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Fall is the time of year when the freshest produce seems to dwindle from booths at the farmers market, but you can still celebrate the season with a balanced meal, including healthy fruits and vegetables.秋季似乎是农产品市场上的新鲜蔬果越来越少的季节,但是你仍然可以用平衡的饮食来庆祝这个季节,包括健康的水果和蔬菜。You Will Need你需要Root vegetables根菜类蔬菜Olive oil橄榄油Cauliflower花椰菜2 lemons2个柠檬Garlic大蒜Salt and pepper盐和胡椒粉1 lb. kielbasa1磅波兰熏肠3 tbsp. honey3汤匙蜂蜜3 tbsp. cider vinegar3汤匙苹果醋3 tbsp. yellow mustard3汤匙黄色芥末Dried onions干洋葱2 large apples2个大苹果Bosc pears黄褐色的梨Kosher salt粗盐Caramel sauce焦糖酱Pinot Noir黑皮诺Late harvest Riesling, Sauternes, or port wine刚刚收获的雷司令,苏特恩或白葡萄酒Roasting pan烤锅Skillet长柄煎锅Vegetable stock (optional)蔬菜汤料(可选)Herbs and spices (optional)香辛料(可选)Steps步骤Dont drink unless youre of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.不足合法年龄禁止饮酒。饮酒要适量,不要酒后驾车。STEP 1 Use root vegetables1.使用根菜类蔬菜Roast root vegetables, such as parsnips, carrots, turnips, zucchini, squash, and onions. Chop the vegetables, sp them in a roasting pan, drizzle them with olive oil, and bake them at 450 degrees for half an hour.烤一些根菜类蔬菜,比如防风草,胡萝卜,萝卜,西葫芦,笋瓜和洋葱。把蔬菜切碎,洒在烤锅上,滴上一些橄榄油,以450度的温度烤半个小时。You can serve roasted root vegetables plain or make them into a soup with vegetable stock and herbs and spices.可以直接享用烤蔬菜,或者和蔬菜汤料,香辛料一起做成蔬菜汤。STEP 2 Bake cauliflower2.烤花椰菜Squeeze the juice from two lemons over a skillet of cauliflower with olive oil and garlic cloves. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.长柄煎锅上铺买花椰菜,把两个柠檬榨汁洒在上面,然后加上橄榄油和蒜瓣。洒上盐和胡椒粉,用400度的温度烤20分钟。STEP 3 Make a fall sausage main course3.制作秋季香肠为主菜Make a fall sausage entree by slicing a pound of kielbasa into a skillet, adding a sauce of 3 tablespoons each of honey, cider vinegar, and yellow mustard, and sprinkling it with dried onions. Add a couple of large, sliced apples, and simmer until the apples are tender.把1磅波兰熏肠切片,放入长柄煎锅中,分别加入3汤匙蜂蜜,3汤匙苹果醋和3汤匙黄色芥末,洒上一些干洋葱。把两个大苹果切片,放在上面,小火慢慢地烤,直到苹果变软。STEP 4 Make roasted pears4.制作烤梨Enjoy an autumnal dessert of salt-roasted pears. Cover Bosc pears, upright, with kosher salt and bake them at 350 degrees for an hour. Then brush off most of the salt and drizzle caramel sauce over them.用盐烤梨来制作秋季甜点。用粗盐把黄褐色的梨覆盖,在350度的温度下烤1个小时。然后刷掉大部分盐,洒上焦糖酱。STEP 5 Drink wine5.饮用葡萄酒Enjoy a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir with dinner and then a late harvest Riesling, Sauternes, or port with dessert. Your meal in honor of the season will fill your stomach and please your taste buds!晚餐时饮用一杯黑皮诺,然后享用刚刚收获的雷司令,苏特恩或白葡萄酒搭配甜点。这场秋季盛宴不仅让你饱餐一顿,还能让你的味蕾得到极大的满足。On the date of the autumnal equinox, day and night everywhere are of equal length, and everywhere on earth the sun rises precisely in the east and sets precisely in the west.秋分这一天,白昼和夜晚的时间一样长,地球各处的太阳都是精确地从东方升起,西方落下。视频听力译文由。201408/323574Thats fine. Now breathe in. Thats good.好的 现在吸气 很好Are you coping all right with your side bends? Thats fine.你应付侧弯没问题吧 好的Alastair Murray, a British Olympic coach,阿列斯太·莫里 一个英国奥林匹克教练supervises the patients.监督这些病人And breathe in. And do relax.再吸气 放松Remember, the whole thing is to try and break this tension记住 你要做的就是尽量消除紧张and keep your mind on your然后把你的精力集中在exercises and forget about your business for a while.锻炼上 暂时忘掉你的生意When I say as far as you can,当我说你尽你所能时I mean as far as you can without undue stress.就是做你能做到的最大量但不要过度Nice and leisurely. Thats grand.舒适而放松 这是最重要的Exercise is thought to reduce the risk of heart attacks锻炼被认为能减少心脏病的危险 for several reasons.这是因为几个原因It keeps the level of fatty acids in the blood down,它把血液里脂肪酸保持在比较低的水平which helps because这有助于健康 因为fatty acids are thought to make the unstable.脂肪酸能够使得心脏电波不稳定After a month of coming three hours a week to the gym,在坚持每周3次到体育馆的一个月后a patient can usually病人在一定的脉搏数下do 50% more for a given pulse rate.能多做50%的运动量Whats quite clear is that for both doctors and patients,医生和病人都清楚obesity is extremely difficult to cure.肥胖非常难以治愈There are no simple answers, and those不存在简单的 并且that there are seem to work for some people and not others.对某些人适用的方法在其他人身上未必有效But for those who found但是对那些发现自己it hard to stick to a punishing gym routine,很难坚持去体育馆受折磨的人来说there has always been the hope of popping a pill to lose weight.总是希望有种药片横空出世 让他们减重201306/245014

厨师 Dan Barber 讲述他在西班牙小农庄的发现:农夫 Eduardo Sousa 照着 Barber 人传统的食品生产法,以自然方法在自然环境中养鹅,人道且自然地生产肥鹅肝。201411/341604The Tibetan plateau is a quarter of China. Much of it is extremely remote and inhospitable. Its southern border runs through the worlds highest mountain range, the formidable Himalayas.西藏高原的陆地面积约占中国领土的四分之一,其中的大部分极度偏远荒无人烟,南部边界贯穿了世界上最高的山脉,望而生畏的喜马拉雅山。Its central part is a windswept and freezing wilderness the size of Western Europe.中部是暴露在风中的寒冷荒地,其面积与西欧相似。But this challenging place is home to incredible wildlife. There are more large creatures here than anywhere else in China.难以置信这个具有挑战性的地方竟然是野生动物的家园。这里的大型生物比中国其它任何地方还要多。Tibet has been a province of China for more than 50 years, yet it has a unique character, shaped by over 1,000 years of Tibetan Buddhism.西藏加入到新中国这个大家庭五十多年来,有着1000多年悠久历史的的藏传佛教,依旧保持着她独特的风貌。This obscure and archaic-looking religion has produced one of the most enlightened cultures on earth.这个鲜为人知的散发着古老气息的宗教,育了这个世界上最开明的文化。Here, people have a long tradition of co-existing peacefully with the creatures and landscape around them, a relationship which has helped to protect their fragile environment.在这里人们与自然界和谐相处的悠久传统,促进了对脆弱自然环境的保护。In this programme we will discover why this harsh land with its ancient culture is vitally important for much of our planet.在这个节目中我们将展示,这块承载着古老文化的厚重土地,对我们的地球来说是多么的重要。 /201402/277158This chart shows the 3 main nutrients that childhood这幅图展示了儿童癌症治愈者所缺少的3种cancer survivors were deficient in; folate, calcium主要的营养成分 叶酸盐、钙、铁and iron. This chart also compares their这图也比较了他们同正常儿童相比deficiencies to a normal children’s diet.所缺少的营养As you can see both children diagnosed with cancer正如你看到的,不管是患有癌症的儿童and normal healthy children are deficient in calcium还是正常健康儿童都会缺钙whereas childhood cancer survivors are also uniquely然而儿童癌症治愈者却缺少叶酸盐和铁deficient in folate and iron. These nutrient这些营养成分缺失deficiencies could have negative health implications对他们以后的生活健康是非常不利的later in life.So what can we conclude from this study?从这项研究中 我们能得出什么结论呢While this study showed that 32% of childhood cancer尽管这项研究显示 32%的癌症儿童幸存者survivors are not meeting their requirements for并没有达到钙的需求量calcium other literature suggests that up to 68% of其他的材料也显示68%的癌症儿童幸存者childhood cancer survivors are not meeting the没有达到规定的钙的需求量guidelines for calcium intake. This population is这些群体更有可能患at a greater risk of developing complications related和骨质疏松正相关的并发症to osteoporosis because their cancer treatments may因为他们的癌症治疗have altered their bone metabolism interfering with可能改变了他们的骨骼新陈代谢their ability to obtain peak bone mass during growth.这阻碍了他们在生长期间获得骨峰值的能力While treatment greatly affects children’s overall然而 治疗极大的影响了孩子整体的骨密度bone mineral density it is a multi factorial process这是一个多因子过程and adequate calcium intake, especially in the form尤其以奶制品的形式充足的摄入钙of dairy, as well as weight bearing exercises can help负重锻炼可以帮助阻止诸如prevent complications such as osteoporosis and help骨质疏松症等并发症的发生 帮助孩子kids obtain a peak bone mass.The 50% of children获得骨峰值 50%缺乏叶酸盐的孩子deficient in folate are also at risk of long term也有着长期的健康问题health effects. Many studies have shown a direct link许多研究显示 在降低的也算盐摄入量between decreased folic acid intake and increased和增高的同型半胱氨基酸积累之间rates of homocysteine accumulation. In the body folate有着直接联系acts as a co enzyme and participates in several single体内的叶酸盐作为一种辅酶 参与好几种carbon transfer reactions such as the synthesis of单一的碳循环反应 比如说components in DNA, RNA and proteins. Homocysteine isDNA,RNA,和蛋白质的合成an amino acid that under normal conditions is同型半胱氨基酸在正常情况下converted to mathyenine with the help of folate thus在叶酸的帮助下 转化成谷胱甘肽once folate is lacking in the diet homocysteine levels因此 一旦饮食上缺乏叶酸build up which is not good. Increased levels of同型半胱氨基酸就会增加 这就不好了homocysteine are associated with increased risk of同型半胱氨基酸增加和心脏以及血液浓度heart and blood level diseases such as atherosclerosis等疾病都有关系 比如动脉硬化and blood clots. Children should consume dark leafy和血栓 孩子应当多吃深颜色的绿色蔬菜green vegetables which are rich in folate to prevent这些蔬菜富含叶酸可以阻止this deficiency. Many fortified foods such as fortified这种缺陷 许多强化食品 诸如强化谷物cereals, bs or pastas are good sources of folate面包或意大利面 都是好的叶酸来源as well. Iron deficiency can be very dangerous孩子缺乏铁也会很危险in children. Iron has several vital functions in the铁在身体中扮演诸多重要角色body including carrying oxygen into the tissues from包括以血红蛋白的形式从肺部the lungs in the form of hemoglobin. The direct把氧气运输到组织consequence of iron deficiency is iron deficiency缺铁最直接的后果就是贫血症anemia. Symptoms include fatigue, weakness and hair症状表现为疲劳,虚弱,掉头发loss. The best source of iron in any diet is red meat红色肉类是获得铁最好的食物来源however sometimes it’s hard for kids to eat a lot of然而 有时候对于孩子来说吃很多红肉red meat. Another alternative to this is to have很难 那就让孩子每天吃一点children take a one a day supplement that contains含铁的补充品iron. Quality supplements should meet 100% or less of好的补充品应当满足每日的推荐营养量the RDA for that nutrient.或者稍稍少点So in conclusion malnutrition should be avoided in总之 儿童接受癌症治疗时children receiving cancer treatments. The common causes应避免营养不良of malnutrition include the chemotherapy and other营养不良最常见的起因包括化疗aggressive treatments as well as the increased metabolic以及其他的积极治疗 还有由于癌症类型rates due to the specific types of cancer. Going along而增加的新陈代谢速率with this the side effects of malnutrition included营养不良的副作用包括increased treatment time, a decreased quality of life治疗时间增加 幸存后的生活质量下降after survival and a greater chance of becoming以及以后的生活中消瘦或者超重underweight or overweight later in life. While enteral然而 肠道营养是营养持最好的形式nutritional is the best form of nutritional support in在大多数情况下most cases parenteral nutrition has been shown to be肠外营养是改善营养不良the best for reversing malnutrition. And finally after的最好方式 最终undergoing cancer treatment children are usually most孩子在经过癌症治疗以后deficient in folate, calcium and iron meaning dietary通常会缺乏叶酸盐 钙 铁intervention should be taken to counter act. Thank you就意味着我们应当采取饮食干预来应对all for listening, I hope you have enjoyed the谢谢收听presentation and learned something today.我希望你们喜欢今天的介绍并且学有所获201501/352667

记者Anas Aremeyaw Anas揭露数十起遍及加纳的贪污及组织犯罪案件-不曾让自己的身份曝光。在这场演讲中(他仍未以真面目示人),Anas展示他调查中的一些骇人镜头,阐述对抗不公的重要性。201402/277012纵贯人类历史,我们造成许多生物相继灭亡:侯鸽、东美洲豹、度度鸟……。但现在,史都华.布兰德(Stewart Brand)说我们拥有足够科技(和生物学)可以将这些曾被人类赶尽杀绝的动物复活。我们该怎么做呢?从谁开始?他这大哉问的可能比你我猜测的更加立即可行。201406/302756

Lindsey Vonn Reveals Insecurities About Her WeightThe Olympic skier spoke to Self magazine about struggling with her body image.Now to Olympic ski star, Lindsey Vonn, opening up about her insecurities off the slopes. Speaking to SELF Magazine about its “what is like about the red carpet with women half of her size?” With A’s J.C. She’s over here with the story. Good morning.Good morning, Robin. Well, the skiing sensation with the killer physique admitted that she felt intimidated by the super skinny supermodels at a fancy gallery recently. But then, in a very candid interview, she says she also realized that her body is healthier because a lot of those women are what she calls “skinny fat”.Blonde bombshell Lindsay Vonn epitomizes of what means to be red carpet flawless, but the 29-year-old post girl for skiing admits she doesn’t always feel that way. In the latest issue of SELF Magazine, Vonn revealing from time to time, she battles insecurities, saying, “It was hard to go to the Met ball last May with people who eat lettuce and a Diet Coke for dinner. Its difficult to be at events with a room full of women who weigh half as much as you do. That’s always tough.”As long as I feel good about myself, it doesn’t really matter what I am wearing.And though attending the Met ball alongside boyfriend Tiger Woods was tough. Vonn says, “I don’t envy them, though, because so many of them are skinny-fat. They have more cellulite than most people. I feel like I need to give them a cheeseburger. It’s sexy and beautiful to be strong.”What is skinny-fat? It means that even you are an ideal weight, you may have too much fat and not enough muscle.Back in 2010, I had the pleasure of having my body fat measured. My body mass index was far from obese, but for a woman of my age, my body fat percentage put me at risk. The acceptable range is 23% to 35%. Mine was 37%.And that puts you at risk for all the things that being obese that will put you at risk for.Right.One in four chance of having diabetes. And…So we asked A’s nutrition and wellness group David Zinczenko for some diet tips to prevent being skinny-fat.Get lentils, black beans, high-fibre foods. What these are gonna do is to keep you fuller longer.Ok, and these?These are low glycemic index foods which means that it keeps your blood sugar stable.What about protein powder?This is a great metabolism booster.It’s funny because women avoid this, thinking it’s gonna bulk you up or something.This is not gonna bulk you up. You would have to spend hours in a gym to get to that point.Yeah. That’s not happening.You want good for you carbs? Not the stuff that’s been stripped of all of its fibre. You want healthy omega-3 fatty acids.All of these foods are designed to help you reduce your body fat percentage.Yes, and give you an overall balanced diet.And of course, it’s never just about diet but exercise too to help build muscles. Hitting the gym help you burn that fat, and this is, of course, yet another example of the fact that we need to eat right, work out, not to be skinny as the goal, but to be healthy. And with that, I’m going straight to the gym. /201402/275593Van Gaal Has Big Ambitions As Man Utd BossThe Dutch coach signs a three-year deal and will be joined in the dugout by Ryan Giggs, who is quitting as a player.Well, its a 3-year-deal, not a surprise, being expected Louis Van Gaal to be confirmed in the role for some time. And it came about 2 oclock this afternoon, the 3-year-deal that would take the 62-year-old in charge of ed as soon as he finishes with his country Holland at the World Cup. Hes leaving for the * today with the Dutch national team for a training camp there. He will be hoping for a long stay in Brazil. But once he gets back, he is gonna be expected to set about immediately returning ed to the sort of football, and the sort of contention they become used to. They finished only 7th this year, a crash disappointment. And a great letdown to the supporters, a great letdown because of David Mores, the manager who was supposed to pick up reign from Sir Alex Ferguson. But simply wasnt quite up to the job. Interesting to note, the ed has the same manager for 27 years, Van Gaal is gonna be the fourth manager in just over year. So the season is a great upheaval. And we hoping Van Gaal, who has won a league title at every club hee ever represented, hes ever managed. As well as the European Cup back in 1995, that he is the man to make them complete. Hell have Ryan Giggs on side, a familiar face, a th of continuity for ed fans in the club. Ryan Giggs wholl be the assistant manager, needs to announce his retiring from professional football to take up that role, 42-year-old now, 23 years of play, and whats a career. Thats the finest career of anyone certainly in the Premier League era, 13 league titles, 4 FA cups, 4 League Cups, 2 European Cups, a very much doubt I would like have to say, hes liked it again, but hes got the opportunity to learn from Van Gaal. And I think the ed hope, down the road, he could be the next manager one day. /201405/300957

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