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2018年03月17日 14:23:06

Will robots take over the workforce? And if--or when--they do, what jobs will be left for us humans?机器人是否会成为主要劳动力?如果会的话,那么等到那一天,人类还剩什么工作可做呢?These were among the biggest workplace and management questions at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin over the weekend. Several of the panels at the sprawling tech conference focused on our future robot overlords, with many of the discussions taking a rosy view that the workforce will indeed be dominated by robots in the not-too-far future--and why that is a good thing.上周末在美国得克萨斯州奥斯汀(Austin)举行的西南偏南(South by Southwest Interactive)大会上,上述问题成了工作场所和管理方面讨论最热烈的话题。此次大会的几个座谈小组重点讨论未来机器人独霸劳动力市场的情况,很多参与讨论的人都乐观地认为,在不太遥远的未来,机器人确实会在工作场所占据主导地位,并且讨论了为何说这是件好事。Carl Bass, the chief executive of Autodesk, acknowledged that workplace automation has eliminated or reduced many manufacturing jobs, and will continue to do so in the future, leading to major shifts in the labor market. Entire industries, such as trucking, will eventually be disrupted by robotic advances like self-driving cars, he said. (Bass cited the book, #39; The Second Machine Age,#39; by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee as a source for this robot-heavy scenario.)欧特克公司(Autodesk Inc.)的首席执行长巴斯(Carl Bass)承认,工厂自动化已取缔或减少了许多制造业岗位,而且未来这一情况将会继续下去,这将导致劳动力市场发生巨大转变。他说,像货车运输这样的整个行业最终将被无人驾驶汽车等机器人技术进步所颠覆。(巴斯援引布林约尔松(Erik Brynjolfsson)和麦卡菲(Andrew McAfee)共同撰写的《第二个机器时代》(The Second Machine Age)来论他的这一设想。)But, Bass asked: #39;Are the jobs lost to automation ones that you would want for your children?#39; Few parents, he said, dreamed their kids would someday become fuel pumpers or elevator operators, jobs aly replaced by automation. In the next 30 years, Bass added, smart machines and robots will outnumber humans on the planet.但巴斯也问道,那些被自动化取代的工作是你想让孩子以后从事的职业吗?他说,几乎没有家长会希望自己的孩子有朝一日成为加油站的加油员或电梯操作员,这种工作已实现自动化。巴斯补充说,未来30年,全球智能机器和机器人的总量将超过全球人口总量。Bass presented some outlandish ideas to help societies deal with the structural changes generated by a robot-heavy workforce, including taxing economic output rather than income, or implementing a #39; negative income tax,#39; in which governments pay citizens a stipend in order to guarantee a level of income.为了帮助社会应对机器人主导劳动力市场所引发的结构性变化,巴斯提出了一些奇特的想法,例如对经济产出而非收入征税,或实施“负所得税”――即政府向公民付津贴以确保某一收入水平。#39;With our creativity and imagination, we will find harmony with the robots,#39; Bass said.巴斯说,凭借我们的创造力和想象力,我们应该能与机器人和谐相处。Meanwhile, other discussions focused on identifying jobs were likely to remain safe from robots. Heather Knight, a Carnegie Mellon roboticist who studies social interactions between humans and robots, suggested that hairdressers might be safe. But not because robots can#39;t cut hair--she said the relationship between hairdressers and their clients simply can#39;t be automated. (And, she added, some people might be wary of a robot holding a sharp blade so close to their necks, although plenty of robots aly perform delicate surgery.)与此同时,其他讨论的焦点是确认哪些工作可能不会被机器人所取代。卡内基梅隆大学(Carnegie Mellon)研究人类和机器人之间社会互动的机器人专家奈特(Heather Knight)暗示,美发师这一职业或许不会受到机器人的影响。她说,这并不是因为机器人不能剪头发,而是因为美发师和客户之间的关系无法实现自动化。她还说,虽然有很多机器人已经在为人类进行精微的外科手术,但对于机器人拿着锋利的刀片如此接近他们的脖子,一些人可能会心存戒备。Another job deemed safe? Roboticist.另一个不会受机器人影响的工作是什么?是机器人专家。 /201403/279768福州/哪家公立医院有无痛保宫人流鼓楼区私密整形多少钱福州/人工流产有哪些医院

福州/妇幼保健医院做血常规检查闽清县医院预约电话Does size still matter? Just a year ago, Google introduced its Nexus 7, a mini tablet for 9 that posed a real challenge to Apple#39;s bigger, pricier iPad. Three months later, Apple retaliated with its own small tablet, the iPad Mini, though its 9 price wasn#39;t, well, mini enough for some. 尺寸仍然重要吗?就在一年前,谷歌(Google)推出了Nexus 7。这款售价为199美元的迷你平板电脑,对苹果公司(Apple)屏幕更大、价格更高的iPad构成了真正的威胁。三个月后,苹果推出了小型平板电脑iPad Mini予以还击,虽然329美元的价格对于很多人来说并不“迷你”。 Now, a year after the introduction of the first Nexus 7, Google has unveiled a revamped version of its mini tablet with better features and a slightly bigger 9 price tag. 如今,第一代Nexus 7推出一年之后,谷歌发布了它的新版本。这款平板配备了更强大的功能,价格小幅上涨至229美元。 Starting July 30, this new Nexus 7 is available in a dozen retail outlets including Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Amazon. 这款全新的Nexus 7从7月30日开始登录各大销售平台,包括百思买(Best Buy)、沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)和亚马逊(Amazon)。 I tested it for the past week and found myself drawn to this sturdy, elegant, responsive device from a company once known primarily for its search prowess. 经过一周的测试,我发现自己深深爱上了这款坚固、优雅、反应灵敏的设备;而它的生产商过去主要是以其强大的搜索业务著称。 The most notable difference between this new Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini is screen quality: The Nexus has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 with 323 pixels per inch, and the iPad Mini#39;s screen resolution is just 1024 x 768 and 163 pixels per inch. It is also slightly lighter than its Apple rival. 新款Nexus 7和iPad Mini最大的差别在于屏幕:新款Nexus的分辨率高达1920 x 1200,每英寸323像素;而iPad Mini的屏幕分辨率仅为1024 x 768,每英寸163像素。并且Nexus 7也更为轻便。 So what#39;s not to like about the new Nexus 7? For one thing, its 7-inch screen isn#39;t as big as the nearly 8-inch iPad Mini#39;s. While an inch of difference isn#39;t remarkable, smartphone screens are growing to over 5 inches, making the Nexus 7 look more like one of those than a tablet. 那么新款Nexus 7有什么劣势呢?首先,七英寸的屏幕相比iPad Mini接近八英寸的屏幕要小一些。尽管一英寸的差异并不显著,不过很多智能手机的屏幕都已经超过五英寸了,这就让Nexus 7看起来更像一部手机而不是平板电脑。 Another drawback: In my test, the new Nexus 7#39;s battery life was underwhelming. Compared with the same battery test of the iPad Mini and first Nexus 7, it fell short at just six hours; the others clocked in at 10 hours and 27 minutes and 10 hours and 44 minutes, respectively. Google claims the battery life can last over nine hours, but the company tests it in Airplane mode (Internet connection off), with screen brightness set to 44% while playing . I keep Wi-Fi on in the background and screen brightness at 75% while playing . 其次,在我的测试中,新款Nexus 7电池的续航能力比较平庸。在相同的测试条件下,iPad Mini的电量可以维持10小时27分钟,第一代Nexus 7为10小时44分钟,而新款Nexus 7的续航时间仅有六个小时。谷歌声称其新款Nexus 7的电池可以维持超过九个小时,但它们的测试是在飞行模式(没有网络连接)、屏幕亮度44%的设置下播放视频。而我是一直开着无线网络并把亮度调到75%来播放视频的。 This new mini tablet comes in two sizes that are Wi-Fi-only: a 9 16-gigabyte model and a 9 32-gigabyte model. A version with a built-in LTE Internet connection on Verizon, ATamp;T or T-Mobile will be available in coming weeks for 9 with 32 gigabytes. Meanwhile, Apple#39;s iPad Mini is available in three flavors each of Wi-Fi-only and LTE: 16-, 32- and 64-gigabyte models ranging in price from 9 to 9. 这款全新迷你平板电脑有两种版本可选:16G的价格229美元,32G的售价269美元,均为Wi-Fi版本。而内置Verizon、AT&T或T-Mobile公司LTE 网络的型号,将会在未来的数周内推出,内存32G,售价为349美元。与之相比,苹果的iPad Mini有Wi-Fi和LTE两种型号,根据内存(16G、32G和64 G)的不同,价格从329美元至659美元不等。 The new Nexus 7 runs Android 4.3, the latest iteration of Google#39;s Jelly Bean mobile operating system. While not a major upgrade from the last Jelly Bean release in October, it does add a few new features. 新款Nexus 7的操作系统是谷歌公司“果冻豆(Jelly Bean)”操作系统的最新版本──安卓(Android) 4.3。虽然相对于去年十月发布的“果冻豆”系统并不算一次主要升级,可4.3版本仍然增添了一些新特色。 One notable extra is Restricted Profiles. Rather than simply giving you the ability to create multiple user accounts for one tablet, Restricted Profiles allow user accounts with preset restrictions on access to apps and content. I tested this by creating a Restricted Profile named #39;Pretend Kiddo#39; in Settings, Users, Add User or Profile. I then went down a list of my device#39;s apps and switched access on or off, according to what I wanted Pretend Kiddo to be able to access. Certain apps in this list clearly say #39;This app can access your accounts,#39; so you know what you#39;re turning on or off. 一个特色是“限制档案(Restricted Profiles)”。不同于单纯地在同一部平板电脑上创立多个账号,“限制档案”能够让使用者提前设置一些应用程序和内容的访问限制。为了测试这项功能,我在“设置-用户-添加用户或档案”里,创立了一个叫做“假装小孩(Pretend Kiddo)”的账号。然后我看了一遍设备上的应用程序列表,并根据我想让“假装小孩”这个账号能够登录的具体程序来设置登录限制。一些应用程序清晰标明了“这款应用程序能够登录您的账号”,因此,你可以很容易地知道究竟应该要打开还是关掉它。 Creating a Restricted Profile requires that the primary tablet owner use a lockscreen, so that other users without full access can#39;t get to everything else. In addition to limiting what the Restricted Profile can access, specific app settings, such as in-app purchases and age restrictions, can also be tweaked. 创建一个“限制档案”需要主账户使用锁屏程序,这样其他没有完整权限的用户就不能登入某些程序。除了设置“限制档案”的登录权限,个别应用程序的设置,例如程序内购买和年龄限制也可以调整。 Another new Android feature allows users to play games against friends while keeping track of their achievements using Google Play Games. This is a lot like Game Center on Apple#39;s iOS. 另外一个新的特色就是通过谷歌游戏中心(Google Play Games),用户可以和朋友们在游戏中对抗并记录成绩。这和苹果iOS系统的游戏中心(Game Center)功能类似。 The Nexus 7 also caught up to the iPad Mini in cameras: It now has a built-in rear-facing camera, unlike its predecessor, which only had a front-facing one. Both iPad Mini and new Nexus 7 cameras have the same megapixel counts: 5 megapixels on the rear-facing camera and 1.2 megapixels on the front-facing one. Neither device has a built-in flash. Nexus 7摄像功能和iPad Mini相当:它的上一代只有前置摄像头,而新款则配备了一枚后置摄像头。像素也和iPad Mini相同:500万像素后置摄像头和120万像素的前置摄像头。两种设备都没有内置闪光灯。 I snapped photos both indoors and outside in the natural light, and found the outdoor images looked better, though the inside ones were adequate. 在自然光情况下,我分别拍摄了室内和室外照片,室外照片看上去更好,但室内的也不差。 I downloaded and watched movies and TV shows on the Nexus 7, admiring its impressively sharp, colorful -- albeit smallish -- screen, which I usually kept in landscape view. Built-in surround-sound speakers placed on both ends of the tablet emulated a six-speaker system, giving it a rich tone. 我用新款Nexus 7下载并观看了电影和电视节目,对它成像清晰、色艳丽──虽然有点小──的屏幕印象深刻,我通常保持在横向视图状态。内置在平板电脑两端的环绕声扬声器模仿了六声道系统,赋予了这部机器饱满的音质。 At only 0.64 of a pound, this tablet was lightweight enough to hold for long periods without causing my arm to ache. I also found it easy to prop up on kitchen counters and coffee tables because its back and sides aren#39;t slippery. 这款平板仅重0.64磅(约合0.29千克),因此即使长时间手持这款平板电脑,我的胳膊也不会觉得酸痛。由于它背面以及四周的钝面设计,我发现把它架在厨房台面或者咖啡桌上也很方便。 Google#39;s new Nexus 7 has a lot to offer, if you#39;re looking for a tiny tablet that packs a punch. If you#39;re used to a larger tablet screen, its 7-inch screen size might bug you. But for many people, it will make on-the-go gaming, watching and ing a delightfully portable experience. 如果你想入手一台兼具诸多功能的小型平板,谷歌全新的Nexus 7能满足你的需求。可如果你用惯了大屏幕的平板电脑,可能就会不习惯Nexus 7的七英寸屏幕。但对于许多人来说,Nexus 7仍然能为游戏、观看视频以及阅读提供一个舒适便捷的体验。 /201308/251416福州/妇科医院哪个最好台江区看妇科多少钱

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