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南平怀孕检测多少钱建省南平市第一医院治疗不孕不育好吗福州那家看妇科好 Mr Larson, who is now at SpaceX, the rocket company founded by the billionaire Elon Musk, said Mr Obama loves sitting back and having scientists say magical things about the future.现就职于亿万富翁埃隆#8226;马斯Elon Musk)创办的火箭公司SpaceX的拉森称,奥巴马喜欢闲坐着,听科学家说未来的神奇事物。Mr Obama is the first sitting president to post a selfie on Instagram, 奥巴马是首位在Instagram上发布自拍照的在任总统。and he has championed initiatives on issues like funding for start-ups, visas for international entrepreneurs, and self-driving cars.见到在《星际迷航Star Trek)中扮演斯波克(Spock)的演员伦纳德#8226;尼莫Leonard Nimoy)时,他自豪地行了瓦肯举手礼。Mr Obama created the position of ed States chief technology officer on his first day in office, 上任第一天,奥巴马就创设了美国首席技术官这个职位。and he has championed initiatives on issues like funding for start-ups, visas for international entrepreneurs, and self-driving cars.他还持资助创业公司、向国际创业者发放签和研发自动驾驶汽车等问题上的行动。A number of Silicon Valley executives have joined the Obama administration, including Megan J. 不少硅谷高管加入了奥巴马政府,包括现任美国首席技术官的前谷歌(Google)高管梅甘#8226;J#8226;史密Megan J. Smith, a former Google executive who is now the ed States chief technology officer, and Kurt DelBene, who left Microsoft in 2013 to manage Healthcare.gov and later returned to the tech company.Smith)013年离开微软(Microsoft)管理Healthcare.gov,后来又回到微软的库尔特#8226;德尔贝恩(Kurt DelBene)。But Mr Obama has also angered civil liberties advocates who grew to view him as the surveillance president, too willing to continue government programs, put in place after the terrorist attacks of 2001, that use technology to snoop on Americans. 但奥巴马也惹怒了公民自由倡导人士,他们认为他是监视总统,过于热心坚001年的恐怖袭击后实施的政府计划,利用技术手段监视美国民众。A report last week from the Center for Privacy amp; Technology at Georgetown Law chided the F.B.I. 乔治城大学法学院隐私与技术中Center for Privacy amp; Technology at Georgetown Law)上周发布的一份报告指责联邦调查局(FBI)和警方集成了一个人脸识别数据库系统。and the police for assembling a face-recognition database system that contains more than 117 million American adults, half of all adults in the country.该系统有1.17亿美国成年人的信息,相当于美国一半的成年人。This president has presided over an era in which universal tracking is becoming more pervasive, not just from intelligence agencies but also at the level of local law enforcement, said Ben Wizner, the director of the speech, privacy and technology project at the American Civil Liberties Union and the chief legal adviser to Edward J. 这位总统在位期间,无处不在的追踪变得更加普遍,不仅仅是来自情报机构,还有地方执法机构层面的追踪,美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)的演讲、隐私与技术项目主任、爱德华#8226;J#8226;斯诺Edward J. Snowden)的首席法律顾问本#8226;维茨Ben Wizner)说。Snowden, a former government contractor who revealed in 2013 that ed States intelligence agencies had created a mass surveillance system to comb through Americansphone records and international internet traffic.2013年,曾是政府承包商雇员的斯诺登爆料称美国情报机构创建了一个大型监视系统,检查美国的电话记录和国际互联网通讯。The public controversy that followed the disclosures emboldened some technology executives to stand up to government intrusion, leading to disagreements about how to ensure data security and privacy while meeting the needs of law enforcement. 爆料引发的公众争议促使一些科技高管开始抵制政府的干涉,引起了关于如何在满足执法需求的同时确保数据安全和隐私的分歧。This year, Apple refused to comply with an F.B.I. demand that the company unlock an iPhone during a terrorism investigation.今年,苹果在一起恐怖主义调查中拒绝按照FBI的要求破解一部iPhone。Still, that has not stopped Silicon Valley from keeping an open door for Mr Obama.但这并未阻止硅谷向奥巴马敞开大门。Sam Altman, the president of Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley start-up accelerator, suggested that the soon-to-be ex-president would be a good job candidate.硅谷的创业孵化器Y Combinator的总裁萨姆#8226;奥尔特曼(Sam Altman)表示,即将成为前总统的奥巴马会是一个优秀的应聘者。We’d happily hire him, Mr Altman joked, and give him a chance.我们会很乐意雇佣他,奥尔特曼开玩笑说,给他一个机会。来 /201610/474618福州市人民医院妇产科

福州人工流产做的好的医院Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, has embarked on a trip that will take him to Mexico, with a stop in Cuba for a historic meeting with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill.罗马天主教教宗方济各启程前往墨西哥,出访期间将在古巴停留,与俄罗斯东正教大牧首基里尔举行历史性会晤。Kirill is in Cuba for a state visit. The Holy See announced last week that Pope Francis will make a stop at Havanas José Martí International airport to have a ;personal conversation; with the patriarch and sign a joint declaration. Details of the declaration have not been made public.基里尔大牧首目前正在古巴进行正式访问。梵蒂冈上星期宣布,教宗将在哈瓦那的何塞·马蒂国际机场与基里尔大牧首进行“私人谈话”,并将签署一项联合声明。目前尚未公布声明的具体内容。The Friday meeting is the first of its kind; an effort to heal the 1,000-year-old schism that has divided Christianity between East and West.星期五的会晤将开创历史先河,双方希望借此弥合东西方两大基督教派间的千年裂痕。The split between the two churches since 1054 has festered over issues such as the primacy of the pope and accusations by the Russian Orthodox church that the Catholic Church is trying to poach converts in Russia.这两大教派的分裂始于1054年,后因天主教教宗的至高地位和俄罗斯东正教指责天主教试图让俄罗斯东正教徒皈依天主教等问题持续恶化。来 /201602/425860福州处女膜修复手术哪家好 Chinas working-age population is expected to continue to decline in 2016 after 20 million stepped out of the market in the past five years, according to an expert.一位专家近日表示,过去5年间我国劳动年龄人口减少000万,2016年这一下降趋势还将继续。The shortage of workforce means an increase in labor costs, industrial transfer and that technology will substitute workers, said Zeng Xiangquan, head of the school of human resources at Renmin University.人民大学劳动人事学院院长曾湘泉指出,劳动力短缺意味着人工成本上升、产业转移和技术替代劳动力。University graduates account for nearly half of the labor force entering the market, making a fundamental change in the quality and structure of the workforce, said Zhang Chewei, head of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.中国社会科学院人口与劳动经济研究所所长张车伟表示,大学毕业生大约占进入市场的劳动力的一半,这使得劳动力的质量和结构发生了根本性的变化。The market is unable to provide traditional industries with the required number of workforce and the past high-input economic development mode is unsustainable, Zhang said.张车伟称,现在的市场无法提供传统行业所需的劳动力人口,并且过去高投入的经济发展模式是不可持续的。The countrys working-age population of between 15 to 59 years old peaked at 925 million in 2011 and has fallen every year since then, with 3.45 million fall in 2012, 2.44 million in 2013, 3.71 million in 2014 and a 4.87 million drop in 2015.我国15-59岁劳动年龄人口在2011年达.25亿的峰值,此后开始逐年下降012年减45万,2013年减44万,2014年减71万,2015年减87万。Zeng forecasts 2016 will see a drop in the labor population leveling up or even bigger than the decrease in 2015.曾湘泉预测,2016年劳动年龄人口的降幅将与2015年持平或更大。The working-age population is expected to see a sharp drop from 830 million in 2030 to 700 million in 2050 at a declining speed of 7.6 million every year, said Li Zhong, a spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in July.今年7月,人社部新闻发言人李忠曾表示0302050年,我国劳动年龄人口预计将以每年760万的速度减少,由2030年的8.3亿大幅降050年的7亿。来 /201611/480985福州子宫脱垂妇科医院

福州哪个医院做人流比较好It takes seven minutes.整个过程需要七分钟。A dusting of Clinique Stay-Matte powder in honey. 扑上倩碧Stay-Matte蜜粉。A hand-stitched wig. 戴上手工缝制的假发。Eyebrows glued up into tiny peaks. 给眉毛粘出小小的眉峰。The rest is left to Alec Baldwin: the puckered lips, a studied lumbering gait and a wariness of humanizing a man he reviles.剩下的就靠亚历克#8226;鲍德Alec Baldwin)自己了:撅起的嘴唇,刻意的笨拙步态,还要留神不要让自己憎恨的这个人显出人情味。The transformation of Baldwin, an outspoken liberal, into the president-elect, Donald Trump, for his running parody on N’s Saturday Night Live, entails a tangerine hairpiece and a tricky tightrope walk. 鲍德温是一个毫不掩饰的自由主义者,为了在N台《周六夜现场Saturday Night Live)中的戏仿节目里变身候任总统唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump),他需要一顶橘色假发,同时还要小心面对一种很复杂的局面。It means balancing a veteran actor’s determination to merge his identity into a character, even as, in his offstage life, he is firm in his belief that the man about to take office is a dangerous figure.这意味要调整一个老戏骨的决心,从而把个人身份融入到角色中去,尽管在现实生活中,他坚信这位即将上任的总统是个危险人物。The key to a convincing Trump, the actor said, are puffs his word for the pregnant pauses in the president-elect’s speech. 这位演员说,要想让自己饰演的特朗普令人信,关键就在于喘 着说话―他用这个词来形容候任总统在演讲时酝酿言辞时的停顿。I see a guy who seems to pause and dig for the more precise and better language he wants to use, and never finds it, Baldwin said in an interview on Saturday in his dressing room at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan, six hours before show time, his eyebrows aly peaked. 我看到一个人似乎停下来,寻找自己想要的更精确、更好的语言却从来没有找到它,鲍德温周六在曼哈顿洛克菲勒广场30号内的更衣室里接受采访时说,此时距离节目开始还有六个小时,他的眉峰已经做好了。It’s the same dish it’s a grilled-cheese sandwich rhetorically over and over again. 这是同一道菜――这是同一道烤奶酪三明治,只是用虚夸的方法说了一遍又一遍。Much has been made of Trump’s hands. 鲍德温在特朗普的两只手上花了很大功夫。For Baldwin, they are a focus, but for their movements. 对于鲍德温来说,它们非常重要,主要是因为特朗普的手势。Before the actor’s first appearance, he watched hours of rallies and campaign appearances to mimic Trump’s style.第一次出演之前,为了模仿特朗普的风格,他观看了几个小时的集会和竞选活动录像。His Trump is as much censure as impersonation. 他带来的特朗普既是谴责又是模仿。He does not write the sketches. 小品本身不是他写的。He is paid ,400 for each appearance on the show, he said.他说,自己每次在节目中出场可以得400美元的报酬。I’m not interested much by what’s inside him, he said, but in how he moves and takes up space. 我对他的内心不感兴趣,他说,他感兴趣的是特朗普如何移动,如何占据空间。Baldwin then amplifies the gestures, and distills them. 接下来,鲍德温把特朗普的手势进行夸大与提炼。An emphatic wave becomes a goofy wax-on, wax-off movement, he said, the simple hand motion reducing a candidate to an essence: pitchman. 一个表示强调的挥手动作变成了滑稽的打蜡,去蜡的动作,他说,这个简单的手势概括出总统候选人的本质:一个推销员。Saturday Night Live happens at a lightning pace: Those minutes of preparation include dusting the sunset color across Baldwin’s face but not around his eyes, where raccoon circles of white are drawn, he said.《周六夜生活》的进行节奏是极快的:前几分钟的准备工作包括在鲍德温脸上喷洒落日般的颜色――只有他的眼睛除外,他说,他的眼周要涂上浣熊式的白眼圈。The wig, which on Saturday night rested high on a shelf next to the actor Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton hair, is custom made for Baldwin’s head, 星期六晚上,为他量头定制的假发和希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)的假发并排放在一起——克林顿由演员凯#8226;麦金Kate McKinnon)饰演。via seven vectors measured forehead to nape, according to Jodi Mancuso, the show’s hair designer.该节目的发型设计师朱#8226;曼库Jodi Mancuso)说, 假发是根据从前额到脖颈测出的七个数值定制的。It helps him transform instantly, Mancuso said. 它帮他在瞬间变身,曼库索说。The minute it goes on with the makeup, it’s like, ‘Oh, I get it. 化妆过程中把它戴上去的那一刻,感觉就像是,‘哦,我明白了’。Baldwin said that he planned to continue playing Trump on Saturday Night Live and perhaps elsewhere, but that his work schedule he is about to film two movies would mean his performances would be intermittent. 鲍德温说,他计划继续在《周六夜现场》饰演特朗普,或许还会在其他地方出演,但他即将拍摄两部电影,这个工作安排意味着他的表演会是断断续续的。Besides, he said, it might start to get old for audiences.此外,他说,观众可能会开始厌倦。It has been suggested that Baldwin, 58, is uniquely able to portray Trump and to rankle him because of their similarities. 鲍德温今8岁,他和特朗普的相似之处让一些人觉得他是饰演——以及惹怒——特朗普的不二人选。In 2011, Baldwin mulled running for mayor of New York City. 2011年,鲍德温仔细考虑过竞选纽约市市长的可能性。They can both appear thin-skinned. 他和特朗普都显得有些敏感易怒。Antagonized by paparazzi and feeling harassed by what he says are false accusations that he uttered slurs, Baldwin has at times publicly denounced the media. 鲍德温有时会公开谴责媒体,因为仔队令他恼怒,关于他使用侮辱性言辞的指责也令他烦恼(他声称这些指责是假的)。On Twitter, he can be pugilistic, notably with Trump and with his brother Stephen Baldwin, over their divergent political views.在Twitter上,他可能显得很好斗,特别是针对特朗普和他的兄弟史蒂#8226;鲍德Stephen Baldwin)这两个和他存在政治分歧的人。Such a comparison profoundly pains Baldwin, whose father was a public-school teacher from Long Island, N.Y. 这样的比较令鲍德温深感痛苦,他的父亲是来自纽约州长岛的公立学校教师。He says he has striven not to let his financial success mar his values, and he vehemently denies the racist and homophobic slurs that have been ascribed to him. 他说,自己努力不让财务上的成功破坏自己的价值观,他强烈否认自己曾经使用过那些同他挂上勾的种族主义与同性恋歧视的侮辱性言辞。The difference is, with Trump, it’s incontrovertible that he has said the things he’s said, Baldwin said. 我们之间的区别是,特朗普说过那些话是不可否认的,鲍德温说。And he ran on them.他滔滔不绝地抛出那些话。As a candidate, Trump protested the Saturday Night Live portrayal of him, calling it part of a rigged media campaign to undermine him. 竞选总统期间,特朗普曾经抗议《周六夜现场》塑造的这个形象,称其属于受到操纵的媒体运动,以此破坏他的竞选。Baldwin said that Lorne Michaels, the creator and executive producer of Saturday Night Live, has countered that the sketch show has long been an equal-opportunity heckler.鲍德温说,《周六夜现场》的主创和执行制片人洛恩#8226;迈克尔斯(Lorne Michaels)反驳说,这个小品节目向来对所有人一视同仁。As president-elect, Trump has continued to tweet his displeasure. 成为候任总统之后,特朗普继续发推表示不满。Just tried watching Saturday Night Live unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse. 试着看了看《周六夜现场――没法看!彻底的偏见,不好笑,鲍德温的模仿没法更糟糕了。Sad, he posted just after midnight on Dec. 4可悲,他2日午夜之后发推说。Baldwin said that he considered the reprobation funny, even as a fake news article has circulated since his first appearance as Trump, mourning the actor’s death.鲍德温说,他认为这个斥责很搞笑,尽管从他第一次出演特朗普之后,就有哀悼这位演员已经死亡的假新闻流传开来。As the call to dress for rehearsal sounded in the eighth-floor corridor at 30 Rock, Baldwin ducked into his dressing room with his wife, Hilaria, and 3-year-old daughter Carmen, who had stopped by to kiss him good night, shutting the door.洛克菲勒30号的八楼走廊上传来叫声,要大家穿好衣去排练鲍德温和妻子希拉莉亚(Hilaria)以及三岁的女儿卡Carmen)一起走进更衣室,她们是顺便过来和他道晚安的,鲍德温关上了门。Suddenly, he popped it back open.突然,他猛地把门推开了。Whoever it is, wouldn’t it be great to be the person who pulls the sword out of the stone? Who gets rid of this guy? Baldwin said into the hallway. 无论是谁,成为那个把剑从石头上拔出来的人不是很好吗?成为除掉这个家伙的人,鲍德温站在走廊里说。Wouldn’t that be thrilling? 那肯定很刺激吧?He closed the door and put on his suit.他关上门,穿上他的西装。来 /201612/485386 福州乳腺疾病哪家医院好福州哪个看妇科的医院比较好



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