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福州治疗宫颈炎哪家医院好 如何应对工作第一天 --01 :: 来源: Starting a new job can make us feel like we've gone back in time to our first day of junior high school. We want people to like us, but we don't want to seem too eager. We hope we've worn the right clothes and dressed up enough, but not too much. The self-confidence we had in the interview that landed us the job is slowly taken over by nerves as our first day approaches, and we worry about making a good first impression.  开始新工作会让我们感到仿佛又回到了初一开学第一天我们希望人们会喜欢我们,但是又不希望自己看上去过于心切;我们希望穿着得当、得体,可又不想过份讲究帮助我们赢得这份工作的面试中的自信随着工作第一天临近逐渐被紧张情绪代替,我们担心能否给同事留下好的第一印象  But new jobs should be exciting, not stressful. We're taking on a new role, a fresh start, one filled with opporties and a future-we're not going to the dentist. Use the following six ways to fit in at your new job.  不过新工作给人们带来的应该是兴奋而不是压力我们将扮演一个新角色,有一个全新的开始,一个富有机会和未来的起点我们不是去看牙医(没必要太紧张)下面六条建议可以帮你适应第一天的工作  1. Show your true colors-it got you the job,after all.展现本色——毕竟你才获得这份工作  Bee any big “first day," remember what our parents always told us, "Just be yourself!" It sounds cheesy, but it's true. example, if you're more of a calm, mellow kind of person and on your first few days at the office you're overly friendly, hyper, and super smiley, chances are your act won't last. When your true colors show a few weeks down the line, people might think you're a phony. The classic rule of being polite and smiling goes a long way.  在任何重大的“第一天”之前,记住父母一直对我们说的“做你自己!”虽然听起来千篇一律,但这是真理例如:如果你性格比较沉着、稳健,而工作开始的几天中,你过于友善、活跃、笑容可掬,那么你的做作可能不会持续多久等到几周后你“原形毕露”时,人们也许认为你这个人很虚伪礼貌待人、面带微笑的经典原则才能持久  . Let people talk about themselves.让别人谈谈他们自己  In a new job, it's crucial to remember people's names and titles, so meeting all your new coworkers on the same day can be overwhelming. Try writing things you want to remember in a notebook. When meeting a new coworker, simply ask, "So tell me about yourself. How did you end up at this company?" The person's reaction and answer can tell you a lot about her. Hearing a little bit of her story will help you to remember her name, position, as well as her manner.  刚开始新工作,要记住别人的名字、头衔,这一点很重要,在第一天和全部新同事见面是不可避免的可以尝试把要记住的东西写在笔记本上在见到一位新同事时,可以简单地说:“说说你自己吧你是怎么进入这家公司的?”她的回答和反应可以透露大量的个人信息稍微了解对方的故事会帮你记住他她的名字、职位、还有风格  3. Observe company culture.观察企业文化  Learn the company's culture through observation-never make assumptions. Your last job might have allowed coffee breaks throughout the day, but your new one might not encourage leaving the office irregularly when there's work to be done. Does everyone leave at five o'clock sharp? Is there a separate area taking personal calls? As work attire, always dress a little nicer than expected; it's better than being underdressed. Take cues from your coworkers and follow their lead. Remember, you're new-you kinda have to be a sheep ( a little while, anyway)  通过观察来了解公司文化——绝对不要想象你的上一份工作也许允许人们整天喝咖啡,但是新工作也许不会鼓励人们在有工作时隔一会儿就离开办公室别人都在五点钟准时下班吗?要在单独一个地方接私人电话吗? 在着装方面,你穿得一定要比要求高一点点;这比穿着不得体好从同事们身上去发现暗示,去“跟帮”记住,你是新人——你多少要去照葫芦画瓢(至少一小段时间内是如此)  . Initiate an outing. 邀同事一起出去  During the first few weeks or so, send around an email asking if anyone is interested in familiarizing you with the surrounding coffee shops, decent lunch places, or fun happy hour bars. All of us have a little gem of a spot that we love showing off. However be sure to double check with your supervisor on who should receive your invite; the CEO probably doesn't have time to share a martini with you. Keep these outings sporadic and remember to balance your work and social life-they're two different things. Real friendships with coworkers will m naturally, with time-not likely on day one.   在最初几周,给大家发邮件问问谁有兴趣陪你去熟悉一下周围地区的咖啡馆、优雅午餐地点、或休闲酒吧人人心中其实都有表现的欲望不过一定要问一问主管谁会接受你的邀请,CEO大概就没时间和你一起喝马提尼酒偶尔邀人一起出去,记住平衡工作和交际——它们是两回事和同事间真正的友情会自然而然地形成,需要时间——不太可能第一天就会出现  5. Make allies,but be professional. 结交伙伴,但要职业化  Avoid gossip at all costs. Even if it seems like friendly banter, remain professional, and steer clear of water cooler gossip. Be above it, ignore it, and move on. You'll earn a lot of respect by doing so and influence others to do it less. A better way to learn workplace personalities is to ask questions about preferences and processes. A good indicator is to study people's email etiquette. example, Mrs. Smith always includes a Good Morning! and Thanks so much your help!, while Mrs. Simmons never greets people in her emails. Learn by example and study how employees write and communicate with one another and between departments. You should do the same.   不管怎样都要避免闲话即便那只是一个善意的玩笑,也要保持职业化,远离饮水机旁的闲话要轻视、无视闲话,把它们抛在脑后这样做能让你赢得别人很多尊重,也会使别人少说闲话一个更好的了解别人个性的方式是问一问喜好和工作流程 研究人们电子邮件的用词是一个好办法例如:Smith太太总会在邮件中写“上午好!”以及“非常感谢你的帮助!”而Simmons太太在她的电子邮件中从不和别人打招呼观察周围的人,学习员工和部门之间如何发邮件和交流你也要照着做  6. Your moment to shine will come. 你的时刻会来到   However much you want to shed the rookie status, realize that your coworkers have been there longer than you have-they deserve your respect and full attention. Resist the impulse of trying to impress everyone with all your new ideas. Stick to the job you were hired . In time, you'll earn your coworkers' trust and they will help guide you through the company. Save up those ideas and perfect them until it's your time to shine.   不管自己是多么想要摆脱菜鸟身份,要知道你的同事比你呆的时间长——他们应得到你的尊敬和关注克要用自己的那些新想法让每个人都钦佩你的冲动做好本职工作到时候,你就会赢得同事的信任,他们也会帮助你了解公司先将那些想法保留一下,完善它们,等待合适的时机再和大家分享吧  First day nerves are inevitable, but remember, you got the job-the hard part is over. And although there will always be bullies and brown-nosers (just like in junior high), stressful days, and mistakes, remember that you are a professional. Walk into that first day and simply observe, adapt, learn, and succeed. In the end, your first day only lasts eight hours-it will be over bee you know it.   第一天上班的紧张不可避免,但要记住,你得到了这份工作——最困难的一步已经走过来了 虽然欺软怕硬者、拍马匹的人(就像在初中),有压力的日子、犯错误这些永远都存在,但是要记住你是一名职场人士迈入第一天的工作只要观察、适应、学习,最后你就会成功最后一点,第一天只有八小时,不知不觉中你就会渡过了福州去医院检查宫颈糜烂要多少钱马尾区看妇科炎症多少钱



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