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Samp;P yesterday lowered its outlook on Fosun International’s BB-minus rating to negative, illustrating that even rating agencies cannot agree on the risks of a debt-fuelled deal spree.标准普尔(Samp;P)昨日将复星国际(Fosun International)的评级展望从BB-下调至负面,这表明就连各评级机构也无法就债务驱动的并购热潮的风险形成共识。The move came just a month after rival Moody’s took a more sanguine view of the Chinese conglomerate, upgrading its outlook on the ratings of Fosun Group’s flagship listed company from “negative” to “stable”.就在一个月前,标普竞争对手穆迪(Moody’s)对这家中国综合企业集团持更乐观态度,将复星国际旗舰上市公司的评级展望从“负面”上调至“稳定”。Fosun, founded by Guo Guangchang, is China’s largest private company and also one of its most acquisitive.复星国际由郭广昌创建,是中国最大民营企业,也是最具收购意识的中国企业之一。It has scooped up Club Med, the French holiday operator, a stake in Cirque du Soleil and another in Thomas Cook, the UK holiday group. The group has also spent more than bn buying insurance assets.该集团一举收购法国度假运营商地中海俱乐部(Club Med),购入太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)部分股权,同时持有英国度假集团Thomas Cook部分股权。该集团还斥资逾40亿美元收购保险资产。But Fosun has recently gone quiet on the deal front after Mr Guo disappeared for four days in December in connection with a Chinese corruption probe. He was not a target of the investigation but was helping authorities, people close to the company said at the time.但在去年12月郭广昌因协助一桩中国腐败调查失踪4天后,复星最近在并购方面偃旗息鼓。当时据了解该公司的人士称,他并非腐败调查的目标,而是在协助官方调查。Fosun has aimed to copy the success of Warren Buffett by using its insurance operations to provide fresh investment capital for new deals. But Samp;P said yesterday that the group was still reliant on its other units to generate profits in the near term.复星力求仿效沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)的成功,利用保险业务为新的交易提供新的投资资金。但标普昨日表示,该集团近期内仍将依赖其他业务实现盈利。“The negative outlook reflects our expectation that Fosun’s leverage for its industrial operations will remain high over the next 12 months,” Samp;P said.标普表示:“负面展望反映出我们预期,未来12个月期间复星工业业务的杠杆将居高不下。”“The prospect of a material leverage reduction is uncertain, despite our expectation that Fosun will focus on consolidating its existing investments instead of more aggressive acquisitions in the near term.”“杠杆实质性下降的前景仍不确定,尽管我们预计,复星近期将把重点放在整合现有投资方面,而非更多咄咄逼人的并购。”Moody’s, however, seems more confident. It revised the company to a stable Ba3 outlook (equivalent to BB at Samp;P) last month, writing: “The stable outlook reflects Fosun’s demonstrated ability to maintain its access to the funding markets and improve its debt maturity profile, as well as Moody’s expectation that the company will prudently manage its expansion and strengthen its financial profile according to plan.”然而,穆迪似乎更有信心。上月,该机构将其对该公司的评级展望调整至稳定的Ba3(相当于标普的BB级),并写道:“稳定展望反映出,复星展现出有能力继续利用融资市场并改善其债务期限结构,还反映出穆迪预计,复星将按计划审慎管理其扩张并强化其财务状况。”According to Samp;P, Fosun’s non-financial assets accounted for 45 per cent of its total assets, but 81 per cent of its revenues at the end of last year.据标普称,复星的非金融资产占全部资产的45%,但去年底占到了收入的81%。Shares are down 8.6 per cent this year.复星股价今年累计下跌8.6%。 /201606/447146

China released new regulations on maps on Monday to boost development of geographic information industry.周一,中国为了促进地理信息产业的发展,公布了一些有关地图的新法规。Included in the new regulations, which were signed by Premier Li Keqiang and will go into effect on Jan.1, 2016, is a new chapter on online map services, as well as new rules on compiling maps.此次由李克强总理签署的新规将于2016年1月1日生效,这一举措也开启了在线地图务以及地图编制规则的新篇章。Geographic maps are of great political, scientific and legal importance, as it draws the territory of a country, directly reflecting its national sovereignty and political views, a statement released by the State Council, China#39;s cabinet, said.中国国务院发表的一份声明中表示,因为地理地图涵盖一国领土,直接反映了国家主权和政治观点,所以地理地图在政治、科学和法律方面都具有重大意义。With the recent rapid development of the geographic information industry in China, significant changes have taken place in compilation, content and forms of maps. Hence, formulating the regulations is crucial to strengthening the management of maps, safeguarding national sovereignty, security and interests, and boosting development of the geographic information industry, said the statement.近年来,随着中国地理信息产业的迅速发展,地图编制在内容和形式上发生了显著的变化。因此,制定法规对于加强地图管理,维护国家主权、安全和利益,促进地理信息产业发展等方面至关重要。The new regulations stipulate that China will promote innovation and application of geographic information science and technology, establish a healthy mechanism for sharing geographic information resources and advance public service.新条例规定,中国为促进地理信息科学与技术的创新和应用,将建立一个健康活泼的机制,以此共享地理信息资源,推进公共务。The regulations require online map services to ask users#39; permission before collecting and using information, and shall stop transmitting and report to related authorities when contents that are not allowed to be shown are detected during map information transmission.该规定要求在线地图务在采集和使用信息之前,需征得用户许可;在地图信息传输过程中检测到不允许公开的内容时,应停止数据传输,并报告有关部门。The document also stipulates that entities compiling maps shall possess mapping qualifications, and governments shall provide free use of nonprofit maps to the public and update the maps regularly.该文件还规定,地图编制单位应当具备测绘资质,政府也应向公众提供免费的非营利性地图并做到定期更新。 /201512/416438

Should the Chinese people learn to appreciate the helpfrom other countries?中国应该学会感激他国的帮助吗?My observation of thenationalism of the Chinese people is that, they think the nation is a greatcountry now, and they attribute the achievements to Mao Zedong’s leadership,Deng Xiaoping’s reformation, as well as the rule of the communist party. On theother hand, whenever mentioning other countries.. they talk about thehumiliation in the history, such as the burn down of the Qing Summer Palace(Yuan2 Ming2 Yuan2).据我观察,中国人的民族主义情绪是这个样子的:他们认为中国现在是个伟大的国家,把成功归功于毛泽东的领导,邓小平的改革,T·G的治理。另一方面,无论何时他们谈论其他国家的时候,总是讨论他们历史上被羞辱,比如圆明园被烧毁这些。In fact there were numerous helps to China from other countries. In 1945, USAand USSR fought Japan to make it unconditional surrender. During 1950s, USSRhelped China on economic recovery and industrialization. Most of the importantindustries were built with the technologies from USSR. USSR also helped Chinain making its nuclear bomb in the earlier phase until USSR later changed itsmind. China did never mention that many of its nuclear professionals wereeducated in the USA and they were the critical contributors of the capabilityto have the bomb in 1964. Later on, during the Sino-Soviet border conflict in1969, USA warned USSR not to use its atomic bomb to China that may have changedthe USSR decision to invade China. After 1978 China started the economicreformation and 1979 Deng Xiaoping visited USA, all major western countriesinvested in China with a giant amount of money and technology. Even Japan madea significant contribution to China’s development. After 1989 event, most ofthe western countries froze theeconomic assistance to China, but Japanrestarted its cooperation with China very soon. Within the recent 20 years,China has learned almost all advanced technology from USA and other countries.It is to happen only with the help of hundreds of thousands foreign Universitytrained experts, many of them are originally Chinese, but many are justforeigners who went China to help Chinese people sincerely.事实其他国家帮了中国很多,1945年美苏攻打日本,日本无条件投降。50年代,苏联帮助中国的经济和工业复苏。大部分的工业是基于苏联技术建设的。苏联最初还还帮助中国制造核弹,直到苏联改变主意。中国从未提到过,他们很多和专家是在美国接受教育的,而这些专家为中国在1964年拥核起到了关键的作用。在1969年中苏边境冲突期间,美国警告苏联不许对中国使用核武器,这也许改变了苏联意图侵略中国的企图。1978年后中国开始改革开放,邓小平访美,所有的西方主要国家都对中国进行了大量金钱和科技的投资。甚至日本也对中国的发展做出的重要贡献。89事件后,大部分西方国家冻结了对中国的援助,但日本之后很快重启了与中国的合作。在最近20年内,中国从美国和其他国家那里学习了几乎所有的先进科技。这些事成百上千的外国大学专家帮助下才实现的,他们许多人原本是中国人,但是其实他们是外国人,他们到中国真诚的帮助中国人民。For an individual, if you want to have friends, you need to know how toappreciate their help when you were in hard time. You cannot just take it asgranted, or just take advantage from your friends and then throw them away likeold shoes. Don’t you think it works the same way for a country? How could theChinese people understand this issue?对于个人而言,如果你想交朋友,在你困难时候得到帮助,你要懂得如何感激他们。你不能只觉得这是理所当然的,或者从朋友那里占到便宜后就把他们像扔破鞋一样甩到一边。难道你们不觉得对于国家来说也应该是一样的吗?中国人如何才能理解这个问题。 /201701/487108

The police said people working at a call center in India spoke with the U.S. citizens by telephone. They said the callers acted like they were working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the federal agency that collects income taxes.警方表示,印度一家呼叫中心的员工给美国公民打电话。呼叫者假扮成联邦征税机构美国国税局的工作人员。About 200 police officers raided three buildings in Thane, a community near the city of Mumbai. Police said the workers used phones in those buildings to call the Americans.约200名警察突袭了孟买附近塔那社区的三栋建筑物。警方表示,这些员工使用这些建筑物中的电话呼叫美国公民。Parambir Singh is the police commissioner in Thane. He said that about 700 people worked in the buildings, which were open all day and night. Singh said the workers would call Americans and tell them that they owe taxes. If the Americans failed to pay the money immediately, the callers threatened to send police in 30 minutes.帕拉比尔·辛格是塔那地区的警察局长。他说,大约有700人在这些日夜开放的建筑中工作。辛格表示,这些员工会给美国人打电话称他们欠税。如果这些美国人没有立即付款,呼叫者威胁会在三十分钟内派警察来。Police believe U.S. citizens sent the call center as much as 0,000 a day. They say the victims were told to buy prepaid cash cards and make online payments of 0 to ,000.警方认为,美国公民每天向这个呼叫中心汇出了多达15万美元。受害者被要求购买预付现金卡,在网上付500到3000美元不等。The Internal Revenue Service has been telling Americans that it will not send police to arrest them. It also says IRS agents do not threaten people. The agency tells people not to send money electronically to callers who are demanding that method of payment.美国国税局一直告知美国人,该机构不会派警察逮捕他们。该机构还表示,国税局员工不会威胁人们。该机构告诉人们,不要通过电子付向要求使用这种付方式的呼叫者汇款。Indian officials say the call center workers kept more than two-thirds of the money. The rest was kept by people helping them in the ed States.印度警方表示,呼叫中心员工保留了超过三分之二的骗款,其余部分给了美国这边帮助他们的同伙。In India, hundreds of Western companies use large companies that employ English-speaking workers. These workers either answer questions from callers overseas or process payments. The employees are usually trained to use sound like people in the countries from which the customers are calling. Police said those working at the call center were trained to sound like Americans.在印度,数西方公司利用雇佣讲英语员工的大型公司。这些员工要么回答海外呼叫者的提问,要么处理订单。这些员工通常接受了培训,使用呼叫客户所在国的口音。警方表示,这家呼叫中心的员工接受过培训讲美国口音。Indian police said they planned to share information about the raid with American officials. Police believe the plot discovered in Mumbai may have also targeted people in Britain and Australia.印度警方表示,他们计划与美国官员分享关于这次突袭的信息。警方认为,在孟买发现的这种骗局可能也瞄准了英国人和澳大利亚人。 /201610/471782

Shared bikes must be scrapped after three years of use and have a GPS positioning function, and children under the age of 12 will be banned from using the bikes, according to draft regulations from Shanghai government.上海政府出台的一份条例草案指出,共享单车在使用三年后必须报废,必须拥有GPS定位功能。此外,12岁以下的儿童禁止使用。Shanghai government said that an investigation has showed that the bikes produced under current national standards might have potential safety problems after being in high demand and over long distances.上海政府称,一份调查显示,按现有国家标准生产的自行车由于需求量大,长距离使用,往往存在潜在的安全风险。The investigation also showed that companies put too many bikes on the market as there aren#39;t enough workers for management and maintenance. Problems also include misplacing bikes and the unclear management of cash deposits.调查还显示,一些公司将大量的自行车投放到市场上,却没有足够的工人去管理和维护。另外还存在车子乱停放和保金管理不清等问题。Guo Jianrong, secretary-general of the Shanghai Bicycle Association, said that misplacing bikes is a big problem in urban management, and Shanghai government is expected to offer parking places for shared bikes.上海自行车协会秘书长郭建荣表示,单车乱停乱放是城管遇到的一大问题。上海政府将提供更多的空间供单车停放。The draft regulations require shared bikes to be installed with positioning devices, which would help the companies and users find the bikes, Gou said.郭建荣称,这份草案要求共享单车安装定位功能,这样便于公司和用户找到单车。Bike share users should be from 1.45 meters to 1.95 meters tall and ages 12 to 70. People over 70 must provide their health documentation to apply to use the bikes.此外,共享单车的使用者年龄应该在12岁到70岁之间,身高在1.45米到1.95米。70岁以上的使用者需要提供健康明才能使用。 /201703/499574

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK Wyo. (AP) — A tourist from China was fined 00 for walking off a boardwalk at Yellowstone National Park and collecting thermal water apparently for medicinal purposes park officials said Wednesday.黄石国家公园官方本周三声称,一位来自中国的游客被罚款1000美元,因为该游客擅自离开木板路去收集了些热水,而这些热水可能用于医疗研究。A witness reported seeing the man break through the fragile rock crust surrounding the Mammoth Hot Springs area. The witness took photos of the man that were turned over to park rangers officials said.一位目击者报告称该名男子穿过“猛犸象温泉”周边的脆弱的岩石地表。官员称,目击者拍下了照片并交给了公园管理人员。 /201606/450040

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