不到百分之二的杂志封面主要嘲笑了穆斯林。The conversation about Charlie Hebdo in France has indeed been different from those in the ed States. There, the magazine is widely seen as a leftist, anti-establishment irritant and champion of the underdog, carrying on a long French tradition of scabrous satire. The former President Nicolas Sarkozy was a particularly despised target, and the magazine has been unsparing in its evisceration of the right-wing, anti-immigrant National Front.在法国,当人们谈论到《查理周报》时,态度的确明显与在美国不同。在那里,它被普遍看成是一份左翼、反建制的刺激刊物,为弱者代言,传承着法国悠久的粗俗式讽刺传统。前总统尼古拉·萨科奇(Nicolas Sarkozy) 就是常被其鄙视的目标。而且,该刊物还一直不遗余力地对反移民的右翼政党国民阵线(National Front) 大加挖苦。In an interview last week with the French magazine Les Inrocks, Rénald Luzier, the cartoonist who works under the name Luz and drew the cover image of Mohammed for the first issue after the attacks, said Charlie Hebdo’s creed was not hatred but “a joyful atheism.”在上周,雷纳德·鲁西尔(Rénald Luzier)接受了法国杂志《Les Inroks》的采访。这位以鲁兹(Luz)为笔名并在袭击后的那期刊物中画了穆罕默德的封面画像的漫画家,当时声称《查理周报》的信条不是仇恨,而是“令人欢喜的无神论.”Still, as the shock of the attacks has begun to fade, the French debate has broadened, and some prominent intellectuals have questioned what lies beneath the “I Am Charlie” slogan.尽管如此,随着袭击带来的震惊开始减退,法国进行了更广泛的辩论,一些重要的知识分子开始质疑“我是查理”标语下掩藏的真实面孔。In an interview about his new book, “Who Is Charlie?,” to be released in France on Thursday, the center-left historian and demographer Emmanuel Todd described the Jan. 11 demonstrations that brought millions to the streets of Paris and other French cities in support of the magazine as “a sham.” The march, he argued, purported to unite all of France but in fact brought together an urban, historically atheist elite and a rural, Roman Catholic, traditionally anti-republican demographic, but not the Muslim underclass.在一次对他的即将于周四在法国发行的新书《谁是查理》的采访中,左翼历史学家和人口学家艾曼纽·托德(Emmanuel Todd)把1月11日那场声援《查理周报》的游行描述成“一场骗局”。那场示威活动聚集了巴黎和其他法国城市的数百万人。他说,他们声称要团结全法国,但其实只团结了都市中那些传统上秉持无神论的精英和乡村的那些传统上反共和的罗马天主教徒,而不包括底层社会的穆斯林。“For the first time in my life, I wasn’t proud to be French,” Mr. Todd said in a cover interview this week with the magazine L’Obs. “When four million people come together to say that caricaturing the religion of others is an absolute right — and even a duty! — and when these others are the weakest members of society, one is perfectly free to say that we’re fine, we’re in the right, that this is a great country. But that is not the case.”“我有生第一次不以我是法国人而骄傲,”托德在本周的一次《新观察家》(L’Obs)的封面采访中说。“当四百万人聚到一起说以漫画讽刺其他人的宗教是绝对的权力,甚至是责任,并且当这些其他人是社会最弱势群体时,一个人可以自由地说我们挺好,我们没错,这是一个伟大的国家。但事实并非如此。The real threat to France, he said, isn’t Muslims but “this crazy new religion I call ‘radical secularism.’ ”对法国的真正威胁,他说,不是穆斯林们,而是“这个我称为‘极端世俗主义’的新宗教。”Some of the writers protesting the PEN award say that acknowledgment of this aspect of the French context has been missing from the American conversation.一些抗议笔会授奖的作家声称,在美国的相关讨论中,对法国这方面情况的承认无迹可寻。The novelist Rachel Kushner, one of the six hosts who withdrew, said that the award could be intended to honor free speech, but actually reinforced a cultural and legal order that limits the free expression of religious beliefs — for example, by banning head scarves in schools.小说家蕾切尔·库什纳(Rachel Kushner)是撤出晚会的六位主持人之一,她说该奖本来是用来奖励言论自由的,但事实上却强化了一个限制宗教信仰自由表达的文化和法律秩序——比如说,禁止在学校戴面纱。The defense of Charlie Hebdo “is always on secularist grounds,” Ms. Kushner said in an email. “But some in France — the very same marginalized sector of society who see themselves as targeted by some of Hebdo’s covers — are targeted by laws that enforce secularism.”对《查理周报》的维护“总是以世俗主义为基础的”,库什纳女士在一封邮件中说。“但是在法国的一些人——那些被社会边缘化的人,觉得自己成了《查理周报》封面的打击对象的人——成为了执行世俗主义的法律的打击对象。” /201505/373929浦城县中医院可以做引产吗

闽清县做产前检查哪家医院最好的 Striding behind each other on Downing Street, poised and confident, Malia, 16, and Sasha Obama, 14, seem to be the epitome of well brought up young ladies.16岁的玛利亚和14岁的萨沙一前一后走在唐宁街,淡定而自信的两人看上去就像是知书识礼的年轻淑女典范。Cutting elegant figures in vibrant attire, the First Daughters of the ed States have certainly blossomed since their last visit to the UK in 2013.两位美国“第一千金”优雅的身姿和充满生气的着装相得益彰,比起2013年访问英国时明显更加成熟。Almost overtaking their mother and First Lady Michelle Obama#39;s towering 5ft 11 frame, the pair have matured sartorially, ditching hoodies and jumpers for feminine dresses.两人现在已经几乎有妈妈米歇尔5英尺11英寸的身高(约1.8米),着装上也抛弃了卫衣针织套衫,而选择了更女性化的饰。During their unscheduled two-day visit to Ireland in 2013, both were seen sporting jeans, T-shirts and shapeless jumpers and hooded tops, as well as clunky trainers.2013年她们在计划外的两天爱尔兰访问行程中,都穿着运动牛仔裤、T恤、没有剪裁的套衫、连帽上衣和笨重的运动鞋。As they were on their holidays at the time the girls seemed less interested in making fashion statements, as they were with trawling idyllic Irish sights, including Glendalough, in Co Wicklow, and the Coastal village of Dalkey.那时候两人正在度假,似乎对体现自己的时尚主张没这么大兴趣。她们穿行在田园般的爱尔兰风景中,拜访了威克洛郡的格兰达洛、海滨小村达尔基。But today the wardrobe transformation in just two years was evident.而仅仅两年后的今天,两人的衣着变化是如此明显。With her hair in groomed waves, oldest daughter Malia sported a sleeveless fuchsia lace dress with a scalloped hem and classic black pumps.长女玛利亚一袭卷发,身着紫红色的无袖扇形裙边蕾丝连衣裙,配以经典的黑色舞鞋。Younger sister Sasha sported a stylish turquoise dress with box pleats and dainty nude pumps, while clutching a matching cardigan.小女儿萨沙则身穿时尚的青绿色箱形褶裥连衣裙,配上一双考究的裸色舞鞋,手里还拿着一件配套的开衫。This remarkable style overhaul was also noted as the two First Daughters alighted the plane at Stansted Airport this week.本周两人在斯坦斯特机场下飞机时,我们就注意到了她们着装风格上的这种变化。The pair opted for stylish yet elegant shift dresses, Malia in a fun sunflower print and Sasha in a monochrome polka dot number, hair scraped back in a sleek ballerina bun.两人都选择了时尚而优雅的宽松直筒连衣裙,玛利亚的是向日葵印花,萨沙的是黑白圆点,还绑了芭蕾发髻。Both girls have come a long way from the wide-eyed children that they once were, often trussed up in overly mature gowns and stiff high-collared dresses. Today#39;s wardrobe choices are more fitting, whilst still feminine and smart.两个女孩都不再是从前的天真孩童了。过去她们常常穿着过于成熟的礼和僵硬的高领连衣裙。今天她们的衣着选择更加适宜、更有女性味、更整洁。Over the past few years, the emerging style of the two girls, especially self-assured 16-year-old Malia have been closely observed by the world.过去几年中,两个女孩的时尚风格渐渐成型,特别是自信的玛利亚,我们见了16岁的她形成了自己的衣品。Before and directly after Obama was elected president on November 2008, the election process called for repeated cases of formal wear and co-ordinating clothing that was much older than the two girls#39; years.2008年11月,奥巴马当选前后,两个姑娘在选举过程中一直穿着比自己年龄老气的正装,以配合选举。It wasn#39;t until 2012 when Malia had just turned 14, that her own style began to appear, with the teen opting for more age-appropriate trend-led pieces.直到2012年,玛利亚14岁时,她自己的时尚风格才开始形成,她会选择更适合自己年龄的流行饰。Clunky shoes began to be replaced by slim-fitting colourful pumps, and shapeless, old-fashioned dresses with short-sleeved skater dresses and Peter Pan collars.鲜艳修型的舞鞋取代了笨重的运动鞋,小圆领短袖溜冰裙取代了没有剪裁的过时连衣裙。Navy blazers were layered on top of cotton shorts, and witnessing older sister Malia#39;s style overhaul, younger sister Sasha began to follow suit.看着玛利亚的时尚风格转变,萨沙也有样学样穿起深蓝色的运动衫和棉布短裤。Childish headbands were discarded for curly, glossy hairstyles, and she too began to sport colourful skater skirts, vibrant shell-tops and fashionably retro Mary-Jane shoes.萨沙也不再佩戴儿童发带,而选择了有光泽的卷发,搭配鲜艳的溜冰裙、动感的无袖上衣和时髦的复古娃娃鞋。 /201506/381675福州/做药流大概一共多少钱福州/最好人流多少钱




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