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Police officers from China are to collaborate with police officers from Italy in two joint patrols in Rome and Milan for two weeks starting from Monday.从周一起,中国警察将与意大利警察合作,一同走上罗马和米兰街头,开展为期两周的联合巡逻行动。Police who patrol in Rome and Milan will include two Chinese officers each, who can speak Italian and English besides Mandarin.在罗马和米兰,将分别有两名中国警察参与巡逻。这些中国警察不仅会说普通话,还会说意大利语和英语;It is an important day because we are strengthening collaboration with China in a very special field,; Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano told a press conference in Rome in the presence of the two countries authorities.意大利内政部长安杰利诺·阿尔法诺代表两国政府在罗马的一场新闻发布会上讲道:“这是非常重要的一天,因为我们在一个非常特殊的领域加强了与中国的合作。”Alfano said Chinese uniformed police would work together with Italian uniformed police in Rome and Milan to reinforce the sense of safety for the many Chinese tourists visiting Italy.阿尔法诺表示,中国警察将与意大利警察一起在罗马和米兰工作,以此来增强许多到意大利旅游的中国游客的安全感。The interior minister said he hoped the bilateral collaboration would then be deepened with further agreements, and also extended to other Italian cities, because ;China has a fundamental role in the worlds destiny.; He noted that its the first time China sent police to Europe for such a project.这位内政部长还表示,他希望这一双边合作之后可以深化两国进一步的协议,将其延伸到意大利的其他城市,因为“中国对世界各国的命运起着重要作用。他指出,这是中国首次派警察到欧洲开展此类计划。The two countries would be able to further deepen knowledge of their legal systems through the joint patrols, said Liao Jinrong, director-general of the international cooperation department at Chinas Ministry of Public Security.中国公安部国际合作局局长廖进荣表示,通过此次联合巡逻行动,两国将加深对彼此司法体系的了解。Gennaro Capoluongo, head of the international police cooperation service in Italy, told Xinhua Italian police had aly carried out similar initiatives with other countries including the ed States and Spain, especially during peak tourism periods. ;We feel proud to be the first one in Europe to undergo such an important collaboration program with China,; he said.意大利国际警务合作务主管詹纳罗·卡波罗歌接受新华社采访时表示,意大利警方已经跟美囀?西班牙等国家的警察合作过,在旅游旺季的时候更是如此。他说:“我们很骄傲成为第一个跟中国进行重要合作计划的欧洲国家。”来 /201605/442528

A Chinese national was among those killed in the serial terror attacks in Brussels, the Chinese embassy in Belgium confirmed Friday.据中国驻比利时大使馆方面上周五实,一名中国公民在布鲁塞尔连续恐怖袭击中丧生。The victim who went missing since Tuesday has unfortunately fallen victim to the terror attacks, said the embassy after confirming the news with the emergency center of the Belgian Ministry of Interior and the Belgian Foreign Ministry.在与比利时内政部急救中心、比利时外交部确认该消息后,大使馆方面表示,该受害者自周二开始失踪,并不幸成为恐怖袭击的受害者;We express deep condolences over the death of our Chinese compatriot and strong condemnation on the criminal act of the terrorists,; said the Chinese embassy on its website.中国大使馆在其官方网站上表示:“我们对死去的中国同胞表达深切的哀悼,强烈谴责恐怖分子的罪行。”The embassy said it will continue close contact with Belgian authorities as well as the family of the Chinese victim and do its utmost to deal with the aftermath.该大使馆还表示,将继续与比利时官方和中国受害者家属保持紧密联系,尽最大努力处理善后事宜。On last Tuesday, two suicide blasts hit the departures hall of Brussels International Airport and a subway carriage at the Maelbeek station, close to the European Union institutions, killing at least 31 people and injuring over 300 others.上周二,两起自杀式爆炸在布鲁塞尔国际机场的出发大厅和Maelbeek地铁站的车厢相继发生,袭击案发生地点在欧盟机构附近,共造成至少31人死亡,300余人受伤。来 /201604/435112

US real estate’s reputation as a favourite destination for international money launderers has grown after a Treasury investigation confirmed fears that top-end property in New York, Miami and other cities is being used to channel illicit wealth.在美国财政部一项调查实了纽约和迈阿密等城市的高端房产正被用来输送非法财富的担忧之后,美国房地产作为最受国际洗钱者青睐目的地的名声更响亮了。The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a Treasury unit, found that one in three buyers who used shell companies for cash purchases of luxury property in leading cities had had the alarm raised about their financial dealings.财政部下属机构金融犯罪执法网FinCEN)发现,在借助壳公司以现金在主要城市购买豪宅的买家中,有三分之一买家的金融交易已引起警觉。The role of US mansions, penthouses and beachside residences as a haven for tainted wealth has been under increasing scrutiny in recent years as it emerged that buyers had included figures such as Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and the son of Equatorial Guinea’s president.近年来,美国豪华别墅、豪华顶层公寓和海滨住宅作为非法财富避风港的作用受到越来越严密的审查。有消息称,买家包括哥伦比亚大毒枭帕布洛?艾斯科巴(Pablo Escobar),赤道几内亚总统之子等人物。FinCEN said on Thursday it had unearthed a string of dubious buyers using a new disclosure rule to probe all-cash deals undertaken through shell companies. The purchasers included some suspected of being involved in corruption in Asia and South America and one who engaged in 0m of suspicious activity, officials said.金融犯罪执法网络周四表示,其利用一条对借助壳公司的全现金交易实施调查的新披露规则,发现了一连串可疑的买家。官员们表示,买家包括一些涉嫌在亚洲和南美洲参与腐败的人,和一个从事规模达1.6亿美元的可疑活动的人。The US market in existing housing alone which excludes commercial and newly built property turns over .6tn a year, according to the National Association of Realtors. About a quarter of buyers pay cash, with the proportion rising to half of foreign buyers. These account for only 4 per cent of all purchases, but this means some bn a year flows into US real estate from abroad in cash transactions that, until a year ago, could be conducted anonymously.全美房地产经纪人协会(National Association of Realtors)的数据显示,单单美国存量住宅市场——其中不包括商业和新建房地产——每年的交易额就高达1.6万亿美元。大约四分之一的买家付现金,外国买家的这一比例更高,为二分之一。这些只占总购买量%,但这意味着,每年通过现金交易从国外流入美国房地产的资金达20亿美元,直到一年前,现金购房还是可以匿名进行的。Since the Patriot Act was introduced after the September 11 2001 terror attacks, mortgage lenders have been subject to “know your customerrules designed to stop terrorists and other criminals using agents, shell companies and other subterfuges to move illicit money into the US. But cash purchases were excluded.0011日的恐怖袭击之后《爱国者法Patriot Act)实施以来,抵押贷款机构始终遵守“了解你的客户know your customer, KYC)规则,该规则旨在阻止恐怖分子和其他罪犯通过代理公司、壳公司和其他伎俩将非法资金转移到美囀?但现金购买不受此规则的影响。A year ago FinCEN, which collates information reported by banks and others on their clients and makes it available to law enforcement agencies, moved to plug what it believed was a major conduit for dirty money.一年前,金融犯罪执法网络(负责整理和其他机构汇报的客户信息,并提供给执法机构)行动起来,堵住了其认为输送非法钱财的一条主要管道。It introduced a rule requiring identity disclosure for cash buyers using shell companies to purchase top-end property in Manhattan and Miami. The rule was later extended to the whole of New York City, more of Florida and Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Antonio.金融犯罪执法网络引入了一项规则,要求借助壳公司在曼哈顿和迈阿密以现金方式购买高端房产的买家披露身什?该规则后来扩大到覆盖整个纽约市、佛罗里达州更多地区,以及洛杉矶、旧金山、圣地亚哥和圣安东尼奥。来 /201702/494227

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