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南平市处女膜修复手术多少钱政和县医院有四维彩超吗Germans should be allowed to watch the football World Cup on television at work without getting into trouble with their superiors, the head of the national employers' association said Thursday.Dieter Hundt, often called the "boss of the bosses", called on companies to cut their staff a little slack when footballmania strikes over the next month."I am confident that employers, while considering the needs of their businesses, will react flexibly and, together with their workforces, develop their own policies," he told the daily Berliner Zeitung.Every company needs to decide for itself "to what extent it can strike a balance with the broadcast of World Cup games and working hours".Hundt's counterpart at the German Federation of Trade Unions, Michael Sommer, welcomed the employers' pledge of tolerance when asked by the Berliner Zeitung.Watching soccer together encourages "team cohesion and staff motivation," he argued.He noted that several of the World Cup matches in South Africa were taking place in the early afternoon, including the second match featuring the German side, against Serbia on June 18.【Notes】cut sb. a little/some slack: 放某人一马,饶了某人,对某人宽容一点。(It's your first day here, so I'm going to cut you some slack this time. Next time, you need to do much better. 看在这是你的第一天,我就不严格要求了,下次你可得干好点儿。)201006/106078南平市怀孕检测多少钱 American alpine skier Bode Miller, 32, is a four-time world champion and two-time overall World Cup champion. Now he can finally call himself an Olympic champion after winning the gold medal Sunday in the men's combined event at Whistler Mountain.美国高山滑雪运动员迪·米勒曾赢得过4次世界冠军和2次世界杯冠军。他星期天在惠斯勒高山滑雪场赢得一面全能金牌之后,终于为自己加上了奥运冠军的头衔。Bode Miller can now stop listening to all the critics with regard to his Olympic performances. Not that he ever did.米勒现在可以不去理会人们喋喋不休地批评他在奥运会上的表现了。Eight years ago, before the Salt Lake City Winter Games, there were high hopes that he would win multiple gold medals. But Miller disappointed many by winning only two silvers, in the giant slalom and the combined, which features one downhill run and one slalom run.8年前,在盐湖城冬季奥运会之前,人们对米勒赢得多面金牌抱以厚望。结果,米勒只得到两面银牌,令许多人大失所望。Expectations for Miller were even greater ahead of the 2006 Turin Olympics. After all, in 2005 he had won two alpine world championship gold medals in another Italian city, Bormio. Those came in the downhill and Super G (super giant slalom). He had also won the overall World Cup title that season and became only the second man ever to win at least one race in each of the four standard World Cup disciplines - slalom, giant slalom Super G and downhill.在2006年都灵冬奥会之前,人们对米勒的期望更高了。毕竟,他2005年曾赢得了速降和超级大回转两项世界冠军,那个赛季他还登上了世界杯全能冠军的宝座,成为第二个在世界杯四项赛事--回转、大回转、超级大回转和速降--每一项都至少赢过一次的运动员。Some believed Miller could perhaps win five gold medals, but he did far worse in Turin than the previous Olympics in Salt Lake City, winning no medals and a best finish of fifth in the downhill. He was sixth in the giant slalom, was disqualified in one race and he failed to complete his other two races because of missed gates.有人认为米勒可能会赢得5面金牌,但实际上他在都灵的战绩远远不如在盐湖城那一届,他一面奖牌都没有,最好的成绩是速降第5名。And it got worse. He made things difficult for U.S. Olympic team officials with his partying and then shocking comments on network television about skiing drunk.更糟糕的是,他由于开派对,而且还就电视台关于运动员酗酒问题的口出狂言而给美国奥林匹克运动队官员出了难题。Bode Miller eventually left the U.S. Ski Team because he did not want to follow its structure, and went out on his own for two years. Then he nearly retired because he was tired of the grind and some nagging injuries.最后,由于米勒不想受美国滑雪队的约束而离队,他自行安排训练和比赛两年之久,而且一度因为厌倦了压力和伤痛而考虑退休。201002/97299Agriculture and nutrition农业与营养Hidden hunger隐性饥饿How much can farming really improve people’s health? 农业到底能为促进人类健康贡献多少?IN A market in southern Uganda two traders squat behind little piles of sweet potatoes and a sign that says “with extra vitamin A”. A passing shopper complains about the price: 10% more than ordinary sweet potatoes. Yes, say the traders, but they’re better, bred with extra vitamin A. The bargaining goes back and forth, but the struggle to improve the crop has aly been won. Since 2007, when an outfit called HarvestPlus began distributing the “biofortified” rootcrop in Uganda and Mozambique, 50,000 farmers have started to plant it or crops like it. Vitamin A intake has soared and the produce commands a premium. The shopper eventually buys some. 乌干达南部的一个市场上,两个小贩蹲坐在一小堆红薯边,一旁的牌子上写着“富含维A”。顾客路过,抱怨价格太贵:比一般红薯贵10%。贵是贵一点,小贩解释道,但是这种红薯更优质,富含更多维A。虽然还要再讨价还价一番,但已经确定的是作物营养价值方面已经有所进步了。自2007年,供应商HarvestPlus开始在乌干达和莫桑比亚销售“生物合成”的块根作物,近5万农户开始种植此类作物。维A含量的显著增多,使得产品价格升高。顾客最终也逐渐开始购买此类农产品。Nutrition has long been the Cinderella of development. Lack of calories—hunger—is a headline-grabber, particularly as rising food prices push more people towards starvation. But the hidden hunger of micronutrient deficiencies harms even more people and inflicts lasting damage on them and their societies. It, too, worsens as food prices rise: families switch from costly, nutrient-rich, fruit, vegetables and meat to cheaper, nutrient-poor staples.营养一直以来都是发展中被遗忘的短板,摄入能量不足——饥饿——占领了大大小小报刊的头版,尤其是当食品价格上涨,导致更多的人面临饥饿。然而,缺乏微量元素的隐性饥饿影响着更广泛的人群,并且对人们以及社会造成长期的危害。不仅如此,隐性饥饿还会加速食品价格上涨:很多家庭会从营养丰富的昂贵水果、蔬菜及肉类转向价格便宜但营养价值较低的主食产品。In 2008 the Copenhagen Business School asked eight eminent economists to imagine they had billion to spend on causes that would most help the world. Five of their top ten involved nutrition: vitamin supplements for children, adding zinc and iodine to salt and breeding extra micronutrients into crops (like those sweet potatoes). Others included girls’ schools and trade liberalisation.2008年,哥本哈根商学院邀请8位著名的经济学家一同设想如果有750亿美元,将会用到哪些他们认为对世界最有帮助的事业上。十大事业中的前五项就包括营养:儿童补充维生素,食盐加锌和碘以及农作物增加微量元素(如红薯)。其他事业还包括女童教育以及贸易自由化。201104/132976福州人流手术的影响

南平市顺产哪家医院最好的Experiments have shown that if infected ants are moved from those locations, the fungus wont develop. Once in ideal locations, the ants bite down on the leafs vein and the fungus grows hypha, or fungal ths, throughout their bodies. That sounds gross. It gets grosser more than that.When the fungus is large enough, it sends up a reproductive shoot called a fruiting body. The ant looks like it has a horn or antlers growing out of its head. New spores rain down from the fruiting body and infect more ants.实验显示如果感染上真菌的蚂蚁被从这些地方移走,真菌就会停止生长。一旦找到适于真菌生长的位置,蚂蚁会咬住叶片的叶脉,真菌就会长出菌丝穿过蚂蚁的大脑。那听起来真讨人厌。事实上要远比这儿令人讨厌。当真菌生长到足够大时,它会射出可繁殖的子实体。蚂蚁看上去头部涨了犄角或鹿角,新的孢子从子实体上脱落,会感染上更多的蚂蚁。bite down 一口咬下去hypha n.菌丝gross adj.令人讨厌的fruiting body 子实体201111/161866福建福州做流产哪家医院最好的 US Stocks Down; Economists Warn Lawmakers on Recession美股市经过一周动荡周五再跌低谷 U.S. stocks suffered another drop Friday after a volatile week, amid continuing investor concerns about the U.S. economic situation and signs of a global recession. U.S. lawmakers heard testimony about difficulties Americans are having finding jobs in the weakened economy, as well as new warnings about recession. 星期五,美国股票市场在经过了一个星期的动荡之后,再次落入低谷;投资人仍然担心美国的经济局势以及全球经济衰退的迹象。美国国会就人们在经济疲软的情况下找工作难、以及经济衰退的一些新的迹象等问题,举行听会。Trading on Wall Street was in negative territory throughout the day following declines in Asian and European markets. 亚洲和欧洲股市下跌后,星期五一整天,华尔街股市都在下跌。Analysts attributed global point losses to concerns that a worldwide downturn will hurt corporate profits. 分析人士将世界各地股市滑落的现象归咎于投资者对全球经济衰退给公司的盈利带来的负面影响的关切。After earlier drops in European markets of between four and six percent, and on Asian markets of more than eight percent, the key Dow Jones index ended the day Friday down 312 points. 欧洲股市早些时候下跌了4%到6%、亚洲股市下跌了8%以上,美国的道琼斯指数星期五股市收盘的时候下跌了312点。This week, the U.S. economy has been shaken by new data on increasing home foreclosures, although one key indicator on home resales was up more than five percent in September from the previous month.  这个星期,又有新的数据显示,美国人交不起房屋贷款、被迫将住房交给拍卖的情况愈加严重,威胁到经济的总体形势。但是另一方面,一个关键的数据显示,九月份的房屋再销售比一个月前,上升了5%还多。Although the U.S. Congress is formally not in session, a congressional committee heard testimony about job losses, in which ten million Americans are unemployed, including two million for more than six months. 尽管美国国会目前还没有正式复会,但一个委员会还是召开了有关失业问题的听会。目前,美国的失业人数达到了一千万,其中两百万人失业的时间长达六个月以上。"There is a realization that recession is setting in and that is likely to be long, it is likely to be deep, and it is going to be global," said Democratic Congressman George Miller, who chairs the House Labor Committee. 民主党国会议员乔治·米勒是众议院劳工委员会的主席。他说:“大家都意识到现在开始进入经济衰退时期,而且可能持续很长一段时间,深入到各个层面,并涉及全球各地。”The session included testimony from one unemployed American, Dana Stevens of New Jersey. "We have used up almost all of our savings just to continue to pay the mortgage. We have just enough savings left to scrape by on our December payment. After that, I don't know what we will do if I can't find a job." 来自美国新泽西州的一位名叫史蒂文斯的失业人士在听会上做了发言。他说:“为了偿付买房贷款,我们已经差不多花光了所有的储蓄,现在就剩下刚刚够付12月份的贷款的钱了,在那以后,我要是再找不到工作,真就不知道该怎么办了。”Ron Blackwell, chief economist for the U.S. trade federation AFL-CIO, and economics professor Robert Pollin of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, warned of recession and its impact on the U.S. economy: 美国劳联产联的首席经济学家布莱克威尔、以及麻萨诸塞州立大学Amherst分校的经济学教授波林也出席了这次听会,并且都警告说会出现衰退,他们谈到衰退对经济的影响。"BLACKWELL: In my judgment we are clearly in the early stages of a potentially very serious recession, that will likely be as deep as anything we have experienced in a generation, last longer than most, and one which is rapidly becoming global in scope. 布莱克威尔说:“在我看来,很清楚,我们目前处于可能是非常严重的经济衰退时期的早期阶段。这次经济衰退很可能是20多年来最严重的,持续的时间会很长,而且正在迅速地遍及全球。”POLLIN: It is imperative to take action now to combat what is quickly metastasizing into a general economic crisis off of the financial crisis, that is a general crisis with respect to jobs, private business."  波林教授说:“现在必须立即采取措施,来应对由金融危机引发的总体经济危机,这是牵扯到就业问题、牵扯到私营企业运转的总体性危机。”President Bush has invited leaders of wealthy nations and the heads of major developing economies to a summit next month that will focus on the global financial crisis. 另一方面,美国总统布什邀请了发达国家和主要发展中国家的领导人下个月到华盛顿,就全球金融危机,召开多国首脑会议。200810/54015福州人流那个最好

南平市私密整形哪家医院最好的The first new drug to treat lupus in a half century - and the first ever specifically developed to treat the autoimmune disorder - is heading to market in the ed States. Under the trade name Benlysta, it is the first federally-approved drug to be derived from genomics, the study of genes and their functions.美国食品和药物50年来核准了第一种治疗自身免疫性疾病“狼疮”的新药“本利斯塔”(Benlysta)。这是美国联邦政府核准的第一种根据基因组学研发出来的药。基因组学是研究遗传因子及其功能的学科。Eva Gaskin has been married for 17 years. But one day four years ago, she suddenly was unable to recognize her husband, and became convinced that he had killed her family. Doctors said these strange mental episodes were symptoms of lupus cerebritis, which caused inflammation in her brain tissues. 伊娃·加斯金和她的丈夫结婚17年了。4年前的一天,她突然不认识她的丈夫了,还认为她的丈夫杀害了她全家。据医生介绍,这些奇怪的精神状态是狼疮性脑炎的症状,也就是她的脑组织出现炎症。"I had anxiety. I had insomnia," says Gaskin. "I had lots of things going on that we really did not understand and that was very frightening for my family until I got on the proper treatment, and those kinds of issues started to subside. But at first it was very scary.” 伊娃说:“我那时焦虑,失眠,有许多不知原因的现象,把我的家人吓坏了。直到我获得适当的治疗,那些问题才开始消失。但开始时,真的非常吓人。”The brain inflammation that made Eva see her husband as a stranger and a killer soon moved to her lungs, and her breathing became painful. Lupus is a potentially fatal disease. It develops when the body's protector cells stop differentiating between healthy cells and bacteria. As a result, the immune system starts attacking its own body instead of protecting it from bacteria, viruses and parasites.那种使伊娃把丈夫当作陌生人和杀人凶手的脑组织炎症很快又转到她的肺部,使她呼吸困难。狼疮是一种潜在性的致命疾病,在身体内的自卫细胞无法分辨健康细胞和细菌之际逐渐形成。结果,免疫系统开始攻击自己的身体,而不是为了保护身体免遭细菌、病毒和寄生虫的侵袭。Until now, lupus sufferers have treated their varied symptoms - from mental disorders to skin rashes and painful joints - with a combination of drugs, including painkillers, steroids and anti-malarial medicines. Aside from being insufficient, these treatments have also carried the risk of toxicity.迄今,医生治疗狼疮患者各种症状,从精神失常、皮疹到关节疼痛,都是使用不同的药物,包括止痛剂、类固醇和抗疟疾药物。这种治疗方法除了效果有限,可能还有毒性。But now, for the first time in 50 years, the U.S. Food and Drug Adminsitration has approved a new drug specifically to treat lupus.经过50年的时间,美国食品药物终于首次核准了一种新药“本利斯塔”,专门治疗狼疮。201104/130298 British men are gearing up to spend a small fortune in presents to mollify their wives and girlfriends for all the time they intend to spend watching this summer's soccer World Cup, a new survey showed.A Flower Council of Holland survey of 1,000 Britons showed men are prepared to spend 20 pounds (.86) a time or slightly more saying sorry for being glued to the gogglebox or heading down to the pub to watch matches with their mates when the tournament kicks off in South Africa this week.However, the research also reveals that women, while appreciating expensive gifts, are just as happy with a bunch of flowers (33 percent), followed by chocolates (22 percent) or a good meal (15 percent) and most put the value of expected apologetic booty at just under nine pounds per incident."In response to these findings, a clever new iPhone app has been unveiled to make sure our men stay firmlyin the public house rather than the doghouse during the four-week period," the Flower Council of Holland said in a statement.The free "ScoreAtHome" app helps you find the nearest florist to the pub so you can call through your floral apology while still sipping a pint. It also allows you to check the latest football scores on the go.【Notes】Vocabulary:gear up to do sth.: 准备好做某事mollify: to make somebody feel less angry or upset 使平静;抚慰be glued to sth.: to give all your attention to something 全神贯注看着某物gogglebox: lt;英口gt; 电视机kick off: when a football game or a team, etc.kicks off, the game starts (指足球比赛等)开球,开始booty: valuable things that are stolen, especially by soldiers in a time of war 战利品be in the doghouse: if you are in the doghouse, somebody is annoyed with you because of something that you have done 受冷落;失体面;丢脸on the go:活跃;忙个不停201006/105781福建省级机关医院怎么样福州妇保医院不孕不育科




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