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Chinese tech company ZTE#39;s new flagship Axon will reportedly be presented as one of the official gifts to the British government during the four-day visit of President Xi Jinping to the ed Kingdom, according to tech website gsmarena.com.据英国科技网gsmarena网报导,在中国国家主席习近平在英国国事访问期间,中国中兴科技公司的新款旗舰机Axon将作为国礼赠予英方。;It will be presented as a gift,; a spokesman of the company confirmed with China Daily about the report. ZTE has a history of being given as a gift to world leaders.该公司一位发言人向中国日报实此消息,“中兴Axon天机将成为国礼”。中兴手机作为礼物被赠予国家领导并非第一次。According to the spokesman, AXON was used by delegates during President Xi#39;s visit to the ed States in September. A year earlier, President Xi gave ZTE#39;s devices as state gifts to officials in Tajikistan. During the same month, former US President Jimmy Carter was presented with a ZTE device during his visit to ZTE#39;s Shanghai Ramp;D Center. This year, ZTE#39;s AXON devices have been given as gifts to Serbian President Tomislav Nikoli?, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina#39;s tripartite Presidency Dragan Covic, and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe.该发言人称,Axon天机是习主席9月访美期间随访团的指定用机。一年前,习近平访问塔吉克斯坦期间向代表们赠送了中兴手机。此外,同月中兴通讯上海研发中心在接受美国前总统吉米·卡特参观时,赠予卡特一款中兴产品。今年,中兴Axon天机成为了新一代官方礼物,塞尔维亚总统尼科利奇、塔吉克斯坦总统艾玛马力·拉赫蒙、波黑轮值主席德拉甘·乔维奇、埃塞俄比亚总理海尔马里亚姆·德萨莱尼等多位国家元首都先后收到这份礼物。During a state visit to Germany in March 2014, China#39;s first lady Peng Liyuan was seen using a ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini.2014年3月,第一夫人彭丽媛随习近平访问德国期间使用的是中兴努比亚z5手机。;AXON being given as a state gift is recognition of ZTE as one of China#39;s top smart phone manufacturers, as the gift must meet the highest standards in terms of quality and innovation in order to be presented,; said the spokesman.发言人表示,“Axon天机成为官方赠送礼物,是对中兴作为中国最大智能手机制造商之一的认可。作为国礼,必须在质量和创新方面达到最高标准”。The device includes ;dual track; -- high fidelity sound recording and playback, as well as dual rear-cameras that capture high resolution images and s. The phone is recognized as the world#39;s first smart phone that can be unlocked with three different biometric authentication options-- fingerprint, voice control and eye-scan.手机包括“双声迹”高保真录音及回放功能,以及双后置摄像头,能捕捉高分辨率的图像和视频。这款手机是全球首部集“指纹、声纹、眼纹”3种生物识别于一体的智能手机。The flagship AXON won the ;User Experience Gold Award; at the IFA 2015, known as one of the world#39;s largest consumer electronics fair held annually in Berlin.旗舰智能机Axon天机在2015年柏林国际消费电子展获“用户体验金奖”,国际消费电子展是全球最大的消费类电子产品览会。ZTE#39;s products are among the cheaper phones of choice at three of the big four US carriers. The company is quietly becoming a force in the US by selling good-enough phones at low prices, according to Bloomberg.据彭网报导,中兴产品在美国四大运营商中的三家都是属于较便宜的产品,中兴以其产品的高性价比,正悄然占据一定的美国市场份额。The company announced Thursday that it is launching a 64GB model of the ZTE Axon Pro in the US market. ZTE has been described by zdnet.com as one that listens openly to feedback and quickly responds to consumers.周四,中兴宣布将在美国市场推出64GB型号的Axon天机。至顶网描述中兴为公开听取消费者反馈并快速回应解决的公司。According to consulting company Strategy Analytics, the US was the best-performing overseas market for ZTE last year. Shipments of its devices rose in the high double digits, even as competitors#39; shipments were flat or lower, the research firm said. ZTE had 20 million active users in the US as of Dec 31.根据咨询公司Strategy Analytics数据,去年中兴在美国市场的表现不俗,是表现最好的海外市场。其产品出货量的增长速度高达两位数,而竞争对手的出货量持平或较之更低。截至去年年底12月31日,中兴在美活跃用户达2000万;ZTE claimed about 8 percent of America#39;s smart phone market in the second quarter of this year,; said the US market research firm International Data Corporation. That ranks the company fourth among smart phone makers overall in the US market, behind Apple, Samsung and LG.美国市场研究所国际数据公司表示,“中兴通讯在今年第二季度声称占据美国智能手机市场的8%份额左右”,在苹果、三星和LG之后位列第四。ZTE said that over the next three years ZTE will continue to prioritize its superpower markets --China and US markets, while increasing its investment in 13 of its key markets worldwide.中兴通讯表示,在未来三年内,中兴通讯将继续优先考虑中国和美国两个大国市场,而在全球范围内增加13个主要市场的投资。By 2020, ZTE aims to rank among the top three smart phone manufacturers in its key markets.中兴通讯的目标是,到2020年在其主要市场跻身前三大智能手机制造商。 /201510/405987Hernando de Soto, the Peruvian economist whose work centred on the informal economy and property rights, has much to contribute to the dialogue raging in the so-called developed world about privacy and data.在所谓的发达世界,一场关于隐私和数据的对话正如火如荼地展开。主要研究非正式经济和财产权的秘鲁经济学家埃尔南多#8226;德索托(Hernando de Soto),可为这场对话贡献不少真知灼见。Mr de Soto showed how enabling individuals to own property legally would drive economic prosperity. Many credit him with the surge of wealth creation happening in some parts of Latin America.德索托阐释了,为何让个人拥有合法财产权能够推动经济繁荣。许多人认为,拉丁美洲一些地方财富创造大大加快就要归功于他。Meanwhile, US technology platform companies and the European Union are engaged in an arms race around privacy. The issue is not whether my data are private. We lost that battle a long time ago. As Scott McNealy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems said: “You have zero privacy#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;get over it.” The issue is over who owns my data and to whom the value accrues.与此同时,美国科技平台企业和欧盟(EU)正围绕隐私较劲。问题不在于我的数据是否隐私。这场战斗我们早已打输。如太阳计算机系统公司(Sun Microsystems)联合创始人斯科特 #8226;麦克尼利(Scott McNealy)所说:“你没有丝毫隐私……别纠结这个了。”问题在于谁拥有我的数据、这些数据的价值又属于谁。Google’s use of my data drives their business model and their multibillion-dollar market capitalisation. We get no economic benefit for that beyond free search and online stalking. My bank account does not benefit from its success.谷歌(Google)使用了我的数据,这推动其建立了商业模式,实现了巨额市值。除免费搜索和在线追踪之外,我们不从中获得任何经济利益。谷歌的成功不会让我的账户余额增加一分钱。I long thought an entrepreneur would develop a business model to incentivise individuals for the use of their consumer data. I found one such entrepreneur,John Paleomylites, who was running BeatThatQuote, a UK price comparison site that my firm Ariadne Capital advised.我早已设想过会有一位企业家,开发一种商业模式,激励个人允许别人使用自己的消费者数据。我曾发现过这样一位企业家,约翰#8226;帕莱奥米利提斯(John Paleomylites),他曾管理过一家英国比价网站BeatThatQuote,我的公司Ariadne Capital曾为这家网站提供过咨询。BeatThatQuote was providing cash back deals and discounts. Despite having less than #163;500,000 of earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation, it was sold to Google in 2011 for #163;37.7m, having articulated its strategic value (or threat) to its acquirer. Who says Goliath does not get scared?当时,BeatThatQuote提供返利和折扣。尽管这家网站的息税折旧和摊销前利润(EBITDA)还不到50万英镑,但在2011年,谷歌以3770万英镑的价格收购了它,因为它明明白白地展示了自己对谷歌的战略价值(或者说威胁)。谁说巨人歌利亚(Goliath)不会害怕?The battle is no longer about incentivisation. If we believe that my data — whether related to my finances, telecoms, health, transportation or property — are my data, than their use surely must accrue value to me.这场战斗已不再关乎激励机制。如果我们相信,我的数据——无论是关于我的财务、电信记录、健康情况、交通记录还是持有房产情况的数据——是属于我的,那么使用这些数据当然必须让我获益。Re-enter Mr de Soto. He changed the world for Peruvian farmers by establishing property rights for them. What if data were established as legal assets for everyone?再回到德索托。通过确立秘鲁农场主的财产权,他改变了这些人的命运(见上图)。如果数据被确认为每个人的合法财产,那会怎样?Those of us who have had property rights have the ability to build other assets on top of our property assets. If you are still securing your basic needs at the bottom of thepyramid described by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow — a model that features an individual’s survival at the bottom and their self-actualisation at the apex of the pyramid — then you advance more slowly and with less certainty, if at all.我们中已经拥有财产权的人,能够在我们的财产基础之上创建其他资产。美国心理学家亚伯拉罕#8226;马斯洛(Abraham Maslow)提出了需求层次理论,该理论认为人的需求呈金字塔形状,处于金字塔最底层的是生存需求,金字塔顶端是自我实现需求。如果你仍在努力满足处于需求层次底层的基本需求,那么你的进步速度会更慢、并面临更大不确定性,甚至根本无法进步。So if data are the new universal assets, instead of arguing about privacy, should we just argue about money?因此,假如数据是为人们普遍享有的新资产,那么我们是否应该仅争论钱的问题,而别再争隐私不隐私?If the starting point is “they are my data”, then there should be a corresponding accrual for their use in the financial accounts for any business whose model uses them. Data, and the cost of purchasing them, would become a “cost of sale” in transactions.如果以“那是我的数据”为前提,那么任何企业,只要它们的商业模式用到这些数据,那么就应该为使用这些数据向我们付相应的费用。数据,以及购买数据的成本,将成为一项“销售成本”。If a large bank or telecoms group opened up its customer data to start-ups for applications using that data and then sold those applications on, a percentage of the revenue would have to accrue to those customers, or be netted against any other monies they paid in. The value of what is owed to any one individual would be 1/N where N is the size of the customer base used.如果一家大型或电信公司向一些初创企业开发的应用开放自己的用户数据,供这些应用使用,并销售这些应用,那么就必须将所获收入的一部分交给那些用户,或者从用户缴纳的费用中扣除这部分金额。应付给每个用户个人的费用将为总收入的1/N,N为用户总数。At each point in history where power has shifted towards the individual from a hierarchy, power is forcefully taken. There is a net social gain for the common man and woman if their data are valued. Prosperity will rip across society if we set up the right data architecture for business.回顾历史,每次权力从特权集团转移到个人手中时,权力都被牢牢地抓住了。对普通民众来说,如果赋予他们的数据以价值,会为社会带来净收益。如果我们建立合适的数据商用结构,财富将迅速席卷社会各个阶层。The non-technology traditional business — whether retailer, bank, transportation company — has an ace to play. By engaging with entrepreneurs and embracing consumer data as a legal asset of the individual, the incumbents in all traditional industries could deliver singularly spectacular growth.无论是零售商、还是交通公司,各种非科技传统企业都有了一张可打的王牌。通过与初创企业合作,持让消费者数据成为个人的法定财产,所有传统行业的现有企业都能实现非凡的增长。This is a system-level challenge. A start-up is at best today a car — a revenue-generating algorithm — in need of a highway. What big companies have is distribution, audience and reach. They can be a very smart highway.这是一种系统级挑战。如今一家拥有能创造收入的算法的初创企业最多算一辆汽车,它们需要公路。大型企业有的是分销体系、听众和影响力。后者可能成为非常智能的公路。The judo move would be for large, traditional enterprises to recognise consumer data rights and proactively value them in their business models.关键的一步将是,大型传统企业承认消费者的数据权,主动在自己的商业模式中赋予这种权利价值。One can never win by playing by the rules of someone else’s game: you must change the rules of the game. Every successful entrepreneur knows this. It is time for the judo move.按照别人的游戏规则来玩,你永远不可能赢:你必须改变游戏规则。每个成功的企业家都明白这一点。是时候走出关键一步了。 /201505/374473

Airlines are toughening up cockpit rules after French prosecutors accused the co-pilot of the Germanwings airliner that crashed in the Alps of wanting to “destroy the plane” when he was left alone on the flightdeck.法国检察机关对坠毁于阿尔卑斯山区的德国之翼(Germanwings)客机的副驾驶提出指控,称当他独自留在驾驶舱时想要“摧毁这架飞机”,随后各家航空公司纷纷修改驾驶舱规则,使其更为严格。EasyJet, Norwegian, Monarch, Emirates and Air Canada were among those who introduced new procedures to require two people in the cockpit at all times. EasyJet said it had taken the decision after consultation with the UK’s civil Aviation Authority.易捷航空(easyJet)、挪威航空(Norwegian)、君主航空(Monarch)、阿联酋航空(Emirates)以及加拿大航空(Air Canada)都出台了新规程,要求驾驶舱内任何时间都要有两人在场。易捷航空表示在咨询英国民航(Civil Aviation Authority,简称:CAA)后,作出了这一决定。The CAA has written to all UK carriers to ask what procedures they have in place for when one of the pilots leaves the flightdeck.英国民航已致函英国所有航空公司,询问当一名飞行员离开驾驶舱时,它们有何操作规程。Richard Taylor, CAA spokesman, said it was “very possible” that airlines could soon be required to have a member of the cabin crew stay in the cockpit if a pilot left for a break, as is the norm in the US.英国民航发言人理查德#8226;泰勒(Richard Taylor)表示,航空公司“非常可能”很快就会收到命令,要求当一名飞行员离开驾驶舱去休息时,必须有一名乘务员留在驾驶舱里,这在美国已是常规。The pre-emptive moves by the world’s airlines come as public concern over aviation safety mounts in the wake of the Germanwings crash, which killed all 150 people on board.德国之翼客机坠毁事故发生后,公众对航空安全的关注剧增,这些航空公司抢先采取了行动。此次坠机造成机上150人全部遇难。Brice Robin, the Marseille prosecutor, said that based on the cockpit voice recordings there was no explanation for why the co-pilot — whom he named as German national Andreas Lubitz, 27 — behaved as he did.法国检察官布里塞#8226;罗班(Brice Robin)表示,根据驾驶舱语音记录无法解释副驾驶的行为。这名副驾驶名为安德烈亚斯#8226;卢比茨(Andreas Lubitz),德国人,今年27岁。“He pressed this button [to begin the descent] for a reason we still don’t know why,” Mr Robin said. “All we hear is his breathing and it is normal breathing. He didn’t say a single word after the pilot left the cockpit.”罗班说:“他按下按钮(让飞机开始下降),我们仍不知道原因为何。我们只听到他的呼吸声,他的呼吸很正常。另一个飞行员离开驾驶舱后他没说一个字。”“When you have 150 people with you, I wouldn’t call it a suicide. That is why I am not using this word,” he told a press conference.罗班在记者会上说:“当连你在内一共有150人时,我不会称之为自杀。这就是为什么我不用这个词。”Mr Robin said the passengers were probably not aware of what was going on during the eight-minute descent until shortly before the impact, at which point the Airbus A320 was travelling at 700kph (435mph).罗班表示,在飞机下降的8分钟里乘客们可能不知道发生了什么事,他们可能直到飞机撞山前一刻才意识到这一悲剧,此时这架空客A320的飞行速度为700千米/时(435英里/时)。“On the recording you only hear the screams in the last moments,” he said. “The Airbus A320 is rather a big plane. The passengers aren’t next to where the cockpit is, so we only hear screams at the very end. Death was instant.”他说:“在录音里,只有在最后时刻才听到尖叫声。这架空客A320是一架相当大的飞机。乘客座位不挨着驾驶舱,因此我们只在悲剧快要发生的那一刻才听到惨叫声,机上人员瞬间遇难。”Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s interior minister, said that Lubitz had no known links to terrorism. Speaking to reporters in Berlin, Mr de Maizière said: “There is no evidence of any kind of terrorist background. We checked everything.”德国内政部长托马斯#8226;德#8226;迈齐埃(Thomas de Maizière)表示,卢比茨与恐怖主义不存在已知联系。德#8226;迈齐埃在柏林对记者表示:“没有据表明此次事故存在任何恐怖主义背景。我们调查了一切。”Carsten Spohr, chief executive of Germanwings’ parent company Lufthansa, said there was nothing in the record of Mr Lubitz, who started working for the airline as a flight attendant, to raise concern.德国之翼的母公司汉莎航空(Lufthansa)的首席执行官卡斯滕#8226;施波尔(Carsten Spohr)表示,卢比茨没有任何值得关注的异常记录,他是从这家航空公司的乘务员开始做起的。“He was fit for flying without any restrictions,” Mr Spohr he told a press conference. “His performance was without criticism. Nothing was striking.”施波尔在记者会上说:“卢比茨适合所有飞行,毫无限制。他的过往表现无可挑剔,没什么惊人之举。” /201504/367517

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