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get a lift 搭车 /201001/93689Tony: excuse me, are you Nick?Nick: yes, I am. Can't you recognize me, Tony?T: yeah. I haven't seen you for a couple of years. I'm glad to meet you again.N: me too.T: where have you been all these years?N: I've been to Tokyo for doctor degree.T: have you finished your courses?N: yeah. I got my degree this July.T: congratulations!N: thanks.T: will you go back to work?N: no.T: why?N: because the cost of living there is too high.T: but so far as I know, the salary there is the highest in the world.N: yes. But as I said, the cost of living is too high. You surely earn more, but at the same time, you spend more. You will find you don't have much saving after working several years.T: I see.N: moreover, the pressure of surviving Tokyo is extremely great.T: I know. Many people commit suiside there every year.N: right. So I prefer to return to this city. Although it's small, the salary is not as high as Tokyo, but it's more comfortable to live. /201004/102356英语口语王 第4部分:第18章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200810/51258网络社交英语口语 58:我去跟他打个招呼SCENE② A 星期五晚上八点半 欢送会上 Don: Hey, Rose, it's great to see you.唐: 嘿,柔丝,真高兴见到你。 Rose: Hi. Oh, this is my friend Sue.柔丝: 嗨。喔,这位是我的朋友,苏。 Don: How do you like the music? I call it "The Best of Herb." 唐: 你们觉得这音乐怎么样?我管它叫《赫伯精选集》。 Rose: Oh, it's 1) interesting.柔丝: 哦,不错啊。 Don: Hey, Herb is over there.唐: 嘿,赫伯在那里。 Rose: I'll go say hi to him.柔丝: 我去跟他打个招呼。语言详解 A: I only listen to music in hi-fi stereo. 我听音乐只听立体声。 B: That's because you can afford good stereo equipment. 那是因为你买得起好的音响设备。 【It's great to see you. 真高兴看到你】 这句话的意思和It's nice to see you.以及I'm so happy to see you.一样,都用在见面打招呼的时候。 A: Hi Sam, I just returned from a trip to Africa. 嗨,山姆。我刚结束非洲之旅回来。B: Welcome back! It's great to see you! 欢迎你回来!真高兴看到你! 1) interesting (a.) 有趣的 /200708/16841

10) I usually feel timid in the presence of very bright people. 站在聪明人面前,我感到羞怯。 *这也是一种羞耻,作“胆小”解。11) Judy is so reserved that it is hard to understand her. 朱迪非常内向而木讷,因而很难使人了解她。12) Dick is very modest about his accomplishments. 迪克对自己的业绩非常谦虚。 *这里,modest令人感觉高尚、客气,和“耻辱”扯不上关系。13) That important man is very unassuming in his manner. 那个要人彬彬有礼,是一位毫不摆架子的人。14) There is a natural coyness about her behavior. 她的举止令人有种自然的羞答答的感觉。15) Try not to be so timid when you speak. 你讲话的时候不要那么紧张。(应该放轻松,自然一些。)16) I won't embarrass you in front of your friends. 我不会在你的朋友面前使你丢丑。17) She feels shy about meeting Frank for the first time. 她对于第一次和弗兰克约会感到难为情。18) The timid child would not leave his mother's side. 那个胆小的孩子不愿离开母亲。 /01/60712

女孩子分手后对男友念念不忘,终日沉湎于伤痛之中。数月后的一天,女孩子突然醒悟,于是拿起话筒,再次按下那个曾经烂熟于心的号码。听筒那边,再次想起了熟识的声音:man: Hello?woman: It's me.man: Oh...(silence)how are you?woman: Look, I was just calling...to tell you...that...(long pause) I'm over you.(hang up)简单的一句话,却传达出千言万语。Over本来就有完结的含义,往往用于难过的事情。这句I am over you就是My feelings for you are over的意思。连年的战火结束后,总统向群众宣布:The war is finally over.安慰正受病魔折磨的朋友,告诉他一切痛苦会很快过去,可以说:It'll all be over soon.一对闹分手的情侣可向对方说:We're over! 或Our relationship is over!接下来再来看一封世界上最绝的分手信——也就是小说《Sense and Sensibility》中的 Willoughby威罗比給女主角Marianne玛丽安娜的那封冷血的分手信。当扭伤了脚踝被威罗比送回家后,玛丽安娜立即爱上了这个年轻英俊的小伙子。于是两人陷入热恋。未曾想威罗比为人不正,根本没有把玛丽安娜的感情真正放在心上。玛丽安娜在伦敦遭遇了威罗比的冷淡后,一封无情的信破灭了她心中的最后一丝希望。威罗比由于金钱而背弃了和玛丽安娜之间的爱,而娶了富家为妻。那封绝情份额分手信是这样写的:My Dear Madam,I have just had the honour of receiving your letter, for which I beg to return my sincere acknowledgements. I am much concerned to find there was anything in my behaviour last night that did not meet your approbation; and though I am quite at a loss to discover in what point I could be so unfortunate as to offend you, I entreat your forgiveness [...]. My esteem for your whole family is very sincere; but if I have been so unfortunate as to give rise to a belief of more than I felt, or meant to express, I shall reproach myself for not having been more guarded in my professions of that esteem. [...] It is with great regret that I obey your commands of returning the letters, with which I have been honoured from you, and the lock of hair, which you so obligingly bestowed on me.I am, dear Madam, Your most obedient humble Servant,John Willoughby.信的大意是:我跟你从来没有什么关系,是你自作多情了。最要命的是信中的措辞。信中用字极度谦卑有理,却同时冷酷得叫人不寒而栗。这些字句,好像是写给陌生人的公函,而非旧爱:had the honour of receiving your letterbeg to return my sincere acknowledgementsanything in my behaviour... that did not meet your approbationat a loss to discover in what point I could be so unfortunate as to offend you负心男更把责任都推在了自作多情的女主角身上,这些仍通过委婉的言辞道出:if I have been so unfortunate as to give rise to a belief of more than I felt, I shall reproach myself for not having been more guarded in my professions of that esteem.(大意是:假如我对你表现得太有善而引起误会,我深感遗憾。) /03/64242

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