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大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为:what kind of water should people drink in order to order to be healthy?为了健康应该喝什么水?下面给大家揭晓:Well watder 井水;健康的水词汇讲解:drink v.喝;饮It is harmful to your health to drink too much.过量喝酒对你的身体有害It not good to drink on an empty stomach.空腹喝酒不好词组:~ deep of the Chinese culture 深受中国文化熏陶;~ deep of life experience 饱经沧桑;~ deep of the spring water 畅饮泉水;~ the cup of joy 尝尽欢乐下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:我What has a tongue but can’t talk?什么东西有舌头却不能说话?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 7

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻38.Fifty Dollar BillThe Easter Bunny, an honest lawyer, Santa Claus and a drunk find a fifty dollar bill together.Can you guess who gets to keep it?Of course, it the drunk because the other three dont exist.Notes:1. The Easter Bunny, an honest lawyer, Santa Claus and a drunk find a fifty dollar bill together.复活兔、诚实的律师、圣诞老人和一个醉汉同时看到一张50美元的钞票“复活节”在三、四月的某个周日,顾名思义就是庆祝耶稣死而复活的节日传说复活兔会在复活节前夕带来一只装有蛋和糖果的篮子,但是它会把它们藏起了,所以在复活节会有找蛋的活动Easter Bunny 复活兔Santa Claus 圣诞老人. Can you guess who gets to keep it?你能猜到是谁会保留它吗?get to 能够(做...)3. Of course, it the drunk because the other three dont exist.当然是醉汉了,因为其他三个并不存在复活兔和圣诞老人都是虚构的,当然不存在,这个笑话是讽刺诚实的律师第不存在的本节目可可原创节目, 17379

讲解Today key word is StandardA standard is something that you use in order to judge the quality of something else标准,水平Here an example:What your standard of choosing a boyfriend?你找男朋友的标准是什么?延伸:Now, let’s back to the point.A recent report says that China has published new standards of Yuesao.It says that Yuesao has to be between 18 to 55 years old. And they need to have received at least middle school education.No criminal recordsThe top level or the so called Gold medal Yuesao has to meet the standards such as:- With the certification and training ofAdvanced Nursery Teacher, and Senior Nutritionist.-have the capability of provide psychologicalservice to the mother-help the mother to do fitting physicalexercises-be very familiar with the common babyinfections and illnesses 36755骑自行车的人都有这样一个愿望:有一辆永远不会被偷走的自行车.近来智利学生就发明了一种防盗自行车Wall Street Daily: Being headquartered in Baltimore, many of our employees at Wall Street Daily bicycle into the office. It convenient, healthy and avoids that awful bumper-to-bumper commuter traffic.The only downfall with bicycling, though, is protecting your ride once youve reached your destination. Bike theft is especially common in every city, especially in Chilean capital, Santiago.After being fed up with having their bikes stolen more than once, three Chilean students have finally created the ;unstealable; bike, what they refer to as the Yerka Project.So, how did Cristobal Cabello and his colleagues create a theft-proof bike? By making a lock that renders the bike useless. It actually defeats the point of stealing it.;So basically you lock your bike up on a lamppost, tree, or fence, and you open up the lower part with this pin. You divide the parts, you lean it on a tree, fence, or bike rack, and you pull out the seat pole. You cross the two parts together, and then you fit in the lock, which goes on the lower part.; 3797歌词写得很好,很符合电影中0的处境,在一个生死一瞬间的环境中,不能依靠任何人只能靠自己的那种感觉……摇滚乐团音魔合唱团(又译“声音奴隶”)(AUDIOSLAVE)主唱克里斯-康内尔(Chris Cornell)演绎0之皇家主题曲If you take a life do you know what you'll give? Odds are, you won't like what it is When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me? By the merciless eyes of deceit? I've seen angels fall from blinding heights But you yourself are nothing so divine Just next in line Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you The odds will betray you And I will replace you You can't deny the prize it may never fulfill you It longs to kill you Are you willing to die? The coldest blood runs through my veins You know my name If you come inside things will not be the same When you return to the night And if you think you've won You never saw me change The game that we all been playing I've seen diamonds cut through harder men Than you yourself But if you must pretend You may meet your end Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you The odds will betray you And I will replace you You can't deny the prize it may never fulfill you It longs to kill you Are you willing to die? The coldest blood runs through my veins Try to hide your hand get how to feel get how to feel Life is gone with just a spin of the wheel Spin of the wheel Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you The odds will betray you And I will replace you You can't deny the prize it may never fulfill you It longs to kill you Are you y to die? The coldest blood runs through my veins You know my name You know my name You know my name You know my name You know my name You know my name 7683

Julian finally left his village when there was no one left living there. He had never left his beloved village bee, but intrigued by the fact that everyone had gone to the city, he decided to go and see himself what wonderful things those cities had. So he packed a knapsack with a few clothes, put on his best smile, and off he went to the city.在同乡们无一例外地选择离开之后,朱利安也终于告别了他的村庄在此之前,他从没有离开过他深爱的家乡但看着那一个个义无反顾奔向城市的背影,朱利安感到十分好奇,他决定要亲眼去瞧瞧那些城市到底有什么迷人之处于是他在背包里塞了几件衣,带上他最美好的微笑,进了城On reaching the city, he was given a most unexpected welcome. A couple of policemen stopped Julian and questioned him in great detail. It turned out that Julian had seemed uspiciously happy someone with hardly any possessions. In the end, the police had to let him go, but they were still suspicious about this apparently simple and good-natured fellow.一进城,朱利安就遭遇了一个出人意料的欢迎仪式两个警察把他拦住仔仔细细地盘问了一番原来,对于一个几乎没有任何财产的人来说,朱利安看起来似乎“高兴得过于可疑了”最后,警察也只能放他走,但他们心里仍然对这个貌似天真善良的家伙表示十分怀疑The first thing Julian noticed about the city was all the rushing around. Everyone was in such a hurry that he thought that there must be something special happening that day, which no one wanted to miss.关于城市,朱利安注意到的第一件事就是所有人都步履匆匆他想,每个人都走得这么快,一定是今天将有什么特别的事情要发生,才没有人想错过吧Curious as to what it was, Julian started following a man who looked like he was hurrying to see whatever it was that was happening. However, after several hours following him, the man arrived at a small flat and went inside. He had done or seen nothing of interest that whole day.出于好奇,朱利安跟在一个人后面,想看看他究竟要迫不及待地去迎接什么激动人心的事情然而,在跟着他走了几个小时之后,那个人只是来到了一间小公寓跟前走了进去他一整天什么有趣的事情也没做,连见都没见到That night Julian slept in a park. The park was strewn with bits of paper and plastic. As the bins were completely empty, Julian thought how cool it was that the city had seemingly invented plants with petals made of paper and plastic. He only believed this until the following morning, when a man came by and dropped his chocolate wrapper.那天晚上朱利安睡在了公园里,那儿到处都散落着纸和塑料看到垃圾桶是完全空的,朱利安心想:城市人简直太酷了,他们似乎发明了一种新型的植物,花瓣是用纸和塑料构成的直到第二天早上,他看到一个男人经过,随手丢弃了他的巧克力包装Julian carried on walking through the city streets, trying to understand what was going on, when he arrived at a group of big warehouses, which many people were entering. ;This must be the best museum in the world,; he thought, on entering, and seeing all the useless-looking things they had inside. But then he saw that people were picking these things up, paying them, and taking them away.朱利安继续游走在城市的街道上,试图了解这里到底在发生些什么他来到一组大仓库门前,只见人们串流而入“这一定是世界上最好的物馆吧”他想着,走了进去然而,里面摆放的净是一些没什么实用的东西令他惊奇的是,人们正在兴致勃勃地挑选着这些东西,并愿意为他们买单,把他们带走;Why would anyone want a watch which doesnt show the minutes?; he wondered to himself, after seeing a woman very contentedly leaving with the most modern of watches on her wrist. He thought pretty much the same when seeing a pair of shoes with impossibly high heels, and then some electronic device which did a thousand things, and none of them well.“为什么会有人想要一个没有分针的手表呢?”他疑惑着,看着一个手腕上戴着一只最新款手表的女人心满意足地晃了出去令他同样疑惑的,还有一双跟儿高得让人不可理解的高跟鞋和那些具备上千种功能却无一出色的电子设备Once again, he decided to follow the lady with the watch. He saw her joy turn into disappointment when her friends gave her new watch a look of disapproval. Julian started regretting having left his village, just to come to this place where no one seemed happy.再一次,他决定跟随那个买了手表的女士瞧瞧在她的朋友们对她的新手表显出鄙夷的神色后,他目睹了她的喜悦是如何化成失望的朱利安开始后悔了他离开了他的村庄,只是为了来到这个没有人看起来快乐的地方吗?Then he saw a few kids playing. Now, they certainly did seem happy, playing, running about, chasing each other. Except one child, who seemed troubled by a little machine they were calling a console. He was hitting it so hard with his fingers, and making all kinds of faces and angry gestures, that when one of the other children came over to invite him to play with them, the boy with the console just rudely walked away.后来他看到几个孩子在玩闹“真难得呀,他们看起来绝对是快乐的!”那些孩子们玩耍着、跑跳着、嬉笑追逐着只有一个孩子,似乎在为一个他们称之为游戏机的小机器而苦恼他用手指猛烈地击打着它,做出各种各样激烈的表情和愤怒的手势当其他孩子中的一个过来邀请他加入他们一起玩时,那个玩游戏机的男孩粗鲁地走开了Julian thought that the boy was trying to destroy that little machine because it was making him so unhappy. He decided to help the boy. Julian went over, took the console, threw it on the ground, stamped on it, and looked at the boy with great satisfaction.朱利安猜想那个男孩是要试图摧毁那个小机器,因为它令他那么不快乐他决定帮助那个男孩朱利安走过去,抓起游戏机,将它扔在地上用力踩了下去,然后他如释重负地转向那个男孩At this the boy flew into a rage, as did all the other children there, and nearly all the adults. They pursued Julian so relentlessly that he had to run away. He didnt stop running until he reached the road leading back to his village.那个男孩简直气疯了,正如在场的其他所有孩子和几乎所有成年人一样他们愤怒地紧追朱利安不放,他只得落荒而逃他一直跑啊跑,直到跑到了通往他家乡村庄的路上才慢慢停下来As he was making his way home he couldnt help wondering whether the whole world had gone mad.在他回家的路上,他不禁开始怀疑:整个世界是不是都疯了 96Amazing pig单元 惊人的猪A reporter hear about an amazing pig and goes out to the farm in Arkansas to get the story. He finds the farmer near teh barn and asks him if the rumors about his pig are ture.一名记者听闻有条惊人的猪,便前往阿肯色州农场一探究竟他在谷仓附近找到养猪的农夫,问他关于猪的谣言是否属实;Yep,;says the farmer.;The pig started squealing real loud when the house was on fire. He woke us all up and so we all got to safety. otherwise we might have been killed. That some pig.;“没错”农夫说:“房子失火时,那条猪尖叫得好大声,我们全部被它吵醒才幸免于难,不然大概全部葬身火窟了真是条了不起的猪”;And didnt the pig save your boy from drowning?;asked the reporter.“那条猪是不是也救了你差点淹死的小孩?”记者问道;Yep, he raced right into the pond and pulled my little boy by his shirt collar. Saved his life.; the farmer says, wipping a tear from his eye.“没错他冲进水池,叼着我小孩的衬衫衣领把他拉出来救了他一命”农夫一边说,一边揩着眼角流下的泪水;Wow, Id like to see this pig,; the reporter says.“哇,真想看看这条猪”记者说;Well,come on over here.;“可以啊,请这边走”The farmer leads the reporter over to a nearby pen. There in the mud the reporter sees a pig with a wooden leg.农夫带着记者来到附近的一个畜栏,记者在一堆泥浆里看到一条装着木腿的猪;Why does he have a wooden leg?;“为什么它装了木腿?”The farmer replies,;Well, you dont eat a pig like that all at once.;农夫回答:“这个嘛,这种猪你不会马上一次把它吃光的” 1859Experts say the best pizza in the world is still made in Naples. Today, people all over the world make and love pizza. Why? Because it is fun to eat and tastes great. Pizza makers mix flour, yeast, salt and water the crust. They m it into a large circular pie. They put tomato sauce and cheese on the crust. They may add onions, mushrooms, peppers or meat. Then they bake it in an extremely hot oven. 专家们认为那不勒斯制的薄饼仍是世界上最好的薄饼如今,世界各地的人们都制作薄饼,喜欢薄饼为什么呢?因为吃它是一种乐趣,而且味道也很棒薄饼制作者将面粉、发酵粉、食盐及清水混合制成油酥皮他们将它制成一个圆形大馅饼,在上面放上番茄酱和芝士,也可以加入洋葱、蘑菇、胡椒或肉类,然后把它放入一个高温烤炉里进行烘烤Many Americans do not make their own pizza. They go to a pizza restaurant. Or they send out it. This means they telephone a local pizza shop, order their favorite kind of pizza and wait a store worker to bring it to their house. 很多美国人自己并不自制薄饼,他们去薄饼店,或者他们叫外卖,即是说打电话给一个本地的薄饼店,预订他们喜欢的薄饼然后等着店员送货上门All this talk about pizza has made me hungry. Maybe I will send out some pizza lunch!谈了这么多关于薄饼的事让我都感到饥饿了,也许我该预订一现代战些薄饼作午饭 3

Dialogue 1:Landlord: After seeing the apartment, are you satisfied with everything?房东:看完房子以后你还满意吗?Xiao Gao: I think so. I just have a few questions if you dont mind?小高:嗯,我只是想问几个问题,如果你不介意的话Landlord: Okay, shoot.房东:当然,尽管问Xiao Gao: Im on the fence about choosing the big room or the small room. They both seem really nice.小高:我只是不太确定是要选大的房间还是小的房间,他们看起来都不错Landlord: If I were you,Id pick the big room. It closer to the bathroom and the view is facing the city. It really the best of both worlds.房东:如果我是你,我就选大的,它离洗手间更近,并且窗子冲着市区景色很好,真的是两全其美了Xiao Gao: Youre right. I am a sucker beautiful scenery. Okay, Im sold! The big room it is. What the next step?小高:你说得对,我对美景完全没有抵抗力,好吧,我就要这个了,大的房间,那下一步怎么办?Landlord: If youre sure youd like to live here, we require that all of our tenants sign a one year lease agreement.房东:如果你确定要住在这儿的话,我们会要求所有的租客签署一个一年的租约Xiao Gao: Im sure.小高:我确定Landlord: Okay, then Ill just need your John Hancock here, here, and… here.房东:好,那我们只需要你的签名,在这里,这里和这里Xiao Gao: There you go.Are we finished?小高:好的,签好了,这样就行了吗?Landlord: That it,here your key. Youre free to move in anytime. If you have any questions,please give us a call and well be glad to assist you.房东:是的,这是你的钥匙你随时可以搬进来,如果你有任何问题就给我们打电话,我们会非常乐意帮助你的习语短语:1. shoot 尽管问. on the fence 不太确定是要某事3. the best of both worlds 两全其美. a sucker something 对某事完全没有抵抗力5. Im sold! 我要了!我买了!6. tenants 租客7. lease agreement 合同8. John Hancock 签名Dialogue :Landlord: Hello, Mr. Gao. How is the new apartment?房东:嗨,高先生,新公寓住得怎么样?Xiao Gao: Well… it great, but there a slight problem.小高:嗯,挺好的,但是有一个小问题Landlord: Oh? What thematter?房东:哦?什么问题?Xiao Gao: There a huge pest problem in the kitchen. Im worried that they might come into my room.小高:厨房里虫子是个大问题,我很担心它们会进到我屋里来Landlord: What kind of pests are we talking about?房东:你说的是什么样的虫子?Xiao Gao: Roaches!小高:Landlord: Oh, well, Im very sorry to hear that sir. Have you tried cleaning the kitchen thoroughly?房东:哦,先生,我很遗憾听到这个消息,嗯,你有没有尝试好好地清理厨房?Xiao Gao: That why I came here. Isnt there something that you guys can do?小高:这就是我来这里的原因你们能不能帮我做些什么?Landlord: Im afraid not.房东:恐怕在这件事上我们帮不了您Xiao Gao: But youre my landlord! I thought your slogan was:“above and beyond the call of duty”!小高:但是你是我的房东,我以为你们的口号就是“全心全意为顾务”Landlord: It is, but you must not have the fine print in the contract. It says here on line (A)that we are not responsible any bug infestations.房东:确实是,但是,你肯定没有读到合约上的那行小字体,合约条A部分写着,我们不对任何昆虫负责Xiao Gao: Oh, I see… In that case Ill have to hire a professional to get rid of the bugs.小高:嗯,我明白了,这样的话我就不得不去雇一家专业的除虫机构来帮我了Landlord: Im afraid so.Is there anything else that we can do you today, sir?房东:我恐怕是的,还有什么我能帮你的吗,先生?Xiao Gao: No, maam.Thank you!小高:没有了,女士,谢谢你习语短语:1. pest 昆虫. roaches cockroaches3. landlord 房东. slogan 口号5. above and beyond the call of duty 竭尽全力做某事,甚至超出职责范围6. fine print 小字7. in that case 那么; 在这种情况下8. bugs 虫子

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