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福州/检查怀孕要花多少钱福州/医院看妇科哪里好Israels lightning speed victory over its Arab neighbors in June of 1967 stunned the world and surprised even the Israelis themselves.1967年6月,以色列以闪电般的速度战胜阿拉伯邻国,消息一出,举世震惊,就连以色列人自己都觉得难以置信。Most analysts agree that the Six Day War大多数分析人士认为,六日战争transformed the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Middle East as a whole, and U.S.-Israeli ties forever.永久地改变了阿以冲突和整个中东的局势及美国与以色列的关系。;You know, the Israeli pushback of the combined Arab armies and the conquest of territory“以色列誓死抵抗阿拉伯联军并夺取领地,suddenly gave Israel cards to play in negotiations with the Arab states that it did not have before.该战况瞬间就让其在与阿拉伯国家的谈判中取得了话语权,这在以前可是从未出现过的情况。Theres a direct line from the 1967 wars outcome in Israels conquest of Sinai and the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty.;1967年的战争结果是以色列占领西奈半岛,并直接导致了《埃以和平条约》的签订。”Israel won control of all Jerusalem and increased the buffer zone between it and its Arab neighbors:以色列取得了对整个耶路撒冷的控制,并扩大了与阿拉伯邻国之间的缓冲地带范围:;At that time in 1967, when you have enemies coming from all sides,“1967年时,如果你的敌人来自四面八方,expanding your territory is important, just militarily and strategically.;那么扩大领土就是一件很重要的事情,不论是在军事上还是在战略上都是如此。”But that expansion meant that Israel would be controlling a large Palestinian population.但这种扩张就意味着以色列要控制一大批巴勒斯坦人口。The occupied territory and the claims by Israelis and Palestinians for their own independent state被占领土及以色列和巴勒斯坦人民呼吁国家独立的要求,form the crux of the unresolved conflict five decades later.形成了五十年以后未解决冲突的症结。Two generations of Israelis and Palestinians have never known anything but physical and psychological separation.两代以色列和巴基斯坦人除了身体和心理隔离之外,对其他的一无所知。;Young Israelis and Young Palestinians are more skeptical than their parents and grandparents about the prospects for a two-state solution.“如今以色列和巴勒斯坦的年轻人比起他们父母和祖父母那两辈来,更加怀疑两国制的前景。Majorities of Israelis and Palestinians still prefer a two-state outcome to any other outcome of their conflict.尽管在这场冲突中,大多数以色列和巴勒斯坦人仍然最倾向于两国制的结局。But they believe less and less that its gonna happen in their lifetimes.;但是他们却越发觉得,自己有生之年是等不到这一天了。”During a recent visit to Israel,在最近的以色列之行中,President Donald Trump said he is personally committed to helping Israelis and Palestinians achieve a peace agreement,特朗普总统表示,他个人十分致力于帮助以色列和巴勒斯坦人民达成和平协议,and that he believes both sides want peace.另外他也相信,双方都想要和平的环境。Cindy Saine, VOA news, the State Department.VOA新闻,国务院辛迪·新恩为您播报。201706/515286福州/好点的妇科医院 But although they found this happening over and over again,但是尽管这种情况总有发生rarely did it lead to fighting.但是却很少发展成一场打斗They are descended from a solitary species,他们起源于一个独居的物种so if they blunder into one another,所以如果他们无意中闯入他人领地then its very difficult for either of them to back down,对于任意一方 退后都是很困难的because turning your back因为把背on another cat is a dangerous thing to do,朝向另一只猫是一件很危险的事and most cats will have learnt that very early on.大部分猫都在很小的时候就学到了这点They would actively defend a piece of land他们会积极地保卫一片which contains their core resources.拥有他们的核心资源的土地Cats do sometimes actually fight.猫有时真的会打斗There are actual wounds, claws and teeth get used.会有真的伤口 用爪子和牙齿But most cats will tend to try and avoid conflicts但是多数猫会尝试避免冲突because if you rely on yourself for survival,因为如果你仅靠自己生存it is not good in terms of fitness就健康而言to get yourself injured.把自己弄伤并不是件好事Its incredibly costly.代价太高昂了So this is a big part of what your cat does beyond the cat flap.这就是你的猫在猫洞之外的大部分活动重点解释:1.lead to 通向;把…带到例句:Too much work and too little rest often lead to illness.过量的工作和过少的休息会引起疾病。2.be descended from 是 ... 的后代例句:She was descended from a pioneer family.她来自一个早期的开拓者家庭3.tend to 倾向,易于例句:I tend to think that she is right.我倾向于认为她是对的。201608/458591I...我……Um...唉……You just went right for it, you know. Bam! The first questions about this.这么直接,你知道。碰!第一个问题就问这个。Should Women Pay for the First Date?第一次约会,女生应该付钱吗?First date, who pays? The guy pays, obviously.第一次约会,谁付钱?男人啊,很显然。The guy pays.男人付。I always pay.我都会付。The guy always pays. Unless—Id say the only exception is that if...but otherwise, the guy pays.男人永远付帐。除非——我会说唯一的例外是如果……不然的话,男人付。Why?为什么?I dont know. I dont—I actually dont have a good reason for that.我不知道。我不——我其实没一个好理由解释为什么。I wanna say its instinct, but that makes no f**king sense.我想说这是直觉,不过那根本天杀地说不通。Thats just the way I was raised.那就只是我被带大的方式。Its been ingrained in us that were supposed to be the provider.我们应该当供应者的观念已经根深蒂固。Culture, movies, music, media...文化、电影、音乐、媒体……I mean, keep in mind, those traditional roles were kind of implanted and set, like, in the 40s and 50s.我的意思是,记着,那些传统的角色有点算在 40 和 50 年代就被灌输和订定了。Would You Let a Woman Pay for You on a First Date?你会让女人在第一次约会时替你付钱吗?Would I ever let a woman pay for a first date?我会不会让女人付第一次约会的钱?If she...如果她……...absolutely insisted, like she held a gun to my head.……非常坚持的话,像是她拿一把抵住我的头。I would feel uncomfortable.我会觉得不自在。Not so much uncomfortable, but it would be kind of like, Come on, man, whatre you doing? Like, be a man; pay the bill, you know.不太算不自在,而是会有点像,拜托老兄,你在干嘛啊?像是,当个男子汉;去买单,你知道。What Do Women Think?女生怎么想?If I go out to dinner with someone, I expect to pay for what Im going to eat.如果我和某人出去吃晚餐,我会指望自己付自己吃的东西。I think it should always be down the middle.我觉得应该永远要平分。I dont mind paying.我不介意付钱。Like, to me, it really doesnt matter at all.像是,对我来说,这真的一点都不重要。I think if I did offer to pay for the entire bill, the date would feel emasculated. He shouldnt, but I understand that I cant discredit all of how society makes a man feel.我觉得如果我真的表示要付所有钱,约会对象会感到失去男子气概。他不该那样觉得,但我了解我不能推翻所有这社会使男人产生的感觉。So...?所以...?I sort of like the rule that whoever asked the person out, like, if youre the person that suggested the date, you should pay.我有点比较喜欢谁邀人出去谁就付钱的那种规则,像是,如果你是提议约会的那个人,你就该付钱。At the very least, split the bill.最起码,平分帐单。Splitting a meal—totally fine!共享食物——完全没问题!I think it gets romantic later when youre in a relationship, where, like, you dont even talk about it, and someone will be like, ;I got this one,; and youll be like, ;I got the next one,; because you just know that youre in it to win it, and, like, youll pay each other back later...sexually.我认为这后来在恋爱时会变得浪漫,恋爱中,像是,你根本不会讨论谁付钱,而某人会说:“这顿我付”,然后你会说:“下一餐换我”,因为你就是知道要得到好处就得先付出,就像,你们之后会回报彼此……用那档事。Who Do You Think Should Pay on a First Date?你觉得第一次约会应该谁付钱呢?Fifty years from now, that will be a thing where, like, on a first date, you wont know if the man or woman is supposed to pay, you know? I hope that happens.五十年后,那会是件,像是,第一次约会时,你不会知道是男人还是女人必须要付钱,你知道?我希望那会发生。201605/445212福州/看妇科的医院那家好

福州/妇科最专业的妇科医院福建现代在那儿 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464432福州/治疗不孕不育的中医

福州/市妇幼保健院专家Bear, from Nick, weve got the face exposed.Okay, good job.That is...8 minutes, 15 seconds.贝尔 我是尼克 脸露出来了 很好 好样的 用时 八分十五秒Good work, team. Okay, Bear out.干得好 各位 好 贝尔出动了Our skier was under for more than eight minutes.Its my turn.我们的滑雪手在底下待了八分多钟 轮到我了The team move out to a new location for the second stage of this challenge.团队朝另一处地点进发 驶向下一站挑战Im about to be buried alive.我已经准备好被活埋Theyre digging a deep snow hole to put me in,他们正在挖一个深雪洞来埋我and this test will simulate what its like to be covered by 12 feet of snow.这次测试将模拟 深埋雪下十二英尺的情景Many die just two feet under.而很多人葬身在两英尺的雪深So, what Im gonna be doing is breathing through this tube,所以 我打算 通过这根管子呼吸and thats gonna be buried deep under the snow,它将通到雪下两英尺处and its effectively restricting the amount of oxygen that Im getting,这玩意儿能有效 限制我能吸入的氧气which simulates being buried in an avalanche.模拟雪崩活埋And Ive experienced this restricted oxygen before,high on Everest,我之前在喜马拉雅山已经体验过 这种限氧and its definitely a very,very frightening thing to go through,very disempowering,绝对是非常 熬过它 是非常可怕 非常耗费体力的一件事情cause youre sucking, but nothings filling your lungs.因为你大口吸气 肺却一无所获If Im honest, Im definitely nervous about this one.老实说 我对这测试很是紧张啊This is so dangerous,Ive been hooked up to monitors,that show carbon-dioxide levels and blood sats,the oxygen levels in my body.因为很危险 所以我戴上了监视仪 它能够显示二氧化碳和 血氧分压 即我体内的含氧量指标Its a good indicator of asphyxiation.这东西能够很好地预防窒息If any of these go off the scale,theyve only got seconds to get me out.其中任何一项指标异常 他们将只有几秒的时间把我救出来Once Im in position, the team start to dig me in.我到位 团队开始掩埋我201702/492817 TED演讲视频:南布鲁克斯的环保教师史蒂夫·瑞茨,纽约州的一名教师,在寸草不生的南布鲁克斯刮起一阵环保旋风,他带着他的学生们种植花圃、食物,播撒绿色,还创造了就业!他还把其这一想法推广到其他社区,给人们带来希望。201701/488742福州/流产一般要多少钱福州/那个医院便宜还好



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