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Business.商业。Airbus空中客车Coming to America杀入美国本土市场Europe#39;s big aircraft-maker is to open a factory in Alabama欧洲飞机制造巨头将在阿拉巴马州建工厂THE red imported fire ant first entered America through the port of Mobile, Alabama, in the 1930s. Being more aggressive than most native species, it soon sp across the country. On July 2nd Airbus said it would open its first jet assembly line in America in Mobile. The reaction of Boeing, the European aircraft-maker#39;s biggest rival, suggests it fears a nasty sting from this foreign pest. And with good reason: Airbus says the factory, which will cost 0m and start delivering aircraft in 2016, will help to boost its share of America#39;s civil-aviation market to nearly 50%, up from 20% today.红色的火蚁作为外来物种,20世纪30年代首次从阿拉巴马州西南部港市莫比尔传入美国。它比大部分本土物种的侵略性大得多,迅速遍及全国。7月2号,空中客车宣布将在莫比尔港市兴建其在美国的第一个飞机组装厂。波音,作为空客最大的竞争对手,回应道恐怕会被这个外来的害虫狠狠咬伤,而且理由很充分:空客称其工厂造价6000万美元,2016年就开始交货,这将促使他们在美国民航市场所占的份额由今天的20%提高到将近50%。Airbus#39;s move seems well-timed. With the four biggest airlines in the world, America remains the largest market for civilian jets. Demand has been muted for years, usually accounting for less than 30% of orders worldwide, down from 50% in 2003. But this is likely to change. Jets flying in America are typically several years older than elsewhere. Perhaps 5,000 new aircraft may be needed in the next 20 years. The single-aisle 319s, 320s and 321s that Airbus will put together in Mobile-albeit initially at a modest rate of up to 50 a year-will challenge Boeing#39;s popular 757.空客的这步举措看起来时机刚刚好。美国拥有全球四大航空公司,一直是民用飞机最大的市场。近年来需求减弱,其订单经常不到全球订单的30%,而在2003年,这个比例还是50%。不过这种局面即将扭转。在美国运行的飞机通常比其他地区的机龄要老几年,未来20年大概需要5000架新飞机。空客将在莫比尔市生产大量型号为319,320和321的单过道喷气式飞机,虽然一开始是一年近50架,比例还较为和缓,但这大大挑战了常用的波音757的地位。Earlier plans by Airbus to make planes in America were thwarted when Boeing beat it to win a large order for mid-air refuelling tankers from the Pentagon. By selling aircraft that are “made in the USA”, Airbus hopes to win over patriotic locals (just as Japanese carmakers won them over by opening factories in America in the 1980s and 1990s). American politicians have long supported Boeing against its European challenger, though it is unfair to classify Airbus as wholly European. Like Boeing, its supply chain is global. It claims, for example, to be the largest foreign customer of America#39;s civil-aerospace industry.波音公司曾挫败了空客早期在美国造飞机的计划,并从国防部赢得一笔很大的空中加油飞机的订单。空客公司希望通过销售“美国制造”的飞机,来争取有强烈爱国心的美国消费者(就像日本的汽车制造商曾在20世纪80年代和90年代通过在美国兴建工厂而赢得了这批消费者的青睐)。美国的政客长期以来持波音公司以抵抗其欧洲劲敌,但是将空客定性为纯粹的欧洲公司是不公平的,就像波音公司,其供给链也是全球性的。例如,空客就声称将成为美国民航工业最大的外国客户。Airbus says the new factory will bring it closer to its customers in America. It will also create a natural currency hedge, with more of its costs incurred in dollars rather than euros. (Aircraft, like oil, are largely priced in dollars.) Given the uncertainty surrounding the euro, such hedging is doubly wise. Ironically, Airbus will also receive subsidies from Alabama reckoned to be worth almost 0m. Airbus said it noticed what was on offer only when it investigated the subsidies paid to Boeing. (The two firms are engaged in a long dispute before the World Trade Organisation.)空客公司称,新工厂将会拉近其与美国消费者之间的距离,还会产生自然货币对冲,因为其成本更多的是以美元结算,而非欧元。(飞机就像石油一样,大部分都是以美元定价。)考虑到欧元区的不确定性,这种对冲更为明智。讽刺的是,空客也会得到阿拉巴马州的补贴,据说有将近1600万美元。空客称,只有调查到波音公司接受的补贴才能知道州政府具体提供的是什么。(这两个公司在世贸组织关于补贴的争论已持续多年。)Airbus#39;s new factory is expected to create 1,000 jobs. Part of the appeal of Alabama is that it is a “right-to-work” state, where employees cannot be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. Boeing#39;s factories are largely in closed-shop Washington state. A new Boeing factory in right-to-work South Carolina was blocked by the union-friendly National Labour Relations Board, until Boeing gave a gold-plated pay deal to its unionised workers in existing factories. So far, despite high unemployment in the EU, Airbus#39;s European workers seem to have bought their bosses#39; argument that the new factory will not take jobs from Europe, but may create some by boosting sales in America.空客公司的新工厂有望带来1000个工作岗位。阿拉巴马州吸引商家的一部分因素是其州政府保障就业权,雇工不必面临以加入工会作为受聘的条件的窘境。而波音的工厂大部分在华盛顿州,在那里工厂只雇佣工会会员。在保障就业权的南卡罗来纳州,亲工会的全国劳资关系委员会封了波音公司的一个新工厂,直到公司向现有工厂里已加入工会的员工交出一份华而不实的薪水标准。到目前为止,尽管欧盟的失业率仍居高不下,空客公司的欧洲员工似乎已相信了老板们的言论,新工厂不会造成欧洲的工作岗位流失,反而会因为美国良好的销售情况而带来更多的工作机会。Some European politicians have interpreted Airbus#39;s move as the latest depressing symbol of Europe#39;s decline. That is a stretch. What is most striking is the self-confident approach to globalisation taken by Airbus, a company that over the years has suffered more than its share of petty squabbles, especially between its French and German tribes.一些欧洲政客将空客的这一举动视为欧洲衰败的最新标志,令人十分沮丧。这种说法就夸大其词了。最令人震惊的还是空客公司这一信心十足的全球化举措,这个公司数年来经历了无数琐碎的争吵,尤其是其法国公司和德国公司之间的争执更是令人头疼。How Boeing will respond to this rocket-blast of competition in its own backyard remains to be seen. So far it has merely grumbled that the new factory will not change the fact that Airbus has benefited from huge subsidies at home. Perhaps Boeing should open a factory in Europe? That is easier said than done. Few places in the EU can match Alabama#39;s sweet mix of flexible working practices and southern-fried tax breaks.波音公司在自己的地盘如何应对这场激烈的竞争令人拭目以待。到目前为止它只是抱怨就算兴建新工厂也不能改变这样的事实,那就是空客公司已经在它的地盘从巨额补贴中获益。或许波音也该在欧洲兴建工厂?这件事说起来容易做起来难,因为欧洲很少有地方能像阿拉巴马州那样,将灵活的工作方式和具有南方特色的减税措施结合的如此完美。 /201208/193538“Do we look like colonists? We haven’t killed any locals.” The remarks by Wang Zhiping, board secretary of Sinohydro, highlight the debate about China’s role in Africa, writes Leslie Hook.中国水电(Sinohydro)董事会秘书王志平表示:“我们看上去像殖民者吗?我们没有杀害任何一个当地人。”这番言论突显出围绕中国在非洲的角色的争论。“We use our actions and the things we do to show we are not neocolonialists,” he said in an interview with the Financial Times.他在接受英国《金融时报》采访时说:“我们用我们的行动和我们所做的事来明,我们不是新殖民主义者。”Xi Jinping, Chinese president, during his first trip overseas as head of state last month, countered a rising tide of criticism among officials in Africa about China’s role there.上月,中国国家主席习近平在作为国家元首的首次出访期间,为中国在非洲扮演的角色进行了辩护,回击了非洲官员日益高涨的批评声音。Mr Wang defended Sinohydro’s work in Africa, where it has been involved in more than 70 hydro-power projects, as beneficial for all parties. “A dam is a sign of social progress and civilisation,” he said. “You have resources. I have money, technology and management. We can develop together.”王志平辩称,中国水电在非洲参与的70多个水电项目让各方受益。他说:“大坝是社会进步和文明的象征。你们有资源,我们有资金、技术和管理。我们可以共同发展。”Sinohydro and other engineering companies have been at the centre of Chinese policies in Africa, where they have built highways, high-rises, dams and football stadiums. On his visit to three African countries, Mr Xi vowed to increase investment, highlighting the importance of Africa to China’s foreign policy strategy.中国水电等工程公司一直处于中国对非洲政策的核心位置,他们在非洲建设了高速公路、高楼大厦、大坝和足球场。在访问非洲三国期间,习近平承诺要加大投资,并强调了非洲对中国外交政策战略的重要性。The role of Chinese state-owned enterprises in Africa has been controversial at times, because their projects are often funded bygovernment loans that the recipient nation repays with exports of resources.中国国有企业在非洲的角色时不时地会引起争议,因为他们的项目往往获得政府贷款持,而接受国则是用资源出口来偿还这些贷款。Proponents say these infrastructure projects enable development in places where western companies are unwilling to work because of political risk or sanctions. Critics say they place overly heavy loan burdens on the recipient countries and have a poor record of compliance with local environmental and labour rules. Many such projects rely on workers flown in from China.持者认为,这些基础设施项目促进了非洲的发展,而西方企业出于政治风险或者制裁的考虑往往不愿这么做。批评者表示,他们给接受国带来了过于沉重的贷款负担,而且没有很好地遵守本地环境和劳动法规。很多此类项目都依靠来自中国的工人。The International Monetary Fund intervened in China’s bn aid package to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008 to force a rewrite of the debt terms because the loans were deemed too expensive. Sinohydro and China Railway Engineering received a majority stake in two large copper and cobalt mines as part of the deal.2008年,国际货币基金组织(IMF)介入中国对刚果民主共和国总额为90亿美元的援助项目,要求中国重新制定债务条款,原因是它们认为这些贷款代价过高。作为协议的一部分,中国水电和中国中铁(China Railway Engineering)获得了两座大型铜钴矿的多数股权。Other high-profile projects by Chinese companies in Africa, such as the Merowe dam in Sudan, have been heavily criticised by environmental groups.中国公司在非洲的其他引人注目的项目,比如苏丹的麦洛维大坝(Merowe dam),受到了环保组织的强烈批评。Mr Wang said Sinohydro paid close attention to its environmental rules, and denied that it selected projects to further China’s foreign policy aims.王志平表示,中国水电密切关注非洲环境法规,并否认公司选择项目以拓展中国外交政策目标。“The reason we are going abroad is just to make money,” he said. “In this process, we will protect the environment, assume social responsibilities, help development and help alleviate local poverty.”他说:“我们进军海外只是为了赚钱。在这个过程中,我们将保护环境、承担社会责任、促进发展并缓解当地的贫困状况。” /201304/23470914岁的荷兰女孩劳拉终于赢得法律诉讼,获准单人环球航行,以创造该航行的最年轻水手新纪录。去年曾试图独自驾船环游世界的劳拉,但终因法院禁止而未能成行。这件事让她一度登上世界各大媒体的新闻头条(headline)。如今,这位少年勇者的梦想终于起航。Judges have given the green light for a 14-year-old Dutch girl to sail solo around14岁的荷兰少女终于获准可以独自航行环游世界了。 A court in Holland rejected a call by social services to extend Laura Dekker’s supervision order because of fears for her ‘social and emotional wellbeing’.荷兰一家法庭日前拒绝了社会务机构以顾虑其“社交心理健康为由”继续监管劳拉#8226;德克尔的请求。 Laura, who has the backing of her parents, needs to complete a solo round-the-world trip before she turns 17 in September 2012 to set a world record.在父母的持下,劳拉只有在2012年9月,也就是十七岁生日之前完成单人环球之旅,才能创造新的世界纪录。 Laura Dekker first made headlines last year when a Dutch court barred her from attempting a solo round-the-world voyage. Now she is 14, the ban has been lifted.去年劳拉#8226;德克尔一度成为各大报纸的头条,当时荷兰一家法庭对其单人环球之旅的计划下达了禁令。如今她已经14岁了,该条禁令已自动解除。 /201007/110229

As the results of China's all-important college entrance examination, known as the gaokao, emerge this week, China's media have commenced their annual ritual of converting the top scorers into student-celebrities.随着中国高考结果在本周出炉,媒体又开始像过去每年一样,把最高分获得者塑造成学生中的明星。But some in the country are questioning whether acing the exam is all it's cracked up to be.但成为考试中的佼佼者是不是就像人们所称颂的那样了不起,引起了国内一些人的质疑。Chinese media and websites are teeming this week with discussion of a purported study showing that the top scorers on the gaokao over the last 30 years have ended up being disappointments. According to the English-language China Daily newspaper, the study of 1,000 top scorers on the gaokao from 1977 to 2008 did not find a single student who went on to outstanding success in any field.中国媒体和网站本周热议一份网上流传的调查结果。这项调查显示,过去30年的高考状元们最后的成就都令人失望。英文报纸《中国日报》报道说,这项调查考察了从1977年到2008年的1,000名高考状元,结果没有发现有哪一个学生在任何领域取得了杰出成就。 /201007/108411The hardy citizens of Europe made it through the banana wars. They even survived the bra wars – against China, no less. Trade disputes capture the imagination only when they have a catchy name. The solar panels at the heart of the spat between Europe and China were never going to excite interest. But that has changed since China this week said it would probe European winemaking subsidies. The battle for the bottle, perhaps? Aux armes, Bordeaux and Burgundy!吃苦耐劳的欧洲民众挺过了“香蕉战争”。他们甚至同样挺过了对手为中国的“胸罩战争”。只有当贸易争端拥有一个引人注目的名字的时候,才会激发人们的想象力。处于欧中贸易争端核心的太阳能面板永远不会引起人们的兴趣。但自从中国本周宣布将对欧洲葡萄酒生产补贴展开调查以来,情况就有所不同了。或许这是一场“酒瓶战争”?准备开战吧,波尔多和勃艮第!About a fifth of the wine drunk in China last year came from the EU. Sixty per cent of that, or 227m bottles, was French. EU wine exports to China have grown more than 50 per cent a year for the past three. For a country that increasingly likes the odd glass of foreign wine, it is odd that China has taken threatening action that could sharply raise the cost of that wine.中国人去年喝掉的葡萄酒大约五分之一来自欧盟(EU),其中60%(合2.27亿瓶)来自法国。在过去三年里,欧盟对华葡萄酒出口的年增长率超过50%。对一个日益喜欢喝几杯外国葡萄酒的国家来说,中国采取了可能大幅提高进口葡萄酒价格的威胁性举措,有些令人费解。But China is anything but reckless: the 2bn bottles the Chinese drank last year work out at under two per head. That makes the country a mere entry-level toper compared with the 60-plus bottles the average French person consumes, or even the eight drunk by Hong Kongers.但中国也绝非鲁莽行事:中国人去年总共喝掉20亿瓶葡萄酒,平均下来每人不到两瓶。与人均葡萄酒消费量达60多瓶的法国相比,中国不过是一个初级酒客,甚至香港人人均还喝8瓶葡萄酒呢。In other words, France’s one-tenth share of China’s wine market, which is expected to grow in volume by about 8 per cent a year, is more important to France than the cost of each bottle is to China’s small if growing band of oenophiles. And those wine fans have options, too. Any drop in European imports will probably only benefit its 450 domestic wine producers. Less than a third of China’s wine is imported and it is aly the sixth biggest producer in the world, ahead of Australia, according to Vinexpo.换言之,法国在中国葡萄酒市场占据10%的份额,而中国市场预计年增长率约为8%,中国发起调查对法国的影响,要大于进口葡萄酒价格的上升对中国为数不多但日益壮大的爱酒人士的影响。那些喜欢喝红酒的人也有其他选择。欧洲对华葡萄酒出口量的任何下降,都只会让中国的450家国内葡萄酒制造商受益。国际葡萄酒及烈酒展览会(Vinexpo)方面表示,中国不到三分之一的葡萄酒来自进口,如今已经是全球第六大葡萄酒生产国,领先于澳大利亚。Pitting French viniculture against Chinese power could turn into a real fight. The French wine industry – the world’s biggest – is no slouch at promoting a sons-of-the-soil, family enterprise image. Yet the one-quarter of exported Bordeaux that headlines its wine sales to China and Hong Kong comes from big-production vineyards that can hardly be deemed artisanal.让法国葡萄庄园与中国角力可能演变为真正的战争。法国葡萄酒产业虽然是全球最大的,但并不擅长宣传土生土长的家族企业形象。然而,新闻报道中经常提到的出口至中国内地和香港的波尔多(Bordeaux)葡萄酒中,有四分之一来自几乎不可能被视为小作坊的大型葡萄庄园。With China’s wine imports aly taxed at about 50 per cent of value, French wine fans had better stock up in case the wine wars are only just beginning.随着中国已经对进口葡萄酒征收大约50%的关税,爱好喝法国葡萄酒的人最好多存些货,或许这场葡萄酒战争才刚刚开始。 /201306/245873

IT WOULD be a good question for the quiz game Trivial Pursuit. What has the National Rifle Association (NRA), America’s powerful pro-gun lobbying outfit, got in common with Syria, Iran and North Korea? The answer: all are opposed to the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which was overwhelmingly approved by 154 countries on April 2nd by the General Assembly of the ed Nations.对于“打破砂锅问到底”这个竞猜游戏,这将是一个很好的问题。一个美国强大的亲游说机构,美国步协会(NRA),与叙利亚、伊朗和朝鲜有何相似之处?是:在4月2日的联合国大会上,由154个国家参与并以压倒性优势通过了反对“全球武器贸易条约“(ATT)的决定。The next stage is for those countries which voted for the treaty to begin formally signing up to it in early June. Each signatory country will then have to ratify it at home. The treaty will come into legal force 90 days after the 50th country has ratified it—perhaps as soon as the end of this year. For some, ratification will be a simple process; for others it could prove harder.下一个阶段是在六月初那些投票持该条约的国家将正式开始签署这一协议。届时各签字国将在国内批准实行这一协议。该协议将在第50个国家批准后的90后具有法律效力——也许只要今年年底该协议就会生效。对一些国家来说,批准该协议会很简单;然而对于其他国家却未必简单。The Obama administration is a strong supporter and likely to sign up soon. But getting the two-thirds majority in the Senate needed for ratification will be a struggle, even though the American Bar Association has confirmed the treaty does not infringe any constitutional right to bear arms (as the NRA claims). America’s defence industry also supports it, hoping to bring other countries’ arms exporters closer to the high standards it operates under.奥巴马政府是一个强有力的持者并且很快会签署。但在参议院要想获得大多数的认可将是一场斗争,尽管美国律师协会(依据NRA的主张)已经实了该条约不违反宪法中的保有制。美国的国防工业也持它,希望它能使其他国家的武器出口商在更高的标准下运作。Whatever difficulties may lie ahead, supporters of the treaty to regulate the -billion-a-year trade in arms are jubilant. It is the climax of a campaign that began a decade ago. It had especially strong support from African and Caribbean countries where society has been torn apart by civil war or transnational crime, both stoked by the illicit trade in small arms. The deal involved compromises: for example, a weaker section on munitions. But what a senior diplomat close to the negotiations describes as “the heart” of the treaty—the prohibitions section—is alive and beating.无论前方遇到什么困难,该条约的持者都因控制着每年亿的军火贸易而雀跃。这是十年前开始一项运动的高潮。该协议受到非洲和加勒比国家的大力持,因为这些国家的社会已经因内战和跨国犯罪而四分五裂,小型武器的非法贸易更是使社会问题火上浇油。协议的商定采用折中的办法:例如,淡化了军需品的规定。但是,正如高级外交官所述协议的“心脏”部分——那些禁止的条约——仍就砰砰的跳动着。The ATT requires states to establish regulations for arms imports and exports in eight main categories: battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, large-calibre artillery, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles and missile launchers, and small arms and light weapons. They must assess whether their transfer could lead to serious violations of international humanitarian law, terrorism or organised crime. They must take into account the risk of serious acts of violence against civilians, particularly women and children. An overriding risk of any of these consequences means states must block the deal.ATT要求各国在8大武器类别上建立进出口管理机制,它们分别是:主战坦克,装甲战车,大口径火炮,作战飞机,攻击直升机,军舰,导弹和导弹发射器,小武器和轻武器。各进出口国必须评估其转让是否会严重违反国际人道主义法,和导致恐怖主义或有组织犯罪。他们必须考虑到严重的暴力行为,对平民,特别是妇女和儿童的影像。国家必须制裁任何凌驾于这些风险之上的贸易。States must also report annually on all their arms transfers to a UN-run “implementation support unit”. The aim is to shine a light on a previously murky business and make governments accountable under the terms of the treaty. The main sanction is embarrassment. That may seem feeble, but previous treaties on landmines and cluster bombs have set a new global norm which makes it shameful to use such weapons indiscriminately.各国还必须每年向联合国运行“实施持单位”报告他们所有的武器交易。目的是让今日光明的交易形式照耀往日黑暗的交易形式,并且就协议让政府负责。的主要制裁是尴尬。这可能显得苍白无力,但之前有关地雷和集束炸弹条约已经设置了新的全球规范,这使得种武器的滥用变得可耻。The abstainers include big arms exporters (China and Russia) and importers (India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Indonesia). But they may sign up later. Russia says it needs more time, while China (surprising some) played a constructive role, apparently influenced by the African countries with which it has forged close commercial ties. Both may find they pay an economic price if their arms industries are increasingly excluded from global supply chains. It will take time for new standards of behaviour to establish themselves, but the push has begun and the treaty can be further strengthened over time. For the moment, says a diplomat involved with the treaty over many years, what has been achieved is “pretty damn good”.会上的弃权者包括大武器出口国(中国和俄罗斯)和进口商(印度,沙特阿拉伯,埃及和印度尼西亚)。但是,不久他们就会签字的。俄罗斯说,它需要更多的时间,而中国(不足为奇了),显然受到与它有密切商业关系的非洲国家的影响而发挥了建设性作用。如果他们的军工行业渐渐淡出全球供应链中,那么他们发觉自己将付出经济上的代价。这将需要一段时间来建立自己新的行为标准,但压力开始慢慢显现,并随着时间的推移,该协议可以进一步加压。一名多年参与该协议制定的外交官说,就目前的成就而言已是“相当的不错”。 /201304/234366

The Four Treasures of the Study文房四宝The Four Treasures of the Study are the writing tools with Chinese characteristics. Also known as “ the Scholar’s Four Jewels ”,namely the writing brush, ink-stick, paper and ink-slab.文房四宝是中国独具特色的文书工具,因笔、墨、纸、砚为文房中经常使用,故被人们誉为“文房四宝”。The study got its name in the Northern and Southern dynasties, referring only to the study of the literati.文房之名,始于南北朝时期,专指文人书房而言。The Four Treasures, varied and colorful,are famous for their hubi (writing brush produced in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province),huimo (ink-stick produced in Huizhou, Anhui Province), xuanzhi (rice paper or xuan paper, made in Xuancheng,Anhui Province),and duanyan (ink-slab made in Duanxi, Guangdong Province).四宝品类繁多,丰富多,以湖笔、徽墨、宣纸、端砚著称,至今仍享有盛名。 /201508/394002

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