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福州/哪家治疗妇科医院好台江区做体检哪家医院最好的福州/不孕不育最好的医院哪里 Discussion: Eating healthy at McDonald's?Two experts discuss on CN whether the Big Mac is really watching out for customers' waist size, or just making them feel better about fast foodA big night, for CN, too, at nine PM Eastern Time, a new documentary called Big Mac inside the McDonald’s empire is gonna make its long anticipated debut. If you remember when Carl was out for a while, we said on assignment, on assignment, on assignment. He was doing this. And it is good, Carl Kintunia, the CN team got an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at the golden arches and you don’t wanna miss it. That’s tonight at 9 pm Eastern time. Mc Donald’s has got a great length to expand beyond burgers and fries, but has this fast food giant answered its critics when it comes to nutrition? Here now to weigh in, Jason Tre, no, Jason West, not Jason Trenner. You are not gonna talk about it /? No, did Carl gain any weight? He did, he was on assignment. We said weigh in for Jason. Jason, you are seeing, a restaurant analyst at Deutsche Bank, North America. And Margo Wootan. She is a nutrition policy director at the Center for Science and Public Interest. Um, Let me start with you, Jason. Is it nutritional now or are people going just because they like the taste?Um, I mean, I think they have increased the nutritional options on the , but I think overall what they've really changed is the quality of the food and people, I think more will go on because improvement in the quality and taste. And they have also increased, you know, the overall brand perception. It’s not just about the but they have also remodeled a good percentage of the restaurants which makes it a better customer experience overall.Phil Lebeau, I'm sorry, you are there as well today. I am. Joe. You do it all. You do Boeing, you do Mac Donald’s. What’s your take on this?I think that Mac Donald’s continues to get a bit of a bomb wrap when it comes to nutritional value. Listen, they have added a number of items to the that are healthier choices. And whenever they add these, and we have reported on these stories. The first thing I hear either hear from people, or I get an email from somebody is saying, yeah, but they still serve a bunch of junk food. They can’t, they can’t win here. They make more offerings that are nutritionally based or healthier and people beg on them. If they don’t make those offerings, people beg on them. But the bottom line is I do think that Mac Donald’s add offers more healthy choices than they did five, ten years ago. Alright, Margo, what do you think of what Phil just said?Well, I think Mac Donald’s is doing a much better job than say Burger King in adding more healthy items to the . Some fruits and vegetables. And working to reduce the amount of trans-fat. So they are making some progress. But they still have some work to do. I think one of the biggest problems with Mac Donald’s right now is that they have been fighting efforts at the state and local level to have calories listed right on the board so that people can make their own choices. So that people can see that their grilled chicken breast sandwich actually has as many calories as the quarter pounder, or that the Egg Mock-Muffin sandwich has half the calories of the pancakes. Right now it’s hard to make an informed choice because they mostly put the nutrition information on the tray liner or on the fast food packages which people don’t get until after they have ordered. Jason, this is Jason Trenner from Stratikers. I just have a quick question. I mean, you know, we all do respect Margo, you know, as an investor I would say who cares what the nutritional value that Mac Donald’s 's offering is. Are the margins better on this stuff, I mean some people might say that Mac Donald’s has too many things on the , maybe they should just focus on burgers and chicken sandwiches and shakes, and forget all those other stuff, toys and all the things that have been on the for so long.But it brings people into the restaurant. I know as a mom, I used to hate going to Mac Donald’s with my daughter coz there was nothing for me to order. Now at least there are some things that appeal to people who are more health conscious. And you know, Americans are trying harder to eat better these days.Jason. Yeah, go ahead Jason. I think that’s exactly right. I think that’s right. We actually did a consumer survey with Deutsche Bank. Looking at where consumers rank healthy choices when they go out to eat, healthy choices actually rank No.7 out of 12, you know, factors of importance so it ranked fairly low but among women, it actually ranked pretty high, actually much more important for women than men. And I think Mac Donald’s recognized this a long time ago, and they started selling more salads, they started adding more healthy options to the Happy Meals. What they've found is that the Happy Meal average ticket is actually up. They found that women are more likely to go there and so I think they are driving the traffic, they are driving the ticket up which is really what investors want to see. You know, investors are particularly worried about the, you know the nutritional value of the , they just want to see ticket traffic moving up.Alright,uh, thank you Margo, and Jason, I am sorry I said West, I don’t, I am looking at, yes, I didn’t say that anywhere, I just it wrong, Jason West. Very sorry, of Deutsche Bank North America.And our own Phil Lebeau, who, uh, I know I listen to you on Boeing, but I also think you probably know a lot about Mac Donald’s too. Every once a while, a blind squirrel finds a nut.Alright. Thanks, thank you.Notes:Every once a while, a blind squirrel finds a nut: or (even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while), means everyone has a bit of luck sometimes. 02/61794Two Suicide Bombers Strike AU Peacekeeper Base in Somalia索马里非盟营地遭遇自杀炸弹袭击Two suicide bombings have rocked the headquarters of the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia, killing the second-in-command and injuring the head general. The UN says at least 30 personnel were injured and being evalcuated for treatment. An Islamist militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack.在索马里的非洲联盟维和部队司令部遭遇两个自杀炸弹袭击,部队一名副指挥官被炸死,另外还有一名主要将领受伤。联合国表示,至少有30人因为受伤被撤离营地接受治疗。一个伊斯兰激进组织宣称对这次袭击负责。Two vehicles entered and then exploded in the African Union peacekeeping force compound, sending a heavy trail of black smoke into the skyline of the capital city.两部车辆在进入非盟维和部队营地后不久爆炸,爆炸产生的黑色浓烟窜上了首都内罗毕的天空。Among the dead is the top Burundian military officer in Somalia and deputy commander of the peacekeeping force, General Juvenal Niyoyunguruza. The head military official, Ugandan General Nathan Mugisha, was injured in the attack. 被炸死的人里包括来自布隆迪的非盟维和部队副指挥官尼永央古鲁扎将军,一名来自乌干达的维和部队司令官穆革沙将军在爆炸中受伤。The peacekeeping force is composed of about 5,000 Ugandan and Burundian troops. At least nine peacekeepers were killed, and some reports have indicated that Somalis may be among the dead as well. 非盟维和部队是由5千名乌干达与布隆迪军人组成,有至少9名维和部队成员被炸死,一些报道指出,其中可能也包括索马里人。An eyewitness at the Mogadishu airport, which is situated next to the AMISOM base, says the two cars entered the compound and then exploded near the petrol station located in the base. The two cars reportedly carried the ed Nations insignia on their sides.一位在营地附近加迪沙机场的目击者说,两部车辆进入营地后,在营地里的加油站旁爆炸,两辆车上有着联合国的标志。The eyewitness says the two vehicles first attempted to enter through the airport, but were refused access by security guards. He said the cars then drove over to the AMISOM entry way.这名目击者说,这两辆车原本试图进入机场,但是被安全警卫拦阻,于是就转往非盟维和部队的营地入口。A security officer has reported that vehicles were allowed inside because the guard at the AMISOM gate assumed they were with the ed Nations.一名安全官员报告说,营地警卫以为两部车是联合国车辆,才允许他们进入营地。Heavy mortar exchanges have since erupted in the Bakara market area of Mogadishu, killing a number of civilians and wounding many more. 在首都加迪沙的巴卡拉市场地区,迫击炮猛烈交火,导致许多平民伤亡。A spokesman for the al Shabab terrorist group claimed the suicide attack was in retaliation for the killing of a wanted senior al-Qaida operative in the region. 恐怖组织青年党发言人宣称对这次自杀炸弹袭击负责,并表示这是对该地区一名基地组织高级领导人的被杀而采取的报复行动。Kenyan Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, who was hiding with the Islamic militant group in southern Somalia, was killed Monday in a U.S.-led military operation.肯尼亚出生的纳卜汉,过去一直与伊斯兰激进组织藏匿在索马里南部地区,他在星期一美军领导和发动的突击中被打死。Suicide bombings are historically an alien practice in Somali culture, but al-Shabab has begun to seriously integrate the tactic as it increasingly seeks to link its campaign with other radical Islamic movements around the world. 在索马里文化中,自杀炸弹向来是外国激进份子使用的手段,但恐怖组织青年党近来也开始利用这个手法,希望能与全球激进恐怖活动挂钩。The al-Qaida linked Kenyan killed Monday was wanted by the ed States for his alleged role in the bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel in a popular tourist destination of the coast of Mombasa. He is also believed to have been involved in a botched attempt to shoot down an Israeli charter jet leaving the Mombasa airport the same day. 星期一被打死的肯尼亚基地组织领导人,是美国追缉的目标。因为据信他涉嫌卷入热门景点蒙巴萨的一家以色列酒店爆炸事件,以及同一天发生的一架从蒙巴萨机场起飞的以色列包机遭导弹袭击事件,但导弹没有击落飞机。Meanwhile, the terrorist group released a set of demands for the release of a French hostage who was acting as a security advisor to the Mogadishu government. The terms include demands that all AMISOM forces be pulled out of Somalia.与此同时,恐怖组织青年党提出一系列的条件,如果满足条件,就可释放一名为加迪沙政府担任安全顾问的法国人质。该组织的条件还包括要求所有非盟维和部队撤出索马里。09/84673建瓯市妇幼保健院生孩子价格

连江县做流产哪家医院最好的The iPod is so popular, even its commercials are capable of catapulting careers. iPod如此受欢迎,即使它的广告也能推动一种新兴职业的诞生。 ;One, two, three, four, tell me that you love me more.; ;一,二,三,四,告诉我你爱我爱的更多。; You look at an artist like ;Spice;, the song ;One, two, three, four; and this is a song that. It had cracked the very, very bottom part of the Billboard chart but you know, it starts running in Apple commercials and literally until next week, boom, its No. 20; boom, its No. 10. 你看Spice这样的艺术家,这是一首名叫;一,二,三,四;的歌。它在榜单中的成绩跌落低谷,但是你要知道,它在苹果公司广告的里却是红得发紫,而且到下周它将由第20位瞬间升至第10位。 Harry Schum is the star of the hit TV series ;Glee;. But you might not recognize him here, in Apples dancing silhouette commercial. 哈里;斯科姆是热播电视剧《欢乐合唱团》的当红演员。但你可能在苹果的舞蹈剪影广告中认不出他来。 Id always heard that Steve Jobs, you know he has to prove it. Hes particular and he wants things simple. And I think thats what shaped a form of silhouettes. A person dancing, maybe do extraordinary moves, but a silhouette.So it made you feel that, hey, I could be one of those people holding this iPod having fun and I just thought it was so genius. 我一直听说史蒂夫;乔布斯异于常人,你知道他不得不明自己。他独具慧眼,想要事物简约而不简单。我认为一种形式的轮廓就很好的诠释了这一观点。一个人跳舞,也许在做着不寻常的动作,但它只是一个剪影。它使你觉得,嘿,我也可以像这些人一样手持iPod在这里面玩耍,我只是觉得只有天才才能想出这样的设计。词语解释:1. commercial a. 商业的2. silhouette n. 剪影3. extraordinary a. 非比寻常的 201111/162806南平治疗宫颈肥大多少钱 International Space Station sex banCommanders do not allow sexual intercourse on the International Space Station, it has been disclosed."We are a group of professionals," said Alan Poindexter, a NASA commander, during a visit to Tokyo, when asked about the consequences if astronauts boldly went where no others have been."We treat each other with respect and we have a great working relationship. Personal relationships are not ... an issue," said a serious-faced Mr Poindexter. "We don't have them and we won't."Mr Poindexter and his six crew members, including the first Japanese mother in space Naoko Yamazaki, were in Tokyo to talk about their two-week resupply mission to the International Space Station.The April voyage broke new ground by putting four women in orbit for the first time, with three female crew joining one woman aly on the station.Sexual intercourse in space may appear out of bounds, but astronauts have been known to succumb to earthly passions.In 2007 former NASA astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak allegedly wore adult diapers when driving hundreds of miles across the ed States without bathroom breaks to confront a suspected rival in a romance with a fellow astronaut.Vocabulary:break new ground: to do something that has not been done before 有了新的突破out of bounds: not reasonable or acceptable 不合理的;令人无法接受的背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/107663福建省第二人民医院怎么样

福州/那家医院上环好Crunch Time For Football Finances Despite Kaka's proposed pound;100m move to Manchester City, many football clubs are struggling in the economic conditions. Ian Dovaston has been to two very different clubs to see how they're coping. This is Pierre resistor, this is first real Madrid chair, war against. I am trying to confront it, but. . . John Ryan proves a life time fascination with football. I have a passion for my hometown Dovaston. I said that I would do it when I was 20. So you know. That was a calling for me really. But if it was a business decision I would torture? you with batch poll. He's dragged his club from conference to championship pouring in perhaps 5 million pounds of his own money. It is a familiar story, but never more pertinent. Part from Saman city, I think the cold wind recession is reaching every club. Doncaster Rover is debt free, thanks largely to Ryan, but too many aren't. And the banks are wanting their money back. In the next few months, you will see, you might see some big casualties, I mean, who knows. But can morals go both. You know, in 1998 business. Who knows. These are treacherous times for football clubs. When Doncaster Rover emerged from M league, its wage bill was 800 , 000 pounds. Now just over 4 years later, it is 5 million pounds, or almost 60% of the clubs' turnover. As for so many others, the challenge for Doncaster and their chairman John Ryan is for the club to sustain itself financially. Here at Queen's Park ranges they have not just one, but three very wealthy individuals on board, but it seems suspiciously prudent. Edman Betty represents those wealthy men, Flobia Victory, Berly Achostood and Lachely Mitown, each of whom has significant sums in recent months. So far even they have spent less than 2 million pounds on 5 players in the transfer window. As I travel with the team for three months and speak to a lot of different clubs boards is that all of them are affected. And they are probably, you know, have less appetite to spend that they would did 12 or 18 months in some cases. And they have no appetite at all. C* have premier ambitions. But they are pledged to be building patiently. Football it would seem in general slowly coming around to that view. When the January transfer window began in 2003, 33 million pounds were spent in the premier league alone. Four years later, that spending hit doubled. But just one year later in 2008, that figure had almost tripled again to 175 million pounds. Unless Manchester city get that man, the figure this year is expected to be down. But the QPR the believes old habits die hard. We may see a year or two, you know, maybe less spending. But I think eventually it will go back to the times when money is paid for quality. That's something that's always happened in football. Back to Doncaster, however, John Ryan believes recession could prove to be football saver. In a strange way, it might bring it back to reality. There are some problems with football. It lives in this fantasy world. Manchester city's Large Ace created perhaps a dangerous illusion. Football has hit lean times. No question. In Dovaston, Sky News. NOTES:transfer window 在“转会市场”中可以选择合适的球员并签约到自己的球队中。QPR Queens Park Rangers. 女王公园巡游者02/61635 Rob Lowe interview Rob Lowe interview in Buzz Hunters Marshall: We got an exclusive with Rob Lowe, revealing family dirt and big changes on Brothers and Sisters.Janet: Yeah, guys, here he is, come on, let's go.Janet: Hey, Mr. Lowe, how is it going?Rob Lowe: Hey, sorry, I'm a little distracted, I'm trying to download an episode of Lost.Janet: Oh, nice, you're Lost fan?Rob Lowe: Oh, I love it, oh see this. I love this, I love this one. He runs around without a shirt and there's never any sunscreen.Janet: Would you mind joining us for an interview?Rob Lowe: Um, sure. Um, where would we do it? Wow, you guys are good.Janet: Rob Lowe, thank you so much for joining us on Buzz Hunters.Rob Lowe: My pleasure.Janet: So there is a special two-hour television event coming up for Brothers and Sisters?Rob Lowe: There is. We're really excited about it. There's a lot packed into the 2 hours, particularly with my character Senator McCallister. He's announcing his run for governor. He's expecting the birth of the baby, and then in an instant, something is gonna happen. It's gonna change everyone's lives forever."If you're not y to have your heart broken, then you're not y to be a parent.”Janet: Well, Robert and Kitty's marriage seems a little bit on the rocks."I didn't want to tell you this until I was absolutely sure, but..." "Oh gosh, Oh god, Robert." "No, just let me explain before you get upset." "You are running for governor?" "Yes."Janet: Is there anything that Robert is gonna do about that?Rob Lowe: From Robert's perspective, he's the same guy he always was. The things that she fell in love with, maybe she's not so in love with any more. They are at a big crossroads. "So much for unconditional love.”Rob Lowe: You are, you're the Buzz Hunters.Janet: We are.Rob Lowe: I'm looking... Is there any coffee here? Cuz I'm looking for a buzz.Janet: Yeah. We will supply it.Rob Lowe: Very good.Janet: So has there been a storyline that's affected you personally?Rob Lowe: Without revealing too much, there's a scene where I wanna withhold something from my children, and Kitty says, you know, they know something is going on, they are not stupid. You have to talk to them; you have to bring them in. And McCallister finally sort of confesses some stuff that's been going on that he really didn't want them to know about.Janet: Brothers and Sisters has run for three seasons now, what do you think is the secret to its success? Rob Lowe: I think people fell in love with the characters. It's funny, it's sexy, it's dramatic, and it reminds people of the complications and joys and beauty of family. Rob Lowe: Everybody says the Walkers are crazy. "They are crazier than my family.” "They are not as crazy as my family, you should see my family.” You know, I like that a lot. "Just tell me what it's like to have a great job and a gorgeous husband and a ranch in Santa Barbara. Don't leave any details out." "Ok, if you promise to tell me what it's like to have two beautiful kids?” "oh, gosh, I wouldn't know."Janet: What about your character, are there any questions that people ask you over and over about?Rob Lowe: Yes, they ask why Senator McCallister is running for president. People love this family, they wanna know if Calista's (Kitty的扮演者) on board, Kitty's on board. They wanna know like they are friends, like they know these people. And that's very different from other shows I've been on.Janet: So what do you think is it about the Walker family that people respond to? Rob Lowe: Part of it I think people discovered the show, it wasn't jammed down their throats, it wasn't gonna be the next great thing. The audience found it, and that means a big, it's a big deal for people in today's world. They just like the show belongs to them. And I think that's one of the reasons why they are so passionate about it.Janet: That's an amazing cast. You have young up-and-comers, you have seasoned actors, you have a legend Sally Field.Rob Lowe: For someone who's done and achieved what she's achieved, she loves the show more than life. And it's an inspiration to everybody. "God, I can't even think about that right now.”Rob Lowe: Calista is a great comic foil, and has amazing timing, she's really my partner.Janet: You have played a couple of politicians on the show, on the West Wing, would you ever consider running for this?Rob Lowe: I don't think it'd be really have to be, to be totally honest.Rob Lowe: I'm interested in that. I have friends who are in this world (政界?), I'm fascinated with the mechanizations (想说的是machination), the horse-trading, you know, that goes along and being able to make a difference, and so I, you know, may be able to sort of access my own interest to make it interesting hopefully for everybody else.Janet: We are absolutely interested. Thank you so much for joining us, we really appreciate it.Janet: Make sure that you tune in March 1st for the Brothers and Sisters special, two-hour television event, at a special time 9/8c.Janet: Rob Lowe, thank you so much for joining us here on Buzz Hunters.Rob Lowe: Thank you very much. Great. Good luck with this, this whole thing, you guys are just really, really cool. Security!Security! Freeze!03/65730福建福州/治疗妇科哪家医院最好的福州/治疗妇科疾病医院哪家好



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