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Afghan, Foreign Troops Launch Massive Manhunt to Recapture Prisoners阿富汗联军部队搜捕数百越狱逃犯  Afghan and foreign troops have launched a massive manhunt to recapture hundreds of prisoners, including suspected Taliban militants, who escaped a central prison in southern Afghanistan after a raid by Taliban insurgents on Friday night. Authorities say an investigation into the incident is underway and some prison officials are also being questioned to see if they had played any role. In another development, U.S military officials say that a roadside bomb explosion left four soldiers from the US-led coaltion dead in western Afghanistan. 阿富汗和联军部队发动大规模搜捕行动,争取将数百名越狱的囚犯抓捕归案,其中包括塔利班激进分子嫌疑人。塔利班暴乱分子星期五晚上突袭阿富汗南部一所中心监狱,这些人趁势逃走。有关当局说,目前正在对这次事件进行调查。一些监狱官员也在接受问讯,以确定他们是否参与了这起事件。在其它方面,美国军方官员说,在阿富汗西部地区,以美国为首的联军部队遭遇路边炸弹袭击,有4名军人阵亡。A Taliban spokesman told reporters by telephone from an undisclosed location that 30 insurgents and two suicide bombers took part in the Friday night attack on the prison in the southern city of Kandahar.  塔利班一位发言人在一个没有透露的地点通过电话告诉媒体说,大约30名激进分子和两名自杀炸弹杀手参加了星期五晚间对阿富汗南部城市坎大哈那所监狱的袭击行动。The commando-style assault began with a fuel tanker loaded with explosives hitting the main gate while another suicide bomber blew up the back wall of the facility. The powerful explosions are said to have instantly killed at least 15 security guards and wounded many others.  这次袭击很像是特种部队的突袭行动。首先是一辆装满炸药的油罐车撞开监狱大门,同时一名自杀炸弹杀手炸开监狱后墙。据说,巨大的爆炸当场炸死至少15名狱警,并造成多人受伤。Afghan Deputy Justice Minister Mohammad Qasim Hashimzai says that heavily armed Taliban militants then stormed the compound and helped prisoners escape. 阿富汗司法部副部长哈希姆扎伊说,全副武装的塔利班激进分子随后冲进监狱,帮助囚犯逃离。 "Now when this happened, and of course there were some casualties in the beginning and of course when the ISAF forces and the government forces were informed about that, they blocked the roads leading to the prison, and outside of it, and other main roads searching the vehicles to see if they can re-capture those who managed to escape," he said. 他说:“事件发生以后,当然在一开始有一些伤亡。当然,驻阿富汗国际安全救援部队和阿富汗政府军得到消息以后,马上封锁了通往监狱的道路、监狱外边的道路、以及其它一些主要道路,搜查车辆,看看是否能够抓住那些越狱的人。”Afghan officials say that there were nearly 1,200 prisoners, including up to 400 suspected Taliban militants, before the attack, and most of them are said to have been freed by the attackers. 阿富汗官员说,在袭击发生前,这个监狱大约关押着1200个人,包括400名塔利班激进分子嫌疑人。据说,大部分囚犯被袭击者放走。The jailbreak is being described as a major security breach and has increased security concerns for both the government and foreign forces particularly in southern Afghanistan, where Taliban militants have carried out most of their subversive activities in the past two years. 有关方面说,这次监狱被攻陷是一次重大安全失误,加剧了阿富汗政府,特别是驻扎在南部地区的外国军队对安全局势的担忧。过去两年来,塔利班激进分子的大部分颠覆活动都是在南部地区进行的。Under a program agreed to last year to transfer all local prisoners from U.S detention, the U.S. military has handed over an unspecified number of suspected Taliban fighters to Afghan custody. 根据去年达成的一项移交当地囚犯的计划,美国军方向阿富汗政府移交了一批塔利班战斗人员嫌疑人。Meanwhile, a roadside bomb exploded near a U.S military vehicle on Saturday killing four American soldiers. A U.S military spokesman says the attack happened in western Farah province and targeted American personnel helping train Afghanistan's police force.  在其它消息方面,星期六,一辆美军军车遭遇路边炸弹袭击,4名美国军人丧生。美军发言人说,袭击发生在西部的法拉省,目标是那些帮助训练阿富汗警察的美方人员。The violence and jailbreak came a day after international donors at a conference in Paris pledged more than billion for Afghanistan. 在这些暴力事件和监狱遭袭击的前一天,国际捐助者在巴黎举行会议,保向阿富汗提供200多亿美元援助。200806/42134Negotiation on customs cleatance通关协商A: Shall we get down to the problem of customs clearance now?A: 我们谈一谈通关的问题吧。B: OK. According to the terms in our contract, you have to take charge of all the stuff in customs clearance.B: 好的。根据合同,通关事宜是由你方负责。A: We get it. But in this project, we have some difficulty and obstacle in clearing customs.A: 我们知道。但是在这项工程上,我们在通关问题上有一些困难和障碍。B: If so, we can have a discussion so as to have the problem solved.B: 如果这样的话我们可以讨论与一下该如何来解决这个问题。A: Thanks for your understanding. As you know, we are not quite familiar with the procedures of customs clearance here and this will waste a lot of time and energy. And I believe you can see that the low efficiency due to the unfamiliarity will lead to the loss to both sides.A: 非常感谢您的通情达理。你们也知道,我们对这里的通关手续不是很了解,因此也就会造成大量时间和精力的浪费。我想你方也知道这样的低效率会造成我们双方的损失。B: Thats true. What can we do to help?B: 确实是这样。我们能帮上什么忙?A: Were grateful that you said that. Would you please assign someone who is familiar with the clearing procedure to work it out together with us?A: 非常感谢您能这样。你方可不可以派一个熟悉通关手续的员工来帮忙我们共同完成通关手续呢?B: All right. Sounds acceptable. Lets do it.B: 可以,能够接受。那就这样办吧。A: Thanks.A: 非常感谢。 /201602/425141

Virginia Tech Marks One-Year Anniversary of Campus Shooting维州理工大纪念校园击案遇难者  Candlelight vigils and somber ceremonies marked the one-year anniversary of a shooting spree on the campus of a U.S. university, Virginia Tech, that left 32 people and the gunman dead. The incident was one of the worst mass-shootings in U.S. history - one that reignited debate over security measures at American schools. 美国维吉尼亚理工大学击案一周年到来之际,人们举行烛光守夜和默哀仪式。那次事件造成32人死亡,手本人自杀。这起事件是美国历史上最严重的集体杀案之一,由此引发了在美国校园安全措施的争论。 Thousands gathered at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in remembrance of the university students and staff who perished during a gun rampage committed by a mentally unstable pupil, Seung-Hui Cho, a U.S. resident from South Korea. 数千人聚集在维吉尼亚理工大学,纪念在击案中死亡的学生和教职员工,制造杀案的是精神不稳定的学生赵承熙,他是来自韩国的美国永久居民。One by one, names of the victims were , along with tributes to the dead. Virginia Tech President Charles Steger said the university has struggled to recover from the tragedy - a process that continues to this day. 纪念仪式主持人宣读每个遇难者的姓名和对他们的哀念。维吉尼亚理工大学的校长说,学校从悲剧中恢复是一件艰难的事,这个过程一直延续到今天。"It has been a difficult road; it has been a hard journey, indeed," Steger said. "It began with shock and trauma and a flood of emotions. And in the ensuing days and weeks and months, we have searched for answers. We have searched for meaning in what is incomprehensible. What is at the heart of this day is not public. Rather, it is a very private and profound loss. We know intently what the people we lost meant to us, and we are more keenly aware of how they touched and changed our lives." 他说:“这是一条艰难的路,这是一段艰难的旅程,真的。开始的时候是带著震惊、伤痛和许多的情感。在后来的日日夜夜,我们在寻找。我们在寻找令人费解的问题的。这一天不是有关公众的,而是有关非常隐私的问题和极大的丧失。我们领悟到了失去这些人对我们的意义,我们也更加深刻地感受到他们是怎样影响和改变了我们的生活。”Speaking afterwards, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine said he continues to feel sorrow over the events of a year ago, as well as pride and admiration for the Virginia Tech community as it endeavors to heal and continue its mission. 在随后的讲话中,维吉尼亚州州长凯因说,他仍然对一年前发生的事件感到悲痛,他对维吉尼亚理工大学为恢复做出的努力和继续他们的使命感到骄傲和钦佩。Although far from commonplace, school shootings have periodically marred America's educational landscape over the years. In 1999, two Colorado high school students killed 13 people and wounded 24 others before committing suicide. This past February, a gunman killed five people and wounded 18 others at Northern Illinois University. 尽管不是普遍发生的事件,校园击案近年来时常破坏美国教育界的平静。在1999年,2名科罗拉多高中学生开打死13人,打伤24人后自杀。在去年2月份,一名手在北伊利诺伊大学打死5人打伤18人。In light of the violence, many schools have reviewed security measures and placed additional emphasis on programs to identify and counsel students who may be struggling with psychological disorders. In addition, a few university students have started a campaign urging that students and faculty be permitted to bring firearms on campus for self-defense. Few, if any, school administrators have endorsed the idea.  为了防止暴力发生,许多学校都审查安全措施,并且强调增加一些学校的项目,来发现和辅导那些心理失调的学生。另外,几名大学的学生已经开始一项行动,敦促学生和教师允许在校园携带武器进行自卫。但是学校的管理者几乎都不同意这一设想。 200804/35292

Hello? Hello?你好?你好?Oh, Ive lost the signal, hes gone.我没信号了,他挂了。Never mind Anna.没关系,安娜。I think he got the message.我想他明白了。Another drink?再来一杯吗?Lets hope Paul has got the right message about Anna and Tom!希望保罗不会误会安娜和汤姆!Anyway, shes briefed the boss and kept him in the picture.总之,她通知了老板并且让他了解情况。Heres a reminder of some of the phrases she used: Its good news – Ive closed the deal and the contract is signed.这是她使用过的表达方式。我有好消息。我达成了协议并且签了合同。We need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.我们要尽快推进订单。Im committed to getting the order delivered on time… but I will need some help.我承诺了会及时发送订单,但我需要帮助。A good days work for Anna but now its time for bed.安娜今天做的不错,但现在到了睡觉的时间了。Right, well, its time for bed.好吧,是时候休息了。Weve got an early start tomorrow.明天我们要早起。So, where are we staying?所以我们住哪呢?A lovely little boutique hotel, just round the corner.街角处有一个很不错的小型精品酒店。Ive booked a room with a view.我定了一间可以看风景的房间。A room? One room? !一间房?一间房吗?Err yeah. Thats all they had, actually… honest!是的,说实话,他们其实就这一间了。This could be interesting.这可有意思了。Lets hope things remain professional.希望一切都能公事公办。Until next time. Bye!下次见了! /201705/507586

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