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福建省福州妇科整形哪家医院最好的福建武警医院顺产多少钱福州无痛人流手术价格 1.Hello.喂.Hello.May I speak to Mr.Collins,please?我想和柯林斯先生讲话好吗?3.You must have the wrong number.There no Mr.Collins here.你一定打错电话号码了,这里没有柯林斯先生.Oh,Im sorry.哦,抱歉5.That all right.没有关系6.Hello.Shen Trading Company.喂,沈氏贸易公司7.Hello.May I speak to Mr.Shen please?喂,我想和沈先生讲话好吗?8.Im sorry,but Mr.Shen isnt in right now.May I take a message?抱歉,这会儿沈先生不在,我可以留个口信吗?9.No,that all right.Ill call again later.不,没有关系,我待会儿会再打来.May I have your name,please?请问您尊姓大名?.Yes.Warren.是有,沃伦.How do you spell it?请问怎样拼?.W_a_r_r_e_n.W;A;R;R;E;N.Thank you.Ill tell Mr.Shen you called.谢谢你,我会告诉沈先生你打过电话.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见.Good_bye.再见.Hello.喂18.Hello.Bill?喂,比尔?19.No.Bill isnt here now.不是,现在比尔不在.When do you expect him back?你想他什么时候会回来?1.Im not sure,but hell probably be home bee seven.Shall I have him call you?我不确定,但他可能在7点以前会回家,我让他打电话给你好吗?.Yes,thanks.Tell him to call Tian.My number is _5.是的,谢谢,告诉他请他打电话给田先生,我的电话号码是53.O.K.Ill tell him.好的,我会告诉他的.Imperial Palace Hotel.皇宫饭店5.May I speak to Mr.Brooks,please?我想和布鲁克斯先生讲话好吗?6.Do you know his room number?你知道他的房间号码吗?7.Im sorry,I dont .抱歉,我不知道.Just a moment,please.Ill give you the front desk.请稍等,我帮你转到前台9.Front desk.前台30.May I speak to Mr.Brooks,please?我想和布鲁克斯先生讲话好吗?31.Just a moment,please.Im sorry,but Mr.Brooks checked out yesterday.请稍等,抱歉,布鲁克斯先生昨天已经退房了3.Did he leave a warding address?他留下一站地址了吗?33.No.Im sorry.He didnt.没的,抱歉,他没留.All right.Thank you.没有关系,谢谢你35.Youre welcome.不用谢36.Hello.喂37.Hello.Is this the Yang Doll Company?喂,这是杨氏玩偶公司吗?38.Yes,it is.是的,正是39.Do you have any Hakata dolls?你们有哈卡达玩偶吗?0.Yes,we do.We have a large selection.是的,我们有,我们货色很齐全1.Good.Ill be in to took at some in a day or two.好的我过一两天会来看看.Thank you.Well be waiting you.谢谢你,我们会等你来3.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见.Good_bye.再见5.Hello.喂6.Hello.Is Mr.Murphy there?喂,莫菲先生在吗?7.Yes.This is Mr.Murphy speaking.是的,我就是8.This is Mr.Tian from the A_1 Automobile Agency.这是A;1汽车商行的田先生9.Oh,yes,Mr.Tian.Im interested in buying one of your cars.I wonder if you could give me some inmation.哦,是田先生,我想向你们买辆车你可不可以提供给我一些资料?50.Certainly,It would be difficult to explain our cars over the phone.May I call on you today or tomorrow?当然可以,在电话中说明我们的车子会比较困难,我可以在今天或明天去拜访你吗?51.Well,today is rather inconvenient.Could you come tomorrow at three?嗯,今天较不方便,你在可以明天3点来吗?5.Yes,Id glad to.是的,我很乐意53.Thank you very much.Ill be expecting you,then.非常谢谢你,届时我会恭候大驾的5.Thank you.Ill be there exactly at three.I believe I have your address.谢谢你,我3点整会到,我想我有你的地址55.Fine,Good_bye.好的,再见56.Good_bye.再见57.eign Student Association.留学学生协会58.Hello.May I speak to Mr.Cook?喂,我想和库克先生讲话好吗?59.Who calling,please?请问是谁打来的60.Mr.Wang.王先生61.Just a moment,please.Ill see if Mr.Cook is in.请稍等,我看看库克先生在不在6.Thank you.谢谢你63.Hello.Mr.Russel?喂,罗素先生吗?6.Yes.是的65.This is Harry Luo from Taiwan University.我是从台湾大学来的罗哈利66.Yes?什么事?67.Im calling to ask if I may visit you at your office tomorrow afternoon.我打电话来是要问我可不可以在明天下午去你办公室找你?68.Well,waht do you want to see me about?Perhaps we can take care of it over the phone.嗯,你找我有什么事?或许我们可以在电话中谈69.Our English Speaking Society is having a debating contest on the afternoon of the twenty_sixth.我们英语演讲协会在6日下午有个辩论会,We wonder if youd do us the honor of being one of our judges.我们想是否有这份荣幸请你当我们的裁判70.Im terribly sorry,but Im going to be out of town on the twenty_sixth.我非常抱歉,但我6日要出城去71.Oh,that too bad.Im sorry to have troubled you.哦,那真不巧,很抱歉打扰你了7.That all right.Perhaps some other time.没有关系,或许改天吧!73.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见7.Good_bye.再见75.The Taiwan Book Store.台湾书店76.Hello.Id like to inquire about a book in English.喂,我要查问一本英文书77.Yes,sir.Just a moment.Ill give you the eign book section.是的,先生,请稍等,我帮你转外文书籍部门78.eign book section.Lin speaking.外文书籍部,我姓林79.Id like to inquire about a book.Do you have The Voyage of the Beagle by Darwin?我要查问一本书,你们有达尔文著的《探险号航海记吗?80.Just a moment,please.Ill check.Yes,We have it in a paper_back edition.请稍等,我查查看,是的,我们有平装本81.Can You deliver a copy?你们可不可以送一本来?8.Yes,well be glad to .May I have your address?是的,我们很乐意送去,请问你的地址83.Yes,,Nan_Hi Rd,Taibei.my name is Suliwen.是的,台北市南海路号,我叫苏利文8.Would you mind spelling it?你介意把字拼出来吗?85.Not at all.Suliwen.S_u_l_i_w_e_n.不介意,苏利文86.Thank you,sir.Well deliver it tomorrow.谢谢你,先生,我们明天会送去87.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见88.Good_bye.Thank you calling.再见,谢谢你打电话来89.Hello.喂90.Hello.This is Mr.Yang.may I speak to Miss Bennet,please?喂,我姓杨,我想和宾妮特通话好吗?91.Yes.Just a moment.是的,稍等9.Hello.喂93.Oh,hello,Joan.This is Jim Yang.哦,嗨,琼恩,我是吉姆?杨9.Oh,hello,Jim.It good to hear from you.How have you been?哦嗨,吉姆,真高兴你打电话来,近况如何?95.Fine,thanks.Im calling to ask if youd like to have dinner with me Saturday evening.很好,谢谢,我打电话来是想问你周六晚上能否和我共进晚餐?96.That sounds wonderful,Jim.Id love to .那听起来很好,吉姆,我非常乐意去97.Good.Ill pick up around seven.好的,我7点钟来接你98.All right.Ill be expecting you.好的,我会恭候大驾99.Fine.See you at seven,then.Good_bye.好的,那么7点见,再见0.Bye.再见1.Way way.喂,喂1.Hello.Do you speak English.喂,你会说英文吗?1.Yes.是的1.Is Mr.Rowe there?罗威先生在吗?1.Who?谁?1.Mr.Rowe.罗威先生1.Rowe_Shen_Xin?罗威?沈?新?1.Yes.是的1.Just a moment.Ill call him.稍等,我叫他1.Thank you.谢谢你1.Bill Steak House.比尔牛排馆1.Hello.Id like to make reservation four at Saturday night.喂,我要预约周六晚上四个人的桌位1.Yes,sir.What time can we expect you?是的,先生,你们几点来?1.Around eight.8点左右1.Yes,sir.May I have your name?是的,先生请问尊姓大名?6.Yes,Miller.M_i_l_l_e_r.是的,米勒7.Mr.Miller.米勒先生8.That right.没错9.Thank you calling.谢谢你找电话来0.Not at all.Good_bye.不谢,再见1.Good_bye.再见 651.The snowman that stopped a train in its tracks1.让火车停下的雪人As inclement weather continued to bear down on Germany in January , a snowman caused panic on a train line between Wesenberg and Mirow in the northern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.年1月,德国天气持续恶劣,在梅克伦堡-西波美拉尼亚州北部,韦森贝格和米罗之间的火车线路上,一个雪人引起了恐慌The train was ced to complete an emergency stop as the driver bore down on a figure built on the tracks because he was unable to distinguish whether it was a person or a snowman. The sudden stop caused 5,000 euros (,300) worth of damage to the vehicle braking system. While no injuries have been reported, the three unknown pranksters who built Frosty are in a bit of trouble with the law.当时司机突然发现铁轨上有个身影,他没法辨清那是人还是雪人,于是紧急停下了火车这次迫停给车辆制动系统造成了价值5000欧元(5300美元)的损失虽然无人伤亡,但是搞这个恶作剧的三个人依旧要承担法律责任.A snowman that set a world record.创造世界纪录的雪人Ladies and gentleman, meet the world smallest (and possibly cutest) snowman.各位看官,图中就是世界上最小的雪人,这也可能是世界上最可爱的雪人This snowman is not made of snow but was created with a scanning electron microscope. Todd Simpson, the instrument operator at the nanofabrication facility at Western University in Canada, claims the tiny sculpture is just 3μm tall.这个雪人不是用雪做的,而是用扫描电子显微镜创造的加拿大西部大学奈米构造实验室的仪器操作人员,托德·辛普森宣称,这件小雕塑仅有3微米高Simpson built the diminutive snowman by accident while creating isolated silica spheres in . It reminiscent of one created back in by David Cox, a National Physical Laboratory research fellow at the University of Surrey, UK. His was made in a similar manner, but was substantially larger than this new one, at almost ten times the size (a little under 30μm).年,辛普森在创建孤立的二氧化硅微球时偶然间创造出了这个微型雪人的最初版,年,他将原件修改后做成了现在这个雪人的模样这让我们想起年英国塞瑞大学国家物理实验室的研究员大卫·考克斯创造出的另一个微型雪人,他的制作方式与辛普森类似,不过他的雪人几乎是辛普森雪人的十倍大(略矮于30微米)3.Father and daughter build a snowman in homage to a popular Star Wars character3.父亲和女儿堆雪人向《星球大战里的人物致敬Hey Star Wars fans—check out this -foot-tall BB-8 snowman Tony Francis and his daughter, Gwen, built in the backyard of their Highland, Utah, home.嘿,星战迷们看看这个英尺高的BB-8雪人(注:BB-8是《星球大战里的球形机器人),这是托尼·弗兰西斯和他的女儿格温(Gwen)在他们自家院子里堆的,位于美国犹他洲的高地城(Highland, Utah)The fatherdaughter duo spent two hours rolling a ;big ol ball; into the BB-8 shape, then used a butter knife to mold the top layer into the perfectly edged semi-circle. The entire project cost ( the orange spray paint).父女二人花了两个小时将“大雪球”滚成BB-8的形状,然后用黄油刀将其表面磨成边缘完美的半圆形整项工程共耗资8美元(用于购买橙色喷漆)Tony daughter is a Star Wars fanatic, which is something this proud papa can certainly get behind. ; Halloween, she wanted to be Rey,; he said, referring to the lead character in The ce Awakens. I love it because Star Wars is full of strong female characters her.;托尼的女儿是一个星战迷,这让这个骄傲的爸爸感到有点落伍他说:“她万圣节的时候想扮成蕾伊,蕾伊是《星球大战:原力觉醒中的主角,我很喜欢《星球大战,因为这其中有很多对她来说很强大的女性角色”.An elderly patient gets her wish to build a snowman with the help of hospice staffers.一位年迈的病人在疗护人员的帮助下堆了一个雪人,达成心愿87-year-old Ionia Moore got to build her very own snowman, something shed been wishing since Thanksgiving.87岁的爱奥尼亚·穆尔终于堆出了属于她自己的雪人,这是她感恩节以来的心愿The senior woman had the help of two staff members at Testa Family Hospice House in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. ;She hasnt been able to go out or be out in the snow or anything,; Moore daughter, Cathy Stephens, a nurse at the hospice center, said. ;She had several strokes and the last stroke took the ability her to walk or feed herself or do any of those things.;在北卡罗莱纳洲金斯山的特斯塔疗养院,两位工作人员帮助这位老妇人达成了心愿穆尔的女儿凯西·斯蒂芬斯在疗养院当护士,她说:“她已经不能出门活动了,更别说是下雪天,她患过几次中风,最后一次中风使她失去了行走和吃饭之类的能力”Moore, who also has dementia, never got her desire to get out to play in the snow and build her very own snowman. Once outside, she ;just grinned and giggled the whole time.; Staff members even put her snowman right outside her window so she can see it anytime she likes.穆尔还患有痴呆症,但她从来没有忘记过自己的心愿,她想去雪地里玩一玩,并堆出属于自己的雪人一到户外她就“咯咯地笑个不停”工作人员还把她的雪人搬到她的窗户外面,这样她什么时候都能看见5.The man who sells snowmen a pop5.把雪人卖到50美元的男人Dont have time to ;roll your own; and live in the Boise area? Let entrepreneur Keith Anderson build one you.没时间自己动手堆雪人或是你住在伊西地区?没关系,企业家凯斯·安德森可以帮你堆一个Anderson was making a snowman on his property with his 3-year-old when inspiration struck—he decided to charge to have a snowman delivered and built on client lawns. The budding businessman said he loves winter sports, and he loved making snowmen as a kid. He believes whether you buy or build your snowman, you should do it the memories that will never melt away.安德森在与他3岁的小孩堆雪人的时候突然灵机一动,他决定卖雪人,或是在别人家草地上帮他们堆雪人,每个雪人收费50美元这个崭露头角的商人说,他喜欢冬季运动,他和小孩一样喜欢堆雪人,他认为无论你是买雪人还是自己堆雪人,都是在寻找儿时的回忆,而那些回忆是永远不会融化的东西 50福州好医院做人流多少钱

闽侯县打孩子多少钱Hello! Welcome to Guangzhou Fair.你好!欢迎光临广交会Thank you. Im from Australia. Here is my business card.谢谢我从澳大利亚来,这是我的名片This is my first visit to the Fair. Everything is new to me, so many people and so many showrooms. Mr. Ding, would you please give me some inmation?我第一次参加广交会,觉得一切都很新鲜,这么多人,这么多展厅丁先生,你能给我介绍一下吗?The facility and design of the Trade Show are great.展览会的设备和设计好极了What about our site?我们的展位如何?What should we do in the exhibition?商展会上我们该如何做?I think it is very essential us to create a good impression in this exhibition.我想对我们来说在展览会上建立一个好的印象非常重要Wed better have a small office with a phone and somewhere to keep publicity materials.我们必须建立一间小办公室,里边装上电话还得摆放上宣传材料We have to set up a miniature sales department the period of the exhibition.在展会期间我们必须成立一个微型销售部It is very important to find a good site.找一个好的展位是很关键的If we have an important visitor who looks like a potential customer, we cant keep him or her standing about indefinitely.如果来了个重要的参会者,看起来像是潜在客户,我们可不能让他们一直站着What about the quality of your products?你们产品的质量如何?The quality of ours is as good as that of many other suppliers, while our prices are not high as theirs. By the way, which items are you interested in?我们的产品质量与其他生产商一样的好,而我们的价格却不像他们的那样高哎,你对哪个产品感兴趣?You can rest assured.你可以放心We are always improving our design and patterns to confirm to the world market.我们一直在提高我们产品的设计水平,以满足世界市场的要求Heavy enquiries witness the quality of our products.大量的询盘就可明我们的产品质量过硬Shall we draw up a contract in this trade fair?在这次展销会上我们能签合同吗?Of course! We should provide you a % discount if you can sign the contract here.当然如果在这儿签合同的话我们可以提供%的折扣Well make you the offer.我们会满足您的要求的 188福建省立医院妇科医生 福州流产较好的医院

福州正规的流产医院5.Horseshoe Lake5.马蹄湖Horseshoe Lake in Calinia has everything one could ever want an outdoor excursion: boating, swimming, sandy beaches, picnic areas, hiking trails, and over 0 hectares (0 acres) of dead trees. That last, more unique feature is the result of a series of small earthquakes in 1989 and 1990. These quakes opened pathways carbon dioxide to rise to the surface from magma below, eventually killing the trees.加利福尼亚的马蹄湖是一个满足任何条件户外运动的好去处,你可以划船游泳还有徒步旅行,它有沙滩、野营地以及四十公顷的枯树林这些枯树林是马蹄湖所特有的,他们是1989至1990年间小地震不断发生的结果地震使地下的二氧化碳全部上升到地表,最后因二氧化碳浓度过高导致树木枯萎While there is little danger of a volcanic eruption, a potentially lethal risk lurks in the Horseshoe Lake area, as the gas levels fluctuate unpredictably. A family could have a picnic on the lake one year and be asphyxiated the next. Warning signs are posted around Horseshoe Lake to inm visitors of the danger. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air, making lower areas—such as depressions in the ground, or the shore and surface of the lake—more dangerous. Most of the time, Horseshoe Lake is safe. However, fatalities have occurred due to the gas. A man died on the lake in 1998, and three ski patrol members fell into a snow pit on nearby Mammoth Mountain and asphyxiated in .马蹄湖附近火山喷发的可能性不太大,但是最可能致命的危险就是有毒气体浓度会无法预期的波动一个家庭第一年可以在这野营,第二年再来可能就因毒气浓度过高窒息而死马蹄湖周围都立着提醒游客危险的警示牌子二氧化碳的密度大于空气处在地层表面,尤其在湖面和河岸浓度更高,也就更危险大部分时间里马蹄湖都是安全的,然而这致命的毒气已经造成了伤亡1998年一男人死于马蹄湖,还有年有三名滑雪巡逻队跌入附近大雪山的雪坑里,最后窒息而死.Eagle Nest Sinkhole.鹰巢坑Eagle Nest Sinkhole (also known as the ;Lost Sink;) near St. Petersburg, Florida has been called the Mount Everest of diving. From ground level, it appears to be nothing more than a pond, but narrow shafts at the bottom of the pond lead into a much larger underwater cave system with over kilometers of charted passages, rooms larger than a football field, and shafts no wider than a doorway. The cave deepest point is 9 meters below the surface.鹰巢坑位于佛罗里达州的圣彼德斯堡附近,它被称为潜水界的;珠穆朗玛峰;从表面看它仅仅是一个很普通的小湖,然而事实上这个小湖的湖底经过公里的通道之后却别有洞天,湖底通向一个比橄榄球球场还大的洞穴这个洞最深有9米The comparison to Mount Everest is due to its remoteness, difficulty, and spectacular beauty. It also an incredibly dangerous dive site. Like the Samaesan Hole, the depth of Eagle Nest Sinkhole is such that Trimix certification is recommended. The use of only regular air can lead to disorientation below 6 meters (0 ft). Cave diving certification, previous cave diving experience, and diving with a guide familiar with the area are also highly recommended. Guidelines are used divers to find their way back to the surface.Even with experience and equipment, veteran divers have died in Eagle Nest. Some have simply blacked out; others have become tangled in their own guidelines, eventually running out of air. The site remoteness also means that help is not close, and only other cave divers are qualified to attempt a rescue. In 1999, Eagle Nest was closed due to the deaths, but it was reopened in . A day pass diving costs .将它与珠穆拉玛峰相比是因为它很难征、偏僻,还有就是它壮观的景色同时它也是一个非常危险的潜水地就像上文所提到的Samaesan洞一样,鹰巢洞只允许会混合气潜水技术的人员下水常规气体只能潜下水下6米去这潜水最好是具备洞穴潜水明、洞穴潜水经验以及一个熟悉环境的引导员等条件线路图可以帮助他找回回来的路即使有经验和很好潜水装备的资深潜水者都有在鹰巢坑遇难的危险有些是直接中途退出了,还有的是对线路图很迷惑,最后导致氧气用完这个地方很偏远,那也就意味着出了突发事件不容易获得紧急救助,只能依靠其他有能力的洞穴潜游者实施简单救助1999年鹰巢洞曾因死亡事件而被封闭,但在年又重新对外开放了,进去潜水游泳一天得花费你3美元3.Kipu Falls3.Kipu FallsIf you go swimming at Kipu Falls in Kauai, the best possible outcome is that you are only charged with trespassing. It is also possible that you will never leave the swimming hole alive. Despite being on private land, Kipu Falls has been a very popular swimming spot decades, appearing in tourist guidebooks since the 1990s. Reachable by a short walk down a dirt path, a 6-meter waterfall empties from a stream above into a picturesque, serene pool below.如果你去Kipu Falls游泳的话,最好的结果就是你被控告非法入侵他人领地,因为你很有可能在这个岛上丢掉性命自从上世纪九十年代以来Kipu Falls出现在旅游手册上,虽然作为一个私人小岛,但数十年以来都以游泳胜地出名在这个岛上,你可以沿着泥泞的小道,不久就可以看见一个高达6米的瀑布,周围都很安静,这一切美如画Untunately, beauty aside, Kipu Falls has been the site of many injuries and deaths, some of which have been difficult to explain. Aside from injuries obviously related to jumping from the top of the falls, people have drowned with no apparent explanation. Several were witnessed swimming normally only to suddenly become distressed and disappear beneath the surface. They were not seen again until their bodies were brought up from the very bottom of the pool. Some have claimed that a moo, a reptilian water spirit, is dragging people down and holding them at the bottom. Others speculate that there is a whirlpool at Kipu Falls.Whatever the cause of the deaths, the Kauai Visitors Bureau has asked tourist guide publishers to no longer mention Kipu Falls. The area is now fenced off to further deter swimmers, who will be prosecuted if caught trying to enter the falls.不幸的是,Kipu Falls不仅有着美丽的景色,在这里也有很多人受伤甚至死亡,其中有些一直都没有合理的解释除了因为从瀑布最高处往下跳受伤之外,还有很多溺水死亡的人仍没有令人信的解释据目击者称有几个人正在愉快地游泳忽然就变得表情压抑或者是消失在水面直到他们死了之后他们的身体才再一次出现在水面有人认为可能是水下某种生物在拉着人并试图把他留在水下,也有人猜测在Kipu Falls水底有漩涡存在不管是什么原因导致这些人死亡,Kipu Falls旅游管理处禁止出本社在旅游手册上印上瀑布的信息瀑布现在已经被围栏隔离起来,以阻止那些游泳爱好者们,如果抓住那些试图进入瀑布都人是会被起诉的.The Strid.The StridThe River Wharfe in Yorkshire, England, contains a section known as ;the Strid.; The word ;strid; is a local word based on ;stride,; which is fitting as the Strid is much narrower than the rest of the River Wharfe, merely a long stride (or short jump) in width. It the sort of babbling brook that a hiker might not think twice about jumping over or stepping into.Strid河是英国约克郡沃夫河的一条流它的名字来源于当地俗语;stride;,Strid河是沃夫河最窄的一条流,就像它们两的名字对比一下很符合沃夫河的潺潺河水让旅游者们心向往之The Strid appearance, however, is extremely deceptive. The Wharfe current is much stronger in the Strid due to its narrowness and has cut deeply into the area limestone, much deeper than any other part of the river. The current has also undercut the banks of the Strid, meaning that its edges are in fact ledges overhanging a wider and deeper waterway than is apparent. The Strid attributes spell disaster those unlucky enough to fall in. Many people have been pulled under and drowned over the years. No one has ever fallen into the Strid and come out alive.Strid河的出现彻底打破了这个美好愿景Strid河的水流量变得很大的原因是河道变窄河水冲击水底的石灰石,从而导致Strid河成为沃夫河最深的流河巨大水流量使两岸变得更加脆弱,这就意味着被河水冲散的河岸可能会出现更宽更深的河道Strid河吞没了那些不幸掉进里面的人这么多年以来很多人被水冲走或者是溺水死亡,没有人掉进Strid河活着走出来1.Hanakapiai Beach1.哈纳卡皮爱海滩The islands of Hawaii are well known their beaches, but some of those beaches werent meant swimming. Hanakapiai Beach on Kauai Na Pali coast is one of them. Yet another beautiful but potentially deadly location, the beach lies at the end of a steep, rocky 3.-kilometer trail.夏威夷岛以它的海滩著称,但是有一些沙滩并不适合游泳可爱岛拿帕里海岸的哈纳卡皮爱海滩就是其中之一,它是一个很美但又致命的沙滩,位于一个陡峭山峰的尽头,全长3.公里Hanakapiai remoteness means that there are no lifeguards and no hope of immediate rescue. This only adds to the beach primary danger: powerful rip currents capable of pulling even strong, experienced swimmers out to sea. These rip currents are almost always present, as there is no reef to protect the beach shores. Also, the geography of the region is such that the nearest safe beach is kilometers away. There is simply nowhere to go.More people have drowned at Hanakapiai than at any other beach in Kauai. The bodies of drowning victims have never been recovered. A sign stands on the beach with a tally mark each drowning. There are over 80 marks. Visitors are advised to stay out of the water entirely.哈纳卡皮爱海滩偏远意味着这里没有救生员以及第一时间的紧急救助这无疑进一步增加了这海滩的危险性,然而它最大的危险在于强大的离岸流和海浪会把强壮且经验丰富的下水者推向大海该沙滩由于没有缓冲设施,经常出现波涛汹涌的海浪另外,哈纳卡皮爱海滩最近的安全地方远在十公里之外,除那之外再也没有别的地方可去了在哈纳卡皮爱海滩溺水身亡的人数是在可爱岛上是最多的,具溺水者的尸体都未曾找到每有一个人溺水,海滩上就会树立一个高高的牌子,现在这样的牌子已经有八十个了在哈纳卡皮爱海滩游玩时,游客们最好还是离海水远远的翻译:景云 来源:前十网 7 Gold plated iPads in every room, a revolving bed in the Royal Suite and types of pillow that can be selected from a - there is nothing modest about the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.每个房间都有镶金iPad,皇家套房中会有一张旋转床,可以从菜单中选择种枕头,迪拜七星级酒店帆船酒店中没有一样东西是不奢华的Which is perhaps why the seven-star establishment, equipped with its own helipad, is the most powerful hotel on social media, beating all its competitors with more than half a million Instagram followers.这也许就是为什么这座拥有飞机停机坪的七星级建筑在社交媒体上是最牛的酒店它打败了所有的竞争对手,在Instagram上目前拥有超过50万的关注者While only true members of the global elite could afd to stay here - low-season rates start at 1,000 pound per night and run up to 19,500 pound the Royal Suite - that doesnt stop the rest of us, it seems, from scrolling through their Instagram feed with mouths agape.即使只有全球真正的名人精英能承担得起这里高昂的房费--淡季普通房每晚00英镑,皇家套房每晚19500英镑--这似乎也阻止不了我们目瞪口呆地浏览酒店的InstagramThe Burj Al Arab, shaped like a sail to represent Dubai nautical heritage, was created to represent the pinnacle of majestic Arabian culture.外形似帆船的迪拜帆船酒店代表着迪拜的航海传统,它是被建来展现宏伟阿拉伯文化巅峰的Its candy-coloured entrance atrium, to start off with, stands at 590 feet, significantly taller than New York Statue of Liberty.首先,它糖果色的前厅高达590尺,比纽约自由女神像都要高很多All the accommodation in the hotel comprises duplex two-floor suites - there are in total - filled with plush carpets and pristine furniture, and every suite is served by its own butler.酒店的每间房都是双层套间--一共间,布满了豪华的地毯和古典的家具,每间套房都有单独的管家招待The palatial Royal Suite is fit a maharaja, with an exquisite lounge, library and cinema room, along with two master bathrooms, each with full-size jacuzzis and separate five-head rain showers.宫殿般的皇家套房十分适合王公贵族居住,有豪华的休息厅、图书馆和影院,还有两个主卧,每间都有最大号浴缸和五头花洒The Burj hosts nine signature restaurants in total, including Al Maharba, which wraps around a circular aquarium filled with multitudes of colourful fish and even sharks.这里有包括Al Maharba在内的9间特色餐厅,该餐厅四周有环形水族馆围绕,里面有很多色斑斓的鱼,甚至还有鲨鱼 8567福州体检有哪些福州看妇科哪好




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