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福州/子宫肌瘤微创手术要多少钱福建福州/现代妇产医院体检收费标准福州/女性乳腺增生的治疗 1. Trying to keep your wardrobe organised is like a full-time job 需要专门腾出一大块时间整理衣柜 2. You have to do a charity shop clear-out every other month 每隔一个月都要出清一些不穿的衣给慈善商店 3. You often find things you swear you must have been drunk to buy 经常发现一些不知什么时候“失手”买来的衣 4. Under your bed is full of shoe boxes that you haven#39;t opened in forever 床底下有不少根本从没打开过的鞋盒子 5. You have to rotate your summer and winter wardrobes to make more room 需要互相倒腾放夏装和冬装的地方,以便腾出些空间 6. You spend your days googling walk-in wardrobes 在网上到处搜超大的衣柜 7. When people tell you they#39;ve never seen you wear the same thing twice 有人跟你说,他们从没见你穿过重样的衣 8. You run out of hangers 衣架不够用了 9. Nothing gets you going quite like a good storage solution 总也找不出存放衣的最佳解决方案 10. You have clothes in your wardrobe, the spare room, the loft AND various suitcases 衣柜、空房间、阁楼、各种行李箱……到处都放着你的衣 11. Finding that specific skirt you need takes hours, sometimes days 想找到要穿的那件短裙需要好几个小时,甚至好几天 12. There#39;s nothing quite like the rush of discovering something you forgot you owned 突然发现你竟然还有这样一件衣,简直让你喜出望外 13. Coats have no place in your wardrobe - they take up WAY too much room 衣柜没地方放外套了——因为外套太占地方 14. You could quite happily give away half of your sunglasses collection and still have a pair for every weekend of the year 即使你乐于把一半的太阳镜都送人,还是会发现每个周末都可以戴不重样的 15. You never have anything to wear - mostly because of all the clothes disguising actual outfits 你总是不知道穿什么好——主要是因为衣太多,不知道怎么搭配才最好 16. No one ever wants to buy you clothes for your birthday. ;You have enough; 你生日没人送你衣,大家都说“你衣够多了” 17. Bags to you are like pants - you wear a new one every day 包包对你来说就像裤子一样——每天换一个 18. Every time you#39;re invited to an event, you buy something new 每次获邀出席某个场合,你都要置办几件新行头 19. Your friends are better at remembering what you own than you are 朋友们更容易记住你穿过的衣,早忘了你是个什么样的人 20. You have a bra to match every kind of outfit 每套行头你都有专门的胸罩来搭配 21. Strangers on Instagram think you#39;re rich - they don#39;t see the Cup A Soup dinners 社交网站上的人还以为你富得流油,殊不知你晚餐只喝一杯速食汤 22. Your dry-clean pile never gets done - when you have so many other clothes to wear, what#39;s the point? 你的脏衣永远堆在那儿——还有那么多其他选择,何必去洗脏的? 23. Your clothes are always creased from cramming too many in your wardrobe 衣柜里衣太多,弄的都起皱了 24. You definitely own more hangers than you know people 你衣架的数量比你认识的人的数量还多 25. Sometimes you get home and realise the top you just bought is identical to one you aly own 有时你到家才发现,刚买的那件上衣跟之前买过的一件一模一样 26. At weekends you play with your clothes as if they were your toys 周末你净跟自己的衣打交道了,仿佛它们是你的玩具 27. Your laundry basket acts as extra storage 脏衣篓其实是一个你储存衣的地方 28. So does the washing machine 洗衣机也是 29. So does the clothes horse 晾衣架也是 30. If you sold all of your clothes you could probably buy a mansion. 要是你卖掉所有衣,你应该可以买栋房了。 /201604/439420福州/什么医院治疗宫颈糜烂最好

福州/比较好的妇科整形医院;Bridesmaids for hire; is the latest promotion offered by Cheng Fei, a wedding planner in east China#39;s Jiangxi Province, and business is booming.“伴娘出租”是中国江西省一位名叫程飞的婚庆策划从业者的最新业务,并且这项业务非常受欢迎。;It is not hard to find a best man, but it is getting harder to find bridesmaids,; said Cheng, who works at the Happiness Wedding Services Co., in Nanchang, the provincial capital of Jiangxi.就职于江西省省会南昌市的幸福婚庆公司的程飞表示:“现在要想找个伴郎并不难,但是找伴娘却越来越难。”Many Chinese couples like the Western wedding custom of having at least one bridesmaid and a best man.许多中国的新人结婚都喜欢像西式婚礼一样有至少一个伴娘和一个伴郎。;Many brides say that their friends live too far away or are too busy. Some are even worried that the guests#39; behavior is putting off potential bridesmaids,; he said. ;The bridesmaids-for-hire service has gotten rather popular especially after the #39;Bali incident#39;;程飞说:“许多新娘表示,她们的朋友住得太远或者太忙。还有的甚至担心宾客会对伴娘做出不当行为。尤其是在“巴厘岛事件”(包贝尔婚礼上伴娘柳岩被整)发生之后,伴娘租赁业务变得非常受欢迎。”On March 30, actress Liu Yan was a bridesmaid for a celebrity couple in Bali, Indonesia, and she was almost thrown into the water by the best men. The of her ordeal quickly went viral, drawing anger and condemnation from the public over the treatment of bridesmaids.3月30日,演员柳岩作为一对明星夫妻在印尼巴厘岛举办的婚礼的伴娘,差点被伴郎团扔进水里。该事件的视频迅速在网上流传,招来大众对于粗鲁对待伴娘的愤怒和谴责。;At least 15 couples have come to ask about hiring bridesmaids in the last ten days. Eight have placed orders, each demanding four to eight bridesmaids,; said Cheng. ;Usually we ask our female staff to take up the role, but if the clients request, say, better-looking girls, we can meet their demands.; Each bridesmaid is paid 100 to 200 yuan per day.程飞表示:“在过去的十天里,至少有15对新人来咨询过租借伴娘。其中8对已经下了订单,他们每对新人都要求有4到8个伴娘。一般我们都找自己的女性员工来扮演这个角色,但是如果客户有要求,比如说,漂亮的女孩儿,我们就要满足他们的要求。”据悉,每个伴娘每天能得到100到200元的酬劳。With a growing number of young couples choosing to have a group of blushing bridesmaids, the for-hire business looks promising.随着越来越多的年轻人选择在婚礼上拥有一群红光满面的伴娘,伴娘租赁业务就越发有前景。;One is not enough for many. The trend is at least three bridesmaids and three best men, just for the atmosphere,; said a woman surnamed Wu in Nanchang.南昌一位吴姓表示:“一个伴娘是不够的。现在的潮流是至少有三个伴娘和三个伴郎,就为了造气氛。” /201604/439256福州/市女子医院人流多钱 福州/哪个医院盆腔囊肿治疗的好

闽清县治疗妇科疾病多少钱5.His White House Suit5.在白宫的衣Churchill apparently had several naked incidents while staying in the White House. On one occasion, he supposedly encountered the ghost of Abraham Lincoln while naked. They stared at each other for some time before Lincoln politely disappeared.丘吉尔在白宫居住时显然有过不止一次的裸露事件。有一次,在卧室中,他全身遇到了亚伯拉罕·林肯的鬼魂。他们互相对视几分钟,直到;林肯;从他眼前消失。President Franklin Roosevelt also saw him naked, along with several White House staff during his 24-day visit in 1941. Churchill had just taken his bath and was pacing around in the nude when Roosevelt came in. The president quickly tried to leave, but Churchill told him not to, declaring that he clearly had nothing to hide from his closest ally.This incident is somewhat controversial, since Churchill later insisted that he ;never received the president without at least a bath towel; to cover himself. However, Churchill#39;s stenographer and bodyguard both claimed to have witnessed the incident and Roosevelt#39;s secretary said the president told her about it later, describing Churchill as ;pink and white all over.; And Churchill himself once told King George VI that he was the only person on Earth to ever meet with a president naked.1941年,在丘吉尔对美国为期24天的访问期间,美国总统富兰克林·罗斯福在白宫一些官员的陪同下看到过全裸的丘吉尔。当时,丘吉尔刚洗完澡,正在白宫的浴室里光着身子踱步,罗斯福却正好出现在门口,总统马上准备离开,丘吉尔却说不用了,在最亲密的盟友面前他没有什么可隐藏的。这件事有些争议,因为丘吉尔后来坚持说;他迎接总统时至少用了一条浴巾;来遮盖自己。但是,丘吉尔的速记员和保镖都说亲眼目睹了那次裸露事件。而且,罗斯福的秘书也说道总统后来和她说起过这件事,形容当时丘吉尔就是一丝不挂。丘吉尔也曾告诉过乔治五世,他是世界上唯一一个裸体见总统的人。4.The Siege Of Sydney Street4.悉尼街的围攻On December 16, 1910, nine unarmed policemen were sent to investigate a reported burglary attempt in Houndsditch, London. When they arrived, the criminals, later identified as anarchist refugees from Latvia, opened fire, killing three policemen and injuring two others in the worst police shooting in London history. It#39;s been noted that the killings reflected something of a culture clash—the Latvians were familiar with the armed and brutally violent Russian police, while the baton-wielding British bobbies were completely taken by surprise and unable to defend themselves. During the melee, one of the gang members was accidentally shot by his friends and died a few days later. A massive manhunt was quickly launched for the two surviving shooters.1910年12月16日,九名未武装的警察被派遣至伦敦死沟渠街调查一件入室盗窃未遂案。罪犯(后被确认为来自拉脱维亚的无政府主义难民)在警方到达时向其开火,导致三死两伤,使之成为伦敦历史上最严重的袭警事件。值得注意的是此事件中反映出的文化冲突——拉脱维亚人常与全副武装、残酷暴力的俄罗斯警察打交道,相比之下挥舞着警棍的英国警察们就显得措手不及,难以自保了。混战中一名团伙成员被同伙意外击中并于几天后死亡。大规模搜捕行动很快找到了另外两名袭击者。On New Year#39;s Day, the police received a tipoff that the murderers were hiding in a house on Sidney Street. The police cordoned off the area and Churchill, who was the minister responsible for policing at the time, arrived and took command of the operation. Reinforced by the military, the police engaged the criminals in a lengthy gun battle, during which the Latvians fired more than 400 rounds and a bullet tore through Churchill#39;s hat. The situation was only resolved when the building caught fire and Churchill ordered the fire department not to risk attempting to put it out. One of the men inside was shot when he leaned out to escape the flames, while the other burned to death. There has since been a degree of controversy over whether the two men were actually the same Latvians who shot the policemen, although historians have noted that starting a massive, suicidal gunfight implies some level of guilt.Churchill seems to have enjoyed the grisly experience, telling a colleague that the siege was ;such fun!; Some papers criticized him for using the battle as a ;photo opportunity,; noting that it was inappropriate for a politician to directly take command of a police operation. However, the incident seems to have helped cement his reputation as a man of action and improved his popularity with the general public.在新年的第一天警方接到举报,凶手就藏在悉尼街的一间房屋中。警方立刻封锁了该区域,丘吉尔,作为当时对警方负责的部长,到达现场对行动进行指挥。由于军队介入,警方实力大增,与罪犯展开了一场漫长的战。期间拉脱维亚人射出400余发子弹,其中一发还射穿了丘吉尔的帽子。当时大楼起火,丘吉尔下令禁止消防部门冒险扑灭大火,混战情势才稍得缓解。楼中一人在倾身躲避火焰时被击中,另一人被大火烧死。对于这两人是否就是袭击警察的两名拉脱维亚人向来有一定争议,但历史学家指出,大规模自杀式的战暗示着某种程度的内疚。丘吉尔似乎对这次惊险的经历津津乐道,他告诉一名同事这样一场围攻真是;太有趣了;!一些报纸批评他将这场混战当作;上报露脸的机会;,并且指出由一名政治家直接指挥警方行动是非常不合适的。然而,这次事件不仅帮助他巩固了;行动家;的美名,更提高了公众对他的持度。3.Churchill#39;s Sneeze3.丘吉尔的喷嚏The border between Jordan and Saudi Arabia includes a sharp zigzag known as Churchill#39;s Hiccup or Churchill#39;s Sneeze. The story goes that Churchill was drawing the map when a sudden hiccup or sneeze caused his hand to slip, making a sharp indent into Jordan. It#39;s a pretty ridiculous story and unsurprisingly it isn#39;t true. Instead, the zigzag shape was actually deliberately designed to give Britain an uninterrupted air corridor between Jordan and Iraq.在约旦和沙特阿拉伯之间有一段边境线呈锋利锯齿形,被称为;丘吉尔打嗝;或;丘吉尔的喷嚏;。传说丘吉尔在绘制地图的时候突然打了个嗝或者打了个喷嚏,造成手滑,使边境线呈锋利的锯齿状缩进约旦。这是个滑稽可笑的故事,毫无疑问并非事实。相反,锯齿形的边境线正是故意为英国设计,使约旦和沙特阿拉伯之间形成一条不间断的空中走廊。If there#39;s an element of truth to the story it#39;s that Churchill, as minister for the colonies, did play a significant role in establishing the borders of the modern Middle East. This occurred in the wake of the controversial 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement, in which Britain and France agreed to divide the Middle East between them, ignoring ethnic and religious boundaries in the process. They were so unsure about what to do with Palestine that they actually considered just giving it to Belgium. Meanwhile, France ceded a chunk of Syria to Turkey against the wishes of most of the locals, simply because the wealthy Turkish minority in the area was better at lobbying than the impoverished Arabs.Britain and France also initially agreed to support the creation of a Kurdish state, but then dumped the idea when it became clear they would have to give up large chunks of Iraq and Syria to make it happen. Today, 25 million Kurds remain without a state they can call their own. The agreement is now even used as a recruitment tool by ISIS, which claims that the boundaries were unjust.故事中唯一一点不假的就是丘吉尔作为殖民部长在构建现代中东边界时确实扮演着重要角色。1916年,具有争议的《赛克斯-皮科尔协议》签订,英法同意分割两国之间的中东地区,但毫不顾及其中涉及的民族与宗教界线。他们并不确定要如何划分巴勒斯坦,最终就将其划给了比利时。与此同时,法国仍在违背当地大多数人的意愿下将叙利亚的一块土地割给了土耳其,仅仅因为当地少部分富裕的土耳其人比穷困潦倒的阿拉伯人更善于游说罢了。英法本同意持建立一个库尔德国家,但在意识到他们需要割舍伊拉克和叙利亚大片土地时就放弃了这个想法。如今,2500万库尔德人依旧没有一个属于他们自己的国家。;伊拉克和大叙利亚伊斯兰国;现利用此协议对外宣称其边界划分有失公允,并作为其募集成员扩张组织的工具。2.His Black Dog2.他的黑Throughout his life, Churchill probably suffered from manic depression, which he called his ;black dog.; At times, his depression was so severe that he didn#39;t like standing close to a passing train or looking at the ocean from a ship because he feared he would be tempted to commit suicide. His close friend Lord Beaverbrook once said that he was always either ;at the top of the wheel of confidence or at the bottom of an intense depression.;丘吉尔的一生可能都遭受他本人称之为;黑;的躁郁症的折磨。有时,他由于过于焦躁而不喜欢太靠近经过的火车或者从船上看大海,因为他害怕自己会突然想自杀。丘吉尔的好朋友比弗布鲁克男爵曾经这么说过丘吉尔,;他要么处在信心的巅峰,要么处在抑郁的谷底。;During his bouts of depression, Churchill would almost cease to function, spending a great deal of time in bed and losing his appetite and ability to concentrate. When he recovered from one such bout, he memorably described how ;all the colors come back into the picture.; When not depressed, Churchill was famously full of energy, usually working and talking until the early hours of the morning. He bounced constantly from one topic to another, causing Roosevelt to quip that he ;has a thousand ideas a day, four of which are good.; In fairness, Roosevelt knew Churchill best during the later years of the war, when his doctor had taken to prescribing him amphetamines in order to avoid any depressive episodes, which didn#39;t help his manic tendencies.在他抑郁发作的时候,丘吉尔几乎停止工作,大部分时间都躺在床上,没有食欲,也无法集中精神。有一次恢复正常后,他根据记忆描述这种经历为,;画面中的颜色都回来了。;当丘吉尔不抑郁的时候,他总是精力充沛,工作或者谈话直到凌晨。他能一直从一个话题跳到另一个话题,使得罗斯福嘲笑他说,;一天有一千种想法,但只有四个是有用的。;公平的说,罗斯福是二战后期最了解丘吉尔的人,那时候,丘吉尔的医生为了避免他抑郁发作,已经开始给他开安非他命,但这对他的躁郁倾向并没有帮助。1.His Quotes1.他的妙语连珠The great es of Winston Churchill have filled entire books. Unfortunately, many of the es attributed to him just aren#39;t true. For instance, Nancy Astor is often said to have told him ;If I were your wife I would put poison in your coffee,; to which Churchill replied ;If I were married to you, I#39;d drink it.; The incident did happen, but Churchill wasn#39;t involved at all. Instead, his good friend Lord Birkenhead delivered the reply.丘吉尔的妙人妙语可以写成一本书了。但不幸的是,人们认为是他说的话有些并不是真的。比如,据说南希·阿斯特对丘吉尔说过,;如果我是你的妻子,我将在你的咖啡里下毒。;对此,丘吉尔回复,;如果我跟你结婚了,我宁愿喝了那杯毒咖啡。;然而,这件事的确发生过,但丘吉尔并没有参与其中,是他的好朋友比弗布鲁克男爵回复的那句话。Churchill did have a run-in with Astor, herself a great wit and the first female British Member of Parliament, but it was rather less able. Apparently, Churchill complained that he ;felt when you entered the House of Commons that a woman had entered my bathroom and I had nothing to protect myself with but the sponge; to which Astor replied ;Would it never occur to you that your appalling appearance might have been protection enough?; Churchill couldn#39;t really complain about Astor#39;s rudeness, since he genuinely did respond to another female MP accusing him of being drunk with ;Madam, you are ugly and I will be sober in the morning.; However, he probably didn#39;t say that ;Americans will always do the right thing, after they have tried everything else; or tell a civil servant bemoaning prepositions at the end of sentences that ;this is the kind of English up with which I will not put.; And both Churchill and George Bernard Shaw denied the famous story in which Shaw sent Churchill two tickets to his new play and invited him to ;bring a friend, if you have one; only for Churchill to reply that he would come on the second night ;if there is one.;However, Churchill fans shouldn#39;t despair just yet. It most likely is true that Churchill was in the toilet when an aide informed him that the Lord Privy Seal had arrived to see him, prompting the memorable instruction to ;tell the Lord Privy Seal that I am sealed in the privy and can only deal with one s–t at a time.;丘吉尔确实与阿斯特交过手,她很聪明,而且是议会中第一个女性英国籍成员,但这相对来说不具引用性。实际上,丘吉尔对阿斯特抱怨过,;当你踏进下议院,我觉得像一个女人进了我的浴室,而我除了海绵没有能保护自己的东西。;阿斯特如是回答,;难道你从来没有想过你那令人望而生畏的外貌已经提供了足够的保护吗?;丘吉尔并不能抱怨阿斯特的无礼,因为他也曾经机智的回答另一个指责他醉酒的女性议员说,;女士,你长得如此丑陋,我明早一准就会清醒了。;但是,他可能并没有说过,;美国人在尝遍了所有方法后总能做出正确的事。;他也没有对一个在句子最后用哀叹介词的公务员说,;这种英语我无法忍受。;丘吉尔跟萧伯纳都否认了这样一个著名的坊间故事:萧伯纳给了丘吉尔两张他新剧的票,并邀请他说,;如果你有朋友的话,带他一起来。(讽刺丘吉尔没有朋友);而丘吉尔则回答说,;如果第二天还有演出的话;他一定会来(回应萧伯纳的剧没有人看)。但是,丘吉尔的崇拜者不要就此绝望,传言还是有真实存在的。有一次,当助手告诉丘吉尔掌玺大臣过来拜访时,他正在厕所里,于是作出了著名的指示,;告诉掌玺大臣,我被关在枢密院了,一次只能处理一件事。;审校:张茜 编辑:简简单单 来源:前十网 /201606/449812 The most popular name for a pet has been revealed.最受欢迎的宠物名字已经揭晓。Alfie is the most popular pet name in Britain, according to a new survey. Bella is a close second and Charlie is third in the study.一项新研究指出,在英国,阿尔菲是最受欢迎的宠物爱称。在这项研究中,贝拉紧随其后,位居第二,查理排在第三。Alfie is also the most popular dog name while Charlie topped the poll as the number one name among the cats.阿尔菲还是最受欢迎的爱称,而在最受欢迎的猫咪爱称中,查理排在第一位。Popular culture also played a part with David Bowie.在(为宠物起名的)流行文化中,大卫·鲍伊也参与其中(成为备受欢迎的宠物爱称之一)。Researchers also delved into what were the most popular inspirations behind the naming of their furry friends.研究员还深入探讨了这样一个问题,在为这些毛茸茸的动物朋友们命名的时候,最常见的灵感来自何处?The data showed that cat owners were more likely to find inspiration from their favorite foods, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, whereas more dogs were named after their owner#39;s musical heroes.数据显示,猫咪的主人们更有可能从他们最喜爱的食物、《权力的游戏》、《哈利波特》中获取灵感,而们多数是以他们主人的音乐偶像的名字来命名的。Westley Pearson, director of marketing for Animal Friends, said: ;Trends over the last few years have shown that people are far more likely to give their pets #39;human#39; names than ever before, which could be attributed to the fact that we are gradually considering our pets are a part of the family.“动物朋友”的营销总监韦斯特利·皮尔森表示,“过去几年的趋势显示,与以前相比,人们更有可能用‘人类’的名字来为他们的宠物命名,这是因为我们正逐渐把宠物当成家庭的一份子。”;Pop-culture trends come and go, but clearly our affection for our animals is a constant.;“流行文化的趋势瞬息即逝,但是,很显然,我们对动物的喜爱始终不变。”Some of people weren#39;t too imaginative and even called their cats, cat.一些人太没想像力了,还在称呼他们的猫咪为“猫咪”。The 10 most popular names for every pet最受欢迎的宠物爱称TOP101. Alfie阿尔菲2. Bella贝拉3. Charlie查理4. Daisy黛西5. Bailey贝利6. Buddy巴迪7. Archie阿尔奇8. Coco可可9. Barney巴尼10. George乔治 /201608/458398福州/治疗宫颈糜烂一度多少钱闽清县白带异常多少钱



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