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Museums From Boston to Los Angeles, from New York City to Chicago to Dallas, museums are either planning, building, or wrapping up wholesale expansion programs. These programs aly have radically altered facades and floor plans or are expected to do so in the not-too-distant future. In New York City alone, six major institutions have sp up and out into the air space and neighborhoods around them or are preparing to do so. The reasons this confluence of activity are complex, but one factor is a consideration everywhere - space. With collections expanding, with the needs and functions of museums changing, empty space has become a very precious commodity. Probably nowhere in the country is this more true than at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which has needed additional space decades and which received its last significant facelift ten years ago. Because of the space crunch, the Art Museum has become increasingly cautious in considering acquisitions and donations of art, in some cases passing up opporties to strengthen its collections. Deaccessing - or selling off - works of art has taken on new importance because of the museum's space problems. And increasingly, curators have been ced to juggle gallery space, rotating one masterpiece into public view while another is sent to storage. Despite the clear need additional gallery and storage space, however," the museum has no plan, no plan to break out of its envelope in the next fifteen years," according to Philadelphia Museum of Art's president. 1人生的完整性在于知道如何面对缺陷,如何勇敢地摒弃不现实的幻想而又不以此为缺憾Once a circle missed a wedge. The circle wanted to be whole, so it went around looking its missing piece. But because it was incomplete and theree could roll only very slowly, it admired the flowers along the way. It chatted with worms. It enjoyed the sunshine. It found lots of different pieces, but none of them fit. So it left them all by the side of the road and kept on searching. Then one day the circle found a piece that fit perfectly. It was so happy. Now it could be whole, with nothing missing. It incorporated the missing piece into itself and began to roll. Now that it was a perfect circle, it could roll very fast, too fast to notice flowers or talk to the worms. When it realized how different the world seemed when it rolled so quickly, it stopped, left its found piece by the side of the road and rolled slowly away.There is a wholeness about the person who has come to terms with his limitations, who has been brave enough to let go of his unrealistic dreams and not feel like a failure doing so. There is a wholeness about the man or woman who has learned that he or she is strong enough to go through a tragedy and survive, she can lose someone and still feel like a complete person. 70英语口语用餐时:饭桌上 -- :6: 来源: 在外用餐时 饭桌上我有点饿了Im kind of hungry.Im kind of hungry. How about you? (我有点儿饿了,你呢?)Yeah, it lunch time. (是的,到了吃午饭的时候了)Im getting hungry. (我已经饿了)我都快饿死了Im starving. *starve是动词,表示“饿得不得了”Im very hungry.Im extremely hungry.I could eat a horse. *直译是“我能吃下一匹马”表示饿的程度,“非常地饿”我渴了Im thirsty.闻着真香It smells good.It smells nice.我在节食Im on a diet.Im on a diet. (我在节食呢)How it going so far? (现在感觉怎么样?)看上去真好吃!This looks great! *看到食物,说“好像很好吃”This looks good!This looks delicious!My mouth is watering. (我都要流口水了!)This smells great! *用于闻着味道,说“很香”时看上去都好吃They all look good.They all look so delicious, dont they?They both look great. *以上两个例句是就3个以上的东西或饭菜所说这一句只限于说个东西或饭菜我可以吃这个吗?Can I eat this?Is this edible?你不能吃这个You cant eat that.It inedible.这个好吃吗?Is this delicious?Does this taste good?好吃It good.How is it? (怎么样?)It good. (很好吃)Good.It delicious.Delicious!Yum-yum! *比较随便的说法Umm! *比较随便的说法Mmm! *比较随便的说法Yummy! *女性和孩子们常用不好吃It not good.It doesnt taste good.味道很怪This tastes strange.This tastes funny. *funny “怪的,奇妙的”This tastes weird. *weird “不可思议的,奇怪的”我什么都能吃I eat anything.I can eat anything.别吃太多Dont overeat.Dont eat too much.Dont eat so much.他真能吃He a big eater.我什么都不想吃I dont feel like eating anything. *fell like … ing “产生想要(饮食等)的感觉”我是海量I drink like a fish.我酒量小I get drunk easily. 3 口语 用餐

常用英语900句:可能发生的事 Things That Might Have Haened -01-7 :: 来源: Things That Might Have Happened 可能发生的事676. I would have had a much better holiday if I had stayed at home.我要是呆在家里的话,假期会好过的多677. What have you been doing since I saw you last time?自从我上次见到你以后你都在干什么?678. If I had got enough money yesterday, I would have bought thattape.如果我昨天钱够的话,我就买了那盒磁带了679. Looking back on it, I think I shouldn't have given up thecontest so easily.回过头来看,我想我不应该如此轻易的放弃那次比赛680. Had I taken a taxi, I wouldn't have been late. 如果我打的去的话就不会迟到了681. Even if you take the exam again, you won't pass it.就算再考一次你也通不过68. Even if you had given him much more money, he might not havepaid off the debt.就算你给了他更多的钱,他也还不清债务683. What would you have done if you hadn't gone out a picnicyesterday?如果你昨天没有出去野餐的话你会干什么?68. I wish I had told him the truth. 我真希望我把真相告诉了他685. I wish you hadn't cheated me. 我希望你没有欺骗我686. If it had been fine, we would have gone to the park.如果天气好的话,我们就去公园了687. Would he have seen you if you hadn't waved to him?如果你没有朝他挥手,他能看见你吗?688. You should have studied much harder. 你本应该更努力的学习689. I had thought about arguing with the teacher about that, but Ididn't have enough courage. 我本想和老师争论那个问题,但我没有足够的勇气690. I had thought about living with my grandparents when my parentswent abroad last year. 当我的父母去年出国的时候,我本想和我的祖父母住在一起 英语 可能 发生 常用

"How delicious is the winning of a kiss at love's beginning."  -Thomas Campbell“爱恋初始时的所期盼的吻是如此之甜蜜”"The definition of a beautiful woman is one who loves me."  -Sloan Wilson “我眼中美人的定义就是那个爱我的女人”I have feelings of love the guy I see.Does he love me too, what does he think of me?I wish I could tell him he makes me whole, but I'm afraid to say what's deep in my soul.I don't want to lose him, I would be alone,and some days I just can't wait to hear his voice on the phone.He does certain things to make me feel loved,some days he wants to be alone and my heart is shoved.I want to feel as though I am his safeguard,the one he can come to when things get hard.I will always be there to help him along,and bee we met I wasn't as strong.I wish I could tell him what I feel inside,but I'm afraid of what he'll say, how he'll act on the outside. 93

口语脱口而出句 -- :9:9 来源: 1. What do you want your birthday?你过生日想要什么礼物?. This is your share.这是你的那份3. Here you have it.请收下. Make a silent wish.默默地许个愿吧5. Have you given any thought to your future?你有没有为将来打算过?6. It made me look like a duck in the water.它让我如鱼得水7. I will make it up to you,I promise.我发誓我会补偿你的8. When the world turn its back to you,you turn your back on the world.如果这个世界对你不理不睬,你也可以这样对它9. All life is a game of luck.生活本来就靠运气. Would you help me set the table?你能帮我准备餐桌?. What do you want the dinner?晚饭吃什么?. How soon can you get it y?你还要多久才能准备好?. Would you help me correct my pronunciation?你能帮我校正发音吗?. Why don’t you take a nap?你干嘛不睡午觉?. Don’t let the opporty slip.别错过机会. Can you baby-sit tonight?今晚你能帮我照看一下孩子吗?. What will you call the baby?你们将给孩子取什么名字?18. Will you change the baby’s diaper?你能给孩子换块尿布吗?19. Did you feed the baby milk?你喂孩子牛奶了吗?. I have been getful lately.最近我总是丢三落四 口语 your 孩子 baby

地道美语教程:American English -- ::1 来源: 1. Are you alone?你是一个人来吗?各位有没有这样的经验, 把一句话直接从中文翻成英文结果怎么听也不顺, 后来听老美一说, 才恍然大悟, 原来这么简单啊? 我自己就常有这样的感觉. 像这句话, 我自己的直觉反应会说成: Are you only one person? 或是 Do you come here by yourself? 其实老美简简单单用 alone 一个字就可以代表你好几个字.!所以如果你去参加一个舞会, 看到你想邀舞的对象, 最好先问一声 Are you alone? 免得到时候怎么被人扁了都不知道. 另外你去买票, 售票员问你是不是只买一张票, 有时他也会问 Are you alone?. No, I lost my buddies!我找不到我的朋友了!这是另一个很容易说成 Chinese English 的句子, 如果你说 I can't find my friend, 我想老外也是听的懂, 只不过听来就没那么顺就是了! buddy 指的就是好朋友. 所以你可以说 I lost my friends.lost 这个动词可能大家不太会用, 除了丢掉以外, 还有不少用法, 例如我迷糊了, 可以说 I am lost, 或是像有时我们把汤匙滑到碗里, 这个动词也可以用 lost, 例如 I lost my spoon in the bowl.3. Are you guys OK?你们都还好吧?通常你去别人家里玩, 主人有时看你太无聊就会走过来问你, Are you guys OK? 或是你去餐厅用餐时侍者也常会走过来过你, Are you guys OK? 当然这就只是一种礼貌性地询问, 看看你有没有需要些什么东西.在美国他们常把 you guys 连用. 即使是对方是有男有女或是全部都是女的, 也可以这样说, 加上 guys 似乎只是让句子更顺畅, 并没有其它的含意. 再造一句, Do you guys want to go with us? 有没有加 guys 都是一样的, 另外值得一提的是, 这种说法一般认为是北方的说法, 在南方有另一种说法, you'll you all. 例如他们会说, How are you'll doing. (这个 you'll 不是未来式, 而是 you all) 但是其实我觉得 you guys 还是比较普遍.. I heard the nature's call.我听到自然的呼唤.举凡各种生理上的反应我们都可以称它是 nature's call, 如想上卫生间, 肚子饿, 或是看到美女, 你都可以自嘲, I heard the nature's call. 所以端视不同的情况而有不同的意思. 但是一般情况下比较常用的还是指上卫生间比较多. 一般人不会讲很长一串 I heard the narture's call, 他们大多就只说, nature's calling! 那你多半就知道他想去上卫生间了.5. Can you be more specific?能不能再明确一些?如果有人说 I heard the nature's call, 可是你并不是很清楚对方指的是哪一点, 你就可以这么说, Can you be more specific? 就是希望对方讲得再明确一点. 又或者是人家跟你约今晚吃饭, 可是没说时间地点, 你也可以这样问, Can you be a little bit more specific? 就是请对方详细说明一下时间, 地点, 或是晚饭之后要作什么活动之类的.另外一些类似的讲法, 例如听不太懂时对方所指为何是你可以直接问 What do you mean? 若是去吃饭的那个例子, 你也可以说 Can you tell me more details?6. Everybody picks up whatever you want.每个人拿任何你们想要的东西.在老美家吃饭, 一般都是 buffet 的型式, 一人一个盘子, 要吃什么自己拿. 所以开动了, 主人就会说, Everybody picks up whatever you want. 个人感觉, whatever 一般我们都不太会用, 其实 whatever 就相当于 "随便什么都可以" 的意思. 还有这里他们用 pick up 这个动词我觉得也值得学一学.7. I bought a cake about this big!我买了一个蛋糕大约有这么大.讲这句话的时候记得要跟手势一起用, 所以如果不会形容一个东西有多大, 就把这句拿来变化一下就可以了! 因为在中文里要形容一个蛋糕有多大, 你可以说我买了一个几寸的蛋糕别人立刻就懂了, 但是美国的蛋糕都是长方形的, 再加上他们都是用英寸, 所以你要一边想英文还要一边作单位换算! 这简直就是 mission impossible 说. 所以有时老美自己也用比的比较快! 像那天他们买了一个蛋糕一个黑人就说, I bought a cake about this big! 或是可以说 I bought a cake like this big.除了 big 之外你也可以换成其它形容词, 例如, I have a brother about this tall. 这样不也就蒙混过关了吗? 不过这句话有一个缺点, 就是讲电话时不能用, 因为讲电话时不能比动作, 比了对方也看不到. 8. He dances like an animal他跳舞跳很疯狂.老美喜欢把爱跳舞的人说是 dance like animals 喜欢开 party 的人称作 party animals. 大概是因为这些人精力充沛, 像是动物一样. 记得有一次老美就对我说, Come out with us, you party animal! 听来很有意思吧!我觉得老美是很喜欢跳舞的, 每到周末, Bar 里面就挤满了跳舞的人潮. 明明里面空气很污浊, 空间又很挤, 大家还是拼命要往里头挤. 不过跳舞的人虽多, 要被人家说成跳舞像动物, 非要精力充沛, 跳起舞来一点儿也不累才行. 记得上次 Swing Dancing Party 就有人跟我说 You dances like an animal! 可见我跳起舞来也是蛮疯狂的. 9. Do you have a good time today?今天玩的高兴吗?几乎每次我和老美出去, 他们回家前几乎都一定会问这句, Do you have a good time today? 就怕你今天玩的不高兴. 当然礼貌上不论好不好玩, 我都会说, Yes, I really have a great time today. 这样就可算是宾主尽欢了.. I'll walk you out.我带你出去.上次跟他们一起玩, 我说我要回家了, 我朋友就跟我说, I'll walk you out. 也就是我送你出去的意思. 不过有趣的一点是, 美国溜也用 walk 这个动词, 例如我去溜我的英文叫, I want to walk my dog. 所以 I walk you out 听来不是有点我溜你出去的意思呢? 教程 美语 地道 可以

Important Things Life Teaches UsPickup1) in the RainOne night,at 30PM,an older African America) woman was standing on the side of an Alabama highway trying to endure a lashing3) rainstorm.Her car had broken down and she desperately) needed a ride.Soaking5) wet,she decided to flag down the next car.A young white man stopped to help her--generally unheard of in those conflict-filled 1960s.The man took her to safety,helped her get assistance and put her into a taxicab.She seemed to be in a big hurry.She wrote down his address,thanked him and drove away.Seven days went by and a knock came on the man's door.To his surprise,a giant console color TV was delivered to his home.A special note was attached.It "thank you so much assisting me on the highway the other night.The rain drenched6) not only my clothes but my spirits.Then you came along.Because of you,I was able to make it to my dying husband's bedside just bee he passed away.God bless you helping me and unselfishly serving others."Sincerely,Mrs.Nat King Cole." 5

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