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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201511/412576Hey,Head squeezes,hope youre well,were gonna try a slightly different approach to my Qamp;A s,Were gonna go for one question per short,snappy,to the point,Eh...Mostly we are gonna make more of them and put them out more often,Let us know what you think,We hope you like them.这是Head Squeeze 希望你还好,我们要稍稍换一个方法来做问答视频,我们将在一个视频中解答一个问题,简短,时髦,切题.我们会尽可能多做视频,并且更经常把它们发布出来,告诉我们你在想些什么,我们希望你喜欢这些视频。But,put your comments down below this .we will them all and whatever you guys suggest,well try to build in to these s,all well. So,lets start with an absolute ultimate question via Youtube from ANDKIT4747249,catchy.另外,请在这些视频下面留下你的.我们会看完它们并且无论你建议什么,我们也会尽量将其融入这些视频中,那么让我们从一个很高级的问题开始.来自YouTube的ANDKIT4747249 很吸引人。The question is:Why dont birds fall out of trees when they sleep,Now,for this,I need to do my best Mary Poppins meets Shooting Stars impression to bring on the birds,so here we go,PURR...COOL...Job done,Right.Now,this is all about feet .Human feet may differ in their size,and also their smell,But they dont really differ that much apart from that whereas birds feet vary a lot.just think about the talons of an eagle,or the webbed feet of a duck.问题是: 为什么鸟儿在睡觉时人会从树上掉下来,好,为此我得施展如Mary Poppins 流量般从天而降,那样的效果来召唤神鸟,来吧。(噗)任务完成,好的.这一切都是和脚有关。人类的脚也许大小不同,气味也不同,但除此之外它们的差别不那么大,然而鸟类的足部有很大差别.想想老鹰的爪,和鸭子的蹼。Now birds that sleep up on branches like sparrows and wrens,they are known as the passerines if I just pullem over,These birds usually have 4 toes,Theyve got three at the front that bend forwards and theyve got one at the back that actually bends backwards,known as the hallux,Off you go,Now those feet are made out of tendons and bones,and they are wrapped and are kind of thick tough scaly skin.那些在树枝上睡觉的鸟,比如鹦鹉和鹪鹩,它们被称雀形目的鸟.让我把它拿到这里,这此鸟儿一般有四只脚趾。它们的前三只脚趾前倾还有一只脚趾事实上后倾,这被称为后趾,你可以飞走了,鸟儿的那些脚是由肌腱和骨骼组成,它们被包在一起,是一层又厚又硬的鳞皮。Two of those tendons,the flexor tendons that extend all the way down through the leg muscle and into the toe,Now when a bird comes and lands its those flexor tendons that immediately and involuntarily flex and attach them to that branch,even if they fall asleep,it doesnt matter,Those tendons are attached to the branch.其中的两条肌腱,即两条屈肌通过腿部肌肉一路下去延伸到脚趾。当一只鸟飞过来着陆时,正是这些屈肌立刻本能地收缩,并紧贴到树枝上,即使鸟儿睡着了也没有关系,那些肌腱已经紧贴到树枝上了。Its the weight of the bird that actually cause them to grip on ,Off you go,Now actually what can happen is that people have found birds are dead.but still clinging on to a branch,Nice .So there you go,one question,one answer,Nice and short and sweet,we hope you like it ,Do let us know what you think,If youve got any more questions about sleep or about birds,the feather variety.是鸟儿的体重使得肌腱,你可以飞走了.有这样一件事,人们发现一些鸟儿已经死去,却仍然紧紧抓在树枝上,不错,正是如此,一个问题,一个。精妙,简短又有趣,我们希望你喜欢。请让我们知道你在想什么,如果你还有关于睡眠的问题,或是关于鸟儿,这些浑身是羽毛的动物。201507/383669And then George. A lot of ers ask me, ;Was George all right?;然后是乔治,很多读者问我“乔治他好吗?”Of course he wouldnt be all right, would he?他当然不好过,不是吗?Thats the reality. I cant... But I think that he married Angelina, who was actually Freds ex, so you can...这就是现实,我不能……不过我觉得他和安吉丽娜结婚了,其实就是弗雷德的前女友。Maybe its a bit unhealthy, but I think that they wouldve been happy.可能会有点不合伦理,但我觉得他们过得很幸福。As happy as he could be without Fred. I think he wouldve felt like part of himself died.幸福到可以忘记弗雷德的死,我想他会觉得就像他自己的一部分死了。Then theres Ginny, who marries Harry.And Ginny marries Harry and they have James Sirius, godparents Ron and Hermione.接着就是金妮,她嫁给了哈利。金妮和哈利结了婚,他们生了詹姆斯·小天狼星,教父母是罗恩和赫敏。They have Albus Severus. Hes the one Im most interested in.他们生了小阿不思·西弗勒斯,他是我最感兴趣的孩子。And then, third, Lily Luna, for their dear friend.之后第三个是莉莉·卢娜,以他们亲爱的朋友之名。And what happens to Luna?卢娜怎么样了?Oh, Luna marries Rolf Scamander, who is the grandson of a great naturalist so theyd have a very interesting life, globetrotting and looking for weird animals.卢娜嫁给了罗尔夫·斯卡曼,他是一位伟大自然学家的孙子,他们经历了很有意思的人生,他们环游世界,寻找神奇生物。But I think shed have twin boys.我觉得她最后生了一对双胞胎男孩。But later. That would be much later than this lot who all settled down earlier.不过要晚一点,要在她的许多历险之后,要等他们安定下来以后。And are they happy? Um, yes, I think so.他们幸福吗?是的,我想是的。My lot are all happy.我的人物们都过得幸福。The twin boys have got names too? Lorcan and Lysander.双胞胎男孩也有名字吗? 洛肯和莱赛德。If thats all right with you. Very Shakespearian.如果你觉得还行的话。 很有莎士比亚的味道。I cant help it. You know what it was like?我停不下来,你知道这像什么吗?It was like running a race, and you get to the finishing line and youre running too fast to stop, so I do know what happened afterwards.这就像一次跑步比赛,你跑过了终点,你跑得太快了停不下来,所以我得知道接下来发生的事。So I couldnt stop my imagination doing that.所以我沒办法停下我的想像力。So I know this sounds an awful lot of detail to go into for your own satisfaction and not because youre planning to write more books, but thats just how it was.所以我为了满足自己构想了一大堆细节,我自知它们很糟,不是因为我打算写更多书,而这就是应有的结果。I couldnt stop. I had to know. I had to know what happened next.我停不下来,我必须得知道,我得知道接下去发生的事。Well, you always have to know more than you put in.你总得比你写出来的知道得多。Yeah. Yeah. And I carry that on into another generation but, yes, I...是啊,是啊,我把故事带入了新的一代人,但是,对,我……So all of that could be another book. Yeah.这一切可能就会成为另一本书。是啊。Dont. Dont. Dont. I know it cant. It cant be.别,不要,不要,我知道我不能写,不能写。No. I think it would... Youve got... No. I think its definitely time to stop.不,我想会……你要……不,我想绝对是时候停下来了。Time to stop now.是时候停下来了。It gives me a certain satisfaction to say what I thought happened and to tell other people that because, um...把我的设想说出来并且告诉别人,给了我一定程度的满足。Because I would like my version to be the official version still... even though Ive not written it in a book. Because its my world.因为我的版本也会成为官方的版本。尽管我不会把以上的话写进书里。因为这是我的世界。But, no, I dont want to write any more Hogwarts books.不过,不,我不想再写任何关于霍格沃茨的书了。201511/412502

You can find evidence of the devastation this caused in an unlikely location,你可以在一个人们难以想象的地方找到这次事件的据the Dolomites,多洛米蒂山区a jagged range of mountains on the border of northern Italy and Austria.这是位于意大利和奥地利北部边境的崎岖山峦Millions of years ago an ocean covered this whole region.几百万年前这里被一片海洋覆盖着It was squeezed out of existence by the land around it因为周围的陆地而被挤没了which forced the seabed to rise up creating these mountains.陆地造成海床升高造成了这些山峦As the seabed rose,随着海床升高it brought the remains of these dead marine creatures with it.它就附着了这些死亡的海底生物This layer of black rock can be found all around the world.这层黑岩石可以在全世界找到It shows that life in the oceans这说明海洋中的生物was utterly devastated by the collapse of the ocean conveyor.完全因为大洋输送带失灵而消失Once the conveyor had stopped, oxygen was no longer carried down一旦大洋输送带停止氧气就无法into the deep sea from the surface.从海洋表面被带到海底So, as oxygen disappeared,所以氧气消失了the marine life which relied on it died out.赖以生存的海洋生物也死光了This lack of oxygen, known as anoxia,缺少氧气,也就是所谓的缺氧症explains all the death in the ocean, but it doesnt explain可以解释海洋生物的死亡但是无法解释why the extinction sp onto the land.为什么陆地上的生物也都灭绝了We know that it did because the remains of millions of land animals我们知道这点是因为在全世界找到了have been found across the world.几百万陆地动物的尸体But the link between Land and sea isnt clear.但是海洋和陆地的联系还不是很清楚201511/412435

The sale of some Volkswagen diesel models has been banned in Switzerland. The temporary move comes amid a deepening scandal over VW’s rigging of diesel car emissions tests and could affect 180,000 cars not yet sold or registered in Switzerland.瑞士已经禁止部分大众柴油车型的销售。此举是由于日益加深的大众柴油汽车尾气排放测试丑闻,预计可能会影响180,000辆瑞士尚未出售或注册的汽车。The ban does not apply to vehicles aly on the road or cars with Euro6 emission category engines.此项禁令不包括已经上路的车辆或欧盟6排放类型发动机汽车。New Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller said his most urgent task is to win back trust.新大众首席执行官缪勒·马蒂亚斯说,他最迫切的任务就是要赢回信任。“Acting carefully is more important than acting quickly,” he says. “It’s imperative that this kind of thing can never happen again at Volkswagen which is why the group is going to enforce even stricter standards of compliance and governance. That is my commitment.”he says.他说:“小心行事比快速行事更为重要”“有必要保大众不再会发生这类事情,这就是为什么大众要执行更为严格的遵循和治理标准。这是我的承诺。”他说道。Meanwhile regulators and prosecutors around the world are investigating the issue while investors and customers are launching lawsuits.与此同时,世界各地的监管机构和检察官正在调查这一问题,投资者和客户正发起诉讼。Well it’s incredibly damaging,The sheer scale of it and the deliberate nature means it will really have a very significant impact on VW’s brand. The damage done aly could amount to 10 billion dollars wiped off its intangible value.好吧,破坏之大难以想象,从规模到本质上,大众品牌受到严重的影响,此次损害无形价值可能达到一百亿美元。Volkswagen said 11 million vehicles worldwide were fitted with cheating software.大众称全世界有一千一百万辆汽车装配了欺骗性的软件。Customers and motor dealers are furious because they say Volkswagen has yet to specify which vehicles models and years of manufacture are affected, and whether cars are going to be recalled for refits.客户和汽车经销商对此都极为愤怒,因为他们说大众还尚未指出是哪种车型、哪年生产的汽车受到影响,以及汽车是否会被召回改装。译文属。 /201509/401236

Our litter of pups are now five weeks old and theyre becoming more adventurous.我们的这窝幼崽已经五周大了,胆子越来越大。Testing what they can destroy with their teeth and who they can and cant pick fights with.判别着什么东西可以用牙咬坏,谁惹得起,谁惹不起。But above all, theyre discovering what it means to be a dog.总之,它们在探索作为一只的意义。Simple play between two puppies reveals the wild ancestors within.两只幼犬之间的打闹展现了骨子里的狂野天性。The hunting instinct, the dominant and submissive behaviours that are essential to pack life.它们的狩猎本能,这一主从行为的划分对群体生活至关重要。This is because all dogs can trace their ancestry back to the wolf.这是因为所有的都有共同的祖先:狼。So if all dogs came from one species, then how did they end up to be so many different shapes and sizes?既然所有的都同宗同源,为什么它们却形态各异,大小不一呢?When we first domesticated dogs, we bred out some of the wild behaviours, and this process accidentally led to new characteristics.我们最初驯化的时候通过选种消除了一些犬类的野蛮行为,这一过程中意外形成了新的特征。Coloured coats, curly tails and floppy ears.不同花色的皮毛,卷曲的尾巴,松软的耳朵。Add a few thousand years of breeding from the dogs we love the most and you have the huge variety that we see today.加之几千年来人类对钟爱犬种的培育,便形成了当今的繁多种类。In theory, any dog can mate with any other dog, but practicalities get in the way.理论上来讲,任意两只都能交配,但得考虑实际可行性。If humans were as different as a Pug and a St Bernard, then our heights would range from two to 31 feet tall.如果人类像哈巴和圣伯纳德那样迥异,我们的身高范围可能是半米到九米半。But theres one thing that just about every dog does. Bark.但是所有的都有一个共同的习性:吠叫。So why do they bark? Where does it come from? Wolves dont bark. They howl.它们为什么吠叫?从哪儿学来的?狼可不吠。它们嚎叫。Some scientists think that barking has evolved just for our benefit.一些科学家认为进化出吠的功能是为了人类。So does this mean that theyre talking to us? And if so, what are they saying?那这是否意味着它们在和我们说话?如果是的话,它们在说什么?They seem to understand our words. Dig, dig. Come on, speak.它们似乎明白我们的语言。快挖,快挖。来,说句话。Good boy. But can dogs really talk to us by barking?好孩子。但是真的能靠吠叫来和我们交谈吗?I dont think anybody ever understands a dog.我觉得没人能理解一只。They understand you. I dont think you ever understand a dog.它们理解你,但我觉得没人能理解。201505/375787

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