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A基础英语对话:约会 -01-7 19::6 来源: Dario: Hi Brian, how have things been with you? Brian: Pretty good, thanks Dario, but they would be better if I could find some matches. Dario: You can borrow my lighter instead. Brian: No thanks, I prefer to use matches. Dario: Matches are not good the environment though. Brian: Why do you say that? Dario: To make matches you need to cut down a lot of trees! Brian: Oh, I see your point. I will start buying lighters in the future. Dario: The best thing would be to quit smoking all together! Brian: Yeah I know, but I am too weak! Dario: But not too weak to remember to the Xianzai English newsletters every week! 戴瑞奥:嗨布莱恩,一切都好吗? 布莱恩:很好,谢谢戴瑞奥,如果我能找到一些火柴就更好了 戴瑞奥:你可以借我的打火机 布莱恩:不用了谢谢,我喜欢用火柴 戴瑞奥:可是火柴对环境不好 布莱恩:你为什么这么说? 戴瑞奥:制造火柴需要砍倒很多树! 布莱恩:噢,我明白你的意思了以后我会开始买打火机 戴瑞奥:最好是连烟也一起戒掉! 布莱恩:是的我知道,可是我意志太薄弱了! 戴瑞奥:可不要薄弱得连每周的“现在”英语通讯也忘了读!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW WORDS(生词) 1) Writer: a person who makes a living by writing 作家,靠写作为生的人 Some people think that writing a living is glamorous, but really it is just hard work. 有的人认为以写作为生很吸引人,可实际上这是个很辛苦的工作 ) Fiction: a story that is not true, or made up 不真实的或虚构的故事 Fiction is the most popular m of writing today because the stories are usually more interesting. 现在小说是最流行的一种写作形式,因为小说故事通常更有趣一些 3) Non-fiction: books that are based on fact 根据事实写的书 All textbooks are non-fiction such as history, geography, mathematics and science. 所有的教科书都是记实的,如历史、地理、数学和科学 ) Paperback: a soft-cover book, cheaper than hardbacks 平装书,比精装书便宜 Many people refuse to pay the high price hardback books so they wait the paperback version. 很多人不愿意出高价买精装书,所以他们等平装版本 Dialogue(对话) Jessie: Tina, will you help me to write my autobiography? Tina: That's a silly question. An autobiography is written by the person themselves. Jessie: If you help me, what will it be? Tina: It would be a biography. A biography is a person's story written by someone else. Jessie: Well anyway, can you help me? Tina: Sure, I think I have the talent to become a writer. Jessie: I heard a song recently about a paperback writer and it has given me some good ideas. Tina: I know that song! Can we sing it together? 杰西:蒂娜,你能帮我写我的自传吗? 蒂娜:这个问题很愚蠢自传是当事人自己写的 杰西:如果你帮我写那叫什么? 蒂娜:那叫传记传记是由别人来写的关于某个人的故事 杰西:不管怎么样,你能帮我吗? 蒂娜:没问题,我想我有当作家的天份 杰西:我最近听了一首关于平装书作家的歌,这首歌给了我一些很好的启示 蒂娜:我知道这首歌!我们能一起唱吗?New Words (生词) 1) Date: going out with someone, usually has a romantic feel 约会,与某人一起出去,通常感觉很浪漫 The whole idea of going on a date makes me feel very nervous. 想到要约会这件事我就觉得很紧张 ) Tacky: sleazy, not nice 庸俗、不好 When I had a look at her house, I noticed that the curtains were really tacky, the design was terrible and the material was cheap. 看到她房子的时候,我注意到那些窗帘很俗气,设计糟糕,布料低劣 3) Memorable: something that is easy to remember 容易记住的、难忘的 My graduation and first kiss are the most memorable things so far in my life. 毕业和初吻是目前为止我生活中最难忘的事 ) Ritual:social custom 社会风俗 Things like drinking tea, coffee and wines all have a lot of ritual about them. 关于品茶、喝咖啡和饮酒等都有很多相关的风俗习惯Lesson: 课文 At some time, we will all go out on a date. It is important to remember several things that will (hopefully) make the whole experience memorable. 某一天我们都会去赴约约会前一定要记住几件事情,这样可能会使整个约会经历更加难忘 Everyone is nervous when they go to a date. They worry about whether the other person will like them or if they will make a fool of themselves somehow. If you keep in mind how nervous the other person is, you will be less nervous. 每个人去约会的时候都会感到紧张他们担心对方是否会喜欢自己或者他们是否会出丑如果你想着另一方有多紧张,你就不会那么紧张了 Clothes, your car and how much money you have are NOT the most important things. What is important is that you make the other person feel comtable and can make them laugh. 穿着、车子和你的收入并不是最重要的事重要的是你能让对方感觉舒,逗他们开心 Think about where you will go on a date bee you meet the person. No one likes to play the "what do you want to do" game. Have a good plan bee leaving the house. 见面前想想你们要去哪里约会没有人喜欢玩“你想做什么?”的游戏离家之前要计划好 Dinner is always good and safe. Movies are usually OK, but choose a movie carefully. Bowling can be fun as can a walk in the park. Avoid sports or offering to cook at your house as they may make your date feel uncomtable. 吃晚餐总是不错的建议,也很安全一般来说看电影也可以,但要小心选择好电影打保龄跟在公园里散步一样有趣不要提议做运动或在你家里下厨,这可能会让你的约会很不舒 The big moment is at the end of the date. Should you kiss or not! There is no simple answer to this other than to say that you should be natural. 约会结束的时候很关键你是否应该吻对方!对此除了让一切顺其自然没有更简单的了 Remember that no means no. No never means yes. 要记住不就是不,永远不意味着是Dialogue (对话) Jeff: Joan! I am really excited. Can I tell you all about my date last night? Joan: Sure but you have to start at the beginning! How did you meet her? Jeff: We met in the elevator. I held the door open her. Joan: Did you ask her out, or did she ask you? Jeff: I was really surprised because she asked me out! Joan: So where did you go? Jeff: We had a nice dinner and then went to see a movie. Joan: Did you walk her home afterwards? Jeff: Yep - right to the door. She said I was a real gentleman. Joan: And did you kiss her? Jeff: I wouldn't be a gentleman if I told you that! 杰夫:琼!我真的很兴奋我能给你讲讲我昨晚的约会吗? 琼:好吧,不过你必须从头开始讲起!你怎么认识她的? 杰夫:我们在电梯里认识的,我帮她开电梯门 琼:你约她出去了吗,还是她约了你? 杰夫:我当时真的很惊讶因为是她约的我! 琼:那你们去哪了? 杰夫:我们吃了一顿很棒的晚餐然后去看了电影 琼:看完电影你送她回家了吗? 杰夫:没错,一直送到门口她说我是个真正的绅士 琼:你吻她了吗? 杰夫:如果我告诉你这个就不是绅士了! 约会 对话 英语 基础吉安做激光去毛多少钱5The Source of Energe5.The source of EnergyA summary of the physical and chemical nature of life must begin, not on the Earth, but in the Sun; in fact, at the Sunrsquo;s very center. It is here that is to be found the source of the energy that the Sun constantly pours out into space as light and heat. This energy is librated at the center of the Sun as billions upon billions of nuclei of hydrogen atoms collide with each other and fuse together to m nuclei of helium, and in doing so, release some of the energy that is stored in the nuclei of atoms. The output of light and heat of the Sun requires that some 600 million tons of hydrogen be converted into helium in the Sun every second. This the Sun has been doing several thousands of millions of year.The nuclear energy is released at the Sunrsquo;s center as high-energy gamma radiation, a m of electromagnetic radiation like light and radio waves, only of very much shorter wavelength. This gamma radiation is absorbed by atoms inside the Sun to be reemitted at slightly longer wavelengths. This radiation , in its turn is absorbed and reemitted. As the energy filters through the layers of the solar interior, it passes through the X-ray part of the spectrum eventually becoming light. At this stage, it has reached what we call the solar surface, and can escape into space without being absorbed further by solar atoms. A very small fraction of the Sunrsquo;s light and heat is emitted in such directions that after passing unhindered through interplanetary space, it hits the Earth.能量的来源概说生命的物理和化学特性必须始于太阳--确切地说,是太阳的核心,而非地球能量来自太阳的核心在这里,太阳不停地以光和热的形式向空间倾泻出能量数十亿计的氢原子核在太阳的核心碰撞并且聚变生成氦在此过程中一部分原本储存于原子核中的能量被释放出来太阳所产生的光和热需要每秒将六亿吨氢转化为氦这样的转化在太阳中已经持续几十亿年了核能在太阳的核心被释放为高能的伽马射线这是一种电磁射线,就象光波和无线电波一样,只是波长要短得多这种伽玛射线被太阳内的原子所吸收,然后重新释放为波长稍长一些的光波这新的射线再次被吸收,而后释放在能量由太阳内部一层层渗透出来的过程中,它经过了光谱中X射线部分,最后变成了光在此阶段,能量到达我们所称的太阳表层,并且离散到空间而不再被太阳原子所吸收只有很小一部分太阳的光和热由此方向释放出来,并且未被阻挡,穿越星空,来到地球 678吉安市中心人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱不可不知的常用问句(1) -01-7 00::7 来源: 很多人都想学好英语、说好英语,但是却常常不敢开口和英语角上的partner或是老外说话要想说好英语,即使别人不主动跟你交谈,你也该主动跟人交谈先打开话匣子再说要打开话匣子其实也没什么难的,一个简单的问句就可以搞定问好也好,询问也好,只要你敢先开口,绝对会有很多机会练习英文的1. How are you doing?你好吗?美国人见面时候最常用的打招呼方式就是:"Hey! How are you doing?" 或是 "How are you?" 不然 "How's going?" 也很常见我觉得这种每天跟别人打招呼的习惯,就是跟美国友人建立良好关系的开始 . What's up?什么事?"What's up?" 也是很常用的一种打招呼方式比方说 Bob 在路上看到我跟我说 "Hey! Ann!" 那我通常就会答说 "Hi! Bob. What's up?" 这就是问对方"近来怎样,有什么事吗?"通常如果没什么事人家就会说 "Not much." 感觉上有点像Hello的味道了"What's up?" 也常被用来问人家"有什么事?"例如有人登门拜访,你就会说 "What's up? (到底有何贵干啊?)" 总之 "What's up?" 在美国应用的很广,各位一定要熟记才是3. Could you do me a favor?能不能帮我一个忙?人是不能独自一个人活的,需要别人帮忙的地方总是很多,所以我就会常讲 "Could you do me a favor?" 或是 "Could you give me a hand?" 这算是比较正式礼貌的讲法有时候要请别人帮忙但还不太好意思开口,我就会说"Could you do me a little favor? (能不能帮我一个小忙?)"其实也许是帮大忙但也要先讲成小忙,先让对方点头才是 (注意一下这里用 could you 会比 can you 来的客气一点) 另外,"Can you help me?" 也很常见, 通常比如说我们去买东西,可是店员自己在聊天,我就会说:"Can you help me?"其实正常来说,应该是他们主动问 "Can I help you?" 或是 "May I help you?" 才对,但有时实在等不急了,就直接先问了 "Can you help me?". What are you studying?你主修什么的?在英语角上,一听到是学生,都会很自然地问:"What are you studying?"其实这样的问法就是问你 "What's your major?" 但老美们比较喜欢说 "What are you studying?" 如果说你遇见一个人,你不确定他是不是学生,那通常是问:"What do you do living?(你是作什么工作的?)" 或是简单地问:"What do you do?" 一般不会说成 "What's your job?"5. Where are you going?你要去哪啊?中国人的习惯:走在路上遇到好朋友,除了打招呼之外还都会问 "Where are you going?" 这个问题对老外来说有点侵犯隐私,对中国人来说则正常不过同样的意思也可以用 "Where are you heading?" 来表达(改编自小笨霖英语笔记本 英语点津 Annabel 编辑)我要学习更多口语表达 常用 不知 不可 WhatTypes of Speech Standard usage includes those words and expressions understood,used,and accepted by a majority of the speakers of a language in any situation regardless of the level of mality. As such, these words and expressions are well defined and listed in standard dictionaries. Colloquialisms, on the other hand, are familiar words and idioms that are understood by almost all speakers of a language and used in inmal speech or writing, but not considered appropriate more mal situations.Almost all idiomatic expressions are colloquial language.Slang, however, refers to words and expressions understood by a large number of speakers but not accepted as good, mal usage by the majority. Colloquial expressions and even slang may be found in standard dictionaries but will be so identified.Both colloquial usage and slang are more common in speech than in writing. Colloquial speech often passes into standard speech.Some slang also passes into standard speech, but other slang expressions enjoy momentary popularity followed by obscurity. In some cases,the majority never accepts certain slang phrases but nevertheless retains them in their collective memories. Every generation seems to require its own set of words to describe familiar objects and events. It has been pointed out by a number of linguists that three cultural conditions are necessary the creation of a large body of slang expressions. First, the introduction and acceptance of new objects and situations in the society;second, a diverse population with a large number of subgroups; third, association among the subgroups and the majority population. Finally,it is worth noting that the terms "standard" "colloquial" and "slang"exist only as abstract labels scholars who study language.Only a tiny number of the speakers of any language will be aware that they are using colloquial or slang expressions.Most speakers of English will, during appropriate situations, select and use all three types of expressions. 633吉安市中心人民医院祛除腋臭多少钱

青原区妇幼保健人民医院去痘多少钱吉安市人民医院治疗痘坑多少钱The Price of PerfectionGold may depreciate, stocks rise or fall,and business values change so as to leave the market in panic,but every man on the street or in the store knows that one value ever remains permanent, unvarying,and that is character.Every other asset may be swept away and success still achieved if this remain;every other aid may be at its bestand failure only await him who lacks the wealth of character.Character is that of which reputation is but the echo, often mistaken and misleading.Character is the last, the ultimate, value of life.It is the trend of the whole being towards the best.It is the passion and power that holds one true despite all persuasion.It is the one thing worth having, because upon it all other values depend.This asset comes not to a man by accident.He who is rich in character,whose success in many ways is built upon his resources in this way,does not just simply happen to be good, true, and square.There is a price to character;it costs more than any other thing, it is worth more than all other things.Essentially it never is inherited,but always acquired by processes often slow and toilsome and at great price.If you would be perfect you must pay the price of perfection.Unless the passion of life is this perfection it never will be your possession.Dreams of ideal goodness only waste the hours in which it might have been achieved.No man ever finds character in his sleep.The education of the heart is a thing even more definite than the education of the head.The school of character has an infinite variety of courses and an unending curriculum.This does not mean that this prize of eternity fallsonly to those who devote themselves wholly to self-culture,to the salvation of their own souls.The best lives have thought little of themselves,but they have lived the ends of the soul, to help men to better living,to save them from the things that blight and damn the soul.Like the Leader of men they have found the life unending by laying down their lives,paying the full price, selling all in order that right and truth and honour and purity,love and kindness and justice might remain to man. 800On Sitting down to Read King Lear Once Again golden-tongued Romance with serene lute! Fair plumed Syren! Queen of far away! Leave melodizing on this wintry day, Shut up thine olden pages, and be mute Adieu! once again the fierce dispute, Betwixt damnation and impassion'd clay Must I burn through; once more humbly assay The bitter-sweet of this Shakespearian fruit. Chief Poet! and ye clouds of Albion, Begetters of our deep eternal theme, When through the old oak est I am gone, Let me not wander in a barren dream, But when I am consumed in the fire, Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my desire. 866万安县激光祛疤多少钱No More Heroes?Many s have appeared in recent years,claiming that there are no more heroes in the Western world.The authors say that,particularly in Europe and North America,the young now refuse to admire anyone;that we are living in a world too well inmed,too curious and critical hero worship.The press, books, and televisionkeep showing us the faults of the public figureswho could become today’s stars,until we lose faithand start looking defects in any person who seems worthy of respect.In a neighbor or a statesman,we try to discover the weaknesses, failures,or ugly motives that are surely hiding behind his noblest actions.Is it true that we know too much?Were our ancestors lucky to be only partly inmed?Those who the first biographies of Charlemagne,George Washington, Joan of Arc,or other great men and women of the pastwere not told that their hero had bad breath or disliked his mother;they only found a description of his great accomplishmentsand their admiration was strengthened.In fact, early biographers didn’t hesitateto make up an admirable story or two about their hero.The man who wrote the first biography of Washington, instance, invented the cherry tree;he admitted later that there was no truth in it,but he said that it was in characterand that it would give young men a good example to follow.His ers didn’t seem to object;the book was reprinted eighty times —a tremendous success in those days.Modern biographers do not invent such stories,they respect the facts,as indeed they should.But we pay a price their truthfulness, in their efts to show “the whole person,”they tell us more than we really need to know about private lives,family secrets, and human weaknesses.The true greatness of a fine man is often gotten in the display;and people lose not only their admiration him,but their willingness to trust any other “star” completely. 6865吉安祛除眼角眉间纹

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