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福州/安全无痛人流手术福建省级机关医院怎么样The Embassy of China in Canada confirmed in a statement on its official website Monday that Chinese citizens have been deported for having pornographic pictures or s of children on their cellphones or laptops.中国驻加拿大使馆周一在其官方网站发表声明表示,近日有中国公民在入境加拿大时,因个人手机或笔记本电脑上存有未成年人色情图片或视频而被遣返回国。An official account ;iask-ca; on the WeChat social network, claimed Sunday that two Chinese students who were separately trying to enter the country were recently deported by Canadian customs for having child pornography on their mobile phones.一个名为“iask CA”的微信官方公众号声称,周日两个试图进入加拿大的中国学生被海关驱逐出境,因为在他们的手机上发现了未成年人色情信息。According to iask-ca, Canadian customs found obscene content in the two students#39; WeChat, a messaging app.根据iask-ca表示,加拿大海关发现这两位学生的社交APP微信上有淫秽内容。Meanwhile, the Chinese embassy statement did not specifically confirm the truth of these two cases. The embassy warned Chinese citizens who plan to come to Canada to delete sensitive or illegal content on their phones, computers or hard disks before traveling.同时,中国大使馆的声明并未明确确认这两起案件的真相。大使馆提醒那些打算到加拿大旅行的中国公民,在来之前要删除他们的手机、电脑或硬盘上的敏感或非法内容。According to Canadian laws, persons who make, possess, distribute, or access child pornography can be sentenced to a jail term of between six months and 14 years.加拿大法律规定,凡制作、持有、传播或浏览涉及未成年人色情信息的人员,将被判处6个月至14年的监禁。While many on Chinese social media questioned whether Customs officials violated passengers#39; privacy by going through their phones, but according to Canada Border Services Agency#39;s code of conduct, Customs officers have the right to search passengers#39; electronic devices.国内社交媒体上许多网友质疑加拿大海关人员查看乘客手机是否侵犯隐私,但依照加拿大边境务局行为规范,海关人员有权搜查乘客的电子设备。 /201602/427218马尾区生孩子哪家好 Question: Does weight loss reverse a fatty liver?问:减肥可以逆转脂肪肝吗?Answer: The short answer is yes.答:简单的回答是:“是的”。Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which affects about one in five adults in the ed States, is tightly linked to the obesity epidemic. There are no drugs to treat the disease, so most clinicians recommend that patients focus on lifestyle changes that produce weight loss, like diet and exercise, to improve their prognoses. Unchecked, fatty liver disease can lead to liver failure.在美国,每五名成年人中就有一人患有非酒精性脂肪肝,这种疾病与肥胖的流行密切相关。目前尚没有治疗的药物,因此大多数临床医师建议患者注重改变生活方式,譬如通过节食和锻炼来减轻体重,以改善预后。脂肪肝如果不能得到控制,就会导致肝脏衰竭。In its guidelines on fatty liver disease, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases notes that patients need to lose about 3 percent to 5 percent of their body weight to see reductions in liver fat. But the association says more weight loss — up to 10 percent — is needed to improve more severe symptoms like inflammation in the liver.美国肝病研究学会(American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases)在关于脂肪肝的指南中指出,患者需要减掉约3%到5%的体重才能减轻脂肪肝的程度。该学会还称,要想改善肝脏炎症等较为严重的症状,则需要减重更多——达体重的10%左右。Clinicians have long recommended weight loss to fatty liver patients on the assumption that it could be very helpful. But only recently have studies begun to demonstrate just how powerful losing weight can be, said Dr. Amy Kim, a hepatologist and assistant professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.长久以来,临床医生一直建议脂肪肝患者减肥,他们猜测这会对病情大有帮助。但直到最近才开始有研究实减肥的效果有多强大,约翰斯·霍普金斯医学院(Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)的肝脏病学家、助理教授艾米·基姆(Amy Kim)士说道。In a study published in the journal Gastroenterology in August, scientists recruited 293 patients and looked at what happened when they followed exercise and diet programs for a year. The patients all had an advanced form of fatty liver disease in which the liver becomes scarred and inflamed, known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH.8月发表在《胃肠病学》杂志(Gastroenterology)的一项研究中,科学家们招募了293名患者,并研究了他们在执行锻炼和节食方案一年后的变化。所有患者均患有晚期脂肪肝,肝脏伤痕累累,还存在炎症,这种情况称为非酒精性脂肪性肝炎(nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, NASH)。Among those who lost 10 percent or more of their body weight, “90 percent had resolution of NASH, and 45 percent had regression of fibrosis,” or scarring, the authors reported.作者们报告,在体重至少减轻10%的患者中,“90%出现NASH缓解,45%出现肝纤维化逆转”或瘢痕形成。“In clinic, we always say weight loss,” Dr. Kim said. “But this was a large prospective trial that confirmed that.”“在临床中,我们总是说要患者减肥,”基姆士说。“这项大型前瞻性试验实了这一理论。”“The more weight loss there is, the better the improvement,” she added.她又补充道:“减肥越多,改善越大。” /201601/420013福建福州/早孕检查哪家医院最好的

福州/妇保医院做产检价格Xi Wuyi, an expert on Marxism at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, recently wrote on her Sina Weibo account that she advises against national legislation on halal food.近日,中国社会科学院马克思学院的专家习五一在她个人的新浪微上写道,她反对国家对清真食品立法。Xi said such legislation ;violates the principle of separation of State and religion; and if the bill is enacted, it will interfere with the practices of religious followers in different regions and may threaten ;China#39;s national security strategy.;习五一表示,这样的立法将违背政教分离的原则,如果该法案生效,它将影响到不同地区教徒的行为,可能会威胁到中国国家安全策略。She refused an interview request from the Global Times on Sunday, explaining that the topic is too ;sensitive.;上周日,她拒绝了《环球时报》的采访请求,并解释称这一话题“太过敏感”。The State Council entrusted the Ethnic Affairs Committee of the National People#39;s Congress (NPC) with drafting national regulations on halal food in 2002.2002年,国务院委托全国人民代表大会民族事务委员会起草关于清真食品的国家规范。After reviewing a proposal by lawmakers saying that disputes were triggered by issues related to halal food, the Ethnic Affairs Committee of the NPC suggested speeding up passage of the legislation in both 2012 and 2015, saying that the legislation is ;reasonable and necessary; as it relates to ;national unity and social stability,; according to the committee#39;s official website.据委员会官方网站显示,在初步审议了立法者的提案后,关于清真食品事件的争议一触即发,2012年和2015年,全国人民代表大会民族事务委员会都建议加快立法进程,称该立法是“合理和必要的”,因为它和国家团结、社会稳定息息相关。Several Muslims smashed the facilities of a bakery in Xining, Northwest China#39;s Qinghai Province in May 2015 after discovering non-halal ingredients, such as pork sausages and ham, in its delivery van.2015年5月,几个穆斯林砸毁了中国西北青海省西宁市一家面包店的设备,因为他们发现送货车里有猪肉、香肠和火腿之类的非清真食品成分。Hundreds of Muslims in Xi#39;an, Shaanxi Province, also took to the streets in May 2015 to demand a ban on local halal restaurants#39; sale of alcoholic beverages, which are forbidden by the Koran.同样是在2015年5月,陕西省西安市的上千名穆斯林游街要求禁止当地清真餐厅售卖酒精饮料,这一规定是被《古兰经》所禁止的。Ma Yuxiang and Ma Zhipeng, professors at Northwest University for Nationalities in Lanzhou, called for the legislation in 2014, saying misconduct by halal restaurants has jeopardized national unity.2014年,兰州西北民族大学教授马宇翔和马志鹏呼吁立法,称清真餐厅的不当行为将危害民族团结。However, Wei Dedong, vice-dean of the School of Philosophy at the Renmin University of China, told the Global Times that a national regulation would authorize the secular government to define Islam-related issues, stressing that the legislation should be ;cautious.;但是,中国人民大学哲学院副主任魏德东告诉《环球时报》,国家立法将授权非宗教政府来定义穆斯林相关问题,他强调,立法应该“谨慎”。 /201603/430942福州/市妇科医院专家 An astronomer of the Western Han Dynasty, Luo Xiahong is famous for his outstanding achievements in calendar computation and astronomy, and is seen as the earliest scholar in calendar computation.落下闳,西汉天文学家,以在历法和天文方面的杰出成就闻名,被视为最早的历法学者。For the purpose of calendar reform, Emperor Wudi of the Western Han Dynasty employed astronomers throughout the country. 为了改革历法,汉武帝雇用了全国的天文学家。In the end, Luo worked out with others--The Tai Chu Calendar--which was adopted by the emperor, due to its superiority over other calendars. 最后汉武帝认为落下闳的历法《太初历》优于其它历法,于是予以采用。As the first calendar that can be verified in historical records, The Tai Chu Calendar was used for 189 years.作为有史可查的第一部历法,《太初历》使用了189年。Luo Xiahong was the initiator of the theory of sphere-heavens, and the equatorial armillary sphere he improved was in use for 2 000 years.落下闳是浑天说的创始人之一,经他改进的赤道式浑天仪,在中国用了2000年。For the first time in astronomic history, Luo correctly inferred the cycle term of 135 months for solar and lunar eclipses, meaning that there were 23 solar eclipses within 11 years.在天文学史上首次准确推算出135月的日、月食周期,即11年应发生23次日食。Based on this cycle, people could conduct forecasts on solar and lunar eclipses.根据这个周期,人类可以对日、月食进行预报。On September 16, 2004, with the approval from the International Astronomical Union, an asteroid was named after Luo Xiahong in commemoration of the great Chinese astronomer.2004年9月16日,经国际天文学联合会小天体提名委员会批准,一颗小行星被命名为“落下闳小行星”,以此纪念这位伟大的天文学家。 /201603/430306福州/做人工流产去哪里

浦城县中医院治疗妇科炎症好吗Older women have often been portrayed as green-eyed monsters, envying the young and hankering after their own lost looks.年纪大的女人通常都被描述成爱嫉妒的人,她们嫉妒年轻女子,渴望拥有自己曾经的姣好容貌。But it is actually the young who are the most jealous of each other, envious of their friends’ appearances, relationships, and social success, a new study has revealed.事实上,新研究揭示,年轻人最爱嫉妒彼此,他们会嫉妒朋友的容颜、爱情和社交的成功。It also appears that both men and women are more likely to envy someone who is approximately their own age and of the same gender.还有一种现象,不管男人还是女人都更倾向于嫉妒那些跟他们年纪相当以及同性别的人。The research was carried out by psychology professor Christine Harris and graduate student Nicole Henniger from the University of California, San Diego and is published in the journal Basic and Applied Social Psychology.这项研究由圣地亚哥加利福尼亚大学的心理学教授克莉丝汀.哈里斯以及研究生妮可.亨尼希共同实施执行,并发表在《基础研究和应用社会心理学》这份期刊上。The paper covers two studies: one that surveyed more than 900 people aged 18 to 80 on their own experiences of being envious, and another that asked 800 more in the same age range to remember when they had been the targets of envy.这篇论文包含了两个研究:一个是调查九百多名18岁至80岁的人关于自身嫉妒的经历,另外一个研究是访问另外八百名同龄的人,让他们回忆自己什么时候成为被嫉妒的对象。Envy was a common experience. More than three quarters of the participants reported experiencing envy in the last year, with slightly more women (79.4 percent) than men (74.1 percent).嫉妒是一种常见的经历。据研究报告,超过四分之三的调查参与者在最近的一年里嫉妒过别人,而其中女性产生嫉妒的比例为79.4%,超过男性产生嫉妒的比例,后者为74.1%。But they found that the experience declined with age.但是他们发现这种经历会随着年龄的增长而下降。Around 80 percent of people younger than 30 reported feeling envious in the last year. However, for those aged 50 and over, that figure went down to 69 percent.据研究报告,在过去的一年里,年纪低于30岁的人群中有80%左右经历了嫉妒,然而,对于年纪超过50岁的人来说,这个比例降到了69%。Overwhelmingly, people envied others of their own gender.人们绝大多数是对同性的嫉妒。’It surprised us how consistently men envied other men and women, women,’ continued Professor Harris.“男性嫉妒其他男性,而女性则嫉妒其他女性,这种高度的一致性让我们惊讶。”哈里斯教授说道。Even in domains like financial and occupational success, where you can imagine that a woman might envy a man his better pay or status, that wasn’t usually the case.’Also, people most often direct their envy at similarly aged others - within about five years of their own age.“即使是在诸如金融和职业成功的领域里,你想象到的是一个女性可能会嫉妒一个男性有更高的薪资和更高的地位,但通常情况并不是这样。”同样,人们最经常将嫉妒的矛头指向年龄相近的人——与他们的年龄相差在5岁之内的人。The researchers found that what people envied also changed with age.Young people said they felt most envious over looks and romance as well as achievement at school and social success, with 40 percent of participants under 30 said they envied others for their success in romance.But fewer than 15 percent of those over 50 said the same.研究发现人们所嫉妒的事物也随着他们的年纪的变化而改变。年轻人说他们最嫉妒的是外貌、恋爱史以及在学校和社会上取得的成功,其中30岁以下的参与者中有40%的人说他们嫉妒他人恋爱的成功。但是在超过50岁的受访者中只有不到15%的人说他们嫉妒的是这类事物。’Envy of monetary success and occupational success was common across all age groups,’ the coauthors write, ’but these two domains were unique in being more often envied by older people.’“对于金钱成功和职业成功的嫉妒是各个年龄群体中都很常见的,”笔者写道,“但是这两个方面独特之处在于,年长的人更容易因此嫉妒。”Elsewhere, the research found that people are more likely to be jealous of their friends than their family - perhaps because the success of these people is more cause for happiness and pride than envy.研究还发现相比于家人,人们更容易嫉妒朋友,或许是因为家人的成功带来的更多是开心与骄傲,而非嫉妒。The researchers could not determine whether the differences observed with age are due to changes over the lifespan or differences among generations.’My hunch, though,’ Professor Harris said, ’is that the hold envy has on people diminishes with time. My guess is that it’s good news about aging.’研究者不知道这些在不同年龄人群观察到的差异是由于年岁增长带来的改变还是年代的不同。“但是我的预感是人们所持有的嫉妒感会随着时间的流逝而减少,” 哈里斯教授说,“我想这倒是一个关于变老的好消息。” /201511/410161 A little rabbit is happily running through the forest when he stumbles upon a giraffe rolling a joint. The rabbit looks at her and says, ;Giraffe my friend, why do you do this? Come with me running through the forest, you#39;ll feel so much better!; The giraffe looks at him, looks at the joint, tosses it and goes off running with the rabbit.有一只小白兔快乐地奔跑在森林中,在路上它碰到一只正在卷大麻的长颈鹿。小白兔看着长颈鹿说道:“长颈鹿我的朋友,你为什么要做这种事呢?和我一起在森林中奔跑吧,你会感觉心情舒畅很多!”长颈鹿看看小白兔,又看看手里的大麻烟,把大麻烟向身后一扔,跟着小白兔在森林中奔跑。Then they come across an elephant doing coke, so the rabbit again says, ;Elephant my friend, why do you do this? Think about your health. Come running with us through the pretty forest, you#39;ll feel so good!; The elephant looks at them, looks at his coke, then tosses it and starts running with the rabbit and giraffe.后来它们遇到一只正准备吸食可卡因的大象,小白兔又对大象说:“大象我的朋友,你为什么要做这种事呢?想想自己的健康啊。跟我们一起在这片美丽的森林中奔跑吧,你会感觉好很多!”大象看看它们,又看看手中的可卡因,于是把可卡因向身后一扔,跟着小白兔和长颈鹿一起奔跑。The three animals then come across a lion about to shoot up and the rabbit again says, ;Lion my friend, why do you do this? Think about your health! Come running with us through the sunny forest, you will feel so good!;后来它们遇到一只正准备注射毒品的狮子,小白兔又对狮子说:“狮子我的朋友,你为什么要做这种事呢?想想自己的健康啊!跟我们一起在这片阳光明媚的森林中奔跑吧,你会感觉如此美好!”The lion looks at him, puts down his needle, and starts to beat the hell out of the rabbit. As the giraffe and elephant watch in horror, they look at him and ask, ;Lion, why did you do this? He was merely trying to help us all!;狮子看看小白兔,放下手中的针筒,把小白兔猛揍了一顿。长颈鹿和大象被吓坏了,它们看着狮子问它:“狮子,你为什么要打小白兔呢?它只是想要帮助我们大家啊!”The lion answers, ;He makes me run around the forest like an idiot each time he#39;s on ecstasy!;狮子回答:“这家伙每次嗑了摇头丸就拉着我像白痴一样在森林里乱跑!” /201512/413732福州/哪里看妇科疾病比较好福州/治疗宫颈糜烂的好医院



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