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Piano at the Proms夏季音乐会上的钢琴天才Going for Grieg诠释格里格A talent for the Romantics浪漫时期作品的演奏天才Aug 13th 2011 | from the print edition Playing from the sole 独一无二的演奏ALICE SARA OTT, a German-Japanese pianist, has been impressing audiences and music executives since 2002, when, at the age of 14, she was named the most promising artist in Japan’s Hamamatsu International Piano Academy competition. On August 8th she chose Edvard Grieg’s concerto in A minor for her Proms debut at London’s Royal Albert Hall.爱丽丝.纱良.奥特,德国日籍钢琴家, 自2002年,14岁的奥特在日本宾松国际钢琴专业比赛上,被誉为最有潜力的钢琴家之后,她一直受到观众和音乐专家的好评。今年的8月8日,奥特选择了爱德华-格里格的A小调协奏曲,拉开了在伦敦皇家埃尔伯特音乐厅夏季钢琴音乐会的序幕。At 23, Ms Ott is just a year younger than Grieg, a 19th-century Norwegian composer, was when he penned his iconic—and only—piano concerto in 1868. Hugely popular, the piece has been recorded by pianists as well known as Arthur Rubinstein and, more recently, Leif Ove Andsnes. Ms Ott is used to comparisons with high-profile performers. Last November she replaced an ailing Lang Lang at a day’s notice and performed Liszt’s first piano concerto with the London Symphony Orchestra to critical acclaim. Even so, the Grieg was a brave choice.奥特今年23岁,只比1868年的格里格小一岁,这位19世纪的挪威作曲家在当时写下了他的代表作——也是唯一的——钢琴协奏曲。这首曲子随即带来很大反响,之后分别被著名的钢琴家,例如阿瑟.鲁宾斯坦,以及更近代一些的,利夫#8226;奥韦#8226;安兹涅斯重新录制。人们把奥特和这些著名的演奏家们相比较。去年11月,她代替生病的朗朗,在演出前一天通知的情况下,与伦敦交响乐团合作了李斯特的第一钢琴协奏曲并获得了好评。即便如此,选择格里格的钢琴曲也是一个勇敢之举。201109/153210。

In Antarctica, everyday is (an) Olympic one. These Emperor Penguins are near the end of a two-week fishing marathon, bringing food for their hungry chicks, waiting miles away. But a challenger threatens the entire competition. A Leopard Seal waits at the shoreline. It's hungry too. Some Emperors make the leap onto shore before it can reach them. But the Leopard Seal is patient, it knows it controls the playing field. Superb athletes, they sense the Leopard Seal, and reverse direction in a split second. Seeing opening, more and more penguins stream up and out onto the ice. The momentum seems to turn the way of the penguins. Dozens make the leap to the safety of land, until the Leopard Seal changes the rules of the game. The penguins scramble to get away. Out of the water, both the seal and the penguins lose their speed and agility. Only desperation remains. The Leopard Seal snares a penguin, but the "seal victory" seems certain. But the game is not over yet. Penguins will go limp rather than struggle. When the Leopard Seal loses its grip, the penguin will make a break for it. This one is gone like a shot. It rejoins its teammates safely waiting at a distance. The Leopard Seal ,though ,doesn’t give up. It still has good field position. And now, the element of surprise. The Leopard Seal won’t lose its grip this time and takes its prize into the sea. For all but one, these competitors have won the fight to see another day.200812/58900。

Gliese 581g is the sixth planet to be found circling a dwarf star some 20 light-years away, in the constellation of Libra. On paper it looks good – three times the mass of the Earth with possibly a rocky surface and enough gravity to hold on to an atmosphere.The researchers also promised shirt-sleeve weather in some regions, but not everywhere. One side of the planet is almost always in sunshine; the other almost always in darkness and estimated temperatures range from minus four degrees Celsius to a very hot 71 degrees. A year meanwhile would go by in just 37 days.Of course, whether life could really be supported on Gliese 581g will need much more investigation and, most probably, technologies which don't exist yet. But the astronomers say planet hunting is getting easier and they were surprised how quickly they detected the tell-tale signs of this distant body, using ground-based telescopes.【生词注释】dwarf star 天矮星light-years 光年constellation n.星座on paper 在理论上mass n.质量rocky surface 岩石表面shirt-sleeve weather 温暖的气候hunting n.搜寻detect v.发现或注意到tell-tale signs 明显的线索Gliese 581g是发现的第六颗围绕天矮星的星球,它位于20光年外天秤座附近。理论上它看起来很不错——质量是地球的三位,岩石表面并有足够的引力能吸引住大气层。研究者也发现有些地区有着温暖的气候,但并不是所有的地方都是这样。星球的一侧总是处于阳光中,另一侧总是处于黑暗中,温度估计从零下从读到零上71度。一年只有37天。当然,Gliese 581g上是否适合生命生存还需要很多的调查,而且,很可能这方面的技术并不纯在。天文学家说发现星球变得更加容易,当他们用地对空望远镜很快就发现这个遥远天气的明显迹象时,他们很惊讶。201110/158024。

Indian Prime Minister Calls for Tough Steps to Stem Growing Violence印度总统誓言铲除恐怖及群体暴力  Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is calling for tough action to stem a surge of terrorist and communal violence that has claimed hundreds of lives in recent months across the country.印度总理辛格呼吁采取更加严厉的措施来铲除恐怖分子活动和群体暴力,因为印度最近几个月已经为此复出了数百条人命的代价。Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Monday violence seems to be permeating across the length and bth of the country, and called it an assault on the country's composite culture.辛格星期一说,暴力活动似乎正在淹没著这个幅员辽阔的国家。他并称这是对印度这个多元化国家的威胁。Mr. Singh was addressing a meeting of the National Integration Council, which includes chief ministers of the country's 28 states, leaders of political parties, and senior ministers.辛格在“国家统一委员会”的一次会议上发表了讲话。这个委员会的成员包括印度28个省的主要官员以及政治党派领袖和资深部长。"An atmosphere of hatred and violence is being artificially generated," he said. "There are forces deliberately encouraging such tendencies and also spawning militant outfits who engaged in irrational violence. These need to be firmly dealt with." 辛格说:“仇恨和暴力的情绪正在被无中生有地炮制出来。有些势力蓄意鼓励这样的倾向并且衍生出反叛团伙来搞非理性暴力活动。我们必须坚定地面对这一切。”The Prime Minister voiced his concern as India grapples with a wave of terrorist, sectarian and religious violence that has killed hundreds of people across the country in recent months.辛格是在印度陷入恐怖分子、分裂活动和宗教暴力浪潮之中的时候说这番话的。最近几个月,印度全国已经有几百人因此丧生。A series of bomb attacks across several major cities has killed 140 people. The eastern state of Orissa has been wracked with clashes between Hindus and Christians since August. In the northeastern state of Assam, ethnic clashes between indigenous tribes and Muslim settlers have killed more than 50 people in recent weeks.在几个大城市发生的炸弹攻击事件导致140人死亡。位于东部的奥里萨邦8月份以来弥漫著印度教徒和基督教徒之间冲突的硝烟。在东北部阿萨姆邦,当地部落与穆斯林定居者之间的冲突最近几个星期也让50多人丧生。Many of the attacks are blamed on radical Muslim and Hindu groups. Hardline Hindu organizations have been accused of carrying out deadly attacks on Christians. Authorities say a homegrown radical Islamist group, the Indian Mujahideen, carried out the bomb attacks in several cities.激进的穆斯林和印度教派被认为制造了许多起攻击事件。人们指责强硬的印度教组织对基督徒发动了多起致命袭击。官方说,一个当地的激进伊斯兰分子团伙,也就是“印度圣战者”在好几个城市发动了炸弹袭击。In recent weeks, police have arrested more than 20 Muslims, including students of a prominent Muslim University, for their links to the Indian Mujahideen. However, Muslim leaders accuse the police of making indiscriminate arrests in the wake of the bomb attacks.最近几个星期,警方已经逮捕了包括一所名牌大学“穆斯林大学”的学生在内的20多个穆斯林,因为他们和“印度圣战者”组织有联系。不过,穆斯林领导人指责警方在发生炸弹爆炸之后不加区分地逮捕民众。Responding to such concerns, Prime Minister Singh cautioned law enforcement agencies on the need to be sensitive. 对此,辛格总理做出了回应。他警告说,执法部门有必要谨慎从事。"At the same time it is important that in trying to counter terrorism wrong methods and means are not adopted," the prime minister said. "Any impression that any community or sections amongst them are being targeted, or some kind of profiling is being attempted should be avoided." “与此同时,在争取对抗恐怖主义的时候,不应该采取错误的方式方法。要避免人们产生任何把某些社区或者派别当作目标或者根据种族归类的印象。”Authorities are under pressure to act against both Hindu and Muslim fundamentalist groups and stem the growing tide of violence.当局正受到抗击印度教和穆斯林基本教义团伙的压力,同时还要铲除日益增加的暴力活动。But analysts say action against radical groups is often not firm enough in a country where political parties do not want to alienate either Hindu or Muslim voters. Muslims make up about 12 per cent of the population in Hindu majority India.但是,分析人士说,在一个像印度这样的国家里,没有哪个政党想把自己和印度教或者穆斯林教决裂开来,所以反击极端团伙的行动往往力度不够。在印度教徒占多数的印度,穆斯林占大约12%。200810/52784。

New York renamed top fashion capital but Asia sashays inNew York has reclaimed the title of the world's top fashion capital from Milan but the annual poll suggested the top five fashion cities are seeing competition from Asia and Australia.New York had reigned as top fashion city for five years until Milan took the lead last year in the list compiled by the Global Language Monitor, a US based non-profit group that tracks the frequency of words and phrases in the media, on the Internet and throughout the blogosphere.But with the US economy recovering, New York once again took the top spot followed by Hong Kong, London, Paris and Los Angeles.Rounding out the top 10 were Milan, Sydney, Miami, Barcelona and Madrid."As the global fashion industry adjusted to the new economic reality, New York rebounded to the No. 1 spot it has now held for six of the last seven years," said Bekka Payack, the Manhattan-based fashion correspondent for the Global Language Monitor."This year's list of the top fashion capitals, shows the global fashion industry remaining in flux, with the relative decline of some of the previously leading players and formerly regional players emerging as significant new influences."She said that in perhaps a harbinger of things to come, this was the first analysis where the traditional big five fashion cities -- New York, Paris, London, Milan, and Rome -- did not dominate the global fashion scene.The biggest movers in the list were Hong Kong, Madrid and Melbourne.The group said that the top newcomers to the expanded list included Amsterdam at number 17, Cape Town and Johannesburg at 23 and 25 respectively and Vienna at No. 27.Following are the 10 top fashion capitals of 2010 and the change from the rankings1. New York (up 1)2. Hong Kong (up 5)3. London (up 2)4. Paris ( down 1)5. Los Angeles (up 1)6. Milan (down 5)7. Sydney (up 2)8. Miami (up 5)9. Barcelona (up 5)10. Madrid (up 11)Vocabulary:a harbinger of things to come: something will happen in the furture(某事将要发生)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111492。

Apple beyond Steve Jobs The CEO is the heart and soul of Apple Inc. yet he's got a deep management bench from which to choose his eventual successor Apple is undoubtedly one of the most secretive company in the American, may be in the world. There are two secrets that people really want to know the answer to about the Apple right now.One is what is the status of Steve job's health. He had a treatable form of pancreatic cancer four years ago. He says he is got it beaten, but he isn't giving any more details. And he looks thin and gone, and that's got people concerned about his health.The second secret people want to know the answer too is who would replace Steve Jobs. If he would step down the CEO. The most logical candidate is the chief operating officer of Apple, an executive named \ Tim Cook. Not a lot is known about him, he is 48 years old. He is an operations expert. He spent many years at IBM, and He makes the chains run on time at Apple.He is health from fittness enough.He loves the cycle and hike and he is a big fan of Auburn football where he went to school.But it’s not a foregone conclusion that Cook would succeed Jobs. There are other prominent Apple executives who people talk about including Jonathan Cohnthe head of design, Ryan Janson the head of Apple retail stores. And Peter Oppenhemier the company's chief finance officer. None of those candidates however has the same combination of technical engineering chops and business acumen that Cook has.Of course it’s also possible the Apple board could go outside and get somebody completely outside of Apple,but remember before Steve Job's came back to Apple in 1997,the board had gone to an outsider, that didn't work out so well.200811/55958。

This is Wild Chronicles. I am White Matthews.这里是《野生动物日记》。我是怀特;马修斯。At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, an infant gorilla named Wumundi gets some tender loving care from a dedicated keeper and lots of attention from curious visitors.在夏延山动物园,一个名叫Wumundi的婴儿猩猩在一名专业看护员及很多好奇游客的帮助中得到了温柔呵护。He is on with a keeper all the time 24 hours a day.他所有的时间甚至一天24小时都无时无刻在看护。Zoo spokesman Sean Anglum explains that the babys real mother abandoned him at birth. Twelve-year-old Kwisha was hand raised by humans with diapers and bottle. She had nowhere to learn how to raise her own young.动物园发言人肖恩;安格鲁姆解释说,婴儿的亲生母亲在它出生时弃他于不顾。十二岁的Kwisha的吃喝拉撒都是经由人类之手抚养。她没有办法学习如何抚养自己的下一代。His mom gave birth to him and didnt really know what to do with him. She was hand reared; she never had a child before; she had never been around other gorillas that have a baby so she really didnt know any of the procedure. She didnt know what to do.他的妈妈生下他,真的不知道拿他怎么办。她被人类养育,她从未有过孩子,她身边从未有过其他猩猩母亲,她举棋不定不知道下一步该怎么做。她真的不知道怎么办才好。Wild gorillas, on the other hand, have plenty of role models.另一方面,野生大猩猩,有大量的榜样。I often tell people of the human, has never seen a baby and never seen, you know, anything on TV, or books about a baby, and have a baby, they probably wouldnt know what to do either. We just take it for granted that, so much around us teaches us what we need to know. And they are really about the same way; they need to learn most of things they know.我经常告诉别其他人类,虽然从来没有见过婴儿,但你能从任何相关的电视、书籍中获得婴儿的相关信息。而在有孩子的时候,他们也可能不知道要做什么。我们只是想当然地认为,我们周围的环境告诉我们需要知道的。他们应该是相同的方式,他们需要学习很多他们知道的东西。With his own mom unable to care for him, the task of rearing little Wumundi has fallen on keepers like Mandy Hollingsworth. But he is not being raised to be like his mother. Instead of treating Wumundi like a human baby, Mandy is acting like a gorilla mom.既然他自己的妈妈无法抚育他,小Wumundi的抚养任务就落在看门人曼迪?赫利沃斯身上。但他没有像个母亲,而是把Wumundi当成了人类婴儿,曼蒂表现的像一只猩猩母亲。词语解释:1. gorilla n. 猩猩2. diaper n. 尿布201111/161417。

Obama's four-step rehab President Obama announced a plan on Wednesday to help homeowners find relief and reduce the number of foreclosures .So here's on my planned works.First, we will make it possible for an estimated 4 to 5 million currently ineligible homeowners who received their mortgages through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to refinance their mortgages at lower rate.The second thing we are gonna do under this plan is we will create new incentives, so that lenders work with borrowers to modify the terms of sub-prime loans at risk of default and foreclosure.There's a third part of the plan, we will take major steps to keep mortgage rates low for millions of middle-class families looking to secure new mortgages.Fourth, we will pursue a wide range of reforms designed to help families stay in their homes and avoid foreclosures, and my administration will continue to support reforming our bred... bankruptcy rules, so that we allow judges to reduce home mortgages on primary residences to their fair market value as long as borrowers pay their debts under court ordered plans.GLOSSARY1. ineligible adj.不合格的 2. Fannie Mae 范尼梅(美国俚语,指“联邦全国抵押协会FNMA”) 3. Freddie Mac 美国联邦住房贷款有限公司 4. refinance vt.再为...筹钱, 再供...资金 5. sub-prime loans 次级贷款 6. default n.拖欠 不履行 7. foreclosure n.丧失抵押品赎回权, 排斥 8. mortgage rates 抵押贷款率 9. a wide range of adj.各种各样的,大片的 10. bankruptcy rules 破产法 11. primary residences 主要住宅 A person's primary residence is the dwelling where they usually live, typically a house or an apartment. 03/63674。

AMERICANS looking for a new car nowadays often use online price-comparison sites such as AutoTrader, Edmunds and eBay to find the best deal. Most such sites charge dealers a small fee for passing on sales leads from shoppers who have submitted their details. TrueCar, a relative newcomer, does things differently. It charges dealers 0, but only when its introduction of a customer results in a sale, and it makes its dealers guarantee to honour their es, no excuses.如今的美国人若要买辆新车,通常会上一些比价网站来淘最好的价格,诸如AutoTrader, Edmunds和eBay等。这些网站多数将注册的经销商提供的销售线索展示在网页上,从中赚取小额报酬。而TureCar,作为行业相对年轻的成员,却有着不同的经营方法。它只在推荐的客户完成买卖后收取经销商300美元费用,前提是经销商无条件保履行其价格承诺。TrueCar taps into data from state vehicle-registration offices, car-loan providers and other sources to compile what it says are the most accurate figures available for what motorists pay for the same car locally. This can be several hundred dollars less than the sticker price, and is often below ;invoice;;the price that, according to the paperwork sent by the carmaker, represents the wholesale price the dealer paid. In fact dealers receive various rebates from carmakers, and make money from such things as loans and service contracts, so a modest profit is still possible.TureCar从车辆登记所、车贷机构和其他渠道得到的数据中总结出其所谓的最精准的当地最低车价,这个价格通常便宜几百美元,甚至经常低于;发票价;,即汽车厂商给予汽车经销商的纸面批发价。实际上经销商从厂商获取各种回扣,并通过像车贷及售后等务赚取利润,所以最低利润还是有的。But such heavy discounting alarms carmakers. Hondarsquo;s American arm recently told dealers it would cut off their marketing allowances;which can be worth hundreds of dollars for each car sold;if they did not stop offering sub-invoice prices on TrueCar and other sites. Honda insists dealers can sell at whatever price they wish, but it will not pay them to market its products as ;cheap; or ;low-end; cars. It also suggests that some dealers use such sites to ;bait-and-switch;, offering tantalisingly cheap cars they do not have, to reel in suckers, a practice many states ban.但如此大幅度的折扣引起了厂商的警觉。本田的美国车厂近日告知其经销商,如果不停止向诸如TrueCar等比价网站提供;低票价;,车厂将削减其营销费用,每车大约几百美元。本田表示经销商可以自己定价销售,但厂商不会为了将其产品宣传成;便宜货;或是;低档货;而付费用。本田更暗示说一些经销商利用网站进行诈骗,利用一些根本没有的超便宜车型吊顾客上钩再掉包销售,这在许多州都是被严令禁止的。TrueCar insists that the contracts it makes dealers sign commit them to deliver the cars they promise at the price ed. David Wilson, who recently told the 16 dealerships he owns in California to stop using TrueCar, says he has reason to share Hondarsquo;s scepticism: he plays back to The Economist a voicemail from a rival dealer who had ed him an attractive price via TrueCar on a new Lexus, calling to say that they did not have it in stock but could try to find one for him. TrueCar says there had been no hiding of the fact that the model concerned might no longer be available, and thus no question of ;bait-and-switch;; that this was a one-off case and that TrueCar has had few complaints so far. But it is awkward that a critic had so little trouble catching a dealer ing for a car it did not have.TrueCar坚称其要求经销商签订协议来保经销商按照约定的价格卖车。大卫。威尔森最近要求其在加利福尼亚州的16家经销商停止使用TrueCar,原因是他有理由相信本田对网站的质疑。他向《经济学人》杂志播放了一段音频,内容是对手经销商在TrueCar网站上给一款新雷克萨斯车型报了一个非常诱人的价格,但打电话过去后对方说没有该车库存并表示会尽力找一辆给他。TrueCar表示就此事而言,如果经销商没有隐瞒网上展示的车型没有存货,也就不构成;掉包诱售;的罪名。上述的事情只是个案,TrueCar表示至今收到投诉寥寥。而且那么容易就能抓到经销商;诈骗;有些不太正常。201201/167408。