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‘As precious as gold ...’ That was howthen-president Hu Jintao described Caofeidian during his visit in 2006. It waspledged to be ‘the world’s first fully realised eco-city’ – yet 10 years andalmost 0bn later, only a few thousand inhabitants have moved to this land reclaimed from the sea ...时任主席Hu于2006年参观曹妃甸时曾描述说,“这里如黄金般宝贵。。。”政府曾承诺要让曹妃甸成为“世界上首个全生态城市”——然而10年过后,在投资了1000亿美元之后,这座通过围海造地建立起来的城市只有几千名居民居住。 /201409/326536With a near record- setting investment announced last week, the ride-sharing service Uber is the hottest, most valuable technology start-up on the planet. It is also one of the most controversial.上周宣布了几乎创纪录的巨额融资之后,共乘租车务Uber已成为全球最炙手可热且最具价值的科技初创公司,但与此同时,它也是最具争议性的公司之一。The company, which has been the target of protests across Europe this week, has been accused of a reckless attitude toward safety, of price-gouging its customers, of putting existing cabbies out of work and of evading regulation. And it has been called trivial. In The New Yorker last year, George Packer huffed that Uber typified Silicon Valley#39;s newfound focus on ;solving all the problems of being 20 years old, with cash on hand.;本周,欧洲各地发生了针对Uber的抗议活动,它被指罔顾安全、对顾客进行价格欺诈、令现有出租车司机失业,以及逃避监管。还有人说,它没什么价值。去年,乔治·帕克(George Packer)在《纽约客》(The New Yorker)中曾愤怒地写道,硅谷新的关注点就是,“用手头的钱来解决所有存在了20年之久的问题”,并说Uber就是一个典型。It is impossible to say whether Uber is worth the billion its investors believe it to be; like any start-up, it could fail. But for all its flaws, Uber is anything but trivial. It could well transform transportation the way Amazon has altered shopping — by using slick, user-friendly software and mountains of data to completely reshape an existing market, ultimately making many modes of urban transportation cheaper, more flexible and more widely accessible to people across the income spectrum.虽然投资者相信Uber值170亿美元,但它到底是否值这么多钱就很难说了;就像任何其他创业公司一样,Uber也有可能遭遇惨败。然而,虽然Uber有诸多缺陷,它绝不是毫无价值。就像亚马逊(Amazon)改变了零售业一样,Uber也可能改变运输业——通过设计精美、用户友好的软件以及海量数据来彻底重塑现有市场,最终使许多的城市交通模式更便宜、更灵活,更易于为不同收入阶层的人所使用。Uber could pull this off by accomplishing something that has long been seen as a pipe dream among transportation scholars: It has the potential to decrease private car ownership.Uber可以通过降低私家车保有量来实现上述愿景。交通学者长期以来一直认为这是不可能的事,但Uber有这个潜力。In its long-established markets, like San Francisco, using Uber every day is aly arguably cheaper than owning a private car. Uber says that despite dust-ups about ;surge pricing; at busy times, its cheapest service, UberX, is usually 30 percent less expensive than taxis.在Uber的成熟市场,比如旧金山,每天使用Uber可能比拥有私家车更省钱。Uber称,尽管在高峰时段“定价上浮”(surge pricing)的做法引发了一些争议,但公司最便宜的务Uber X通常比出租车便宜30%。Now that Uber, Lyft and other rivals are embroiled in a vicious match for dominance across the globe, ride-sharing prices over all are sure to plummet. The competition is likely to result in more areas of the country in which ride-sharing becomes both cheaper and more convenient than owning a car, a shift that could profoundly alter how people navigate American cities.由于Uber、Lyft以及其他同类公司都卷入了旨在占领全球市场的恶性竞争,共乘租车务的价格必将暴跌。这种竞争可能导致的结果是,在美国越来越多地方,使用共乘租车务比拥有私家车更节约、更方便,这一转变可能会为美国城市人的出行方式带来深远的改变。Over the next few years, if Uber and other such services do reduce the need for private vehicle ownership, they could help lower the cost of living in urban areas, reduce the environmental toll exacted by privately owned automobiles (like the emissions we spew while cruising for parking), and reallocate space now being wasted on parking lots to more valuable uses, like housing.未来几年,如果Uber和其它此类务能成功降低私家车需求,将有助于降低市区的生活成本,降低私家车对环境的影响 (例如寻找车位时所排放的废气),并把目前浪费在停车上的空间用在更有价值的地方,比如建设住房。Paradoxically, some experts say, the increased use of ride-sharing services could also spawn renewed interest in and funding for public transportation, because people generally use taxis in conjunction with many other forms of transportation.矛盾的是,一些专家说,更多地使用共乘租车务会带来对公共交通的新需求以及更多针对公交领域的投资,因为人们在使用出租车的同时,会搭配使用许多其他交通工具。In other words, if Uber and its ride-sharing competitors succeed, it wouldn#39;t be a stretch to see many small and midsize cities become transportation nirvanas on the order of Manhattan — places where forgoing car ownership isn#39;t just an outré lifestyle choice, but the preferred way to live.换言之,如果Uber这类共乘租车务取得了成功,很多中小城市将可能达到曼哈顿那样的理想交通状况——在这些地方,放弃私家车不光是一种特立独行的生活方式,也是人们青睐的生活方式。;In many cities and even suburbs, it#39;s becoming much easier to organize your life car-free or car-lite,; said David A. King, an assistant professor of urban planning at Columbia University who studies technology and transportation. By car-lite, Dr. King means that instead of having one car for every driver, households can increasingly get by with owning just a single vehicle, thanks in part to tech-enabled services like Uber.“在很多城市甚至是郊区,在没有汽车或少用汽车的条件下安排生活正变得越来越容易。”戴维·A·金(David A. King)说。金是哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)城市规划的助理教授,专门研究科技和运输。金士说,所谓减少用车意味着,一家人可以越来越依靠一辆汽车应付日常所需,而不是每人拥有一辆汽车,这一定程度上要感谢像Uber这样的科技务。Transportation scholars are just beginning to study whether the ride-sharing industry will encourage us to give up our cars, but results from some related studies look promising.运输方面的学者对共乘租车行业是否会鼓励人们摒弃私家车的研究才刚刚起步,但一些相关研究似乎前景乐观。Susan Shaheen, the co-director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, has found that car-sharing services like Zipcar and bike-sharing services have aly led to a significant net reduction of car ownership among users. While she is beginning a study into whether Uber-like services have the same effect, she said it was plausible to guess that they would also reduce levels of car ownership.苏珊·沙欣(Susan Shaheen)是加州大学伯克利分校( University of California, Berkeley)交通可持续性研究中心的主任,她发现热布卡(Zipcar)等汽车共享务以及一些单车共享务已经导致用户私家车拥有率出现了明显下降。苏珊现在开始研究像Uber这样的共乘租车务是否会有同样的效果,她说,估计这类务也会降低私家车的拥有率。;I#39;ve been studying this area for about 17 years, and what we#39;re seeing now is a ubiquity of mobile devices that is really altering this industry,; she said.“我研究这个领域差不多17年了,现在我们可以看到,移动设备的普及确实在改变着这个行业。”她说。To see why Uber and its ilk could prompt many of us to give up our cars, it helps to understand the role that taxis play in urban transport. Taxis and other car services are usually seen as the province of the rich, but that#39;s only partly true, studies show.要理解Uber等务为何会促使很多人摒弃私家车,首先要弄清楚出租车在城市交通中的作用。出租车和其它汽车务通常被视为富人的象征,但研究显示并非完全如此。The richest Americans do use taxis more often than middle-class Americans, but so do the poorest Americans, who rely heavily on taxis for trips that aren#39;t practical through public transportation — shopping trips that involve heavy parcels that wouldn#39;t be convenient to take on the bus, say, or a ride back home after a medical procedure.在美国,最富有的人确实比中产阶级更经常乘坐出租车,但最贫穷的人也是如此。在乘搭公共交通工具不太现实的情况下,他们会严重依赖出租车。比如说,购物后有很多很重的东西都不方便带上公车;此外,手术后也需要乘坐出租车回家。And though you may think of taxis as a competitor to subways and buses, several studies have found just the opposite.虽然你可能视出租车为地铁和公交车的竞争对手,但多项研究却发现,情况恰好相反。In one recent study based on GPS data from New York City cabs, Dr. King and his colleagues found that many taxi trips are ;multimodal,; meaning that riders mix taxis with other forms of transportation. For instance, people from other boroughs might get to Manhattan by train, and then use cabs to return home late at night.最近在一项以纽约市出租车GPS定位数据为基础的研究中,金士(Dr. King)及同事发现,很多出租车乘客的行程中都包含了多种方式,就是说乘客在乘坐出租车的同时,还使用其他交通工具。例如,其他区的居民可能会乘火车到曼哈顿,深夜再乘出租车回家。;The one-way travel of taxis allows people to use transit, share rides and otherwise travel without a car,; the researchers wrote. ;In this way taxis act as a complement to these other modes and help discourage auto ownership and use.;“由于出租车的单程性,没有私家车的人们可以同时使用公共交通、共享乘租或其他方式出行,”研究人员写道。“这样一来,出租车就成为其他交通方式的补充,有助于降低购买及使用私家车的积极性。” /201409/327686Shares in AirAsia, the region’s largest no-frills carrier, and Rakuten, Japan’s biggest online retailer, rose on Thursday on reports that the two had agreed a joint venture to run a low-cost airline in Japan.周四,亚洲最大的廉价航空公司亚洲航空(AirAsia)与日本最大的在线零售商乐天(Rakuten)股价双双上涨,原因是此前有报道称双方已同意建立一个合资企业,在日本运营一家廉价航空公司。For Rakuten, a deal would mark its first foray into the airline business, building on its existing travel agency and extensive database of Japanese consumers acquired through its powerful ecommerce platforms.对乐天来说,该交易标志着该公司向航空业的第一次冲锋。乐天用于这次冲锋的筹码,一方面是其现有旅行社,另一方面则是通过其强大的电子商务平台获得的有关日本消费者的海量数据库。Rakuten runs a range of businesses online including a travel business that offers hotel reservations across Asia.乐天目前运营着一系列在线业务,其中包括能提供全亚洲旅馆预订的旅游业务。A tie-up between the two would be the second attempt by Tony Fernandes, the Malaysian entrepreneur who founded AirAsia, to enter Japan after the failure last year of a venture with ANA, the Japanese carrier.对于创建亚洲航空的马来西亚企业家托尼#8226;费尔南德斯(Tony Fernandes)来说,双方的合作将成为他进入日本的第二次努力。在此之前,他与日本全日空(ANA)航空公司的合资项目未能取得成功。The choice of Rakuten would also be a sign that AirAsia is turning to partnerships with businesses not directly involved in the airline industry in a bid to expand regionally, after a series of troubled ventures with other national airlines.选择与乐天合作也表明,在与其他国家级航空公司的一系列合资努力遭遇困难之后,亚洲航空正把目光转向与航空产业无直接联系的企业,企图通过与他们的合作开展区域性扩张。Both Japan’s Nikkei business daily and the online edition of Toyo Keizai magazine reported that the two had agreed a tie-up.日本《日经产业新闻》(Nikkei Business Daily)和《东洋经济》(Toyo Keizai)杂志网络版都报道说,双方已同意建立合资企业。Nikkei said in its online edition that Mr Fernandes and Hiroshi Mikitani, Rakuten’s chief executive, were set to announce plans to start operations next year, with a stake of up to one-third each in the venture.《日经产业新闻》网络版表示,费尔南德斯及乐天首席执行官三木谷浩史(Hiroshi Mikitani)将会公布该合资公司将于明年开始运营,双方各自将持有该合资公司最多三分之一的股份。Rakuten said: “There are articles in the media that Rakuten intends to invest in a certain airline company. The information was not announced by Rakuten and there are no facts to be disclosed at the present time.” AirAsia declined to comment.乐天表示:“媒体有报道称乐天打算投资于某航空公司。乐天并未公布这一消息,目前也没有任何事实要披露。”亚洲航空对此则拒绝置评。Shares in Rakuten were up 3.2 per cent at Y1313 on Thursday afternoon, while AirAsia was up 1.4 per cent at Rm2.24.周四下午乐天股价上涨3.2%至每股1313日元,而亚洲航空则上涨1.4%至每股2.24令吉。Low-cost carriers are a relatively new phenomenon in Japan but three airlines began budget operations in 2012: Jetstar Japan, a tie-up between the Australian budget airline Jetstar and JAL; Peach Aviation; and AirAsia Japan.在日本,廉价航空公司相对来说是一个新生事物。不过,2012年日本有三家航空公司启动了廉价航空业务。这三家航空公司是捷星日本(Jetstar Japan)、乐桃航空(Peach Aviation)和亚航日本(AirAsia Japan)。其中,捷星日本是由澳大利亚廉价航空公司捷星(Jetstar)和日航(JAL)成立的合资公司。而亚航日本正是亚洲航空与全日空的合资项目。ANA and AirAsia ended their attempted venture after failing to agree on pricing, routes and sales infrastructure. ANA bought AirAsia’s stake in the business and rebranded AirAsia Japan as Vanilla Air last year.由于全日空和亚洲航空在定价、航线和销售基建等问题上无法达成一致,双方终止了这一合资项目。去年,全日空买下了亚航持有的亚航日本股份,并将其改名为香草航空(Vanilla Air)。 /201406/308359

A luxury car exporter’s nearly two-year legal battle to recover a Porsche Cayenne and 0,786 seized by ed States authorities has ended with federal prosecutors in South Carolina agreeing to return the property and drop a civil forfeiture lawsuit.为了夺回被美国当局查扣的一辆保时捷卡宴(Porsche Cayenne)和120786美元(约合75万元人民币)资金,一名豪华汽车出口商打了近两年的官司。现在官司结束了,南卡罗来纳州的联邦检察官同意退还那些财产,并撤销民事罚没诉讼。The deal with the exporter, Alibek Turkayev, follows at least a dozen other similar settlements. In nine states, federal prosecutors have reached agreements with other small companies involved in buying luxury cars in the ed States and reselling them overseas, mainly in China, for a big profit.在与这位名叫阿力别克·图尔卡耶夫(Alibek Turkayev)的出口商达成妥协之前,已经发生了至少十几宗类似的和解案例。九个州的联邦检察官都与其他小公司达成了协议。这些公司为了赚取巨额利润,在美国购买豪车,再将其转卖至海外,主要是中国。In many of those cases, federal authorities in South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Ohio settled the disputes by returning all of the seized cars. In one of the bigger settlements, federal prosecutors in South Carolina agreed in January to return 57 luxury cars and hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hong Chen and his Mayrock Group, which is based in Virginia.在其中的许多案件里,南卡罗来纳、佛罗里达、乔治亚和俄亥俄州的联邦当局,同意退还所有被没收的车辆,对这些案件达成了和解。在规模较大的一宗和解案中,南卡罗来纳州的联邦检察官于今年1月同意将57辆豪车,连同数十万美元返还给陈宏(音)和他名下总部位于弗吉尼亚州的美石集团(Mayrock Group)。The wave of settlements signals a retreat by federal prosecutors in a campaign against a niche business that seeks to exploit the demand for high-end vehicles in China, where cars that typically retail for ,000 in the ed States can be resold for as much as three times that price.这一系列和解动作表明,联邦检察官打击一种偏门生意的行动偃旗息鼓了。这门生意力图利用中国国内对高端汽车的需求,在美国零售价通常为5.5万美元的汽车,在中国转手就可以卖出三倍的价钱。American export companies were reselling tens of thousands of luxury cars a year to buyers in China and other countries before federal authorities began filing the civil forfeiture lawsuits in 2013 that brought much of the activity to a halt.在联邦当局2013年开始提起民事罚没诉讼之前,美国的出口企业每年会向中国和其他国家的买家,转售数以万计的豪车。诉讼行动开始后,大部分转卖活动停止了。The crackdown was driven largely by agents with the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security, who questioned whether these small export companies were violating federal law by using straw buyers — people paid small sums to buy cars — to conceal that the vehicles were being bought by people who had no intention of keeping them and were using cash from other people to make the acquisitions. Federal authorities have argued that using straw buyers is a deceptive practice that potentially deprives American consumers of a chance to buy the luxury cars and limits the ability of automakers to keep tight control over sales to domestic dealers and to foreign countries.这场行动主要是由特勤局(Secret Service)和国土安全部(Department of Homeland Security)的特工推动的。他们怀疑,这些小型出口公司利用“稻草人买家”(straw buyers)的做法违反了联邦法律。这些被称为“稻草人买家”的代购者,付出少量资金来购置车辆,从而掩盖真实买家无意长期持有车辆,且购车资金来自他人的事实。联邦当局称,如此利用代购是一种欺诈行为,潜在地剥夺了美国消费者购买豪车的机会,而且使汽车厂商无法严格控制车辆流向国内经销商还是国外。But the Justice Department recently advised its prosecutors to be more judicious in pursuing civil forfeiture actions — and even criminal cases —against car export companies and their owners.但最近,司法部(Justice Department)建议自己的检察官,在对汽车出口公司及其老板提起民事罚没诉讼,乃至刑事诉讼的行动中,要更审慎一些。“Over the past year, we have been engaged in a comprehensive review of the asset forfeiture program, including straw-buyer luxury export cases and other aspects of the program,” said Peter Carr, a Justice Department spokesman, in an emailed statement. “As a result of this ongoing review, the department is encouraging prosecutors to pursue civil and criminal sanctions for straw-buyer fraud cases that lead to other criminal violations, such as tax fraud, identify theft fraud and the submission of false export documents.”“过去一年里,我们对资产罚没计划,包括代购豪车出口案及该计划的其他方面,进行了全面审核,”司法部发言人彼得·卡尔(Peter Carr)通过电子邮件发表声明称。“因为这项仍在进行的审核工作,司法部鼓励检察官,对构成其他刑事犯罪(如税务欺诈、身份盗窃欺诈和提交虚假出口文件)的代购诈骗案件,追究民事和刑事责任。”In practice, that means using a straw buyer alone to buy a car may not be enough evidence for government agents to seize a vehicle from an export company, said people briefed on the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity.在操作层面上,这意味着单凭利用“稻草人买家”这一点,可能不构成政府机关没收出口公司车辆的充分据,一些了解情况的人士在匿名条件下透露。Since 2013, raids by the Secret Service have resulted in hundreds of Mercedes, Land Rovers, BMWs and Porsches being seized, many of them just as they were waiting to be loaded onto cargo ships. The Porsche bought by Mr. Turkayev’s company was among 14 luxury cars seized by the Secret Service in South Carolina and in Kearny, N.J. Also frozen by the federal government were millions of dollars in proceeds from the sale of cars to overseas buyers.自2013年以来,在特勤局开展的突击搜查中,已有数百辆梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes)、路虎(Land Rover)、宝马(BMW)和保时捷被没收,其中许多车辆是在等待装运到货船上时被没收的。图尔卡耶夫的公司购买的那辆保时捷,是特勤局在南卡罗来纳州和新泽西州卡尼(Kearny)没收的14辆豪车中的一辆。联邦政府还冻结了数百万美元的资金,这些钱都是向海外买家销售车辆时取得的。Brian Leary, a Secret Service spokesman, declined to comment and referred inquiries to the Justice Department.特勤局发言人布赖恩·利里(Brian Leary)拒绝发表,并表示应询问司法部。The policy change stems from a broad review of the federal government’s asset forfeiture procedures by the Justice Department. In January, Eric H. Holder Jr., the ed States attorney general, said his office was taking steps to make sure that civil forfeiture cases were brought in such a manner “to take the profit out of crime and return assets to victims, while safeguarding civil liberties.”这种政策变动源于司法部对联邦政府资产罚没程序的广泛审查。今年1月,美国司法部长小埃里克·H·霍尔德(Eric H. Holder Jr.)表示,他的办公室正在采取行动,确保民事罚没案件在处理时,能够保“追讨犯罪活动所得的利润,将资产还给受害者,并同时保障公民自由”。Civil forfeiture is a powerful tool that prosecutors can use when pursuing cases involving money laundering, terrorism, drug dealing or other illegal activity. But it is a particularly punitive measure because the burden is often on the defendants to prove that any property and cash that are seized were obtained through lawful activities.检方在追查涉及洗钱、恐怖主义、贩毒或其他违法行为的案件时,可以利用民事罚没这种强大的手段。但这种举措有很强的惩罚性,因为通常需要被告人来明,被没收的资产和现金都是通过合法活动取得的。Lawyers for Mr. Chen, in court papers, had said the seizures forced Mayrock to “cease operations, depriving Mr. Chen of the assets necessary to support his family, to fund his legal defense and to continue to pursue his livelihood.” Mr. Turkayev said the litigation led him to postpone plans to apply to business school.陈宏的律师在法庭文件中写道,罚没举措迫使美石集团“停止运营,使陈宏失去了养家糊口、寻求法律辩护,及继续谋求生计所需的资产”。图尔卡耶夫表示,此次诉讼导致他推迟了申请商学院的计划。A year ago, objections were raised by some car exporters that federal authorities were becoming embroiled in a largely commercial dispute. The car exporters had argued that if automakers had a problem with the reselling of luxury cars overseas, then they needed to put more pressure on car dealerships to insure that a vehicle was being sold to a person for their own personal use.一年之前,一些汽车出口商提出异议,称联邦当局正在介入基本上属于商业纠纷的局面。汽车出口商辩称,如果制造商对将豪车转售至海外的行为感到不满,就需要向经销商施加更多压力,让它们确保汽车只出售给自用客户。The Justice Department’s shift also coincides with a decision by the New York State attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, and the Department of Homeland Security to put aside a joint criminal investigation into the car export business in the metropolitan area, said several people briefed on that investigation who spoke on the condition of anonymity.几名了解相关调查的匿名消息人士表示,司法部调整政策时,纽约州总检察长埃里克·T·施耐德曼(Eric T. Schneiderman)和国土安全部也决定搁置针对纽约市汽车出口企业的联合刑事调查。But not all car export forfeiture cases are being dropped or settled quickly.但并非所有汽车出口罚没案件,都会被撤诉或迅速达成和解。One of the biggest car export forfeiture cases, a lawsuit filed in November 2013 by federal prosecutors in Manhattan that involved the seizure of 48 luxury vehicles, is still active. In January, Judge Katherine Polk Failla of the Federal District Court in Manhattan rejected a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. Judge Failla, in her ruling, said prosecutors had shown sufficient evidence of an “intent to defraud” by the car export company to permit the lawsuit to continue for now.联邦检察官于2013年11月在曼哈顿提起的一宗诉讼仍未结案,在该案中有48辆豪车被没收,这是最大的汽车出口罚没案件之一。今年1月,曼哈顿联邦地区法院的法官凯瑟琳·波尔克·法伊拉(Katherine Polk Failla)否决了驳回诉讼的动议。法官法伊拉在判决书中写道,检方出具了充分的据,表明汽车出口公司“有意欺诈”,因此案件目前仍在继续审理。In some settlements, such as ones reached by federal prosecutors in New Jersey and Brooklyn, only half of the cars seized have been returned to the export companies.在一些和解案件中,比如新泽西和布鲁克林的联邦检察官达成的和解协议,只有一半被没收的汽车归还给了出口公司。Even some in the luxury car export business concede that some companies use items like fraudulent driver#39;s licenses and fake shipping documents to either conceal what they are doing or avoiding paying state taxes.甚至连豪华汽车出口公司的一些工作人员都承认,一些公司会利用伪造的驾驶执照和虚假的运输文件,掩盖他们的所作所为或逃避州税。Still, lawyers who have been defending car exporting companies praised the Justice Department’s guidance on bringing new civil forfeiture cases.但为汽车出口公司辩护的律师,对司法部有关提起新民事罚没诉讼的指导方针表达了赞许。Ely Goldin, a lawyer with Fox Rothschild in Pennsylvania who represents Mr. Turkayev and the car exporter in the New York case before Judge Failla, said many of these actions were cases of “civil forfeiture run amok” and many of the car dealerships were aware that many of the cars would be destined for sale overseas. “The dealerships were not deceived,” he said.图尔卡耶夫的代理律师、福罗律师事务所(Fox Rothschild)的埃利·戈尔丁(Ely Goldin)表示,很多举动都是“滥用民事罚没权”的行为,而且很多汽车经销商都知道,很多汽车会被运往海外销售。他说,“经销商没有受骗。”戈尔丁也是法伊拉法官在纽约审理的那宗案件中,涉案汽车出口商的辩护律师。Mr. Turkayev, who now lives in Brooklyn and goes by the name Alex, said he did nothing wrong in taking advantage of a pricing arbitrage for luxury cars. Still, he said he was not bitter.目前居住在布鲁克林的图尔卡耶夫又名亚历克斯(Alex)。他表示自己利用豪车差价套利的做法没有违法。但他表示自己没有怀恨在心。“I can see where they were coming from. They were just doing their jobs,” Mr. Turkayev said of the prosecutors and Secret Service agents involved in his case. “It has been difficult for me, but the justice system worked as it is supposed to.”“我知道他们的用意,他们只是在做本职工作,”图尔卡耶夫评价负责该案的检察官及特勤局特工时说。“这对我来说很艰难,但司法系统是在做他们应该做的事情。” /201504/368036

It is more difficult to spend money than to earn money, said Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Alibaba Group, during a commencement speech.钱太多也有会烦恼?那是一定的,起码阿里巴巴集团的CEO马云是这么想的,而且马云认为“花钱比挣钱难太多。”Ma was invited to share his insights about charity with the first batch of students who will get Master Degree of Public Welfare years later from the Peking University.据人民网报道,9月15日,马云受邀为北京大学公益管理硕士项目新生讲授开学第一课。;Entrepreneurs should use money to invest in the first place,; Ma said, ;It is no good for entrepreneurs to donate money if they do not create more jobs and fortunes in the first place.;After the massive Tianjin blasts on Aug. 12, 2015, Ma was under fire because he did not donate to the victims of the blasts.马云表示,“企业家的第一责任应该是把钱花在投资、创造更多就业和财富上,如果不先把这个做好,就把钱捐出来,反而没好处。”Netizens turned the weibo account of China#39;s second richest man into a battlefield debating charity giving after other celebrities publicized their donations.8月份,天津发生化学品爆炸,有网友在微上留言,“逼迫”马云捐款。In response to the netizens#39; questions, Ma said he was bothered when he owned more than 10 million yuan. ;I have to take depreciation of the RMB and investment into account,; Ma said, ;If one has hundreds of million yuan, one should always bear in mind that such amounts of money do not belong to oneself but to the whole society. One should do the right thing to pay off the confidence from society.;对此,马云认为,“一个人有一两百万很幸福,这是你自己的钱,有一两千万时麻烦就来了,要考虑人民币贬值、投资的问题。当你有几个亿、几十亿时候,千万记住这不是你的钱,这是社会委托你进行投资,这是对你的信任,是一种担当和责任。”China at present lacks infrastructure, legal systems and personnel nurturing system in the field of charity, said Ma in the speech.同时,马云指出,中国的慈善缺乏基础设施、法律体系和人才培养,捐款要面对很多问题。 /201509/400487

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