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Neptune is the eighth and outermost-known planet from the Sun in the Solar System. Named for the Roman god of the sea, it is the fourth-largest planet by diameter and the third-largest by mass. Neptune is 17 times the mass of Earth and is slightly more massive than its near-twin Uranus, which is 15 Earth masses and not as dense. On average, Neptune orbits the Sun at a distance of 30.1 AU, approximately 30 times the Earth-Sun distance. Its astronomical symbol is , a stylized version of the god Neptune's trident.Discovered on September 23, 1846, Neptune was the first planet found by mathematical prediction rather than by empirical observation. Unexpected changes in the orbit of Uranus led astronomers to deduce that its orbit was subject to gravitational perturbation by an unknown planet. Neptune was subsequently found within a degree of its predicted position, and its largest moon, Triton, was discovered shortly thereafter, though none of the planet's remaining 12 moons was located telescopically until the 20th century. Neptune has been visited by only one spacecraft, Voyager 2, which flew by the planet on August 25, 1989.海王星是太阳系第八大行星,也是太阳系最远的行星。以罗马的海神命名的这个星球,是太阳系中直径第4大,质量第三大的行星。海王星质量是地球的17倍,略超过其近邻天王星,而天王星质量是地球的15倍。海王星轨道距太阳的平均距离是30.1天文单位,约是地球到太阳距离的30倍。它的天文符号是,是希腊神话的海神波塞冬使用的三叉戟。 于1846年9月23日发现的海王星是第一个行星的数学预测发现,而不是由经验观察发现的。在天王星的轨道变化导致天文学家们推断,它的轨道还受另一个未知受行星的引力影响。海王星后来在其预测的位置度被发现了,其最大的卫星海卫,不久也被发现,而其余12个卫星直到20世纪才被确切的定位。至目前为止,只有旅行者2号在1989年8月25日造访过海王星。 The internal structure of Neptune:1. Upper atmosphere, top clouds2. Atmosphere consisting of hydrogen, helium and methane gas3. Mantle consisting of water, ammonia and methane ices4. Core consisting of rock and ice /200909/84863。

China’s manufacturing sector weakened sharply in June, an indication that the country’s growth slowdown has deepened as the government has refrained from stimulating the sluggish economy.中国制造业活动6月急剧放缓,表明随着中国政府不愿出手刺激低迷的经济,中国经济增长进一步放缓。The official purchasing managers’ index fell to 50.1 last month from 50.8 in May. It was the lowest ing in four months and just slightly above expectations.中国官方发布的6月采购经理人指数(PMI)为50.1%,低于5月的50.8%。这是4个月以来的最低位,略高于预期。In dipping towards the 50 line, which demarcates expansion from contraction in the PMI, the survey result means that Chinese factories have virtually stopped growing, weighed down by lacklustre domestic demand.PMI数值向代表着制造业扩张与收缩的分界线50%滑落意味着,由于内需低迷,中国工厂实际上已经停止增长。Even more alarming was a separate PMI published by HS that is more weighted to smaller companies in the private sector than the official survey, which focuses on state-owned companies. The HS PMI fell to 48.2 in June, a nine-month low.汇丰(HS)单独发布的PMI数据甚至更令人不安。汇丰PMI调查以私营部门的中小企业为主,而中国官方PMI调查以国有企业为主。6月汇丰PMI数值下跌至48.2%,创下9个月的新低。“In terms of the magnitude of decline, this is the biggest decline in the past year,” said Ding Shuang, an economist with Citi. “This is a picture of weak demand, both domestically and externally.”花旗(Citi)经济学家丁爽表示:“就下降幅度而言,这是过去一年的最大跌幅。这表明无论国内还是国外,需求都极为疲弱。”The anaemic data comes on the heels of a cash crunch that hit the Chinese financial system over the past two weeks, driving interbank rates to unprecedented highs and leading to a momentary freeze of the country’s credit market.在疲弱的PMI数据发布之前,中国金融体系在过去两周出现了“钱荒”,推动间拆借利率飙升至史无前例的高位,并导致中国信贷市场暂时冻结。Because it takes time for financial stresses to be transmitted to the broader economy, the impact of the liquidity squeeze will only really begin to show in July, suggesting that there could be worse to come.由于金融紧张需要一定时间才会传导至宏观经济,流动性紧张的影响只有在7月才会真正开始显露出来,这表明今后形势可能更为糟糕。Weakness was felt across the board in the official June PMI. The sub-index for new orders fell to 50.4 from 51.8, while the output sub-index declined to 52.0 from 53.3. More worrying for the government, the employment sub-index remained depressed at 48.7, edging down from 48.8, an indication that factories are cutting jobs.中国6月官方PMI所有分类指标都反映出经济的疲弱。新订单指数从51.8%降至50.4%,生产指数从53.3%回落至52.0%。更令中国政府担心的是,从业人员指数从48.8%微降至48.7%,这表明工厂正在裁员。 /201307/246460。

Hundreds of girls as young as 13 are receiving contraceptive injections and implants at school, a nationwide study has revealed.英国一项最新研究表明,英国多所中学为13岁以上的女生打避针或皮下埋植避药。School nurses have given implants or jabs to girls aged 13 to 16 more than 900 times since 2010. A further 7,400 girls aged 15 or under - and therefore under the age of consent - received the contraception at family planning clinics.自2010年开始,学校医护人员为13到16岁之间的女生打避针或皮下埋植避药多达900余次。此外还有7400名15岁或以下的女生在计生诊所内接受避,这当然低于法定年龄。Due to patient confidentiality rules, nurses are not allowed to inform parents before or after the procedure without the pupil#39;s express permission.基于病人保密原则,如果没有得到学生的允许,护士们禁止事前征求学生家长的许可,事后也不准通知家长。Implants and jabs are now offered in schools in Bristol, Berkshire, Peterborough, West Midlands, Northumbria and Country Durham according to a survey by The Daily Telegraph, using Freedom of Information laws.《每日电讯报》根据《自由信息法》开展的调查显示,目前,布里斯托尔、伯克郡、彼得堡、西米德兰兹、诺森比亚、达勒姆郡的中学都在为少女避。It could be far more widesp as many trusts said they did not record the figures, while others cited patient confidentiality.由于相关机构称未保存记录,或要为病人保密,接受避的少女人数可能更高。Critics of the scheme have warned that offering contraception to under-16s could skew a teenager#39;s attitude to sex and hinder their development.该计划的批评者提醒称,给不到16岁的未成年少女避会扭曲青少年对性的态度,也会阻碍她们的成长。A breakdown of the figures revealed NHS Bristol had provided the contraceptive jab on 430 occasions to children aged 13 to 16. This included 19 jabs offered to 13 year-olds. The city has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the country.数据显示,布里斯托尔国民医疗务系统共举办了430次为13-16岁女避的活动,其中,以13岁女生为对象的共19次。布里斯托尔是全英少女怀率最高的地区。The teenage pregnancy rate in England and Wales fell to 34,633 in 2010, the lowest rate since 1969. This included 6,674 pregnancies in under-16s. However, the rate is still around twice as high as that in France and Germany.2010年,英格兰和威尔士地区未成年人怀率已降至34633起,是1969年以来的最低水平,其中16岁以下少女怀有6674起。但仍是法国和德国的两倍。Dr Dan Poulter, the health minister said: #39;Young people under the age of 16 are legally able to access contraceptive and sexual health services and any advice given will be kept confidential.英国卫生部长丹-鲍特士说:“16岁以下的年轻人可以合法地接受避和性卫生务,医护人员给他们的任何建议都会保密。”#39;However, the health professional must always encourage a young person to talk to their parents about their sexual health.#39;“但是,医疗专业人士必须鼓励年轻人与父母交流自己的性健康问题。” /201210/206667。

Hounded by loan sharks, the once-highflying real-estate king of Baotou, a boom city of about two million people in Inner Mongolia, finally reached his breaking point. Last month, Wei Gang checked into a hotel and hanged himself, according to local police. 由于被高利贷者逼得走投无路,曾经风光无限的包头市房地产大王最终再也承受不住巨大的压力。当地警方说,上个月,魏刚入住一家酒店,在那里上吊自杀。 Mr. Wei#39;s suicide comes as China#39;s smaller property developers face mounting financial distress after two years of tightening credit, an effort by the government to squeeze out speculators and make homes more affordable. 魏刚自杀事件发生之前,中国的信贷收紧政策已经持续两年,中国的小型房地产开发商的融资压力正与日俱增。中国政府收紧信贷的目的是打击房地产市场的投机活动,让房价趋于合理水平。 Standard amp; Poor#39;s Ratings Services says China#39;s more than 80,000 developers could face a battle for survival as a wave of short-term property loans fall due this year. The risk is that these businesses could become so desperate they will either default, leaving behind half-finished projects at a time economic growth aly is slowing, or start offering steep discounts, triggering a price war. 标准普尔评级务公司(Standard amp; Poor#39;s Ratings Services)说,由于一批短期房地产贷款将在今年到期,中国超过8万家房地产开发商可能面临一场生死存亡的考验。这些企业有可能会孤注一掷地违约,在中国经济已经开始放缓的情况下留下一堆烂尾楼,或是开始大幅降价,引发价格战。 Some developers, like Mr. Wei, turned to loan sharks who illegally charge interest rates of up to 5% a month. 一些开发商与魏刚一样,向放高利贷的人求助。高利贷的利息最高可达每月5%,这是违反中国法律规定的。 But the greater problem lies with developers who rely for funding on trust companies, a type of wealth-management firm that took over as the main source of legal new lending to the property sector after Beijing reined in banks last year. In recent months, China#39;s banking regulator has all but stopped trust companies from rolling over loans to developers. 但是靠信托公司获得融资的房地产开发商的问题更大。信托公司是一种财富管理公司,在中国政府去年加紧了对放贷的限制之后,信托公司已经成为房地产行业新的合法贷款的主要来源。最近几个月,中国的业监管机构几乎已经禁止信托公司给开发商贷款续期。 Securities brokerage China International Capital Corp. estimates that about 223 billion yuan ( billion) of trust loans are due to mature this year, almost half of which reach maturity between July and September, with a further 282 billion yuan due next year. Combined, that represents almost 75% of all outstanding trust financing to the property sector at the end of 2011. 券经纪商中国国际金融有限公司(China International Capital Corp.)估计,今年将有人民币2,230亿元的信托贷款到期,其中大约一半将在7月到9月之间到期,另外有2,820亿元的信托贷款将在明年到期。加在一起,这相当于房地产行业2011年末所有未偿信托贷款的75%。 Traditionally, Chinese banks have been reluctant to force anyone into bankruptcy. But China#39;s trust companies are different, demanding that developers back loans with big amounts of collateral, sometimes up to three times the actual value of the loan, as insurance against default. Still, trusts prefer the developers to make repayments on time, despite the potential windfall default would bring, as they need to deliver a return to investors promptly at the maturity of the loans. 中资传统上一直不愿强迫贷款者进入破产程序。但是中国的信托公司则不同,它们要求开发商申请贷款时提供大量担保,有时,担保的价值甚至高达实际贷款额的三倍,以防止开发商违约。尽管违约可能会让信托公司获得意外之财,但信托公司还是希望开发商能够及时还款,因为它们需要在贷款到期时立刻向投资者进行付。 In recent months, some of China#39;s better-financed developers, those with better access to bank loans and bond markets, have waded back into the land market to replenish low inventories and take advantage of prices that are well off their 2010 peaks. But with property sales between January and May down 9% from a year earlier, many developers don#39;t have the income to repay maturing trust loans and are looking for cash elsewhere. 最近几个月,中国一些财务状况较好的开发商(更容易通过贷款和债券市场获得融资的开发商)回到了土地市场,利用目前远低于2010年峰值的价格补充库存。但是由于1月到5月的房屋销量同比下降了9%,许多开发商没有足够的收入用以付到期的信托贷款,他们正在寻找其他资金来源。 Developers are seeking financing from a crop of newly formed real-estate investment funds, as well as the asset-management corporations, also known as ;bad banks,; that originally were set up more than a decade ago to dispose of nonperforming loans at China#39;s banks. 开发商们正在寻求从一些新成立的房地产投资基金以及资产管理公司那里融资。资产管理公司也被称为“坏账”。十几年前设立资产管理公司的初衷就是为了清理中资的坏账。 ;We#39;re drinking from a fire hose. We can#39;t handle the volume,; said Greg Peng, president of property investment fund AT Investment Management, about the number of developers that have approached him for capital. 房地产投资基金安泰盘实股权投资管理有限公司(AT Investment Management)董事长蓬钢说,希望从他那里获得融资的开发商数量太多了,我们根本无力提供这么多资金。 Mr. Peng, who used to run Merrill Lynch#39;s property investments in China, closed the first part of his fund in the third quarter of last year, raising one billion yuan from domestic investors, and plans to have invested three billion yuan by the middle of next year. His fund expects to return investors at least 25% annually, significantly higher than trusts, which typically range between 10% and 20%. The fund targets projects near completion and demands developers put up large amounts of collateral to ensure the fund a hefty return even if property values fall sharply. 蓬钢曾经掌管美林公司(Merrill Lynch)在中国的房地产投资。他在去年第三季度完成了基金的第一轮资金募集,从国内投资者手中融资人民币10亿元,并计划在明年年中以前完成30亿元的投资。安泰盘实基金的预期年回报率至少为25%,远高于一般信托基金10%到20%的回报率。该基金以接近完工的项目为目标,要求开发商提供大量担保,以确保基金在房价大幅下降的情况下仍有高额回报。 /201207/189469。

当世界规模最大的军队——人民解放军(PLA)--今天邀请外国人进入其神密的队伍中时,他们不但以张开的双臂来欢迎来客,还展示了他们的轻武器。长期以来,中国对于自己的军事家底一直守口如瓶,这引起了对其日益增强的实力和飞速增长的军费开满怀警惕的国家的批评。而解放军正通过更大程度的开放来尝试平息此类担忧。China's army uses media display to launch cupcakes offensive The display of wrestling and sharp-shooting(精准射击) might have been predicted; so too, perhaps, the welcome from the military band. But the offer of cupcakes was an unexpected bonus.When the world's largest military, the People's Liberation Army (PLA)(中国人民解放军), invited foreigners into its secretive ranks today, it did so with open, as well as small, arms. There was a sneak preview of the dormitories, where soldiers sleep 10 to a room in bunk beds and the quilts were so geometrically folded that the creases (折缝)were sharp as knives. There was a visit to the firing range where soldiers peppered targets that promptly unfurled (展开)to reveal a message welcoming their guests.There was also an inspection of the kitchens, well-stocked of course, in accordance with the old maxim that an army marches on its stomach. Sides of meat hung from hooks; tables were piled with vegetables, steamed buns(馒头) and, yes, cupcakes.Outside clouds of smoke rose in the distance as troops fired rocket launchers. Moments later, dozens of men kicked, punched(拳击) and leapt their way through a wrestling and fighting display. That was followed by a dramatic set-piece in which soldiers exchanged fire with fleeing black-clad "terrorists" and stormed their hideout.What followed was equally striking. "Now you are invited to conduct individual interviews," the commander announced as soldiers lined up in a row in front of the media.Annual double-digit rises(两位数的增长) in military spending(军费开) have stoked fears in the US and among neighbours about China's rising strength. The PLA has sought to allay those fears by addressing a broader audience. This weekend, the ministry of defence will launch a bilingual website, state media has reported."China is more and more open to the outside world," said Senior Colonel Leng Jiesong, head of the Third Guard Division, at a brief press conference this morning. "So is the People's Liberation Army, and we are actively speeding up our opening process."The Chinese military budget rose 14.9% to 480.6bn yuan (pound;43b) this year, which the country claims it needs to keep up with other nations and its growing responsibilities, such as contributing to peacekeeping forces.While officers emphasised the shift from "mechanisation" to "informatisation", the displays yesterday were distinctly old-school. Watching soldiers pounding at keyboards might have lacked the same impact.Keke View:近二十年来,中国的国防开以每年两位数的速度增长。北京宣布今年将军费增加14.9个百分点,达4806.8亿人民币(合702.7亿美元)。这一数字可与日本、俄罗斯和英国的军费开比肩,但跟美国相比仍然相形见绌,后者的军费比北京多近10倍。 /200907/79500。

Shannon Magee, 17, suffers from a rare neurological disorder which means she can sleep for 22 hours a day for almost a fortnight. She also has bizarre episodes - roughly once a month - where she will belt out pop songs at the top of her voice, walk around naked and have ghostly hallucinations while she sleeps.17岁的香侬-麦基因为患有一种罕见的脑神经失调症,可以连续两周,每天睡22个小时。大约每个月她都会发作一次,症状很奇怪:睡觉的时候会不由自主地唱歌,裸着身子梦游并且做可怕的噩梦。For the past five years, the youngster, who has two brothers and three sisters, has slept through birthdays, Christmases, family holidays including a skiing trip to the Alps and even her GCSE exams.在过去的五年里,她错过了很多重要的事情,比如和兄弟们一起过生日和圣诞,还错过了一家人去阿尔卑斯山的滑雪旅行以及自己的中学毕业考试。Shannon was seen by various doctors before finally being diagnosed with Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) after her father. There are only 45 people in the UK who have the condition, which is a complex neurological disorder characterised by periods of excessive amounts of sleep and altered behaviour.香侬看过很多医生,最终被诊断和父亲一样患有克莱李文症候群(KLS),在英国仅有45人得这种病。KLS是一种伴有间歇性大量睡眠和奇怪举止的复杂神经障碍症。The teenager wants to become a nurse so she can help others, but is worried her condition will get in the way of her dream. Shannon, a college student in Bolton, Greater Manchester said: “It is like being awake in a coma. It takes part of your life away with it. #39;It#39;s like I#39;m in my own little world and I don#39;t recognise people. When I#39;m awake it#39;s like I#39;m sleepwalking.”香侬想要成为一名护士,但是她担心自己的身体状况根本无法令她实现梦想。香农现在是大曼彻斯特波尔顿大学的一名学生,她说:“我就像是从昏迷中醒来,睡眠剥夺了我的正常生活。我就像是活在自己的世界里,我不记得人名。当我醒来的时候,我觉得自己在梦游。” /201301/218102。

The Mayan calendar predicts that the end of the world is less than a month away - but there are some Britons who are taking the doomsday prophecy more seriously than most.距离玛雅立法预言的“世界末日”的到来已不足一个月,一些英国人在各方面做着“避难”的准备,比大部分人对末日预言的态度都更严肃认真。They have built emergency store cupboards filled with food with a long shelf life, are stock piling petrol, weapons, and even condoms, have secret remote hideaways, getaway trailers y to escape in 15 minutes, nuclear and chemical weapon suits and even an inflatable canoe.他们添置了紧急储物柜,里面装满能长期保存的食物,并储存汽油、武器、甚至避套。有的人已找到秘密而偏僻的隐匿处,准备好在15分钟内可以逃走的拖车、核武器和化学武器防护衣、甚至还有可充气使用的独木舟。One #39;prepper#39;, Edward O#39;Toole, has aly abandoned ship and is living #39;off grid#39; in Slovakia.“末日准备者”爱德华-奥图尔已经放弃了用船逃生的想法,在斯洛伐克居住,不使用电力。Retired soldier Michael Sanderson lives with his wife and two young daughters in Hertfordshire but has a trailer y for them to escape to a secret Welsh hideaway at 15 minutes#39; notice.退伍兵米歇尔-桑德森和妻子以及两个女儿居住在赫特福德郡,但准备了一辆拖车,用它可以在15分钟内逃到威尔士一处秘密的隐匿处。Mr Sanderson, who served in the Falklands and Northern Ireland, said: #39;I’m preparing for a natural disaster.桑德森在福克兰和北爱尔兰役,他说:“我已经准备好了应对自然灾难。”#39;Bad things do happen, people’s homes do get burned down, there are floods, there are catastrophic events that affect people completely.“会发生糟糕的事情,人们的房子会被烧毁,会有洪水来袭,会发生影响人类的灾难性事件。#39;If you go too late, you’re dead. People say to me ;why are you a prepper?; And I’m always baffled by it, because what I say to people is, I don’t understand why you’re not.“如果你跑的太晚,就会死亡。人们对我说,为什么你要为世界末日做准备呢?我也经常感到困惑,因为我会对人们说,我不明白为什么你们不做准备。”Mr Sanderson was prompted into action watching Hurricane Katrina unfolding on the news - one of the deadliest storms to hit the States which devastated New Orleans.桑德森在电视上看到卡特里娜飓风带来的灾难之后,开始采取行动。卡特里娜飓风席卷了新奥尔良州,是美国遇到的最致命的飓风之一。Mr Sanderson said: #39;My mum’s 85 years old, you know, I’ve got young children, how do I get the family out? So they didn’t leave, the stayed. And – they expected, they expected somebody to come and save them. And nobody did.桑德森说:“我的妈妈已经85岁了。我还有年幼的孩子,我怎么能把全家都带走呢?因此他们没有离开,留了下来。而且,他们希望有人来救他们,事实上没人这样做。”American ex-pat, Annie Durbin, who lives in east London, is a new recruit and believes she is one of the only woman preppers.来自美国的外籍人士安妮-德宾居住在伦敦东部,是一名新兵,她相信自己是唯一一个为世界末日做准备的女性。She has put together a #39;survival kit#39; including her favourite #39;commando knife#39; which makes her #39;feel tough#39; and can be made into a spear.她已经收拾好了一个“生存包”,里面有她最爱的“突击队匕首”,可以让她“感到强壮”,而且可以拼成一把刺刀。#39;I’ve got lots of condoms, and various lubes and things, because even in times of hardship, people have sex.“我还准备了一些避套,以及各种润滑油等等,因为就算在困难时期,人们也需要性爱。” /201212/212145。