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Fourth Of July Lies关于美国的14个谣言America is the land of the free, home of the brave... the white picket fences, the 2.5 kids in every ;modern family.; Or so we#39;ve been led to believe.美国,自由的沃土,勇者的家园;;屋外环绕着白色尖桩篱笆,屋内奔跑着平均2-3个小孩;;典型的;美国现代家庭;图景。而这些都只是我们印象中的美国。In honor of the Fourth of July and the celebration of our independence from a country that taxed us without representation, we look at some of the ridiculous myths and outright lies that have people entirely misled about the ed States. From Jackie Robinson to who really discovered America, these are the true stories about our history...为了庆祝7月4号,这个标志着我们从另一个国家的剥削中解放出来的日子,我们审视了一些关于美国的荒谬传说及谎言,这些东西误导着人们对美国的看法。从黑人球员Jackie Robinson到航海家哥伦布,我们现在来将谣言逐一击破吧!Myth 1: America Is A Democracy谣言1:美国是个民主国家In the current age, America and democracy are synonymous. Little do most Americans know they don#39;t actually live in a democracy. America was actually founded as a Constitutional Republic, as stated in the Constitution and the Pledge of Allegiance. In an Economist ranking of the world#39;s democratic countries in 2006, America didn#39;t even crack the top 10.当前,;美国;和;民主;似乎已成了同义词。然而绝大部分美国人不知道的是,他们生活的这个国家,并不是个民主国家。美国最初是作为一个宪法共和国而建立的,这一点在《宪法》和《效忠宣誓》中都有体现。在06年《经济学人》进行的一项全球民主国家排名中,美国甚至没有挤进前十。Myth 2: The Founding Fathers Were Christian谣言2:美国是由一群基督徒建立的This is both true and false. A large number of the Founding Fathers were associated with various sects of the Christian church, like Protestantism and Lutheranism. However, many still openly opposed organized religion. Thomas Jefferson practiced Deism, which contends that reason and observation of the natural world are enough to determine the universe has a creator without the need for organized religion.这句话半对半错。美国的开国者之中有一大批从属于基督教会的不同分,如新教、路德教。然而,也有很多人公然反对有组织的宗教。Thomas Jefferson就信奉自然神教,该教的主张是:自然世界的推理和观察足以说明世界存在着创始者,并不需要通过组织教会来明这一点。Myth 3: Thanksgiving谣言3:关于感恩节While it#39;s true that the occasion we now know as Thanksgiving first occurred between Pilgrims and nearby Indians, it originally was three days long and served to salute the annual harvest. (Imagine our modern version of stuffing and turkeys for three days.) For the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving was intended to be a religious holiday of fasting and prayer, but only turned to a feast after the rains came during one such period in 1623.感恩节最初来源于清教徒和印第安人,这点是没错。不过,最初的感恩节足足有3天,是为了用来庆祝本年丰收的(想象一下用现代社会的庆祝方式胡吃海喝三天的情景;;)。对于清教徒来说,感恩节是个虔诚的节日,在这段时间里人们禁食和祈祷。不过,1623年的那次感恩节下了场雨,于是节日内容转变成大快朵颐了。 /201112/165427Knowing a little first-aid could be life-saving if you see someone lying unconscious.  如果你看见有人晕倒,而你又了解一些急救措施,那很可能会挽救一条生命。  Too often people don't do anything because they think they will kill the patient, but by learning simple rules you could make the difference between life and death.  通常人们都是什么都不做,因为他们认为自己的做法可能会害死病人。但是学习些简单的措施你就可能救死扶伤了。  First, you need to find out if they're unconscious, asleep or drunk, by squeezing the skin between their neck and shoulder and shouting.  首先,你需要通过挤压他们脖子和肩膀之间的皮肤,并大声呼喊来确定他们是无意识了,还是睡着了或者喝醉了。   If there is no response at all, you need to establish if they are dead or just unconscious - sometimes it's very difficult to tell the difference.  如果没有回应的话,你需要确定他们是死了还是仅仅是晕过去了,虽然有时是很难分辨清楚。 /201007/107986According to the song by Paul Simon, there are 50 ways to leave your lover. Having achieved that, helpful scientists say, there are six ways to find another one.They suggest that, for a first date to be a success, you should forget the old-fashioned romantic dinner and head instead for the funfair.The excitement of going on a roller coaster - or watching a thriller movie - will apparently boost each other's sex appeal.So will playing rock music, sharing a joke and even going for a jog together.The six rules are set out in New Scientist magazine, based on research from a variety of sources.Here they are:1. Choose a dramatic setting for your first date, such as a roller coaster, or go to see a nerve-jangling movie such as Fatal Attraction.2. Mirror the other person's gestures, for example by taking a sip of your drink at the same time. Research shows that copying the other person helps create a feeling of affinity .3. Share a joke or engineer a comic situation, such as learning new dance steps while one of you is blindfolded. Scientists found an experience that makes you laugh creates a feeling of closeness.4. Get the soundtrack right. It has long been said that music is the food of love and many people will turn to romantic tunes such as those by Marvin Gaye or Barry White to create the right mood. Rock music has also been proved to work.5. Take exercise together, possibly by playing sport or jogging. This boosts dopamine levels in the brain.6. Gaze into the other person's eyes. It might be a cliche, but it works.保罗·西蒙在其单曲《Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover》中提到50种离开爱人的方法,而要另寻知己,科学家们提出了六个可行之道。科学家建议,要想第一次约会就大获成功,那就不要固守老套的浪漫晚餐,应该尝试一下去游乐场。坐过山车或看一部惊悚电影引起的兴奋感会让彼此更具性吸引力。此外,听摇滚乐、分享一个笑话或者一起慢跑都能达到这个效果。根据多方调查研究,六条“觅偶”准则出炉,并被刊登在《新科学家》杂志上。具体内容如下:1.第一次约会,选择一个具有戏剧性的环境,如,坐过山车,看刺激神经的电影,比如《致命诱惑》。2.模仿对方的动作和姿势,比如,对方喝水的时候,你也喝一口。研究表明,模仿他人的动作能让人感到亲近。3.给对方讲个笑话或营造一个喜剧场景,比如,一起学一种新舞步时,将其中一个人的眼睛蒙起来。科学家发现,让人发笑的经历能够让人产生亲密感。4.选择合适的背景音乐。人们一直认为,音乐是爱情的食粮。因此,很多人倾向于选择浪漫的曲子,来营造和谐的气氛。比如,马文·盖和巴里·怀特的曲子。事实明,摇滚乐同样奏效。5.一起锻炼身体,可以进行体育运动或是慢跑。这能促进大脑中的多巴胺浓度上升。6.注视对方的眼睛。这种办法可能有些老套,但确实有效。 Vocabulary:affinity : attraction, closeness(亲和力,吸引力;如:She feels a strong affinity for him lt;他对她很有吸引力。gt;)soundtrack : 配乐;背景音乐 /200809/48698Aries' key phrase: I Am!  白羊:我是!  Taurus' key phrase: I have!  金牛:我有!  Gemini's key phrase: I think!  双子:我认为!  Cancer's key phrase: I Feel!  巨蟹:我感觉!  Leo's key phrase: I Will!  狮子:我愿意!  Virgo's key phrase: I Analyze!  处女:我分析!  Libra's key phrase: I Balance!  天秤:我权衡!  Scorpio's key phrase: I Desire!  天蝎:我要求!  Sagittarius' keyphrase: I See!  射手:我明白!  Capricorn's key phrase: I Use!  羯:我利用!  Aquarius' key phrase: I Know!  水瓶:我知道!  Pisces' key phrase: I Believe!  双鱼:我相信!According to Daily Mail Sept. 24, some 354 top manicurists from 24 countries gather in London to battle it out for medals in Nailympics 2010, the 6th "Olympic Games of fake nails". Exotic fingernails first came to most people's attention in the 1980s via the world-record breaking sprinter Florence Griffith Joyner.据英国《每日邮报》9月24日报道,英国伦敦近日举办第6届“美甲甲林匹克”,吸引全球24个国家和地区约354名美甲高手。据悉,上世纪80年代打破女子短跑世界纪录的“花蝴蝶”弗洛伦斯-格丽菲斯-乔伊纳双手蓄甲,上面涂有美国国旗图案,色缤纷的美甲艺术才第一次走进人们的视野。 /201009/114568

Lavender language functions as a kind of homosexual code, characterised by acronyms, plays on words and double meanings only intended to be understood by the gay community.  Lavender language相当于一种同性恋密码,以使用缩略字、文字游戏以及双关语为特点,主要务于同性恋人群内的沟通交流,所以称为“同性恋语言”。  The colour lavender is often used to identify 'gay-friendly' environments, hence its use in terminology surrounding gay issues.  淡紫色(lavender)通常都被认作“同性恋友好”类环境的标志,因此,与lavender相关的专用术语多与同性恋有关。   This alternative sense of the adjective lavender is, in fact, used productively in a variety of issues surrounding the gay community, and in the linguistic context occurs in descriptions such as lavender texts, lavender phonology/terminology and the lavender lexicon.  Lavender的这种用法出现在各种与同性恋有关的主题中,比如lavender texts(同性恋文本)、lavender phonology(同性恋语音体系),以及lavender lexicon(同性恋词汇表)等。 /201108/150919

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